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Chapter 13

Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief when she rushed out of the restaurant’s door. Fortunately, I have practiced long-distance running, otherwise it would be miserable to be caught by this overbearing man! There will certainly be no good fruit to eat.

The night breeze blows coolly on the body, cool and comfortable. Noila Mo took a deep breath of cool air, and his beating heart slowly calmed down. How long have you not seen the night of this city? She can’t remember.

Since her father Mo Baishi fell ill in bed, she has been exhausted. She has to go to school during the day and work three jobs at night. It is often before dawn before she can return home.

Thinking of his father, Noila Mo was full of chagrin again. Noila Mo, why are you so impulsive! Why do you want to be familiar with that kind of woman!

This job in the Prague restaurant is the most well paid. How can you easily give up just because of other people’s difficulties!

What about dad’s medicine expenses? Stepmother Lin Qian had already started a blind date secretly, and found her way. Although the salary of sister Lin Yuyan as a model is quite high, she spends too much money, and the money she makes is not enough for herself. All the economic pressure can only be borne by Noila Mo herself.

But now, she has lost this job!

Blame that damn Allen Chu! What big president! It’s really tasteless! Find a woman so superficial! He is simply an arrogant Chauvin pig!

Noila Mo frowned bitterly, cursing Allen Chu constantly in his heart.

Alas, now she still needs to find another part-time job, otherwise she can’t cope with her father’s daily medical expenses. Noila Mo looked around the street, hoping to see some job advertisements on a certain building.

Suddenly, her pair of water eyes suddenly widened!

There was a black car parked on the street with the windows open. A young man was sitting in the driver’s seat with a white shirt, a handsome face, and a pair of bright and deep eyes looking at the traffic lights on the road intently. Slender fingers leaned against the car window, white and clean.

Noila Mo trembled all over, tears rolled from his eye sockets uncontrollably, and covered his mouth tightly with his hands to prevent him from crying.

It’s him! It’s Salmon Shen, her Senior Shen! Why is he here? After her father went bankrupt, in order to escape the creditors, the family moved to City C. She lost her mobile phone again, and she disconnected from Senior Master Hao ever since. How could he appear in C city?

Noila Mo felt that his heartbeat was about to stop, and stared at the man in the car blankly. After a while, she recovered, and ran to the car frantically.

It was late, the green light was on, and the black car started off neatly and drove out like an arrow.

“Senior Shen! Wait for me! Senior Shen!” Noila Mo, ignoring the surprised glances of passers-by, desperately chased the car, waving his hands, a pale little face full of tears.

It has been three years since she moved, and she can actually see him again.

Salmon Shen, his appearance still hasn’t changed much, handsome and elegant, just as it was before. He must be doing well these years, right?

He is the only child of Mayor Tangtangshen, and he is naturally better than the poor daughter of her family…

It’s good, this is really good.

He had a good life…just fine.

The feasting and green lights on the street lost their color in an instant, and Noila Mo let tears run down her face, her vain footsteps were like walking on cotton, step by step, all so difficult.

Chapter 14

In the luxury car, Allen Chu coldly watched this sad scene on the street. Noila Mo chased the black car and cried, his heart-piercing expression made him very curious.

The luxury car speeded up and caught up with the black car in front of it. With a cold glance, the lights were too dim to see clearly. You could only vaguely see a man sitting in the car, white and gentle.

Oh? Noila Mo likes such a man? I don’t know why, Allen Chu felt a little uncomfortable inexplicably. What is the relationship between Noila Mo and him?

The corners of the cold lips were slightly pursed, and the accelerator was increased, and the luxury car instantly threw the black car away.

Feeling a little depressed, Allen Chu opened the car window and the cool night breeze poured in. The car phone rang.

“Allen, I’m sorry, I will never again. Forgive me!” On the phone, Sulia’s voice was soft and tender, full of grievances and apologies.

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows. This woman, it’s time to be eliminated.

“Allen, why don’t you speak? Don’t be angry, are you staying in the villa on the other side of the mountain tonight? I’ll come to accompany you, I must take care of you…” Sulia deliberately muttered in a provocative and ambiguous voice. She is very confident about her bed work. With 18 martial arts, she is proficient in everything!

“Give the key to the villa to Uncle Wang. From now on, I won’t be allowed to approach my residence for half a step.” Allen Chu said faintly, but his voice was with irresistible majesty, cold and arrogant like the most ruthless demon.

“Allen! How can you be so ruthless! I love you, I really love you!” Feeling the situation is not good, Sulia burst into tears. After all, where are you looking for such a powerful and generous gold master!

“A check for five million yuan, a 200-hit seaside garden villa, a newest Porsche.” Allen Chu’s tone was a little impatient, and his handsome eyebrows were slightly frowned. He hates women who keep pestering him.

“Allen…I…Okay. I understand.” Sulia, who had planned to pester a little longer, decided to accept it as soon as she saw it. Allen Chu really made a lot of money, she has made it! This life basically has nothing to worry about!

No wonder all the women are scrambling to get on his bed. Not only is he handsome and rich, but the bed can make women want to die, but he is also very generous! The women who have followed him, without exception, have received generous gifts.

He is indeed a man who is irresistible and unforgettable for women.

The car phone rang again.

“President, what you asked me to find out. Noila Mo, 19 years old, is 1.61 meters tall and weighs 95 pounds. She is a sophomore student in the Department of Journalism of T University. Her father Mo Baishi was Jingcan. The boss of jewelry, Jingcan Jewelry, went bankrupt, and Mo Baishi couldn’t afford it. The family secretly moved to City C to hide their debts.” Yu Feng said respectfully.

“Hidden debts?” Allen Chu’s dark eyes jumped out of a small flame.

“Yes, President. According to my investigation, Noila Mo is now working three jobs just to help her father pay off the debt.”

Allen Chu’s sharp lips pursed coldly: “Does she have a boyfriend?”

“Oh, I haven’t heard of this. She has been busy doing part-time jobs since she enrolled in school. She probably didn’t have time to make a boyfriend.”

“Notify all creditors of Jingcan Jewelry, Mo Baishi’s current address.”

“Yes, President.”

“Notify the major banks and pawn shops that they will not accept any mortgages or pawns from Mojia.”

“Yes, President.”

Chapter 15

Noila Mo had a dream. In the dream, she returned to her hometown, the high school campus. Senior Shen’s white shirt was so dazzling in the sun, and her tall figure was so tall and proud. With a clean white teeth and a bright smile, he said to her: “Noila, run, you’re going to be late!”

A Ji Ling woke up, it was almost 7:30, she still has class this morning, it takes more than 20 minutes to get to school from home, if you don’t hurry, you will really be late!

Noila Mo got up at the speed of light, brushed his teeth and washed his face, put on the washed whitish blue dress, grabbed his schoolbag and ran to school. In order to save money on accommodation, she would rather live in a shantytown home.

There was already a long line in front of the station. Noila Mo sighed and stood at the end of the line. Suddenly I remembered the words of Senior Mengzhong Hao: “Noila, run, I’m going to be late!”

Yes, since my father’s business went bankrupt, her life has been running non-stop. Run quickly! No matter what you do, you must do your best.

She took all the elective courses, she worked three jobs after class, and she was too exhausted to take a break. She is no longer the envied Mo family daughter. Only by running non-stop can she not be overwhelmed by the burden of life.

Senior Shen, if you meet again, will you still know me?

Noila Mo murmured in her heart. The clear eyes were also covered with a thin layer of mist. Her Senior Shen, do you remember her?

Shaking his hair, pressing all the sadness to the deepest part of the heart, Noila Mo told herself that she should not be fragile. The dad who is lying in bed sick does not allow her to be vulnerable!

Before the bus came, Noila Mo stomped her feet in a hurry. The two classes this morning are very important. I heard that the tutor invited his most proud students to give them a comprehensive journalistic practice. This is a very rare opportunity. How can you be late!

“Di…” The sound of a car horn came from around. Oh, it might be blocking other people’s way. Noila Mo quickly moved her position, still keeping his eyes on the direction of the bus.

“Dip…” The car horn rang again. Noila Mo frowned and looked at the position under her feet. It didn’t block the way of others. Moreover, this is a bus lane. How can a private car drive? Standing on tiptoe carelessly, his heart is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, just hoping that the shadow of the bus will appear soon.

“Dip…” The car horn is still ringing unyieldingly! “Is it great to have a car!” Muttered in her heart, Noila Mo turned her head unbearably: “Drip! I didn’t block your way at all!”

The window of the luxury car slowly fell, Allen Chu held the steering wheel in one hand and put the other hand idle on the window. His eyes were shining, and the corner of his mouth was a narrow smile.

Noila Mo stayed for three seconds and immediately reacted. The best way to treat a disliked person is to ignore it!

Turning his head, Noila Mo directly treated Allen Chu as the air! Continue to line her up and wait for her bus. He didn’t even sweep Allen Chu from the corner of his eye.

Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows frowned dangerously. This little woman just ignored him! No one has ever dared to treat him like this! She needs to be trained well!

Drove the car to her side, stretched out his hand to directly open the door of the passenger seat, Allen Chu’s voice was cold: “Noila Mo, come up!”

“?” How does he know her name? Noila Mo turned her head in surprise, her clear eyes filled with curiosity.

In the morning light, the black eyes on her white and tender face were extremely bright, and her pink mouth was slightly opened because of surprise, with a baby-like innocence.

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