The Contract Lover Chapter 211 – 213

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Chapter 211

The nurse came over to change the medicine. Seeing Allen Chu and Noila Mo guarding the bed, she was a little dissatisfied: “You don’t have to stay here. The child will sleep for a long time. There are electronic sensors here, and we can promptly when the medicine runs out. It’s monitored. Go outside and wait! Don’t chat here, it will interfere with your child’s rest.”

Noila Mo’s Aiko was eager, and when the nurse said it would interfere with Sihan’s rest, she immediately took Allen Chu to the outside suite.

“Are you hungry? I order a meal?” Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo. He wasn’t hungry at all, he was so excited that he didn’t feel hungry at all.

Noila Mo shook his head: “I’m not hungry, I can’t eat anything now. I just want to step on cotton. It’s too illusory and unreal!”

“Silly girl!” Allen Chu twisted her nose with a smile, and even if the nurse was still inside, he stole a k*ss on her lips.

Noila Mo quickly glanced inside and saw that the nurse was busy, and then Bai Allen Chu glanced at it: “Don’t move!”

The eyes that were red and swollen from crying, so thin and slightly angry, they had another smell. Allen Chu looked at the little woman in front of him, praying secretly for the DNA test results.

The nurse just finished changing the medicine, but before leaving, the door was gently pushed open again, and the attending doctor walked in with a test report in his hand.

Seeing Allen Chu and Noila Mo, they held up the test report and said, “Are you the parents of the child? The report came out. The child’s burns are Grade 4, and as long as they recover properly in the later period, there will be no risk of blindness.”

Great! Noila Mo almost jumped up! The white face was radiant with surprise and excitement: “Doctor! Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Allen Chu was also extremely happy, but he was still much more calm: “Doctor, you said that it is difficult to recover later, what do you mean?”

The doctor pushed the glasses on the bridge of the nose: “It takes a long time and the recovery period is about one year. Moreover, special care is needed. If you are not hospitalized, you should also ask special medical staff at home to help you recover.”

That’s it! This is not a problem at all! Allen Chu and Noila Mo smiled at each other, and a big rock in their hearts finally fell to the ground.

After the doctors and nurses were gone, Allen Chu began to call to order meals.

When Noila Mo heard him order a lot of things, even a bottle of red wine, he couldn’t help but laughed: “Didn’t you just say you weren’t hungry? Now even the wine is ordered?”

Allen Chu smiled happily: “Celebrate!”

Although she wasn’t hungry, Noila Mo drank some red wine with Allen Chu. She was so happy, Sihan was fine, that was the best news!

Chapter 212

Early in the morning, when Noila Mo woke up, she found that she was actually sleeping on the companion bed. Allen Chu was lying beside her, his arms tightly around her waist.

Noila Mo patted her head in annoyance. She was so tired last night. She only wanted to lie down on the sofa, but she didn’t expect to sleep till now.

Noila Mo raised her eyes to look at Si Han next to him, and saw that he was sleeping soundly, his long eyelashes quietly covering his eyes, so well-behaved that made people feel distressed.

Noila Mo fixedly looked at Si Han’s peaceful sleeping face, tears could not help but gush out.

Is this really her child? I have cried so many times, and despaired so many times. Didn’t her baby leave her, but secretly grew into a beautiful angel?

Allen Chu also woke up, and seeing Noila Mo weeping, his lips fell on her eyes: “Why are you crying? Didn’t the doctor say that yesterday? Sihan is fine.”

Noila Mo nodded and asked Allen Chu anxiously, “When will the DNA test come out? Sihan, will it really be my son?”

“You can come out the day after tomorrow.” Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo’s eyebrows carefully, and then at Sihan’s, it really looked more and more similar.

Don’t ask for the results of the paternity test, he is almost certain that Noila is Sihan’s biological mother.

The two were chatting softly, and Sihan woke up. He kicked his calf and opened his eyes again, looking around helplessly. After staying for a few seconds, Si Han suddenly let out a harsh scream.

Noila Mo and Allen Chu almost rushed over: “Sihan, baby, what’s wrong with you?”

Sihan’s big, clear eyes, as clear as black crystals, became dim, and there were obviously large macular spots on the retina. He tightly grasped the hands of Noila Mo and Allen Chu, and cried in panic: “Dad, why not Turn on the light? Sihan is afraid of the dark, please turn on the light quickly?”

Innocent crying made Noila Mo’s heartache. Silly boy, he didn’t know that he couldn’t see it temporarily, he thought it was dark without turning on the lights…

Seeing Sihan crying in horror, Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo as if asking for help.

Noila Mo hugged Sihan, gently patted his back to relax him, and softly explained: “Sihan, goodbye, it’s not that it’s dark and the lights are not turned on. It’s your eyes. I can’t see it temporarily. Wait. You will be able to see it again after a few days.”

Allen Chu was a little surprised, he didn’t expect Noila Mo to speak so directly. She quietly explained what happened, treating Sihan with respect and respect as an adult.

Hearing Noila Mo’s voice, Si Han seemed to be greatly comforted and fell silent. He tightly pulled Noila Mo’s cuffs and snuggled himself deeply into Noila Mo’s arms: “Aunt Mo, I can’t see it now, will you always be with me?”

“Well, my aunt will accompany you, read to you, sing, and make good food. Okay?” Noila Mo stroked Sihan’s soft hair, her heart soft as melted honey.

Sihan’s eyes curled and a boyish smile appeared: “If Aunt Mo can be with me every day, I would rather never see…”

“Don’t say such things! Our Sihan will get better soon!” Noila Mo quickly blocked Sihan’s unlucky words, fearing that Sihan was hungry, and quickly told Allen Chu to ring the bell for dinner.

The breakfast is very simple, with a whole grain porridge, a boiled egg, a plate of vegetables and a plate of immediate fruit. Although there is no news, the nutrition is quite comprehensive. Noila Mo helped Sihan put down the small brackets on the hospital bed, arranged the breakfast one by one, and then began to help Sihan peel the boiled eggs.

Allen Chu also took the spoon, and carefully blew the porridge cold. Sihan sat in the middle of the two of them, chatting and laughing, looking very excited and excited. The atmosphere was warm and warm, and Noila Mo herself had the illusion of “a happy family of three”.

Unfortunately, this feeling did not last long, and was soon broken by an uninvited guest. Xiang Hanwei knocked on the door and came in.

She wore a dark green skirt, Dior’s latest customization this year, and her makeup was light and decent. She was a well-tutored, dignified and gentle daughter.

Chapter 213

When Xiang Hanwei entered, Allen Chu and Noila Mo still had smiles on their faces, and Si Han was holding Noila Mo’s neck and acting like a baby. That scene was so warm and warm.

Xiang Hanwei desperately suppressed the jealousy in her heart, trying to maintain the smile on her face: “Allen, Sihan, early!”

I directly ignored Noila Mo.

Noila Mo still didn’t react. Allen Chu’s arm on her waist was released, and he greeted Xiang Hanwei in a brisk voice: “Hanwei, why are you here so early? Have you had breakfast?”

Noila Mo stared at Allen Chu’s loose arm and suddenly realized that he was Xiang Hanwei’s boyfriend.

Next month, they will get engaged.

And she was just the third person who intervened between the two of them.

Noila Mo put down the freshly peeled egg in his hand and smiled at Si Han slightly: “Sihan, good Aunt Mo is leaving, take a good rest!”

When she said this, deep down in her heart, she still hoped that Allen Chu could keep her.

But Allen Chu just moved away from the bed silently, so that she could walk over.

Noila Mo’s heart was severely blocked. She was about to bypass Allen Chu and walk to the sofa to get her bag. Sihan cried out: “Aunt Mo, don’t go! I want you to accompany me!”

Xiang Hanwei stared at Si Han and held Noila Mo’s little hand tightly, her beautiful face slightly distorted with jealousy.

“Sihan, Aunt Mo is still okay, so we don’t want to keep her. Will your father and I stay with you?” Xiang Hanwei tried to put on a gentle appearance, walked to Sihan’s side, and reached out to touch his little boy. Head.

“No! I don’t want it! You go away, I want Aunt Mo!” Sihan pushed away to Hanwei’s hand, crying with tears all over his face.

Noila Mo couldn’t bear it anymore, and turned around to persuade Sihan softly: “Baby, Auntie is just going out to do something. Auntie will see you again at night, okay?”

“No! No! When I woke up last night, my father said that you were asleep, and you are not allowed to disturb you. If you come tonight, I will fall asleep again!” Sihan held Noila Mo’s hand tightly Refused to let go.

Xiang Hanwei felt like a thorn in her heart, making her breathing hurt! It turned out that Noila Mo spent the night here last night!

No matter how good Xiang Hanwei is, she finally couldn’t help but burst out. She turned her head to look at Allen Chu, her voice changed from the usual sweetness, and her voice became a bit harsh: “Allen, Sihan is such a fool, do you care about it? Yes, Noila Mo is the culprit who hurt Sihan. Not only did you not blame her, but you let her get close to Sihan. Why are you so unreliable in doing things? Don’t forget, I am your true girlfriend! Noila Mo It was posted upside down!”

Noila Mo stayed there, her thin shoulders trembled slightly. Next to him is a young child. At this moment, she really hopes that Allen Chu can stand up for her and tell Xiang Hanwei that the person he loves is her Noila Mo!

However, Allen Chu just turned sideways and slowly opened Sihan’s little hand: “Sihan, Aunt Mo has something to leave. Don’t make any more noise.”

Sihan had always been a little afraid of Allen Chu. Hearing his stern tone, he suddenly dared not clamor for Noila Mo anymore. Just bowed his head desperately to cry.

Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu in disbelief. It was this man who was doing intimate things with her that could only be done between lovers a few hours ago. Now, when she is humiliated face to face by another woman, he doesn’t even have the courage to defend her!

If this is love, according to this love is too humble and worthless!

Xiang Hanwei looked at Noila Mo’s cold eyes, and a smug smile appeared on the corner of her mouth: “Miss Mo, I won’t keep you. See you later.”

It was so obvious under the chase order. Noila Mo turned around, and walked to the sofa, picked up his bag and walked out the door.

From beginning to end, her spine was straight.

Allen Chu could not give her the dignity she wanted. She gave it to herself.

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo’s back and the blue veins on his forehead and jumped fiercely.

Xiang Hanwei smiled and sat beside the hospital bed, threw Noila Mo’s peeled egg into the trash can, then picked up another egg and peeled it.

She was not skilled, peeling an egg to pieces, which was very ugly. She handed the egg to Sihan: “Sihan, come and eat the egg. Auntie peeled it for you by herself!”

Sihan didn’t want to eat the eggs she peeled, and was afraid that Allen Chu would be angry, so he had to take it and hold it in the palm of his hand, tears dripping down one by one, washing the egg white and tender.

Xiang Hanwei knew that Allen Chu hated Sihan crying the most. Seeing Sihan’s appearance, she was secretly annoyed, wishing that Allen Chu looked obstructive and slapped him severely to relieve his hatred.

As a result, Allen Chu gently took the egg in Sihan’s hand and threw it into the trash can: “Forget it, don’t force it if you don’t want to eat it. Tell dad what you want to eat, and dad will take it for you.”

Sihan pouted, and muttered very quietly: “I want to eat the egg that Aunt Mo peeled for me.”

Allen Chu frowned and said nothing, Xiang Hanwei couldn’t help it: “Sihan, what’s so good about Noila Mo? Can you coax you to treat her like this? Your father and I will be engaged next month, and I will be Your mother, you and me, belong to the family. Do you understand?”

Sihan shook his head, feeling a little out of control: “I don’t want you! I want Aunt Mo!”

Xiang Hanwei looked at Allen Chu aggrievedly, and began to pretend to be pitiful, and tears also fell: “Allen, I am sincere to Sihan, but he always refuses to accept me. I know you and Noila Mo have a past. But it’s too unfair for me to have such a close relationship with her! Allen, you really don’t think about me at all, don’t you feel sorry for my situation at all?”

Xiang Hanwei acted very realistically, interpreting a painful woman who desperately tolerated for love.

Allen Chu looked at her rainy face with pear blossoms, the temperature in the depths of her eyes was three minutes colder, and after a long while, she said every word: “Don’t worry, the engagement ceremony next month will be held as scheduled!”

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