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Chapter 82

She suddenly understood.

It turns out that Clara did it on purpose.

She said those things to herself on purpose to provoke her into taking the initiative to steal the documents she was stealing.

She, on the other hand, got off clean, after the fact.

Even if the matter is revealed, it is only she who will be punished.

Ruan Jiaojiao looked at Clara as if she was really getting to know this woman for the first time, her face full of incredulity.

“Words have to live up to your conscience!Your clothes are soiled, I’m the one who brought you new clothes over, you obviously made a deal with me in your room, you dragged Jenny and didn’t let her go back to her room, I went to help you steal the manuscript back, how can you disown me?”

Clara fiercely frowned.

This idiot!

Why are you still clinging to her?

Doesn’t she understand that only if she stays out in the clear will someone bail her out when she’s actually in the Bureau?

And now they’re hell bent on dragging her down with them, how could anyone be so stupid?

Clara was so annoyed, but there was nothing she could do about it.

I can only bite my tongue, “I told you, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ruan nodded her head in disappointment, “Good, very good.You’re denying it now, aren’t you?Aren’t you afraid that I’m going to reveal all the things you’ve done before?”

Clara’s face changed dramatically.

“What are you talking about?”

But Jenny was playful, “What is it?Tell me about it, maybe if I’m happy, I won’t call the police?”

Nguyen looked at her, “Are you serious?”

Jenny raised an eyebrow, “As long as you’re sure you’re telling the truth and it happens to be what I’m interested in, sure.”

Jing screamed out loud, “You shut up!”

Yet at this time, how could Ruan Jiaojiao listen to her?

She sneered and stared resentfully at Clara, saying in a deep voice, “Everyone doesn’t know yet!The innocent jade girl in your eyes, Clara, is actually a mistress who stole her sister’s boyfriend!”


The whole room was in an uproar when this was said.

A mistress?What do you mean?

Isn’t Clara’s boyfriend Rovell?

The two of them are said to have been good for several years, and have been engaged since they were children, so how could they suddenly become a mistress?

Ruan Jiaojiao smiled viciously, “Surprised aren’t you?There’s nothing surprising about it, because Rovell’s original fiancée wasn’t her at all, but her sister, the original Miss Jenny Jing, and she was the one who stole someone’s eldest, and her boyfriend!Outwardly, they say that they are the fiancée of Rovell, and their last names are Jing anyway, so what people don’t know, they naturally take seriously.”

Even Rovell’s face changed as soon as this was said.

“Ruan Jiaojiao, are you crazy?What are you talking about?”

Ruan Jiaojiao coldly said, “I’m not crazy!”

There was a hint of crying in her voice.

“It’s not like Clara doesn’t know how hard it is for me, but today it was clearly her idea to have me steal the manuscript for her, but in the end she wants me to be the scapegoat, knowing that nothing will happen even if she comes forward and admits it, yet she doesn’t even have the courage to come forward.

For what?Why do I deserve to take the rap for you?If you admit it, the most you’ll get is a few words, and if I don’t tell the truth, I’ll go to jail!

Do you know what that means?It means that everything I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and everything I’ve gained, is going to be completely destroyed because of this!I’m not stupid, and since you’re going to abandon your army, of course I’m going to fight back!”

Clara only wanted to take a piece of cloth and gag Ruan Jiaojiao’s mouth at this point.

But it was too late, there was an outcry and everyone just couldn’t believe it.

look again

Clara and Rovell Mu’s eyes just couldn’t help but have an extra hint of contempt.

“How did that happen?I’ve always thought that Clara and Rovell Mu are the ones who are a couple, but she’s actually… a third child on top ah.”

“Who says it isn’t?And pretending to be incredibly pure, now that I think about it, it’s disgusting.”

“Speaking of which, it reminds me of something, it seems like Clara and Jenny Jing are half-brothers, and her mother was also the third child to take the throne, and forced the Jing family’s original mate to die!”

“What?Is there such a thing?”

“It’s been years in the past, and I’ve vaguely heard my parents talk about it when I used to study.”

“Jing’s original mate, isn’t that Jenny Jing’s mother?”

“Oh my God!What’s the matter with this? Little San stole her mother’s husband, and Little San’s daughter stole her own boyfriend, Jenny is too miserable!”

“If I was born into a family like that, I’d have to be driven crazy!”

The countless comments almost drowned out the entire room.

The faces of the few people standing in the living room kept changing.

Ruan Jiaojiao carefully looked at Jenny, “Jenny, I’ve already said it all, you can let me go now, right?”

Jenny Jing hooked his lips, but his eyes were so indifferent that there was no hint of a smile.

“I thought you were going to say something breaking news, but that’s what it was.”

Like grasping the last straw, Ruan Jiaojiao grabbed her hand and begged, “Didn’t you always like Rovell Mu?Now that I’ve cleared this matter up for you, if you want to be with Mu Shao in the future, you’ll have another chance, so please let me go, okay?I promise you, I’ll never help Clara set you up again, I beg of you.”

Jenny Jing coldly shook off her hand.

Sweeping his gaze over Rovell Mu who was standing beside Clara with a livid face, he said in a soft voice, “What I threw away, I never wanted to pick it up again, as for you.”

She gave a thin smile, “That’s it!”

Nguyen Gillian was stunned for two seconds before she realized she wasn’t suing herself.

There was a great deal of joy.

As for Rovell, when he heard her words, what was thrown away, never thought of picking it up again, his heart was ruthlessly shaken, and his face, which was already white, couldn’t help but become even whiter.

Just then, a loud noise came from outside.

“Heard you caught the thief?What’s going on?”

It’s the headmaster of Azure High School.

The headmaster is coming!

As soon as Clara and Ruan Jiaojiao heard the headmaster’s voice, their faces immediately changed again.

“What’s all this huddling around for?Got him?Why don’t you see it?”

“Headmaster, the thief is in there!”

The crowd made way to see an old man with white hair walking in, surrounded by a crowd of people.

The headmaster of Azure High School, Yu Jianxiu, the eldest son of Old Mrs. Yu, is also the current head of the Yu family.

When he saw Jenny standing in the living room, he was slightly stunned, as if he hadn’t expected her to be here, followed by a smile.

“Jenny, it’s you, what’s going on?Did someone steal something from you?”

The entire hotel had been booked by the school today, and he subconsciously only thought it was the hotel staff who had stolen it.

But unexpectedly, Jenny pointed at Ruan Jiaojiao.

“Got it, here it is.”

Ruan Jiaoji stiffened.

Reacting, he waved his hand in explanation.

“No, no Headmaster, I didn’t steal anything, I, I just came over to get one thing for Clara, I just explained everything.”

Clara raged, “You’re full of nonsense, and there’s not a word of truth in your mouth!Who would believe you?”

Chapter 83

Ruan Jiaojiao subconsciously wanted to retort, but the headmaster held up a hand to stop her.

He quirked an eyebrow and looked around the scene at the crowd, finally landing on Nina Hua.

“Nina Hua, tell me, what’s going on?”

Nina Hua told the whole story.

With so many people present, she spoke objectively and impartially, neither adding insult to injury nor misrepresenting the facts.

Yu Jianxiu sank his brows after hearing this.

“So, Clara is thinking that Jenny Jing stole the original manuscript of that design you made five years ago and wants to clear his name tonight and plant the blame on you, that’s why you sent Ruan Jiao Jiao over to steal the manuscript?”

Clara stalled.

Half a breath, a deep breath.

Knowing that at this point, there’s no use in arguing.

I could only say, “I admit that I did mention to her earlier, by accident, that my sister had taken my original manuscript away from me and would probably set me up with it, but I didn’t ask her to steal it for me.

It was unexpected that she would do that tonight, and if I had known, I would never have agreed to it.”

The headmaster held up a hand to interrupt her.

He turned to Jenny, “What about you?How so?”

Jenny sarcastically quirked the corner of his lips.

“Say I stole your original manuscript…when did King say I did?”

Clara quirked an eyebrow.

“How do I know?”

“You don’t even know anything about yourself, and you just tell people randomly, framing it on me?”

Clara: “…….”

For a moment, she sank down, and then suddenly she smiled again.

“Well, even if this matter was a mistake and I wronged my sister, I’m here to apologize to you, but what happened five years ago, you always did it, right!I’m just a little sensitive because I was a little scrupulous about you back then, worried that you’d set me up again by any means, like before, and am I to blame for that?”

Jing was looking, with a glint of pride in his eyes.

So what if Jenny forced Ruan Jiaojiao to reveal that she had interfered in her relationship with Rovell Mu?

In the world of love, the one who is not loved is the third party!

At the end of the day, she could see it now.

What Jenny Jing had said to her earlier in the banquet hall was clearly just an attempt to swindle her.

Heh.She destroyed that original manuscript a long time ago. Where in the world is there an original manuscript?

As long as she bit off more than she could chew five years ago, it would be hard for her to turn over a new leaf, no matter how much power she had, Jenny Jing.

Sure enough, I heard the talk around me change again.

“That’s right ha, if I’d been put through that before, I’d have had heart palpitations in the back, and it’s normal to be more suspicious of this guy.”

“It’s probably called victimization paranoia?”

“What’s the matter with this family, it’s just getting more and more confusing.”

The headmaster sank his eyebrows at the news as well.

He knew about that incident back then, but it was reasonable to say that after all these years, any major aftermath should have been cured!

However, he didn’t say anything, just looked at Jenny.

Jenny Jing curved the corners of his lips and said slowly, word by word, “I remember, I don’t think I ever admitted that I did what I did five years ago.”

It was quiet around for a moment.

Like it needed time to digest her words.

Clara, however, faintly changed colour.

Jenny Jing repeated in a faint voice, “I never, ever admitted that I stole Clara’s work and knocked her unconscious, only to get it instead!

A place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, isn’t it?”

There was an uproar all around.

What do you mean?

It’s been five years since it happened, and everyone knows that she did that back then.

Now how…?

Everyone was stunned, and that’s when they realized that she seemed to be telling the truth.

Five years ago, this incident was a big deal, and everyone in both academies knew that Jenny Jing had stolen Clara’s work and knocked her unconscious just to get a place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

The main character of the matter, however, never came out.

Jenny hadn’t been seen in public since he’d been taken away from the exam scene, let alone admitted or explained anything.

Before, it was thought that she was afraid to come out and speak out of shame.

But now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem right.

One can hide for a while, no matter how ashamed one is, but not for a lifetime, right?

There’s always news of her in the back!

But strangely enough, ever since that day, Jenny, the person, had vanished like the earth, and there was no sign of her anymore.

What the…what the hell!

Jenny Jing looked at the suspicious and curious eyes of everyone around him, slowly, word by word, “Five years ago, I didn’t have the chance to tell the truth, five years from now, I will never allow myself to be wronged or insulted again, I once swore to my mother’s reliquary, all that is owed to me, I will get it back, all the dirty water that has been thrown on me!If they can’t take it back, I want them on their knees, licking me clean, bit by bit!”

Her gaze was cold and harsh as she swept over the few people in front of her, her voice strong and throwing.

Everyone was shocked by the cold and unquestionable air.

A few of them even gave off a subtle look of adoration.

Oh, my God!That’s a bit too imposing!

How come the more I hear, the more I feel like she’s telling the truth?

After all, one can’t have such piercing and resolute eyes and say such resounding words if one doesn’t have a real cutting pain, can one!

Already some have tipped the scales of their hearts quietly.

Clara said in an angry voice, “What do you mean?”

Jenny sneered.

“I mean, I wasn’t the one who stole the work back then, you were!I’m not the one who’s accusing anyone, you are!A venomous woman who is jealous of her sister’s talent and who resorts to bitterness to keep what she can’t get for herself and forbids others from getting it!”

Everyone was shocked.

“What?You mean, it was Clara who set you up back then?”

Someone couldn’t help but make a noise.

Jenny nodded.

“The day before the exam, she accidentally discovered that my work was better than hers, so the next morning, she deliberately broke her head, and also stole the original hand-drawn manuscript from my computer, and then called the school and falsely accused me of stealing it, so that everyone would think that I had stolen her work, and she, a sister who had been wounded by her own sister, had missed the precious royalThe poor man who qualifies for admission to the Academy of Fine Arts will get sympathy from everyone easily, don’t you think?”

Clara’s face was pale.

She shook her head Nana, and beside her, Rovell tightened his eyebrows.

“Jenny, Clara is not like that…”

“You shut up!”

Jenny snapped coldly, “She’s not like that, so I am?She can’t do the things she did to injure herself and falsely accuse her sister, so I can do the things I did to injure my sister and steal her work?Rovell, open your eyes wide and see clearly that I’m not the one who sneaked into my room today and tried to steal the hand drawing from the computer, it’s Ruan Jiaojiao.And what is the relationship between Ruan Jiaojiao and Clara, you know better than me!”

Chapter 84

Rovell’s face changed.

Clara grabbed his arm and trembled, “Brother Azai, I didn’t…”

Nina Hua sneered, “You keep pretending!”

Clara: “…….”

She couldn’t help it in the end, amidst the growing number of questioning eyes around her.

Looking sadly at Jenny, he trembled, “Sister, I didn’t think that you would say that after all this!Well, I have nothing to say if you insist on accusing me of setting you up, but you can’t just prove that what you’re saying is true with these empty words!”

There are Clara’s admirers who can’t see her in this sad and fragile state.

Couldn’t help but help, “Yeah, five years ago you didn’t explain, now that it’s been so long, you come and say you’ve been wrongly accused, how do you prove it?”

Nina Hua stalled.

She had been following Jenny’s plan, but hadn’t expected this step.

Seeing the slanted eyes aimed at Jenny.

Jenny Jing coldly hooked his lips and was about to speak.

“Who says you can’t prove it?”

A cold and steady voice suddenly came from outside.

The voice seemed to be wrapped in the cold wind from outside, with a clear crispness, but it shook everyone’s spirits.

Jenny was also shocked, not daring to look incredulously at the door, at the upright figure that was walking in.

Lu Jing-Shen?

What’s he doing here?

The people around them were stunned as well.

Many of those attending the school festival today were already established figures in the community.

It was natural to talk about dealing with Biden Lu, but they were all acquainted with each other.

After all, it’s the guy who makes the financial news every week.

Just…why is he here?

Is Willem High School so awesome now?It’s just a school festival, how can you even invite such a big shot?

The crowd was rejoicing in their hearts, searching for the big man who was giving face to his alma mater so much, as if they felt like they had glory on their faces!

He saw his sharp gaze sweep over the crowd, finally settling on Jenny Jing.

“Since both of them say that the work is theirs, why don’t we just let them compete again, and just recreate that work from five years ago, and then we’ll see which one is better!”

The headmaster and the others looked surprised and surprised when they saw him coming.

“Mr. Lu, you’re here.”

Biden Lu nodded faintly, not paying much attention to him.

The Yu’s, who had accused him of ninging at his birthday banquet last time, he hadn’t even gotten to them on this one yet!

When the headmaster saw that he didn’t seem to want to take care of himself, he couldn’t be bothered to go forward, so he could only compensate with a smile, “I didn’t know Lu would come over, so I’m sorry for the mistake.”

Biden Lu frowned.

In the end, he turned his head to look at him.

“Weren’t you the ones who gave me the invitation?Why didn’t you know I was coming over?”

Headmaster: “…”

All the guests: “…”

How hard is it for you to hire yourself, you really don’t have any acd numbers in mind?

You’ve been invited to a few parties over the years. Can you count them all on ten fingers?

Although everyone was slandering, naturally no one dared to actually say anything.

The headmaster awkwardly compensated, “Yes, yes, it’s our fault for being slack, please forgive us…”

Biden Lu raised his hand to interrupt him, “Okay, let’s get back to business!What do you two think of what I just proposed?If you’re willing, you can take the exam right away, but it’s only restoring your original work anyway, so it shouldn’t take much time!”

Clara’s face turned pale.

Jenny changed slightly and replied simply, “No problem, I’m in favor of this proposal.”

After saying that, he also turned his head to look at Clara.

“I remember the rap you gave to the outside world at the time, it was this piece that took you two whole months to complete, it was vomitous to say the least, you wouldn’t forget what it looked like with such a vomitous piece, would you?now

It shouldn’t be hard to restore it back to life again, should it?”

Clara’s entire face changed.

She looked at Jenny viciously, just as if she wanted to eat her alive.

Nina Hua provoked her, “Clara, don’t you dare?Gee, just say if you’re guilty!Giving up straight away would mean that you admit that you set Jenny up in the first place, and we don’t want much more than to kneel down and apologize, don’t you think so, Jenny?”

Jenny laughed.

“One more kowtow!In any case, I’ve been wronged for five years.”

The two of them sang along like this, as if things had really been settled.

Clara was so angry that she was almost about to vomit blood.

Next to her, Rovell saw that something was wrong with her face, and he had hidden a few guesses.

Although it was a little hard to believe that the Maya in him would do such a thing.

But in the end, I had to defend her.

“Maya, are you not feeling well?Why don’t I take you to the hospital first?”

Clara nodded.

She paled and covered her stomach.

“Lu, I agree with your proposal, but I’m very unwell right now, can we move the match to tomorrow?”

Biden Lu frowned.

Jenny snapped, “No problem!”

Seeing Biden Lu looking at herself, she smiled, “After all, people are pregnant, it’s nothing for one night, as the saying goes, if you can hide from the first day, you can’t hide from the fifteenth, it’s fine, I’m not in a hurry.”

Someone around couldn’t help but laugh at the news.

Clara’s face went blue and white.

But at any rate, having dodged the present, he could only ruthlessly push down the anger in his heart and say in a deep voice, “Okay, then we’ll have the match tomorrow, where is the venue?”

“Here it is!I’ll meet you here at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, and don’t you dare not come.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here.”

After she finished speaking, this is when she turned to Rovell Mu and said, “Brother Azure, let’s go first.”

Rovell Mu escorted Clara away.

As they left, this side naturally scattered.

The headmaster had a hard time seeing Biden Lu and wanted to get close to him, but then he suddenly stepped forward, took Jenny Jing’s hand and placed it in his palm, unhappily saying, “You left me at home alone on such an important holiday, just to come to such a stupid banquet?What’s the point?”

Jenny laughed awkwardly.

“Don’t you say that, at any rate…I’ve been a student here for three years.”

“Heh!It doesn’t have to create any emotions to go to a school that is right or wrong for 30 years.”

He said, taking Jenny’s hand and walking out.

The headmaster’s face changed.

Keep up with it in a row.


Biden Lu stopped and turned to look at him, his eyes cold.

“Principal Yu, I always thought that Azure High School, as the number one key school in Visterdem, could at least do the minimum to distinguish between right and wrong, but now it seems that I was wrong, but it’s okay, I protect my women myself, I just also hope that your Yu family will behave themselves in the future.”

After saying that, he pulled Jenny and sailed away.

Headmaster Yu changed his face.

Good for you?

What do you mean?

Everyone knew that the Yu family was so powerful in the city of Visterdem and had the back of the Guan family in Kyoto.

And the Guan and Lu families….

Colonel Yu’s face swished white.

Jenny Jing and Biden Lu, all the way out of the hotel, were not in a hurry to get into the car.

Biden Lu saw that her hands were a little cold, and personally ran to the nearby beverage shop to buy a cup of hot milk for her, holding it in her hand.

And around her neck, she took off the scarf she had bought and put it on her.

All the while wearing it and complaining.

“Why are you wearing so little on such a cold day?Aren’t you afraid of freezing?Do you really think your body is made of iron?”

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