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Chapter 94

She didn’t even remember when she was rescued by Biden Lu, and as for what happened afterwards, she was even more completely oblivious.

The alcohol breaks the tablets + the drugs play, and I still have some headaches!

When Biden Lu saw her pounding her head with her fist and frowning her face, a bad feeling rose in her heart.

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember what happened last night.”

Jenny looked up at him, dumbfounded, “No, I remember, I was plotted against by Mu Hongxin at Pearl River International, she drugged me and tried to find four men to strong Hen me, and they were all beaten down by me.”

Biden Lu’s eyelids jumped viciously.

“And then what?”


Jenny looked at Xiang with a blank stare.

“And…you rescued me?”


Biden Lu smiled darkly and lost even the thought of carrying her up for dinner, taking her coat and turning around straight away.

“Eh!Where are you going?You haven’t told me yet!”

The answer to Jenny’s question was the sound of the door closing.

Jenny touched his nose in depression, feeling that this man had a really weird temper.

One minute I was staring at it, the next I was angry.

This is ridiculous!

But she wasn’t in the mood for this man right now, she had spent too much energy last night and was hungry at this point.

Grimacing, she got off the bed and moved to the edge of the table.

Biden Lu prepared a rich breakfast for her, with porridge, crab buns, and fritters, all of which she loved to eat.

Jenny ate a lot, and only after she finished eating did the party feel much more restorative, and her body wasn’t so sore and uncomfortable, before she went into the bathroom to wash her face.

There was a set of women’s dresses stacked on the bed, presumably for her.

After Jenny changed, she walked out of the bedroom, originally thinking that Biden Lu should have left after being so angry just now.

But as soon as he left the bedroom, I saw him sitting on the couch in the living room, taking care of business on his laptop.

Jennyton was delighted.

“So you didn’t leave!”

Biden Lu’s face didn’t look too good, and he snorted coldly.

Jenny even ran over and sat down next to him.

“I was just joking with you, how could I not remember?Thank you for saving me last night, it was hard work.”

The woman tugged at his sleeve with a pleasing smile.

Biden Lu inclined a glance at her, seemingly smiling.

“I kind of see you clearly now.”


“Heh!Whenever you need me, take the initiative to make out and call your husband, and when you don’t need me, you need me to give you the respect to keep your distance, huh…woman!”

Jenny: “……..”

Biden Lu closed his computer and stood up.


” on.”

Vicky didn’t know when he had come over, he had been standing at the entrance entrance before, Jenny hadn’t even noticed him.

“Back to the company.”

“Okay, President.”

Biden Lu left with Vicky.

Jenny watched him go, wondering what she had done wrong again to annoy the man, chasing or not chasing at the moment.

Also, she didn’t even know where this was, and it seemed like her phone had broken last night, and her wallet wasn’t with her, so how was she supposed to get back when he just left her here all alone?

Jenny gritted his teeth, a little exasperated.

Soon after, however, the doorbell was rung.

Jenny thought it was that man again who had come back, and even went to open the door with joy.

However, opening the door only to find that it was a cool, smart woman in a black suit.

“Hello young lady, my name is Mo Nan, I’m the bodyguard sent by Mr. Lu to protect you.”

Jenny: “……..”

In light of last night’s events, Biden Lu could no longer rest assured that Jenny Jing was doing business alone, so he had sent one of his henchmen, Mo Nan, who had been sponsored by the Lu family since childhood, to protect her.

Mo Nan was from a military academy, very good at it, and had once been a female soldier, then retired from the army and went straight back to work for Lu, and had been in charge of Biden Lu’s security all these years.

The fact that Biden Lu could assign her to Jenny Jing showed how important Jenny Jing was to him.

On the car ride back, Jenny asked about Mo Nan’s history, and sent a WeChat to Biden Lu to confirm that he had sent someone over.

Biden Lu only briefly replied, “Well, no matter where you go in the future, you must take Mo Nan with you.”

Then there was no further reply to her.

Jenny felt that this man was really good at being nice to people.

So good that I can’t tell you how warm and reassuring it is.

It’s just a really stinky temper.

She just slept with him again last night!

Oh, not once, like…many times?

She didn’t remember, anyway…it wasn’t necessarily like he was at a disadvantage in this case!Why does he look like he’s been wronged and taken advantage of?

You’re mad at me?

Jenny was a little depressed, and even more so when she thought about last night’s events.

Her eyes went cold and she picked up her phone and dialed a number out.

“Hello, police station?I’m calling the police!”

That afternoon, after a month and a half ago, Jenny Jing had sent Rovell Mu and Clara to the police station, he sent Fedora in again.

When he finds out what happened last night, he breaks an antique vase in his house and runs to the police station to get it.

Jenny had already learned from Mo Nan about the fact that Biden Lu had ordered someone to disable those four bodyguards last night, so she also knew that this matter couldn’t really be investigated deeply.

She was just trying to teach Mu Hongxin a lesson, plus a warning, so that she wouldn’t think that she, Jenny, was an easy bully, a soft tomato to be taken advantage of.

So as soon as Patrick Hong pleaded for mercy, she didn’t say anything more than that she didn’t want to see her again in Visterdem in the future.

Originally this was just a casual comment she made.

She knows how much face she has Jenny, and Patrick Hong looks angry on the surface, but is actually very protective, not necessarily willing to send this precious daughter abroad.

Unexpectedly, however, Patrick Hong actually agreed.

He almost begged Jenny Jing with a bitter face, “Jenny Jing, I know it has always been our Mu family that has wronged you, and I have no shame to defend myself more on this matter, but all these years, Uncle Mu has been treating you quite well, right?Even if you see your mother’s friendship with my old classmate, please let Fedora and let the Mu family off the hook, okay?”

Jenny was stunned.

She looked at Patrick Hong in confusion, “Uncle Mu, you’re kidding!What right do I have to spare the Mu family?I didn’t do anything to you!”


Patrick Hong was in a bit of a quandary.

All he knew was that he had been notified this morning that all of Mu’s business dealings with Lu had been called off.

Not only that, but the other partners he had on hand were also calling one after another, saying that they wanted to terminate their cooperation with Mu.

There are several projects that were previously under negotiation that were originally talked about just short of signing a contract in black and white.

Chapter 95

But unexpectedly this morning, they suddenly went on the defensive and chose a different supplier.

If it was just one thing, Patrick Hong wouldn’t suspect anything yet.

But one thing led to another, and he knew that something must have happened or he had messed with someone he shouldn’t have.

As expected, God knows how angry he was when he learned that Fedora had actually drugged Jenny and provoked Biden Lu.

But as angry as you are, your daughter was born to you, and you’ll have to swallow whatever bitterness you have.

It was just that he had thought that Jenny Jing had authorized Biden Lu to do all these things, but unexpectedly, looking at her reaction just now, did she not even know about it at all?

Biden Lu had done so much for her and she didn’t even know anything, so her position in Biden Lu’s heart….

Patrick Hong didn’t dare to continue thinking about it, and a hint of regret arose in his heart.

If only we hadn’t let Jenny go in the first place?

Not to mention what she could bring to the Mu family, at least she wouldn’t piss off an enemy as big as Biden Lu.

Thinking of this, Patrick Hong only felt bitter, and advised in a good voice, “So much so, you probably do not know about it, but it does not matter, just go back and tell Mr. Lu that Mu has no intention of making things difficult for you, and beg him to be kind, I will take care of my children in the future, and never let them provoke you again, you just need to say so.”

Jenny was slightly stunned, and then he understood.

She laughed, “Okay, it’s just that Uncle Mubby has to do what he says he’s going to do, or I can’t promise I’ll be able to plead for you guys again if something happens next time.”

Patrick Hong said evenly, “Yes, I understand.”

Jenny nodded, “Okay, I’ll leave this matter alone, I’ll leave first, go fish for your own people!”

Patrick Hong smiled, “Okay, thanks a lot, Jenny.”

Jenny didn’t say anything else and turned to leave.

As we left, we just happened to see Mu Hongxin being brought out.

As soon as she saw Jenny, she immediately rushed towards her viciously as if she was mad.

“Jenny!You b*tch!Stop right there!How dare you get me into the Bureau, you’re simply tired of living, I won’t let you off the hook, I’ll never let you off the hook!”

Jenny Jing sarcastically quirked his lips, looked at her like a piece of trash, and strode away without any further attachment.

Mu Hongsheng was still cursing there, helplessly her body was pulled by two policemen and she couldn’t get away.

She yelled out, “What are you holding me for?If you’re going to arrest her, arrest that woman!She mutilated four of my bodyguards, and I’m not even done with her yet?Are you all dead?She didn’t arrest me for such a big crime, but she came to arrest me?Is there still a king’s law or not?”

The two cops were expressionless.

Patrick Hong had a headache and couldn’t stand it any longer, so he shouted angrily, “Shut up!”

Mu Hongxin screamed, “I don’t!Dad, you leave her alone, too!Have you and your brother been compelled by her?She did this to me and you let her go!”

Patrick Hong couldn’t stand it any longer and raised his hand to slap her face.

Mu Hongsheng was struck off her head and looked at him incredulously.

“Dad!You, you hit me?”

Patrick Hong gritted his teeth, “I think I should have hit you a long time ago!Thinking you’re a girl, you’ve been pampered and raised by a thousand pampered people, and now I think it’s just spoiling you too much, that’s why you’ve become so lawless!”

Mu Hongsheng looked at Patrick Hong’s face until he was livid, realizing that her father was really angry this time.

She even softened her attitude and said in tears, “Dad, I was wrong, don’t be angry, okay?I’m just mad at her for always bullying Sister Maya and always trying to seduce my brother, I, I just wanted to teach her a lesson.”

Patrick Hong no longer wanted to find out why at this point.

He rubbed the corners of his forehead, which hurt a little, wearily.

“Next week, you’ll be going to America with your cousin!Stay in America for a while, learn something too, and don’t come back for a short time.”

Fedora stared at her.

“What?Dad, are you sending me abroad?I’m not going!”

Patrick Hong said coldly, “This time you have to go even if you don’t, there’s no discussion!”

“Dad!You’d give up your own daughter for that woman?I’m not going!I wouldn’t go if I were dead!”

Patrick Hong didn’t bother to pay attention to her and just called two bodyguards in to force the person home.

Then, before turning around and going out.

Getting into the car, the driver respectfully asked, “Where are we going now, Chairman?”

Patrick Hong squeezed his brow and said tiredly, “Go back to the company and take a look.”


As the car started, he looked out the window at the receding scenery, remembering what Mu Hongxin had just said, and sneered.

For Jenny?

Heh.How could it be that he would disregard his own daughter for Jenny?

It’s all about that man!

That man…was immensely powerful, not something a local merchant family like them could afford to offend.

Just why would such a person stay in Visterdem?And for six months?

What the hell is he doing here?

Miron was in deep thought.


On the other hand, Jenny returned to the land garden, took another shower, and changed clothes.

After finishing it, I realized it was actually 6pm.

Aunt Liu prepared dinner and called her to eat, Jenny looked at the time and wondered, “Isn’t Biden Lu coming back to eat today?”

Auntie Liu smiled, “Mr. Mister is working overtime today and has just called back, saying that he won’t be back to eat.”

Jenny said, “No,” and his eyes rolled.


I don’t know if it’s true or not.

There’s simply nothing going on today, so why not go over there.

Thinking this, she instructed Aunt Liu, “How about this!You help me bring in the food in a box, and I’ll bring it over to him, even my share.”

Aunt Liu had a surprised expression on her face at the news.

Eventually, I should say, “Okay, I’m going to load it.”

It was good that the young lady and the young master were affectionate, she was happy before it was too late, and her movements became more nimble all of a sudden.

Jenny went back upstairs, grabbed her bag, and was going to stop by the mall again when she returned later to buy a mobile phone and refill a phone card.

When she went downstairs, Aunt Liu had already loaded the food.

Jenny went out the door with the thermos, and Mrs. Chen walked her all the way to the door, smiling, “Young lady, let the driver take you!”

Jenny shook her head, “No, I can just drive myself there.”

“Okay, well, be careful on your way.”

Jenny put the thermos in the passenger seat, started the car and drove off.


Biden Lu was in a meeting, and the atmosphere in the conference room was a bit heavy.

Almost all of the company’s senior executives were there, facing the man sitting on the throne, none of them dared to take it lightly, and all of them played their best to deal with it.

Even though this meeting had been going on all afternoon, no one dared to complain.

The project manager is standing in front of the projector reporting on his work.

After the report was finished, seeing Biden Lu’s face getting heavier and heavier, his heart couldn’t help but lift.

Chapter 96

“That’s the plan you made for this year?”

The man’s voice was low and cold, with the majesty that belonged solely to the higher power.

The project manager bowed his head slightly, his forehead almost oozing with cold sweat.

“Mr. Lu, the company’s plan for this year is to keep it intact, and now that the market economy is generally in the doldrums, we all feel that it’s not beneficial to expand too quickly, so…”

“The market is depressed…Shoucheng?”

Biden Lu sneered and suddenly threw out the plan in his hand with a snap.

The paper grazed the side of the project manager’s face and he closed his eyes in pain.

The conference room went quiet and silent, and everyone held their breath.

Only Biden Lu said in a stern voice: “So you’re fooling me with a device that even a fresh graduate can make?Shoucheng?The Visterdem branch has held the success for three years and has declined every year, and I’ve given you many chances to do so!Now I’m sitting here, and you still have the nerve to take this rhetoric, do you think Lu’s can’t do without you or do you think I’m stupid for not understanding the current market situation?”

The project manager was scared to death and explained, “Mr. Lu, it’s not…”

“OK!I don’t think you’re capable of taking on that position either, so starting tomorrow, you won’t have to come back here.”

The project manager stared.

“Lu!I, I was wrong, you can’t fire me, Lu-“

However, Biden Lu had already been too lazy to pay attention to him and directly called for him to be dragged out, which was why he said coldly with a heavy face, “Continue!”

The next manager went up to report on his work with trepidation.

The air pressure in the meeting room was so low that it was impossible, but it was good that this manager was competent and reported quite satisfactorily to Biden Lu.

The next one just wasn’t so lucky.

Because of a miscalculation of data, Biden Lu just pointed it out, that manager immediately scared to the knees.

“Lu, yes, sorry, I’ll take it right back and recalculate.”

Biden Lu sneered, and everyone was secretly thinking that this person’s career path at Lu’s was at an end.

Unexpectedly, just at that moment, a buzzing sound of a mobile phone vibrated.

The crowd froze.

Boss Lu called a meeting. Who dares to bring in a mobile phone?

Everyone looked at me and I looked at you, but I saw Boss, who was sitting on the throne, frown and suddenly pull out his phone from his pocket.

The crowd: “…”

Everyone lowered their heads in silence, so as to be oblivious.

The last thing Biden Lu likes is to be interrupted at work, so he was very unhappy about someone calling him at this time.

However, as soon as I saw the caller ID on my phone, the expression on my face immediately changed.

It only takes a second to go from overcast to sky-high in the sky.

He stood up immediately and went outside to answer the phone.

Everyone was not looking at each other for a moment, and as soon as the people went out, they discussed it lowly.

“Who is it?Looking at Lu’s face, it looks like something good is happening?”

“Whoever it is who dares to call Lu at this time and make him so happy must not be a simple person.”

“Maybe they’ve negotiated a multi-billion dollar deal?”

“That’s not necessarily true, a list of tens of billions of dollars is nothing in Lu’s hands, he’s not that happy about it.”

Vicky, who had been standing behind Biden Lu, was the one who saw the caller ID on his phone the entire time.

He couldn’t help but sniffle at the whispered comments of the executives.

Miss Jing, Miss Jing, in everyone’s eyes, you are more important than tens of billions of dollars!

As it turns out, the power of love is great.

Biden Lu went outside to pick up the phone, his voice instantly changed from the low and cold just now, into a warm and gentle one.

“Biden Lu, are you still with the company?”


What’s going on?”

“You haven’t eaten yet have you?”

Biden Lu squeezed the phone and looked out the window, “No.”

“Mrs. Chen cooked so many delicious food, I brought it all over for you, if it’s convenient you can ask Vicky to come down and pick me up!I’m afraid the front desk at your office won’t let anyone in if they don’t know me.”

She hadn’t forgotten the last time she’d been stopped by the front desk at the Muse.

Lu’s such an international company, the rules would only be more than Mu’s, and no one knew her identity, she really didn’t dare to guarantee that Vicky would be able to go up on her own if she didn’t come to pick her up.

Biden Lu’s eyes were deep.

“You’re coming over?”


“Okay, I’ll get him down here right away.”

Biden Lu hung up the phone and returned to the conference room.

Everyone immediately ended the gossip and looked like they were sitting down for a serious meeting.

However, it was seen that Lord Boss just picked up his jacket that he had hitchhiked to a chair, and then he commanded in a deep voice, “Dismissed.”


People didn’t react too well at the moment.

The manager who had made data errors during the report just now was also a bit startled and stumbled, asking, “Mr. Lu, that, that I this…”

Lu Jing stared at him deeply.

“Call back and redo it and submit it to me tomorrow morning.”

The manager was stunned, then nodded his head repeatedly as if he was amused.

“Yes, Lu, I’ll be done in the morning.”

Biden Lu left with Vicky.

Back in the president’s office, he said in a deep voice, “You go down and pick up Jenny.”

Sumi pursed his lips to hold back a smile.

He knew that it must be Miss King who had come.

Otherwise the president couldn’t have been so nice.

Vicky obediently agreed and was about to turn around and walk out when Biden Lu called him back.


Vicky returned, and Biden Lu frowned slightly, pausing for two seconds before instructing, “You say hello to the front desk, and if Jenny Jing comes over in the future, just bring her to my office directly.”

Vicky was fiercely shaken.

The president is going public?

He didn’t dare to ask any more questions, so he answered in succession and respectfully retreated.

Ground floor lobby.

When Jenny arrived, Vicky was already waiting in the hall.

Upon seeing her, he immediately greeted her with a smile.

“Ma’am, you’re here.”

Jenny gave him the thermos in his hand to hold and asked with a smile, “I didn’t disturb your work by coming at this time, did I!”

Sumer smacked the corner of his mouth.

The president has stopped the meeting because you’re coming over, don’t you think?

It was just that he would never dare to say this, so he smiled and said, “No. Did you bring the president dinner?It just so happens that the president is hungry, and was just talking about where he was going to eat.”

They joked around and got into the lift.

The staff at the front desk saw them enter and immediately gathered together.

“Eh, did you guys see the woman who just went in?”

“I see, she’s the one Suteko was talking about!It’s quite pretty looking, I wonder which daughter is the daughter of a thousand.”

“What’s her relationship to the president, anyway?The president has never liked women in his office, and I can’t believe he would make an exception for her.”

“That’s right, Su Special Assistant even gave us a special greeting, saying that in the future she’ll just bring it directly to the president’s office when she comes, so looking at it, the relationship must be unusual!”

“It’s not the president’s girlfriend, is it?”

“No way!The president’s girlfriend, not the Kwan family’s…”

“What are you guys talking about here during office hours?”

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