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Chapter 124

Noila Mo quickly asked Gu Jinxin: “Shen family? Which Shen family?”

“It’s the Shen who specializes in shopping mall office buildings! The boss seems to be married to Mayor Liang’s daughter.” Gu Jinxin looked at Noila Mo very interested, and then said, “But yeah! There seemed to be a lot of trouble at the wedding. In the end, the marriage didn’t happen!”

“Not married? No? I seem to have read reports before that Mayor Liang’s daughter is pregnant?” Noila Mo was also a little surprised. She had already gone to the United States when Salmon Shen got married, and she didn’t understand the twists and turns.

It turns out that Senior Shen didn’t marry Liang Nuanxin… But the last time I saw them in the mall, they were very happy. It is clear that they have given birth to a baby…

“We were planning to get married at the time, and the wedding was already held. But it seems that there was a disturbance at the wedding and the wedding was not completed.” Gu Jinxin added: “However, the president of the Shen family and the mayor’s daughter have been living together. There are kids.”

Noila Mo was a little dizzy: “Is that married or not?”

“I am not married, but I have children, and I live together.” Gu Jinxin said, looking at Noila Mo: “Noila, why are you so interested in these now? I remember you are not a gossip!”

Noila Mo hesitated, and decided not to tell Jin Xin about her and Salmon Shen. I told her too much last night, afraid that her little brain could not bear it for a while.

Indeed, it is too messy. Noila Mo herself felt that her relationship with Allen Chu and Salmon Shen looked like a mess.

“Noila, do you want to try?” Gu Jinxin asked.

“No! I definitely don’t go to Shen’s. I’ll see if there are other job opportunities.” Although Noila Mo said so, she didn’t have any confidence in finding a new job. She doesn’t know whether Allen Chu will let her go…

“Noila, I will go back to the company today to complete the resignation procedures. Are you going?” Gu Jinxin asked.

“Ah…I won’t go anyway. I haven’t been to work for a few days anyway, and the company has nothing to take away, and there is no paper to hand over.” Noila Mo is actually a little frustrated. If she goes back to the company, I don’t know yet. How would Allen Chu torture her.

“Okay, then I’ll go there first. I should be back at noon. By the way, let’s go shopping in the afternoon!” Gu Jinxin suggested.

“it is good.”


When Allen Chu woke up from a hangover, his headache was about to explode.

Struggling to get up, I found myself lying on the floor of Pei Jun’s house all night.

Pei Jun is sleeping on the big bed.

“Pei Jun!!” Allen Chu roared! Anyway, he was taken to the guest room to sleep, so he just threw him on the floor! Sleep in a big bed by yourself!

Pei Jun was awakened from his sleep, and he didn’t look good.

“Why? The person who was trapped by love finally woke up?” The opening was ironic.

A light red flashed across Allen Chu’s handsome face, but his voice became even more angry: “Pei Jun, don’t tell me that your house has no guest rooms!”

“Haha…what kind of room, don’t you feel comfortable sleeping on the floor?” Pei Jun turned over, too lazy to look at Allen Chu’s angry face. The floor of his house is constant temperature, and there is a long pile carpet on it, which will not freeze Allen Chu’s.

“Are you the way of hospitality?” Allen Chu was dying of anger. He and Pei Jun had been friends for so many years, so they didn’t even prepare a bed for him.

Pei Jun’s voice came faintly: “You were drunk and you were full of alcohol. It would be good for President Pei to endure the smell of alcohol and help you back yourself! Don’t pick and choose!”

“…” Allen Chu was speechless.

“Hurry up and wash! The smell of alcohol on your body makes my boudoir smelly!” Pei Jun said solemnly.

If before, this “boudoir” would definitely make Allen Chu laugh, but today he really doesn’t have the mood to laugh.

Sitting on the floor blankly, Allen Chu tried his best to recall what happened yesterday.

It seems that memory will always consciously shield those unpleasant scenes. What happened last night, Allen Chu thought very hard, seemed to be just a hazy shadow. But one thing is clear, that is-Noila Mo doesn’t love him. He finally saw one thing clearly, Noila Mo didn’t love him.

A slash of heartache washed away the numbness caused by the hangover, and Allen Chu only felt that his heart was blocked badly, and it was painful.

“Allen, let’s take a shower. Don’t go to the company at all today. Let’s go play ball!” Seeing Allen Chu in a daze, Pei Jun calmed down and persuaded.

Allen Chu did not answer. The handsome face was deeply lonely, and his expression was not like a high-spirited president at all, but like a 70-year-old man. Sad and frustrated.

Pei Jun sighed: “Allen, let go! Why bother? You don’t want a woman you want? Why embarrass others and yourself?”

In a word, Allen Chu woke up from a daze and heartache.

Passed? Leave Noila Mo?

This thought circled in his mind. Maybe, it can really be considered. This kind of heartache is really uncomfortable. Since he was a child, it was the first time he was so sad for a woman. This feeling is really uncomfortable.

But are you really willing to let go? Since then, and Noila Mo have become strangers? From then on, she no longer belongs to him. Will she smile in the arms of other men and k*ss other men to do ai?

Do not! impossible! He can’t do this anyway! He will not let go!

As if seeing through Allen Chu’s thoughts, Pei Jun sat up and said to Allen Chu earnestly: “Allen, I know it’s hard to let you go now. Why don’t you give yourself a week and don’t meet Noila Mo for now. A week later, you find that you would rather be with her and endure the pain of her not loving you, then go back to her again.”

Allen Chu looked up at Pei Jun, and suddenly saw his face in the glass by the window.

Haggard and lonely. For one night, the green stubble had already appeared on his chin, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Allen Chu was taken aback, how did he become like this? The handsome face seemed to be covered with a gloomy tulle, and the whole person lost its luster.

Maybe it’s time to let go… He has spent so much thought on Noila Mo, if she had a good impression of him, she would have been tempted long ago, and she wouldn’t be like this.

Perhaps Noila Mo was destined not to belong to him.

Allen Chu’s heart ached, but he nodded to Pei Jun: “Okay. I’ll try.”


Gu Jinxin’s resignation procedures went smoothly unexpectedly. The chief executive did not ask the reason at all, and asked her to complete the handover with other secretaries and sign the paper. Anyway, there are many Chu secretaries. One less than her.

When the resignation certificate was finally issued, something went wrong. The young supervisor in charge insisted that Allen Chu had to agree to give her a resignation certificate.

“Secretary Gu, you’d better call the president about your resignation. After all, you are the secretary of the president. We don’t know if the president has given you any special tasks. You just left. If the president asks, We are not easy to explain.” The little supervisor said it was reasonable.

“Okay. Then let me call Mr. Chu.” Gu Jinxin said with a heart.

After dialing Allen Chu’s phone, Gu Jinxin was still a little nervous. Allen Chu’s aura was too strong. Although there was a phone call, Gu Jinxin was still a little surprised: “Hey, President Chu, this is Gu Jinxin.”

Allen Chu and Pei Jun are playing golf. Suddenly received a call from Gu Jinxin.

“Hello, President Chu? This is Gu Jinxin. I am going to resign. I will come to the company to complete the resignation procedures today. The supervisor said that he must report to you.” Gu Jin was still very worried. She didn’t know how Allen Chu would treat her.

“Okay.” In a simple sentence, Allen Chu hung up the phone.

Gu Jinxin was taken aback. Allen Chu was so happy.

“Allen, whose call?” Pei Jun was a little curious.

“Gu Jinxin’s resignation call.” Allen Chu said lightly, with no expression on his cold face.

“Gu Jinxin?” Pei Jun suddenly became interested, and grabbed the mobile phone in Allen Chu’s hand, “I’ll remember her phone number.”

“What are you doing?” Allen Chu was surprised. Is Pei Jun really interested in that man?

“What? Of course it’s picking up girls~” Pei Jun said casually, but a smile appeared in his eyes.


After completing the resignation formalities smoothly, Gu Jinxin happily called Noila Mo: “Noila, I have completed the procedures, you come out soon! Let’s go shopping and watch a movie today!”

“Don’t go shopping. Watch a movie! It’s been a long time since I watched a movie.”

Noila Mo changed her clothes and was about to go out. I twisted my foot yesterday, and it still hurts a little today, but it does not hinder walking. It’s just that the wound on the foot that was cut yesterday still has eye-catching blood stains, and the bare feet in sandals* are exposed, and the blood stains look a little scary.

Forget it, no matter how much, Noila Mo tossed her hair. It feels good to be able to escape from Allen Chu and move freely. She must be happy today.

In the cinema, Noila Mo bought the tickets and sat in a chair quietly waiting for Gu Jinxin.

Outside the cinema, Salmon Shen accompanied Liang Nuanxin looking at the large propaganda poster at the door.

Today is Liang Nuanxin’s birthday. She begged to be coquettishly, and Salmon Shen took Liang Nuanxin to watch the movie. It’s true that he hasn’t been with her for a long time to warm up his heart. He owes her a wedding, he owes her a lot of love and a lot of time, and Salmon Shen feels a little guilty.

“Salmon, I want to watch this horror movie!” Liang Nuanxin pouted coquettishly. Although she has become a mother, she still likes to act coquettishly with Salmon Shen.

Salmon Shen smiled: “Okay.”

The sun shone on Salmon Shen’s face, white and gentle, elegant and handsome, and his tall figure looked so tall in the sun.

Liang Nuanxin looked at Salmon Shen with a sense of pride in his heart: This is her man, handsome and good-natured, walking on the road holding Salmon Shen’s hand, often being envious of others. Let Liang Nuanxin be extremely satisfied.

She thought, she really loves Salmon Shen.

With a sweet smile on his face, Liang Nuanxin looked up at Salmon Shen: “Salmon, the movie is about to begin, let’s go in!”

Chapter 125

“Good.” Salmon Shen nodded and smiled.

The hall was full of people waiting for the movie to start. Salmon Shen glanced around randomly, his eyes suddenly attracted by a slender figure in the corner.

With his head hung down, his long black hair slightly covered half of his face, the familiar silhouette looked like a person.

Salmon Shen’s heart suddenly pounded. Unable to contain the excitement in his heart, he quickly ran to the slender figure.

“Salmon, what are you doing?” Liang Nuanxin saw Salmon Shen suddenly ran over there, and followed him.

As she got closer, Salmon Shen’s heart beat faster and faster, and finally stopped a few steps away from her.

He did not admit his mistake, the sitting girl was Noila Mo.

Thousands of words rushed to my heart, but I couldn’t say a word. Salmon Shen wanted to speak, but felt that his throat was blocked.

Liang Nuanxin also followed, and at a glance she recognized Noila Mo, who was still immersed in her mobile phone. Jealousy climbed into her heart like a poisonous snake, her coquettish face was a little distorted.

Salmon Shen stood quietly in front of Noila Mo, afraid to speak. He was afraid that as soon as he spoke, Noila Mo would disappear, and he would have to wait for several years.

As if sensing Salmon Shen’s gaze, Noila Mo suddenly raised her head.

His eyes collided with Salmon Shen.

Senior Shen…

Noila Mo’s eyes were full of shock, and… a touch of embarrassment.

“Noila! Where did you go? I called your sister and she said you were killed in a car accident.” Salmon Shen also felt like she was dreaming, and couldn’t believe that she could really meet Noila Mo again.

“Ah? I didn’t have a car accident, I, I went to the United States to live for a while.” Noila Mo’s eyes passed over Liang Nuanxin next to Salmon Shen, and said lightly.

Salmon Shen’s always gentle face was somewhat urgent: “Noila, how have you been in the United States?”

“Will others take care of you? Salmon Shen, you care too much, right?” Liang Nuanxin’s voice sounded sharply. The words were addressed to Salmon Shen, but his angry eyes stared at Noila Mo.

Not wanting to get involved in the dispute between Salmon Shen and Liang Nuanxin, Noila Mo stood up and squeezed a smile at Salmon Shen: “Senior Shen, my friend is coming soon. I’ll go there first.”

He nodded politely to Liang Nuanxin, and prepared to go inside.

“Noila Mo, I warn you! Stay away from my fiance! Don’t be cheap!” Liang Nuan said cruelly.

“Heart-warming, you are too much! Do you know what you are talking about? Hurry up and apologize to Noila!” Salmon Shen, who has always been gentle, said in a cold voice.

Salmon Shen had never said such a heavy word to Liang Nuanxin, she couldn’t hold it on her face, but she hated Noila Mo even more in her heart! He bit his lip and stared at Salmon Shen, “Salmon, you asked me to apologize to this woman?”

“Yes. Noila is my friend, you can’t talk to her in this tone!” Salmon Shen’s face was ugly.

Liang Nuan trembled all over, and tears flowed out: “Salmon, I have children for you, and have been by your side. What’s wrong with this woman? You, you shouted at me for this woman!”

Salmon Shen sighed, mentioning his son, his heart softened a bit. No longer looking at Liang Nuanxin, she turned her head and said to Noila Mo: “Noila, it’s wrong to warm your heart. I apologize to you for her.”

I apologize to you for her.

But Noila Mo’s heart was aching because of Salmon Shen’s words.

He apologized for her? What stand? She is his son’s mother, her own, and her family, so he has a stand to apologize for her. Isn’t it?

She Noila Mo was already an outsider to Salmon Shen. It is no longer possible to enter his life.

Holding back the sadness in her heart, Noila Mo smiled slightly at Salmon Shen: “It’s okay. Don’t mind.”

Turn around and walk to the door. She was afraid that one second later, her tears would stay. All her strong disguise will collapse, and her fragility will be completely exposed to the sun.

Suddenly lost the mood of watching a movie. Noila Mo called Gu Jinxin: “Jinxin, where are you? I suddenly don’t want to watch the movie. I’ll go back first. You can watch it yourself.”

“I just arrived at the cinema. Where are you?” Gu Jinxin saw Noila Mo in the crowd as soon as he finished.

“Noila, why don’t you want to watch a movie suddenly?”

“It’s nothing, I’m not in a good mood.” Noila Mo said with a frown.

“Then let’s go to dinner! A nice Japanese restaurant has opened in the city center. Let me invite you to dinner! Celebrate leaving today.”

“Okay.” Noila Mo couldn’t bear to refuse, looking at the enthusiastic look of her good friend.

The newly opened Japanese restaurant looks really good. The decoration outside is very elegant. There are two stone fish tanks at the door. Water lilies are planted inside and goldfish are raised. It looks very emotional.

The leader at the door saw Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin come in, and said apologetically: “Two ladies, there are no seats available now. Could you please go to the private room inside and wait for a while?”

“Okay.” Wait a while, just wait a while. It’s not very hungry anyway.

The two followed the leader and walked to the more elegantly decorated small room.

Gu Jinxin, who was walking in front, stopped suddenly, turned her head nervously, and said to Noila Mo: “Noila, Allen Chu.”

“Eh?” Noila Mo wondered why she suddenly mentioned Allen Chu.

“Allen Chu is inside!” Gu Jinxin raised his voice. The two men inside heard Gu Jinxin’s voice and raised their heads at the same time.

Hearing what Gu Jinxin said, Noila Mo just wanted to take Gu Jinxin away, but it was too late.

Allen Chu’s deep eyes had already fixed on her closely. Noila Mo’s heart trembled.

“Miss Gu, what a coincidence.” When Pei Jun saw Gu Jinxin, his eyes lit up, “Are you guys coming over to wait for a seat? You can just put together a table for dinner in a while.”

Gu Jinxin looked at Noila Mo’s pale face, and at Allen Chu’s angry face, and said to Pei Jun a little embarrassed: “Thank you, President Pei, for your kindness. Let’s go to another place to eat. Goodbye.”

“Stop.” Allen Chu said coldly, pinning the legs of Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin.

After a short pause, Noila Mo picked up Gu Jinxin and wanted to leave.

“Noila Mo, if you dare to leave, Gu Jinxin won’t even want to find any job in City C.” Cold threats.

Noila Mo trembled in anger. Does this man do nothing but threats? In the past, she used her father to threaten her, but now she uses Gu Jinxin.

Why does everyone she cares about becomes his handle to threaten her?

Allen Chu, what exactly are you trying to force me to?

Noila Mo stopped and turned his back to Allen Chu, but his slender figure stiffened because of this threatening word.

“Noila, go! I don’t believe that if I walk out of this door today, I really can’t find a job!” Gu Jinxin is not afraid of Allen Chu’s threat! He didn’t believe that Allen Chu could really cover the sky with one hand.

But Noila Mo didn’t dare to be so optimistic, no one knew Allen Chu’s strength better than her. His power in City C is beyond Gu Jinxin’s imagination. She can’t let a good friend take this risk.

“Jinxin, I’m hungry. Let’s eat here.” Noila Mo raised his eyes to look at Gu Jinxin. There is pleading in his eyes.

Seeing Noila Mo’s expression, Gu Jinxin nodded. The two reluctantly sat down at the table and happened to face Allen Chu and Pei Jun.

“Noila, don’t be so nervous. Allen won’t eat you.” Pei Jun looked at Noila Mo, feeling a little uncomfortable. Allen Chu is so handsome and rich, and his ability to manage the company is also top-notch. Yes, he likes Noila Mo. Noila Mo should wake up with a smile in her dreams. As a result, she still looks reluctant. Pei Jun is worthless for Allen Chu!

Allen Chu sat coldly with his arms folded and said nothing.

In the morning playing golf with Pei Jun, he was completely in no state, thinking about Noila Mo all over his head. He wanted to see Noila Mo, but only wanted to see Noila Mo. Other things couldn’t attract his attention.

The moment Noila Mo appeared just now, his heart suddenly beat quickly. The empty heart was filled in an instant.

But Noila Mo’s expression was like a basin of cold water, pouring it down from his head, making him feel cold.

Noila Mo smiled reluctantly at Pei Jun, without speaking.

The four of them were silent, and the atmosphere was awkward.

“Noila, you really don’t need to be so nervous. Allen has decided to let go. He won’t pester you anymore.” Pei Jun said tentatively. He wanted to see Noila Mo’s reaction and see what Noila Mo really did. Whether or not he has feelings for Allen Chu, even a trace, Allen will be much better.

Only Pei Jun knew how bitter Allen Chu felt. Allen Chu, who was ruthless and domineering, and trembling with his determination to kill him, had a day in which he was embarrassed. Pei Jun really admired Noila Mo.

Noila Mo’s body shook sharply when she heard Pei Jun’s words. Looking up at Pei Jun in disbelief, his voice trembled with excitement: “You, are you true?”

The surprise on Noila Mo’s face was clear.

The last hope in Allen Chu’s heart was shattered. It turned out that Pei Jun was right, the bystanders were the most sober, and Noila Mo had no affection for him at all! Otherwise, she would never have this expression.

Noila Mo’s expression was as if someone who had been hungry for a long time suddenly saw Gan Quan, so excited and so excited.

It turned out that staying by her side would make her so painful. It turned out that she really didn’t love him at all, even, never loved him…

Allen Chu’s hands were clenched into fists under the table, deep eyes, darker eyes, and the darkest night of the Buddha.

Pei Jun shrugged: “It’s true. If you don’t believe me, ask Allen.”

Noila Mo turned to look at Allen Chu inquiringly. This glance made her heart throb.

In Allen Chu’s eyes, she saw a thing, this kind of thing can only be described in one word-despair.

Allen Chu’s eyes have been seen a lot by Noila Mo, cold and domineering, arrogant, childish, and obsessed… But she has never seen a desperate expression in Allen Chu’s eyes.

Will letting her go make Allen Chu so painful? She always thought that she was just Allen Chu’s plaything. Could it be that she was really wrong? Does Allen Chu really love her?

Something in his heart was hit hard. In Noila Mo’s heart, something slowly broke through…

Chapter 126

Hearing Pei Jun’s words, Gu Jinxin was also excited: “Noila, great! You are free! You can live the life you want in the future!”

The words of congratulation seemed so harsh in Allen Chu’s ears. Deep eyes stared at Noila Mo, but her stern face showed no expression.

Noila Mo suddenly felt confused. Why, when she was finally free, she was not as happy as she thought? There seemed to be something that made her feel empty.

Unwilling to think about it so much, Noila Mo lowered his eyes and said softly, “Thank you.”

Thank you? Allen Chu’s eyes narrowed. Is Noila Mo talking to him? She thanked him, set her free, thanked him, and became stranger ever since.

Thank you… Allen Chu only felt that his heart had never been so painful.

Gu Jinxin didn’t feel the undercurrent between the two at all, and happily took Noila Mo’s hand: “Go, Noila, let’s celebrate.”

Pei Jun stood up and stopped the two of them: “Since the words have already been said, everyone is still friends, so we can get together and spend time. This meal should be regarded as a farewell dinner. Noila, you must show your face.”

Noila Mo had no reason to refuse any more, so she sat down silently.

Gu Jinxin said carelessly: “Pei Jun, is that your treat?”

Pei Jun still smiled unruly and replied straightforwardly: “Okay. Whatever you like, you can order whatever.” After that, he handed the menu to Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin.

Noila Mo had no appetite, sitting next to him alone, looking at the wooden tabletop, not wanting to speak at all.

Gu Jinxin is very strange, he has been free, why is Noila’s expression so unhappy? Well, probably because Allen Chu was there, Noila didn’t like to eat with him. It must be so, Gu Jinxin found an excuse for Noila Mo’s behavior in his heart.

Since it’s Pei Jun’s treat, then don’t eat white or eat it, Gu Jinxin is not polite, and points to the menu refreshedly: “This, this, this…we need it!”

Pei Jun looked at Gu Jinxin with a smile, and thought this girl was really interesting.

The other girls ate with him, very restrained, and said they were full after eating a little bit, for fear of destroying their image of a lady. Gu Jinxin was good, as if he would not give up without slaughtering him.

It’s refreshing, he likes it.

After ordering the dishes, Gu Jinxin added: “I want freshly squeezed peanut juice on ice.”

Before Noila Mo had time to speak, someone had spoken calmly: “Noila Mo is allergic to peanuts.”

It is Allen Chu.

Noila Mo looked up at him in surprise. He was allergic to peanuts. This incident was accidentally said a long time ago, but Allen Chu remembered it so clearly.

There were some chaotic thoughts passing through her mind, Noila Mo couldn’t tell what it was, she just felt that the atmosphere was so dull, embarrassing and depressing, she wished to leave.

Sitting here now is a complete suffering.

The decoration of the room is very elegant. Next to it is a large bogu rack and a tall folding vase, casting a dim black shadow under the light. Allen Chu’s face was just hidden in the shadow, and Noila Mo couldn’t see his face clearly.

But Allen Chu’s eyes, even in the dark, Noila Mo could feel the deep gaze falling on her.

Allen Chu used to look at her with blazing eyes, which made her a little bit overwhelmed. Now his eyes concealed all the enthusiasm, as if only a cold body remained. It was so dim that Noila Mo’s heart palpitated.

The dishes have not yet come. The waiting time is always long. Pei Jun proposed to play Truth or Dare, but Gu Jinxin refused without hesitation. The last game gave her a great shadow.

Allen Chu and Noila Mo both sat silently, neither of them spoke. Pei Jun had to find some topics for himself.

“Jinxin, I heard you resigned?” Pei Jun looked at Gu Jinxin’s face and saw a small mole under her right eye.

I heard that people with moles of tears are the marks formed by tears falling on their faces when their lover held this person and wept when they died in a previous life. After reincarnated, when they meet again, the lover will be able to get from this tear. Mole recognizes his former lover. And this person with moles of tears, once he meets his destined lover in the previous life, he will never be separated for life.

I don’t know what kind of man Gu Jinxin was deeply loved in her previous life, that would leave this mole of tears on her face…

Pei Jun stared at Gu Jinxin’s face, thinking about it for a while.

“Hey~~!” It wasn’t until Gu Jinxin waved his hand in front of him that he recovered from his thoughts.

Gu Jinxin looked at him curiously, and touched her face with her hand: “President Pei, why are you staring at my face so hard? Is there anything strange on the little girl’s face?”

Pei Jun was teased by Gu Jinxin and was not angry. He still smiled and said, “I stare at you, of course because you look good.”

Such a blatant flattery made Gu Jinxin’s face blush.

Gu Jinxin has a very carefree personality. Most men treat her like a buddy. Although she is also a big beauty, it seems that men don’t notice this. Since childhood, she has no opposite sex.

It is not unhappy to be complimented by Pei Jun so sweetly today.

But he did not show weakness: “Needless to say, this lady also knows that she is beautiful and beautiful!”

Pei Jun’s narrow eyes flashed with a strange look, and he began to put on Gu Jinxin: “Miss Gu, our company is in need of a few beautiful assistants. You have resigned anyway. Why not come to work in my company!” “

Hearing Pei Jun’s words, Gu Jinxin was really tempted. The Pei family has a lot of involvement in the entertainment and publishing industries. Gu Jinxin is still very interested in the entertainment industry and hopes to develop in this area in the future. Pei Jun’s company is really suitable.

Gu Jinxin hesitated, then turned to ask Noila Mo, who was sitting next to her silently playing on her mobile phone: “Noila, what do you think of Mr. Pei’s suggestion?”

Noila Mo was playing games with her mobile phone. In fact, she didn’t know what she was playing. She slid her fingers mechanically on it, trying to figure out why she felt lost in her heart.

I don’t understand, I really don’t understand.

I accidentally opened a folder with my finger. A photo suddenly came into view.

That is a photo of her and Allen Chu. Allen Chu hugged her tightly, his face pressed against her face, and the smile on the corner of his lips was the smile that a child would only show after eating delicious candy.

Noila Mo’s chest suddenly felt a little stuffy. Allen Chu forced her to take this photo. At the time, she was using her mobile phone to take photos of the plants growing on the balcony. Allen Chu suddenly ran over and grabbed her mobile phone. He held her tightly in his arms, held her mobile phone far in front, and took a selfie of the two.

“Noila Mo, there are so many photos of you on my phone, but none of me on your phone! It’s too unfair!” Allen Chu’s words at the time echoed in Noila Mo’s ears again.

Indeed it is. There are many pictures of Noila Mo in Allen Chu’s phone. Smiling Noila Mo, silent Noila Mo, Noila Mo walking, Noila Mo eating, Noila Mo just waking up in the morning with sleepy eyes…

But in Noila Mo’s mobile phone, there are mostly landscape photos and photos of small animals and plants. There is no picture of Allen Chu.

This is because Allen Chu is a cameraman. And I am not. Noila Mo thought so.

Noila Mo bit her lip, stretched out her slender finger, and silently clicked on the photo. A prompt box pops up on the phone “Are you sure you want to delete the photo?”

The fingers trembled a little, and he hesitated on “OK”.

“Noila, I’m so involved in playing with mobile phones, I can’t hear you talking.” Gu Jinxin pouted and looked at Noila Mo. What’s wrong today? Everyone is distracted. Pei Jun was distracted, Noila Mo distracted, and Allen Chu didn’t say a word, as cold as a stone.

The finger quickly clicked the “Cancel” button, Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief for no reason, and turned to look at Gu Jinxin apologetically: “Jinxin, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, what did you just say?”

“Mr Pei asked me to work in his company. What do you think?” Gu Jinxin looked at Noila Mo expectantly. Noila is a very independent person, and her opinions are still very valuable.

“Um… Jinxin, haven’t you been longing for the development of the entertainment industry? I think this is an opportunity. You can consider it. Moreover, there is Pei Jun covering you when you go, and no one dares to bully you.” Noila Mo raised Seeing Pei Jun, “Right, President Pei?”

Pei Jun smiled brightly, “Of course. Who dares to bully me… my friend?”

After speaking, I looked at Gu Jinxin slightly. He almost said just now, “Who dares to bully me?” In Pei Jun’s mind, Gu Jinxin has become a woman who wants to win and must win.

Allen Chu watched indifferently, a little shocked at Pei Jun’s decision.

Pei Jun is a romantic, yes, there are many women, but he never takes the woman he wants to work with to the company. what is it today? If you want to get Gu Jinxin down, you won’t be joking about your company.

Ask a woman to eat a few meals, send some roses, take a few trips abroad, and give some luxury goods. What kind of woman can’t handle it?

Allen Chu thought, but his eyes turned to Noila Mo involuntarily. Please eat, send luxuries, take it to play everywhere, send roses…what has he never done? But Noila Mo was not dealt with by him.

The overbearing possessiveness came up again, Allen Chu gritted his teeth and looked at Noila Mo, his unyielding mentality prevailed. Began to regret that he followed Pei Jun’s advice and let Noila Mo free.

He can’t let go, really reluctant, and really can’t let go…

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo Qingli’s small face, thinking that she would smile in the arms of other men in the future, thinking that she would give birth to other men, and grow old together, feeling sad.

The anger burned in my heart, anger hit the table with a punch!

The other three people were shocked, and turned to look at Allen Chu!

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