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Chapter 121

The rule of the game is to guess the number, put four character cards, and everyone will draw lots. Whoever draws the judge will lead the whole game.

I have to say that Pei Jun is very lucky, he actually got the judge’s card in the first round.

“Now I lose a number within 10 on my phone. Everyone guesses. The person who guesses right will be punished. I decide how to punish.” Pei Jun smiled and looked at the three present. I don’t know if it was an illusion, Gu Jinxin always felt that his eyes stayed on her for a long time, which made her feel a little hairy.

Pei Jun lost a number on the phone, and the first person to guess was Gu Jinxin.

“5.” Allen Chu sat on Pei Jun’s left, and he was the first to guess.

“No. It’s older than 5.” Pei Jun shook his head and looked at Noila Mo, “Noila, now you can only guess between 5-10.”

“7” is Noila Mo next. She quoted a number.

“Nor. It’s older than seven. Miss Gu, it’s your turn. You can only choose a number between 7-10.” Pei Jun looked at Gu Jinxin and smiled narrowly.

Gu Jin became nervous. There are only 8 and 9 between 7 and 10, which means that the probability of her guessing right is 50%. If she guesses right, she will play Truth or Dare. Pei Jun said just now that the scale of this Truth or Dare is relatively large. 555…I don’t know how Pei Jun will fix her!

Gu Jinxin bit her lip, her heart almost jumping to her throat, “8.” His eyes were fixed on the phone in Pei Jun’s hand.

“No. Hey, you are lucky!” Pei Jun’s handsome face was a little upset. Unexpectedly, Gu Jinxin was so lucky.

“Allen, it’s your turn. You can only choose a number between 8 and 10.” Pei Jun looked at Allen Chu with a smile. Allen Chu must die! The number on the phone is 9.

“Okay, I’ll admit it!” Allen Chu calmly retracted his claws from Noila Mo’s legs and squeezed his eyes at Pei Jun.

Pei Jun knows. A severe sentence was pronounced against Allen Chu: “I order you to take a big adventure and k*ss Noila Mo!”

Allen Chu took the big palm from his lap, and Noila Mo was relieved. In the end, Pei Jun asked Allen Chu to k*ss him!

“I protest! Your honor, your ruling is unfair!” Noila Mo stared at Pei Jun, this was purely to help Allen Chu take advantage of him!

“The protest is invalid. I am the judge, and the rules of the game are controlled by me.” Pei Jun didn’t care about Noila Mo, anyway, he was helping Allen Chu.

Allen Chu glanced at Pei Jun, avoided the sight of Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin, and gave Pei Jun a thumbs up.

The bar started to play the world’s best music, Gu Jin’s heart healed his scar and forgot the pain, and now he began to encourage Noila Mo: “Noila~play it! It’s all games anyway! Don’t let it go.

“Well, only your face!” Noila Mo stood up reluctantly. Now that you have played the game, you have to lose. She didn’t believe it, and Allen Chu dared to eat her and failed in the crowd.

Noila Mo stood up, Allen Chu also got up from the chair and walked in front of her.

The lights in the bar were blurred, Allen Chu was already a little bit lustful by the wine, and his big palm directly touched Noila Mo’s slender waist. Noila Mo dodged a moment and glanced at Gu Jinxin. She was really scared of what a good friend would see.

“Start! What are you still daunting about!” Pei Jun looked forward to watching the show.

Gu Jinxin also booed beside him: “Quick! Quick! President Chu, be agile!”

Noila Mo glared at Gu Jinxin, really a bad friend! I was arguing with Allen Chu just now, and now he is starting to encourage Allen Chu to take advantage of her! What an accident of making friends!

Allen Chu saw Noila Mo’s angry look, and his heart moved again. Noila Mo was really beautiful in the light. A pair of watery eyes could talk, and the plump breasts slumped under the V-neck skirt, and Allen Chu’s throat tightened.

Noila Mo raised his head, and put his right cheek in front of Allen Chu: “Only your own face!”

Allen Chu ignored Noila Mo’s request. He grabbed Noila Mo’s waist and held her tightly in his arms. In the next second, his hot lips were already pressed against her mouth!

“Wow!” Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun both began to cheer and applaud.

Gu Jin thought to himself that he must go back to torture Noila Mo in a while. Judging from the appearance of her and President Chu, it must be difficult. It seems that Allen Chu is pursuing Noila Mo.

If Noila can handle Allen Chu, then I don’t know how many people will be envious of it! Haha, it’s best that those eight women in the company are mad with envy!

Gu Jinxin has started to design a wedding date for Noila Mo.

The hot tip of the tongue got into Noila Mo’s mouth with domineering possessiveness, and the big palm was close behind her through the clothes. The strong masculine aura swept through everything, and Allen Chu greedily plundered her fragrance and sweetness. The tip of the tongue kept rolling and stirring in her mouth, not letting go of every inch of her sweetness.

Noila Mo was embarrassed and embarrassed, struggling desperately, and the corner of his eyes looked at Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun. Seeing that both of them were watching her and Allen Chu’s reality show with relish, he felt even more angry.

How could this Allen Chu estrus casually regardless of time, place and occasion!

Allen Chu felt the body struggle in her arms, and a certain part of her struggles had a stronger reaction.

The big palm hugged Noila Mo tighter, moved her hot lips to her ears, and whispered: “Don’t move, I’m already hard! Be careful I want you here!” The fiery breath pours on Mo Behind Noila’s sensitive ears, if she is naked, Noila’s blush is about to burst!

Her soft body had already felt Allen Chu’s prosperous male, and she didn’t dare to struggle anymore, fearing that Allen Chu would really get on her brain and do something that would make her more embarrassing.

The hot scene made Gu Jinxin a little embarrassed. Although she speaks boldly and looks like a girl, she is actually very conservative in her style, and she is an out-and-out little virgin.

Don’t stop looking at Allen Chu and Noila Mo at the beginning, Gu Jinxin’s eyes don’t know where to put them.

“Miss Gu, if you don’t know where to look, you might as well look at me.” Pei Jun said jokingly. Looking at Gu Jinxin with burning eyes.

Halo, this person is really cheeky. Gu Jin thought to himself, with the most uncompromising expression: “Look at it! Who is afraid of whom!”

Gu Jinxin raised her head and looked at Pei Jun. Pei Jun’s eyes were romantic and peachy eyes, with the tail up, his eyes were not as deep as Allen Chu, but with an unpredictable smile. Pei Jun still looks like a bohemian, leaning lazily on the sofa, his eyes fixed on Gu Jinxin.

The three-dimensional and handsome facial features, the affectionate peach eyes, the lines of the lips are very beautiful, and they must feel very good when they k*ss… Gu Jinxin suddenly recovered! day! What is she thinking about!

Hurry up and look away, feeling hot on his face!

“Haha…” Seeing Gu Jinxin suddenly retracted his eyes and blushed, Pei Jun was in a good mood. He laughed and said to Gu Jinxin, “Miss Gu, you have lost!”

“Huh?” Gu Jin looked up because of unknown heart.

“Aren’t we playing the game of’whoever lowers his head and loses’ just now” Pei Jun deliberately teased Gu Jinxin.

“Who played this game with you? I just looked at you casually!”

“Just take a look? Didn’t think about it? Then why are you blushing, Miss Gu?” Pei Jun didn’t let the opportunity to tease Gu Jinxin.

Noila Mo was stunned by Allen Chu’s k*ss. The scene was so hot that even the people at the next table were shouting!

Noila Mo was ashamed and angry, holding both hands against Allen Chu’s chest, telling him not to stick to himself so close: “Enough! Let me go!”

Allen Chu was about to go into flames, his voice was dull and unbelievable, and he whispered in Noila Mo’s ear: “Shall we go to the back box?”

Noila Mo is about to explode, the box, let you be big! Stomp on Allen Chu’s foot hard, trying to take advantage of Allen Chu’s pain and run back to his seat. But Allen Chu’s body was tightly clamped.

This brave little woman! I must teach her a lesson when I go back tonight!

Allen Chu was so angry that he didn’t dare to move too much. The little brother was still braced in his pants. No matter how thick he was, he couldn’t be embarrassed to be seen by others.

“Noila Mo, you go ahead of me, get closer to me, and block the sight of others for me.” Allen Chu whispered to Noila Mo.

“What?” Allen Chu was finally willing to let her go. Noila Mo was very happy, but was puzzled by his request.

“Pighead! How can I go back like this!” Allen Chu pushed Noila Mo with his thing, and the hard touch made Noila Mo blush.

Under Noila Mo’s cover, Allen Chu finally returned to his seat. But still not letting go of Noila Mo, he leaned over in her ear and said, “I’ll get back to you later!”

A pair of magic claws, with eager dissatisfaction, stroked Noila Mo’s smooth legs.

What a shame! Noila Mo dodged desperately, but that hand became even stronger, and he went deeper and deeper!

“Jin Xin, I’m so hot here, shall I change seats with you?” Noila Mo felt that if she was harassed by Allen Chu like this, she would be crazy!

“Okay!” Gu Jinxin readily agreed to Noila Mo’s request.

“Jin Xin, don’t go! Just sit next to me.” Pei Jun reached out and held Gu Jinxin, with an ambiguous smile at the corner of his mouth, and raised his eyebrows at Allen Chu.

Gu Jinxin opened his eyes and looked at Pei Jun: “You just called me Jinxin? President Pei, when did we get so familiar?”

Pei Jun squinted, and a pair of peachy eyes lingered on Gu Jinxin’s face: “When you blushed just now.”

Allen Chu also stared at Noila Mo: “Noila Mo!” This little woman wanted to escape from him? !

In the past few days on business trip, he has been thinking about her every day. She is good, and she ran to the friendship with her behind her back. Now she still looks disgusting with him and wants to stay away from him? well!

Seeing Allen Chu being so fierce towards Noila Mo, Gu Jinxin began to fight for Noila Mo: “Chu, I found that you are unusual for Noila! Are you interested in Noila?”

“Interesting?” Allen Chu seemed to think the word was funny, and repeated it again.

“Yeah! Do you like Noila? Would you like me to help you chase her?” Gu Jinxin said jokingly.

Chapter 122

“Uh…” Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu nervously. With Allen Chu’s personality, she still didn’t know what would make her blush!

“Do you still need to chase? Noila Mo was originally my woman!” Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo and said lightly.

“Wow! Noila! So you and Mr. Chu have been dating for a long time! You didn’t tell me! Not enough friends!” Gu Jinxin exclaimed, “No wonder Mr. Chu took care of you so much! No wonder the game was really hot just now! k*ss! Noila Mo! You are so unfriended!”

Noila Mo was speechless.

Where did Jin Xin know that she was not a genuine girlfriend at all, but just a prey and a mistress that Allen Chu was entangled in and did not want to let go!

Allen Chu said it herself, she didn’t even think about fate!

Noila Mo raised her head and took a deep breath: “Jinxin, it’s not what you think, I didn’t associate with President Chu. Me and him, just…”

She really didn’t know how to explain the word mistress, too humble, too humiliating.

Pei Jun’s eyes shimmered, and his face still had an unruly smile. He looked at Noila Mo and Allen Chu.

Allen Chu’s eyes narrowed. Is this little woman so unwilling to admit her relationship with him? Is he so embarrassed to see Allen Chu?

The anger rolled in his heart, his eyes became more cold and sharp, his big palm directly grabbed Noila Mo’s chin: “Noila Mo, what did you say? You repeat it!”

Noila Mo’s stubbornness also came up: “Repeat what? Are we dating? Don’t you dare to say that you are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend?”

Allen Chu’s deep eyes looked at Noila Mo’s face closely, and the meaning in his eyes flowed, but he couldn’t see the emotions.

Seeing that something was not right, Pei Jun quickly pulled Allen Chu: “Allen, don’t do this, come out to play for fun, why are you so nervous?”

Gu Jinxin was also frightened by the sudden quarrel. Noila Mo and Allen Chu looked like they were lovers, in other words, President Chu was chasing Noila Mo! Why did it quarrel?

Allen Chu didn’t care about Pei Jun at all, and fixed his eyes on Noila Mo: “Are you to blame for not giving you status? Do you want to be my true girlfriend?”

Suddenly, I felt very happy. It turns out that Noila Mo was mad at this, and wanted to marry him, and pester him forever? Allen Chu loved the feeling of being pestered by Noila Mo.

Seeing the worried and sympathetic eyes of Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin next to him, Noila Mo trembled with anger!

I was played by Allen Chu in the palm of my arm like a monkey. If you say a strong kss, you will kss strongly. You don’t ask her opinion at all. If you say coercion, you’ll be forced to ask. In front of so many people, you use violence against yourself. Does this man understand? Respect a person! !

He said he loved her, but he never considered her feelings! She is arrogant, domineering, and unreasonable. She doesn’t like such a man at all!

Biting her lip, Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu coldly. She spoke in a small voice, but very firm and clear: “Sorry, Allen Chu, I never thought of being your girlfriend! I’m to you Not interested in!”

I am not interested in you, let me go! I’m not interested in you, stop pestering me!

Allen Chu’s eyes suddenly became cold and bloodthirsty, and the hand that squeezed Noila Mo’s chin suddenly tightened! Noila Mo let out a low cry of pain.

“Allen Chu! What are you doing! Let go!” Gu Jinxin yelled when he realized that something was wrong.

Gu Jinxin has always been enthusiastic about chivalry and is very loyal to his friends. Noila is her good friend, of course she would not watch Noila being bullied by Allen Chu.

Although Allen Chu is his boss, so what? Big deal, quit your job! It is absolutely impossible for her to watch a good friend being bullied in front of her!

Pei Jun was a little surprised. This Gu Jinxin was really courageous. She knew who Allen Chu was and dared to call him by name like this! Looking at Gu Jinxin’s eyes, there was an extra touch of appreciation.

Noila Mo didn’t struggle, didn’t speak, but looked at Allen Chu coldly, his eyes were desperate and cold, with contempt.

All the anger in Allen Chu’s heart was caught by this look! Come to fellowship with him behind! Don’t admit her relationship with him! Looks disgusted with him!

Lowering his voice, Allen Chu gritted his teeth and said to Noila Mo: “Noila Mo, if you want to die, I will fulfill you!”

He dragged Noila Mo up from the seat and dragged it out of the door! The movement was so sudden that Noila Mo couldn’t stand firmly, and her foot was twisted! The pain was painful.

But Allen Chu didn’t even notice that Noila Mo’s ankle was twisted. He just carried her angrily to continue walking!

Noila Mo bit her lips tightly and said nothing, she was completely desperate! If you drag her out, drag her out, it’s better to kill her! She has had enough of this kind of life!

Just twisted, the shoes fell off the feet, the white and tender feet dragged on the floor, the skin was worn out, and the blood was winding all over the ground!

Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin stared blankly and reacted fiercely. The two pounced at the same time!

Pei Jun took Allen Chu’s arm, “Allen, calm down!” Pei Jun has never seen Allen Chu have such a big temper to a woman. The woman is not good and makes him hate him, or she can ask someone to do it directly. Get rid of her, or throw a bunch of money away.

This was the first time he had seen this teaching a woman personally. This Noila Mo really has the ability to make Allen Chu so angry!

Gu Jinxin didn’t think so much. She saw Noila Mo’s feet bleeding, and she was furious, Allen Chu, what if you are the president? Others don’t want it, how can you force it!

He rushed forward and tried to pull Allen Chu’s arm away fiercely: “Allen Chu! It’s great that you are the president! Don’t bully others! Noila says that you don’t like you but you don’t like you! You quickly let go!”

Allen Chu was in a bad mood at first. Gu Jinxin’s sentence “Noila said he didn’t like you, but he didn’t like you” sounded so harsh, and Allen Chu’s eyes flashed with bloodthirsty light: “Secretary Gu, there is nothing wrong with you here!”

The arm held by Gu Jinxin waved fiercely, with too much force, Gu Jinxin rushed to fight Allen Chu, but the center of gravity was unstable and fell to the ground.

“Jinxin!” Noila Mo felt terrible anger in her heart! Allen Chu, a beast, a scumbag, it’s nothing more than treating her like this, Jin Xin and him have any grudges, even treating her like this!

He opened his mouth bitterly and bit Allen Chu’s naked arm fiercely! Exhausted all his energy, like an angry little beast, bite fiercely and desperately!

“Hey…” Allen Chu took a painful breath. Bright red blood flowed from the corners of Noila Mo’s mouth, and Noila Mo raised her head. There was still a palpable blood on the corners of her pale lips. The whole person was strangely beautiful.

Without thinking about it, Allen Chu slapped his backhand directly.

“Pop!” The slap in the face is extremely dull, which fully shows how powerful this palm is!

Noila Mo was directly slapped to the ground, and his hips fell heavily on the hard ground, a pain in the heart!

Her hip bone was pushed down by a clerk when she was pregnant before. She had an old injury. Now it hurts even more. Tears are about to come out!

“Noila!” Gu Jinxin got up from the ground and ran to Noila Mo quickly, trying to help her up.

The movement was so loud that the guests in the store were all disturbed, no longer dancing or chatting, they all looked over here one after another. In an instant, the crowd formed a small circle.

Others recognized Allen Chu. “Oh, isn’t the man who beaten Chu’s president?”

“So handsome, how come you beat women~ What a scumbag!” The woman who said this was aggrieved.

“Wow, if I have such a handsome boyfriend, I would be willing to be beaten by him every day!” said another nympho woman. Suffered by a bunch of eyes around.


The expression on Pei Jun’s face is also ugly. He never expected that there would be such a big trouble in his shop.

“Allen, how are you? Is your arm okay?” Pei Jun took out a tissue from the table and helped Allen Chu hold his bloody arm.

Noila Mo’s heart was cruel enough, and the bite was very deep. It seemed that the paper towel didn’t work at all. It’s best to go to the hospital for a look.

Allen Chu didn’t care about Pei Jun helping him stop the bleeding, pushed Pei Jun away, and walked towards Noila Mo.

Gu Jinxin opened her arms in front of Noila Mo like an old hen: “Allen Chu! What are you doing! Don’t come over!”

Half of Noila Mo’s face was red and swollen. She covered her face and looked around at the same eyes as the monkeys in the zoo, feeling completely ashamed!

As long as she is with Allen Chu, she will live in the eyes of others. She really hates this feeling!

Pei Jun frowned and grabbed Allen Chu, “Allen, forget it! Stop it! Let’s go to the hospital to help you look at your arm!”

Seeing the people watching the excitement around him, Pei Jun winked at the security guard at the corner of the bar, and the security guard came over to grab Allen Chu’s arm with Pei Jun.

“President Chu, let’s go, President Pei and I will accompany you to the hospital!”

Allen Chu gave face to Pei Jun, but that didn’t mean that he also gave face to the security guard, clenched his fists, and slammed the security in the face!

Allen Chu has a strong physique and often exercises. His physical strength is extremely good. Although the security guard has a bit of skill, Allen Chu’s ears are buzzing. But without Pei Jun’s order, he didn’t dare to let go, holding back the pain, and holding Allen Chu tightly with Pei Jun.

Seeing the excitement of playing here, Gu Jinxin hurriedly pulled Noila Mo to run outside!

Noila Mo twisted her ankle and couldn’t run fast. Gu Jinxin desperately held her back, almost half of Noila Mo’s body was pressed on Gu Jinxin.

People watching the excitement around automatically made way for the two girls.

The matter is very clear, that is, the rich President Chu deceived others by beating two girls without telling him, and he was rude to the security guard.

Some people have even started hitting the hotline of the news agency. This is definitely the entertainment headline of tomorrow!

Allen Chu was dragged by Pei Jun and the security guards, and his eyes were red like a sleepy beast: “Let go! You f*cking let me go!”

Where did Pei Jun dare to really let go? He was also afraid that Allen Chu would really go crazy and cause death, and his bar would be closed for a while for rectification.

Watching Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin go further and further away, Allen Chu gritted his teeth and shouted in a low voice: “Noila Mo, you wait for me!”

Chapter 123

Gu Jinxin supported Noila Mo, and the two stumbled to look back at Jinxin’s home, only when their thumping hearts settled down.

“Noila, sit down and I will get you the traumatic ointment.” Gu Jinxin looked at Noila Mo’s feet distressedly, and ran to find the ointment.

Noila Mo put down her bag and looked at Gu Jinxin’s cabin.

The house is a one-bedroom and one-living room, with only more than 50 flats, but it was cleaned up by Gu Jinxin. The floor was clean and shiny. The glass jar on the small table was filled with fresh gerbera.

It can be seen that Gu Jinxin is very dedicated to life.

Noila Mo suddenly envied Gu Jinxin, and she really wanted to have such a small room, not too big, as long as it belonged to her completely. She wants to be an independent person, not Allen Chu’s pet.

“Noila, what is going on with you and President Chu?” Gu Jinxin walked over with the ointment and expertly helped Noila Mo apply the medicine.

“I…” Noila Mo really didn’t know how to describe her relationship with Allen Chu. She was very afraid that Gu Jinxin would look down on her. She has very few friends, so she cherishes everyone.

Gu Jinxin is a very smart girl. Seeing Noila Mo hesitating, knowing she must have difficulties.

Holding Noila Mo’s hand tightly, Gu Jinxin looked at her sincerely: “Noila, no matter what your difficulties are, no matter what your relationship with Allen Chu is, I am your friend and I will always stand by your side.”

A moment of emotion filled my heart. Since my father passed away, who else has said such warm words to her?

Allen Chu sometimes treats her well, but that kind of goodness is good for pets, not good for a woman. Touch twice when you are in a good mood, use violence when you are in a bad mood. Gu Jinxin is different. Gu Jinxin really thinks about her and can really stand in her position.

“Jin Xin…Actually, I am Allen Chu’s mistress.” Noila Mo said with difficulty, every word.

After finally telling the truth to Gu Jinxin, Noila Mo suddenly felt relieved. The burden in my heart is personally borne, and I feel much better.

Gu Jinxin’s eyes widened in surprise: “Noila, you have only been here for a few days, why did you get caught by Allen Chu?”

Noila Mo smiled sadly: “Jin Xin, in fact, Allen Chu and I have been entangled for more than a year…”

Seeing Gu Jinxin’s surprised eyes, Noila Mo told her the story of herself and Allen Chu little by little.

Sometimes angry and sometimes worried, Gu Jinxin was completely immersed in Noila Mo’s description. Noila Mo has finished the whole process of getting to know Allen Chu, but Gu Jinxin is still sinking in the story.

“Noila, do you think that President Chu actually likes you?” Gu Jinxin frowned and said to Noila Mo.


Noila Mo was speechless. After spending a long time talking and talking, Gu Jinxin came to such a conclusion?

“Noila, in fact, President Chu just has a more domineering and strong personality, but he seems to have moved his true feelings towards you. Otherwise, it won’t be like this. You think, he is overwhelmingly powerful, what kind of woman can’t? Why not? Want to haunt you? Except that he loves you, no other reason can be explained.”

“Jin Xin, do you understand that it is not love at all! It’s just his possessiveness! To love someone, you must first learn to respect her instead of imposing your will on her!”

Gu Jinxin was also a little shaken by Noila Mo’s words: “Oh! Maybe! But I think from what you said, President Chu is not a bad person. It’s just a bad temper and a little overbearing.”

Noila Mo looked helplessly at the sky. For the first time, she felt unable to communicate with Gu Jinxin.

“Noila, I think you can consider it! If Allen Chu can change your character for you, I think you can consider accepting his pursuit.” Gu Jinxin said seriously.

“Jin Xin, are you dizzy? Is that pursuit? That is imprisonment! Do you understand it!” Noila Mo really felt that Gu Jinxin was not right.

“Forget it, don’t talk about me. Tell me about you. Pei Jun seems to have a good impression of you, how about it, do you want me to help you match up?” Noila Mo felt that he didn’t understand Gu Jinxin, so he simply changed the subject.

Gu Jinxin rolled his eyes at Noila Mo: “Don’t! Don’t help me match up! Then Pei Jun, at first glance, is a playboy, I don’t want to be his 2750th woman!”

“Haha…” Noila Mo was almost amused by Gu Jinxin: “Pei Jun seems to be twenty-seven years old this year. If he has 2,750 women, then he has to sleep with a hundred women a year, assuming he starts from 1. He starts to be XXOO at the age of, then he changes a woman every three days. Wow~~ What a scary number!”

After hearing Noila Mo’s joking, Gu Jinxin laughed loudly: “I’ll be XXOO at just one year old! Little sparrows haven’t developed well! You think beautiful for Pei Jun!”

The two frolicked into a group, temporarily forgetting the farce at the bar.

In Pei Jun’s bar, Allen Chu was drinking a cup of wine.

Lafite in 1982 opened a bottle and poured three mouthfuls and five mouthfuls directly into the stomach. Later, he didn’t use the cup at all and drank directly into the bottle.

The blood from the wound on the arm had clotted, but it was still stinging abnormally.

“Allen! Don’t drink it!” Pei Jun looked at Allen Chu worriedly. This Noila Mo has completely affected Allen Chu’s life.

In the past, Allen Chu regarded women as clothes and never took women seriously. Pei Jun had never seen him use alcohol to relieve his sorrow and worry about women.

Now I have a quarrel with Noila Mo. I am bitten so hard by Noila Mo, and drink so much alcohol, making myself inhuman and ghost.

“Leave me alone!” Allen Chu continued to drink a bored wine. The tie was torn open indiscriminately, revealing a strong chest. He is still handsome, but his face is deeply lonely.

Pei Jun sighed. He would rather Allen Chu be the same Allen Chu who didn’t care about women at all and just vented his desires. Such Allen Chu would be happier.

What happened tonight, Pei Jun looked on coldly, seeing clearly, it was Allen Chu who was shaved and hot, and Noila Mo didn’t want to be with him.

“Allen, let go! Let Noila Mo go, and let yourself go.” Pei Jun seriously persuaded Allen Chu.

“Let go?” Allen Chu suddenly laughed arrogantly: “Pei Jun, you let me let go? What I want, Allen Chu, has never been unavailable in my life!”

“Feelings can’t be forced, Noila Mo doesn’t love you! You wake up! You get her people, but you can’t get her heart!” Pei Jun is polite.

“What are you talking about?!” Pei Jun’s words were like a sharp knife, which deeply hurt Allen Chu’s heart. The bloodshot eyes opened in anger, and his big hand grabbed Pei Jun’s collar: “What are you talking about? You said Noila Mo doesn’t love me?!”

Pei Jun was not afraid of Allen Chu going drunk, and at this moment Allen Chu needed someone to wake him up. Otherwise he will remain obsessed with it!

“Yes! I’ll say it again! Noila Mo doesn’t love you! Let go! Why bother to make yourself so embarrassed!” Pei Jun said coldly.

Allen Chu’s heart suddenly became a ball.

Noila Mo didn’t love him, Noila Mo didn’t love him, and Noila Mo had never loved him. The idea that has been hovering in my heart for a long time, but has never been willing to admit it, is exposed to life at this moment, like a bloody peeling off his skin, making him heartbroken!

Suddenly letting go of Pei Jun’s collar, the wine bottle in his hand also slammed to the ground. Allen Chu slumped to throw himself into the sofa, holding his head in both hands, not wanting Pei Jun to see his expression.

He was so failed that he couldn’t even handle a woman. Noila Mo, is your heart made of stone? What is it going to do, what can I do to impress you?

Allen Chu muttered to himself, all his anger and domineering disappeared. At this moment, he only felt depressed and desperate.

“Allen, cheer up.” Looking at Allen Chu’s depressed and painful look, Pei Jun didn’t know what to say. He grew up with Allen Chu and was used to his arrogant and domineering appearance, Allen Chu who is now so depressed. It made him feel very uncomfortable.

The woman Noila Mo really didn’t know what to do. It was the friend she brought, named Gu Jinxin, who was more cute.

Pei Jun thought in his heart. Gu Jinxin’s shadow suddenly jumped into his heart.

Gu Jinxin is a girl that Pei Jun has never seen before, sunny and cheerful, and a little boyish chivalrous, her face is cute like a doll, but she is thin and tall, vigorous like a boy.

A complex of contradictions, the charming little girl’s breath and the hearty boy’s breath combine so well in her. It is unforgettable.

Thinking of Gu Jinxin, Pei Jun had a faint smile on his face.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————————————————

At dawn, Noila Mo realized that she and Gu Jinxin were squeezed in a small bed and fell asleep. I kept chatting till late last night without knowing when I fell asleep.

“Jinxin, wake up soon! I’m going to be late!” Noila Mo looked at the watch on his wrist, it was already past 8 o’clock! You will be late for work if you get up!

“Ah!” Gu Jinxin jumped out of the bed with a carp. I was about to rush to wash, but suddenly reacted and looked back at Noila Mo: “Noila! Are you sure we are going to work?”

“Ah?…Uh…” Noila Mo was taken aback, then suddenly remembered what happened last night and was stunned.

Indeed, after experiencing what happened last night, how did she face Allen Chu? Gu Jinxin probably can’t go to work anymore, right?

“Jinxin, I think we don’t need to go to work.”

“Noila, didn’t you always want to escape from Allen Chu? This is an opportunity! Maybe you bit him yesterday, and he will never come to you again when he is angry!”

“I hope it’s like what you said!” Noila Mo’s eyes lit up after hearing Gu Jinxin’s words. She bit Allen Chu too hard yesterday. She still remembers the look in Allen Chu’s eyes. It was indeed a chilling look. Maybe Allen Chu really won’t come to her again!

“Noila! Let’s find a new job! I heard that the department store of the Shen Group is hiring a secretary!” Gu Jinxin said cheeringly.

Shen? Is it the company of Senior Shen? Noila Mo’s heart jumped suddenly.

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