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Chapter 73

Having entered the main road, there were more and more cars on the road, Allen Chu stopped joking with Noila Mo, and focused on driving.

Suddenly, a string of soft bells broke the silence in the car. Allen Chu’s car phone rang.

“Say.” His opening remarks are always so domineering and concise.

What did the other party say. Allen Chu’s face showed a satisfied look: “Okay. You get things ready. I’ll come over in a while.”

Hanging up the phone, Allen Chu parked the car on the side of the road and unfastened Noila Mo’s seat belt.

“Go to the dress shop by yourself. I have something to take care of.” He gave the instructions simply, without giving Noila Mo any room for objection.

Noila Mo was accustomed to his arbitrariness. Without asking him what was going on, he got out of the car quietly. Raising a pair of moist eyes and looking at Allen Chu: “How do I get to the dress shop?”

Allen Chu’s eyes were full of smiles, as if he was in a particularly good mood, and he squeezed Noila Mo’s face, “Not far, it’s at the intersection in front. You follow this road, walk to the intersection in front, and turn right. I can see it. Saint Laurent haute couture. I will come to pick you up when I’m done.”

After finishing speaking, close the door and step on the gas pedal, and the luxurious motorhome ran away like an arrow from the string.

Noila Mo followed the route described by Allen Chu to find the ready-to-wear haute couture. The decoration of the store is magnificent, with creamy white walls and light golden streamlined decoration. The entrance is a magnificent Roman-style pillar. The overall style reveals a bit of classic elegance and low-key luxury.

Walking into the store, a clerk with delicate makeup immediately came over: “Welcome!”

Another clerk brought a glass of lemonade to Noila Mo: “Do you want to buy ready-to-wear garments or look at our sample picture album for handmade customization?”

Noila Mo smiled politely at the clerk: “I’ll take a look first.”

Noila Mo wore a loose white skirt with an almost shabby style. She bought this at the night market with only a small amount of change left. Allen Chu bought her a cabinet full of colorful clothes. She hadn’t moved, and she always felt that it was not her own.

There is no hot dyeing of the hair, just casually draped, the whole person looks too ordinary.

The two shop assistants looked at Noila Mo up and down, winking at each other, and a touch of contempt at the corners of their mouths. Seeing this little woman, who was all dressed up, she even dared to enter our store!

Noila Mo didn’t notice the expressions of the shop assistants at all, just wandering around the shop with interest.

In fact, she didn’t want to buy any dress at all, nor did she want to accompany Allen Chu to any dinner party. But so many beautiful clothes, even if you just look at it, it is a pleasant thing.

Let it go, just pass the time.

Noila Mo pointed to a dark green dress: “Excuse me, please take it down and I will try.”

The dress was worn on the model, and the long skirt had complicated lace embroidery, so it was not easy to take it off.

The clerk secretly rolled his eyes at Noila Mo, this woman would really instigate people! Which one is not good, must choose this one on the model! What a trouble!

But after all, this is the top hand-made clothing store. There are regulations in the store that as long as the customers come to the door, they must provide warm service, so they dare not leave Lin Nuannuan too cold. Just trying to suppress the contempt in the eyes.

Seeing Noila Mo’s shabby dress, the clerk was also secretly surprised. This poor girl had a pretty good vision. This dress is the latest masterpiece of the designer and won a grand prize at the Milan International Fashion Show. It was shipped back by air last month. The fabric, style, and tailoring are all top-notch!

A lot of people came to try it, just because it is dark green, few people’s skin and temperament can match it. So it has not been sold yet.

The clerk lazily handed the clothes to Noila Mo, and pointed to the fitting room impatiently: “Here, the fitting room is inside. You can try it yourself!”

In fact, according to shop rules, shop assistants should help customers try on clothes.

The fitting rooms are very large, all decorated with deep purple velvet, revealing a sense of luxury. Each fitting room has a soft sofa and a large shiny mirror, as well as a delicate dressing table. Toiletries are readily available. It’s just that the doors are all heavy velvet curtains, and there is no door to lock it. But in such a high-end shop, no one should suddenly break in.

Noila Mo took off her loose skirt with confidence, and put on the dress carefully. The hem of this dress had many thin hand-embroidered laces, which was too thin, as thin as a layer of smoke, and looked very delicate. Noila Mo was worried about breaking it.

I was really worried about what was coming. When she put on her formal dress and stood up, Noila Mo felt that her back was involved, and her skin was exposed, chilling. Maybe the zipper of the zipper hooked the lace. Noila Mo hurriedly sat down and shouted outside the curtain: “Miss clerk? Please come in.”

Really, it’s really troublesome to dress a goddess horse. Wearing a dress can exhaust people to death. Noila Mo whispered, waiting for the clerk to come in and help.

But no one answered. The two shop assistants were playing games on their mobile phones, and they were playing high, and they pretended not to hear Noila Mo’s voice. Poor girl, who cares about you!

Noila Mo increased the volume and shouted again. There was still no movement outside. A crisp female voice came from the fitting room next to it: “Don’t shout, I’ll help you!”

The heavy velvet curtain was lifted, and a young girl walked in. She was dressed very fashionably, but her makeup was a bit too heavy.

Seeing the dress on Noila Mo’s body, the girl had an amazing expression in her eyes: “This dress is too beautiful! What I wanted to try just now is that the skin is not white enough, I’m afraid it can’t match the color. You look so beautiful!”

The girl swiftly helped Noila Mo untie the hooked lace. She smiled slightly at Noila Mo, her eyes gleaming uncertainly.

Noila Mo always felt that smile and eyes were a little weird. But then he shook his head again, “It must be an illusion. I didn’t rest well last night, and the illusion will appear today.” Thinking of last night, Noila Mo’s face was blushing again. The damn Allen Chu didn’t even care about her identity as a pregnant woman, pestering her several times. It made her sore back today.

There was a full wall of mirrors outside, and Noila Mo walked to the mirror with her skirt hem.

The light is bright and soft. She sees herself in the mirror. The deep V neckline of the dress reveals large pieces of beautiful skin. The dark green color and the gorgeous and complicated hand-embroidered lace on the skirt make her skin white and delicate. porcelain.

The design of the high waist line makes the slight bulge in her lower abdomen completely invisible. Fresh and elegant, like the noblest princess.

The clerk stayed by watching. I didn’t expect that this poor girl could even afford this dress. This dress was almost tailor-made for her, everything was perfect.

Noila Mo stared blankly. Since my father’s company went bankrupt three years ago, she has not worn decent clothes again. They are all simple T-shirt denims, with their faces facing the sky. She has forgotten to wear beautiful clothes and stand in front of the mirror to appreciate how she feels.

The silk fabric is softly attached to her body, a bit cool, a bit slippery, delicate, and gentle like a mother’s hand.

Noila Mo’s nose suddenly became sour. The good mood became depressed in vain. When she was young, her mother often wore such a beautiful dress, holding her in a pink princess dress in her hand, and went to high-end banquets with her father. A family of three, the father is handsome and handsome, the mother is beautiful and quiet, and the children are beautiful and cute. What an enviable family. But now…

Trying to hold back the sore feeling between her nose, Noila Mo smiled apologetically to the clerk: “I don’t think it suits me very well. Could you please try that short white dress over there.”

The clerk turned around to get the clothes, but he whispered in his mouth: “It’s so good-looking and it’s not appropriate. Don’t come in if you don’t have money to buy it. Try it again!” Noila Mo didn’t care about it, disdainful and cold-hearted. She has seen too much. Her nerves have become extremely strong.

Going to the fitting room to take off the dark green long dress, Noila Mo put on this short white dress. Come out and look at yourself in front of the big mirror.

This is a tube-top dress, showing Noila Mo’s beautiful collarbone and slender neck. It’s a pity that the waist is tailored to fit, which makes the belly a bit showy.

Noila Mo shook his head and went back to the fitting room to take off the white dress and put on his own clothes. Feeling a little tired, Noila Mo carried her bag and prepared to go back.

This Allen Chu, why couldn’t he come to pick her up! Noila Mo whispered, she was an unbelievable villain!

Carrying the bag, he was about to walk out of the store.

A sharp voice suddenly sounded behind him: “Stop! You thief!”

“Huh?” Noila Mo hadn’t reacted yet, her arm was already tightly pulled. A clerk caught up with breathlessly, his eyes widened, gleaming fiercely, and gritted his teeth and shouted, “I want to go if I stole my clothes? It’s not that easy!”

Her delicately painted face looked so hideous at the moment, and Noila Mo couldn’t help but shudder, but she was misunderstood as fear, and a trace of triumph was in her eyes.

“You! Open the bag and let me check it!” She said fiercely, “Look at you so poor, you know you can’t afford it! You can’t afford it and you can’t steal it! What a shame!”

Noila Mo is really a bit blinded, inexplicable, this is simply!

The clerk gripped her arm fiercely and it hurt her to death. Noila Mo’s tone was not polite: “What are you doing! Let go of me!”

Seeing the trouble here, another clerk who seemed a little gentler ran over and explained: “Miss, the dark green dress you just tried is gone. You are the only one who tried this dress just now, so please. Open the bag and let us check it.”

Chapter 74

Noila Mo thinks this is the funniest thing he has ever heard: “I tried that dress, and then it disappeared. I stole this dress?”

The clerk holding Noila’ai’s arm pushed Noila’ai out fiercely: “I said you have a ghost in your heart! Why else would you not open the bag for us to check?”

The floor was very smooth, and Noila Mo was unprepared for a while. She was pushed to the ground, her hips hit the ground hard, and her heart was painful.

Noila Mo turned pale with fright, baby, the baby in her belly! The baby can’t do anything!

Hurry up and touch her belly with her hand, Noila Mo was so anxious that tears fell out of her eyes, “Baby, how are you doing? How are you? Mom is not careful! Baby, you can’t do anything!”

Noila Mo cried and talked with the baby in his stomach. The kinder clerk next to him was also shocked! Damn! Do evil! This woman is a pregnant woman!

The clerk who knocked Noila Mo down still kept yelling, “What are you pretending to be a pregnant woman! Hand over the clothes quickly, otherwise you would never want to step out of this door today!”

Noila Mo didn’t pay attention to her at all. He just stroked her belly with her hand, looked down at the slightly bulging abdomen, blamed herself and was afraid, tears streaming down her face.

“It’s so noisy here! Salmon, let’s go to another store!” A soft female voice suddenly sounded.

The name “Salmon” was like a spell, Noila Mo turned her head in surprise, her eyes met, and her eyes widened in surprise.

Salmon Shen actually stood in front of the store! Liang Nuanxin’s hand is still in his hand.

No! She didn’t want Senior Shen to see her so embarrassed! I don’t want Senior Shen to know that she is pregnant!

Noila Mo turned her head quickly, not wanting Salmon Shen to see her face.

But it was too late.

Salmon Shen threw away Liang Nuanxin’s hand and walked over in strides, his powerful arms gently lifted Noila Mo up, and his magnetic voice was full of care and distress: “Noila, what’s wrong with you? Who is bullying you?”

Noila Mo hurriedly wiped away the tears from her face, and shook her head indiscriminately: “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

Liang Nuan’s heart was alarming, who is this woman and why is Salmon so nervous?

When I came closer, it seemed a bit familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I saw it.

Pulling Salmon Shen’s sleeve, he quietly separated Salmon Shen and Noila Mo. “Salmon, who is this young lady?” Liang Nuanxin’s voice is still gentle, after all, he has a good education, and he has to maintain the dignity of the ladies.

“Heart-warming, this is Noila Mo. Noila, this is mine, fiancee Liang Nuanxin.” Salmon Shen introduced the two. Salmon Shen had a hard time saying the three words for fiancee.

Noila Mo? Liang Nuanxin suddenly remembered it! At the hospital that day, Salmon Shen ran out crazy looking for some old person by this name!

She later asked the nurse, and the nurse said that Salmon spent more than an hour in this woman’s ward.

A man and a woman stayed together for more than an hour alone, saying that it was a pure fellow reminiscence, she didn’t believe it!

Seeing Salmon Shen and Noila Mo’s eyes, Liang Nuanxin knew that her big trouble was coming! Female instincts told her that between Salmon Shen and Noila Mo is definitely not easy!

With a faint smile, Liang Nuanxin stretched out his hand to Noila Mo: “Miss Mo, fortunately meeting!” But his eyes were a little bit mean, and he looked at Noila Mo all over.

Noila Mo reluctantly smiled at Liang Nuanxin. She was worried about the baby in her belly and was not in the mood to socialize.

“Senior Shen, Ms. Liang, I’m leaving now. Then, take your time to stroll around!” Noila Mo gently stroked his stomach, preparing to walk outside the door.

“Don’t go! You can’t go without paying for your clothes!” The fierce clerk stopped Noila Mo from going.

“What’s the matter?” Salmon Shen’s gentle voice became hardened, and he walked to Noila Mo’s side and protected her behind him.

“She stole our clothes!” The fierce clerk pointed to Noila Mo’s nose.

Liang Nuanxin walked over and pulled at Salmon Shen’s sleeve: “Salmon, this is someone else’s private matter. It’s not convenient for us, right?”

She didn’t want to help this Noila Mo rescue! Wish to watch her jokes! But on the surface, it is still necessary to pretend to avoid the privacy of others.

Salmon Shen ignored Liang Nuanxin’s obstruction at all, and said in a harsh tone, “This lady can’t steal your clothes. If you get entangled any more, you will only have to call the police!”

Salmon Shen’s momentum shocked the clerk. This gentle man is terrible once he gets angry.

But she still didn’t want to let Noila Mo go like this: “Should you call the police for such an obvious fact? Let her open the bag! The clothes must be in the bag!”

Salmon Shen had to say anything more, Noila Mo raised his hand to stop him.

Noila Mo felt very tired, very tired, tired of body and heart, and just wanted to end this farce soon.

Raising his hand to open the bag, Noila Mo handed it to the clerk: “Check it!”

The clerk looked into the bag expectantly, his eyes widened in surprise! There is nothing in the bag except mobile phone key wallet and the like!

Salmon Shen looked at Noila Mo with a tired face in distress, and said coldly to the clerk, “Can you let this lady go now?”

The clerk’s eyes turned quickly. This dress was worth tens of thousands of dollars. If she let her go, she had to bear the loss. No, even if she didn’t steal the clothes, they must be planted to her!

The clerk took the lead and firmly grabbed Noila Mo’s arm: “Anyway, you lost it after you tried it. If the clothes are lost, I’ll look for you!”

Noila Mo was stunned, why is there such a shameless person in the world? What an eye-opener!

Salmon Shen pulled the clerk away from Noila Mo. A trace of disgust flashed in his eyes, and he was much lazy to say to such an unreasonable woman!

He took out his wallet, swiped a few numbers on the check, and coldly threw it to the clerk: “Take it! This money is enough for you to lose two clothes!”

“Bah!” There was a loud noise, and the popping sound shocked everyone present.

Looking back, a tall and handsome man had stood behind them for some time. Just as if nothing had happened, he smashed the vase decorated in the store on the ground.

It’s Allen Chu! Why is he here, is he still afraid that this place is not messy enough?

Noila Mo looked at Salmon Shen and then at Allen Chu, foreseeing that a storm was coming!

Kicking away the glass slag on his toes, Allen Chu walked to the clerk, picked up the check in her hand and slowly, little by little, tore it to pieces!

The clerk was frightened by the brutal and bloodthirsty presence on him. I forgot to fight back.

Declaring sovereignty, Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo into his arms and said lightly, “My woman, it’s not the turn of others to send a check!”

The deep eyes looked at Salmon Shen, full of hostility.

Salmon Shen smiled politely at Allen Chu, with a gentle voice: “May I ask you who?”

Allen Chu ignored Salmon Shen at all. The arrogant eagle eyes swept across everyone present sharply. The two shop assistants were frightened suddenly.

I thought that the man just now was already terrifying, this man was even more terrifying, he was simply possessed by the devil!

Allen Chu let go of Noila Mo, walked to the murderous clerk, stood still, and fixedly looked at her. There is no expression on his face, but the blood red in his eyes is getting deeper and deeper.

The clerk was so hairy by him, he straightened back and looked at Allen Chu tremblingly: “I…I…I can’t help…She, she steals…”

Just as soon as the word “steal” fell, a heavy punch, with the momentum of thunder, had already hit her face severely, and the saleswoman suddenly fell to the ground.

Something came out of her mouth. She touched her mouth and began to wailing loudly: “Help! Kill someone! My teeth, my teeth…”

Allen Chu stood beside her arrogantly, raising his hand gently, “banging” with a thunderous explosion, and the glass partition where the clothes were placed was thrown on the floor by him, smashed to pieces.

Every time the clerk shouted, Allen Chu smashed something.

The entire magnificent storefront has been smashed into a mess.

Liang Nuanxin looked at Allen Chu who vented his anger for Noila Mo in the shop, and he was a little envious. Although this man is cruel and evil, he really knows how to protect his woman!

However, this woman is Noila Mo. A woman she hates more and more.

Allen Chu, the president of the Chu Group, the most handsome and powerful man in City C, unexpectedly turned out to be Noila Mo’s boyfriend.

Maybe, she should try to make friends with him, after all, the Chu family is wealthy, and if the Chu family backs him, father’s career will be smoother.

Liang Nuanxin walked up to Allen Chu and said softly: “President Chu, this little clerk has suffered enough, so let her be spared today. I invite you to dinner with Miss Mo, and I will be shocked for Miss Mo.”

Allen Chu turned his head, a pair of sharp eagle eyes made Liang Nuanxin shudder.

“I teach the clerk, it’s not your turn to interrupt!” Allen Chu’s tone was as cold and domineering as ever.

Liang Nuanxin flushed with embarrassment, and the expression in Noila Mo’s eyes became colder and sharper. For this poor little girl, Allen Chu made her foolish in front of Salmon Shen!

“Mr. Chu, please speak more politely.” Salmon Shen said coldly, his handsome face turned pale.

He had heard of Allen Chu’s name a long time ago. He was very mindful and skilled in the business field, and he was very courageous in dealing with things, and he was almost cruel.

He heard that he changed women like changing clothes, and the shelf life of each woman was no more than seven days. How could Noila be with such a caring man?

Noila Mo pulled Allen Chu’s sleeve: “Allen…” Noila Mo just wanted to leave here quickly. The awkward four-person relative situation made her feel embarrassed.

Looking up at Salmon Shen, he was holding Liang Nuan’s heart slightly, patting her back comfortingly.

There was a trace of pain in her heart, and Noila Mo dropped her long eyelashes. At this moment, she realized very clearly that Salmon Shen was Liang Nuanxin’s fiance. It has nothing to do with her Noila Mo.

Senior Shen is just a memory, a memory that can’t be returned.

Allen Chu threw out a vase and hit the last complete mirror from a distance. The glass shards splashed, Allen Chu took Noila Mo’s waist and walked away!

Chapter 75

“Noila, get in the car.” Allen Chu opened the car door for Noila Mo. It is rare for him to have such a gentle time. Noila Mo gave him a surprised look. What is this man smoking today?

Moved his legs and got into the car. The moment he sat down, Noila Mo let out a low cry from the painful hip bone.

“What’s the matter?” Allen Chu turned to look at her, his voice a little nervous.

“It’s nothing, the clerk pushed me just now.” Noila Mo said lightly. Although I fell, there is nothing uncomfortable in my stomach except for the pain in my hip bone. The baby should be fine. She didn’t want to make matters worse.

Allen Chu paused and glanced at Noila Mo’s belly: “Is it okay?”

Noila Mo stroked her stomach: “It’s okay.” Noila Mo felt very strange that Allen Chu was too abnormal today and even cared about the baby.

He said before that this child is like a shiny green hat. Seeing her belly, he felt that his green hat was a bit darker.

Shaking his head, don’t think so much. Looking out the window intently. The car was racing on the wide road, and both of them fell silent and stopped talking.

The red light is on. There is a lot of traffic at this intersection and the red light is very long. Noila Mo stretched out his hand, trying to turn on the car stereo.

Allen Chu held his hand halfway. A small velvet box was handed to her.

“What?” It looked like a jewelry box. Allen Chu wants to give her jewelry? Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu with wide eyes.

“Open it and see if you like it or not.” Allen Chu’s voice was faint.

This was taken by him at the Sotheby’s auction. Just arrived this morning. Just to get it, I couldn’t accompany her to the dress shop. I didn’t expect something went wrong.

Noila Mo opened the velvet jewelry box. A ring, a dark blue diamond-shaped gem, without the brilliance of light, also exudes dazzling brilliance. In the center of the gem, heart-shaped ripples are looming.

Exquisite setting and perfect cutting make this gem priceless.

“Ah! Isn’t this the’heart of the ocean’?” Noila Mo let out a low exclamation.

The heart of the sea is said to be the love gift given to his secret lover Catherine by King Louis XVI of France in the early 13th century. Blue gems are not uncommon. What is rare is that there is a natural heart-shaped ripple in the middle of the gem. This is caused by the rarest chromium ore crystals. Only this one in the world.

Louis XVI’s lifelong doting on this not outstanding lover also makes this ring a symbol of eternal love.

And this peerless jewel, which has disappeared in the world for more than 100 years, was bought by a mysterious seller at the Sotheby’s auction a few days ago for a sky-high price of 80 million.

Noila Mo remembered the news report on TV that she watched the day before yesterday.

On the news, there are close-up photos of the Heart of the Sea. The beauty is dazzling.

Allen Chu took out the ring from the velvet box, and put the dazzling ring on Noila Mo’s ring finger.

A flash of light flint.

Without even thinking about it, Noila Mo clenched his hand into an empty fist and avoided it. Allen Chu’s hand holding the ring froze in midair.

“Huh? Don’t like it?” Allen Chu raised his eyes displeasedly, and a trace of dark scorpion passed by his dark eyes.

“I…” Noila Mo stared at the ring, speechless for a while. She didn’t want to anger Allen Chu. However, she really couldn’t accept his ring.

Looking up at Allen Chu, Noila Mo’s tone was very sincere.

“Allen Chu, do you know the meaning of the ring?”

Is this little woman telling him the meaning of the ring seriously?

Allen Chu’s eyes gradually disappeared, and he raised his eyebrows: “Go on.”

He was very interested in this topic, for some reason.

Noila Mo glanced at her bare ring finger and said seriously: “If you don’t want to marry that woman, don’t give her a ring, because the ring represents love and loyalty.”

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo’s drooping eyes, and her long eyelashes cast a beautifully curved shadow on her face. He smiled without anger, and the corners of his lips evoked a curve of evil, and he looked in a good mood: “Noila Mo, do you want me to propose to you so much?”

“Huh?” Noila Mo was stunned.

Is there a problem with her way of expression, or is there a problem with his understanding?

Why would he understand what she said every time?

“The Chu family’s daughter-in-law is not so easy to become.” Allen Chu arrogantly pulled Noila Mo’s hand, put on the ring forcefully, and placed Noila Mo’s hand in his palm to admire, “But as long as you behave better, I won’t get tired of you so quickly.”

Noila Mo laughed blankly.

“President Chu, do I want to thank you for taking a high look at me? Compared to your other mistresses, I am really honored!”

Noila Mo didn’t pick up the ring either. He liked to give it. Then she would wear it. She is not at a loss anyway.

She is just a mistress. The gold master is happy and rewards a ring. She still talks about the meaning of the ring so seriously. It’s ridiculous.

Allen Chu didn’t seem to hear the irony in her words, and squeezed her face in a good mood: “You know it’s honour to be good. From now on, be good and keep your thorns together.”

Noila Mo was speechless.

The car drove straight to a private image studio.

In the hall, two rows of stylishly dressed men and women shouted in unison: “President Chu.”

“Yeah.” Allen Chu responded lazily. Tightened Noila Mo, who was daunting and unwilling to come in.

Noila Mo looked at the crowd of people standing in front of him, and looked at Allen Chu suspiciously. What tricks does this man want to play?

“Give you one hour.” Allen Chu said coldly, glanced at Noila Mo, and sat on the big sofa aside.

“Understood. President Chu, I promise you will be satisfied.”

Noila Mo suddenly felt cold in her back. Before he could react, a pair of people could not wait to rush towards her…

Watching them take out a lot of makeup tools and various costumes, Noila Mo realized that Allen Chu brought her to dress up for the dinner.

What a headache. Noila Mo was the most impatient to toss these. And she is so tired, okay, she just wants to lie on the big bed and get a good night’s sleep.

Her long black hair was washed, blown and washed, and it took four people for half an hour before finally deciding to portray her as an elegant and noble female companion.

A casual stylist tossed her head, Noila Mo dozed off in the chair.

“Miss Mo, all right. Get up and see the effect.” The gentle female voice prompted.

In the large floor-to-ceiling glass mirror, sleepy-eyed Noila Mo wore a low-cut white and floor-length evening dress with a dazzling set of jewelry. Full of extravagance.

“Well, it’s good. That’s it.” Noila Mo only hoped to finish it quickly.

“Chu, what do you think?” The stylist proudly pushed Noila Mo in front of Allen Chu, who looked down at the newspaper.

Allen Chu raised his deep eyes, his eyes scanned Noila Mo’s hair and face, his expression seemed very satisfied. Her gaze continued downward, her eyes darkened suddenly after she came into contact with the looming plump ups and downs on Noila Mo’s chest.

He smashed the newspaper in his hand on the face of the stylist: “Change clothes! If you can’t do this, get out of here!”

The damn stylist, dressing up his woman so wickedly, making the men outside stare at her chest?

Allen Chu’s angry voice scared the stylists nodded and bowed and apologized.

Noila Mo rolled his eyes secretly, as for? However, the clothes were not chosen to his liking, so he smashed the newspaper on his head like this, and he was an uncultivated and inhuman person!

However, she chose silence very wisely. She didn’t want to hit Allen Chu’s gun.

“Chu, what style do you think is good?” the stylist asked cautiously.

“Not coquettish!” Allen Chu roared confidently, straightforwardly, and blatantly.

Noila Mo’s face flushed suddenly. What is not coquettish? Is she coquettish now? Isn’t the chest slightly lowered? Many of the dresses nowadays are designed in this tube top style. Many celebrities and upper-class daughters love to wear this dress…

The stylists were obviously as confused as her. They all turned around and stared at her. I want to verify where this dress is.

“All the male stylists get out of here!” Allen Chu roared and stood up. Murderous in his eyes.

The male stylists slid away quickly, for fear of angering the chief executive and losing their jobs.

The female stylists were trembling. Hundreds of dresses were held by them and hung on the shelves. They rumbling over in front of Noila Mo like a roller coaster, let her screen one by one…

Finally, a small shawl was finalized. The white breasts were tightly covered.

Allen Chu’s anger finally subsided. They looked around Noila Mo. The dress on her body fits very well, and Noila Mo has become a lot plump after pregnancy, and her whole body is slowly taking off the young girl’s youthfulness, and she has a somewhat sultry femininity.

The slight bulge in the lower abdomen is completely invisible under the ingenious design of the dress.

Presented in front of Allen Chu was a little woman who was a little charming in her beauty.

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo with fiery eyes. He threw down his business card and asked the stylist to check out, and pulled Noila Mo into the car.

As soon as he got in the car, Allen Chu pressed the curtain button. The car suddenly became dark.

Noila Mo hadn’t figured out the situation yet, Allen Chu had already cheated over and k*ssed her lips.

It was as blazing as a fire.

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