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Chapter 184

The jacket was navy blue, and she looked at it, clearly a size smaller than her own.

However, the corners of Qin’s mouth were still upturned and his heart was beautiful.

It’s not a big deal that men don’t know anything about women’s sizes.

That he remembered to pick himself up and bring a shirt is a testament to his dedication.

Albert Ou shot a glance at Qin Liyuan and didn’t say anything.

He didn’t expect to run into Qin Liyuan here, and Qin Liyuan didn’t know about his relationship with Jasmine Tong, so when he saw his car, he naturally thought he was here to pick her up.

It was not easy to put off such things, so he would do what he could.

He’d been cold for so many days, and Jasmine Tong still didn’t seem to realize the problem, so he might as well take this opportunity to let her go on her own.

But it’s raining so hard outside.

Albert Ou drove the car to the door of a McDonald’s.

“Why don’t you sit in the car for a while while I go to the bathroom.”

Without waiting for Qin’s sudden reaction, Albert Ou just opened the car door and walked into the rain.

Albert Ou walked into the McDonald’s and pulled out his phone to call Russel Cheng.

“You will now drive immediately to the door of the TV station and pick up your wife.”

“Okay, Ou.”

“Besides, if she asks you about Qin Liyuan, this is how you answer.”

After making the call, Albert Ou left McDonald’s again and returned to his car.

When Qin turned around and saw that Albert Ou’s clothes were wet, he hurriedly pulled out a tissue from his bag and prepared to give him a wipe.

Albert Ou immediately lifted his hand to block her hand.

When Qin turned around, she also felt embarrassed, forgetting that Albert Ou was the one who hated to have physical yes contact with people.

In front of the TV station.

Jasmine Tong stood in the doorway for a long, long time, feeling as if her heart had been hollowed out by someone.

This is the back door of the TV station, a special access for celebrities, so basically, no one comes either.

Jasmine Tong looked at the heavy rain outside, the cold wind chill into the body, Qin turned out to be this jacket, although she was wearing a bit big, but the actress clothes can be thick to where?

However, what was colder was her heart.

Jasmine Tong even felt useless.

You should just rush over and tell Qin Jianlian to stay away from my husband.

You’re Albert Ou’s wife.

Why are you so frustrated?

Jasmine Tong thought for a long time, but finally decided to take a taxi home, Old Chen’s wife is going to have a baby, and she gave him the time off, so I’m afraid that no one will pick her up today.

She rushed into the rain and stood on the road, ready to stop the car and go home.

But at this time of the year, cabs are always scarce, and there are many people who need a taxi, so it’s naturally hard to get one, and besides, it’s already so late.

Jasmine Tong was drenched, but still couldn’t get a cab.

Just as she was overwhelmed, a car pulled up at her feet.

Russel Cheng got out of the car with an umbrella, “Madam, get in.”

When Jasmine Tong raised her eyes and saw Russel Cheng, she was also shocked because the rain was too heavy, so she didn’t think too much about it and just got into the car.

With the warm air on in the car and the silky warmth coming in, Jasmine Tong slowly calmed down from the shivering she started to feel.

“Ou sent you to pick me up.”

Russel Cheng drove the car with the wipers constantly shaking.

“Yeah, O had something to do and couldn’t come, so, let me come.”

Jasmine Tong tugged at the corner of her mouth with a grin.

He’s busy.

He had picked up Qin Tianran, so of course something couldn’t come.

Now they’re k!ssing each other somewhere, right?

It was because she was still occupying the legal position of Mrs. Ou, that he had Russel Cheng come to pick her up.

He is so considerate of his confidante that he dumps his own wife for his secretary.

“Has he been busy all this time? “Jasmine Tong was finally able to find someone to ask about Albert Ou’s recent situation.

Albert Ou was busy or not, Russel Cheng knew it all too well.

“It’s okay, there’s nothing important going on, everything’s in order, not too busy.”


Every time she tweets him, he only replies with one word: busy.

She thought he was so busy that he didn’t have time to write two words, but it was all just a pretext.

Russel Cheng took a look at Jasmine Tong in the rearview mirror, looking at her wretched appearance, there were some things he really didn’t want to say.

Madam, please don’t ask any more questions.

Because Albert Ou has explained to him how what questions should be answered.

He’s just saying lines right now.

“Is he recently”

Russel Cheng was really in agony, this was the question he didn’t want to answer, but it was also the question that Albert Ou explained in the most detail

“Getting close to Chin suddenly.”

Jasmine Tong was still brave enough to ask the question.

They say that family shame must not be spread abroad, but Jasmine Tong felt that Russel Cheng also knew everything about their family, and there was nothing that couldn’t be asked.

Russel Cheng was stunned for a few seconds, mulling over his emotions.

“Yes, Mr. Ou and Miss Qin have been friends for years.”

Russel Cheng’s tone was very relaxed, as if he was talking about a very ordinary matter.

Jasmine Tong snickered.

Russel Cheng then said, “Madam, with a status like Mr. Ou’s, it should be normal to have three or five confidants, so it should be understandable that Madam is so generous.”

Three or five confidantes.

Jasmine Tong only felt the warm air blowing, her body still cold.

Should she understand?

Yes, what kind of identity Albert Ou was, it was already considered burning incense for her to occupy this Mrs. Albert Ou’s identity, and expecting him to fall in love with her alone.

Jasmine Tong tugged at the corners of her mouth, hardening a smile.

“Yeah, I can certainly understand that.”

Russel Cheng also laughed and didn’t say anything else.

According to the lines laid out by Albert Ou, he was sort of finished.

Russel Cheng sent Jasmine Tong back to Rainbow City and left.

As soon as Jasmine Tong entered the door, Aunt Fang welcomed her.

“Ma’am, it’s soaking wet, go change and take a hot bath, I’ll make you a bowl of ginger soup.”

Jasmine Tong took off her jacket with a wooden look.

“Aunt Fang, wash this dress properly, it’s someone else’s and I have to return it.”


Afterwards, Jasmine Tong walked up the stairs like a zombie.

Soaking in the warm water, Jasmine Tong felt as if her body wasn’t her own.

She didn’t know why she was so upset.

You’ve already made up your mind that you’ll get what you want from him, but why are you so sad to see him with another woman?

On the other hand, Albert Ou had already sent Qin Liyuan home.

When Qin turns around, her own villa is located in Diamond Hill, but she has quite a few properties in her name, so she doesn’t spend much time here.

“Go in and sit down you just got drenched in the rain, go in and have a cup of hot water” invited Qin suddenly and pleasantly.

Chapter 185

Mo Yiang also recently lived here, heavy rain, he was playing a game in his bedroom, suddenly a gust of wind blew in the cold rain.

It just so happens that this game is over.

He got up to go close the window.

“I’ll go,”

There’s someone outside Qin’s house.

one man and one woman

A natural gossipy mind made Mo Yiang lie down at the window, ready to find out what was going on.


“Little Uncle,”

Moichiang’s eyes were still good, the lights were still flashing, and he could see the license plate number, it was Albert Ou’s Ferrari Raphael.

“What’s the situation with Uncle Junior and Qin Liyuan?”

He immediately picked up his binoculars and looked over there.

Albert Ou didn’t want to enter, and while he wanted to leave Jasmine Tong, that didn’t mean that he would choose Qin Yanyan.

Today was a complete accident.

“No, I have to get home.”

“Oh well, it’s getting late, go home and get some early rest.”

Qin Yangyan was somewhat disappointed, but Albert Ou had already given her such a great surprise today, so she could ask for nothing more.

“Asawa, thank you so much for today.”

Actually, she didn’t need to be picked up, her car was parked at the TV station, but she was touched that Albert Ou could think of her at this time.

“You’re welcome.”

Afterwards, Albert Ou headed to the car.

Qin turned around and watched his back as he left.


Albert Ou turned around.

When Qin turned around and immediately rushed into the rain, he ran up to Albert Ou and carved a k!ss on his cheek

With an identity like Qin Liyuan’s, it was naturally the first time she had taken the initiative to do such a thing, so she immediately ran back to the door of her house, and before entering it, she turned her head and smiled at Albert Ou with a wan smile before entering directly.

Albert Ou was stunned for a few seconds, but he just got into his car and left.

There was no expression on his face.

“What the f*ck is going on here?”

Mo Yiang can’t hear the two people talking, but the k!ss is clear to see ah

“Jasmine Tong shoes, you are green you know” Mo Yiang caressed his little heart, feeling unable to accept such a fact ah

Although it has always been said that Qin Yanyan had an affair with his youngest uncle, even his own mother had seen Qin Yanyan with Albert Ou and thought that Qin Yanyan was Albert Ou’s girlfriend.

However, after witnessing what Albert Ou did to Jasmine Tong, Mo Yiang thought that Albert Ou was in love with Jasmine Tong.

What the hell is this sudden plot?

Mo Yiang immediately prepared to call Jasmine Tong, but Jasmine Tong hung up and then turned off her phone.

“Hey, this woman, what the f*ck”

Mo Yiang looked at the time again, it’s eleven o’clock, Jasmine Tong has always gone to bed earlier, should be asleep, or meet another day to say.

This is the kind of thing that can’t be said over the phone.

It wasn’t that Jasmine Tong was asleep, she just didn’t want to answer the phone, she just wanted to chill out.

After taking a bath and drinking ginger soup, Jasmine Tong had been sitting on the bed, her eyes empty.

She didn’t know what she was thinking, she just kept sitting like that.

Albert Ou didn’t know why he had to come back, his original plan was to not come home tonight, it was best to let Jasmine Tong misunderstand to the end.

However, he ghosted the car back.

Probably worried about her, too.

As soon as she entered the door, Aunt Fang noticed that something was wrong with Albert Ou.

He was also drenched in the rain.

“Sir, why don’t you finish the ginger soup you made for your wife and have some more, it’s cold, so don’t catch a cold.”

“Madam has had ginger soup.”

“Had a drink, but the missus doesn’t seem very happy, so sir go and see the missus.”

Auntie Fang is trying her best to set up this little couple, but in the end, she also feels sorry for Jasmine Tong.

Albert Ou lifted his leg up the stairs and gently pushed open the bedroom door, and saw Jasmine Tong in her pajamas leaning against the head of the bed, sitting like that the whole time.

When Jasmine Tong heard the noise, she looked towards the door.

When she saw Albert Ou’s face.

The emotions that were about to be suppressed burst out again in an instant!

Albert Ou’s face had a faint lipstick mark.

Maybe he’d gotten some rain and washed out the original shape of the lipstick print, but the color still hung on his cheeks.

This color, Jasmine Tong remembers clearly, this color was used by Qin Qianlian in his program tonight.

The actress’s lipstick is usually drained to avoid losing color at every turn, so even if Albert Ou gets wet, this color is still there.

It’s so blatant.

Albert Ou ignored Jasmine Tong, as he just wanted to take a shower now.

He went straight into the bathroom and turned on the shower, not that his body mattered, but mostly his face

When you rub your face, very hard, as if you don’t want to get a whiff of it.

When he came out of the shower, Jasmine Tong was still in the same position she had been in earlier, and he was so self-conscious about blow-drying his hair that he ignored her.

At this time, Jasmine Tong opened her mouth.

“Aren’t you going to explain?”

Albert Ou burst out laughing.

“Explain what,”

Hear that, and then look at the cynical smile on Albert Ou’s face.

Jasmine Tong’s fire came out “mischievously”.

He had the nerve to ask her for an explanation.

Shouldn’t you have an explanation for picking up another woman in front of your own wife?

That’s a little too blatant.

“You asked me,”

“Yeah, I asked you, explain what”

Jasmine Tong nodded, she sort of understood.

Albert Ou was telling her that her status as Mrs. Ou was just a showpiece, and with his status, what right did she have to ask him to explain?

“Albert Ou, would you please not be so blatant”

“Jasmine Tong, I’d like to ask you, why am I blatantly blatant I’ve been good friends with Leon for many years, it’s not a problem for me to take her home, isn’t it you’re too lenient you shouldn’t even bother me to see my friend”

Albert Ou’s brutal and unreasonable attitude made Jasmine Tong very helpless.

What’s the matter with her? It’s as if she’s done something wrong.

Jasmine Tong turned her head to the side and bit her own lips tightly, the smell of blood suddenly filling her lips and teeth.

I didn’t have control over it for a moment, but I bit my lip off.

“Albert Ou, I don’t mind if you have another woman outside, but I hope you can restrain yourself from being so blatant, in case Yarwen sees you.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t finish what she said next.

In the meantime, Albert Ou’s brow was knit.

The smile on his face completely disappeared, and his birds of prey swept over Jasmine Tong’s face.

“Jasmine Tong, don’t you dare say what you just said again.”

Jasmine Tong smirked, “What’s there to dare I said I don’t mind if you have another woman outside, but I hope you can restrain yourself, in case you get Little Lei”

Chapter 186

The moment Jasmine Tong turned her head, Albert Ou had arrived in front of her.

Scared the hell out of her.

This man was over there on the dressing table a moment ago, so why was he suddenly by her bedside?

Albert Ou leaned down, a pair of cold, gloomy eyes staring straight at Jasmine Tong

“So, you’re throwing a tantrum here and theorizing with me simply because Yarwen Tong knows about this incident and is sick.”

Every word of Albert Ou’s seemed like it was squeezed out of his teeth.

He spoke very slowly, fearing that Jasmine Tong might not hear him clearly, or give her time to think again.

His gaze looked like it was going to completely devour her, and Jasmine Tong saw Albert Ou look at her with such an icy gaze for the first time.

A chill rose in her heart.

Just because of Yarwen Tong is it really just because of him?

Jasmine Tong looked into Albert Ou’s eyes and hesitated.

Albert Ou, however, wouldn’t let her go and cupped her chin with one hand, the force of it seeming to crush her.

“Answer my question,” he snapped.

All the emotions, all the aggravation, all the sadness, all the sorrows, poured out in an instant as Albert Ou’s brute force.

“How was it?”

Albert Ou’s blue pupils continued to flicker, and he frowned tightly, refusing to let go of Jasmine Tong’s jaw.

“So, you don’t mind if I have another woman out there.”

He seemed to be relentless and asked again.

“Yes” Tong Koman almost growled out, “I don’t mind, I’m just worried about my brother”

When he heard Jasmine Tong say that, it was like something was burning in Albert Ou’s chest and flames were about to jet out.

“So, you never loved me you only cared about your brother didn’t you.”

The momentum of Albert Ou’s question softened completely.

He’d done so much for this woman, and yet she only cared about her brother and stayed with him simply because she was her brother.

He didn’t believe that this was true, although he understood that Jasmine Tong might not have fallen in love with him yet, but seeing as he was taking such good care of her, there should at least be at least a little bit of affection, right?

“Yes, of course I haven’t loved you, I only care about my brother you’re satisfied.”


Albert Ou growled and Jasmine Tong closed her eyes in shock, the growl was like a wild animal.

When Jasmine Tong opened her eyes again, Albert Ou’s blue pupils suddenly turned scarlet.

“Jasmine Tong, remember what you said yourself and don’t regret it.”


Jasmine Tong was just about to speak when her lips were blocked by Albert Ou, who k!ssed her frantically without a hint of tenderness.

Jasmine Tong struggled hard.

“Isn’t it for your brother? To create the illusion that we’re close, why are you pretending?”

Albert Ou angrily tore at Jasmine Tong’s pajamas.

“Albert Ou, stop it, stop it.”

“You’re my Albert Ou’s woman I can play with Jasmine Tong as much as I want, you remember you’re my woman I spent a million dollars to buy you in the first place you were sold to me you don’t have the right to tell me to stop.”

Albert Ou’s every word was like a knife stuck in Jasmine Tong’s heart.

Yeah, he bought her for a million. What more could she ask for?

All this talk of loving her is just a whim.

Albert Ou very savagely took possession of Jasmine Tong’s body, without k!ssing or any foreplay.

Jasmine Tong was torn apart by pain.

It just seemed as if Albert Ou simply wanted to punish her, and didn’t fall in love with the battle, hurriedly closed the door, put on his clothes and grabbed the door.

Jasmine Tong lay on the bed as if her soul had been sucked out of her.

Pain pervaded her body, yet it was no match for the slightest bit of her heart.

In the end, she was nothing more than a plaything in Albert Ou’s hands, a tool to vent her anger, nothing more.

When she closed her eyes, tears streamed out of the corners of her eyes and dripped onto the pillow.

The pajamas were torn to shreds by Albert Ou, making a mess all over the bed.

Albert Ou, Albert Ou.

Why is my heart slowly moving closer to you, while yours is moving further away from me?

She even had some suspicions that the Albert Ou who had been so gentle to her during her hospitalization was just a dream she had imagined.

Which one is the real him?

It was a night that was destined to be difficult to sleep.

Jasmine Tong stayed at home for two more days, and in those two days, Albert Ou hadn’t come back, nor had he sent a tweet, let alone made a phone call, as if he had vanished from the earth.

The past two days, Jasmine Tong had a muddled life at home, and had wanted to go see Yarwen Tong, but that night Albert Ou tossed really badly, she was aching, walking was painful, and didn’t want Yarwen Tong to see her like this.

So, she also just gave Yarwen Tong a call and asked about him.

For the past two days, Jasmine Tong’s head had been reverberating with Albert Ou’s angry face and the words.

You never loved me. You only cared about your brother, didn’t you?

She really didn’t love him? Not even a little?

This is a problem that Jasmine Tong herself couldn’t explain.

On the third day, Jasmine Tong received a call from the crew, asking her to rush to City A to continue filming the romantic trip.

She immediately adjusted her state of mind and rushed to City A. Let’s keep ourselves busy and busy so we won’t think about it so much.

When she came to the city to film, Jasmine Tong has been forced to commit herself to the shoot, but the first time she encountered such emotional problems, she hasn’t been in good shape.

Yan Ke knows Jasmine Tong, although she is a good performer, but we all know that comedy is the most testing acting, like Jasmine Tong just graduated from school, and it’s her first time in comedy, but she is also allowed to make mistakes.

Xing Chaoyang is also a great senior and takes great care of Jasmine Tong.

With everyone taking such good care of themselves, Jasmine Tong is very guilty and tries to adjust herself, finally getting into the groove.

It was on this day that the cast welcomed a guest actor to the show.

When they found out he was coming, the entire female crew cheered, one usually quiet, but now they were chattering away.

Tong spent all her time, except when filming, trying to read scripts to keep her mind at peace.

Today, however, it hasn’t been quiet, it’s just too noisy around here.

“Director Yan, who’s coming today ah everyone this is boiling.”

There are so many cameo appearances in this show, I wonder who could be here today to make such a big noise

“Oh, you know, you’ll find out later.”

“I know men and women.”

Yanke didn’t answer Jasmine Tong’s question.

In the middle of the conversation, someone has made a grand entrance.

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