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Chapter 241 – Forcing the Dog Food

He actually sent all the emoticons he had hidden in his phone to himself.

Although Albert Ou didn’t say anything, it was only when Mo Yiang felt the deep pain inside him

That’s from the dog food.

A while ago, Jasmine Tong asked for emojis for himself because of Albert Ou’s wild anger, and today Albert Ou went to great lengths to call himself over for emojis as well

Why does he keep so many emoticons?

This dog food is obviously self-feeding.

(coll.) serve sb right

For a long time, Albert Ou finally managed to transfer all of the emoticons from Mo Yiang’s phone to his own.

Albert Ou gave the phone back to Mo Yiang.

“Uncle, can I go now?”

Mo Yiang only felt his heart bleeding.

“Why don’t you ask me what I want your phone for.”

He’d better not ask, lest he stuff another mouthful of dog food in his mouth, he’d had enough of that already.

“What is Uncle Junior doing, it’s not my turn to be the senior to ask questions.”

“How have you been so sensible lately you’re going to tell me without asking.”


There’s no reason to force dog food.

Uncle, Uncle, please let your poor nephew go, okay?

“It’s all for your little aunt, she likes it, and I hear you’ve been playing swordsman lately.”


Mo Yiang hung his head in shame, this dog food he ate.

From a box on the desk, Albert Ou pulled out a card and handed it to Moichiang.

“Go play.”

Mo Yiang saw the card and became silly

It’s a Sword Saint prop card.

Sword Saint is a game produced by the Dark Empire, very popular recently, which has a top configuration of items that can’t be bought by spending money, you need to make a reservation every time, and after the reservation you have to grab it, and he’s grabbed it a dozen times without getting it.

This is the prop card, the one he wants to buy.

Well, the dog food was not wasted on him.

Rainbow City

Jasmine Tong herself had cooked and had already prepared a sumptuous dinner for the table, and was waiting for Albert Ou to return.

Albert Ou was back on time, though, and the two of them sat at the table to eat.

Jasmine Tong grabbed a piece of fish and put it in Albert Ou’s bowl.

“You try this fish, it’s made especially for you, it’s deep sea fish, it’s very rich in protein and the fish is extremely fatty.”

Without hesitation, Albert Ou put the fish from Jasmine Tong’s house into his mouth.

“Is this fish aphrodisiac?”

Jasmine Tong immediately blushed.

“What are you talking about?”

“I didn’t want to say, but you didn’t say you’d make me some soup for last night’s struggle.”

Aunt Fanny and Pearblossom both laughed out loud.

Jasmine Tong was even more embarrassed.

“There’s someone else here, you can’t even gag if you don’t talk and eat.”

“It just won’t plug.”

Said Albert Ou, taking Jasmine Tong’s shoulders and k!ssing her on the cheek.

“Come on, let’s eat. You’re making my face oily.”

“Why are you still disliking me? I’m not even disliking you, you’re still disliking me.”

He ate all the food she gave him, which would have been a good thing if someone else had just thrown it away and not taken the table off the table

Aunt Fanny and Pearly retreated from the dining room.

“Mr. and Mrs. are getting close.”

“Yes, Aunt Fanny, I’ve seen it, and I want to fall in love.”

“You’ve got no shame.”

In the restaurant, Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou were still playing around.

“Geez, you stop it, just eat, you didn’t get tired of it yesterday.”

“I can’t get enough of it for the rest of my life.”

Jasmine Tong covered her mouth laughing this man always speaks so unobtrusively.

“Auntie Fang also bought eels today, I’ll make you eel rice tomorrow and bring it to the office”

“Eel rice ah is you this eel rice ah, or eat what rice ah”

Albert Ou gave Jasmine Tong a thoughtful glance.

“What do you mean?”

Jasmine Tong didn’t understand at first.

“Go ahead if you want to, Miss Eel Rice, the great writer.”

Jasmine Tong stared at Albert Ou with wide eyes

She serializes her novels online under the pseudonym Eel Rice.

However, there was no one else who knew about this matter except Mo Yiang

And how did Albert Ou know that?

“How did you know that?”

“I pinched it and figured it out.”


“And you should thank me for that. Without me rewarding you with so much money, are you going to drink the northwest wind?”

“So you’re the one who’s been rewarding me.”

It was only then that Jasmine Tong came to her senses.

During the time we were filming, the novel was almost finished, and yet I kept getting rewards.

This novel, however, only started to catch fire after it was finished.

It’s a pity that Jasmine Tong is now busy filming, and writing this novel in the first place was just a way to earn some money to support her family.

“Wasn’t it you who let the site push my novel now that one’s a hit.”

“I don’t have that kind of spare time, and you can see how busy I am right now by looking at the papers on my desk.”

Albert Ou took Jasmine Tong’s hand.

“My woman does what becomes what, don’t be so insecure, you write a good book, the first one to finish recommending it, the data flies, the website is only willing to push it again and again, so it’s on fire.”

“It really wasn’t you,”

“What’s wrong with having the time to do something?”

Jasmine Tong just laughed out loud, it turned out that she really wrote well and the novel caught fire.

“But why did you give yourself the pen name of Eel Rice?”

“When I was little, my stepmother ordered two eel meals for Rameen Tong and Rameen Qi from a restaurant outside, they said that eel is nutritious and rich in protein, Yarwen saw it and craved it, but the eel was too expensive, so I saved up for a long time to buy some eel and cooked eel meals for Yarwen, he especially liked it.”

At that time, it was as if a bowl of eel rice was like New Year’s Eve.

This made Jasmine Tong feel that the eel rice was their hope, so she gave herself the pseudonym of Eel Rice, with the word “Man” in her name.

“Okay, let’s forget about the past, I’ll make you eel rice tomorrow, so you can try my cooking, my eel rice is delicious.”



Jasmine Tong was taking a shower in the bathroom, last night, or rather it should be this morning, she was all exhausted after fighting with Albert Ou for so long.

So I put on the bath water for myself and got ready for a comfortable soak.

“Jasmine,” Albert Ou called out from outside.

“I’m in the bubble bath you shower in the guest room, I won’t be done for a while.”


Albert Ou answered the door and was about to walk out of the bedroom to the guest room, but he stopped halfway to the door.

Why is he taking a shower in the guest room?

We can take a shower together.

Chapter 242 Washing Together

Thinking so, Albert Ou went back into the bedroom.

The man who had swaggered into the bathroom.


Tong shrieked as she thought Albert Ou had gone out, and now someone had suddenly come in, startling her.

She stood up and immediately turned around.

“It’s me,”

“What are you doing in here? Get out!”

Although there had been many skin-to-skin encounters, every time they made out the lights were off.

It was the first time he had ever displayed his body to him like this.

“Get out of here,” urged Jasmine Tong anxiously.

“Why are you going out? Why are you hiding?”

In fact, Albert Ou had also never seen a naked Jasmine Tong before.

There were glistening droplets of water slowly sliding down Jasmine Tong’s shiny skin.

Albert Ou’s throat tightened, rolling up and down his Adam’s apple.

The intense visual impact stirred his whole being up thoroughly.

“Why go out to the guest room when the faucet is broken and we’ll wash it together.”

Albert Ou said quickly taking off his clothes.

“Then you’ll wait until I’m done washing you.”

“So when do I wait?”

After saying that, Albert Ou stepped into the bathtub with his long legs and directly carried Jasmine Tong into his arms.

“I won’t wash it then, you do.”

Jasmine Tong tried to leave, and Albert Ou scooped her right back up.

“Take a bath together, lovebirds.”

“Who wants to follow you”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

“In the middle of winter, I’m all undressed, so we’ll wash together.”

Jasmine Tong couldn’t do anything with him.

“Well then, you’re not allowed to move.”

“I promise not to move.”

Albert Ou’s assurances proved to be meaningless.

“Don’t you touch anything.”

“Geez, stop it,”

“Why are you so bad?”

Soon, the tub began to pound.

Albert Ou couldn’t hold back.

“Or go to bed and you stop it.”

“How exciting right here.”

“You just did it this morning and you’re”

“This morning is this morning, this evening is this evening, and how much more torment I endured during those days you were away.”

The hot environment was splashing with water.

Jasmine Tong gradually got lost in the warmth of the environment.

Fortunately, this time, Albert Ou didn’t toss it for too long, and when the freshness was over, he fell asleep with Jasmine Tong in his arms.

The next morning, Jasmine Tong didn’t wake up that late.

After packing up, Jasmine Tong began to prepare eel rice, which she had promised Albert Ou to cook for him yesterday.

Thinking that Yarwen Tong should have not eaten his own eel rice for a long time, he was ready to send one over to him as well.

After making the eel rice, Jasmine Tong put it in a lunch box, in duplicate.

The Academy of Fine Arts was quite far away, so Jasmine Tong went to the Academy of Fine Arts first, passing through the Dark Empire on her way back, then delivering it to Albert Ou, and then going to Z.Y Hospital in the afternoon, which was a full day’s schedule as well.

When I got to the Academy of Fine Arts, I saw Yarwen Tong.

The two siblings are still meeting outside at the cafe.

“Xiaolei, have you been nervous about your homework lately I heard you haven’t been back much.”

“I’m fine at school, I’ve been pretty busy so I haven’t even been back, sis, your eel rice is better than ever.”

Yarwen Tong praised as he ate the eel rice.

“Of course.”

“Sis, I’m going to be busy for a while, final exams are coming up and the New Year’s Eve party is coming up, so I’m not going home every day.”

Seeing the smile overflowing on Yarwen Tong’s face, Jasmine Tong was full of joy, but she was really worried that such hard work would be too much for Yarwen Tong to bear.

“You should take care of your own body, Little Lei, so you don’t tire yourself out.”

“Don’t worry sis, I’m fine as can be.”

Yarwen Tong looked at the other eel rice that Jasmine Tong was holding.

“Sister, do you still want to send food to brother-in-law ah that you quickly go, it will be after noon, do not starve brother-in-law.”

“Don’t worry, he’s so grown up, he won’t starve himself, I haven’t seen you in ages.”

Yarwen Tong’s smile was a bit silly.

“Then I’ll talk with you a little longer.”

Jasmine Tong and Yarwen Tong talked for a while longer, and Yarwen Tong pushed Jasmine Tong several times before she went on her way.

In fact, Jasmine Tong was supposed to deliver it to Albert Ou first, because she still had to go to the hospital, and Z.Y Hospital was closer to the Academy of Fine Arts.

She had to turn back again after delivering food to Albert Ou.

It was 1:30 by the time we reached the Dark Empire.

Jasmine Tong went to Albert Ou’s office in a hurry.

“What took you so long to get here, you’re starving me to death.”

Albert Ou complained dissatisfiedly.

“I went to the Academy of Fine Arts and sent a copy to Lei as well.”

Upon hearing this, Albert Ou became even more dissatisfied.

“Why didn’t you just send it back to me? It was right this way.”

“Isn’t this worrying that Little Lei is hungry?” said Jasmine Tong as she brought out the eel rice.

“Aren’t you worried about him starving, and not me?”

Jasmine Tong always felt that Albert Ou was a bit too much.

“I’m just a little late? Do you so much as? Besides, you wouldn’t be hungry if you ordered something else to eat first.”


Albert Ou was also helpless, he was already hungry, and Russel Cheng kept saying that he would go to the restaurant to get him food, but he just didn’t let him go.

The eel rice that Jasmine Tong had worked so hard to make and brought it all the way over to him, of course he had to eat it well.

Who knows?

Albert Ou was just about to eat when Russel Cheng knocked on the door and walked in.

“Mr. Ou, it’s time for the meeting.”

Albert Ou had to put the lid back on the lunch box.

Only then did Jasmine Tong realize that she was in trouble.

“Can’t we just have a meeting later and let him finish his dinner first.”

“Ma’am, the meeting was supposed to start at one o’clock, and it’s been postponed for over half an hour, I’m afraid.”

Turns out he had postponed the meeting for over half an hour to wait for her.

Jasmine Tong felt even more guilty, she shouldn’t have delayed at the art academy for so long.

“Okay, I’m off to a meeting, Cheng Ho, send the wife out.”

“Okay, Ou.”

Jasmine Tong watched Albert Ou walk out, feeling very uncomfortable.

She really should have brought Albert Ou his food first today.

“Secretary Cheng, has he been busy lately?”

“Yes, isn’t this soon to be the end of the year, the end and beginning of each year is the busiest time, our group has many branches, and we have to take stock at the end of each year.”


Jasmine Tong was very self-conscious, but there was no way to fix it.

Coming out of the Dark Empire, she went straight to Z.Y Hospital, where everyone knew her identity, so they didn’t dare to slow down.

The best herbalist here prescribed medicine to Jasmine Tong.

“Ma’am, there’s nothing seriously wrong with you, just take care of your conditioning.”

“Doctor, I have a Chinese medicine here, please give it a look.”

Chapter 243: You Still Don’t Admit Your Wrongdoing

Jasmine Tong brought a package of those Chinese medicines she found in the cupboard yesterday in passing.

This Chinese medicine practitioner also did not dare to be ambiguous in the slightest, and hurriedly opened the Chinese medicine bag to carefully identify the Chinese medicine inside.

Sniff it, look at it, touch it.

The Chinese doctor’s brow immediately furrowed.

“Ma’am, where did you get this medicine?”

“What’s wrong with this medicine? “Jasmine Tong also immediately became nervous.

“Madam, didn’t you say you wanted to have a baby with Mr. Ou so you can’t eat it?”

“Oh, it’s not my medicine.”

The Chinese doctor was relieved by this.

“That’s good.”

“What is this medicine for” Jasmine Tong asked cautiously.

“It’s not a cure, it’s a contraceptive.”


Jasmine Tong was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, that’s contraception, except nowadays, people rarely use the soup pill method of contraception, and in the olden days, the emperor didn’t want any of his concubines to get pregnant, so he’d give them a soup pill afterwards.”


“This prescription, it is very well prescribed, the weight is very light, the medicine is very accurate, and it does less harm to the woman, dare I ask Madam, where did it come from.”

Jasmine Tong’s face was white and her head was a mess.

“A friend asked me to bring this here to ask if this doctor prescribed the right medication.I don’t know where it came from.”Jasmine Tong had to lie.

“Oh, that’s right, then go back and tell this friend that it’s a very good prescription, I guess it would take an old doctor with decades of experience to prescribe such a good prescription, except”

“Only what?”

“A contraceptive tonic, after all, is a contraceptive tonic, no matter how mildly prescribed and taken over time, can be damaging to a woman’s body.And it’s not a guarantee that it’s 100 percent contraception.”

“Oh, I see, Doctor, but it’s not a glamorous thing, and I have to ask you, Doctor, not to tell anyone else.”

“This is natural.”

Jasmine Tong thanked this herbalist and took the medicine, which left.

On the way back, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Whose medicine could this be?

Auntie Fang is too old to drink contraceptive pills, could it be Pear Blossom?

Pear Blossom is young, when she’s young and ignorant.

She usually spent little time at home, and when she wasn’t there, Albert Ou didn’t come back often.

I don’t think Eriana’s having an affair with someone outside and secretly using birth control.

Although, to Jasmine Tong, Pear Blossom is just a maid, but after getting along for a long time, she treats Pear Blossom as her sister, she can’t let Pear Blossom degenerate.

No, I have to talk to her sometime.

Jasmine Tong was thinking about it all the way home.

When it was almost time to cook dinner, Jasmine Tong cooked two dishes, and the prep was all ready, just waiting to go into the pot.

“Auntie Fang, I’m a bit tired today, so you can fry the rest of the food.”

“Well, ma’am, you go and rest.”

The dishes have been washed and the preparations are all done, so there’s no use for Pearblossom to stay in the kitchen, so she and Jasmine Tong walked out together.

Jasmine Tong looked at the pear some felt not too good to say.

“Pearly, let’s go to your room, I need to talk to you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”Pearly didn’t know what was going on, and innocent as she was, she didn’t think much of it.

At Pearly’s room, Jasmine Tong closed the door.

“Ma’am, what did you want to talk to me about?”

Some of the words Jasmine Tong also had trouble saying.

“Pearblossom, how old are you this year?”

“Twenty,” Pearblossom held up two fingers excitedly.

“Twenty years old and never went to school?”

“I came out of junior high school, I had a lot of kids at home, I had a younger brother down there, and my family didn’t treat me well, and I was so patriarchal, so I came out to work, and I didn’t like studying anyway.”

The pear is downright easy to talk about.

The Tong family also used to live in the countryside, for there, Jasmine Tong still knows something about it.

Patriarchy is a really big problem, and many girls don’t go to school for more than a few years, so they go out to work.

“Pearly, I’m 20 years old and I’m considered a big girl, so you have to know what to do and what not to do.”

Pearblossom was a little confused as to what Jasmine Tong meant by that.

“Ma’am, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand? Did I do something wrong?”

“These things, there is no right or wrong, you are a girl, you should know how to love yourself, but not on impulse”

Jasmine Tong was also a bit tongue-tied.

“Anyway, Pearly, you listen to me, or you’ll regret it later.”

Hearing this, the pear was even more confused.

“Madam what are you talking about ah I do not understand a thing, what regret not regret, I have always listened to you do not I if I have done something wrong, you just tell me ah”

“What have you done, don’t you know in your own heart? Hardly do you want me to say it directly, I also just want to save face for you, it’s not convenient to talk about such things in a big girl’s house.”

Pearly bites her lip.

“What big girl, ma’am, what the hell are you talking about?”

Jasmine Tong was also a little upset when she saw that this was the attitude of Pearblossom.

“Pearblossom, although you are in our family, working for a salary, but I never look at you as a servant, I already know, you do not need to hide it from me, I am telling you this because I treat you as a sister, otherwise it’s none of my business ah”

The pear was so anxious that she was going to cry.

“Madam, what on earth are you talking about? What have I done?”

Jasmine Tong didn’t expect Pear to be so stubborn.

“I see you are not seeing the coffin do not shed tears ah well, then I’ll tell you directly you secretly drink contraceptive soup pill is not how the matter is outside a man.”

Jasmine Tong is chilled because she treats Pear Blossom as her sister, but Pear Blossom keeps playing sloppy with her.

“Contraceptive pills man this all where with where ah ma’am, you get it wrong, you can’t frame me I’m only 20 years old this year.”

Pears stomped her foot in a hurry.

“It’s because you’re 20 that I’m going to say you’re afraid you’re on the wrong track.”

“I’m not wrong,”

Pear Blossom is also very straightforward, and she can’t stand being wronged.

“You still don’t admit it.”

“You said I have a man outside, you show me the proof” Pear Flower is considered to be on the bar with Jasmine Tong.

“Okay, I’ll get it then.”

Saying Jasmine Tong walked out of the room, Pearblossom followed in exasperation, and the two of them walked into the kitchen together.

Aunt Fang was cooking, and when she saw these two people come in, she didn’t know what was happening, so she saw Jasmine Tong, who kept going to the closet at the very back.

Jasmine Tong pulled out the key and prepared to open that cabinet.

“Madam, don’t” Aunt Fang shouted immediately.

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