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Chapter 184

Uh? Allen Chu hung up her phone again? This is the second time!

Noila Mo stared at the phone, half to death. Damn man, so sure she still remembers his email address?

Five years have passed! Osama bin Laden is dead, and the world has long been vicissitudes of life. Why should she remember his email address?

Although-she does remember.

Noila Mo was so angry that he threw the phone in the trash can and sat on the sofa for a while before getting up to the refrigerator to find water.

She really couldn’t figure it out, just now Zhang Yue scolded her with such ugly words, she was not too angry. Why does Allen Chu have the ability to make her angry like this?

Because this man is terrible! Thin, affectionate, domineering, possessive! Noila Mo remembered Allen Chu’s guilt in his heart, treated the dart board behind the door as Allen Chu’s face, and threw a few darts over, making him feel a little more comfortable.

The phone began to scream in the trash can.

Noila Mo sipped “Chinese leaves” leisurely, and leaned his legs comfortably on the coffee table in front of the sofa, facing the light from the window, admiring his white and tender feet.

Allen Chu hated her not answering the phone most. Now, he must be crazy!

Noila Mo did a ballet dance, got up gracefully, ready to throw the finished drink bottle into the trash can.

When I saw Sihan’s background photo on the shining mobile phone screen, I suddenly panicked. I only cared about Allen Chu. Why did I forget that Sihan was still waiting for the photo!

Noila Mo hurriedly picked up the phone from the trash can without wiping it: “Hello~~”

“What about the photo? I didn’t see it in the mailbox. Did you post it?” Allen Chu’s voice was still very weak, and he could not hear any emotions.

Noila Mo’s eyes widened innocently: “Email? I don’t know your email address! Just now I was about to ask, you hung up the phone…”

Allen Chu paused for half a second before he said, “My email is”. Noila Mo curled his lips on the other end of the phone. The world is changing with each passing day, but some people use one mailbox for ten years. It’s really muddy…

After Allen Chu finished talking about his email address, he paused for another half a second, and finally couldn’t help but said quietly, “I can’t remember even an email address. How can someone like you talk to a stupid woman like you? I really can’t figure it out… “

Uh? Why did the topic switch to hitting up a conversation again?

Noila Mo was about to ask, and the phone was again! Be! hang! Break! Up!

the third time! ! ! Allen Chu hung up her phone for the third time! Is it tolerable or unbearable! Anger is rolling, at this moment, if Noila Mo is wearing a hat, I am afraid that the hat will also be washed away!

She finally realized the feeling of being angry!

Not only hung up her phone, but also insulted her IQ, stupid woman? Don’t deserve to be accosted? and many more! There seems to be something wrong here!

Strike up a conversation, how did Allen Chu know someone accosted her?

“Your boyfriend is powerful and powerful, you can run me to death with a little finger!” Zhang Yue’s words suddenly echoed in Noila Mo’s mind.

Noila Mo suddenly realized! She finally understood, who was the man behind it! I understand who the abuse of power caused Zhang Yue to lose his job!

It can only be Allen Chu! There can be no second answer!

It must be that Sihan went home and accidentally said that there was a handsome guy in the subway station who wanted to pick her up, and then Allen Chu went to find the young man frantically and used his power to force people to be fired!

It must be so!

The old grievances of being hung up add a new hate! Noila Mo’s fingers trembled with excitement, and even Allen Chu’s phone number could not be retrieved.

After going through the address book three times, the call finally got through!

Chapter 185

“Hello?” Allen Chu answered the phone.

Noila Mo’s anger broke out as soon as he heard his voice: “Allen Chu, are you mentally ill! The subway worker named Zhang Yue, is it because you are behind your back to make people unemployed? !”

“Yes. It’s me.” Allen Chu replied confidently, without any guilty conscience or anxiety.

Noila Mo went crazy: “Allen Chu, take medicine if you are sick! Did you offend you? Did you make them unemployed? You…you are simply unreasonable!”

“Doesn’t he like to strike up a conversation? How great it is to be unemployed, so many girls on the street, casually strike up a conversation!” Allen Chu said lightly.

Noila Mo could almost imagine his expression at the moment, her eyes squinted slightly, and her eyebrows were raised in disdain, with a hateful look of arrogance.

Noila Mo’s heart suddenly moved, and she blurted out: “No, Allen Chu, you hurt him so much, it’s not because he accosted me?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone for two seconds. After a while, Allen Chu said, “Noila Mo, don’t be affectionate. I have shares in the subway in City C. I just don’t want to use money to raise such bad employees who pick up girls during working hours. It has nothing to do with you. Ok?”

It turned out that the hand holding the phone trembled. Noila Mo felt uncomfortable, but she insisted: “Well, even if you are a shareholder of Fafa, but if you do this, it is really easy to make me confused! From now on, please don’t interfere with anything around me! Anything! Anyone!”

Allen Chu was silent.

Noila Mo waited for two seconds, and then stabbed again: “President Chu, you will not forget? Just a few days ago, you personally said that from then on, the bridge will return, the road will return, and there will be no more f*ck! I ask you to keep this sentence in mind!”

After finishing speaking, unable to wait for Allen Chu’s reaction, Noila Mo hung up the phone swiftly and decisively!

Oye! Finally got a game back!

He called her three times, and she called him once. He was indifferent to her, humiliated her, and she also mocked him severely!

It’s even now, and it really owes nothing!

After Noila Mo was happy for two seconds, she suddenly thought of a question: She wanted to send a picture of Sihan to Allen Chu’s mailbox…

Ugh! Why is there always no way to break cleanly? Noila Mo stroked her forehead, feeling a headache.

After copying the photos from the camera to the computer, Noila Mo hesitated when seeing the last photo, not knowing whether to send it to Allen Chu.

That is a photo of her and Sihan. She didn’t want her photo to fall into Allen Chu’s hands, but this photo is really good!

Under the bright sunshine, Sihan nestled in her arms, her smile was as pure as an angel, and her face was full of happiness and satisfaction. This is the most beautiful, cutest and warmest of all Sihan photos.

For some reason, Noila Mo always felt proud of looking at this picture of Si Han. Although not her son, she wants to show it to the world: Look, what a beautiful baby!

After struggling for a long time, Noila Mo still posted the group photo.

After sending the photos, Noila Mo deliberately checked her mailbox, but she didn’t receive a reply from Allen Chu, and she didn’t even have an automatic reply from the checked email. Noila Mo flipped through her cell phone again, but her inbox was empty. No text messages came in either.

Rude! Uneducated! Noila Mo was so angry that he murmured a few words. He didn’t want to call Allen Chu again to ask if he received it, so he took a shower and went to bed.

People have already said, don’t be affectionate! What is she going to do with her face?

I have been with Sihan for most of the day today, and when I came back, Noila Mo was tired. She lay on the bed and cursed Allen Chu in her heart, and soon fell asleep.

In the dimness, I suddenly heard the phone on the bedside ringing, and Noila Mo didn’t turn on the lamp, so he caught the phone and connected.

“Hello?” Her voice was sleepy, with a little nasal sound, adding to her childishness and cuteness.

Allen Chu’s voice came over: “It’s me. I received the photos. Thank you for taking so many lovely photos for Sihan.”

Oh, Allen Chu finally remembered sending a thank-you letter. Noila Mo wanted to mock him, but he was too sleepy and said vaguely: “Well, you are welcome, this is what I should do.”

After speaking, he let go of his hand and fell asleep again.

On the other end of the phone, Allen Chu’s lips curled up a little bit. What is “you are welcome, this is what I should do”? Why does it sound so naive and ridiculous? Did he help the grandma across the road, or did he pick up a penny on the road and hand it to the police uncle?

Allen Chu endured it. After all, he couldn’t help it. He chuckled and said, “Noila Mo, you have learned polite language really well.”

After Allen Chu finished speaking, after a while, according to Noila Mo’s personality, he would definitely choke back.

As a result, there was no sound on the phone for one second, two seconds, and three seconds.

what the hell? Allen Chu put the phone closer.

The even breathing sound came clearly from the other end of the phone, long and deep, obviously asleep.

Stupid woman~~ Allen Chu smiled between his eyebrows, and shook his head helplessly. The speed of falling asleep was almost as fast as that of a pig, and Sihan was probably not her opponent!

Noila Mo had an interview the next day and would wake up early. After waking up, she habitually picked up her mobile phone to read today’s weather forecast.

As a result, as soon as his eyes touched the screen, they stared wide in surprise!

The phone is still in a call! The opponent is Allen Chu!

What’s happening here? Noila Mo couldn’t react for a while.

Did she forget to hang up last night? But she forgot, Allen Chu shouldn’t have forgotten too!

Why doesn’t he hang up the phone? The mobile phone is attached to her pillow, if you stay overnight, you will get brain cancer!

Does this illiterate man know?

Before hanging up anyway, Noila Mosuo grabbed the phone and shouted, “Hey!!!”

She used her life’s unique skills, Mo Shi’s lion roar, with ten percent of her internal strength!

Allen Chu slept soundly, his mobile phone was placed next to his pillow, and Noila Mo’s roar completely awakened him from his sleep.

“What are you shouting? Why are you so excited early in the morning?” Allen Chu frowned and pushed the phone farther away disgustingly.

“Allen Chu! What’s the matter! Why did you keep talking last night?” Noila Mo vowed to solve this eternal mystery.

Allen Chu’s face suddenly blushed. Fortunately, Noila Mo couldn’t see it while on the phone: “How do I know? I’m going to get up and hang up.”

Finished hastily, hung up hastily. I was afraid that Noila Mo, a cunning woman, would find a clue.

Allen Chu sat on the edge of the bed for a while, scratching his hair somewhat annoyed.

He must be fascinated by ghosts. He actually put the phone to his ear childishly last night, and fell asleep listening to Noila Mo’s breathing!

Listening to her breathing, it was as if she was right beside him, in his arms. That feeling is very sweet and very worrying.

Allen Chu shook his head, thinking that he must be crazy! It’s so easy to create the illusion of breaking up with Noila Mo. Now that Xiang Hanwei hasn’t resolved it, how can he mess around?

The men entangled with Noila Mo outside the hotel, and the men in black who used drugs to stun Noila Mo who attempted to kill others. There is Xiang Hanwei behind these incidents.

Allen Chu’s lips pressed a sharp angle. Xiang Hanwei always pretended to be simple, kind, gentle and considerate in front of him, but she didn’t expect to do things so harshly!

Chapter 186

Time flows like water, and tomorrow is Jinxin’s wedding. In the evening, Noila Mo printed out a copy of the process of tomorrow’s wedding and memorized it firmly.

Jinxin and Pei Jun invited professional wedding staff to accompany the whole city. Noila Mo is the main bridesmaid. Just remember to help the bride hold the bouquet and wedding ring, and pay attention to the bride’s makeup at any time. You don’t even need to be responsible for the red envelope, it’s better. Leisurely.

After memorizing the process, it was almost 11 o’clock, and Noila Mo was ready to go to bed after taking a shower. Tomorrow, I will get up early and go to Jinxin’s house to accompany her to make-up.

When she got to the bed and was about to draw the curtains, Noila Mo inadvertently caught a glimpse of a tall man standing next to the black SUV with the shadow of a tree downstairs.

The curtains were already half drawn, and Noila Mo’s heart jumped, and she pulled the curtains back, and looked at the man several times.

Why… It looks a bit like Allen Chu?

A little bit of red light was extinguished, her eyes widened here and desperately trying to see clearly. On the other side, the man didn’t know whether it was throwing a cigarette butt or standing tired and changed his posture. He took a step forward and his body completely melted into the shadow of the tree.

Noila Mo became more suspicious as she watched, how could the outline of that car resemble Allen Chu’s car? There is also that man, tall, with his domineering and arrogant posture when he is standing, he looks exactly like Allen Chu!

Is it really him? What is he doing? In the middle of the night, squatting downstairs at her house, is it a show of secret love or a show of catching rape?

Noila Mo was puzzled. I drew the curtains and lay down on the bed. She was still uncomfortable as she was scratching her heart. She simply put on her clothes and crept out of the house. She wanted to find out.

When she walked into the elevator, the car in the elevator showed her shadow. Noila Mo took a look, and she almost cried without disgust.

Sneaky appearance, but there is still an idiot smile on his face!

Noila Mo touched her face. She just went down to check her eyes. Why did she have such a happy smile on her face?

The elevator was fast, and the floor where she had lived was not high, so she quickly reached the first floor.

Noila Mo shrank in the hall and glanced outwards. What’s the matter? There is no shadow of SUV at all? ! It’s empty under the shadow of the tree. Where is the car? Where are the men?

Could it be that she was dazzled just now? Noila Mo rubbed his eyes vigorously, but there was nothing but the night wind blowing across the treetops, making a rustling sound.

At that moment, Noila Mo was extremely disappointed. As if picked up a huge sum of money, happily went to the bank to exchange it, and was told that it was all counterfeit money!

Disappointed, frustrated, feeling stupid and pitiful, and will never succeed in life again… Noila Mo was full of negative energy, and walked towards the side of the road.

At this time, I had no thoughts at all, I just wanted to let the cold evening breeze blow my messy thoughts sober.

On the side of the road, where the SUV was parked just now, the cigarette butts in a place… Compared to the clean ground around, they looked so shocking.

Noila Mo’s feet stopped suddenly, staring at the cigarette butts in that place, and tears burst out suddenly.

He was here! He really came! It’s not that I am idiotic and committing hysteria! Allen Chu, just stopped here just now, downstairs at her house!

Noila Mo wanted to laugh, but the tears flowed more fiercely…

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