The Contract Lover Chapter 22 – 24

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Chapter 22

Noila Mo wanted to escape, but her feet were like trees with roots, and she couldn’t take any steps.

Her mind is fighting fiercely.

If she stays, it means she has to accept all the unreasonable conditions offered by this perverted man.

Run away? No, no!

What if she ran away now? What about Aunt Lin and sister? Her home will fall apart!

Thinking of this, Noila Mo plucked up courage.

He raised his head firmly and smiled at Allen Chu.

“President Chu, tell me, what are your conditions?”

“Being my mistress, until I get tired of playing.” Allen Chu didn’t look at her at all, but looked out the window leisurely.

“You, you are crazy!” Noila Mo turned and left.

“Find the best hospital, the best doctor for your father. Make sure he recovers.” The man’s low voice sounded behind her.

Noila Mo’s figure had a meal, she hesitated…

A rascal who she hates so ridiculously wants her to be his mistress. She should slap her over without thinking about it, but she hesitated…

The terms he offered were too attractive. Dad’s illness was indeed not cured because of lack of money. If he can find a first-class hospital and have the best doctors operate on him, Dad will definitely get better.

However, the price of my father’s recovery is to sell himself!

Sell ​​yourself to beasts…

“I figured it out?” Allen Chu stared at her stiff back and curled his lips. Women are commodities on the shelves. Noila Mo is no exception.

Allen Chu walked over, holding her body with his big hot palm from behind, and Noila Mo’s hot palm was so hot.

Noila Mo stared at her palms in front of her with nausea. She wanted to scold him back like this, but in the end, she didn’t push him away. It was 4:50 and there were ten minutes left, and she only had ten minutes to think about it.

Does she have a choice?

Her father’s business went bankrupt. In order to save two dollars, she had already lost the right to choose when she walked home more than a dozen stops after working.

dignity? What is dignity before the sick father’s bed? The once-spirited father, now only has a shell, lying on the bed, unable to speak, unable to move, what is the difference from the living dead?

Dignity is worthless in the face of harsh life.

In order for her father to recover and betray her dirty body, she is not at a loss!

Her innocence had been severely destroyed by an unknown man that night. What is the difference between losing one’s body once and losing one’s body ten times?

Senior Shen…Noila Mo suddenly thought of Salmon Shen’s elegant face again, and her heart faintly throbbed.

Salmon Shen, he was standing under the cherry blossom trees in May waiting for her to finish school, his smile was warmer than the spring breeze. He said, Noila, grow up quickly, and I will take you to see the sea on your 18th birthday.

Salmon Shen, when the gangsters out of school moved her hands and feet, the gods appeared suddenly and fisted, leaving no one to provoke Noila Mo. He was so elegant and gentle, but he fought to protect her, willing to be remembered by the school for her.

Senior Shen… Noila Mo’s eyes suddenly blurred. The tears that I had endured for a long time finally fell at this moment. A heavy drop tasted extremely bitter in the mouth.

Chapter 23

A strong heartache came up with tears, and Noila Mo bit her lip again and pressed her down!

“I promise you.” In a word, he spoke with difficulty. Before the words fell silent, tears were already streaming down!

“Why, being my mistress makes you so painful?” Allen Chu said uncomfortably, his thick and handsome eyebrows frowned tightly.

Noila Mo bit her lip and didn’t want to bother him. Now her heart is in a mess, and she has no intention of telling him.

Seeing Noila Mo standing there blankly, Allen Chu walked to a table, opened the drawer, took out a delicate mobile phone, and stuffed it into Noila Mo’s hand.

Noila Mo was startled and struggled subconsciously.

“What are you doing?” Noila Mo frowned, “I have a mobile phone, and I will give it back to you!” Noila Mo handed the mobile phone to Allen Chu.

“Your broken phone should have been thrown away!” Allen Chu walked over and leaned on the swivel chair, his tall and arrogant figure showing the most elegant and unrestrained lines, stretched out. “This phone has a GPS automatic positioning system. No matter where you go, I can locate you through the phone. So, you have to hold it.”

Noila Mo was a little annoyed. What’s the difference between this and banning her? Although she has decided to sell herself to him, she is still a free person, okay? What right does he have to ban her?

Noila Mo smiled coldly, and threw the phone on the table. A pair of cool big eyes stared at Allen Chu bitterly.

“So you don’t want to keep in touch with me? How many women want it and can’t get it! What are you hypocritical?” Allen Chu frowned, slightly irritated by Noila Mo’s “not knowing how to promote”.

When you sleep at night, put a fetter on the head of the bed and put it on your ankle, you can feel my current feeling, and see if it is very comfortable. “Noila Mo flushed with anger.

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows, just about to say something, Noila Mo had already turned around coldly and walked to the door.

The slender waist was suddenly clamped, and a cold wind blew her cheeks, and then a strong suffocation sensation crossed in front of her.

Noila Mo gave way to the side after reflecting. Unexpectedly, the body was not able to balance it properly, and suddenly hit the bookshelf next to it.

This is an open bookshelf with densely packed books. Noila Mo’s body shook the bookshelf and several books fell from the bookshelf. A photo floated out of the scattered pages of the book.

It’s an old photo with a little yellowishness, and the young girl has bright eyes and white teeth. Noila Mo curiously wanted to pick it up and have a look, but Allen Chu coldly yelled, “Stop!” Allen Chu bent over to pick up the photo, wiped the non-existent dust on it, and slowly clipped the photo back. Page. There seemed to be some sadness and some anger in his eyes.

Noila Mo wanted to ask who the girl in the photo was, but Allen Chu didn’t give her a chance at all. He hung her up in the air! Her tender body was severely pressed against the cold wall!

Her legs were suspended in the air, and her trembling body had to entangle Allen Chu tightly to prevent herself from falling!

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Noila Mo suddenly realized the ambiguity of this action. Started to struggle suddenly.

“Why, did you forget the content of our transaction?” Allen Chu pulled out a wicked smile, his eyes were so hot that Noila Mo shuddered.

It’s time to come, it’s coming!

To meet Allen Chu’s fiery eyes coldly, Noila Mo straightened her body: “Don’t touch me! I’ll do it myself!”

Biting her rosy lips tightly, Noila Mo stood up from the piano, trembling with her long white fingers, unbuttoning the buttons on her chest.

Under the shabby blue cloth skirt, the body that was wrapped was slim but had a plump and full arc.

Skirts, then bras, silk* socks…

Noila Mo’s hand trembled violently when it faded to the point where only the thin underwear was left. Her courage seemed to disappear suddenly, a strong soreness stung her eyes, tears swirled in her eyes, but she stubbornly refused to fall.

Chapter 24

Senior Shen…

Muttering this warm name in the bottom of my heart, feelings of heartache flooded all over the world. Senior Shen, will he forgive her for what she did today? Or, can’t stare at her affectionately with that sunny smile?

“Don’t dare?” Allen Chu pretended to be provocative. Try to make your voice steady. I don’t know why, this young girl provoked all his desires. All kinds of women have seen more, but they have never been so heartbeat today.

Allen Chu’s words aroused Noila Mo’s fighting spirit.

It has been decided, so be it! It’s better to be refreshed, Noila Mo, you will treat it as a dream. After waking up from the dream, you are still that clean, pure, good girl who will show the most beautiful smile to Senior Shen under the cherry tree.

Taking a deep breath again, she stretched out her hand to ease the buttons on her clothes…

Allen Chu’s fiery eyes kept staring at Noila Mo. He feels dry mouth.

She was so close to him, this pink face. Her eyes were closed tightly. From her eyes, she saw her fear.

“Afraid? My little pepper?” He breathed as he approached her.

Some hot air sprayed next to her ears, causing her to shiver.

“…” Dizzy…

Without warning, Salmon Shen’s face suddenly appeared in her mind. A deep tingling pain caused Noila Mo to murmur: “Senior Shen…” The heartache was overwhelming, tears streaming down her eyes.

Allen Chu’s movements suddenly stopped! Deep eyes stared at her teary eyes, and violently pinched Noila Mo’s small chin: “What were you shouting just now?”

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