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Chapter 133

VIVI painted big eyes with delicate eyeliner and stared at Noila Mo’s back. Based on a woman’s instinct, she felt that Allen Chu was unusual for this woman.

“Allen, who is she?” VIVI asked tentatively.

“What are you asking for?” Allen Chu turned his head and examined Vivi’s face.

“I think she looks a little weird, her face is white like a ghost, so ugly.” Vivi is young and has no city government, and makes no secret of her dislike of Noila Mo.

Allen Chu’s originally smiling face suddenly became as cold as ice. He pinched Vivi’s neck: “Woman, do you know the consequences of nonsense?”

Allen Chu’s hands used ten percent of his strength, and Vivi’s ruddy face suddenly turned blue and almost suffocated.

Allen Chu saw the extremely scared expression in her eyes, and then relaxed the strength in her hands.

Allen Chu withdrew his hand and Vivi immediately coughed loudly. The whole face was flushed and looked very embarrassed.

“Allen, I don’t dare anymore. Don’t be angry, okay?” He pitifully begged for mercy, but he was more certain in his heart. The position of that woman in Allen Chu’s heart was very unusual.

It was so easy for her to spell it out from many women and became Allen Chu’s new love.

The diamond ring on the hand, the necklace on the neck, the fur on her body, if Allen Chu no longer spoils her, all this will be gone! She can’t lose these!

Vivi remembered the bottle of medicine in the bag. Fortunately, she was prepared. Today is her best date to conceive. She must find a way to let Allen Chu plant seeds in her body.

Otherwise…the day Allen Chu gets tired of her, she will have nothing.

When Noila Mo walked into Gu Jinxin’s room, she was changing clothes.

“Noila, why are you still wearing this?” Gu Jinxin asked in surprise when she saw the T-shirt collar exposed in Noila Mo’s bathrobe.

Inside the hot spring hall, there are bathrobes specially made for bathing in the bath. They are Japanese-style, wide and wide, with only a belt around the waist. Wear nothing inside.

“Ah, I’m a little uncomfortable. There is still a long way to go to the hot spring. I’ll be taking off until there.” Noila Mo was a little embarrassed.

“What does it matter? Isn’t everyone the same?” Gu Jinxin disapproved, but didn’t say anything. The two walked slowly towards the bath.

It was snowing outside, and there was a thick layer on the ground. Often the wooden corridor leads to the side of the bath. Walking on the heated wooden floor, admiring the falling snow outside the corridor, the air is cool and moist, which is really very comfortable.

Noila Mo took a deep breath. Started to enjoy this hot spring trip.

“Hey, isn’t that President Pei? Strange, why did he come? President Pei never participates in company activities!” Gu Jinxin pointed to a few shadows on the corner of the corridor and showed Noila Mo.

Noila Mo’s heart suddenly tightened, and an inexplicable feeling came to her heart. She was a little scared, and she seemed to be looking forward to…what she was looking forward to, she herself couldn’t tell…

“Ah, there seems to be Allen Chu!” The figure over there got closer and closer, and Gu Jinxin recognized the tallest black figure, “Strange, there seems to be a woman.”

While talking, Allen Chu, VIVI, and Pei Jun had already walked over.

Noila Mo stopped. Standing in the shadow of the pillar, watching the three people who came by. The eyes finally fell on Allen Chu.

He has lost weight.

“Jin Xin, did you guys get in trouble in the past? Let’s go, let’s go together.” Pei Jun was very happy to see Gu Jinxin.

Allen Chu did not speak, but kept looking at Noila Mo who was hiding in the shadows. Allen Chu’s brows frowned because of his flimsy appearance.

When he left the hospital, he placed an unlimited gold card next to Noila Mo’s pillow. But it didn’t take long for her to courier back to his company.

What is going on with this little woman, making herself so pale and haggard?

Allen Chu wanted to go over and yell at her. I want to pinch her face and tell her how ugly she looks now!

“Let’s go! Noila, let’s go over together!” Gu Jinxin took Noila Mo’s hand and walked towards Pei Jun and the others.

Vivi kept looking at Allen Chu’s face. She could see clearly who Allen Chu was looking at. I was worried. I’m afraid she will be abandoned by Allen Chu if she can’t make it tonight.

“Allen, shall we not be with them? They want to be with you alone.” Vivi began to act like a baby.

Noila Mo couldn’t help biting her lips when she heard Vivi’s words. She hoped that Allen Chu and Vivi would go away, and she also hoped that Allen Chu and Vivi would not. She didn’t know what she wanted.

Allen Chu turned his eyes away from Noila Mo, looked at Vivi with a sharp gaze, did not say a word, but made Vivi trembled in shock. Hurry up and take Allen Chu’s arm and follow Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin obediently.

For some reason, Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief.

Breath out gently, but it was so clear in the silent air.

Allen Chu thought Noila Mo was sighing, and her thick eyebrows wrinkled tighter!

Because she wants to go to the hot spring with her, so she feels troubled? She is upset? So sigh? I haven’t seen each other for three months, and when we meet again, he is the only one who is happy.

He is still indulging in fantasy in the past, and others have forgotten that period of time.

Fists clenched fiercely! The anger is full but there is nowhere to vent! Allen Chu’s whole body was tight, like a leopard about to get angry, full of shocking aura!

Vivi also felt Allen Chu’s murderous aura, and thought it was his proposal that made Allen Chu unhappy. So he was more trivial to please.

“Allen, today’s night is so beautiful!” Vivi had nothing to say.

Noila Mo just silently followed the team behind, silently watching the snowflakes fall. Try not to let his eyes fall on the intimate figure of Vivi and Allen Chu.

“Allen…” Vivi wanted to say something more. Allen Chu, who was about to collapse by Noila Mo’s sigh, leaned over and k*ssed Vivi’s mouth!

“Ah…” Vivi was stunned by the sudden happiness! She has been in bed with Allen Chu many times, but this is the first time Allen Chu has k*ssed her on the mouth!

Does this indicate that her shelf life is still some time? Think about it too, I am only 17 years old, looks and figure are in peak state, how can I not beat the pale old woman!

Vivi’s eyes were open, and he looked at Noila Mo from over Allen Chu’s shoulder as a demonstration.

Pei Jun, Gu Jinxin and Noila Mo were all stunned by Allen Chu’s sudden stallion behavior.

“Disgusting!” Noila Mo looked away. I feel very uncomfortable. I really want to turn around and go back to the room. Do you show affection in the public? Allen Chu is really not afraid of disgusting others!

“Mr. Chu, are you too open? Not suitable for children!” Gu Jinxin watched Allen Chu and Vivi k*ss with gusto, still not forgetting the irony.

As soon as Allen Chu’s tongue stuck into Vivi’s mouth, it came out immediately! Damn it! What is this smell! Vivi has no bad breath, but this kind of smell just makes him unacceptable!

There was a little woman before, her mouth was always sweet and sweet, let him taste it again and again, can’t stop!

Allen Chu pulled out his tongue from Vivi’s mouth and bit her red lips in revenge. Vivi was bitten to death, but did not dare to cry. I can only make the sound of “Uh… Uh…” from the nose.

Hearing this sound in other people’s ears, it seemed very enjoyable.

“Allen, if you really can’t help it, go back to your room! Don’t torture us here.” Pei Jun also laughed and joked. His eyes glanced maliciously on Gu Jinxin’s face.

Gu Jinxin, who was so careless, was also a little embarrassed.

Allen Chu pushed Vivi away fiercely, and Vivi was unsteady and almost fell. Gu Jinxin quickly supported her.

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo with a pair of cold eyes. When she saw the disdainful expression on Noila Mo’s face, her face became more gloomy.

With a cold snort, he turned and walked towards the other side road.

“Allen, are you really going back to your room? You don’t go to the hot springs?” Pei Jun was a little surprised. Allen is not someone who can’t play a joke. How can I get annoyed after a few laughs?

Vivi hurried to catch up, she wished that Allen Chu was a little farther away from that Noila Mo, the farther the better!

Allen Chu felt very depressed. Forget it, why bother to stick to someone’s cold ass!

There is also a small hot spring with only five baths, each of which is individual. Extreme exclusive, originally Pei Jun left it to himself and Allen Chu. Now Pei Jun is busy going to soak in Gu Jinxin and go to the public area. Allen Chu happened to take Vivi to this place.

There are only two people in the huge bath, Pei Allen and Vivi. vivi is so proud! It seems that there is hope for borrowing tonight!

As soon as he entered the bath, Vivi couldn’t wait to take off the bathrobe outside. She didn’t wear anything inside, revealing a fair and smooth body.

Allen Chu didn’t take off his bathrobe, and went straight into the largest bath. Sitting in the bath, his eyes were a little erratic. His face was still gloomy and terrible.

Vivi twisted and walked to Allen Chu, and sat down next to Allen Chu in the bath: “Allen, what’s the matter? It seems unhappy?”

Allen Chu’s body was stretched tight, and his anger was still alive. Ignored Vivi’s words, but the big hand directly pinched her slender waist!

“Allen, you are good or bad!” Vivi said.

It turned out that Allen Chu didn’t mean to tease her at all. He just hugged her mechanically, and he didn’t know where he was floating.

Allen Chu’s mind played back Noila Mo’s contemptuous eyes. Depressed in my heart.

Chapter 134

Seeing Allen Chu’s appearance without “sexual interest”, Vivi became a little anxious.

Turning her eyes, she said to Allen Chu, “Allen, I’ll go to the bathroom.” After getting Allen Chu’s consent, she began to walk back. The medicine she brought was still in the club room.

I was going to use the hot spring after soaking, but the situation was too urgent, and it would be too late if I didn’t do it.

When Allen Chu saw that Noila, he couldn’t stand his heart. She must take measures early.

Noila Mo saw that Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin were talking vigorously, and a slight smile formed at the corner of his mouth. It seems that Pei Jun and Jinxin have the possibility of development… Then she should not be an electric light bulb.

Going slowly on purpose, seeing Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin turning around the corner and disappearing into her eyes, Noila Mo turned to the right and embarked on another inaccessible path.

Snow flakes gently falling from the dark night sky, and under the dim light of street lamps, it is as beautiful as a dream.

Noila Mo walked slowly in the snow, trying to sort out the chaotic thoughts in his mind.

After three months of recuperation, she originally thought that she had forgotten the old things and that nothing would make her sad again, thinking that she had died once and her mentality had become strong enough.

But why would seeing Allen Chu make her feel so uncomfortable?

Is it because of the woman next to him, or because of his dark and unclear eyes? She and Allen Chu only said a few words.

“Have a new boyfriend?”

“No, that was Jinxin’s colleague just now.”

But why did she panic when she saw his eyes. Why does she always feel that the ambiguous atmosphere with him is still there? Could it be that she really fell in love with Allen Chu?

Noila Mo, what are you thinking? At the beginning, he did not hesitate to commit suicide to escape from his side. Noila Mo scratched her hair with her hands in distress and decided not to think about it too much.

Anyway, Allen Chu has taken his little lover to enjoy the warm fragrance of nephrite alone, so why bother.

Thinking of the 17-year-old model, Noila Mo’s heart was a little sour. Now these days, men are really getting more and more serious, and they have begun to poison underage girls!

There is a small courtyard over there, and the architectural style is very quiet and unique. Noila Mo raised his foot and walked over there.

Pei Jun said that all the baths here are open to the public. So Noila Mo walked in without worry.

This is a small bath, small in area, misty, quiet inside, and there is no one. The soft yellow light in a pool of hot spring water makes people have the desire to soak in the water.

Strange, how come there is no one. Noila Mo muttered a little curiously.

To be safe, I raised my voice and asked, “Hey, is there anyone?”

Allen Chu, who was soaking in the darkest pool at the bottom, only showing his head, was in a daze, and was suddenly stunned by this familiar voice!

Isn’t this Noila Mo’s voice?

There happened to be a pillar next to the bathtub where Allen Chu was soaking in. Allen Chu raised his eyes to see the shadow of the pillar, knowing that he was covered, and Noila Mo did not see him.

Holding his breath, he did not dare to speak out, afraid that Noila Mo would find out that he would flee later.

But he looked at the little man not far away without blinking. The heartbeat is about to jump out of the chest.

It has been three months, this is the first time he has been alone with Noila Mo! Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo greedily.

White face, tall nose, rosy lips, slender and plump body, everything about Noila Mo is so beautiful in Allen Chu’s eyes.

Seeing no one answered, Noila Mo confirmed that there was no one in this bath. Feel relieved to start taking off the bathrobe. It’s a shame not to soak in the hot spring at the hot spring club.

Seeing Noila Mo take off his bathrobe, Allen Chu’s breathing began to become rapid. Somewhere in the body began to slowly raise his head.

Noila Mo can always arouse his desires easily.

The bathrobe slipped slowly, and Allen Chu’s heart also raised his throat.

However, after seeing the body under the bathrobe, he was deeply disappointed.

Noila Mo actually wore a long T inside! The beautiful figure is completely covered!

Noila Mo raised his arm and was about to start taking off the long T-shirt underneath. Allen Chu’s eyes narrowed, and desire began to flow in his eyes.

“Allen! Do you feel thirsty? I brought you something to drink!” A crisp voice sounded at the door, and Vivi walked in with two glasses and a bottle of wine in his hand.

Seeing each other, both Noila Mo and Vivi were surprised.

Vivi asked angrily, “This is a private bathing place, why did you come in!” Anger was burning in his big eyes. This Noila Mo really has a way to seduce Allen while she is away!

Noila Mo was stunned. Hearing what Vivi said just now, Allen Chu was also inside! But why didn’t she see it just now?

Regardless of answering Vivi’s words, he turned around in a panic, searching for Allen Chu’s figure everywhere.

Allen Chu in the shadows saw Vivi coming in and was furious. He could have admired Noila Mo’s wonderful body, but was disturbed by this damn stupid woman! Damn it!

He stood up from the pool, and the bathrobe on Allen Chu’s body was wetly attached to his body, outlining his strong and fit body.

Walked directly to Vivi and took the glass and bottle in her hand. The voice was harsh and deep: “Get out!”

Tears burst into Vivi’s eyes.

Why! She was the female companion that Allen Chu brought over. This wild woman from Noila Mo didn’t know where she came from. Now Allen actually drove her away for this woman!

“Allen, I…” Vivi also tried to save it.

“Get out!” Allen Chu scolded without hesitation.

Seeing what Allen Chu looked like, Vivi didn’t dare to say anything more, and walked away dingy.

Noila Mo stood beside her chest, coldly watching Allen Chu scolding Vivi. A cold smile came up at the corner of his mouth.

This is Allen Chu, and it hasn’t changed at all. For women, when they are in a good mood, they will spoil them, and when they are in a bad mood, they will immediately turn their faces and deny them.

This is Allen Chu, cold, domineering, and doesn’t know how to respect women!

Noila Mo felt incredible that she missed Allen Chu just now. It is impossible for her to fall in love with such a man!

Vivi was gone, Noila Mo also watched the whole scene, picked up the bathrobe from the floor, put it on, and was about to leave.

Allen Chu blocked her way.

“Noila.” The low, dull voice was still magnetic.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there just now, so I’m bothering you. I’m leaving now.” Noila Mo walked around Allen Chu’s body and wanted to leave quickly.

At such a good time, Allen Chu really wanted to stay with Noila Moduo for a while. Even if he doesn’t do anything, just chat, he is very satisfied.

“Noila, long time no see. Are you okay?” Allen Chu greeted him in a low voice, blocking his body at the door.

“Very good. Thank you for your concern.” Noila Mo frowned slightly. What does this man want to do? In the late-night bath, lonely man and widow, this place should not stay long!

Seeing Noila Mo looking like he wanted to leave immediately, Allen Chu’s anger rose again. Does this woman hate him so much?

He didn’t do anything to her today, just a greeting, which annoyed her so much?

He tightened his brows and asked, “Noila Mo, you hate me so much? Or, you don’t have the courage to be with me, afraid that you will be tempted to see my handsome face?”

Haha, Noila Mo, who was nervous before hearing Allen Chu’s words, almost laughed. This is too happy. Still handsome face! What a cheeky!

“Yeah, your face is too handsome, I’m afraid I can’t hold it, I’ll be indecent to you! So I should leave as soon as possible.”

“Noila Mo, you coward! You don’t dare to face me at all!” Allen Chu began to use the radical method. He knew Noila Mo too well. He knew that Noila Mo had a stubborn personality and could only deal with her with agitation.

Sure enough, Noila Mo was fooled.

A pair of beautiful water eyes directly met Allen Chu’s gaze, and said coldly, “Who said I dare not face you?”

Noila Mo’s eyes were like two pools of water, and Allen Chu was lost in it all at once. Walking towards Noila Mo step by step like an enchantment, his voice became lower and muffled, and the male breath came closer and closer to Noila Mo.

Noila Mo’s heart became nervous again for no reason. But the words have been spoken, it seems too bad for her to escape now!

Seeing the wine bottle in Allen Chu’s hand, Noila Mo began to change the subject: “Are you holding wine in your hand?”

Allen Chu smiled, sat down on the short table next to him, poured two glasses of wine, and handed Noila Mo a glass: “It’s the best red wine, let’s taste it.”

Noila Mo bit her lip in embarrassment. She just wanted to change the subject and leave. She didn’t expect Allen Chu to call her to drink together.

Seeing Noila Mo hesitating, Allen Chu’s eyes brightened, and he seemed to see her inwardly: “Why, dare you? Afraid that I might eat you?”

Cut~! Noila Mo gritted his teeth and sat down. Who is afraid of whom! Just a glass of red wine, can’t put her down!

Noila Mo took a sip of the red wine that Allen Chu handed over.

Why is it a bit bitter? Is this the top red wine?

Allen Chu also felt that something was wrong. Today’s wine tasted a little strange. But before the beauty, he didn’t even think about it. Just kept thinking about how to hold Noiladuo to sit for a while.

He didn’t want to use force, because Noila Mo’s suicide had scared him last time. He was afraid of the taste of loss. Even if Noila Mo does not belong to him and refuses to see him again, he hopes that Noila Mo will live well. It’s okay not to love him.

After a glass of wine, Noila Mo felt a little dizzy. It’s strange, it’s okay for her to drink a cup!

Noila Mo stood up and wanted to leave early. She instinctively felt that something was wrong, and her body sent a dangerous signal.

Allen Chu also felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter. No, the wine today is not right! This wine was brought in by Vivi just now. Could it be that she drugged it?

Chapter 135

Noila Mo also started to feel something wrong here, her body getting hotter and hotter, and her head started to feel dizzy. Not right, Noila Mo tried his best to turn her mind.

It was good, but after a glass of Allen Chu’s wine, it became like this. Did Allen Chu do anything in the wine?

She is too naive! I really shouldn’t believe Allen Chu so easily! She should be very clear about who he is!

Noila Mo’s bright eyes were filled with mist, and two blushes appeared on her pale cheeks, making her very charming.

My throat is so dry and dumb, I really want to drink a glass of ice water to alleviate the hot body. Noila Mo trembled: “Allen Chu, what the hell are you doing? What did you put in the wine?”

Trying to suppress the restlessness in her heart, Noila Mo’s voice was extremely unstable, with a little panting, it sounded more alluring.

Hearing Noila Mo’s slight gasping voice, Allen Chu couldn’t help it anymore, pushed away the chair and walked towards Noila Mo.

Noila Mo wanted to escape, but her body was soft and she didn’t have any strength!

Allen Chu couldn’t help it anymore! One leaned over, accurately held Noila Mo’s pink lips, and tried to suck.

k*ssing fiercely again, while whispering: “Noila, I miss you so much…do you know? I miss you so much, I’m going crazy thinking about it…”

His hot words of love echoed in Noila Mo’s ears: “Noila, why are you so cruel… If you don’t see you, you won’t see you…you little fairy…you mustn’t think about me…you haven’t thought about me for a minute? “

Noila Mo’s consciousness had gradually blurred, and she couldn’t hear what Allen Chu was talking about.

I only knew that his voice was full of pain and surprise, as well as longing, which penetrated deeply into her heart.

Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun were walking in front and chatting, and suddenly they turned around and found that Noila Mo was missing.

Gu Jinxin was a little anxious: “It’s dark everywhere here, Noila don’t get lost, let’s go find her!”

Pei Jun finally caught the opportunity to be with Gu Jinxin, and of course he didn’t want to go to Noila Mo.

“It’s okay. This is our company’s private room. The security work is done very well. Noila will be fine. Didn’t you see, she doesn’t want to be a light bulb.” Pei Jun’s mouth smirked.

“What light bulb, don’t talk nonsense!” Gu Jinxin heard Pei Jun’s subtext, and his face turned a little red. Fortunately, the night is very dark, Pei Jun should not be able to see her expression.

Snow fell lightly under the street lamp, as beautiful as a painting.

Gu Jinxin was a bit boyish at first, but he was tempted now. He had to go up and down the wooden walkway to the ground to play in the snow.

Pei Jun looked at Gu Jinxin dozingly, first jumped off the snow, and then stretched out his arm towards Gu Jinxin.

Gu Jinxin blushed and stared at Pei Jun: “What are you doing? Want to eat this girl’s tofu?”

Pei Jun looked at Gu Jinxin with a smile: “Yes, Ms. Hua, quickly jump down and let this young master taste it.”

This is simply flirting! Gu Jinxin opened Pei Jun’s hand, and jumped onto the snow without looking!

People who come to the hot springs are all wearing clogs. The bottom of clogs is inherently inflexible. Gu Jinxin jumped too eagerly, and his body tilted aside.

Pei Jun just stretched out his arm and steadily received Gu Jinxin into his arm.

“Hey! What are you doing, let go!” Gu Jinxin would not appreciate Pei Jun’s kindness in catching her! I knew this man had bad intentions!

“Don’t let it go! I’m so cold, you are warm.” Pei Jun looked at Gu Jinxin with a peach-eyed smile.

“What? Are you warmer than mine?” Gu Jinxin stupidly stretched out his hand to touch Pei Jun’s chest.

Look, it’s hot! Obviously hotter than my body!

Pei Jun was laughing to death, why is this little girl so simple? Still touching him!

“Little girl, do you know what you are doing?” Pei Jun kindly reminded.

“Ah!…” Gu Jinxin suddenly raised her head and realized the narrow light in Pei Jun’s eyes.

I was fooled!

“You rascal! Quickly let me down!” Gu Jinxin desperately broke free from Pei Jun’s arms.

“Who is the gangster? You just ate other people’s tofu!” Pei Jun thought Gu Jinxin was so funny, and it was a pleasure to argue with her, “Pity my innocence for 27 years! It was ruined by you like this! Responsible to me!”

Pei Jun made an aggrieved look, but peach blossom eyes had a narrow smile.

“You…!” Gu Jinxin was speechless.

———————————————— I am the dividing line of purity————————

Allen Chu and Noila Mo’s body were close together, and Allen Chu took a deep breath of the fragrance of Noila Mo’s body. He hasn’t smelled this scent for three months…

Noila Mo only felt dizzy, but his body was extremely hot…

Allen Chu’s hand gently stroked Noila Mo’s smooth skin.

He couldn’t wait any longer and couldn’t bear it anymore.

A big hand stroked the bathrobe on Noila Mo, and the bathrobe fell. The cold air confuses Noila Mo

There is a little more clarity in his mind.

She shuddered all over, she suddenly woke up from her sleep, sober, she was in

doing what?

Haven’t you already said that you have nothing to do with this man? Why is this happening again?

Do not! No! This is not what she wants!

Summoning the last trace of sober will, Noila Mo put his small hand against Allen Chu’s hard chest: “No!”

Allen Chu smiled evilly: “Nothing? Noila, don’t lie to yourself!”

Noila Mo’s blushing face turned red like a fire.

Try to maintain your sober will. She made her voice sound colder: “Allen Chu, you know very well that we don’t love each other. We can’t do things that couples can do!”

Allen Chu twisted Noila Mo’s sharp chin: “Who said we don’t love each other?”

The deep eyes were a little dark red, looking at the little woman in front of him. She was stabbed by her saying “We are not in love”.

At this moment, he was pretty sure that he still loved Noila Mo. He loves her, the past was, the present is, and the future will be. This life will never change.

But this little woman, dare to say that she doesn’t love him!

Time and time again, she slipped away from his palm. It hurts his heart. Do not! He can no longer stand her leaving again! He wants her to belong to him! Want it now!

The big hand touched Noila Mo’s white and soft back again with blazing temperature, softly, as if coaxing a child, Allen Chu’s voice was incredibly gentle: “Noila, I love you. Don’t refuse me, okay?”

Shocked by the difficult gentleness of Allen Chu’s voice, Noila Mo looked up at him in shock.

There is a deep feeling in the deep eyes, and the feelings are a little bit painful.

Noila Mo’s heart trembled for no reason. Her heartstrings were easily moved by Allen Chu’s eyes.

Immediately, Noila Mo woke up again.

Allen Chu’s love? It was too domineering and heavy, she couldn’t accept it at all! She is an independent person with dignity and personality, unable to accept Allen Chu’s love like dolls and pets. Want to ban her and let her be his lover?

This is never possible!

Taking a deep breath, Noila Mo looked up at Allen Chu: “Allen Chu, you can figure it out, I can’t be your lover!”

Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo tightly into his arms: “Who said I let you be my lover? I want to marry you. Noila, marry me!”

Noila Mo was shocked. Looking up at Allen Chu, his lips have been pressed down.

Noila Mo’s brain went blank…

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