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Chapter 250

“I heard that you have been together for five years, right? Oh yes,” Nangong Che continued as if he was thinking of something, after a moment, “you don’t seem to be boyfriends and girlfriends anymore, you should be unmarried couples. Will you get married in October? The information I saw says so.”

That little face became very delicate and fragile between the play of his fingers, and it almost broke with a pinch.

“I also heard that Miss Nangong Enxi is a typical high-class lady, Bing Qing Yujie, if I hadn’t listened to you, I wouldn’t know she was so disgusting.” Yu Muwan replied mercilessly, her eyes sharp as ice.

Nangong Che’s eyes instantly condensed a layer of chill.

Yu Muwan.

“What did you say?” he asked lightly, his voice slow.

“I said I didn’t know anything. They eloped last night. Before the elopement, my fiancé Cheng Yisheng told me that he wanted me to wait for him to go home. But I waited for the news that he dragged the rich lady away. Innocent!” She tried her best to suppress her voice, but her voice still trembled, “Mr. Nangong, don’t use your arrogance towards your employees on me. I am also a victim. You don’t have the right to tie me as a prisoner. Here, don’t you have the ability? If you have the ability, check it yourself!”

After Yu Muwan finished speaking coldly, he freed his face from his fingers, turned and left.

A gust of wind blew by her ears, and as soon as she put her hand on the doorknob, she was pinched on her shoulder. With a violent pull, she was dragged by her hair to him!

“Ah…” Yu Muwan staggered, raised his head in pain, and threw his body into an embrace.

“I never beat women… do you want me to make an exception?” Nangong Che coldly looked down at the woman who fell in embarrassment in her arms. She was obviously fair and sweet, but the words were so hateful. , There was a weird feeling in my heart, I wanted to teach her severely, until I was tamed.

Yu Muwan endured tears for a whole day, and at this moment one drop finally fell.

Her grievances and innocence have become rivers and seas.

——How long ago was that? She and Cheng Yisheng work greedily in this strange city every day. She is a part-time tutor for her small company, and he is his Pizza Hut waiter and part-time bar resident singer. They love each other and warm each other. He said, Mu Wan, I Promise that you will only let you suffer for a few years, and in a few years I will surely get ahead and return you happiness.

Does he return her happiness?

where is it?

Even the day before attending Nangong Enxi’s birthday party, he promised to repay the hundreds of thousands of dollars he borrowed from her soon. He needed funds to form a band, and he would marry her immediately after he became popular. Hehe, yes, She actually gave him the hundreds of thousands of money for Qianrou’s corneal surgery. But that night, he looked at the shining lights at the banquet at Nangong’s house, his eyes gleaming blurryly, got rid of her hand, and said, okay, will you wait for me to go home?

Which home to go back to? Whose home?

Yu Muwan bit her lip so hard that she didn’t let the tears go on.

Nangong Che was also slightly stunned. At such a close distance, she seemed to be able to smell the taste of her tears, a heavy drop, which must have been very astringent in his mouth.

Chapter 251

“Can’t find your sister, why are you hitting me?” Her white face was only left with big clear eyes and a light of reluctance.

Nangong Che broke free from his imagination, pursed his lips, and let go of her coldly.

Yu Muwan couldn’t stand still, so he could only grab his sleeve.

“I said two things. First, you will be under my watch from today. If Cheng Yisheng comes back to find you, I will immediately catch him and find Enxi by the way. Second, a very important point,” Nangong Che Leng Staring at her coldly, “Only a few people know the news that Enxi is unmarried and pregnant. Naturally, the Nangong family will not say it and lose their face, and you—better shut up, otherwise if the news leaks, I will Let you know what life is better than death.”

Yu Muwan raised his head, the injury in his eyes was fleeting.

“I am not a prisoner, so watch me less!” She resisted.

“It’s up to me to decide whether you are a prisoner or not.” Nangong Che gave her a scornful look.

“Don’t you have any other way?!” Yu Muwan shouted, “The Nangong family is in the whole city of Z. You can’t even find two of them?!”

“They must still be in City Z. Enxi’s bank card is frozen. We have set up checkpoints at the railway station, airport and even the small bus station. As long as they leave, I will find them—Enxi dare not Go home, Cheng Yisheng can only find you, Yu Muwan, don’t tell me that you can just kill your relatives and tell me their whereabouts,” Nangong Che said confidently, “Women are always softhearted to men, think about it, if Cheng Yisheng tears And come back to beg you, would you not forgive him?”

Yu Muwan felt a pain in her heart, and her misty eyes trembled.

She searched frantically for a day, and finally fell on the sofa and felt that the whole world collapsed into despair, but she still dreamed that Cheng Yisheng would really come back. If he really stood in front of her with tears in tears, how cruel he could be. ? How unfeeling can he get this man out of his own world because of this injury? ?

A strong heartache came up with tears, and she bit her lip and pressed her down!

“Huh…” Nangong Che laughed, a hint of sarcasm flashed in his eyes, “I guessed it, didn’t you? Women are too stupid, and they look the same.”

Yu Muwan was still standing on the spot, he walked over, picked up something on the table, held her wrist around it.

She was startled and struggled subconsciously, but there was something like a watch inlaid on her wrist.

Yu Muwan frowned, and did not pull it off twice, only to realize that there was an inconspicuous little buttonhole on it, and a golden light was disappearing from the palm of his hand and was pinched.

“What are you doing?” She frowned.

“It’s easy for me to find you at any time,” Nangong Che walked over and leaned on the swivel chair, his tall and arrogant figure showing the most elegant and unrestrained lines, stretched out, “This method is the simplest.”

Yu Muwan didn’t believe in evil and continued to struggle, only to make his wrists flush.

“Do you think that is a shame? Nobody can get anything from the Nangong family. What are you hypocritical?” Nangong Che frowned and looked at the woman in front of him fiercely.

A small smoky-gray dress, up to the top of the delicate white knees, with long black hair scattered, with the soft beauty unique to Oriental women, but why is it so stubborn?

Yu Muwan gave up the struggle, but she couldn’t get rid of it.

There was a trace of depression in her eyes. She raised her eyes and looked at the man who was the pillar of the Nangong family.

“When you sleep at night, put a fetter on the head of the bed and put it on your ankle. You can feel how I feel now, and see if it’s very comfortable.” She raised her eyebrows, and there was a little choking in her throat. hoarse.

Nangong Che frowned and wanted to say something, but she had already walked to the door and walked out coldly.

He felt inexplicably tight and followed.

Chapter 252

Yu Muwan walked all the way downstairs and indifferently said to the black-clothed bodyguard, “Send me back.”

Nangong Che walked out of the room and stood on the second floor looking down proudly. He slightly squinted his eyes to look at the slender figure. Seeing the bodyguard raised his head and asked his opinion with his eyes, he smiled coldly, turned and walked slowly back to the room.

It’s time to polish her stubbornness.

The bodyguard retracted his gaze and looked at Yu Muwan.

“Ms. Yu, go out from here and walk east along the road. All the way is the wilderness in the suburbs. After ten kilometers, you will reach an intersection and you can get some long-distance buses.”

Yu Muwan’s free eyes slowly settled on the bodyguard’s face, feeling his breath thinning.

Means, she wants to go back by herself?

The tracker on her wrist became a little hot, and her slightly aching scalp reminded her that this is the masterpiece left by that man, Nangong Che, and his next masterpiece is to see how she walks back to herself late at night alone. To my small rental house.

Ten kilometers, the wilderness on the outskirts.

Yu Muwan stretched out his hand and brushed away the emission of his profile. A pale and ironic smile radiated from his charming little face, and he uttered two words clearly: “Brain.”

After she finished speaking, she went out without any hesitation, and a bit of bitter wind came on her face, slightly biting, and the road that had just been racing over suddenly became so long, her slender legs didn’t know how long it would take to walk.

The night was very dark, she was empty in her mind, thinking about nothing.

However, she can’t think about it, she can’t become empty-handed like this, it’s just such a deep cold night, how long hasn’t she been alone? ? There is always Cheng Yisheng with her to protect her. She doesn’t have to pretend to be disdainful and fearless, holding herself tightly with tears in the biting wind, and pitying herself.

She used to be strong because someone accompanies her to endure hardships and be strong.

But now there is no more, she is confused, don’t know where to go, is it there? Where is the East? What should I do when I wake up tomorrow? ?

It was cold, she hugged her shoulders tightly, shivering, only eyes on her pale face were shiny.

There was fine music coming from my pocket.

She trembled slightly and picked up: “Hello?”

“Hello? Sister?” A slender, soft voice came carefully.

Yu Muwan was startled: “Qian Rou.”

She paused, quickly suppressed her nasal voice, and said in a soft tone, “What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you in a nursing home? Why do you call so late?”

“Sister, where are you? The wind is so strong.” The girl’s voice was like falling snow.

Hearing that “elder sister”, Yu Muwan felt sour in her heart.

“I’m on the balcony, why don’t you sleep, Xiao Rou? Sister forgot to call you today, I’m so sorry.”

“Well, it’s okay. Can you come to see me tomorrow? Dr. Lan came to my ward today and said that a friend of his had found a suitable… suitable cornea. He wants you to talk about it…” As she got younger, she knew that her sister was busy, and that changing the cornea required a lot of money, so she was a little embarrassed to speak.

However, three years after being blind in a car accident, she was really real and wanted to open her eyes to see the world again.

Yu Muwan’s fingers were trembling, he covered his forehead to ease his emotions and block some wind, and said, “Well, okay, I’ll go to you tomorrow afternoon… I’ll talk to Doctor Lan.”

“Okay,” Qian Rou obediently agreed. After gently rubbing the microphone a few times, she said in a gnat-like voice, “Sister, I miss you.”

In a word, Yu Muwan shed tears again.

Hanging up the phone, she walked in the darkness of the sky with her eyes blurred and desperate.

——I found the cornea, I have found it! But what did she use to perform surgery on Qian Rou?

The man who had been standing behind him and supporting himself suddenly betrayed, and what she had earned was the money she had earned over the years. She wanted to smile happily, for Qianrou’s sake, but she couldn’t.

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