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Chapter 19

The long class is finally over.

Noila Mo breathed a sigh of relief. The white face was full of smiles, and the big bright eyes looked at Allen Chu playfully. Goodbye! Big bad wolf~

Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo, just in time to see Noila Mo whispering to the girl next to him, and making faces at him. At first glance, he was talking badly. There is a strong desire to conquer in the gloomy eyes, little woman, you wait!

“Senior Chu! Please wait a moment!” A group of students holding voice recorders suddenly crowded at the door.

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows, put his hands in his trouser pockets, standing straight with long legs and tall, condescendingly looking at the leading girl.

“Senior Chu, we are from T News Agency, and would like to have an exclusive interview with you. Can you give us half an hour?” The leading female grows up very sweet, her face shines with confidence, she is T News The social flower of the club, I believe that the senior Chu in front of her can’t resist her charm, and will give her face to accept the interview.

“Interview?” Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows wrinkled slightly. He had an important meeting next time, and he didn’t have time to accept a bunch of little girls playing house games.

“Yes! Senior Chu, you are a man of the world. It’s rare to come to T University to teach the younger students. Please accept our invitation!” She Hua began to feel a little confused. Her beauty doesn’t seem to work for Allen Chu.

Turning his eyes, Allen Chu saw Noila Mo slipping out of the classroom with his notebook. An interesting smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and his slender fingers pointed at Noila Mo: “Interviews are okay. But I only accept her interviews.”

“Gah?” Shehua was surprised and turned to look at Noila Mo. Which green onion is this? Actually was named by Chu Senior.

Noila Mo, who was hurriedly pulling Liang Lele out, was surrounded by a group of students from the news agency.

“Classmates, Senior Chu only accepts your interview on call, so please do me a favor…”

“Classmates, we have prepared the questions. Just follow the manuscript and ask Senior Chu’s questions…”

Can not help a group of people bombing pleading. Noila Mo bit the bullet and accepted the task of interviewing Allen Chu.

Ok! Just interview! In broad daylight, could Allen Chu dare to treat her? Noila Mo raised her small head high and looked at Allen Chu provocatively. Isn’t it just a big bad wolf? She is not Little Red Riding Hood, so she won’t be afraid of him!

A bunch of small flames throbbed in Allen Chu’s gloomy eyes: Little Pepper, let me catch you this time!

“I only accept her interview alone, and the others can leave.” Allen Chu said lightly. He is not used to being surrounded by a group of chirping little girls. The noise made his head hurt.

Of course, he would not admit that he actually wanted to be alone with Pepper.

The crowd retreated. Noila Mo stood in front of Allen Chu with the recording pen that was stuffed for her by others. What happened, she hadn’t reacted yet, and only she and Allen Chu were left in the classroom.

Allen Chu let out a low laugh, stretched out his palm, and raised Noila Mo’s chin frivolously.

Noila Mo’s height of sixty-one is too petite in front of him. The momentum immediately weakened a lot.

But Noila Mo obviously didn’t realize this. She waved off Allen Chu’s claws with a “pop”.

“Allen Chu, please be respectful. This is the school!” Her voice was cold, and her clear water eyes stared at him angrily. Inviolable is written on his face.

Allen Chu felt that it was getting more and more fun. He just likes to see Little Chili angry.

Shrugging his shoulders, he sat down leisurely, and his long legs were crossed comfortably. A pair of deep eyes looked at Noila Mo playfully.

“Don’t you want to interview? It can start now.” Although very busy, Allen Chu didn’t mind giving Noila Mo a few more minutes.

Noila Mo’s chin remained at the temperature of his fingers. Big eyes flashed. Pretending to open the recorder and hand it to Allen Chu.

“Senior Chu, do you know what it means to breed pigs?” Noila Mo asked seriously.

“Huh?” Allen Chu’s eyes flashed, what tricks this little woman was playing?

“A breeding pig is a boar that goes into heat everywhere. Senior Chu learned a rich five-car, and there are as many women as clothes, so I don’t even understand the word?” Noila Mo tilted her head and looked at Allen Chu curiously with big eyes, with a naive and innocent look. .

Chapter 20

Allen Chu’s eyes tightened. No one has ever dared to treat him with this attitude. Such naked words came out of her ruddy little mouth, so Allen Chu disgusted her?

Allen Chu felt that his chest was blocked, and he couldn’t get out no matter what.

Staring at Noila Mo with an innocent look, Allen Chu sneered, his tall and straight body approached her, and his backhand clamped her arm tightly.

Feeling the danger coming, Noila Mo struggled desperately: “Let go of me! I will call someone if you don’t let go!”

“Call someone?” She thought this could threaten him? The little girl film hasn’t figured out the situation.

There is a sly light hidden in Allen Chu’s eyes, and she can swallow her at any time.

Noila Mo struggled harder, opening his mouth to call.

As soon as his mouth opened, Allen Chu lowered his head and grasped her lips accurately.

His lips were so hot that Noila Mo’s body was shocked, and an electric current paralyzed his whole body. As if satisfied with her reaction, Allen Chu softened his strength with compassion. His lips and tongue were teasing slowly on her lips.

A warm palm touched her body and gently pulled, Noila Mo’s white shoulders were immediately exposed.

The cool air stimulated her bare skin and made Noila Mo wake up from the confusion.

Cold sweat dripped from his forehead, and as Allen Chu’s palm wandered, feelings of fear accumulated.

This is the classroom. If someone sees her, will she still live? The person who knows the current affairs is a junjie, and then confronts him, completely digging holes for himself.

Noila Mo let out a soft voice and said to him pleadingly: “Okay, I was wrong, I shouldn’t scold you, let me go!”

“Let you go? How can the breeding pig stop easily when it is in love?” Allen Chu’s voice was shamelessly evil.

“…” Noila Mo was choked into speech. Both legs secretly accumulated strength, and the right leg kicked up fiercely, but was tightly clamped by a pair of iron thighs in midair.

“Noila Mo, want to do this again?” Allen Chu’s voice accumulated anger. No one has ever dared to kick him Allen Chu, this little woman has repeatedly challenged his bottom line.

Big palm plunged directly into her clothes with punitive force. Rub it hard and enjoy the smoothness and pleasure brought by the tender skin.

Noila Mo burst into tears in a hurry. Who will save her! She was wrong. She overestimated the man’s character too much. She thought that in the school classroom, this man would always be a little scrupulous and would not do anything to her.

“Hey…” The door of the classroom was knocked, and a noisy voice came from outside: “Senior Chu, have you finished the interview?”

Noila Mo seemed to have picked up a life-saving straw and hurriedly shouted: “The interview has been completed. Come in!”

At the moment the door was pushed open, Allen Chu threw Noila Mo out. After all, this is his alma mater, and Professor Luo still has to give three points for his face. Otherwise, Noila Mo would be dead today!

Once he was free, Noila Mo didn’t care about picking up the recorder and his notebook, and ran madly outside the classroom.

Dismissing the classmates from the news agency, Allen Chu picked up the notebook left on the table. Opening it casually, Noila Mo’s cartoon caught his eye.

“Hmph, you ignorant little girls, are you fascinated by my handsome appearance? Haha, you never dreamt of it, but I am actually a beast!” In the comic, Noila Mo’s font is very powerful, fundamentally Unlike the words of a little girl, it resembles her stubborn character.

Allen Chu was not angry but laughed. This game seems to be getting more and more fun! Choking a little pepper, very much to his appetite!

Chapter 21

Noila Mo returned home with exhaustion. There was a sound of weeping in the house.

“Noila! Save us!” Seeing Noila’s return, stepmother Lin Qian rushed forward as if seeing a life-saving straw.

“Aunt Lin, what’s the matter? What are you crying for?” Lin Qian and her sister Lin Yuyan cried with red and swollen eyes. Noila Mo asked puzzledly.

“Your father’s creditor somehow inquired about our address and came to urge us to pay the debt. It must be paid off before 5 o’clock this afternoon. If you don’t pay, you must take your father to court and sell you and your sister to the bar. Pick up!”

Lin Qian hugged Lin Yuyan and stroked her hair distressedly.

“Noila, my modeling career has just begun. I have just received a few commercials and just appeared on the cover of a magazine. I can’t go to the bar to pick up guests!” Lin Yuyan pretended to be pitiful and said, with a touch of calculation hidden in her eyes.

“Aunt Lin, elder sister, don’t worry, I’ll think of a solution.” Noila Mo’s heart was smashed. My father’s medical expenses hadn’t been paid yet, so the creditor came to him again. She has to find a few more part-time jobs!

“Don’t think about it, there is a ready-made solution!” Lin Yuyan said hurriedly, taking out a note from her hand, “Noila, the creditor said, you just have to take this note to No. 27 Sinan Avenue, our house I don’t have to pay off my debt!”

27 Sinan Avenue.

This is an old house covered with ivy. There is such an old house in the urban area where the land is full of gold. Noila Mo wondered that she hadn’t noticed it before. Holding the note, knocked on the mysterious door. No one answered, but the door opened by itself.

Noila Mo felt a little flustered inexplicably. Take a deep breath and calm your emotions. She lifted her foot up the red sandalwood stairs. The stairs were polished brightly, and the whole house was low-key extravagance. It was obvious that the owner had extraordinary taste.

“Is anyone there?” Noila Mo’s voice seemed very small in the empty house.

Suddenly, it went dark, and a tall sound and shadow appeared at the top of the stairs. The tall body blocked the sunlight coming in through the window. Noila Mo raised her head subconsciously.

With light behind his back, he couldn’t see the man’s face clearly.

Noila Mo raised the note in his hand: “Excuse me, did you ask me to come and find you with this note? You said to my sister, as long as I come to find you, my family’s debt will be cancelled. .is that true?”

A chuckle slipped out of the man’s throat. It sounds familiar!

Noila Mo frowned suspiciously.

The man walked down the stairs step by step. The pace was calm and unhurried, but Noila Mo felt a huge pressure! It was hot summer outside, but the room was a little chilly in the shade. Noila Mo squeezed the note tightly, her palms sweating slightly.

The man was getting closer and closer to her, and his arrogant aura made Noila Mo suddenly react, Allen Chu, he was Allen Chu!

“Are you surprised?” Allen Chu’s voice was a little proud, with his hands in his trouser pockets, condescendingly looking at Noila Mo. There was a pleasant light in his eyes. Little pepper, you can’t escape!

Noila Mo couldn’t help clasping her hands tightly, her nails sinking deep into the flesh.

This despicable man used such shameless means to persecute himself!

Staring at a pair of clear water eyes, Noila Mo said coldly: “Your dignified President of Chu, is it interesting to bully a girl like this? Believe it or not, I broke the news to the gossip magazine?”

“Haha…” A deep laughter sounded above Noila Mo’s head. Allen Chu raised his eyebrows disapprovingly: “I can tell you very responsibly that in City C, no magazine dare to publish my gossip news!”

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