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Chapter 127

“Allen, what’s the matter?” Pei Jun asked concerned.

“You have to ask, Mr. Chu must be angry that the three of us left him out in the cold.” Gu Jinxin said affirmatively, confident in his own speculation.

Pei Jun smiled slightly, only Gu Jinxin thought so simple. Allen Chu’s eyes were fixed on Noila Mo, he had already noticed.

Allen Chu’s sudden anger was definitely because Noila Mo had been ignoring him. Having known each other for more than 20 years, Pei Jun knows Allen Chu very well.

It seemed that Allen Chu still couldn’t let go of Noila Mo in his heart. Pei Jun sighed in his heart.

Fearing that Allen Chu might do something again, Pei Jun quickly took him to the bathroom next to him: “Jin Xin, Noila, you sit for a while first, and I will go to the bathroom with Allen.”

In the bathroom, Pei Jun lit a cigarette and handed another one to Allen Chu. The two smoked in silence.

“Allen, if you really can’t let go of Noila Mo, you can look back for her. But why don’t you try to let it go temporarily?” Pei Jun said sincerely, “You can give yourself a week, this week , Don’t find Noila Mo, don’t meet her, don’t text her, don’t call her. If you find that you still can’t let it go after a week, it’s not too late to go back and find her.”

Allen Chu smoked silently without saying a word.

“The twisted melon is not sweet. Only when you are happy can you be happy. You and Noila Mo are always quarreling and then quarreling and then reconciling. Isn’t this too tired?” Pei Jun felt that he was already a middle-aged woman. Body, all kinds of long-winded, all kinds of talk.

Allen Chu frowned tightly and took a deep breath. Looking up at Pei Jun: “No.”

Pei Jun was a little anxious: “Allen, just a woman, it really doesn’t deserve you to be so sad and tired!”

Allen Chu looked out the window with deep eyes, and said coldly, “I won’t let Noila Mo go. But I will give her freedom for a week, or even a month!”

Pei Jun was curious: “Are you playing a game of grappling?”

Allen Chu gritted his teeth: “I don’t believe that Noila Mo feels nothing to me! I will give her a month to let her see her heart clearly!”

How could Noila Mo not feel for him? If you really don’t feel for him, how can you keep silent? Why don’t you dare to look in his eyes?

If Noila Mo really didn’t feel for him, how could he sink into the caress and orgasm he gave again and again? How could he groan like a kitten in his arms? He didn’t believe that this woman could really separate sex and love so clearly!

Noila Mo didn’t feel anything for him, he didn’t believe it!

Don’t let go, I will never let go. Noila Mo, you can’t escape! Allen Chu clenched his hands into fists, his deep eyes darkened.

When the two returned to the table, the dishes were already served. Pei Jun walked in front and sat down inside by the way. Allen Chu sat outside.

In this way, Allen Chu sat next to Noila Mo.

Feeling the powerful aura of Allen Chu, Noila Mo suddenly fought a cold war. There is an inexplicable power in this man, which always surprises her.

“Why do you go to the bathroom for so long? Are you constipated?” Gu Jinxin will never be able to say anything.

“Jinxin you…” Noila Mo looked at her friend angrily and funny. Only Gu Jinxin could do it when talking about it during dinner.

Allen Chu frowned, Gu Jinxin was too carefree, how could Pei Jun be tempted by such a woman. I took another look at Noila Mo, who was refreshing and refreshing, and I felt that Noila Mo was the best.

Pei Jun didn’t care and looked at Gu Jinxin with a smile: “Jinxin, you even know this? Did you secretly follow us to the bathroom just now?”

“You!” Gu Jinxin glanced at Bai Pei Jun, picked up his chopsticks, and ate: “I’m too lazy to care for you! Waiting for you for a long time, I’m starving to death!”

Noila Mo had no appetite, so he picked up a piece of tuna sushi and ate it.

The sushi at this restaurant is very special, with a thin and crispy floss on the outside, which tastes sweet and refreshing and not greasy.

Noila Mo ate two pieces in a row. As he was about to eat another piece, Allen Chu beside him said: “Noila Mo.”

“Huh?” Noila Mo turned to look at Allen Chu. This is the first time Allen Chu has spoken to her since this meal. I was a little worried.

Allen Chu turned her face naturally, took out a paper towel from the box on the table, and helped her wipe off the floss sticking to the corner of her mouth.

Allen Chu’s movements were quick and smooth, and Noila Mo didn’t react for a while, staring at him blankly.

Allen Chu is… wiping her mouth?

Noila Mo couldn’t react a little bit. Didn’t you just say you want to let her be free? From then on, the two have no relationship at all, he, how can he help her wipe her mouth? Isn’t this something that can only be done between couples?

Seeing Allen Chu’s movements, Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin were also stunned.

Pei Jun was rebellious because of Allen Chu’s rebellion. Just now he told Noila Mo to give Noila Mo a month, and now he started to do something with her again.

Gu Jinxin was envious.

Allen Chu’s face is very three-dimensional, and he is particularly handsome from the side. Aside from his domineering and cold personality, he is indeed a very, very attractive man.

Once such a man becomes gentle, it is terrible!

Especially like now, so gentle and so spoiled to help Noila Mo wipe the corners of her mouth, the gesture and the expression is so gentle, okay, it’s so handsome, okay, it’s the best lover and best boyfriend How about choosing a husband!

Gu Jinxin felt that his previous judgment of Allen Chu was completely wrong! It was so wrong!

Allen Chu loves Noila Mo! It’s not just for fun!

Gu Jinxin instantly became a member of Allen Chu’s camp, and became a die-hard fan of Allen Chu!

“…” Noila Mo suddenly reacted from shock, and quickly turned her head, trying to avoid Allen Chu’s hand.

Allen Chu had finished wiping, his brows frowned unhappy when he saw Noila Mo’s movements. Just wipe your mouth, is Noila Mo so resistant?

Just about to say something, Gu Jinxin said in a idiot: “Wow! President Chu, did you know that your actions were so gentle just now! Just like the scenes in the movie! The first time I found out that President Chu turned out you are long? So handsome!”

Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo triumphantly. Look, now even Gu Jinxin is conquered by his charm, admitting that he is a super handsome guy, only Noila Mo is blind and can’t see it!

Noila Mo felt incredible about Gu Jinxin’s transformation: “Jinxin, are your eyes lame?”

Which eye of her saw Allen Chu’s gentleness? Allen Chu’s action to wipe her mouth just now was very fierce, okay, when she wiped it so hard with a tissue, the corners of her mouth were sore!

Gu Jinxin still looked at Allen Chu with red eyes: “Chu, you are so handsome! I regret leaving!”

After speaking, he turned his eyes to Noila Mo again: “Noila, I think Mr. Chu really loves you! You promise him! Let’s be together! So I can often see the handsome Mr. Chu in the future. Up!”

Noila Mo looked at the sky speechlessly, and felt deeply that he had made a bad friend.

In order to see the handsome guy, hesitate to use good friends as bait!

“It’s not easy to want to see a handsome guy, isn’t there one next to you?” Pei Jun smiled and said, feeling a little sour.

Gu Jinxin’s look at Allen Chu made him feel a little uncomfortable. He is also a handsome guy, OK? He and Allen Chu are also known as the four big sons of City C. In terms of appearance, he has not lost much to Allen Chu. Why is Gu Jinxin only idiot Allen Chu?

“It’s so thick-skinned!” Gu Jinxin gave Bai Pei Jun a look, and suddenly remembered that this is his future boss, and quickly flattered: “Hey, you are actually pretty handsome too! But it’s just a pair of eyes that make you look bad. .”

After finishing speaking, he immediately realized that he was wrong, and quickly covered his mouth with his hands, looking at Pei Jun with a pair of eyes desperately pretending to be innocent, really wishing to bite off his tongue right away.

After listening to Gu Jinxin’s words, Pei Jun was not angry at all. Silently added in his heart: “Little girl, you are right! This young man is very lustful! You will never give up unless you eat it!”

The meal is finally over. The four people have their own ideas.

“Jinxin, Noila, where do you live? We will send you back.” Pei Jun said as he walked.

“Oh, no need. We just go back by ourselves.” Noila Mo quickly refused. She didn’t want Allen Chu to know that she lived there.

Seeing Noila Mo’s mind, Pei Jun stopped insisting.

Allen Chu ignored Noila Mo’s words and drove over to the parking lot.

Long arms opened the passenger’s car door, and a pair of deep eyes looked at Noila Mo: “Get in the car.”

Gu Jinxin hurriedly pushed Noila Mo: “Quickly, always please, go up. I’ll take the back seat with President Pei.”

Gu Jinxin now especially wants to match Allen Chu and Noila Mo. If it is not so domineering and cold, Allen Chu is really a very good boyfriend. The way he wiped Noila Mo’s mouth just now is really gentle and affectionate, so enviable~~

The car drove gently on the road. On the back seat, Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun were talking softly.

Allen Chu drove the car intently, but Noila Mo’s body was a little stiff, his eyes were staring at the road in front, but his heartbeat was a little jerky.

Sitting in a small space with Allen Chu in this way, with his strong and deep masculine aura between his nose, Noila Mo felt that he couldn’t control this situation. This man’s aura is too strong.

Suddenly remembering that everything is in Allen Chu’s place, Noila Mo hesitated to tell Allen Chu that she would move things tomorrow.

In fact, she has nothing to move. They are all clothes and shoes, just buy them again.

But there was a cardboard box that her father left for her, and Noila Mo hadn’t opened it yet. I’m afraid I can’t accept the stimulation. Thinking of the time when my father was in the hospital alone, with no one to take care of or company, he passed away so alone, Noila Mo’s heart was so painful that he couldn’t breathe.

“Um…may I go to your house tomorrow to get something?” Noila Mo said timidly. I don’t know why, now, talking to Allen Chu she always feels guilty.

Chapter 128

Move things to his house? Hearing what Noila Mo said, Allen Chu choked.

Can’t wait to get rid of him? Allen Chu’s sharp eyes rolled with anger, and his handsome face looked even colder, and he remained silent.

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu cautiously, seeing the expression on his face, feeling very bad in his heart.

In fact, she didn’t want to go to Allen Chu’s house anymore. In the current situation, she felt too embarrassed to face Allen Chu alone. But dad’s relics, she will take them anyway.

“That… if it’s not convenient for you…” Before Noila Mo’s words were finished, Allen Chu had already coldly said, “Come and pick it up tomorrow night.” The voice was harsh.

“Um. Good. Thank you.” Noila Mo whispered. He quickly looked out the window, not daring to look at Allen Chu again.

Allen Chu felt even more angry, is he the devil? Why did Noila Mo look at him like a ghost? Talking and laughing with Pei Jun.

The anger in his heart vented, Allen Chu slammed on the accelerator! The steadily driving car suddenly sped up, and the other three people in the car exclaimed.

Gu Jinxin was asking Pei Jun about the benefits of their company. Allen Chu’s drag racing made her lose weight, and suddenly fell on Pei Jun.

The unique scent of the girl filled Pei Jun’s nose, and he couldn’t help taking a deep breath. The smell on Gu Jinxin’s body was very special, and he liked it very much.

Holding Gu Jinxin’s body firmly with his arm, Pei Jun asked with concern: “Jinxin, are you okay?”

“Oh, oh, it’s okay…” Gu Jinxin’s body was almost held in Pei Jun’s arms. The two of them were close to each other, and Gu Jinxin could feel the strong muscles under Pei Jun’s thin shirt. His face flushed suddenly.

Allen Chu watched the ambiguous interaction between Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin in the back seat from the rearview mirror, then glanced at Noila Mo.

Noila Mo was also taken aback by Allen Chu’s sudden acceleration just now. The body also leaned toward Allen Chu, but she firmly held the safety handrail above the car window, her knuckles turned white, and she refused to lean on Allen Chu’s side.

As if afraid of any physical contact with Allen Chu.

Allen Chu hummed coldly, slammed the steering wheel, and the car made a fierce left turn with fierce speed. Noila Mo’s body could no longer be stabilized, and suddenly fell on Allen Chu.

Not wanting to touch Allen Chu’s body, Noila Mo had to work hard to turn his body to the side, but his nose hit Allen Chu’s shoulder hard!

“Ah~ It hurts!” Noila Mo touched her nose, whispering pain.

“Allen, what are you doing!” Pei Jun shouted at Allen Chu, but he was a little bit happy in his heart, and secretly thanked Allen Chu, because Gu Jinxin’s body had all been pressed into his arms.

Hearing Noila Mo’s pain, Allen Chu frowned, secretly annoyed. Step on the brakes and stop the car.

“Come here, let me see!” Rudely pulled Noila Mo’s face, and looked closely at Noila Mo’s face through the lights in the car.

“It’s okay, just bumped…” Noila Mo whispered, trying to push Allen Chu’s hand away, but was afraid that it would cause Allen Chu to make more movements.

Noila Mo’s small nose turned a little red, but there was nothing serious about it. Allen Chu frowned tightly, staring at Noila Mo: “Stupid woman!”

Stupid woman, wouldn’t you fall into my arms? Would you rather hit your nose rather than get into his arms?

Allen Chu’s deep eyes looked at Noila Mo’s eyes, as if to keep seeing her in her heart.

Noila Mo’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and breathing became a little difficult. She wanted to move her eyes away, but she didn’t know why her gaze seemed to be stuck by Allen Chu’s eyes, so she could only look at Allen Chu.

Noila Mo’s eyes waved, the struggle and confusion in her eyes were so obvious. She didn’t know how sultry and helpless her look was.

Allen Chu suddenly wanted to k*ss Noila Mo.

Stretching his arms around Noila Mo’s waist, he pressed her closer to him, and the tips of the two noses were almost close to each other, and the heat from Allen Chu sprayed onto Noila Mo’s face. Hot and itchy.

Gu Jinxin in the back seat was excited when he saw the scene ahead. Wow~~ Allen Chu and Noila Mo look so ambiguous like this!

She supports Noila and Allen Chu together!

“Mr. Chu! kss Noila! kss Noila! Don’t hesitate!” Gu Jinxin said excitedly.

Noila Mo, who seemed to be in a dream, was awakened by Gu Jinxin’s voice. After regaining his senses, he realized that he and Allen Chu were looking at each other in such an ambiguous posture.

Quickly pushed Allen Chu away. Blushing like a red tomato! The heart is beating too badly!

Gu Jinxin saw his intentions, and Allen Chu was a little embarrassed. He gave Gu Jinxin a fierce look in the rearview mirror.

The car stopped downstairs at Gu Jinxin’s house. Allen Chu silently remembered the building number and floor number.

“Noila, I think Chu always really loves you! Let’s stay with him!” Gu Jinxin started to speak nice things to Allen Chu as soon as he got home.

Noila Mo was a little startled, as if she was thinking about things in a daze.

I was indeed abnormal today. Why did I feel a little pain in my heart when I saw Allen Chu’s eyes? Allen Chu, who is not domineering, cold, and not so unreasonable, made her a little uncomfortable. His eyes, let the Buddha have a strange magic power, can easily suck himself in…

Shaking his head, Noila Mo cast aside these messy thoughts. Faintly said: “Jinxin, go to sleep, I don’t want to discuss this matter today.”

“Noila, I don’t understand what you are running away from, President Chu obviously loves you very much! Can’t you feel it?” Gu Jinxin said angrily. She really didn’t understand what Noila Mo was doing.

“Do I have to accept him if he loves me?” Noila Mo felt that Gu Jinxin’s logic was strange.

It was Gu Jinxin’s turn to be surprised and speechless: “Don’t you, don’t you love him?” Mr. Chu is such an excellent man, besides a little domineering personality, he is really impeccable. A woman will find him very attractive. Noila Mo didn’t even feel at all?

“Yes, I don’t love him. I don’t fit him. I can’t accept his character.” Noila Mo said tiredly.

Today’s meal is too tired, and I have been worried about what Allen Chu would do to her again.

As a result, Allen Chu unexpectedly became so silent, that Noila Mo was a little nervous. Allen Chu was never such a talkative person, and Noila Mo didn’t believe that he could really let her go so simply.

Like a sword hanging on her head, I don’t know when this sword will fall off and make her corpse strange.

This feeling is really tired.

“Didididi…” Gu Jinxin’s phone rang.

“Hey, mom…” Gu Jinxin took the phone to the balcony. Noila Mo curled up on the sofa, just about to close his eyes and rest for a while. “Ding” also had text messages on her cell phone.

Turning on the phone, a text message jumped into view.

“Come down. I’ll wait for you in the car.” Allen Chu’s text message. A short sentence, always domineering.

Noila Mo replied without hesitation: “It’s too late, I’m already asleep. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

“Don’t want to take back the cardboard box?”

Another threat! When will this man learn to speak well? Noila Mo frowned.

After thinking about it, I decided to go on. Anyway, Jin Xin was calling from the balcony. This old house was only five stories high. If Allen Chu wanted to do anything, she could hear Jin Xin when she shouted.

Taking the phone and going downstairs, Allen Chu’s car stopped downstairs as expected. The black Bugatti is also so conspicuous in the night.

As soon as Noila Mo walked out of the corridor, the door of the back seat opened. Noila Mo took a deep breath, cheered herself up, and walked slowly to the car door.

Strange, why did Allen Chu sit in the back seat?

Just as Noila Mo walked to the back seat door, a big hand stretched out from the car and dragged her in. The door slammed shut!

“Allen Chu, you…” Noila Mo was about to shout, her body was already overwhelmed on the spacious back seat, a fierce male breathing on her face, a powerful hand grabbed her chin, Allen Chu The flexible tip of the tongue slid into her slightly opened mouth!

Noila Mo realized that he was too naive just now! Allen Chu was desperately plundering her mouth almost madly, swept her breath, she had no chance to call for help!

Allen Chu, who had been suffering for several days, finally reconnected the k*ss that died tonight.

The tongue kept licking in Noila Mo’s mouth, the action was passionate and wild, and the crazy tip of the tongue did not let go of any corner of her mouth, like a wildfire, burning Noila Mo’s consciousness clean!

Sweet, incredibly sweet. Satisfaction, supreme satisfaction.

This is what Allen Chu feels at this moment. It’s like a person in the desert who is dying of hunger and thirst. He suddenly saw a clear spring and crawled over it desperately. He grabbed a handful of water and drank it in. The dry and cracked throat was soothed by the cool water. The taste was just as imagined. The same, really fatal happiness.

A k*ss with longing, was almost frantically expressed by Allen Chu, with a heart-shaking power!

Even the hard-hearted people will be moved by his enthusiasm, let alone Noila Mo!

Allen Chu’s heartbeat was so powerful and strong, and the sturdy body pressing on her was suffocatingly hot, and his tongue was even more flexible and incredible, and it was about to burn.

Noila Mo was slowly conquered, reveling in this k*ss.

Allen Chu’s k*ssing skills are very clever, and the tip of his tongue seems to carry a small electric current, which can arouse Noila Mo’s tiny tremors wherever he passes.

Perceiving the fall of Noila Mo, Allen Chu was even more encouraged. Slowly, he was no longer satisfied with just getting a k*ss, he wanted more…

Chapter 129

After Gu Jinxin answered the phone and returned to the living room, she found that Noila was not there. Go to the bedroom and look at it.

It’s strange, where did Noila go so late? Gu Jinxin yelled twice, but no one responded. Picking up the phone and dialing Noila Mo’s phone.

Under the messy clothes in the back seat, Noila Mo’s phone rang faintly.

Noila Mo, who was burning all over her body, became a little clearer when she heard the sound of the phone.

Reached into the pile of clothes, trying to find the phone. It must be because Jin Xin couldn’t find her and was anxious, Noila Mo was a little annoyed, and I should have told Jin Xin just now.

Allen Chu’s big hand pressed her little hand: “No answer!” The voice was dull and magnetic, with a bewitching scent.

“It’s Jinxin…the…phone…” Noila Mo’s voice trembled and broke.

Noila Mo’s fair face was blushing, and there were fine beads of sweat on her playful little nose. Allen Chu squinted his eyes: “Don’t pick it up!”

Gu Jinxin’s call to Noila Mo was not answered, and she was a little scared.

It’s so late, Noila is clearly carrying the phone, why not answer it? Could something be wrong?

Remembering that Pei Jun just grabbed her mobile phone during dinner today and entered her number into the phone, Gu Jinxin quickly dialed Pei Jun’s number.

Pei Jun just came out of the shower. Seeing Gu Jinxin’s phone call, a smile overflowed on the handsome face.

“Why, Jinxin, you just started to miss me just after breaking up?” Pei Jun said cynically.

“Who misses you! You are really stinky!” Gu Jinxin said grimly, “Pei Jun, you call Allen Chu and ask him if Noila is with him!”

Pei Jun was surprised: “Didn’t we take you and Noila home tonight?”

“Yes, Noila came back with me. But I just went to the balcony to make a phone call back, Noila is gone!” Gu Jinxin said worriedly, “I didn’t answer the phone when I called her. I’m worried that something will happen. It’s up.”

The smile at the corner of Pei Jun’s mouth deepened. No wonder Allen Chu walked back after sending him home. At that time, he thought Allen Chu had something to do, so he didn’t ask much.

It seems that Allen Chu must have gone back to find Noila Mo again.

Hey, this man, can’t help it for a week? Is Noila Mo really that charming? Turned into his opium?

Pei Jun smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Noila Mo will be fine. Maybe you are enjoying it now!”

The explicit hint in the words made Gu Jinxin’s face flushed suddenly.

“What are you talking nonsense! Give me Allen Chu’s number, I want to call him!” Gu Jinxin is really afraid of what will happen to Noila Mo.

“Well, don’t get angry. I will send it.” Pei Jun hung up and said to himself: “Allen, don’t blame me for disturbing you. Gu Jinxin forced me.”

Thinking of Gu Jinxin, Pei Jun’s eyes are more playful. Tomorrow the little girl will go to work in his company, he is looking forward to it.

The air in the car was terrifyingly hot, and Allen Chu’s cell phone rang dull in a pile of clothes.

“Shit”, Allen Chu is the moment of love, at this moment he will not answer the call of the king of Laozi!

Reach out and grab the phone and press the shutdown keyboard. Allen Chu began to concentrate on enjoying his meal.

Noila Mo’s taste was so good that he was deeply fascinated and couldn’t stop!

No one answered Noila Mo’s phone, and Allen Chu’s phone was turned off again. Gu Jinxin wandered around the room in a hurry, for fear that something would happen to Noila Mo.

In the car, Allen Chu was holding Noila Mo tightly, with his head buried between her neck. Inhale the faint fragrance of her body.

“Let me go back, Jin Xin must be anxious…”

Noila Mo pushed Allen Chu. She is really ashamed, why does it happen every time? From the beginning of being forced to the last enjoyment, why can’t she always escape the web of desire that Allen Chu has compiled?

Although she and Allen Chu do fit well. However, she knew very well in her heart that Allen Chu was not suitable for her. It was impossible for her to live together with such a man until she was old.

Now that you have said you want to let go, why do you want to do something that can only be done between lovers?

Noila Mo’s mind was messed up, just want to go back quickly.

“Don’t let go… Noila Mo, you love me. Don’t lie to yourself.” Allen Chu’s voice was blocked between Noila Mo’s neck, a little dull.


“Noila Mo, did you dare to say that you were uncomfortable just now?” Allen Chu raised his head with a narrow smile in his eyes.


Noila Mo was speechless. That’s just a physical reaction, OK? The physical fit is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that it is love.

Allen Chu still depends on Noila Mo. He reached into the small box in front of the car and felt it.

He hugged Noila Mo and sat on his knees tightly. Allen Chu took out a beautifully packaged box.

“Open it and see, do you like it or not?” Allen Chu whispered in Noila Mo’s ear, and the tip of his tongue rubbed her sensitive ear.

“Sorry, I can’t accept it.” Noila Mo lowered his eyes.

She saw her white body naked and tightly fitting with Allen Chu’s wheat-colored body. In that way, the Buddha is the most loving couple.

what is this? The relationship between her and Allen Chu is no longer the relationship between the mistress and the benefactor, but they are not boyfriends and girlfriends. Why does she receive Allen’s gift?

“Noila Mo!” Allen Chu’s good mood was completely ruined by Noila Mo’s indifferent “cannot take”!

What is this woman thinking? Moaning in his arms like a cat just now, now he’s playing arrogance again?

Allen Chu glared at Noila Mo: “Open it! Otherwise you never want to go back today!”

Noila Mo looked upstairs from the car window, Gu Jinxin’s light was still on. It’s so late, Jinxin hasn’t slept yet, is she still waiting for her? Jinxin must be anxious, right?

Opening the box slowly, Noila Mo was stunned!

In the box, is a diamond cartoon doll. The workmanship is exquisite, the diamond cut is very beautiful, and it gives off a dazzling brilliance under the light of the street lamp outside the car.

The appearance of the doll is a bit familiar, Noila Mo took a closer look at it.

God, this doll is almost exactly the same as hers! The big eyes, the tall nose, and those smart eyes, who is it if it’s not her?

This doll… was Allen Chu specially made for her?

With so many diamonds, plus handwork, it must cost a lot of money, right?

So much money, just to make a doll like her? To please her?

I was moved, and suddenly rushed through Noila Mo’s heart… The last time I went to the mall with Allen Chu, I saw a crystal doll. I thought it was funny, so I looked at it more. I didn’t expect Allen Chu to remember…

Noila Mo raised his eyes to look at Allen Chu, his eyes a little moist.

Seeing Noila Mo’s expression, Allen Chu’s mood improved a lot. Noila Mo liked this diamond doll very much, as she could tell from her expression.

“How about it, are you very touched?” Allen Chu licked his lips between Noila Mo’s neck, his voice was charming.

Noila Mo’s mind is very confused, she really doesn’t know how to end this situation!

Accept Allen Chu? How long can she bear his domineering and cold personality? One day, two days, or a lifetime?

Not accept? Seeing Allen Chu’s pampering eyes, Noila Mo suddenly couldn’t bear it.

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