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Chapter 205

Don’t you want to get engaged to Xiang Hanwei? Why did you give her phone number to Sihan again? It’s already like this, Allen Chu still doesn’t want to let her go?

Noila Mo felt sick.

“Sihan, baby, aunt…I can’t come to play with you now. In the future…maybe you won’t be able to play with Sihan in the future. Sihan, I’m sorry…” Although I hate Allen Chu, Noila Mo is very towards Sihan. But he couldn’t keep his face cold. I can’t give up a heavy sentence.

“Aunt Mo! Why? Why can’t you play with me? I will have my birthday in a few days. Last time you promised me that you would spend my birthday with me!” Sihan started to cry because of grievance, and his voice was full of tears. With a cry.

Ah, what Sihan said, Noila Mo remembered. She indeed promised Sihan to spend this birthday with him.

Noila Mo was a bit unreasonable: “Sihan, I’m sorry…Auntie, auntie has been too busy lately, and really can’t accompany you on your birthday. I’ll give you a birthday present as a make up, OK?”

Sihan still refused to agree: “Aunt Mo, if you don’t come, I don’t want to celebrate your birthday. Dad will bring many uncles and aunts every time, but I don’t like it! I only like you!”

Noila Mo felt sad. But what can she do? Allen Chu doesn’t want her anymore. She can’t run to Chu’s house with a cheeky face, right?

Sihan cried very sad on the phone, Noila Mo hung up the phone helplessly, and fell on the bed and cried bitterly.

After a few days in the muddle, Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun returned from their honeymoon. Because she brought a gift to Noila Mo, Gu Jinxin asked Noila Mo to have lunch.

“Noila, why are you so thin?” Gu Jinxin couldn’t help being surprised when she looked at Noila Mo’s haggard look.

Noila Mo smiled bitterly and shook his head, not even in the mood to speak.

When Gu Jinxin came back, she heard Xiang Hanwei brag about her engagement to Allen Chu, thinking that Noila Mo was sad about this, so she patted her hand: “Noila, don’t be sad. I discussed with Pei Jun in the middle of the night. I think Allen Chu was deliberate. It is estimated that he wanted to delay the time to deal with Xiang Yicheng, and now he has to let out the news of the engagement to stabilize Xiang’s family.”

Noila Mo looked out the window feebly: “Who he is going to marry, I have taken lightly. The saddest thing for me now is that I have promised to spend my birthday with Sihan, but can’t do it. Sihan must be disappointed in me. .”

Gu Jinxin slapped his head: “Really! It will be Sihan’s birthday two days later, and I have also received the invitation. I haven’t bought him a birthday gift yet!”

Noila Mo’s eyes lit up: “Sihan’s birthday, do you want to go too? Then you can bring me a birthday gift for Sihan?”

Gu Jinxin nodded: “Okay! There is a store specializing in children’s toys near my home. The toys in it are all exquisite. Let’s go pick one after dinner later!”

Noila Mo felt better now. After lunch, she urged Gu Jinxin to take her to buy toys.

Gu Jinxin glanced at her and couldn’t figure it out. Sihan’s child was cute, but like Noila Mo, it was so rare that he would be so painful after seeing him a few times!

When they arrived at the toy store, Noila Mo and Gu Jinxin were carrying them, and Gu Jinxin’s mobile phone rang.

Gu Jinxin answered the phone: “Hanwei? Are you looking for something to do with me?”

Noila Mo’s heart twitched as soon as he heard Xiang Hanwei’s name. Go away quickly. She didn’t want to hear any more news from Xiang Hanwei and Allen Chu.

“Well, Noila and I are visiting the toy store near my house! Sihan is celebrating her birthday, and we are going to buy her a birthday present.”

“You didn’t buy it either? Then you can come to this store to buy it, the variety is super complete. Only you can’t think of it, there is nothing that is not here. Noila and I are both picky.

Gu Jinxin hung up the phone and saw that Noila Mo had already turned to the other side to pick up toys, so he walked over and patted her on the shoulder: “I want to come to Hanwei in a moment, do you want to see her?”

Want to come to Hanwei? Noila Mo was dumbfounded: “What is she here for?”

“She happened to be eating near here, and heard that we were buying toys for Sihan, so she stopped by and picked a few.”

“Then I’m leaving first. I don’t want to see her.” Noila Mo was very confused. Although Xiang Hanwei looked harmless, she really didn’t want to see her.

Just seeing a toy gun next to him, Noila Mo’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly picked up the gun. The toy gun in Star Wars Fighter, Sihan was clamoring for this last time! She ran a lot of places and didn’t find it, but she didn’t expect to meet it here.

“Jinxin, I have chosen a gift, I’ll go and pay the bill first.” Noila Mo said to Gu Jinxin apologetically.

Gu Jinxin also frowned, “Why does Xiang Hanwei always like to cling to others? As soon as I come back, I call me every day and keep asking for your news. I’m so bored.”

Noila Mo didn’t think about it either, and smiled at Gu Jinxin: “Everyone loves you!”

When she walked to the checkout counter to check out, Noila Mo picked a small white card and wrote “Sihan, happy birthday, Aunt Mo loves you!”, and asked the shopping guide to pack a very beautiful and impressive Star Wars fighter. With the wrapping paper, Noila Mo handed the box to Gu Jinxin: “Jinxin, please hand it over to Sihan for me!”

When Noila Mo walked out of the store, he saw Maserati, who was facing Hanwei pink from a distance, slowly stopping on the other side of the street, and quickly lowered his head and hurriedly speeded up.

I got on the bus and found that the on-board TV was broadcasting the city’s entertainment gossip.

The female announcer is broadcasting in Taiwanese accent: According to sources, Allen Chu, the president of Chu’s enterprise, and the political daughter Xiang Hanwei have set a wedding date. Next month, there will be a grand banquet at Yuanshan Hotel on the 10th. Engagement banquet.

On the screen, a high-definition close-up of Allen Chu and Xiang Hanwei embracing and walking out of the restaurant appeared.

The voice of the female announcer continued: “The three-year long-distance love run for the two has finally come to fruition. Allen Chu had a romantic candlelight dinner with his fiancee the day before. After the dinner, he stayed with the beautiful lady’s boudoir for eight hours and drove away the next morning… …”

Noila Mo rolled his eyes, took out the headphones from his bag, and let the overwhelming music sweep him. I can no longer hear the names of Allen Chu and Xiang Hanwei.

What if it hurts again? The long road in life still has to go on.

Not only to go on, but also to look good.

Noila Mo took a deep breath, raised her head to hold back the tears in her eyes, and smiled hard towards the bright night sky.

Chapter 206

Noila Mo rushed for a day today and interviewed four companies. Recently, my luck has been really bad. I felt pretty good during the interview, but I didn’t hear from me when I looked back.

Noila Mo really wanted to wonder if someone was behind the scenes.

It was already dark when I got home, Noila Mo was tired and hungry, opened the door and kicked off his high heels, throwing himself into the sofa and didn’t want to move.

Even the phone rang, I didn’t bother to get up to pick it up.

However, the bell rang persistently. Noila Mo finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She got up from the sofa and walked to the door to take her bag. He found the phone and was about to answer. Seeing the name of the person on the screen, his heart beat fiercely.

Allen Chu.

This is the first time in more than a week that he actively contacted her.

Noila Mo’s finger hesitatingly placed on the edge of the screen, not knowing whether to press it or answer it.

After hesitating, Allen Chu hung up the phone. The phone returned to a dead silence.

Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to go back to lying on the sofa when the phone rang again. It was from Allen Chu.

Without any hesitation, Noila Mo hadn’t figured out what she was thinking, and she swiped the screen without hesitation.

“Tomorrow for Sihan’s birthday, a birthday banquet will be held at the Violet Hotel. Come here early!” There was not even a word of extra greeting, and Allen Chu’s tone was almost imperative.

Noila Mo was so tired that he didn’t want to talk. Hearing what he said, his heart became angry: “Allen Chu, who do you order? I am not your subordinate, nor your friend, nor anyone of you. You have What qualifications order me?”

“Okay, stop making trouble. Come over tomorrow, Sihan has been looking forward to it for a long time. That day you said you wouldn’t accompany him on his birthday. He cried most of the night, and the next day his eyes were swollen like walnuts. Will you come over tomorrow, give him a surprise.”

Allen Chu didn’t even choke with her, and Noila Mo was very surprised. His voice was deeply tired, and it sounded even more tired than hers who had been running around for a day.

Noila Mo was inexplicably soft, and while scolding herself fiercely for being unworthy and dignified, she still agreed to Allen Chu.

Hearing Sihan crying most of the night, she was really distressed. She promised to attend the birthday party, absolutely nothing to do with Allen Chu!

Noila Mo used this reason to convince herself.

Noila Mo regretted it a little bit. Knowing that, she shouldn’t have Jinxin hand over the gift to her. The gift is handed to Sihan, and it is more heartwarming.

It’s just that she is too tired to go out and buy a new one. That’s it. Just ask Jinxin to come over tomorrow.

Noila Mo didn’t eat any food, and went to bed after taking a shower.

The Violet Hotel is far away from where Noila Mo lives. The birthday banquet is at 12 noon. Noila Mo overslept and woke up at ten o’clock. He changed clothes and put on a light makeup. After taking a taxi, he went to Violet. The hotel rushed.

As he drove to the Violet Hotel, Noila Mo inadvertently caught a glimpse of a woman, her eyes froze fiercely.

The woman was wearing a tight-fitting black short skirt, her long hair curled into big waves, draped straight to her waist, red lips, and long eyelashes. From the side, she looked a bit like Lin Yuyan.

Noila Mo looked up and wanted to take a few more glances, but the woman and her male companion turned into the coffee shop on the side of the road and could no longer see them.

Noila Mo sighed. It should not be Lin Yuyan. She should be living in the United States now.

After so many years, Noila Mo no longer hates her. When they met each other, they just smiled indifferently.

There are cartoon inflatable dolls on the lawn and square outside the Violet Hotel. Happy birthday music rushes into the sky with the fountain. Many neatly dressed and beautiful children walk in with their parents’ hands. It seems that Allen Chu invited I have a lot of friends who think of Han. As soon as you entered the gate, there was a three-person tall toy bear in the middle hall. A group of children gathered around to take pictures, beaming everywhere. Noila Mo couldn’t help but smile: Sihan’s birthday party was really grand and grand, and it seemed that Allen Chu really hurt Sihan.

Chapter 207

In the coffee shop, Lin Yuyan is doing her best to flirt with the opposite man: “Young Master Yun, if you do this, people will really get angry~”

He said that he was angry, but his eyes flowed into flattery.

The man known as Yun Shao is a famous playboy in City C. He walked around Fengyuechang. He has never seen anything like this. Naturally, Lin Yuyan’s tricks of fishing for triumphs have been seen a lot. Into the bottom of her skirt.

Lin Yuyan twisted her body to cooperate with him, and sent herself to his hands better, still complaining softly and squeamishly: “Young Master Yun, why are you not in good shape?”

Shao Yun was aroused by her, and his fingers slammed hard: “Go, let’s go to the hotel next door!”

There was a glimmer of success in Lin Yuyan’s eyes, she wanted to pretend to be ignorant and pure: “Didn’t you just say you wanted coffee? Why did you go to the hotel next door?”

Yun Shao glanced at no one around him, then gritted his teeth against her face and said, “Smelly girl, stop pretending!”

Lin Yuyan got excited all of a sudden, stood up with twists and turns, winking like silk: “Young Master Yun, then it depends on your ability!”

The two embraced and walked out of the coffee shop. They saw the lights and festoons at the entrance of the Violet Hotel next to them. There were a few tall cartoon inflatable dolls standing at the entrance. The music of the fountain was all happy birthday tunes. Lin Yuyan looked around with some envy: “Who is this? It’s my child’s birthday, it’s a big show!”

Yun Shao glanced at him: “Follow him! No matter how big the show is, it won’t cover the entire hotel, right? Let’s open our room!”

The result happened to be agreed by Yun Dongqi. When the two walked to the front desk to open the room, the lobby manager smiled and told them: “I’m sorry, the whole hotel has been booked by the guests today. Please also drive to other hotels!”

Yun Dongqi was in a hurry, and was very anxious. He just wanted to open the room and have a good time with Lin Yuyan. Hearing what the lobby manager said, it became hot, and he put on the shelf of the mayor’s son: “Such a big hotel, just say It’s packed? Who are you lying to? Give me a room quickly, and I won’t go anywhere!”

The lobby manager was helpless: “Sir, I don’t have to lie about this kind of thing. We are in business and there is no reason to drive guests out! It is indeed the boss of the Chu family who has contracted the hotel today to celebrate the birthday of the only child.”

Chu? Lin Yuyan felt a little bit in her heart, and was about to ask a few more questions. Yun Dongqi became angry: “I and Chu have always known each other, his son celebrates his birthday, and my father came to congratulate me. You can open a room for me, what’s the matter? I’ll go to Mr. Chu to explain!”

“What’s the noise? Who is so not giving face to my grandson?” An old and majestic voice came from behind.

Yun Dongqi and Lin Yuyan both turned their heads, and the old man Chu was holding the butler’s hand and walking tremblingly.

The lobby manager knew the butler and quickly winked at him: “This old man is?”

“This is Mr. Chu’s grandfather, who came here from Chicago to celebrate his birthday. You are so noisy, what’s the noise?”

The boss of the housekeeper was unhappy, and his tone was full of accusations of the lobby manager for messing up the errand.

Hearing what the housekeeper said, Lin Yuyan took a closer look, isn’t it the same man who came here? Compared with five years ago, the hair is completely white, and the bones are not very tough.

Upon hearing this, the lobby manager quickly pushed Yun Dongqi out: “Sir, you should leave now, we really can’t make room here!”

Yun Dongqi’s eyes widened: “Do you know who my father is? Dare to drive me away, there is no such person in City C!”

Laozi Chu squinted at Yun Dongqi, then looked at the lobby manager with a smile: “Are there no security guards in your hotel? Fork out!”

Yun Dongqi said so arrogantly that his old man even asked the security guard to rush away without asking who was the backer behind him. It was really bold! Rich people are good, rich and powerful, no one is concerned. The lobby manager sighed in his heart and hurriedly called the security guard over.

Taking advantage of the security entanglement with Yun Dongqi, Lin Yuyan hurriedly hid behind the big teddy bear next to her.

Seeing Yun Dongqi being crossed out of the hotel lobby, Lin Yuyan ran to catch up with Mr. Chu, “Old man, do you still know me?”

Elder Chu looked at the windy and glamorous girl in front of him, and couldn’t remember who she was.

Lin Yuyan said, tears came down: “Master, you really don’t know me? I am… the mother of your grandson!”

As Lin Yuyan said, she quickly made small calculations.

She is almost thirty, and the good years of a woman have passed. Fooling around with Yun Dongqi is nothing more than a business of skin and flesh. Yun Dongqi has a real girlfriend and it is impossible to marry her, and it is just an underground mistress to mix well.

But climbing to the Chu family is different. The grandson of the Chu family is so precious. She reveals the identity of the “biological mother” and the Chu family sends her a little, which is enough for her to be worry-free for the rest of her life. Much better than following Yun Dongqi.

Your grandson’s mother? When Mr. Chu heard Lin Yuyan’s words, he had a bit of an impression in his mind.

Seeing her coquettishly dressed, she couldn’t help frowning: “What do you want?”

Lin Yuyan was overjoyed in her heart, but she didn’t turn her face and left, indicating that there is something happening! Hurry up and continue to wipe the tears: “Master, I left my son in the Chu family at the beginning, because I was fascinated by my heart. In the past few years, I think that my son’s heart hurts. Master, please do well, let me see him! “

Elder Chu stared at Lin Yuyan, how he felt that she was pretending that this vain woman was willing to abandon her baby child for the money, but now she is pretending to be a mother again. It’s ridiculous!

“Let’s talk about it, how much does it cost?” Mr. Chu is least afraid of using money to kill people. As long as the money can be done, it is nothing.

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