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Chapter 193

From the twilight to the late night, Noila Mo felt that her strength was completely overdrawn. After being taken by Allen Chu and taking a bath, just lying down and just about to enjoy his sleep, Gu Jinxin called.

“Hi, Jinxin!”

“Noila, how are you? Calling so late, didn’t you bother you?” Jin Xin said apologetically.

“No, no, I haven’t slept yet.” Noila Mo quickly explained, the man next to her started to move restlessly, and she pulled them away.

“Today is too busy, I can’t get out at all, Noila, are you okay? I heard Allen Chu said that after taking serum protein, it’s basically all right. How are you feeling now?”

Hearing her friend’s concern, Noila Mo’s heart was warm: “Now ankle and calf are still a little sore, nothing else is a problem. Jinxin, enjoy your wedding, I’m really fine. You don’t have to worry. Right. , Don’t you want to go to Turkey for your honeymoon? Are you leaving tomorrow?”

“Well, I will leave tomorrow. By the way, Noila, do you think this is a bit weird? I asked the hotel staff that there is no forest near the locker room. How did the snake get into the locker room? What? Also, the door was locked from the outside, is this a coincidence?”

Noila Mo bit her lip. In fact, she had a doubt in her heart, but she was still unsure. I was afraid that Jinxin was worried, so I had to say: “There are many trees in the hotel, and there are also many animals in the free range. It is possible that poisonous snakes will get in. At that time, the other bridesmaid’s dresses had been changed, and I was alone in it. The people from the wedding company were not there either. I probably thought there was no one inside, so I locked it. Jinxin, it should be just an accident. Don’t think too much about it and spend your honeymoon at ease!”

Finally convinced Jin Xin not to worry, and hung up the phone, Noila Mo turned her head to find that Allen Chu was looking at her thoughtfully.

“Why look at me like this?” Noila Mo poked him in the face.

Allen Chu took her hand and brought her into his arms: “Noila, there is one thing, I must tell you.”

“what’s up?”

“You were bitten by a poisonous snake. This incident is not an accident. I think someone deliberately killed you. I missed this time and I am worried that that person will look for other opportunities to start. Starting today, you must be careful and careful. Go out as little as possible and avoid it for a while.”

Allen Chu paused: “By the way, you can’t live there anymore. You have to move, otherwise I’m always worried.”

Noila Mo also knew that it was a matter of great importance, so she nodded her head obediently, “Yeah.”

Allen Chu was a little surprised, and squeezed her small face: “Huh? Why are you so behaved today? Why didn’t you even ask, you promised me?”

Noila Mo pulled away his claws, feeling a little bored: “I’m sorry to be okay? I’m as beautiful as a flower, a talented person, and my life is so beautiful. I want to live a few more years! I think of the way that person looks at me. , I shudder, she shouldn’t let me go…”

Allen Chu looked at her deeply: “Do you know who it is?”

Noila Mo bit her lip: “She sprayed something on my ankle in the bathroom. Later, when the snake bit me, it happened to be there. However, I just doubt it, not 100% sure.”

Allen Chu hugged her tightly: “Noila, I’m sorry, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have suffered so much danger and injury. You are discharged from the hospital today, can you move to my house? Let me take care of you. And , You can still see Sihan every day.”

Noila Mo shook his head: “No.”

She didn’t want to move to his house with such a name.

Allen Chu also guessed her thoughts, thought for a while, and scratched her little nose: “Okay, then I will help you find an apartment. During this time, unless I am here, you should try to go out as little as possible.”

Noila Mo gave him a white look: “I can’t get out even if you are here. I must be trapped in the house forever…” After half-talking, he suddenly stopped and his face turned red.

“Haha, why didn’t you say it?” Allen Chu teased her deliberately. He actually understood what Noila Mo wanted to say.

She was really right. With her, he really didn’t go out much. When he gets tired of being together, he keeps wanting her. This woman is really his heroin.

Seeing Allen Chu’s narrow smile, Noila Mo turned her back to him and buried her face in the quilt: “Ignore you, I am asleep.”

Allen Chu squeezed her shoulders, his eyes filled with petting smiles: “Then what do you want? Tell me, and I will promise you.”

Noila Mo looked back at him quickly: “Really?”


“Well, I want to start from the beginning, start dating like a real couple, and start getting to know each other and accept each other slowly. Instead of rolling in bed all day.”

This is what Noila Mo said. The relationship between her and Allen Chu was not normal from the beginning, and the feeling of being out of sight was really uncomfortable. She wanted to walk side by side with him openly, watching movies, eating, enjoying the sun on the lawn of the park, and attending friends’ gatherings just like other couples…

Allen Chu hugged her tightly: “Okay. I promise you that we will start dating when you move into your new home. Like a real couple.”

Although he agreed to her, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what crazy things Xiang Hanwei would do.

Allen Chu actually agreed? Noila Mo unexpectedly widened his eyes and looked at him, and smiled a little bit: “Allen Chu, why are you talking so well now? Have you already loved me so much that you can’t help it?”

It was originally a ridicule, but Allen Chu looked at her earnestly and nodded earnestly: “Yeah.”

Noila Mo was as sweet as drinking honey, smiled so that his eyes turned into crescents, and coquettishly wrapped his neck: “Then what do you love me?”

Allen Chu thought for a while and answered her solemnly: “I love you as beautiful as a flower, and a talent.”

Noila Mo’s smile was dazed, what a bad answer! She glared at him, only to find a narrow flash in his eyes.

He was just kidding her! Just thinking about how to anger him, Allen Chu said: “Noila Mo, what do you love me for?”

Noila Mo tightened the arms wrapped around his neck with a flattering smile: “Love you are powerful and powerful, and the money is too much to spend!”

Seeing Allen Chu’s deflated expression, Noila Mo laughed loudly, very proud of him! She won this match again!

Chapter 194

Allen Chu did things vigorously, and decided to move the night before. When he was discharged from the hospital, the new apartment had been found.

Noila Mo took the key to the new apartment and started to calculate: “I have to go back and move the clothes and other things over. Hey, two big boxes seem to be not enough. Allen Chu, you accompany me to buy some first. A box.”

Allen Chu dragged her directly into the car: “No. Throw them away and buy new ones. Let’s go directly to the new apartment.”

Noila Mo glared at him: “Then I have to go back first. I have other things at home, my laptop, my bank card, my credentials… can’t they also be thrown away? “

Allen Chu stuffed her into the attached car and helped her fasten her seat belt: “I have taken it for you.”

Noila Mo was surprised: “How did you get in?” She didn’t remember that she gave him the key to his own house.

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows: “When you were asleep, I took your key from your bag.”

Noila Mo was speechless. After a long while, he turned his head and stared at him: “Allen Chu, do you want to ask me in advance when you take my things? Is there anyone you are so indifferent to?”

Allen Chu looked at the rearview mirror and reversed, while hurriedly k*ssing her lips: “Yours is mine.”

Noila Mo looked at him dullly and threatened: “Allen Chu, if you don’t get rid of your rudeness, I can abandon you at any time!”

Allen Chu smiled confidently and cast a wink at her: “You can’t bear it! A powerful and powerful man like me, rich and handsome, who can’t spend enough money, where are you going to find a second one!”

Noila Mo got angry. Never seen such a shameless one!

After driving for almost an hour, I finally arrived at Noila Mo’s new apartment.

The new apartment is very high-end, with stricter security measures. Fingerprint verification is required to enter the community. Noila Mo followed Allen Chu into the community, and while looking at the scenery along the way, he muttered with hatred for the rich: “It’s too much. There is a street lamp, and the railing is made of white marble!”

As they were talking, a man and woman passed by them and gave them a surprised look.

Noila Mo suddenly became embarrassed. She knows why other people have such different eyes. When she went to the hospital that day, she was still wearing a bridesmaid’s dress. When she was hospitalized, she had no clothes to wear. Allen Chu called the secretary to buy a dress and send it over.

Noila Mo still remembered what he said: “Go to the mall next to the company, buy a small dress and send it to XX Hospital.”

Secretary: “What do you want?”

Allen Chu was stunned for half a second: “Pick the most expensive one.”

Then, the most expensive skirt was delivered, with a deep V on the upper body and an ultra-short underneath. Hot like a nightclub call girl.

Allen Chu also saw the surprised eyes of the men and women. After they walked over, he squinted in Noila Mo’s ear: “Haha, they must treat you as a call girl. I must be very envious in my heart, for a while. There will be a hot night.”

Noila Mo’s head was covered with black lines, looking at his crumpled shirt and trousers-he was crumpled on the bed when he was crazy at night, and his beard was not shaved. He had a sloppy appearance and snorted coldly: “Don’t worry, no one else I think so! I am beautiful and talented, can a sloppy homeless man like you can afford it? I call you almost!”

Allen Chu came over immediately: “Okay, then you can make a price!”

Noila Mo held back a smile: “Up to 200, can’t be higher!”

Allen Chu covered his chest injured: “I am a super stamina, a super sluggish man with good skills that can make you orgasm in five minutes, is worth only 200? Noila Mo, you are simply insulting my personality!”

Noila Mo put one hand on his chest and twisted his arm with one hand: “When it comes to the price, you still owe me 1,800!”

After XXOO last time, he actually took the money she gave him! She almost made ends meet!

Allen Chu obviously remembered it too, and shrugged proudly: “Why don’t you get the income from labor! After working so hard all night, I also need to buy some deer whip and other supplements!”

Noila Mo was really speechless, staring at him and didn’t know how to answer the conversation.

Allen Chu’s eyes dropped, staring at her hand on his chest: “Noila Mo, you eat my tofu!”

Noila Mo blinked innocently: “Is there? No?”

As he said, he rubbed his chest muscles with his hands, and began to eat his tofu seriously.

Noila Mo rubbed and pinched, with great strength, thinking that Allen Chu would beg for mercy, but he leaned over and blew into her earholes: “Baby, don’t be so eager, I’ll give it to you when I go back. Be patient, be good !”

¥¥%……&¥! ! !

Is she so hungry! She was just pinching him, trying to hurt him!

Noila Mo threw him away in frustration and walked forward on his own. She admitted that she would never beat Allen Chu in terms of fighting shamelessly and speaking dirty words!

As soon as he got home, Allen Chu rushed over like a hungry wolf, threw Noila Mo onto the sofa and pressed her on her body: “Noila Mo, I’m going to have a big meal! Get off your clothes quickly!”

Noila Mo struggled to get up: “I’ll buy you an inflatable doll! I really can’t wait for it!”

Allen Chu’s big hands directly squeezed her two snowy white balls: “Okay. Buy one with a bigger breast. You…oh!”

Noila Mo was furious and kicked him: “Get out!”

“Haha!” Allen Chu laughed loudly and flexibly moved away from her Foshan Wuying feet, standing by the sofa and began to undress.

“Allen Chu! What are you doing!” Noila Mo felt a little bad.

Allen Chu continued to take off his clothes full of showy. He has a very good figure, wheat-colored skin, strong chest, eight-pack abs full of masculine charm, and the mermaid line on the waist is extremely attractive.

Noila Mo was worried, but couldn’t help but glance again.

“Dropping, right?” Allen Chu glanced at her ambiguously and provocatively. Seeing that Noila Mo seemed to have been tempted, he immediately exclaimed in shock: “Noila Mo, you are lascivious! I just want to undress. Just take a shower!”

After that, Noila Mo dropped the enthusiastic heartbeat and went to take a shower. Noila Mo got angry, the damn man, f*cked her again!

Chapter 195

Allen Chu went to take a bath, and Noila Mo looked around in the kitchen, looking for some ingredients to make something to eat.

After tossing for a long time, she was a little hungry.

The kitchen is very complete, and the refrigerator is full of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Noila Mo thought for a while, and made the simplest tomato and egg noodles-just ready to eat after Allen Chu took a bath.

The noodles were ready, put them in a big bowl, and put them on the table. Allen Chu came out wrapped in a bath towel. When he saw the noodles, he smiled so happy that a child said, “Noila, you know me too well, knowing I’m hungry , Supper is ready.”

Noila Mo glanced at his half-naked body: “Go get dressed! Don’t affect my appetite.”

Allen Chu happily went to get dressed, and he suddenly turned to look at Noila Mo halfway down the road: “Will you come with Sihan tomorrow? I will take you to the park for barbecue.”

Noila Mo widened her eyes in surprise: “Tomorrow is not a weekend, don’t Sihan need to go to kindergarten?”

Allen Chu said, “I’m going to city B on business this weekend, so I can’t take you out to play.”

The tone of speech was as if Dad took two children out. Noila Mo said sweetly: “You don’t need to take it, I can take Sihan out to play.”

Allen Chu suddenly became nervous and walked over to support her shoulders: “Noila, when I am away, you must not go out at will, let alone go out alone with Sihan, understand?”

Noila Mo nodded, her heart also filled with darkness. Will Xiang Hanwei really stop it so easily?

City B, Xiang’s living room.

Xiang Hanwei’s eyes widened in disbelief: “Dad, I was so bullied by Allen Chu, you actually let me go back to find him and make peace?”

Xiang Yicheng frowned: “Yes. You go back and find him to make up. Just say you don’t mind if he occasionally cheats.”

Xiang Hanwei’s mother Liu Pinlan was also very surprised: “Translated into, why is this? Allen Chu, an ungrateful thing, dare to bully Hanwei so much. In my opinion, you directly use your relationship to make his company go bankrupt! “

Xiang Yicheng waved his hand: “It’s really a woman’s opinion. The Chu family is not a family without foundation. You want to get rid of Allen Chu. Do you think it’s so easy? You have to make arrangements slowly. Besides, I, Allen Chu, is a good son-in-law. Candidate. Although he is arrogant, he is indeed talented. The Chu family has also developed so fast. It is also a good choice for Hanwei to marry him. The marriage of politics and business will make it convenient for us to launder money in the future.”

Liu Pinlan trembled with anger: “Yicheng, how can you make a joke about your daughter’s lifelong happiness! This is not married yet, Allen Chu has some people out there, and you can get married in the future?”

Xiang Yicheng downplayed: “It’s just playing with a woman! I’ll get bored after a few days. Allen Chu is a businessman. How could he give up Hanwei for that little girl? Think about it and you’ll know.”

As he said, he turned to Xiang Hanwei: “Hanwei, if you want to marry Allen Chu and be the wife of the president of the Chu family, you will endure it forever.”

Xiang Hanwei thought for a long time before hesitatingly said: “Dad, I really like Allen Chu, and I really want to marry him. But I really can’t swallow this breath!”

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