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Chapter 187

In the morning, Noila Mo got dressed, took the bridesmaid’s dress and skirt, and ran to Gu Jinxin’s house after taking a taxi.

Jin Xin’s wedding was costly. Even the bridesmaid’s skirts were tens of thousands of pieces. The complicated lace, the tiny pearl buttons, and the long skirts made it very difficult to walk. Noila Mo couldn’t wear it by herself, so she could only wear it with help.

When she arrived at Jinxin’s house, she had just finished freshening up and was discussing makeup with the makeup artist. Seeing Noila Mo was here, she waved her and called her over: “Noila, tell you an unfortunate news, you must hold on!”

Noila Mo’s back was cold: “What news?”

Gu Jinxin observed her expression: “Didn’t it say that Allen Chu was not the best man? Last night, he temporarily changed his mind and called Pei Jun and said he wanted to be the best man!”

Uh? Allen Chu is coming too? Noila Mo suddenly panicked: “Why did he come? Is Xiang Hanwei still a bridesmaid?”

Gu Jinxin sighed: “Yes! She told me before when you didn’t return to China that she was going to be a bridesmaid when I got married. Now that the three of you meet in person, will something go wrong?”

Noila Mo was stunned, and quickly patted Gu Jinxin on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, I can just avoid Allen Chu. Xiang Hanwei is also very kind, and there shouldn’t be any trouble.”

Gu Jinxin nodded: “Noila, I’ll take care of you.”

Noila Mo stood next to him mechanically, assisting the makeup artist to help Gu Jinxin put on make-up. Thinking of the cigarette butts in that place, his heart began to mess again…

I haven’t seen Allen Chu for five days. He is tall and upright. He should be handsome in the best man’s dress, right?

Noila Mo bit her lip suddenly as she woke up. How about being handsome? He attended Jin Xin’s wedding as Xiang Hanwei’s boyfriend, and only Xiang Hanwei was standing beside him!

And she is just an irrelevant passerby!

Gu Jinxin just finished putting on makeup, and the other three bridesmaids came. Xiang Hanwei wore a little champagne dress, her makeup was so exquisite that she could catch up with Gu Jinxin.

Seeing Noila Mo, Xiang Hanwei’s eyes flickered.

Noila Mo’s makeup is very light and very light, but this way she has a fair and clear skin. Of the four bridesmaids, she was the most outstanding.

Xiang Hanwei reached out and hugged Gu Jinxin enthusiastically, then hugged Noila Mo again: “Noila, you look a little haggard, okay you were too excited to sleep last night?”

Haggard? no? After washing my face in the morning and looking in the mirror, I saw that I looked pretty good! Noila Mo touched her face and smiled politely: “Really? I’ll add some makeup later!”

While talking, Gu’s father and mother had already warmly greeted the bridesmaids to eat early.

Just after eating early, Pei Jun’s team came.

Noila Mo’s palms couldn’t help sweating when she heard the loud crackling of firecrackers downstairs.

She laughed at herself in her heart, but she hadn’t seen each other for five days. Why was she so nervous?

The bridesmaids are clamoring to open the door for money. Noila Mo is the main bridesmaid, so she sits quietly with Gu Jinxin in the bedroom without having to join in the fun.

Helped her tidy up the hem of the wedding dress, put on her wedding shoes, carefully checked the clothes and makeup again, and confirmed that everything was OK, Noila Mo looked at Gu Jinxin’s face and smiled sincerely: “Jinxin, you today it’s beautiful!”

Gu Jinxin watched Noila Mo help her do this and that with care and consideration, not letting go of every detail, even more careful than getting married, and was very moved in her heart. Holding Noila Mo’s hand back: “Noila, thank you!”

The two looked at each other and smiled, all their friendship was in this smile…

Pei Jun gave an opening fee of 50,000 yuan. The big red envelopes made the bridesmaids laugh happily.

The door opened, and Pei Jun and the four best men rushed in.

Allen Chu stood next to Pei Jun. His black suit, white shirt, and black bow tie made him as handsome as a god, and the whole room lit up.

Noila Mo saw Allen Chu at a glance, raised his eyes and quickly glanced at him, then quickly turned his eyes away.

Pei Jun smiled and walked towards Gu Jinxin, stretched out his arm, and violently hugged Gu Jinxin!

There was enthusiastic applause in the room, and everyone urged loudly: “kss! kss and go out!”

Noila Mo peeked at Allen Chu, but his eyes matched those of Xiang Hanwei.

She clung to Allen Chu closely, staring at Noila Mo quietly.

There was a deep smile on her face, but her eyes were as cold as a poisonous snake.

Noila Mo’s heart beat wildly! Xiang Hanwei must know something, otherwise, why would he look at her with such a look?

Noila Mo hurriedly lowered her head, not daring to look at Xiang Hanwei again.

In front of Xiang Hanwei, she really couldn’t justify herself. In my heart, there is always an apology and guilt…

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo from the corner of her eyes. Her white little face was clear without any blemishes, and her long eyelashes drooped to hide the emotions in her eyes. She frowned, smiled, and made every move. It’s what he likes…

For a while, I couldn’t help but stay a little…

“Allen, what are you in a daze?” Xiang Hanwei’s arm wrapped his arm and asked him defiantly.

Allen Chu hooked his lips: “Nothing. Pei Jun is so handsome today!”

Pei Jun is so handsome? Xiang Hanwei sneered in her heart, Allen Chu, who do you want to lie to? You just didn’t look at Pei Jun at all!

Staring at Noila Mo, who was bending over to help Gu Jinxin tidy the hem of her wedding dress, the fierceness in Xiang Hanwei’s eyes was fleeting.

Noila Mo, don’t be proud, today next year will be your anniversary!

Gu Jinxin, sorry, because you made friends carelessly, the wedding turned into a funeral! I didn’t mean to leave you a lifetime shadow~

Xiang Hanwei took Allen Chu’s arm and whispered in his ear, “In my eyes, you are the most handsome man in the world!”

Allen Chu smiled slightly and k*ssed her on the cheek very cooperatively.

This k*ss happened to be watched by Noila Mo, who was straightening up.

Noila Mo bit her lip and lowered her eyes, hiding herself deeper into the crowd, far away from Allen Chu and Xiang Hanwei.

Allen Chu is crazy! Since she has such a deep love with Xiang Hanwei, why did she run downstairs to her house last night?

Not to mention that she was dazzled, the gilded letters on the cigarette butts are clear, they are simply the brands he often smokes!

Forget it, there is nothing to worry about with Allen Chu’s intermittent neuropathy. If you keep entangled, I’m afraid she will go crazy!

Noila Mo no longer looked around, followed Pei Jun and walked outside, concentrating on her role as a bridesmaid.

Chapter 188

After some hustle and bustle, a group of people drove toward the hotel in a mighty car.

This is a hotel of the nature of a private club, because in the suburbs, there is a large mountain forest. There are sika deer, peacocks and other gentle and beautiful small animals. On the sparkling lake, black and white swans are swimming gracefully. Playful and the scenery is very pleasant.

The huge welcoming convoy entered the hotel from the main entrance. Noila Mo got out of the car and was shocked by the posture of the parking lot.

The small parking lot is full of luxury cars, and it has become a famous car fair. The crowds that come and go are exquisitely dressed, and some people’s faces are still very familiar, and they are often seen on TV.

Obviously, this is a luxurious feast for the upper class.

“Jinxin is really lucky! It’s such a smooth marriage to the rich!” One of the four bridesmaids, Jinxin’s cousin, Jin Qiao, said with envy, looking at the crowd.

Xiang Hanwei smiled slightly: “Jin Qiao, you don’t have to envy Jin Xin, you can marry a rich man if you want.”

Gu Jinqiao looked at Xiang Hanwei, and complained a little bit in her tone: “I told my cousin several times and asked her to help me pay attention to my cousin’s single friends and see if I can introduce them to me, but every time she said there was no suitable one. …”

Noila Mo frowned when she heard it, Gu Jinqiao’s tone made her uncomfortable, and she thought that Jin Xin wanted to prevent her from marrying a rich family.

Jin Xin also told her that Jin Qiao is a little worshipper of money, and has an impetuous and simple personality.

“Jin Qiao, your cousin naturally hopes that you have a good marriage, she said that there is no suitable, there should be really no suitable. Your cousin will not lie to you.” Noila Mo quickly explained to Gu Jinxin.

Xiang Hanwei glanced at Noila Mo, and smiled at Gu Jinqiao: “Your cousin doesn’t have the right one, I have. I know several good diamond kings, and their family background is no worse than Pei Jun. I will introduce a few you know. “

“Really? Sister Hanwei, you are so kind!” Gu Jinqiao almost jumped up with joy.

“Of course it’s true. When the wedding is over, I’ll make an appointment for you.” Xiang Hanwei said very firmly.

When Xiang Hanwei came out, Noila Mo didn’t want to say anything.

The gloomy look in Xiang Hanwei’s eyes just now made her feel uneasy, and she just wanted to stay away from her.

Although the professional wedding company had already made all the preparations for the wedding, Noila Mo was still a little worried and wanted to check it again by herself.

“Noila Mo! Hurry up, let’s go to the locker room to change clothes!” Gu Jinqiao hurriedly called her when Noila Mo was behind.

The bridesmaid dresses chosen by Pei Jun and Gu Jinxin are also very beautiful, and Gu Jinqiao can’t wait to try them on.

Noila Mo looked at the busy wedding staff at the main wedding venue, and shouted to Gu Jinqiao: “You go first! I’ll go over and see if the champagne tower is set.”

A flash of splendor flashed in Xiang Hanwei’s eyes, and she pulled Gu Jinqiao and said, “Let’s go first.”

The bridesmaids share a dressing room, and people from the wedding company are waiting at the door, ready to help them change their dresses.

Xiang Hanwei waved to them: “No, we can help each other to change.”

Another college classmate of Gu Jinxin, Chen Peng, is one of the four bridesmaids. She is more familiar with Noila Mo, but not with Xiang Hanwei and Gu Jinqiao. She quickly asked the wedding company to help her change her dress and left first. .

Only Xiang Hanwei and Gu Jinqiao were left in the dressing room.

Xiang Hanwei held the hem of the dress to help Gu Jinqiao put it on, and patiently helped her button up the tiny pearl buttons on her back, with a gentle smile on her face.

For a commoner Cinderella like Gu Jinqiao, Xiang Hanwei’s white and rich beauty has always been nothing but looking up.

Today, Bai Fumi unexpectedly helped her get dressed! Gu Jinqiao was a little flattered.

“Jin Qiao, you are in charge of the wedding staff in charge of the dressing room, right?” Xiang Hanwei asked casually.

“Yes, it’s me.” Gu Jinqiao replied unsuspectingly.

Xiang Hanwei helped her buckle the last button and suddenly changed the subject: “Jin Qiao, what do you think of Noila Mo?”

“Not bad, good-looking, good temperament. I have a good relationship with my sister. The best of my best friends.”

Xiang Hanwei was silent for a moment, her eyes suddenly red, and she grasped Gu Jinqiao’s hand: “Jinqiao, do you know? She is a junior! She has been entangled with Allen behind my back, and Allen ignored her, she just kept going. Inverted post! I even tried to get close to Allen’s son!”

what? Gu Jinqiao opened his mouth in surprise: “No? Why is she so disgusting! You and President Chu have been healed for several years, so why is she so shameless!”

Xiang Hanwei’s tears fell gracefully from her eye sockets: “Yes! Although Allen is ignoring her now, when I think of her involvement, I feel like I ate a fly!”

Gu Jinqiao recalled it carefully and patted his head: “If you don’t tell me, I didn’t even think of it. Just now, when my cousin-in-law brought the best man and the others into the house to pick up the relatives, President Chu kept staring at Noila Mo without paying attention! I was a little weird at the time, but I didn’t think much about it, it turned out to be so!”

After Gu Jinqiao finished speaking, Xiang Hanwei’s face was even more ugly, and she tried her best to make a pitiful and aggrieved look: “Jinqiao, can you do me a favor?”

“What’s busy?” Gu Jinqiao’s blood boiled, and the little three were punishable, whether she was a cousin’s best friend or not, anyway, being a mistress would have to die!

“When Noila Mo comes in to change clothes, how about you dismiss the wedding staff? So that Noila Mo can’t put on the bridesmaid’s gown and can’t show her face at the wedding for a while!” Xiang Hanwei said viciously.

“This! She is the main bridesmaid, she is also responsible for holding flowers and rings. If she doesn’t go, the cousin must be in a mess!”

Xiang Hanwei stretched out a slender jade to point her forehead: “Stupid, I’ll go get the bouquet and help your cousin pass the ring, why not? Put Noila Mo in the locker room alone and make her anxious In a hurry, what a great prank!”

As he said, he began to pretend to be wronged again: “I can’t find any other way to treat her, I can only use this naive way to vent my anger, Jin Qiao, will you not help me with such a small amount of help? “

Gu Jinqiao was afraid that he would be angry with Hanwei and would not introduce her to the Golden Tortoise. Thinking about it again, it was just shutting Noila Mo in the dressing room, which was not a big deal, so he nodded: “Okay, don’t be upset, I promise You are it.”

Xiang Hanwei hugged Gu Jinqiao: “Jinqiao, you are so kind! I will definitely introduce you to the most handsome and richest boyfriend!”

Asking Gu Jinqiao to do this would only mean that it was an accident, and Allen Chu couldn’t suspect her.

Xiang Hanwei thought, almost couldn’t help showing a triumphant smile on her face.

Chapter 189

Noila Mo inspected the champagne tower at the main venue, and then inspected the microphone and the LCD screen directly in front of the venue. Seeing that everything was okay, she hurried to the dressing room.

The wedding will begin in a while, and her bridesmaid’s dress has not changed yet.

Just walked to the door of the bathroom in front of the dressing room, Xiang Hanwei came out from the inside with a bitter face, and saw Noila Mo as if he had seen a lifesaver: “Noila, my hair is tangled in the earrings, I can’t help it. Untie it, can you go to the bathroom to untie it for me?”

Noila Mo originally didn’t want to have too much contact with Xiang Hanwei, but when someone talked about such a small favor, she was not too good to help. Then nodded: “Okay.”

Xiang Hanwei wears a pair of very precious emerald earrings, retro style, with complicated carvings, a strand of hair entangled in the hollow of the carvings, it is indeed a bit difficult to untie.

Noila Mo stood next to Xiang Hanwei, using his fingertips to loosen the tangled hair a little bit, and then carefully pulled the hair out of the carved flower, for fear of hurting Xiang Hanwei.

Xiang Hanwei stared at Noila Mo’s focused and beautiful face from the mirror, and smiled: “Noila, be careful, don’t break the carved flower on it. This pair of earrings was given to me by Allen from London. It was taken at the auction and it cost hundreds of thousands of pounds!”

Noila Mo’s fingertips trembled, and she said calmly, “Oh.”

Xiang Hanwei talks about Xing Zhengnong: “Well, Allen is really spending money, although I like emeralds, but such a small pair of earrings cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is really scary to wear.”

Noila Mo couldn’t even “Oh” come out. I speeded up my hand, just want to untie the hair quickly.

It was so easy to untie, Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief, ready to go to the dressing room to change dresses.

When it was said that it was too late, Xiang Hanwei suddenly picked up a small bottle from the washstand in the bathroom without warning, bent down and sprayed it twice at Noila Mo’s ankle.

The scent filled the bathroom. Noila Mo sniffed and smelt it, feeling very upset. What is Xiang Hanwei doing? Spray perfume on her body without her consent. Is she familiar with her?

Xiang Hanwei smiled and looked at Noila Mo: “How about it? It smells good? I tried it just now, and found that this bottle of perfume smells very special and good, so I wanted to share it with you. Spray it on my ankles. Come on, walk on the road for a while, and the aroma will flow from your calves. Those single men will definitely be infatuated by you!”

Does it smell good? Noila Mo sniffed again, didn’t feel good, it smelled weird, and a little dizzy after a long time.

Thinking about changing the dress as soon as possible, Noila Mo didn’t have time to argue with Xiang Hanwei, and said hurriedly: “Thank you.” Then she turned and walked towards the dressing room.

Xiang Hanwei stared at Noila Mo’s back, with a cold smile on her face.

Noila Mo walked into the locker room and found that there was no one inside. Strange, where did the wedding staff go? This dress has so many small buttons on the back, how can she wear it well alone?

Forget it, try it yourself first. Noila Mo took off her clothes, put the dress on her body, and began to raise her arms, and tried to button her back.

Not at all! The waist and neck can be buckled, but the back can’t be buckled at all!

Noila Mo lowered his arms in frustration, ready to go out and find someone to come in for help.

“Hiss” In the corner of the velvet lounge chair in the locker room, a strange sound suddenly came.

This sound made Noila Mo’s scalp numb, and immediately began to get goose bumps on her arms.

This sound…how does it sound like a certain animal?

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