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Chapter 106

The baby was full of milk and finally closed his eyes and fell asleep quietly. There was a slight smile at the corner of the pink mouth.

Noila Mo looked at the child’s small face quietly, feeling a warm feeling in her heart.

This is the happiness of motherhood, right? She thought of her daughter sadly. Before she could take a look at the world, she felt sad for the daughter who was taken away by death.

Gently put Xiao Sihan on the bed and carefully covered him with the quilt. Noila Mo just stayed by the bed, looking at the child’s sleeping face in a daze.

Allen Chu has been watching Noila Mo by the side. Inexplicable emotions rolled in his eyes.

He had never seen Noila Mo like this. The brilliance of motherhood makes her look so holy, it seems that this child has occupied all of her heart.

Allen Chu felt a little jealous. He was jealous of his son, and he was able to get so much tenderness and so much attention from Noila Mo.

Suddenly, Noila Mo was pulled from the bed by Allen Chu!

She was pressed against the wall by him, and her body was imprisoned, and then his aggressive k*ss had already deceived her, so brutal, so cruel, and almost took all her breath away.

But she only felt the sparkle of calcium carbide in front of her, blank, in front of Xiao Sihan, how could he k*ss her? There was a pure baby lying next to him. How could he treat her as a young lady and act so recklessly?

She went to kick him and beat him. “Let go of me! You let me go, you lunatic!”

Noila Mo felt her chest become more suffocated after roaring.

Allen Chu looked down at her with complicated eyes but no expression on his face.

She frowned slightly and looked at the man who was expressionless and didn’t know what she was thinking. His heart is so hard to spy, what exactly is he going to do?

“Allen Chu, what do you want? What do you want?” She shouted again. “Why do you always bully me? I’m not the kind of woman you think, not your Jinwu Cangjiao, why do you always harass me? I hate you, I hate you!”

Allen Chu heard what she said and looked at her disgusting face, and suddenly there was a trembling feeling. He was tightened by something, and he only felt a little painful.

“Be my woman!”

The hot words blurted out, and Allen Chu himself was a little surprised the moment he said it.

She sneered and laughed at herself. “Allen Chu, what are you talking about? Be your woman?”

This is the first time that she has really faced this issue. Something slammed into her heart.

“Yes!” He was sure.

“Allen Chu, you mean to continue to be your mistress, right?” Noila Mo sneered, with grief and anger written on his face.

“In your heart, I’m so unbearable. I don’t deserve to live in this world cleanly. I’m only worthy to be a mistress! To be a canary raised by you rich man, right!”

Allen Chu wanted to say something, but was stopped by Noila Mo.

“Allen Chu! I know! You look down on me! You look down on me from start to finish! Yes, I am poor! I have no status! In this world, anyone can trample on me! But that doesn’t mean I will Give up your dignity and be your mistress!”

A trace of injury slipped through Allen Chu’s eyes. Looking at the excited Noila Mo, he slightly raised his hand and made a pleading gesture.

“Then, be my girlfriend. Noila Mo, can you be my girlfriend?”

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo anxiously, looking forward to her answer.

“Girlfriend?” Noila Mo smiled bitterly. “Only lovers can be called boy and girl friends? It’s a pity that I can’t be your girlfriend. Because I don’t love you!”

Allen Chu’s nervous eyes were instantly burned with anger, this woman really didn’t know what was good or bad! He had put down his figure and begged her to be his girlfriend, but she didn’t even agree!

“Noila Mo, don’t take yourself too seriously!” The cold words blurted out.

“Haha… You think being your girlfriend is the supreme glory, right? It is the dream of every woman in the world, right? I am humble and lowly like me, but I was taken by your President Chu. I should really burn the incense, thank God, right? “Noila Mo’s cold eyes are full of mockery: “I’m sorry, President Chu, I really don’t know any better! I have no interest in being your girlfriend!”

Allen Chu’s face turned gloomy, and his eyes rolled with anger.

“Allen Chu, I never thought of provoke any man. I just have to live quietly, please, please, don’t provoke me anymore, okay? Tell me, how can you let me go?”

Noila Mo suddenly felt so tired. Why, why did God punish her like this? Dad passed away and the baby was gone, she was exhausted! Why does this man come to insult her!

Why is he always like this? She really can’t afford him! She just wanted to live an ordinary life, he would rather never know him!

Allen Chu suddenly narrowed his eyes and stepped back blankly. Her expression made him feel very sorry for her.

He suddenly pulled her, captured her face with his hands, dragged her chin up, and forced her to meet his own face, “Noila, I should have found you sooner. I shouldn’t have let you suffer so much, sorry. !”

She was startled, her sorrowful face was full of tears, she looked into his eyes that seemed to condense the same pain, “I’m sorry? You should say that I’m sorry is not me! It is my father! His operation has been successful, why are you Throw him in the hospital to prevent my sister from continuing to treat him? Allen Chu, are you still human! If you had a little humanity, would you do something like this!”

Allen Chu’s deep eyes narrowed slightly: “Noila Mo, which one of your eyes saw me preventing your sister from continuing to treat him?”

Thinking of her dead father, Noila Mo could not contain the tears on her face: “My sister told me personally! You inhuman devil!”

“Your sister? That’s your sister who has no blood relationship?” Allen Chu said painfully, “You would rather believe her than me?”

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu blankly, as if he didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Allen Chu grabbed Noila Mo’s thin shoulders and shook it fiercely: “Noila Mo! You stupid woman! Your sister is lying! She is lying to you! I was just angry that you ran away and didn’t pay your father anymore. For his treatment, but I definitely did not stop your sister from saving him!”

It seemed that something collapsed. Noila Mo’s eyes widened in disbelief. She covered her ears and shook her head desperately: “No! No! My sister won’t do this to me! You lie!”

Allen Chu stopped talking. Turned around and picked up Xiao Sihan, who was sleeping on the bed, walked outside, walked to the door, turned his head and said coldly to Noila Mo: “Noila Mo, I haven’t seen a woman more stupid than you!”

Noila Mo, I have never seen a woman more stupid than you…

Noila Mo’s body suddenly lost strength, and she slowly sat on the corner of the wall, with a torn pain in her heart. She didn’t want to think about it. She hoped that Allen Chu was lying, and she couldn’t accept that her sister would do this to her!

Although the sister is not born to her father, her father is also very kind to her. How could she do such a thing!

Dad…I’m sorry…I am too capricious, I am too stupid, and my eyes are blind, that will give you to Lin Yuyan and let you die so desperately. Dad, you will hate me in heaven, right?

Noila Mo murmured, tears rushing out, soaking the chest of his clothes. Pain, boundless pain swept over, she slammed her head against the wall…

“Say you are stupid, you are really stupid! What’s the use of hitting a wall? Will your father survive if hitting a wall?” A voice suddenly appeared, and Noila Mo was startled. Allen Chu didn’t know when he would come in again.

“Go away! I don’t care about you! Why did you leave my dad in the hospital? It’s just a few months of medical expenses. You spend money like dirt. What kind of money is this to you! Why are you so cruel!” Noila’s emotions could not be found, so Allen Chu was used to vent her.

“Noila Mo, you didn’t abide by the contract and ran away, why should I abide by the contract to take care of your father?” Allen Chu frowned and asked rhetorically.

Noila Mo was speechless for a while, so she picked up the pillow on the bed and slammed it on Allen Chu: “You get out of here! I don’t want to see you! Go out!”

Allen Chu’s good temper finally ran out, and he pulled Noila Mo’s arm: “Woman, have you made enough trouble!” A palm knife slashed at the back of Noila Mo’s neck.

Noila Mo’s neck was sore and she lost consciousness. Allen Chu put Noila Moping, who had passed out softly into a coma, on the bed and helped her cover her quilt.

Noila Mo’s pale face was crying and tears criss-crossed, and her wet hair clung to her face in a mess, looking embarrassed.

Allen Chu picked up the paper towel beside the bed, gently wiped away the tears from Noila Mo, and slowly smoothed her unkempt hair with his hands. The bushy eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and he sighed, why this little woman is always so stubborn!

It seems to have had a long, long dream, and walked a long, long way. When Noila Mo woke up, the sky was already bright, and the new first day had arrived.

Stretched, but was frightened by a half-naked body beside him! Allen Chu! When did he run to bed!

It seemed that the night he spent here last night, Noila Mo was so frightened that she quickly lifted the sheets to look at her body. gosh! Why is the skirt missing? Was replaced by men’s pajamas pajamas!

Could it be that Allen Chu helped her change it last night? Noila Mo looked at the man next to him suspiciously, a little unable to grasp what he did yesterday.

“Don’t think too much! I didn’t do anything last night…” the man beside him suddenly said, his low voice full of mockery.

Chapter 107

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu warily, trying to raise the sheet to wrap her body. Allen Chu grabbed the sheet with one hand, and his burly body pressed against her.

“Don’t touch me!” She pushed him away.

He hugged her tightly. “Hear me out!”

She felt that all her bones would be hurt by him, even though he felt the gas in her chest cavity was squeezed out by him, she froze there, motionless, allowing him to hold her. The expression on his face was colder than Bing: “Allen Chu, let me go.”

“I won’t let it go!” He hugged her and refused to let go, like a child shamelessly.

She could clearly feel his hot breath blowing in her ears, and he did nothing, just hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear: “Noila Mo, will you be my woman? Me? You can see that you like Sihan very much, so stay with me, stay with Sihan, and treat Sihan as your own child, okay?”

She heard these words, but her anger rose again in her heart. “You use Sihan to blackmail me?”

“It’s not like that!” he growled.

“That’s what happened again?” She asked in a deep voice, the temperature in her voice already frozen.

Finally, Noila Mo struggled and pushed him hard. “You let me go, I hate you!”

He was pushed away by her and rushed to grab, but he tore off the bed sheet wrapped around her body. She continued to struggle, and the bed sheet was torn off during the pulling.

He took his hand, but with a violent pull of his powerful arm, he pulled Noila Mo into his arms, then turned over and pressed her on the bed behind him.

His eyes were staring at Noila Mo, who was already half-dangling with fright, and gasping slightly: “What are you shy? Didn’t you never hug it?”

Her eyes were facing each other, she blushed for a while, glared at each other, and she was so embarrassed that she wanted to struggle again, but she was weak. She could only be softly pressed by Allen Chu’s strong chest and could not move. move.

Allen Chu looked at her, his voice was low and magnetic, with a little hoarse, “I didn’t mean it, it was you who had to struggle. Noila Mo, you deliberately tempted me!”

“Allen Chu!” Noila Mo roared. “You want to be shameless! When did I seduce you! I wish you the farther you go, the better!”

He frowned, his gaze locked her eyebrows deeply. “You hate me so much? But didn’t you have feelings before? You don’t have no feelings for me. There is no difference between once and multiple times?”

“Allen Chu!” She blushed and stopped him from continuing.

“I remember the night before, you felt very much towards me under me!” He smiled wickedly, and said so blatantly. “Isn’t it?”

Noila Mo’s already blushing face was so red that it was bleeding. She stretched out her hand, covered Allen Chu’s mouth, and trembled: “You, you–don’t let you talk nonsense!”

“Why can’t I say it?” Allen Chu whispered, with a playful smile at the corners of his beautiful mouth, “I’m going to say it, but I want to say–“

Noila Mo’s heart suddenly pierced, and she almost bowed her head in embarrassment, struggling to push him, his k*ss fell like raindrops, and he locked her tightly in his arms and controlled all her struggles.

“Ah! No—” Noila Mo screamed, and his lips were burned with warm tears. He looked up at her blankly and found that she was already in tears at the moment.

Noila Mo turned her face away, not looking at Allen Chu’s handsome face, but a line of shameful tears fell down her cheeks. She hated why she couldn’t resist Allen Chu’s attack. In the end, he completely surrendered, immersed in his fiery ravages and occupation.

She despised herself! Noila Mo bit her lip and couldn’t help whimpering in a low voice. “I’m not a prostitute, don’t do this to me!”

Watching her cry, Allen Chu quickly turned around, holding Noila Mo’s slender hand with his backhand, without speaking, but gently k*ssing her palm with his lips. Noila Mo was startled and wanted to withdraw his hand. Allen Chu whispered: “Okay, I won’t move you anymore! Don’t cry…”

Noila Mo pulled the quilt with shame and trembling, trying to cover her body.

Allen Chu helped her pull it over, covered it, hugged her in this way, staring at her face, and saw a clear little image of herself in her beautiful eyes with tears in her eyes.

Allen Chu stopped speaking, just lowered his head and gently k*ssed Noila Mo’s slender palm. After a long while, he raised his head and asked her: “Noila Mo, you think about it seriously, is it good to be my woman?”

She was startled, she knew he was the man that all women dream of wanting to marry, but she was the only exception.

After experiencing so much damage, how could she accept him? She can’t do it.

She doesn’t love him, she has never loved him.

She is poor and humble, but her heart is not for sale. Not everyone can easily buy it. In her heart, only one man can walk in, and that is Senior Shen. Forever, never could be Allen Chu!

The thought of Senior Shen made Noila Mo’s heart hurt fiercely! Originally, she could have a clean life, she could stand calmly in front of Senior Shen, and she could be a happy woman. But all this was ruined by Allen Chu!

“No! I won’t agree!”

The two looked at each other deeply. For a long while, Allen Chu bowed his head and said in Noila Mo’s ear: “Even if you can see Sihan every day and enjoy the happiness of being a mother, wouldn’t you agree?”

His scorching breath was in Noila Mo’s ear, causing her to tremble again.

“Allen Chu! I warn you, don’t use Sihan to threaten me! That’s your biological son! How can you bear to use such a small child as a bargaining chip? Do you still have humanity!” Thinking of the little baby, her heart It hurts.

“But I can see that you like Sihan very much! It is from the heart! Your daughter has left you, can’t you treat Sihan as your own child?” Allen Chu said confidently.

Noila Mo was stunned, Si Han, she really liked this cute baby…

Seeing Noila Mo’s attitude loosened, Allen Chu went on to say, “I don’t mind if you don’t have me in your heart. Because I can’t give you the status, I can’t marry you!” He said lowly.

She raised her eyes, “You have no status in your life, and then you marry another woman? And I can only be your bed-warming woman, right?”

He stared at her for a moment. “Does status matter?”

At least he thought it was not very important!

His rhetorical question seemed to plunge deeply into Noila Mo’s heart like an invisible knife, unable to breathe in pain.

Noila Mo closed her eyes suddenly under the drenched moisture, but tears were already streaming down her cheeks.

“Noila!” Allen Chu felt a painful tugging at her heart, and stared down at her.

“Allen Chu, why do you have to let me be your woman? Do you love me?” She asked coldly.

He was shocked.

Noila Mo laughed at herself. She had never expected love, but she did not want her self-esteem to be trampled on.

Allen Chu was still silent. He didn’t like women talking about love. His deep eyes moved on her face, but there was no warmth. The condensation in the fundus deepens. But the curvature of the corners of the lips rose slowly.

“You yearn for my love?”

“Allen Chu, you know that it is women who want to be loved, women who desire status, and women who want to be cared for, so naturally I can’t avoid being vulgar!” Noila Mo finally spoke quietly, with a soft tone as if she would be caught Blow in the air. “But I just want to live with someone I love and who loves me. I don’t want to be a shameless mistress!”

From the beginning, they did not come together because of love. Everything is just an exchange of benefits!

“Allen Chu, you don’t love me. I don’t love you either! I won’t be your woman.” She looked at him fixedly. She actually knew that people like him have no love, how could he be possible? How about giving love to a woman? Prodigal sons do not have love, they only need women to solve their personal needs!

The simple five words “I don’t love you” deeply hurt Allen Chu’s heart. Allen Chu sneered, and said in a deep voice: “You won’t have status or love, but without my consent, you would never want to get out of this house in your entire life!”

“You!” Tears silently fell from the closed eyes. Noila Mo curled up her mouth sadly and showed a sad smile: “Allen Chu, why do you have to embarrass me? You want women, there are so many young and beautiful women! Why bother to bully me like this?”

The words stopped, Noila Mo took a deep breath, trying to calm the painful heart, “I have lost my father and daughter. I have nothing in this world. You let me be you.” What is the picture of the woman?”

Chapter 108

Allen Chu’s body trembled slightly, “You can’t control what I do. You just have to agree to be my woman.”

Noila Mo’s hands were clenched on his sides, slightly firm, and shook hands, only to find that he didn’t even have enough strength to clenched his hands at the moment.

How can I become so helpless, how can I become so helpless!

“What if I don’t agree?” Noila Mo bit her lip and looked at Allen Chu.

“If you don’t agree, yesterday’s Huanai CD will be circulated throughout the world. If you don’t agree, you will be locked in this house for the rest of your life, and you will not be able to get out one step. If you don’t agree, you will become addicted to drugs, and you will not live as well. Die!” Allen Chu said lightly, but his tone was extremely tough!

“You!” There was a buzz in her head, “What did you say?”

“I did what I said!” His expression darkened. “You better not offend me!”

Noila Mo smiled sadly, resisting the desire to cry, and gently said to him: “If you dare to do that, I will hate you forever!”

“So what?” He suddenly dragged her domineeringly, lowered his head and bit her ear, he knew she was the most sensitive place. “You can try! See if I lie!”

His voice was low and hoarse, but it was bitterly cold.

Noila Mo couldn’t help but struck a spirit.

He looked down at her to calm down, and raised her chin with his big hands, “Yes, that’s a good girl, good girl!”

Her gaze fell on his face, the sharply angular Leng Jun, dark and deep eyes, thick eyebrows, and unruly grace like a king.

Palpitations flashed in the cold eyes of Noila Mo, is this man really his nemesis?

Even now, if you want to run away from him so much, hate him so much, your heart will fall along with it, and the greatest hate can’t be worth the trembling heart palpitations, right?

“Okay! If you are obedient, I promise to destroy the video, you will have all freedom! You can go out, you can go to work, you can make friends, and you can accompany Xiao Sihan every day.” Allen Chu induced.

Allen Chu’s strategy took effect.

Noila Mo remained silent, but his teeth were shaking. Allen Chu embraced her again.

She shrank, but made no sound.

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