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Chapter 214

The bus stop at the entrance of the hospital was extremely crowded, and Noila Mo followed the crowd in a stubborn manner. After being squeezed several times, she did not get in.

Forget it, walk, just to let her sort out her chaotic thoughts.

Noila Mo walked slowly along the sidewalk, she felt extremely useless and extremely humiliating.

What is Allen Chu doing like this? Why did she want to be a scumbag, why didn’t she resist his temptation?

Is Sihan really her son? If so, can she fight for his custody? If you could see Sihan every day and listen to his sweet and waxy voice calling her “mother,” then it must be the happiest thing in the world, right?

“Hey! What’s going on! What are you doing!” A violent drink interrupted her thoughts.

Looking up in surprise, Noila Mo found a tall man on the side of the road carrying a camera while interviewing. A group of government officials around was surrounded by a man in black with his back facing her. .

Oops, she accidentally broke into the street interview scene!

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t pay attention!” Noila Mo quickly apologized, and evasively walked to the side, trying to withdraw from the camera.

The black-clothed man turned around suddenly, a pair of amber eyes, sure to meet Noila Mo’s eyes.

“Noila!” “Senior Shen!”

The two exclaimed in unison, their eyes facing each other, and they were a little stunned for a while.

Noila Mo looked at Salmon Shen, and her heart hurt. Five years of years have stained him with a layer of wind and frost, but he has polished his warm temperament even more outstanding, a gentleman, just as it was before.

The surrounding officials looked at each other, wondering what the origins of this woman who suddenly broke into the camera was, so that the reserved Dean Shen’s lips trembled with excitement.

“Noila, where have you been?” This was what Salmon Shen asked when he spoke. The voice trembled uncontrollably, it was pain and heart palpitations tolerated.

In the past five years, he has secretly looked for her many times, but has never heard of her.

When he had given up hope and had made up his mind to live a good life with Liang Nuanxin, she appeared in his vision again.

Noila Mo stared deeply at Salmon Shen’s face, filled with the faint joy of seeing an old friend: “I went to the United States. I just came back soon.”

“That’s all for today’s interview, you go back first!” Salmon Shen said to the officials in a gentle tone, with irresistible majesty in his plain tone.

The crowd dispersed. Only Salmon Shen and Noila Mo were left on the street where people came and went.

“Are you married?” “Are you married?”

The two spoke at the same time.

The familiar memory came back, and Noila Mo curled his eyes and smiled brightly at Salmon Shen. Nothing seems to have changed, he is still the gentle and gentle Senior Shen back then, and she will have a warm feeling when she looks at his face.

“I’m still single.” Noila Mo naturally followed Salmon Shen’s footsteps.

Salmon Shen turned his head to look at her, pursing the corner of his mouth: “I just married Nuanxin three months ago.”

Noila Mo’s heart moved slightly: “Five years ago, when you got engaged, wasn’t Nuan Xin already pregnant?”

She asked implicitly, but Salmon Shen immediately understood: “My son is almost five years old. But I officially married Nuan Xin three months ago.”

He turned his head to look for her eyes, his eyes flashed away as soon as they touched.

He is no longer qualified. He waited for her for five years, but he was hesitant to marry Liang Nuanxin. Finally gave up, and finally after the third month of marrying Nuan Xin, she just appeared.

Destiny, sometimes this is how it makes fun of people.

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy. With an inexplicable guilty conscience, Noila Mo casually searched for a topic: “I heard them call you the director? You are not the hospital director?” She pointed to the towering building of the hospital not far away.

Salmon Shen was amused by her and laughed: “Of course not. I am the president of the court in City A. Today I came to City C for research. I met you wherever I knew it.”

It turns out that he has moved to City A. No wonder I haven’t seen news about him for so long.

Noila Mo lowered his eyes, the melancholy in his words was too obvious. Makes her a little sad.

“Noila, are you free now? Let’s sit in the teahouse for a while? It’s a coincidence today.” Salmon Shen smiled and asked for her advice. The gentle words made people feel like spring breeze.

Noila Mo nodded: “Okay.”

She is the host, she should treat her.

The two walked into the teahouse and asked about each other’s life in the past five years. Noila Mo gave a general description of his life in the United States, and Salmon Shen felt distressed and pitiful.

She is a girl who has spent five years in the United States with only 2,000 US dollars, and has also obtained two degrees. The hardships and pains of which are self-evident.

“Noila, it’s not easy for you!” Salmon Shen looked at her with emotion, his eyes filled with tenderness and compassion.

Noila Mo looked a little uncomfortable by him, and smiled shyly: “Many of my classmates came here like this. The part-time work life is actually not that hard.”

In the corner of the teahouse, two male deer-headed men pointed at Salmon Shen and Noila Mo and gently pressed the shutter.

Chapter 215

Allen Chu did not contact Noila Mo for two whole days.

Noila Mo wanted to go to the hospital to see Sihan and accompany him. I also wanted to ask about the results of Allen Chu’s paternity test, but when I thought about what happened in the ward that day, I really couldn’t have the courage to contact Allen Chu.

After so entangled in the afternoon, the phone that had been silent for a long time finally rang.

Allen Chu’s phone number? The result of the paternity test came out? Noila Mo jumped up from the sofa and answered the phone without even looking at it: “Hello?”

The voice is full of expectation and tension.

“Noila, I’m going back to City A. You are welcome to visit City A when you have time.” During the call, Salmon Shen’s voice was gentle and gentle, with a touch of affection flowing.

Noila Mo didn’t hear it at all. She bit her lip disappointedly: “Okay. Senior Shen, good luck.”

Before the farewell words were finished, the phone screen showed that there was another call coming in. Noila Mo looked intently and found that it was Allen Chu’s call.

He hurriedly explained to Salmon Shen: “Senior Shen, I have a very important call coming in, can I not talk to you for now?”

Salmon Shen reacted quickly: “Well, you can answer the call and talk back.”

“Hello?” Noila Mo’s voice was a little hoarse from tension.

“Are you at home? I’m in a coffee shop near your house. Come out, I have something to tell you.” Allen Chu’s voice was faint, and he couldn’t hear any emotions.

Noila Mo couldn’t wait: “Is it related to the paternity test? Can you tell me the result first?”

Why have to sell Guanzi? Besides, she doesn’t want to see him now.

“I’ll talk when you meet.” Allen Chu dropped a word and hung up the phone.

Noila Mo was angry, but helpless, so she changed her clothes and went out.

When I arrived at the coffee shop, I saw Allen Chu wearing a very casual dark blue T and jeans sitting by the window from a distance. But what is going on? Xiang Hanwei is sitting next to him?

Noila Mo was puzzled, and walked over as calmly as possible.

Xiang Hanwei completely tore off her gentle and dignified disguise this time. She didn’t even say hello to Noila Mo. With big beautiful eyes, she swept her up and down several times with a chill, then turned away and pretended to be bored. Look at the street view.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Xiang Hanwei’s slender jade hand on Allen Chu’s arm, Noila Mo’s heart surged with blood, and she took her seat unceremoniously, and asked unceremoniously.

What does he mean? Asking her out with Xiang Hanwei, is it intentional to embarrass her?

Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo and threw a paper bag to her: “This is the result of a paternity test. See for yourself.”

Finally waited for the result! Looking at Allen Chu’s expression, Noila Mo’s heart suddenly picked up, as if waiting naked for the trial, her heart beating wildly.

Shaking fingers gently opened the envelope and took out the thin sheets of paper.

After the long table of genetic numbers, there is a bold bold sentence: “Analyzing the typing results of 21 fluorescent STR loci, there are 9 loci between Noila Mo (mimetic mother) and Chu Sihan (son) Does not conform to the law of heredity. Exclude the biological relationship between Noila Mo (mother) and Chu Sihan (son).”

In just one line, Noila Mo read it over and over again, but didn’t understand it.

Tears couldn’t help but poured into her eyes. Holding the page, she looked at Allen Chu pitifully: “What does this mean?”

Similar looks, unfounded good feelings and distress, and the kind of subtle telepathy…could it be that these are fake? Is it just a fantasy by herself?

Tears broke through his eyes and flowed wantonly on the white and tender face, but Noila Mo opened his eyes stubbornly and looked at Allen Chu with irrational hope, hoping that he could tell himself that this was not true.

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo’s red eyes and red nose, a trace of emotion in his eyes was fleeting. The corners of his mouth pursed slightly.

Xiang Hanwei couldn’t see Noila Mo’s pitiful appearance, and snorted coldly: “I don’t understand this yet? You have nothing to do with Sihan at all! It’s a surviving mother, you really will be yelling!”

Xiang Hanwei’s words are like the last straw that crushes a camel. Noila Mo was completely crushed, and sat down, pinched his fine nails into the texture of his palm, but felt no pain at all.

Why give her the opportunity to have this kind of dream? Why do you wake up so quickly? If I knew this, it would be better not to give her any hope!

“Well, Allen, the result was also notified to her. Let’s go back, you just promised to help someone pick the engagement ring.” Xiang Hanwei afflicted Allen Chu’s arm and shook it coquettishly.

Allen Chu nodded and beckoned the waiter to come over and pay the bill.

After the checkout, the waiter gave a newspaper: “The evening paper that has just been published is given to you for reading.”

Allen Chu glanced at the evening paper and was about to take Hanwei away. Suddenly, his eyes froze and he fixedly looked at the big picture on the front page.

The bold black text catches the eye: Is the research false? The dean of City A is looking for pleasure in the day, and the photo of his mistress is exposed

On the high-definition big picture, a handsome and elegant man is looking at a shy smiling woman. In the man’s eyes, tenderness and pity can be seen at a glance, and the woman’s smile is also very gentle and sweet.

Salmon Shen. Noila Mo.

Chapter 216

Allen Chu’s pupils shrank, his eyes were as cold as the frost of winter night, staring coldly at the big picture in the newspaper.

Xiang Hanwei followed his eyes and saw the men and women in the newspaper, and immediately shouted out gloating: “Oh, isn’t this Noila Mo? This man is the dean of the court in City A? Tsk tsk…”

Noila Mo fiercely grabbed the newspaper from the table. Yes, it was indeed a picture of her and Salmon Shen. People who candid pictures are very good at looking for angles, and they meet old friends who would have been magnanimous to make the photos feel like a couple’s rendezvous.

Suddenly with a guilty conscience for no reason, Noila Mo instinctively raised his eyes to look at Allen Chu.

Allen Chu’s eyes were squinted tightly, staring at her, but the emotions in his eyes were unclear.

“Me and Senior Shen…” Noila Mo wanted to explain instinctively, but after seeing Xiang Hanwei’s contemptuous eyes, she paused.

What is her position to explain? The real girlfriend is standing in front of him. Why does she need to explain to him?

What’s more, there is no expression of anger or jealousy on his face at all. He is so calm, he doesn’t mind the “ambiguity” between Salmon Shen and her, right?

There was a dull pain in Noila Mo’s heart.

Xiang Hanwei had been observing Allen Chu’s expression, and seeing that there was nothing unusual about his expression, her heart settled. Seeing Noila Mo’s explanation, she smiled ironically: “Noila Mo, you hate getting married too, right? Dean Shen is a married person. His children are four or five years old. His wife is the mayor’s daughter. If you follow him, it is impossible to become a regular one!”

Noila Mo straightened her back and looked straight at the bottom of Jin Xiang Hanwei’s eyes: “Turn right? Hate to marry? If I hate to marry, I will be married five years ago, and you will never be engaged!”

Five years ago, when she left, Allen Chu proposed to her.

If she agreed, there would be nothing wrong with Xiang Hanwei. Noila Mo didn’t just blurt out her anger, she was gambling, betting that Allen Chu was not false to herself. Bet that he will not bully and humiliate her with Xiang Hanwei.

Hearing what Noila Mo said, Xiang Hanwei’s expression changed: “Noila Mo, what do you mean?”

What does her marriage have to do with her engagement? Could it be that she and Allen Chu almost got married five years ago?

Noila Mo smiled slightly: “I mean, it’s better to keep a little verbal when you speak. To respect others is to respect yourself.”

Xiang Hanwei turned to look at Allen Chu: “Allen, what does she mean? Five years ago, then you almost married her, right?”

Allen Chu looked down at Xiang Hanwei, with tenderness in his eyes, and put his arm around her waist: “How come? Will I marry this kind of watery woman?”

After finishing talking, she didn’t even glance at Noila Mo, and walked away with her arms around Hanwei!

Noila Mo stood by the table, flushed with anger and trembling all over her body. She never expected that Allen Chu would say such a thing!

The contempt and contempt in the tone, as if a heavy slap slapped her face! Moreover, still in front of Xiang Hanwei!

Could it be that everything is really just her illusion? His petting, the warmth he hugged her tightly in the middle of the night, and the sweetness and tenderness when he k*ssed her, are all fake?

If he is obsessed with her, it’s just her body, right? What he really needs is the second generation of officials with a background like Xiang Hanwei, who can bring him more benefits…

Noila Mo was so distraught that she had a splitting headache. Even the lower abdomen throbbed.

Probably the menstrual period was approaching, Noila Mo barely supported herself as she walked out of the cafe with a pale face, standing on the side of the road to take a taxi home.

This road is not easy to take a taxi. She waited for more than 20 minutes without an empty taxi.

The pain in the lower abdomen is getting sharper and sharper. Noila Mo’s forehead began to seep cold sweat, sticking to her body, extremely uncomfortable.

A black car suddenly stopped next to her, the window slid down, and Lin Yifeng poked his head out of the window: “Noila, it’s really you! I thought I was wrong!”

Noila Mo smiled reluctantly and greeted him: “Hi, Director Lin~”

Lin Yifeng looked at Noila Mo’s pale face: “Noila, are you uncomfortable? Your face is terrible. Are you standing here to take a taxi? Where are you going? I’ll see you.”

Noila Mo was so painful that her body was a little cramped, and she couldn’t say anything when she was supporting the plane tree by the roadside.

Lin Yifeng hurriedly got out of the car and came to help her: “Do you want to take you to the hospital?”

Noila Mo waved her hand, knowing she was just in physical pain. It’s just fine after the pain.

Lin Yifeng opened the car door and was about to help her get into the car. Noila Mo suddenly felt that her lower body was hot, and a warm current slowly flowed out.

That’s it! She blushed with embarrassment, it must be her aunt.

Lin Yifeng wanted to help her up, but she pulled the car door hard. It was too embarrassing, she didn’t want to stain Lin Yifeng’s seat.

“Noila, why don’t you get in the car? I’ll take you to the hospital.” Lin Yifeng looked at Noila Mo’s pale face with pity in his heart.

“Oh, no, no need, I…I’m better now. You go now!” Noila Mo lowered her eyes embarrassedly, and had to deal with Lin Yifeng, worrying that her light-colored trousers would be bloody. Dirty.

“Ah, Noila, your skirt…” What is really afraid of? Lin Yifeng has already seen the bright red flower on her pants.

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