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Chapter 10

“Sir, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand it!” Noila Mo moved her body secretly, trying to slip away from Allen Chu. His body is too tall, and the pressure he brings makes her feel difficult to breathe. She Noila Mo hates arrogant men most!

Allen Chu put his hands around his chest and watched Noila Mo’s small movements in his spare time, and suddenly became interested in teasing her. Calmly stopped Noila Mo’s way with a tall body: “Don’t understand? Then how do you know my surname Chu?”

Who cares if your surname is Chu or Wang? Don’t stop me from working and earning money! Noila Mo almost blurted out. His heart was broken, but his eyes drooped softly, pretending to be innocent. I just hope that Allen Chu will hurry up and Sulia Qingqing, and I will stop teasing her!

Feeling Allen Chu’s abnormality, Sulia’s desire to attract Allen Chu’s attention became stronger. She couldn’t bear to sit here, and Allen Chu became interested in other women! Moreover, she is still a hostess who can’t make it to the table!

“Waiter, didn’t you see that my glass was empty?” Sulia pointed to her empty glass, looked up and down Noila Mo with a cold and arrogant look, and finally fell on her fast-breaking sneakers.

Hearing Sulia’s words, Noila Mo quickly picked up the kettle in her hand and refilled her with water. She is a waiter, and it is her job to entertain guests. Even if this guest is full of hostility and contempt for her.

Under Allen Chu’s gaze, Noila Mo felt that her movements became stiff. This damn man, what do you look at! Have you never seen the waiter pour water for the guests?

With stiff hands and feet filling Sulia’s cup with a kettle, Noila Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief. She must change tables with Xiaojing for a while, she doesn’t want to serve this table anymore!

As soon as she turned around and wanted to go, Sulia’s cold voice sounded: “Hand me the cup!”

Noila Mo carefully handed the cup to Sulia. Before she could let go, the cup was deliberately pulled by Sulia and fell to the ground and shattered!

“Slap!” A crisp slap was slapped, the smile on sulia’s face disappeared instantly, and she raised her hand and gave Noila Mo a slap!

“How do you serve the guests? You stained my skirt!”

“Do you know how expensive my dress is? You can’t afford it for three years of working here!”

The sudden slap in the face stunned Noila Mo!

Sulia took Allen Chu’s arm, and said coquettishly: “Allen, look at her, she has soiled everyone’s skirts! In a while, you can take me to buy a new one!”

Allen Chu glanced at Sulia calmly, a light that Sulia couldn’t understand flashed deep in his eyes.

Sulia was a little panicked. Allen Chu was too abnormal today. Is there really something special about this waitress that got him cute?

No, she can’t allow this to happen! She is Allen Chu’s new lover, and her throne hasn’t become hot yet! How could this little woman get ahead!

Chapter 11

A vicious light flashed in Sulia’s eyes, she raised her glamorous face, and looked at Noila Mo proudly: “You are so brave, the waiter has soiled the guest’s clothes, and you didn’t even say an apology. ?”

Noila Mo’s white face flushed red, her fists clenched tightly, and she froze with Sulia.

Sulia originally wanted to suppress Noila Mo in front of Allen Chu. Who knew that this little girl would not admit defeat and stared at her, she didn’t even look at her! I felt even more angry and slapped the table fiercely: “Call your lobby manager!”

Sulia’s actions shocked the rest of the restaurant, and they cast curious glances here.

Allen Chu was still sitting leisurely with his arms around his chest and standing idle with his long legs, as if waiting for a good show.

He has seen Noila Mo’s temper. It’s just a little hedgehog. Now that it’s like this, she will definitely have a big fight with Sulia, and then walk away?

The guests of the Prague restaurant are either rich or expensive, and they have very high requirements for waiters. They will be fired immediately if they complain.

Noila Mo bit her pale lips. This job is the highest paid of her three jobs. If she is fired, what will happen to her father’s medical expenses? The corner of her mouth was almost bitten with blood, Noila Mo said with difficulty: “I’m sorry, I didn’t serve well. Please forgive me.”

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows and was a little surprised at Noila Mo’s low voice.

“Excuse me? Yes! My dress is more than 40,000 yuan, you can pay me one!” Sulia glanced at Allen Chu triumphantly. This waitress is just an ugly duckling who can’t get on the table, how can she compare with her Sulia!

Pay her for a skirt of more than 40,000? Noila Mo’s clear eyes widened instantly! This woman’s heart is too dark! Just sprinkle a few drops of soda water and ask her to lose a piece of clothing? She spilled the water on purpose!

The playful light in Allen Chu’s eyes was even greater, and the play was getting better and better. He wanted to see how this little woman coped with Sulia’s difficulties.

As soon as she looked up and saw Allen Chu’s jokes, all the grievances and anger in Noila Mo’s heart turned into monstrous anger!

These rich and powerful people like to make things difficult for small people like her, right? it is good! Then don’t blame me for being rude!

Noila Mo clenched her fists, her face no longer had the humbleness and apology she had just now, her voice was clear and firm: “Miss Sulia, I can pay you for a new dress that is exactly the same!”

what? Both Allen Chu and Sulia were taken aback. Looking at the worn-out sneakers on this little girl’s feet, she knew how shabby she was. How dare she say that she has to pay for a dress of more than 40,000?

Seeing Allen Chu and Sulia’s unbearable surprise, Noila Mo’s voice rose, and a pair of black and white eyes flashed with a hint of wisdom: “Since I will pay you for a new dress, does this dirty dress go? Me?”

“Well, of course it’s yours…” Sulia can’t figure out the situation at all, what the hell this little girl is doing!

The corner of Allen Chu’s mouth was raised slightly, and a clear smile appeared quietly, and his deep eyes also revealed a bit of appreciation. I can’t see that this little girl, despite her stubborn temper, is a bit witty!

“Okay, then you can take this dirty skirt off and give it to me now!” Noila Mo said loudly.

“Ah? I…you…!” Only then did Sulia realize that she had fallen into Noila Mo’s trap, and she pointed her finger at Noila Mo, too angry to speak!

“Allen, she bullied me!” Sulia pursed her lips with an aggrieved look, and snuggled into Allen Chu’s arms, pointing at Noila Mo with one finger, and shaking Allen Chu’s arm with the other hand: “Allen, you are Speak! Look, I was bullied to death by others!”

Chapter 12

Everyone in the restaurant looked over here.

“Enough!” The deep male voice sternly stopped Sulia’s chattering.

Sulia’s water eyes suddenly became desperate. This kind of thing had happened before, but Allen Chu had never stopped her. She is the most favored among Allen Chu’s many lovers, but today, for a shabby waitress, Allen actually choked at her!

“Allen, you…” Sulia still did not give up, and tightened Allen Chu’s arm.

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo with a pair of deep eyes with an unpredictable smile. Noila Mo felt all hairy, and just wanted to leave here quickly. This man is too dangerous, and the air around him is too depressed-even if he has a smile on his face, the atmosphere around him is cold.

But Allen Chu’s long legs just blocked her way.

“President Chu, please step aside, I’m going to do something.” Noila Mo said with a professional smile and politely. But there was no humility in his eyes.

Suddenly, her chin was firmly gripped by Allen Chu’s big hand! Damn, here again! The pain is so familiar, that night in the rain, he pinched her chin so mercilessly, her chin was bruised for several days!

Noila Mo took a breath of pain, with terrible anger in her heart. Should the poor be bullied? She is in front of her hostess, why should she be insulted and despised by others?

A pair of clear eyes stared coldly on Allen Chu’s deep eyes.

“Let go!” The voice was calm without emotion.

“Woman, are you ordering me?” Allen Chu’s big palm increased his strength. Looking at Noila Mo’s small face that was so painful that he was not begging for mercy, a little anger spread in his heart. This woman, never Don’t you know to admit defeat? Must be so stubborn? Women, be nice to be cute!

“I’ll say it again, let go!” Noila Mo tried hard to endure, her patience was reaching its limit.

“Really? Don’t forget, I’m your guest. You’d better be polite when you speak to me.” Allen Chu’s voice floated over her head arrogantly, and the intensity of the big palm was not weakened!

Noila Mo felt that her jaw was about to be crushed!

The last trace of patience was overwhelmed, Noila Mo raised her knees and slammed into Allen Chu’s legs with all her strength!

“Hey!” Allen Chu took a breath and looked at Noila Mo with disbelief! Someone dared to kick him Allen Chu’s lifeblood!

Noila Mo took the opportunity to break free from Allen Chu’s clutches and quickly retreated to a safe position. There was a triumphant smile on his little face: “President Chu, I forgot to tell you, I am a black belt in Taekwondo!”

Allen Chu’s handsome face was already overcast, and his dark eyes were full of anger. Noila Mo couldn’t help but shudder.

“Allen!” Sulia screamed, and rushed to grab Noila Mo’s face: “You mean woman, you used such a despicable method! I want to tell your manager and fire you!”

Noila Mo chuckled lightly, unfastened the lace apron around her waist and threw it on the table briskly. Clapped hands happily: “Whatever! I’m quit now! I resigned!”

Turning his head and throwing a provocative smile at Allen Chu, he ran away quickly while Sulia was pestering Allen Chu. If Allen Chu caught her, her jaw would definitely break!

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