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Chapter 208

Lin Yuyan didn’t expect Mr. Chu to be so refreshing. She was afraid that the cooked duck would slip away, so she didn’t dare to take Joe again. She hurriedly stretched out five fingers and smiled flatly: “Lord, look at this, is this number OK?”

“Five million is no problem, but from now on, my great-grandson has nothing to do with you! Understand?” Old man Chu stared at Lin Yuyan: “If you don’t stop, don’t talk about money, can you keep your life? I can’t guarantee it!”

five million? Lin Yuyan was so surprised that she almost didn’t call out! She had thought that she would be able to get rid of a 500,000 yuan, but she did not expect that Old Man Chu would be so generous!

Nodded quickly: “Sure! Don’t worry, I must be rotten in my stomach. Your precious grandson has nothing to do with me from now on!”

“Grandpa, who is this?” Behind him, Allen Chu’s voice came, and he was leading Sihan towards this side. He heard half of Lin Yuyan’s words and couldn’t help but looked at her suspiciously.

Elder Chu glanced at Allen Chu and then at Si Han, sighing in his heart, such a beautiful great-grandson, the biological mother is so unbearable.

Fearing that Lin Yuyan would be entangled in Sihan’s confession, Mr. Chu asked the housekeeper to quickly take away Sihan. Then he turned his head to look at Allen Chu, his face sinking: “Who is this, do you still need me to mention something?”

Speaking of this, Mr. Chu hates him. Allen is good at everything, but he doesn’t care about marriage. In the early years, I wandered around the flowers, and the women around me changed one after another. Now I finally settled down to seriously fall in love with Xiang Hanwei, and ended up talking about not getting married for more than three years!

Fortunately, there is still a cold for him to hug, otherwise it will be deadly.

Hearing what Old Man Chu said, Allen Chu was stunned and looked at Lin Yuyan seriously, but he still didn’t know him, and he was completely impressed!

Seeing Allen Chuying’s handsome appearance, Lin Yuyan’s thoughts began to liven up again. The girl Noila probably died in Chicago a long time ago. She used her son to get close to Allen Chu, maybe she could still be half a mistress.

At the moment, pretending to be a weak Liu Fufeng, he leaned forward: “Chu, don’t you remember me? I, I am…your son’s mother!”

Sihan’s biological mother? Allen Chu seemed to have been struck by lightning. At first, Mr. Chu accepted Sihan in a daze. He didn’t think much about his DNA after checking his DNA. He thought it was an accident that he left a seed, and the woman came to the door.

But Lin Yuyan, he really has no impression at all.

Lin Yuyan saw that Allen Chu didn’t remember at all, and quickly explained: “Mr. Chu, that night… Later, I went to you with your shirt… Did you remember?”

Shirt…Allen Chu finally remembered, his thick eyebrows furrowed tightly, looking up and down Lin Yuyan, the more he looked at it, the more impossible it became.

Her facial features and charm are not the slightest similar to Sihan. Look at the dust and debauchery in her bones. He doesn’t believe that she will kill him. She will be Sihan’s biological mother!

Being stared at by Allen Chu’s sharp eyes, Lin Yuyan began to panic: “Mr. Chu, you don’t believe that I gave birth to my son? Didn’t the father also have DNA tested? That is indeed your biological son!”

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows and was about to speak. Si Han took Noila Mo’s hand and ran over excitedly: “Dad! Look at the laser pistol Aunt Mo bought for me!”

Lin Yuyan followed the voice and looked at her, her face was so pale that she lost her blood!

Thousands of calculations, I didn’t expect Noila Mo to be there! This girl didn’t even die in Chicago!

After a few moments of confrontation, everything is over!

Lin Yuyan took advantage of Mr. Chu and Allen Chu to look towards Noila Mo. She wanted to slip her feet with oil. Who knows that the butler was watching and asked coldly: “You haven’t finished speaking, please wait!”

Noila Mo also saw Lin Yuyan, her eyes widened in disbelief: “Sister!”

Seeing that Lin Yuyan couldn’t hide, she turned her head with a dry smile: “Noila, I didn’t expect to meet you here!”

With a loud elder sister, Allen Chu was completely stunned. This woman turned out to be Noila Mo’s sister?

Noila Mo’s child died, her sister appeared with a child, and Noila was so close to the child again… Allen Chu’s mind flashed a vague idea, but was interrupted by Sihan’s crisp voice: “Aunt Mo, is this aunty your sister? Then am I going to call her Aunt Da Mo and Aunt Xiao Mo?”

Lin Yuyan chuckled, she could only bite the bullet and proceed, pretending to be affectionate and trying to touch Sihan’s face: “Haha! Baby, you are so cute!”

Both the eyes of Mr. Chu and Allen Chu flashed.

Just now Allen Chu took Sihan over. Lin Yuyan saw it, but she didn’t have any reaction to Sihan, and now she looked so affectionate, indicating that she didn’t recognize Sihan at all!

A mother can’t recognize her son?

Allen Chu and Mr. Chu exchanged glances and were about to talk. Sihan took the laser gun and began to demonstrate: “Grandpa, Dad, look, if you pull this place, light will come out here…”

As he said, his little hand pulled the trigger excitedly.

“Ah!” With a harsh scream, Xiao Allen violently threw away the pistol, covered his eyes with both hands, and his small body began to tremble!

“Sihan!” everyone screamed in surprise.

Why, the light that should have been shot out of the barrel is shot from behind? Will it just meet Sihan’s eyes? And it’s so bright? The eyes of several adults were so painful that they shed tears!

Noila Mo rushed forward, tears falling down, and her throat was chopped: “Sihan, what’s wrong with you? Good, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare Auntie!”

Just take the gun out of the box, something like this happened! She gave this gun to Sihan! Why is it bad!

“Aunt Mo, my eyes hurt, I can’t see it anymore!” Si Han cried out loudly, hiding in Noila Mo’s arms instinctively, holding Noila Mo’s skirt tightly with her little hands, so helpless. Noila Mo’s heart was so painful that she was crying with her arms around Sihan.

Allen Chu was calm, and immediately called an ambulance.

Sihan’s screams shocked the guests, and everyone gathered around.

Xiang Hanwei followed Gu Jinxin and Pei Jun, and walked over here. Seeing Sihan covering his eyes with his hands and snuggling in Noila Mo’s arms in pain, a cold smile appeared on Xiang Hanwei’s lips.

It seemed that her hands and feet were very successful, and Noila Mo was afraid that she would not know how she died! Sihan is the cusp of Allen Chu. The consequences of hurting Sihan are more serious than hurting himself!

Chapter 209

Lin Yuyan was overjoyed when he saw the chaotic situation. She thought she couldn’t get out. Who knew God had eyes for such an accident!

She moved out of the crowd in small steps, and she was about to slip out of the circle. As a result, the butler blocked her way: “You can’t go.”

Lin Yuyan lowered her voice and smiled: “There is nothing wrong with me here. I think I can leave as soon as possible.”

The housekeeper glanced at her: “Aren’t you the young master’s biological mother? The young master is injured. You said nothing happened to you?”

He has also heard of some of the events of the year. This woman is really suspicious!

Allen Chu was following the lobby manager to evacuate the crowd of onlookers. He just heard the housekeeper’s words, and cast a cold sentence: “Take this woman to the hospital with me, just to have the DNA test!”

After a rush, Xiao Sihan was sent to the hospital smoothly. The emergency room was not allowed to enter, and everyone was waiting in the corridor.

Noila Mo’s heart was gripped tightly, her tears never dried up, she couldn’t sit down at all, and tiptoed to the emergency room.

Elder Chu looked at him and said in his heart that, compared to the woman just now, this Noila Mo is more like Sihan’s mother. Noila Mo had this feeling when he lived in Chu’s house, and after five years, this feeling has become stronger.

Mr. Chu looked at Noila Mo’s eyebrows carefully, the more he looked at it, the more startled he became. This look, this outline, is so similar to Sihan!

Especially the contours of the chin and forehead are almost printed in a mold!

Everyone was in a state of anxiety, and the doctor came out: “The child’s eyes were burned by the bright light, and the cornea of ​​the eye is more severely damaged. Now the child has been given a tranquilizer and has fallen asleep.”

Noila Mo almost fainted when she heard that the cornea was seriously damaged.

Allen Chu was still calm, and he and Mr. Chu gathered around the doctor to consult carefully.

The doctor comforted: “Although the damage is severe, it is difficult to recover in the later stage. Will it be blind? It needs further treatment and observation.”

As soon as the doctor spoke, everyone was silent, and the air pressure in the corridor was suffocating.

“Noila Mo! How could you give your child such a dangerous thing? Did you intentionally? When Allen dumped you, you came to harm Sihan?” Xiang Hanwei rushed to Noila Mo first, and raised her palm. Gave her a resounding slap.

Allen Chu did not stop Xiang Hanwei, nor did Noila Mo hide. She stood upright and slapped Xiang Hanwei, her heart hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe.

It’s all her fault! If she doesn’t give this gun, Sihan will be fine!

Why does the gun have such a malfunction, she still can’t care about it now, a heart is like being rubbed by a giant palm, every breath is painful.

Seeing that Noila Mo didn’t dodge, Xiang Hanwei wanted to slap her again. Allen Chu came over and took her arm: “Enough!”

He looked at her with so indifferent eyes, where is the slightest warmth and affection of unmarried couples? Xiang Hanwei felt cold and couldn’t help asking: “Noila Mo hurt Sihan, did I teach her wrong? Why did you stop? In your eyes, an ex-girlfriend is more important than your son?”

While Xiang Hanwei and Allen Chu were arguing, Lin Yuyan wanted to sneak away again. She clutched her belly and said pitifully to the housekeeper: “My stomach hurts, can I go to the bathroom?”

The bathroom was at the end of the corridor, and the housekeeper nodded, expecting that she would not be able to make waves.

Lin Yuyan ran all the way into the bathroom like a pardon. She had been to this hospital. The bathroom was connected to the balcony of the men’s bathroom next door. There was a staircase next to the men’s bathroom.

Chapter 210

Looking at Xiang Hanwei’s angry face, Allen Chu said indifferently: “How can the toy pistol be abnormal? This matter needs to be investigated. If Noila Mo is really framed, I will definitely not let her go.”

Hearing what Allen Chu said, Xiang Hanwei felt a little more comfortable. She did this very secretly. The clerk in the toy store has quit and went to another city. Investigate? How to investigate?

Noila Mo had no idea about this black pot.

Xiang Hanwei stopped speaking, and the atmosphere fell into a dead silence.

“Uncle Wang, you can take the old man back to rest. I’ll just stare here.” Allen Chu winked at the housekeeper. The old man is too old, so he can’t stand it in the hospital.

The butler glanced at Allen Chu, nodded and confessed: “Okay. Then I will serve the old man and go back to eat something. By the way, the woman who claimed to be the biological mother of the young master just now went to the bathroom.”

Young Master’s Birth Mother? Sihan’s biological mother? Noila Mo’s head buzzed, isn’t the woman the housekeeper said is Lin Yuyan? Lin Yuyan claims to be Sihan’s biological mother? what the hell is it?

Allen Chu also happened to look at Noila Mo: “That woman just now, was your sister?”

“Yeah! She was taking care of me when I was in Chicago. We haven’t seen each other for several years. Uncle Wang said she was Sihan’s biological mother, what’s the matter?” Noila Mo was a little incoherent, she was instinctive Feel something is wrong!

“Bang!” A dull voice came from the end of the corridor, and everyone was taken aback.

After half a second, there was a noise from downstairs. Seeing someone coming from the window, the housekeeper asked hurriedly, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“A woman jumped from the bathroom! She fell to blood! I guess it’s hopeless!”

Woman, bathroom… The butler was stunned and hurried to the window.

Black dress, big wavy curly hair gleaming in the sun, isn’t that the young master’s biological mother!

“Young master! Young master’s… birth mother… jumped off the building!” The butler ran back to tell Allen Chu, his face turned pale.

Damn it! Why did that woman jump off the building and die without knowing her identity?

Allen Chu hurriedly took someone down to see.

Lin Yuyan has been sent to the emergency room. Allen Chu and Mr. Chu looked at each other outside the door, and their doubts grew thicker.

Sihan had just dealt with this, and was about to question this woman, did she jump off the building? Is this a coincidence? What is she avoiding?

Allen Chu’s eyes flashed, and he looked at Noila Mo deeply: “You said, when you were expecting labor in Chicago, was your sister taking care of you?”

Noila Mo was also full of doubts in her heart, and nodded hurriedly: “She had been with me before I gave birth, but she disappeared inexplicably just a few days after the baby was born.”

Elder Chu asked hurriedly: “When did she disappear? Do you remember?”

Of course Noila Mo remembered: “June 12th.”

Lin Yuyan swept away all her money and was about to pay the rent the next day. She was almost swept out by the landlord.

Elder Chu shocked his whole body, his eyes widened: “On June 13, she found the Chu family holding Sihan…”

There was a hypothesis in everyone’s hearts. Allen Chu and Noila Mo looked at each other, and their bodies trembled.

“Go for a paternity test! Noila! Go now!” Allen Chu finally recovered, and ecstatically pulled Noila Mo towards the laboratory.

Seeing the two running away, Xiang Hanwei’s face was pale.

In the conversation just now, she didn’t quite understand the cause and effect. It sounded like Noila Mo might be Sihan’s biological mother.

How could this b*tch be so good? You just hurt Sihan, and you might be hated by Allen Chu, but now you’re about to become Sihan’s biological mother?

Everything revolves around Noila Mo, her real girlfriend, standing beside her is so redundant, like an outsider.

Allen Chu only had that b*tch woman in his eyes!

“Hanwei, go back and rest!” The old man Chu looked at Xiang Hanwei’s hatred eyes, and his mood was a little complicated.

To tell the truth, deep down in his heart, he still liked the meaning. After all, a good family background is helpful to Allen’s career.

But looking at Allen’s appearance, Noila Mo is the one who loves her.

“Thank you, grandpa, for your concern. Go back and rest soon!” Xiang Hanwei smiled politely, but her eyes were cold.

It will take two days for the DNA test report to come out.

When Noila Mo and Allen Chu returned to the ward, only the two servants of the Chu family remained guarding outside the ward, and the others went back.

The two crept into the ward, Si Han was still asleep. The drips on his wrists dripped slowly, and his white and tender face looked very peaceful.

Noila Mo walked to Sihan’s bed like a demon, raised his hand and gently caressed his face, and whispered softly: “Sihan, baby, are you really my baby? Are you dreaming?”

Gratitude and great ecstasy filled her heart with tears besides tears.

On the way to the laboratory, Allen Chu had checked the details with Noila Mo, Lin Yuyan’s tricks were full of loopholes, and all the clues pointed to the fact that Sihan is Noila Mo’s son!

Allen Chu gently hugged Noila Mo from behind, “Are you happy?”

“Happy!” Noila Mo nodded, and shook her head: “But Sihan’s eyes were made like this by me…uuuuuu…I am so damn! I should check that pistol!”

“Don’t feel guilty, there should be another secret in this matter. I will investigate.” Allen Chu gently stroked her thick hair and hugged her tightly: “No wonder you like thinking about cold and thinking about cold. I like you. It turns out that there is really telepathy between mother and child.”

Noila Mo nodded tearfully and gently k*ssed Sihan’s forehead.

Allen Chu’s eyes were also a little moist. The two embraced each other speechlessly, with expectations and happiness in their hearts.

After a long time, Noila Mo reacted and gently pushed Allen Chu away: “Don’t do this, you are going to be engaged to Xiang Hanwei. It is not suitable to be so close to me.”

Allen Chu’s arm paused in the air, and then tightly circled Noila Mo: “A month later, you will understand. Noila, don’t refuse my embrace, in front of Sihan, don’t refuse me, okay? “

Noila Mo hesitated and nodded tearfully. Today, let her indulge once! Sihan, her baby, really came back!

So many heart-piercing nights, it turned out to be to set off today’s happiness and satisfaction!

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