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Chapter 91

One of them had already gotten the key and went up to the door.

The locked door immediately opened with a loud click.

Almost as soon as the door opened, everyone turned their backs in tacit agreement.

Everyone’s faces almost showed their intolerance at the mere thought of a possible scene in the box.

However, it was seen that Biden Lu was just standing there quietly, not moving at all.

Someone noticed something was wrong and looked back in confusion.

The next second, surprised stares.

Only inside the box, there were four burly men lying across the floor, each with a bleeding head and a broken finger, and the man was unconscious, blood permeating the carpet and staining the beige carpet a bloody, dark red.

Jenny cowered in the couch, his hands a half-broken wine bottle.

She was hugging her knees, all curled up on the couch, her hair a mess, both arms full of bruises, and the fingers holding the bottle even more bloody, as if cut by glass.

As if hearing a noise, her eyes were transfixed.

Looking away from the door, obviously consciousness has been confused, yet the face still subconsciously showed a guarded look, the whole person like a frightened rabbit bounced to sit up.

“What people?”

Biden Lu stepped forward and walked inside step by step.

“Stay back!”

Jenny lowered his voice to a low growl.

She was already somewhat delirious, and the alcohol, combined with the drugs, made her look incredibly wretched and confused.

Yet she still held the bottle aloft, like a female warrior charging into battle, protecting herself to the death and determined not to fall until the last moment.

Biden Lu’s gaze sank as he passed by a man lying on the ground, his foot mercilessly stepping over the other man’s hand.


Another scream.

As if Jenny heard the voice, her body trembled and her entire spine arched.

She waved the bottle in her hands twice haphazardly, staring ahead but with no focus, and hissed, “Stay back!Or I’ll kill you!”

Biden Lu continued to walk forward.

Jenny seemed to realize that the enemies this time were no longer as easy to deal with as the ones from earlier, and she scrambled to touch her phone.

“I want to tell Biden Lu, I want to find Biden Lu, don’t come over here, or Biden Lu won’t let you go, he won’t… ah!”

Biden Lu fiercely held her hand.

“Get off me!Let go of me!”

“Jenny, it’s me.”

He tried to control her wildly waving hand while still having to be careful not to touch the wound on her hand.

The voice was low and dark as he said, “Don’t be afraid, Jenny, it’s me, I’m here.”

Jenny, however, seemed to hear nothing, to see nothing, and still struggled hard, swinging the bottle at him as he struggled and stabbed him.

“Don’t come any closer…”

Vicky stood in the doorway looking frightened, there were several times when the president was almost cut by the glass of the bottle for fear of hurting Miss Jing.

He couldn’t help but speak out, “President, why don’t you let the bodyguards come, Miss Jing is not conscious right now, in case it hurts you…”

Biden Lu, however, was oblivious to his words, and with a deft stroke of his hand, he snatched the wine bottle from Jenny Jing’s hand, and then hugged her hard into his arms.

“Jenny, it’s me, I’m Biden Lu, don’t be afraid, I’m coming.”

He kept repeating such simple and monotonous words, and after a long time, Jenny finally calmed down a bit.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked up at his face, a beautiful little face now full of tears and tinged with flakes of red, unable to tell how decrepit and wretched it was.

“Biden Lu, is that really you?”

“It’s me.”Lu Jing looked at her deeply and took her hand and caressed her face.

“I don’t believe you can touch it, it’s really me.”

There was still blood on Jenny’s fingers, caressing over his brow, his upturned nose, his thin lips.

She burst into tears.

A head threw himself into his arms and held him tightly around the waist.

“It’s really you, oooooh…you’re finally here!Why didn’t you come until now?Do you know that I almost got, almost got…”

“I know.”

Biden Lu hugged her tightly, pressing his palm on the back of her head and pressing her head into his arms.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay now, you’re brave, they didn’t take advantage of you.”

“Oooooh…I’m so scared…”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here and no one will dare bully you.”

Jenny whimpered and nodded her head, tears and snot all rubbed on his shirt, Biden Lu also did not mind dirty, took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, then he hit her across and held her up.

“Be good, I’ll take you home, okay?”


Jenny buried her head in his arms, and Biden Lu walked out with the woman in her arms.

As he reached the door, he stepped forward and with a grim expression, he ordered, “All four of them are useless, I don’t want to see them again in Visterdem in the future.”

The hearts of the people were hardened, and they replied, “Yes.”

“It’s time for the Mu family to learn a lesson, Vicky, put out the word to terminate all cooperation with the Mu family, but in the future, anyone who cooperates with the Mu family is an enemy of me, Biden Lu.”

Vicky’s heart was shaken and he nodded, “Yes.”

Biden Lu didn’t stop any longer and took Jenny Jing with him.

It wasn’t until his figure had completely disappeared from the lift that Vicky squared his head and looked up at the four men lying in the compartment with cold eyes.

He coldly hooked his lips and said to the few bodyguards behind him, “Since they’ve seen things they shouldn’t have and touched people they shouldn’t have today, they don’t need those eyes and hands, you know what to do, right?”

Several of the bodyguards immediately responded, “Got it.”

“Take it outside and get it!After all, is it a lawful society, huh?”

The last one was an ironic laugh.

After Vicky finished giving instructions, he also left.

He was also busy giving notice to go down and terminate the partnership with Mu, so he didn’t have time to linger here.

On the other side, Biden Lu carried Jenny Jing into the car, sat her down in the driver’s seat, and fastened her seat belt for her, before going around to the other side and getting into the driver’s seat.

“Biden Lu, I’m so sick, so hot.”

Jenny kept pulling the jacket of the man wrapped around himself.

Biden Lu looked at her little blushing face, his eyes lost in fascination

The look of departure, eyes deepened.

Reaching over and covering the clothes she had ripped off, she said in a quiet voice, “Bear with me, I’ll take you to the hospital right away.”

He started the car and it drove off like an arrow.

Jenny, however, only felt unbearable.

It was like a fire was burning in her body, getting hotter and hotter, so hot that she was almost ready to explode.

She scrabbled around in her chair, not knowing how to get to the man, and at once seemed to find an iceberg and immediately pressed her face against it.

“Biden Lu… let’s not go to the hospital, okay… I’m hot… I want some water……”

Chapter 92

The woman’s tender little face rubbed against his arm, the temperature scorching and bringing a flake of enticing breath.

Biden Lu’s Adam’s apple rolled and mumbled, “Okay, wait a minute.”

He pulled over to the side of the road and took a fresh bottle of mineral water from the boot, then returned to the car and carefully fed the water to her mouth.

“Jenny, drink water.”

Jenny cupped his hands and drank several large gulps right away.

The heat in my throat was temporarily diluted a little by the cold water, yet only for a few seconds, more itching and heat came in a steady stream.

She couldn’t resist, and reached up to pick up her collar, rubbing against the chair.

“It’s so hard…”

Biden Lu fastened his seatbelt and said in a deep voice, “Bear with us again, we’ll be at the hospital soon.”

Jenny, however, suddenly fell to the side and landed headfirst on his shoulder, and if it wasn’t for the seatbelt holding him in place, I’m afraid that the whole person would have fallen into his arms.

“Biden Lu…I can’t stand it anymore…will you help me?We’re not going to the hospital.”

She said as she pulled off her clothes, her face rubbing against his neck like a kitten.

Biden Lu only felt the scalding heat as if it were a fire that instantly ignited his skin.

As he drove, he freed a hand to hold the woman in place.

“You have a wound that needs to be taken care of, sweetie, just bear with me a little longer.”

“I don’t want it… Biden Lu, help me… I feel so bad…”

She kept humming, her voice soft and glutinous, with a hint of crying.

But any man, when he hears a woman’s voice like that, he just can’t hold back.

Besides, it’s her own woman!

Biden Lu tightened the steering wheel on his hands, his eyes fell on a high-class apartment complex not far away, he remembered that he seemed to have a suite here, so he drove the car over.

The car soon reached the vicinity of the flat, and suddenly there was a very soft “pop”.

It was Jenny who unbuckled the seat belt.

“Mmm… Biden Lu… you’re cold… let me hug you, okay?”

The woman wrapped her arms around his neck and her whole body wrapped around him.

Biden Lu’s body tensed up even more because of her movements and the words she spat out, saying in a mute voice, “Jenny, sit still, I’m driving.”

“Don’t come on… Biden Lu… I’m so hot… help me!”

She unconsciously rubbed against him, and eventually even threw herself all over him, sitting directly across his body.

Biden Lu had no choice but to free a hand to hold her up and press her head against his shoulder.

“Then just sit there and don’t move, we’ll be there in a minute.”

“Well… Honey…”

Soft, hot k*sses suddenly landed on his neck, and then the woman suddenly opened her mouth and bit him on the Adam’s apple.


The sound of the urgent brakes rang out, and Biden Lu almost lost control of the steering wheel, his entire body drew a breath of cold air.



The woman in his arms raised her head in confusion, her watery eyes looking up at him in a haze, like a lost deer.

Biden Lu’s words originally reached his mouth, but under her attachment and watery hot gaze, they were all broken into pieces and swallowed back.

It took half a minute before he husked, “Don’t move, just hold it for two more minutes, eh?”

As if Jenny understood his words, he nodded obediently.

“So can I just hold you like this?”


Jenny really stopped moving around and hugged his neck nicely, the whole thing hanging onto him like a wombat.

Biden Lu drove the car into the underground garage of the community, and before getting off the car, he called Vicky and asked him to bring a doctor over before carrying Jenny Jing out of the car.

Jenny nestled in his arms and hugged his neck to k*ss his lips.

“Honey…I want you…”

Biden Lu was somewhat amused.

He moved away from her face slightly, avoiding her k*ss.

Jennyton was a little angry and drummed his cheeks in exasperation.

Biden Lu sneered, “Only at this time do you want me?I don’t usually see you this enthusiastic.”

Jenny: “……..”

She had a moment of weakness, but the drug took over and that weakness seemed so weak that it was soon overwhelmed by the bouts of sickness that were rising in her body.

Jenny licked her lips and said cheekily, “It’s still because I’ve been drugged now?Would you be able to take advantage of it so easily otherwise?”

The sneer on Biden Lu’s lips was even deeper.

“Fine, then I choose not to take advantage of that today.”

Jenny was extremely angry.

Opened his mouth and bit down hard on his shoulder.

The man, however, seemed to feel no pain as the lift went up and he held her like that without moving a muscle.

In the end, it was Jenny who felt his mouth sour before letting go and pounded his hard muscles with a swinging fist.

“What meat!Hard as hell!”

Biden Lu seemed to be smiling.

“Without this muscle, your evening benefits could be cut in half, would you be willing to do that?”

Jenny: “……..”

Yuck!Shame on you!

Boing Boing…could you be a little more shameless?She’s really dying!

Wasn’t this man usually very passionate?Nothing had happened between the two of them since that night, but she could tell that he wanted something to happen.

Why don’t you do anything now?

With her being like this, shouldn’t he just slickly come up and strip her and get right to the point?

Jenny was on the verge of tears, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Can only hug his neck constantly in his chest rubbed ah, soft voice condescending plea: “husband, I feel so bad, I’m about to explode … you quickly help me ah ….”

Biden Lu gave a faint “hmm”, the lift door opened, and he hugged Jenny and walked out.

The flat was a coded door, Biden Lu pressed a code he was familiar with, and sure enough, the door opened.

He walked in with her in his arms.

As soon as the door closed, the woman came up with a monkey’s kss, her arms around his neck, her long thin white legs hanging on his waist, kssing with urgency and fierceness.

Biden Lu never knew that this woman could have such a fierce side.

Just how bad was the k*ssing?

Where’s the k*ss?It’s clearly chewing!

Or the raw kind!

Jenny’s consciousness was confused, vaguely only knowing that Biden Lu had taken her to a room, and as to whether this room was a hotel or somewhere else, she simply couldn’t care anymore.

Hot k*sses trailed from his lips all the way down to his Adam’s apple, licking him heavily.

A man’s muffled grunt sounded in the darkness.

In the next second, there was only a pop.

The lights in the house were turned on, and the warm yellow light shone down from above, only to see the woman in her arms with flushed cheeks and drunken eyes, her jacket having long since fallen to nowhere, her clothes ripped open, revealing a piece of delicate skin white with a scarlet flush.

Biden Lu’s eyes darkened heavily.

Chapter 93

Even if his self-control was as strong as he was, there was a tendency to be somewhat taut at the moment.

The woman in my arms was too beautiful, delicate and decadent to swoon over, like a fine, excellent red wine.

He took a deep breath and cupped her chin to control her haphazard k*ssing lips.

The voice was already hoarse, like a string strained to the breaking point.

“Be a good boy and do as you’re told, eh?”

Jenny looked at him with a pair of watery eyes, as if she understood his words, and nodded obediently.

Only then did Biden Lu carry her into the bedroom and put her on the bed.

The clothes on Jenny’s body had already been torn, but his trousers were still intact.

Biden Lu moved gently to remove her trousers and carefully examined the wounds on her body, finding that apart from her hands, her body only had a few bruises from knocks or bumps, and she was in relatively good condition.

He was so relieved that she might catch cold that he pulled the blanket over her again and wrapped it around her.

“Be good, wait here for a minute.”

After saying that, he got up and was going to walk out.

Jenny, however, suddenly pulled him, and when Biden Lu turned back, he bumped into her aggrieved eyes.

“Honey, are you leaving?Aren’t you going to help me?”

Biden Lu’s eyes were dark, but the corners of his lips overflowed with a smile.

“So afraid of me leaving?”

Jenny nodded his head vigorously like a little chicken pecking at rice.

“Then be a good boy and I’ll go wring a towel out for you and come over.”


Biden Lu quickly wrung a hot towel over, carefully avoiding the wounds on her hands and wiping her face and hands for her.

Jenny fought four strong men at Pearl River International by himself, with wine and vegetable stains all over his body, which was simply unbearable to look at.

After Biden Lu finished wiping her down, he carried her to the bathroom to clean her up a little.

Since he wanted to avoid touching the wound, the only way to clean it was for Jenny to put his hands up, and as a result, the woman took advantage of the situation and grabbed his neck, nibbling at him again.

Biden Lu felt that he really couldn’t tense up any longer.

Well at that moment, the outside doorbell rang.

He picked Jenny up from said bathtub and placed her on the bed in the bedroom, wrapping her in the blanket again before walking out and opening the door.

Vicky brought a female doctor, and Biden Lu let her in while Vicky stayed outside.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to treat wounds, it was just that a woman’s skin was so delicate and her hands had several deep cuts from shards of glass, so it was better to find a reliable doctor to treat them and two tetanus shots to avoid scarring.

The doctor quickly took care of Jenny.

The effects of the medication just hadn’t lifted yet, the doctor had come in a hurry and hadn’t brought that much medication with him, but he did have a dose on hand to help her with the relief, but the side effects were significant.

Biden Lu directly waved his hand and decided that it wasn’t necessary, and after letting Vicky send her away, this returned to the bedroom again.

In the bedroom, on the big bed with dark silk sheets, the woman sat there nicely, her long hair like a waterfall over her shoulders, her skin white and black, like a charming goblin.

When she saw him, she immediately raised a big smile and jumped off the bed and came at him.

“Honey, you’re home!”

Biden Lu only felt a weight on his body, and the woman hung directly on his waist, wrapping her arms around his neck to pamper him.

“Honey, I’ve been waiting for you for so long, I’ve missed you so much.”

Biden Lu: “…….”

The veins in his forehead jumped twice, and his dark, deep gaze looked directly at the woman in front of him.

“You miss me?”

“Yes, honey, I’m so tired, let’s get some sleep together.”

Biden Lu held her in his arms and headed towards the big bed.

But only just getting to the edge of the bed, the woman on top of him suddenly released his waist, and then with a push, she

Pulled him down.

Biden Lu: “…….”

Jenny rolled over and rode up, hands without any method to start pulling his shirt, belt, rolled the small face paste between his neck, where there is half a point just soft obedience?

Biden Lu finally realized that she was changing her ways to sleep with him!

If you can’t do it the hard way, you can do it the soft way, but at least you can lull him into bed first.

He cried and laughed for a moment, sensing the eagerness of the woman in his body and teased, “Tsk, Mrs. Lu is so monkeyish, just isn’t this undressing technique too bad?”

Jenny was about to cry with anger.

She tried hard to undo the man’s belt, but it was like it had a grudge against her, and she couldn’t get it off.

Finally, she simply bowed her head and used her teeth to bite.

The hot, wet breath came over the man and he couldn’t help but draw a breath of cold air, his eyes darkening instantly.


“Boing… I can’t get it off… Honey give it to me…”

“What an abrasive leprechaun!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Jenny suddenly felt a whirlwind, and then their positions were reversed, and she was being pressed down to her death.

The man squeezed her chin hard, his voice no longer steady.

“Tell me, who am I?”


“Who’s the husband?”|

“Biden Lu.”

A night of absurdity.


The following day.

Jenny was awakened.

She opened her eyes and looked around in horror, realizing that this was a strange room, and her heart sank.

The next thing I saw was the floor, my own broken shirt, and a man’s shirt.

She was moved and bent down to pick up the clothes, the shirt was somewhat familiar, as if it was Biden Lu’s.

Lu Jing-Shen?

Is he here?

So she didn’t last night….

Jenny was delighted, yet looking around the circle, there was no sign of the man.

She was busy getting out of bed and trying to get to him.

However, with just one movement, I felt a tear somewhere.

She hissed at the pain like a crack, and frowned.

This was when Biden Lu walked in.


He looked at the woman sitting on the bed with a tray of hot-smelling breakfast in her hands.

Jenny stared at him for two seconds before she reacted with a blushing “hmm”.

Biden Lu looked at her with eyes full of deep meaning, put the breakfast on the table beside her, and came over to lift the blanket, making a gesture to hug her.

“Wake up and eat your breakfast first.”

Jenny even shrank back a bit, “No, I can just come down and eat by myself.”

Biden Lu laughed.

“Are you sure you can walk easily now?”

Jenny: “……..”

She bit her lip and glared at him.

“You have the nerve to say that!It’s not because of you…”

“That you can wrong me, last night is who tried to sleep me, slept once not satisfied but two three times, the action is light and slow but also scolded, tsk!Mrs. Lu, it seems I have to keep up my exercise to maintain my strength, otherwise I’m afraid that the long decades will just be too much for old age.”

Jenny was blushing and fidgeting at his words, not knowing how to respond to them.

She was completely unconscious after she had beaten those four men down last night, and what happened afterwards was so vague that she didn’t remember it clearly.

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