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Chapter 109

Now I can’t help but leave Noila Mo, because Xiao Sihan has already depended on her.

Since eating Noila Mo’s milk once, Xiao Sihan has never eaten her nurse’s milk again. Every day I would rather cry with a deflated little mouthed doll than to eat the milk of a nanny.

Allen Chu was anxious to lock Noila Mo with Xiao Sihan, and every time Sihan cried, he pitifully ran to Noila Mo and begged: “Noila, Sihan is crying so poorly, go and feed him something. Milk!”

Noila Mo had already felt like a cat scratching in her heart. Hearing what Allen Chu said, she couldn’t even run to feed Sihan.

The little guy was white and fat. When Noila Mo was coming, he seemed to be telepathic. He grinned and smiled at Noila Mo with his toothless mouth. Noila Mo’s heart suddenly felt like something soft. of. As long as he saw Xiao Sihan, Allen Chu seemed to be insulting and making things difficult.

“Baby, good baby, eat! Eat more…” Noila Mo held the baby to breastfeed, her smile on her face was full of maternal brilliance, and her gentle voice was never heard by Allen Chu.

Allen Chu sat on the sofa, pretending to read the newspaper, but kept his eyes on Noila Mo who was breastfeeding the baby. Seeing the baby eating so happily, his heart is also a little itchy.

“Don’t pretend! Just watch it if you want!” Noila Mo had known Allen Chu was peeking, and she sneered off.

“Noila Mo, you think too much! Do you think your Mimi is so attractive? I’m just curious, is the milk so delicious? How did Xiao Sihan eat so exciting!” Allen Chu couldn’t hear Noila’s irony also fought back fiercely.

“You…!” Noila Mo flushed with his blatant words. Too lazy to tell him more. Just concentrate on feeding Xiao Sihan.

The baby is finally full. Satisfied with a hiccup, she fell asleep in Noila Mo’s arms.

Noila Mo hummed a nursery rhyme, carefully putting Xiao Sihan into his cradle.

Seeing that the baby was asleep, Allen Chu leaned toward Noila Mo with a skinny face: “Noila, give me a taste…”

“What to taste?” Noila Mo was surprised.

“This…” Allen Chu reached out and stroked the bra that Noila Mo had just put on.

“You! Shame on you!” Noila Mo was ashamed and angry. I haven’t seen such a man, and I want to grab food with my son.

“Noila, give me a taste! See what’s delicious, Xiao Sihan always eats so delicious.” Allen Chu continued to grind Noila Mo.

“Get out!” Noila Mo pulled away Allen Chu’s claws and walked outside the door.

Allen Chu grabbed Noila Mo’s slender waist: “It’s not that I haven’t eaten it, I have licked it hundreds of times. What are you shy?”

Looking at Allen Chu’s squinted eyes, Noila Mo felt like he was naked. Allen Chu’s hand had been inserted into her underwear, and Noila Mo was frightened and struggling desperately.

“It’s thorn!” The skirt that had been stitched without the pins and stitched again finally broke completely!

“Allen Chu!” Noila Mo shouted loudly. She was really angry this time! She only has this dress now! Damn Allen Chu!

Seeing Noila Mo holding his chest with one hand and pulling the torn skirt with the other, Allen Chu couldn’t help laughing: “Noila Mo! Do you know how funny you are like this? Haha…”

Noila Mo was so angry that he reached out and nailed him twice: “I told you to laugh! Blame you!”

Allen Chu smiled and put Noila Mo in his arms: “Go, take you to buy clothes!”

Randomly found a piece of Chu Tianxi’s old clothes and put it on, Allen Chu took Noila Mo out.

Allen Chu took her to the most expensive clothing store in the whole street to buy clothes for Noila Mo.

The clerk came up to explain enthusiastically, and Allen Chu was completely indifferent.

Walking to the hanger, Allen Chu’s slender fingers slid across a row of clothes, and then took them down and threw them into the arms of the clerk…

Noila Mo silently looked at Allen Chu’s posture in choosing clothes, and once again deeply realized what it means to be rich.

Allen Chu is like this now, completely like a nouveau riche!

Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant…

When picking shoes, Allen Chu also had an arrogant style. After reporting the number of her foot, he pointed to the shoes: this, this, this…”

The shop assistants all looked at Noila Mo with envy and admiration.


Noila Mo couldn’t stand the eyes of the shop assistants, and silently retreated to the men’s shoe area, letting Allen Chu show off his money there.

The clothes he bought for her, she had to wear for a few years if she changed one piece a day…

A clerk suddenly walked up to her and uttered a local taste of English with a smile.

Noila Mo was a little stunned. She only understood things like “husband” and “men’s shoes”, and she seemed to understand the specifics.

Allen Chu, who was picking shoes for her, suddenly walked over after hearing this, raised his eyebrows and asked, “You picked shoes for me?”


Noila Mo was shocked. Then he remembered what the clerk had just said: Your husband is very handsome and fits these shoes.

Allen Chu didn’t notice Noila Mo’s surprise at all. He walked up to her, picked up a pair of shiny black leather shoes in front of her and looked at her, frowning, “Noila Mo, what kind of taste are you?”

This pointed-toe leather shoe style is indeed not fashionable anymore, but it is a pair of handmade leather shoes with exquisite details and workmanship.

Noila Mo was speechless, she just happened to be standing in the men’s shoe area…

When did she say she was going to pick him shoes?

Seeing that Allen Chu was in a good mood, Noila Mo had no choice but to smile dryly: “Well, my taste is really bad, so let’s put it back.”

Unexpectedly, Allen Chu threw the shoes into her hands: “Try me.”

Noila Mo raised his eyes and looked at Allen Chu, but he didn’t even notice the expression in Noila Mo’s eyes. He sat on the sofa by himself, with his legs folded, one foot crossed, and his deep eyes staring at him. She looked like waiting for her to serve.

This talkative clerk made her want to change his Young Master Chu’s shoes like a maid.

After taking a deep breath, Noila Mo let go of the discomfort in her heart and squatted in front of Allen Chu to change his shoes. In this posture, she looked like a maid.

With the leather shoes on his feet, Allen Chu didn’t stand and walk for two steps. He just sat there and shook his legs. The leather shoes were dangling on his feet. Obviously, the shoes were too big.

Allen Chu’s face suddenly turned black: “Noila Mo, how did in pick the shoes?”

Noila Mo looked at the sky speechlessly again…

She didn’t choose these shoes at all.

“You don’t know what size of shoes I wear?” Allen Chu glared at Noila Mo in a sullen tone.

“Uh…” Noila Mo didn’t know how to answer.

Why is she okay to remember how many shoes he wears?

Seeing Noila Mo’s blank face, Allen Chu’s expression became increasingly ugly! He remembers Noila Mo’s shoe size, but this little woman doesn’t even know his!


Allen Chu was about to lose his temper when he suddenly heard Noila Mo report his number in English.

“Just remembered?” Allen Chu’s expression eased a little, but his tone was still cold.

“Uh…um…” Noila Mo replied with a guilty conscience. In fact, she saw the shoes he changed on the ground with numbers inside.

Allen Chu’s face was dark just now, and she felt inexplicable. Didn’t you remember the number of his shoes? As for the fire? Really treat yourself as a maid?

“For the sake of your memory, I will spare you once.” Allen Chu snorted coldly from his nose. The sexy thin lips were unconsciously aroused, and a cold face softened a lot.

“Wow… look!”

The clerk who was secretly watching by the side cast red hearts and became idiots.

Noila Mo had to admit that when Allen Chu was not angry, he was indeed an extremely handsome man.

When walking out of the clothing store, Allen Chu wore new shoes on his feet. The old shoes were thrown into the trash can.

The night breeze is very cold. Noila Mo shrank her neck, and Allen Chu looked down at her and hugged her in his arms.

“Bang…” A loud gunshot pierced the silence of the night sky.

The men and women on the street ganged up and fled.

Noila Mo was also thrown to the ground with Allen Chu’s arms around. Allen Chu took her to a roll and hid behind a car.

Noila Mo was taken aback for a while, her body moved in Allen Chu’s arms, poking out her head to see what had happened.

“Don’t move. Lie down here!” Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo tightly and whispered.

After speaking, one rolled and rolled from behind the car to behind the corner. Noila Mo saw him standing straight and took a gun out of his pocket.

From the gap between the wheels, Noila Mo clearly saw a foreigner lying next to her. His eyes were wide open, motionless, and blood was dripping from his head to her side…

“Ah…” Noila Mo almost screamed, and quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

Just now, this foreigner was walking beside her and Allen Chu!

If it wasn’t for Allen Chu to hold her down, she would be the one whose head was blooming now!

In a trance, Noila Mo heard a group of people whispering in Chinese: “It seems to have gone to the corner of the wall. We split up!”

Obviously, these people are going to deal with her and Allen Chu. Noila Mo’s heart clenched tightly.

She turned to look towards the corner, Allen Chu was still standing there quietly. If it wasn’t for Noila Mo who knew he was hiding there, he would have thought it was a tree at first glance.

As the shadow got closer, Noila Mo’s heart also raised her throat.

“Boom, boom, boom!” There were three consecutive gunshots, and the dull sound of two bodies falling to the ground. Allen Chu killed two enemies.

The other person was very cunning, and he kept close to the wall and slowly approached Allen Chu.

Noila Mo was about to call Allen Chu to let him pay attention. Allen Chu suddenly flashed out of the corner with a shot, and the black figure fell to the ground.

Noila Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief. Before she could call Amitabha Buddha, Allen Chu had already grabbed her and ran to the side road!

Noila Mo was rushed by Allen Chu. Suddenly, she felt that something hot and sticky was flowing down Allen Chu’s arm and onto his hand holding her.

Noila Mo’s heart tightened, and gasped and asked, “Allen, are you injured?”

Chapter 110

“I’m fine, run!” Allen Chu ran forward desperately holding Noila Mo in hand.

A group of people seemed to be catching up behind. With a burst of gunfire, the bullet flew over their heads, and Noila Mo’s heart jumped to his throat.

When they ran into a small alley, suddenly a group of people approached them.

“Master Chu, put down your guns!” Allen Chu and Noila Mo suddenly had two cold guns behind their heads.

The feeling of being pointed at the head with a gun twice in one day is really bad.

Allen Chu’s hand on Noila Mo’s shoulder suddenly tightened.

“Something is coming at me. Let this woman go!” Allen Chu said coldly. A pair of eyes turned slightly, looking for the best chance of escape.

The black-clothed man behind him let out a deep laugh: “Why should I listen to you?”

Allen Chu’s voice was hoarse: “If you touch a piece of her hair, none of you will want to live!”

“What if I did?” The man stretched out a big furry hand and squeezed Noila Mo’s face severely.

Noila Mo whispered in pain.

Allen Chu’s cold eyes suddenly became bloodthirsty!

Suddenly twisting his body into an incredible angle, Allen Chu raised his leg and kicked off the rob behind Noila Mo, and slammed the man in black behind him with his elbow.

The two men in black whistled, and more people swarmed around, greeted Allen Chu with their fists like raindrops, punching and kicking, all the fierceness was used on Allen Chu.

While avoiding his fists, Allen Chu desperately used his eyes to suggest that Noila Mo took the opportunity to run away.

Allen Chu was beaten and rolled around on the ground. This kind of humiliation is something Noila Mo has never seen before…

Noila Mo couldn’t help it anymore.

“Enough!” She rushed to the group of people who were punching and kicking Allen Chu.

“Stop fighting! I called the police just now! The police will come soon!”

“Papa……” The sound of a person applauding suddenly came from the black Bugatti Veyron next to him.

Noila Mo turned her head to look, and there was a person in the back seat.

The man whistled, and all the men in black stopped moving. Qi Qi bowed and shouted, “Mr. Chu.”

Mr. Chu? Noila Mo hadn’t reacted yet. But Allen Chu’s low voice came in his ear: “Dad.”

father? Noila Mo’s chin was almost shocked!

Allen Chu’s father was sitting in the car and saw his son beaten like this by his men?

Or is it that these people in black were actually sent by him?

Why is there such a father in the world?

Seeing Allen Chu’s blue nose and swollen face, Noila Mo burst into flames in her heart, and rushed to the front of the car and shouted: “You are Allen Chu’s father? How can you get such a cruel hand? Are you crazy! Where is it? Dad will treat his son like this!”

There was no speech in the car.

Noila Mo was immediately hit by a pistol on his head.

“Stop it!” Allen Chu shouted loudly behind Noila Mo, screaming with all his might: “You dare to touch her! I will kill you all!”

“Okay. You can withdraw!” The person in the car said suddenly. I’m letting them go.

As the car left, Noila Mo and Allen Chu were left on the street, as if the fierce gun battle had never happened before.

“Noila Mo!” Allen Chu called to Noila Mo.

Noila Mo turned his head, Allen Chu was still lying on the ground, his face was bruised, there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, his hair and clothes were messy, the whole person looked very embarrassed, his eyes were furious, and he yelled at her: “Who told you to be nosy! Did you know it was dangerous just now!”

“You!” Just as Noila Mo wanted to say that he didn’t know good people, Allen Chu’s eyes closed suddenly.

Noila Mo secretly said something was wrong, and rushed to see that Allen Chu was already unconscious.

St. Louis Hospital.

In front of the emergency room, Noila Mo walked around nervously, unconsciously pinching her clothes.

This day was really thrilling.

She always thought that Allen Chu was a spoiled young master, so she was so irritable and cold.

Unexpectedly, he should have such an excellent father. He ordered his men to beat him desperately for no reason, and put a gun on his son’s head.

Noila Mo felt that she had met a madman.

“Miss Mo! Miss Mo!” The housekeeper Uncle Li hurried over with a bunch of servants.

Noila Mo used Allen Chu’s cell phone to call him just now, but didn’t dare to tell Old Man Chu, worrying about something wrong with him.

“Miss Mo, how is Young Master? How is Young Master?”

“I don’t know yet, it’s being rescued.” Noila Mo glanced at the closed door of the emergency room.

Noila Mo was unspeakably nervous.

She knew that Allen Chu’s beating had something to do with her. If it were not for protecting her, he would not have been beaten so badly.

When he was beaten to the ground, he was still thinking of her and motioned for her to run away. The worries and distress in his eyes are real and cannot be pretended.

Noila Mo was shocked.

Allen Chu, do you really like her?

The lights in the emergency room went out. The doctor came out and said a lot of English, his morphemes were amazing. Noila Mo was confused. I had to look at Uncle Li with a look of help.

“One of the ribs is broken, the other is nothing serious.” Li Shu breathed a sigh of relief and said to Noila Mo.

Allen Chu was quickly pushed out, with an oxygen tube inserted in his nose, his eyes were tightly closed, and the blood on the corners of his lips had been wiped off by the doctor.

Nevertheless, he still looked very embarrassed.

Allen Chu was pushed into a ward with the most luxurious and best equipment. The decoration and configuration here are all top-notch. There are also four nurses in the ward looking after.

Noila Mo was sitting by Allen Chu’s window, feeling messed up.

Allen Chu was still asleep, with scars all over his face and messy hair, losing a lot of his handsome brilliance.

Looking at Allen Chu like this, Noila Mo’s heart was very confused.

What he did today once again deeply shocked her. Everything seemed to explain one thing: Allen Chu really likes her.

The hand gripped the fabric of the skirt tightly. This skirt was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but at the moment it was dirty with dust and blood.

Allen Chu never hesitated to spend money for her, and chose the best for her.

She always thought it was just because Allen Chu was a generous benefactor. He gave her something just because he had a lot of money and didn’t spend it, which didn’t mean anything.

Now it seems that it is not what he thought.

Noila Mo buried his face in his palm with a headache.

If Allen Chu is moved by her, then things are complicated.

“Miss Mo, let’s have something to drink!” Uncle Li brought a cup of lemon tea to Noila Mo, glanced at Allen Chu on the bed and said, “Miss Mo, there is a bed in it. You can go in and sleep for a while. I won’t wake up for a while.”

“It’s okay, I’m not sleepy.” Noila Mo thanked softly.

How could she fall asleep at this time? It wasn’t that she was worried about Allen Chu’s condition, but that there were too many facts that happened today, and her little head was a little overwhelming.

The arrogant and cold-blooded man in black, the mysterious and gloomy Mr. Chu…

Isn’t the Chu family a big consortium? How to behave and act like a triad?

Drinking the lemon tea brought by Uncle Li, Noila Mo asked softly: “What kind of person is Allen Chu’s father?”

As if hearing something that shouldn’t be heard, Uncle Li’s face immediately changed drastically. Looking at Noila Mo sternly, she said, “Miss Mo, never say anything that shouldn’t be said, let it rot in your stomach.”

What kind of mysterious person is it? Why can’t you mention him? What is the secret of the Chu family?

Noila Mo couldn’t understand even after guessing. Just don’t think about it.

On the hospital bed, the infusion needle was slowly dripping the liquid medicine. Allen Chu fell asleep quietly, his thin lips slightly chapped.

Noila Mo soaked the boiled water with a cotton swab, dipped it lightly on his lips, and combed his messy hair with his fingertips.

Allen Chu slept until dawn before waking up. A pair of deep eyes looked at Noila Mo darkly.

“Wake up?” Noila Mo sat on the chair in front of the bed and looked at him quietly.

“Yeah.” Allen Chu tried to sit up, but suddenly groaned in pain, touching his chest with his palm.

Dad is getting tougher and harder!

“You have a broken rib. It’s best to lie on the bed without moving these days.” Noila Mo pressed the button on the bed to slowly raise the bed.

“Damn it!” Allen Chu frowned and cursed in a low voice.

“You lie down and sleep for a while!” Noila Mo whispered to Allen Chu.

The nurse who was supposed to take turns to take care of the patient could not hold back his sleepiness and fell asleep on the sofa outside.

Noila Mo’s white face was full of exhaustion and haggard, which was more important than it seemed this morning.

This made Allen Chu very dissatisfied.

“Noila Mo, go to sleep!” Allen Chu whispered.

“I’m not sleepy.” Noila Mo lowered her eyes, “I will peel an apple for you?”

“Less long-winded! Go to sleep!” Allen Chu roared even more dissatisfied, his ribs aching slightly.

Noila Mo ignored his roar and picked up an apple and peeled it.

“Noila Mo! Do you take my words as the wind in your ears!” Allen Chu was furious: “Does it seem that you are looking for death?”

This woman is getting more and more disobedient now! I don’t know what it is!

She rushed out and yelled at the old man when he was beaten.

He is the old man’s son, so he can’t even teach him a lesson, and he won’t really kill him.

But she is different. If the old man is really irritated by her mouth, she can’t afford to gamble on ten lives.

Noila Mo ignored Allen Chu’s roar and concentrated on peeling the apple.

Allen Chu’s angry eyebrows wrinkled tightly, reaching out to pull her over, but when he moved his hand, it was pulled to his chest, making him grin with pain, “Hi…”

Hearing his voice, Noila Mo stopped her movements and looked at him worriedly: “Does it hurt? I’ll call a doctor for you.”

“No.” The voice was as cold as iron.

He couldn’t survive this little injury, is he still Allen Chu?

The two stopped talking. Allen Chu also stopped chasing Noila Mo away.

Allen Chu half leaned on the bed, watching Noila Mo peeling the apple with deep eyes.

She peeled the apple quietly and looked quiet, as if the person rushing out to shout at the old man was not her…

“Noila Mo, you are really brave. You dare to shout at the old man, do you know who the old man is?”

“Who? The mysterious boss of the European consortium?” Noila Mo asked lightly.

This woman is so naive, she can only see the surface.

How could the head of the Chu family be as simple as she thought.

“He does everything based on his mood. Once a bodyguard who had spoken to him for many years said a word, he was shot twice and was paralyzed for life.” Allen Chu said in a low voice, staring at her with interest. Face, waiting for her response.

Chapter 111

Just said one sentence wrong, and was shot twice?

Noila Mo raised his head, his gaze ran into Allen Chu’s deep eyes, and his heart skipped a beat inexplicably.

With her eyes shining away, Noila Mo faintly lowered her head and said, “Really? I thought you were not his biological son. Now it seems that you are indeed his biological son.”

“Noila Mo, what do you mean?!” Allen Chu wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Because you father and son are equally moody.”

Allen Chu was instantly enraged by Noila Mo, gritted his teeth and said, “Noila Mo!”

Seeing Allen Chu slumped, Noila Mo’s mood improved somehow.

“Come on, eat an apple.” He handed him the peeled apple.

Seeing the little woman’s tender and clear face, with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, playful and pure, Allen Chu couldn’t move his eyes.

Allen Chu did not pick up the apple. Noila Mo looked up at him in surprise, but saw his hot eyes.

His face flushed with flames.

“Noila Mo, come here.”

Noila Mo thought that Allen Chu asked her to pass the apple to him, and walked to the bed.

Allen Chu didn’t do anything, and opened his mouth slightly, meaning to let Noila Mo feed him.

Seeing the snow-white bandage on his chest, Noila Mo sighed and handed the apple to his mouth.

“Um…” Allen Chu didn’t bite the apple, but he held Noila Mo’s raised fingers.

Noila Mo exclaimed. What is this going to do?

Noila Mo stared at Allen Chu blankly, with his fingertips in his mouth, and an itchy sensation suddenly spread all over his body! Lingering and grinding.

Noila Mo’s brain buzzed, and suddenly he realized that Allen Chu, he was taking advantage of her!

Noila Mo took his finger out of his mouth severely, and threw the apple into the trash can next to him, “Hop!”

“Noila Mo! What are you doing! I haven’t eaten yet!” Allen Chu shouted.

“I think you don’t want to eat apples at all. It’s better to throw them away.” Noila Mo gave him a glance.

Staring at Noila Mo’s evasive figure displeased, resisting the urge to rush to embrace her, Allen Chu gritted his teeth and spoke word by word, with a domineering tone that is not for discussion: “Noila Mo! Come and k*ss me!”

Does this man need to be so domineering?

Noila Mo stood far away and looked up at Allen Chu very seriously: “Allen Chu, were you nervous when I was pointed at the head with a gun today?”

Unexpectedly, Noila Mo asked this suddenly. Allen Chu was shocked, then turned his head, his tone was awkward and stiff: “You care about me!”

Seeing that Allen Chu didn’t answer, Noila Mo continued, “I saw the look in your eyes, and I was very nervous and distressed. You are afraid that I will be killed by them. Right?”

With a trace of embarrassment on his face, Allen Chu impatiently interrupted Noila Mo’s words: “Why are you so long-winded today, what are you trying to say?”

Noila Mo stood by Allen Chu’s bed, with a clean face with exhaustion and haggard. A pair of apricot eyes looked at him quietly, and his pale pink lips opened slightly: “Allen Chu, do you like me, right? Or… Are you in love with me?”

Noila Mo asked directly, without any subtlety.

Allen Chu didn’t expect that Noila Mo, who has always been a little hedgehog, would ask him such a direct question. Suddenly he was stunned there.

The rhythm of the heart suddenly becomes faster…

For a moment, Allen Chu raised his chin slightly and looked at Noila Mo proudly: “What about you? Noila Mo?”

Noila Mo never agreed to admit that he loved him, but Allen Chu didn’t believe it. How could there be women in the world who don’t love him?

This is never possible.

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu.

“What about you, Noila Mo?” Why did he answer that way. Why not just deny her words, why not laugh at her for thinking too much. Why didn’t she ridicule her taking herself too seriously?

Asking such words means admitting that you guessed it right. Allen Chu, he really likes himself.

Lowering his eyes, Noila Mo smiled bitterly: “Allen Chu, I don’t love you.” Noila Mo raised his eyes again, looked deeply into his eyes, and said seriously: “So… you must not love you. Get on me.”

Never fall in love with her.

She can’t afford his love. She is just an ordinary woman and wants to live an ordinary life. She and Allen Chu are destined to be impossible to come together.

He is too domineering, too selfish, and too pretentious. And Noila Mo, it is precisely such a man who can’t stand such a man the most.

Hearing Noila Mo’s answer, Allen Chu leaned against the head of the bed, staring at her with deep eyes, without any expression on his stern face.

Again, she doesn’t love him.

This duplicity woman. Don’t love him? Why don’t you love him and help him scold his father at the risk?

Don’t love him? If you don’t love him, why is it so happy and so happy under him? Allen Chu didn’t believe it, there really are women in the world who can completely separate body and emotion!

Allen Chu was silent, just staring at Noila Mo all the time.

Time seemed to stand still, and even the air became thinner.

Being stared straight at by Allen Chu, Noila Mo’s heart also changed a little, and she couldn’t help lowering her eyes: “I’ll help you pour a glass of water.”

Turning to escape Allen Chu’s sight.

I was flustered, and when I poured the water, I accidentally showered my hand with hot water.

“Ah!” The biting pain caused Noila Mo to throw away the cup in his hand, exclaiming in pain.

“Bah!” The cracking sound of the porcelain cup was so harsh.

Noila Mo is going to take the trash can for disposal. Turning around, he suddenly ran into a broad embrace.

Looking up, Allen Chu was standing at the door, his dark eyes staring at her closely.

“Allen Chu, you are crazy! Why did you get out of bed?” Noila Mo frowned and pushed Allen Chu’s arm: “Go back to bed and lie down! The doctor said you need to rest!”

“Noila Mo, you are a liar!” Allen Chu roared in a vicious voice, and with fierce force on his arms, he put Noila Mo in his arms, resisting the pain in his chest, and roared unreasonably: “Noila Mo ,say you Love Me!”

Noila Mo was still held by Allen Chu. Fear of struggling to tear his chest.

The water eyes looked back from Allen Chu’s shoulder and saw a very deep and far place.

No, Allen Chu, I don’t love you.

I love Salmon Shen, in the past, now, and in the future.

What I love is not you, never.

So don’t love me, because I can’t give you what you want.

“Allen Chu, stop making trouble. Go back and lie down.” Noila Mo said as gently as possible, reaching out to pull him to hold his arm tightly.

“Noila Mo!” Allen Chu didn’t care at all, still wrapped her arms tightly around her, pestering her like a child reluctantly, and said slyly: “Say, you love me! You love me.” !”

Noila Mo’s delicate eyebrows wrinkled, and her white teeth bit her ruddy lips.

Why must he be so domineering? Who stipulated that Noila Mo must love Allen Chu?

Not love or love is not love!

Is there anyone so compelling to love yourself? Allen Chu didn’t understand love at all. He doesn’t understand what love is and what is possession.

“Allen Chu, don’t make trouble, okay?” Noila Mo said helplessly.

“Noila Mo, say!” Allen Chu roared arrogantly.

Must he be so domineering and arrogant?

He doesn’t understand, relying on domineering and arrogant, it is impossible to get a woman’s heart.

Noila Mo became a little impatient. He yelled directly at Allen Chu and went back: “Allen Chu, it’s the same for saying a hundred times! I don’t love you or you don’t love you! Are you satisfied?”

Allen Chu’s arms tightened, and his body fits Noila Mo tightly. There is no gap between them. Noila Mo just felt breathless!

In a second, Allen Chu had firmly fixed her head, and k*ssed her lips, fiercely and without mercy, attacking the city in her cherry lips!

“Hmm…” Noila Mo frowned. But still did not dare to struggle, for fear of hurting his wound.

Allen Chu didn’t know that his rib was broken, and he hugged Noila Mo tightly, with the tip of his hot tongue stuck into her mouth, as if he didn’t feel any pain at all!

The atmosphere between the two is so hot that the temperature in the room has risen several degrees!

“I’m sorry to bother you.”

A gentle female voice suddenly sounded beside them, interrupting Allen Chu’s deep k*ss.

“Shit!” Hearing this voice, Allen Chu immediately left Noila Mo’s lips, cursed in a low voice, stretched out her hand and quickly tore off her pulled-up top, turned his eyes and stared at him displeased.

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