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Chapter 190

Noila Mo turned around fiercely and looked at the source of the sound.

At this glance, she almost didn’t scare her to scream!

Behind the recliner, a big black snake was spitting out the letter, his upper body was erected, and hissing little by little toward her!

The triangular head looks very cruel, and the neck swells and bulges with spectacle-like patterns.

cobra! This turned out to be a cobra!

Noila Mo was so frightened that she didn’t dare to move, for fear that any of her actions would trigger a fierce attack from Cobra!

Fortunately, behind the door of the dressing room, Noila Mo slowly moved towards the door.

Very well, the snake did not catch up, but the upper body stood up in the air, looking at her with those cold triangular eyes.

very good. Noilaan inhaled depressedly, and raised his hand millimeter by millimeter, placing it on the door handle.

Finally, his hand squeezed the doorknob, Noila Mo exhausted all his strength and pulled it desperately!

The expected corridor and the safe crowd did not appear outside the door! The door was locked from the outside!

She can’t open the door at all!

The cold sweat ran down the forehead across the white cheeks, and from the neckline into the chest, leaving behind a cold and sticky sweat…

Noila Mo’s move to pull the door completely angered the Cobra, it speeded up, the protruding pattern on the neck became more obvious, and it rushed towards Noila Mo’s ankle!

“Ah!” Noila Mo let out a scream. This is a big snake, more than one meter long. At this moment, its cold and slippery body is wrapped around her calf, and her fangs are clenching the delicate skin of her ankle, giving She brought a piercing pain!

Suddenly, someone was talking outside the door, and then there was a click of the door lock being opened.

Saved! Noila Mo was extremely frightened, and his tightly stretched brain suddenly relaxed for a while, and his whole body fell limply to the ground, completely falling into a coma.

Allen Chu led someone to smash the door open, and at a glance he saw the cobra entrenched next to Noila Mo, hissing the letter.

Everyone was stunned. Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo anxiously, and saw that she was lying softly on the ground, her eyes closed, her face so pale that there was no blood.

Anxious, Allen Chu rushed toward the door.

“Sir! That’s a poisonous snake! Let’s tell the security guard to come over!” The hotel staff hurriedly stopped Allen Chu.

“Go!” Allen Chu pushed away the staff fiercely, and by the way snatched the fireworks used for the wedding from his hand, and rushed towards the door holding the huge fireworks.

Cobra twisted and rushed towards Allen Chu, everyone at the door screamed and backed away.

Allen Chu brandished the fireworks and slammed at the cobra headlessly, exhausting all his strength in every move!

The cobra seemed to be frightened by Allen Chu’s madness. After dodging for a few times, Allen Chu was hit in the head. After a few bloody spasms on the ground, it softened into a pool of mud.

OMG! The frightened spectator outside the door reacted and rushed forward, ready to lift Noila Mo to send the ambulance.

“Let go!” Allen Chu threw down the fireworks, his eyes filled with bloodthirsty hostility, and he swept over the men who lifted Noila Mo fiercely.

The men were so scared that they quickly let go.

Noila Mo hadn’t put on her dress yet, with her fair shoulders and small pieces of skin exposed on her chest. Allen Chu took off her clothes, wrapped Noila Mo’s body tightly, and ran out after picking her up.

Someone had already called an ambulance, and people from the hotel’s emergency department rushed over after hearing the news, and simply treated Noila Mo’s wound to delay the spread of toxicity.

Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun had also heard about it, and the full house ignored them and rushed over here in a hurry.

At the same time, Xiang Hanwei was the one who ran over.

“Allen, how is Noila?” Gu Jinxin was so anxious that tears came out.

Allen Chu stared at Noila Mo’s pale face, and looked up at Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun: “There should be nothing wrong with me. I’ll take her to the hospital in a while. Let’s continue the wedding. Don’t delay the auspicious time.”

Pei Jun’s mother also rushed over. Hearing what Allen Chu said, she nodded her head and pushed Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun back: “Mr. Chu is right. He should take care of this bridesmaid. There should be no problem. You should go back. Well, everyone is waiting!”

Xiang Hanwei took Gu Jinxin’s hand: “Jinxin, I’ll stay to take care of Noila, too. The ring and bouquet are with Jin Qiao.”

Gu Jinxin looked at Noila Mo anxiously, and then at the unpleasant face of her expectant mother-in-law. Thinking about Allen Chu and Xiang Hanwei both were there, there should be no problem, so she gritted her teeth and went back.

Allen Chu walked forward with Noila Mo striding forward, and Xiang Hanwei followed him in small steps.

“Allen, can you go slower, I can’t catch up with you soon!” Xiang Hanwei yelled softly.

Go slower and let the poison spread even more!

Allen Chu stopped swiftly and turned to look at Xiang Hanwei coldly. Her dark eyes were fierce and bloodthirsty.

“Xiang Hanwei! Are you pretending to be tired?”

The cold voice, with unabashed disgust and hatred.

what? Xiang Hanwei stopped and looked at Allen Chu in disbelief.

“Allen, what are you talking about?”

“You know what I said! Xiang Hanwei, don’t play this trick with me! I tell you, if something happens to Noila today, I will let you bury her with her!”

Allen Chu gritted his teeth and said to Hanwei every word.

“Allen, did you misunderstand? Noila was bitten by a snake. What does it have to do with me? Where did I get such a poisonous snake? Besides, I didn’t lock this door. You blamed this on me. , It’s so unfair!”

Xiang Hanwei is still arguing.

“Pop!” Allen Chu raised his arm and slapped her face fiercely!

“I played this slap for Noila! This is your retribution for setting up a situation to frame her again and again!” Allen Chu said coldly.

Xiang Hanwei covered her face with her hand and looked at Allen Chu in shock, her eyes full of despair and bitter hatred: “Allen Chu, are you hitting me? For this b*tch, Noila Mo, are you hitting me?”

Her voice was as sharp as an iron scraping through the glass, extremely harsh.

Allen Chu didn’t bother to answer her words at all, turned around, holding Noila Mo and continued walking.

“Allen Chu! Stop for me! You ungrateful thing! If it wasn’t for my father, could that piece of land in Hongkou be easily given to you? 2.2 billion, you made a lot of money! Today, for this cheap People beat me! I tell you, if you don’t apologize to me today, I will let you Chu family no longer be able to mix in the real estate industry! Let you go bankrupt! Let you not even live in the bridge hole!”

Xiang Hanwei cried loudly, her beautiful face was a little distorted by hatred.

Allen Chu stopped and turned around, staring at Xiang Hanwei quietly with a pair of sharp eyes: “Okay. Wait and see.”

After finishing speaking, I hugged Noila Mo and walked forward without hesitation!

Noila can’t do anything, he really can’t stand the shock anymore. At first, she was stunned by the drug, and when he took her to the hospital, she was scared to death. This time today, his bravery value has been exhausted. He can no longer bear the third shock!

Go to your real estate! Go to your Xiang Hanwei! Nothing is more important than the little woman in your arms!

Chapter 191

When Noila Mo woke up from the hospital bed, it was already dusk.

Familiar VIP ward, familiar faint smell of disinfectant. The pain in the ankle’s heart had disappeared, only a piece of numbness and slight soreness remained.

Who sent her here? Is it Allen Chu? Where are the others?

The light in the room was very dark, and Noila Mo stretched out his hand strenuously, trying to press the switch on the wall.

Noila Mo tried to stretch her arm a little longer…

Suddenly, her body lost her balance and she fell off the bed with a “plop”!

“It hurts!” Noila Mo touched her right elbow, tears of pain came out.

This is too unlucky! It’s only been a month, this is the second time she has been in the hospital!

The more Noila Mo struggled to remember, the more unable to move, but there was not even a ghost around her, making her feel that the world was desolate, and there was no one to rely on.

The door was gently pushed open from the outside, and a rush of footsteps approached her bed.

Noila Mo sat on the ground leaning against the wall, a large pot of green plants just blocking her figure. She watched Allen Chu stared at the empty hospital bed blankly, and then ran towards the bathroom again after two seconds.

“Mr., who are you looking for?” Noila Mo put her arms on her chest, and said leisurely.

Allen Chu looked back violently as if struck by lightning.

In the dim sky, only a small shadow could be seen beside the big flowerpot. Allen Chu hurriedly turned on the switch on the wall.

The light illuminates Noila Mo’s smiling cheeks. She is tilting her head to look at him with a mischievous smile in her smart eyes.

The muscles that were tense and frightened suddenly relaxed, Allen Chu strode towards her without saying a word, and directly hugged her tightly into his arms. He hugged so tightly that he seemed to melt her into his blood.

“Sir, why do you hug as soon as you come up? How about being civilized and polite?” Noila Mo buried her head in his neck, smelling the faint mint fragrance on his body, and said solemnly.

Allen Chu didn’t speak, and pulled her head with a big hand, and a fiery and ecstatic k*ss was overwhelmingly suppressed.

Noila Mo was so dizzy by him that he gasped for a while, leaning in his arms, and asked him innocently, “Allen Chu, you seemed to be nervous about crying?”

Just now, when he saw that there was no one on the bed, the kind of Huang Huang in his eyes was bewildered, which Noila Mo had never seen before.

Allen Chu twisted her little nose: “Yes, I thought someone was kidnapped by the bad guy, and was violently mutilated.”

“Hey, why are you so worried about her?” Noila Mo asked knowingly, her eyes as subtle as a mischievous kitten.

The corners of Allen Chu’s lips curled up: “Because she is the stupidest idiot in the world. She is unsuspecting and easy to suffer.”

Noila Mo collapsed her shoulders in frustration and glared at him: “Allen Chu! You know what I want to hear is not the answer!”

She knows that he is still Xiang Hanwei’s boyfriend, but he won’t die, so let her indulge and be self-willed!

Even if we see you at dawn, she will let Allen Chu stay with her this night!

Seeing Noila Mo’s disappointed look, Allen Chu couldn’t help laughing and rubbing her hair: “Then what answer do you want to hear?”

Obviously I wanted to coax her to say that sentence. She won’t be fooled!

Noila Mo gave him a white glance: “Forget it, stop chatting, chatting with you is a waste of time.”

Pushing Allen Chu away, he limped and wanted to climb into bed.

Allen Chu hugged her waist tightly from behind, his lips pressed against her neck, and the warm breath fell into her ears gently: “Silly girl, I love you…”

Noila Mo was shocked, and joy spread from the bottom of her heart to her eyes. She didn’t move or looked back, cuddling her body tighter in Allen Chu’s arms, and she couldn’t help smiling, “Yeah.”

Allen Chu began to bite her earlobe: “Just like that, you’ll be done in one click? Repay your favors, do you understand the courtesy?”

Haha, don’t you just want to hear her say you love him?

Noila Mo began to pretend to be confused: “Hey, so sleepy, I’m going to sleep.”

Started struggling to crawl onto the bed again.

Allen Chu hugged her tighter, his voice dragged long, with a threatening tone: “Noila Mo…”

Noila Mo turned her back to him, her smiling eyes turned into crescents, and her mouth was serious: “What are you doing?”

Allen Chu gritted his teeth: “What do you say I want to do! Hurry up! Don’t say no to bed!”

His left hand clamped her slender waist like a pincer, firmly confining her in his arms. The right hand also squeezed her ass punishingly.

Noila Mo was frightened by him, worried that he would be horrified, and put her on the hospital bed in anger. He quickly said vaguely: “Okay, okay, I love you too!”

After speaking, I thought Allen Chu would at least smile smugly, but Allen Chu didn’t react.

Noila Mo turned her head curiously and looked for Allen Chu’s eyes.

His eyes met his eyes. His eyes were so affectionate, and he looked deeply into her eyes: “Noila, this is the first time you said you love me…”

Happiness, satisfaction, and even a hint of childish grievance.

Noila Mo’s heart was shocked, and she couldn’t help but stretched out her hand to gently stroke his Ying Ting eyebrows, her voice was as soft as a whisper: “Allen, I love you.”

Allen, I love you. I love you so much. do you know?

Noila Mo’s fingers touched his face, gently resting on his neck, and then she stood up on one foot with difficulty, and met her lips against his…

The huge ecstasy made Allen Chu’s eyes sparkle almost burning, and his body trembled a little bit with joy. He took Noila Mo’s face and k*ssed her lips wholeheartedly.

Lingering as if to melt away, the tip of his tongue traced the shape of her lips little by little. After tasting her fragrance, he still felt that it was not enough. He put the tip of his tongue into her mouth, flipped and sucked deeply, desperately The jade dew that crushes love.

This k*ss is so beautiful, so pure without a trace of impurities. Noila Mo completely relaxed and devoted himself to Allen Chu. Her soul followed his, dancing together.

Chapter 192

This is Allen Chu’s most tender k*ss. He was not so gentle as Allen Chu.

The lips of the two reluctantly parted, and when they stared at each other, their faces turned a little red.

“Haha, Allen Chu! You blush!” Noila Mo happily pointed to his face and laughed: “It’s really rare in a century! You even blush!”

Of course Allen Chu would never admit it: “Nonsense, you are a thief shouting and catching a thief! He blushes and his heart beats, and he planted it on me!”

As he said, a smirk approached her: “Frankly explain, have you been so handsome by me? Do you love me so much now?”

“Cut!” Noila Mo ignored his smug narcissism, trying to get away from his arms and climb into bed.

Standing on one leg for so long, she really couldn’t hold on anymore.

Only then did Allen Chu realize that she had been standing on one leg, and quickly put her on the bed: “What do you want to eat? I will send the nurse.”

Noila Mo lay on the bed, ready to turn over the bag beside the bed to get her mobile phone: “I will call Jinxin first.”

Allen Chu held down her hand: “The wedding went well. I called Jinxin when you first got out of danger. You can eat something with peace of mind!”

Noila Mo hesitated for a while, and still asked, “Then what about Xiang Hanwei? You sent me to the hospital, does she know? She… will she be unhappy?”

This problem still has to be addressed. Allen Chu is Xiang Hanwei’s boyfriend.

Allen Chu rubbed her hair with a low voice, “Xiang Hanwei has been taken care of by me. Don’t worry.”

Solved it? What do you mean? Noila Mo was agitated and looked up at Allen Chu: “You, what did you do to her?”

Allen Chu was amused by her frightened look: “Don’t worry, she is fine, she has no arms or legs. I didn’t do any illegal activities, just ended with her completely.”

We broke up, Allen Chu and Xiang Hanwei broke up! The shadow that lay among them finally disappeared, but Noila Mo was not happy in her heart.

She was silent for a while before she asked him, “Allen, will she use her father’s power to embarrass you and frame you?”

Allen Chu patted her little head: “What are you doing so much? Since I dare to do it, I will naturally have the ability to bear the consequences. I will ask the nurse to send some red bean porridge?”

He remembered Noila Mo saying that red bean porridge is good for patients.

Noila Mo was still worried and had no appetite: “No, I can’t eat it.”

Allen Chu ignored her and directly rang the bell and called the nurse to bring the porridge.

He erected the small shelf on the table and put the porridge bowl in front of Noila Mo: “Eat!”

He said sharply, without any tenderness.

Noila Mo was very aggrieved and ate half a bowl of porridge, but couldn’t eat it anymore, and pushed the bowl out: “Stop eating!”

“What’s wrong? It doesn’t suit the taste? I let the nurse cook another bowl.”

“The porridge is very good, very suitable. But facing your poker face, it really affects your appetite.” Noila Mo said very sincerely and directly.

Allen Chu glanced at her, picked up a spoon, took a spoonful of porridge into his mouth, and clamped Noila Mo’s chin to force the porridge from his mouth into her mouth.

“Um…” Noila Mo’s voice became unstable after being forced to swallow a big mouthful of porridge: “Allen Chu, you are so disgusting! Let me eat your saliva!”

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows ambiguously: “Do you still eat less of my saliva?”

With that, he pressed up again and snatched her a k*ss.

Noila Mo couldn’t take it anymore, and pushed him: “Ai, my tongue was swollen by your k*ss just now. No more…”

She was thin and slightly angry. In the struggle just now, the large hospital gown slipped off a bit, revealing round and smooth shoulders and a line of snow-white chest line. Allen Chu’s heart moved, and she tightened her waist: “Since I am not hungry, then Let’s do something else…”

Noila Mo was surprised! I hurriedly pressed the medical gown on his chest, trying to push him away: “Allen Chu, are you a beast? I am a patient!”

“It’s okay. I asked the doctor. After the serum vaccine, it was just that my legs were a little sore, and the other things had no effect.”

Noila Mo covered her face with her hands and twitched weakly: “Allen Chu! What did you ask the doctor for!”

Allen Chu k*ssed her neck regardless, and said vaguely: “I ask the doctor if it has any effect on sex life…”

Noila Mo had a black line, feeling that all his tenderness and touches were wasted.

This is a wolf at all. She is still in a coma, and people are already thinking of her!

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