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Chapter 154

Gu Jinxin shook his head: “It’s better not to resign! Jiaying is second to none in the industry. It is not easy to find such a good job after you leave Jiaying.”

Noila Mo scratched her hair irritably: “Then what should I do! I really don’t understand, Allen Chu already has Xiang Hanwei, why bother me!”

“He should still have feelings for you! But he was eating from the bowl and looking at the pan. Xiang Hanwei’s family had a background, so he naturally couldn’t let go.” Gu Jinxin bit his finger and thought: “Noila, There is only one way now.”

“What is the solution?” Noila Mo’s eyes lit up and she couldn’t wait to ask, grabbing Gu Jinxin’s hand.

“You forget him.” Gu Jinxin said solemnly.

Noila Mobai glanced at her: “If I could do it, I would have done it five years ago! At that time he didn’t have a girlfriend yet! Jinxin, you don’t know, I really don’t get along with his character!”

Gu Jinxin couldn’t hold back and laughed: “Silly woman, I am teasing you! Are you serious? Seriously, the only way is to find a boyfriend to marry as soon as possible. No matter how overbearing Allen Chu is, he won’t be able to grab someone else’s. Wife?”

Noila Mo thought for a long time before sighing helplessly: “There seems to be no better way…”

Gu Jinxin winked at her: “Then I arrange for you to meet Xie Shaohang? He asked me about you several times later!”

“Xie Shaohang?” Noila Mo shook her head quickly: “The last time I went to the hot spring, he had seen me and Allen Chu together. So… not so good, right?”

Gu Jinxin’s eyes widened: “Noila! You came back from abroad anyway, why are you so old-fashioned? Who hasn’t ordered it? Isn’t it normal to have a boyfriend at the age of twenty-seven? Don’t worry, Xie Shaohang is definitely I won’t mind this!”

Noila Mo covered her face and sighed in distress: “Well, I’m a little worried, I’m really going crazy by Allen Chu!”

The two of them walked out of the restaurant after lunch, and the breeze came, making them very comfortable.

Noila Mo was about to say goodbye to Gu Jinxin, and found that Gu Jinxin was staring straight at her neck.

bad! Could it be… Noila Mo quickly pulled her hair to her chest to block her tender white neck.

Gu Jinxin stared suspiciously at Noila Mo: “Noila Mo! What is the red, purple, and purple thing on your neck? Why does it look like a hickey?”

Noila Mo blushed with embarrassment: “Uh…no, it was bitten by a mosquito, so I scratched it like this…”

Gu Jinxin opened her eyes wide and stared at her: “Noila Mo, you won’t lie, look, your face is red!”

After Gu Jinxin’s detective interrogation and investigation, Noila Mo honestly explained the dispute between her and Allen Chu last night.

Gu Jinxin asked with excitement, “What! Seven times? Did you remember correctly? It’s really seven times?”

The sound was too loud, and the passers-by passing by cast strange eyes at them.

Noila Mo couldn’t wait to find a hole in the ground and stretched out his hand to cover Gu Jinxin’s mouth: “Jinxin! Can you keep your voice down!”

Gu Jinxin looked fascinated: “Ah! Seven times! Seven times a night! I really didn’t see it, Allen Chu is in his early thirties, and he still has such good physical strength!”

Noila Mo was too lazy to care about her, turned his head and walked forward.

It’s really shameful to be with such a bad friend!

Gu Jinxin followed her thiefly: “Hey! Noila! Actually… I think Allen Chu can also think about it! Think about it, he is handsome and rich, and his bed work is so good! Ouch! It’s the ideal husband’s No.1!”

Noila Mo quickened his pace and ruthlessly threw the excited Gu Jinxin behind.

When he arrived at Chu, he smoothly handed the paper box to the lady at the front desk, and asked her to pass it to Allen Chu. Noila Mo seemed to have relieved the heavy burden and let out a long sigh.

After two days of hard work, by Friday afternoon, the second round of planning had been completed. When Noila Mo took the planning and handed it to Lin Yifeng, Lin Yifeng could not hide the admiration in his eyes: “Noila, you are so high efficiency!”

Noila Mo smiled modestly: “It’s all done by colleagues in the project team working overtime together, not because of me alone.”

Her fair face smiled happily, and her eyes were dark and bright, as if she could see people’s hearts all at once.

Lin Yifeng liked it in his heart and couldn’t help blurting out: “Noila, are you doing anything on Saturday?”

on Saturday? Noila Mo suddenly remembered the date with Allen Chu.

However, didn’t he go on a business trip and booked a ticket to return to City C on Sunday?

Noila Mo shook his head: “Nothing is going on on Saturday. Lin, is the department planning to work overtime?”

Lin Yifeng smiled: “No. I have the tickets for the two chapters of the concert. I originally planned to go with my friends, but the buddy couldn’t go there temporarily. It would be a waste to keep the tickets, so I want to ask. Are you free, let me ask you to go with me by the way.”

Noila Mo bit her lip.

In direct comparison with Allen Chu’s domineering, Lin Yifeng is a long stream. Every time he asks her, he uses the guise of passing by, telling her to refuse even if she wants to refuse.

Really distressed.

Seeing Noila Mo looked a little embarrassed, Lin Yifeng flashed a sense of loss in his eyes, and quickly cleared himself: “It’s okay, it’s okay. Since it’s not convenient for you, I’ll go alone.”

Seeing Lin Yifeng like this, Noila Mo couldn’t bear it again, so she explained with a smile: “No, I’m just not very interested in concerts…”

Originally it was a tactful refusal, but Lin Yifeng saw Noila Mo’s softheartedness, and quickly said with a smile: “Is there any interest in dinner? After listening to the concert, I just passed by your house. How about having dinner together?”

On the way again… Noila Mo nodded helplessly: “Then… let’s talk about it then!”

When the time comes, just find an excuse to stop the past. She was really embarrassed to reject others twice in a row.

When I got off work on Friday, I was the most relaxing time. I remembered that I hadn’t cooked by myself for a long time. Noila Mo bought some ingredients in the supermarket on the way to get off work and prepared to make some delicious food to treat my stomach.

When Noila Mo walked out of the elevator carrying a few large bags of ingredients, he really had the illusion that the world was falling apart.

Leaning on her door, the man with long legs stretched out comfortably and comfortably, who is not Allen Chu?

Didn’t you just come back on Sunday? Why… I came back on Friday!

Before the elevator came up, Noila Mo ran to the stairwell carrying the ingredients in a panic.

The damn man captured her in the dim staircase: “Noila Mo! What are you running! Why do you hide when you see me?!”

Noila Mo was annoyed and turned his head and shouted, “What qualifications do you have to block my door? It’s really annoying for you to be such a mess!”

Allen Chu was also angry: “I worked hard to work overtime just to rush back to see you, so do you treat me with this attitude?”

His arms were like iron tongs, which made Noila Mo hurt. Through the dim light of the corridor, the anger that quickly condensed in his eyes could be clearly seen.

Noila Mo regretted it. Why did she forget that she can only come with this man to be soft, not head-to-head?

Shengsheng swallowed the sentence “Do I want you to work overtime? Am I begging you to come back and see me?” Noila Mo slowed down: “I just don’t like being blocked by people. It gives me a sense of no privacy, everywhere. The feeling of being watched.”

Seeing that Noila Mo’s tone became better, Allen Chu’s strength in his hands also loosened a little: “You still tell me this! I ask you, why don’t you give me a mobile phone?”

Noila Mo’s answer is very official: “Such an expensive mobile phone is too tiring to use. Drinking water is afraid of getting wet, and taking the subway is afraid of being stolen. It is not suitable for a careless person like me.”

“Then have you bought a new mobile phone?” Allen Chu turned around.

Noila Mo nodded: “I bought it.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me your new number!” Allen Chu’s tone was bad again.

Noila Mo glanced around: the dim corridor, with only one layer of steps, there is no way to run!

Only outwit Allen Chu, not hard fight!

“Uh…I don’t know your number, how can I tell you?” Noila Mo pretended to be innocent.

Allen Chu patted her head: “Well, for the sake of your ignorant first offense, I will spare you this time.”

Noila Mo took a step back, feeling humiliated in her heart. Isn’t this kind of head slap action only done to kittens, puppies and children?

“Why are you carrying so many things?” Allen Chu saw the large shopping bags in Noila Mo’s hand, frowned, snatched all the bags from her and carried them in his own hands.

The bag is full of ingredients and the portion is not light. Allen Chu’s brows frowned tighter: “Why is it so heavy? What’s inside?”

“It’s all ingredients, vegetables, fruits, noodles, seasonings, etc.” Noila Mo answered honestly, the brain is running fast, how can Allen Chu get rid of it?

I was so upset to let him know his lair!

As soon as Noila Mo finished speaking, Allen Chu’s stomach groaned several times.

Noila Mo couldn’t help it anymore, smiling so that his eyes curled up: “Haha, no? Dignified President Chu, is still hungry? Will the Chu family go bankrupt? I won’t even be unable to eat boxed meals. Right?”

“Smelly girl!” Allen Chu patted her on the head again.

With a height difference of 14 centimeters, it is really easy to pat her on the head.

“Hey! Don’t use your hands! I was quite clever, I was stupid by you!” Noila Mo took a step back and glared at him.

She didn’t even realize that she was joking with Allen Chu.

She didn’t realize it, Allen Chu realized it. The corners of the mouth curled up in a nice arc: “If the Chu family goes bankrupt, you are the one who caused it!”

As he said, he naturally went to hold her hand: “Since you bought the ingredients, hurry up and make a sumptuous dinner for the president to make amends!”

She caused Chu’s collapse? She still wants to make dinner to make amends?

Where and where is this? Noila Mo couldn’t think of the connection when she wanted to break her head.

Allen Chu was already familiar with taking away her bag, found the key, and walked into the house without any notice, just like returning to his own home! Noila Mo was stunned to see a series of actions like clouds and flowing water!

Allen Chu dragged her into the house: “Come in and sit down, you are welcome!”

The smile is very evil.

“Hey! Are you a bit… overwhelming?” Noila Mo swears that she has lived for 27 years and is really the first time she has seen such a brazen man!

“I’m so hungry, go make me something to eat! I haven’t eaten anything for a day!” Allen Chu turned a deaf ear to her accusations, and acted like a baby.

Chapter 155

Seeing Noila Mo still standing in a daze, Allen Chu reached out and poked her in the face: “It’s just your meal, so it won’t be so distressed, right?”

Noila Mo was speechless. He bowed his head and silently took out the things in the shopping bag to tidy up.

After brewing for a long time, I found the courage: “Well, do you go to the company or go home after dinner?”

Noila Mo said very tactfully, but the meaning in the words was very clear: Allen Chu, can you hurry up after eating?

Allen Chu didn’t seem to hear what Noila Mo said. He rubbed his eyebrows a little tiredly: “I have to go to the company first. I have to travel for a few days. I have accumulated more things.”

Noila Mo was secretly happy in her heart and immediately took the ingredients to the kitchen actively.

Noila Mo has a specialty dish, crucian carp with green onion.

Divide the fish fillets, marinate them in salt, ginger juice and wine for 15 minutes, then use small peppers and green onions in warm oil to fry repeatedly, sprinkle a little chopped red pepper and coriander leaves when out of the pan, the green onion is rich and fragrant , Spicy and salty, appetizing and serving.

She originally learned this from a Taiwanese girl when she was abroad, but later on, she was better than blue. Anyone who has eaten this dish is uncomfortable.

Noila Mo was busy slicing fish in the kitchen. Just after the fish was marinated, Allen Chu’s waist was hugged from behind, and her lips went into her neck with heat.

“Ah! What are you doing!” Noila Mo was anxious, ignoring the sauce standing on her hand, reaching out to push Allen Chu’s chest.

“It’s just a k*ss, what are you doing so fussing about!” Allen Chu said frankly, rubbing her waist with his big hands, unkindly.

“Do you still want to eat?” Noila Mo held back his displeasure, and tried to pour the dishes on the plate into the trash can.

Allen Chu felt the empty stomach, smelled the aroma in the soup pot, and looked at the fresh fish fillets on the plate. He withdrew his magic claws, and rubbed Noila Mo’s hair indiscriminately: “Okay, you’re cruel!”

When Allen Chu walked out of the kitchen, Noila Mo quickly locked the kitchen door from inside. Save yourself being harassed while cooking.

The side dishes were fried, the fish was fried, and the rich aroma filled the entire kitchen. Noila Mo looked at the beautiful dishes on the disk with satisfaction, and was about to call Allen Chu to come and serve the dishes.

Allen Chu knocked on the door suddenly, a group of white objects in his hand dangling outside the frosted glass door, and sneered loudly in his mouth: “Noila Mo, you are not childish! You are 27! You are also wearing cartoon underwear. !”

what? Panties? Noila Mo opened the door quickly. Allen Chu held the panties that she had changed and hadn’t had time to wash, flicking around, the expression on his face was 120,000 points of disdain.

Noila Mo blushed and tried to snatch it off: “Allen Chu! You pervert! You are so shameless!”

Allen Chu proudly raised his underwear over his head, and pulled the strawberry piglet on it to show Noila Mo: “Strawberry piglet…tsk…”

Those are dirty panties that have not been washed! Noila Mo was ashamed and angry, raising his foot and stomping on the back of Allen Chu’s instep fiercely!

“Ah!” Allen Chu yelled exaggeratedly, with a pained expression on his face, and fell to the sofa at the back: “Noila Mo, don’t you know that my foot has been injured? It’s over! My foot bone is about to be broken. Up!”

Has his foot hurt? When did this happen? Noila Mo’s mind suddenly became confused. Seeing Allen Chu’s painful expression, he was a little panicked: “It doesn’t matter, do you want to see a doctor?”

Allen Chu’s eyes flashed narrowly, and the pain on his face was even more exaggerated. The two thick eyebrows were so frowning that they could almost kill a mosquito: “It’s useless to see a doctor, and domestic doctors can’t.”

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu and was silent for two seconds.

Then, she walked to Allen Chu and squatted down, stretched out her finger and gently pressed on the back of his instep, “Is it hurting here?”

Allen Chu was enjoying the beautiful woman’s slender fingers, with a painful tone: “Yes, yes, it’s here… it hurts!”

“Does it still hurt!” Noila Mo gritted his teeth and screamed, standing up abruptly, and slammed on the back of Allen Chu’s instep!

“You! You…” Allen Chu was really shocked, staring at Noila Mo with wide eyes.

Noila Mo sneered: “Pretend! Why don’t you pretend! Didn’t it hurt to die? Why didn’t you faint?”

Seeing that the trick was seen through, Allen Chu laughed, “How do you know that I was pretending?”

Noila Mo snorted coldly: “You are like a face-loving and arrogant person, even if you lose your teeth, you will also swallow blood. How come you scream and scream? Just now I was in a hurry, so I fell in love with you. ! With my IQ, it is easy to pierce you!”

Noila Mo said triumphantly, failing to notice that Allen Chu’s eyes became deeper and deeper, and his eyes became more and more intense.

He slowly stood up from the sofa, stretched out his hand to gently hold up her chin, and forced her to look at himself: “You were in a hurry just now? Seeing that I was injured, were you in a hurry?”

This… where and where? I am worried when I see others injured. Isn’t this the instinct of normal people?

Noila Mo awkwardly knocked off his hand: “Don’t move your hands! Since it’s all right, let’s eat quickly, it will be cold for a while.”

After dinner, get out of here! Noila Mo added viciously in his heart.

Chapter 156

A large bowl of fragrant mushroom and beef ball soup, a plate of green onion crucian carp, a plate of refreshing fried greens, and a tomato scrambled egg filled the small single table.

The dishes are matched very beautifully, which makes people appetite.

Allen Chu glanced at the dishes on the table with satisfaction, and then patted Noila Mo on the head: “Sure enough, I have made progress. After a few years abroad, I have learned how to cook.”

Allen Chu was right. If it weren’t for going abroad, Noila Mo really couldn’t practice this cooking skill. The taste of foreign Chinese restaurants is always not so authentic. Really authentic restaurants are extremely expensive and are not affordable for ordinary people.

After being devastated, Noila Mo became angry and began to study recipes and cook by herself every day to satisfy her poor Chinese stomach.

Noila Mo sternly warned Allen Chu: “President Chu, can you please don’t pat me on the head? The dandruff is gone!”

“Noila Mo, you are so disgusting!” Allen Chu took her over and checked her hair carefully. When he saw the black and shiny hair was clean and fresh, he let go and squeezed her fiercely with his palm. Cheek: “Little liar!”

Noila Mo was annoyed: “Let go! It hurts, okay!”

Allen Chu admired her angry expression and was in a good mood: “I don’t hurt! It feels good and comfortable!” As he said, he raised his finger and bounced her face, as if feeling the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Noila Mo raised her leg and tried to kick him, but the action was so great that she almost knocked over the dining table.

The two hurriedly worked together to support the dining table and looked at each other. Noila Mo glared at Allen Chu, “Eat!”

f*ck off after eating!

Seeing that she was really annoyed, Allen Chu didn’t bother her anymore, and honestly went to wash his hands, took his chopsticks and sat at the table.

The dining table was too small and the two sat down, and Allen Chu’s long legs were tightly on Noila Mo’s.

Noila Mo moved out uncomfortably, and Allen Chu’s long legs caught up with him again, and pressed facelessly on Noila Mo’s thigh.

The muscles in his legs are as hard as rocks, full of male power.

Noila Mo’s face flushed uncontrollably, feeling a little stiff.

Allen Chu smiled and looked at Noila Mo’s blushing face, and leisurely said, “Noila Mo, what are you thinking? Why are you blushing? Do you have any bad thoughts about this young master? Huh?”

The last word has a long ending sound, full of erotic and provocative meaning.

Noila Mo lowered his head, ignored him, and started eating on his own.

He took a sip of mushroom beef ball soup and closed his eyes very intoxicated: “Ah, it’s delicious! It’s delicious!”

Allen Chu was so hungry that his chest was stuck to his back. In order to rush back to see Noila Mo, he put more effort in handling work today, and he didn’t even care about food. For a whole day, not a single grain of rice was touched.

Seeing the sweetness of Noila Mo’s food, she raised her spoon unwillingly and said, “Noila Mo, eat slowly, don’t finish it all, save me some!”

Noila Mo was bitter, how could this man be like a child, robbing people for food?

Also the president, he is simply a large child!

Noila Mo’s craftsmanship is really good, the dishes are reasonably matched, and the dishes are also very beautiful. After Allen Chu ate two bowls of rice, he still felt that it was not enough, so he stretched the bowl towards Noila Mo: “Add another bowl of rice!”

Noila Mo widened her eyes in surprise. Allen Chu has never eaten much. Even if he eats at home, he can eat up to half a bowl at most, and he ate it quickly.

“I don’t want to eat at my own house, but eat desperately at someone else’s house, alas! Why do I love to take advantage of it so much…” Noila Mo muttered purposely.

Sure enough, Allen Chu’s ears stood up high, and he heard her clearly.

Noila Mo thought Allen Chu would be embarrassed for a while, but she looked like an eldest master: “Noila Mo, I love to eat your dishes, this is your supreme glory!”

Well, glory.

Noila Mo walked into the kitchen with Allen Chu’s bowl, and saw that there was only a small pile of rice left in the rice pot, not enough.

After all, she couldn’t bear it, Noila Mo silently gave Allen Chu a half of rice from her bowl.

After Noila Mo ate half a bowl of rice, he resignedly put down his chopsticks. Seeing Allen Chu eating contentedly, she felt softened inexplicably.

Quickly pressing down on the soft feeling in his heart, Noila Mo got up and poured a glass of water for herself.

“I want to drink too! Go and pour.” Allen Chu began to learn from her again.

“f*ck!” Noila Mo glanced at him disdainfully, and poured him a glass.

Allen Chu drank water happily: “Noila Mo, why is your water so delicious?”

The words of flattery made Noila Mo couldn’t help laughing.

The two looked at each other and laughed, warm feelings flowing in the air.

After eating, Noila Mo started to rush Allen Chu: “Didn’t you just say that the company has accumulated a lot of things? Then you go back and deal with it as soon as possible?”

Allen Chu stretched his waist and said, “Oh, in fact, you little d*cks are comfortable and can rest for at least two days a week. We are rich and handsome, we have to worry about 365 days a year.”

Xiao Diaosi, tall, rich and handsome, he bit very hard on purpose.

Noila Mo didn’t care about his deliberate provocation, thinking about how to drive him away.

Seeing Noila Mo frowning, Allen Chu stretched out his hand to poke her in the face again: “What’s the matter? Are you angry?”

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