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Chapter 301

Engagement banquet.

The female companion who appeared next to Nangong Che attracted the attention of the audience.

There is a hint of charm in the soft and slender figure. Yu Muwan could not follow his tall figure and let him introduce her to every family member or business celebrity. His arrogant expression was lazy and handsome, and the corners of his mouth twitched. If there is no smile.

“Hi, beauty, long time no see!” Luo Fanyu smiled and appeared in front of her.

Yu Muwan turned sideways, took a step back subconsciously, looked at him, and also looked for his impression in his mind.

“Mr. Luo.” She was slightly drunk, but she could still call out his name politely.

Luo Fanyu’s eyelids twitched, and his smile became more and more handsome: “It’s great, you can still remember my name, but why are you coming today?” He looked around, as if he knew something, “Nangong will take you Come here?”

Yu Muwan’s soft white face was red, but her expression was still cold, and she said nothing.

“Hehe, come on, beauty, let’s have a toast, where there is no fragrant grass in the end of the world, this kind of man will be left to the woman who bears him to suffer, what do you say?” Luo Fanyu smiled and filled the empty cup in her hand liqueur.

This man was too frivolous, but only these words made her heart tremble and sore severely.

Yu Muwan raised her small face and smiled, with an intoxicating charm: “That’s right, I’ll have a drink with you!”

Luo Fanyu’s heart palpitated suddenly, watching her wine glass touched and hurriedly greeted him, a crisp sound rang in his heart, he squinted his eyes and watched her pour a large glass of red wine down, thinking, this woman was really attractive.

“Are you free?” Nangong Che’s upright figure leaned over, and the chill in his eyes was close to Luo Fanyu, and Yu Muwan was wrapped in his arms with his sturdy arms, “I’m too free to talk to my people. Kill time?”

Yu Muwan smelled a faint scent of tobacco, mixed with alcohol, and leaped into his nose with the strength of his waist and arms.

She frowned and pushed him, muted resistance: “You let me go.”

“Let go of you? Let go of you to seduce men?!” Nangong Che looked down at her in his arms with a cold face.

Yu Muwan felt a pain in her heart, and she was so wronged that she yelled at him: “So what?! Do I have no right to fall in love? Don’t I have the right to be happy? Your sister is going to get married, and the person I have blessed is coming. !”

There was a crystal mist in her stubborn eyes.

As soon as Nangong Che cursed “Damn”, Luo Fanyu beside him couldn’t stand it anymore. He frowned and said: “Oh, OK, Che, don’t lose your temper, can I go? Your man, still It’s so precious that no one can touch it!”

The last sentence he said with a smile was like irony, but he knew that leaving at this moment was the best way to deal with Yu Muwan.

“Follow me!” Nangong Che looked at her red and blurred face, and was annoyed. He grabbed her soft hands and dragged her away. Yu Muwan staggered, not knowing where he was dragged, but he saw one when he looked up. Familiar figure.

Away from the crowd, Cheng Yisheng wears a white elegant suit, with a gentle smile, humbly toasting everyone politely

Seeing Yu Muwan, he was shocked for a while, looked at Nangong Che, and then he knew what was going on.

“It’s all people who are going to get married. Isn’t it a pity not to have a drink with an old acquaintance?” Nangong Che’s cold and arrogant lips raised, and took the cup in Yu Muwan’s hand to signal that the waiter beside him was full, and gave her She pushed forward, and ordered in a cold voice, “Go to Mr. Cheng for a drink!”

The crystal in Yu Muwan’s eyes shook violently, her little hand almost couldn’t hold the wine glass

Chapter 302

Cheng Yisheng frowned, subconsciously wanted to help her, but she was sensitively avoided.

“Forget it, she has drunk enough, I will do it myself.” Cheng Yisheng endured the heartache and said.

I don’t know how much wine I have drunk, Yu Muwan stared at the blood-red liquid in the cup, all stubbornness supported her will, and said coldly: “How can I get married? Only once in a lifetime, Mr. Cheng, this I respect you, I wish you a happy marriage and a great harmony for a hundred years!”

She poured it down suddenly, and the person with the graceful curve of the snow-neck slammed his heart.

It was just that the wine was too strong, and she choked up halfway through the drink. She forced her to drink the whole glass with tears in her eyes. She dumbly said “I’m sorry” and pushed everyone away and ran towards the bathroom.

The sound of the water broke through all the sounds. Yu Muwan put her hands on both sides, and the water droplets on her face penetrated into the clothes coldly. She covered her mouth and cried bitterly for the last time.

There are so many images in my mind. In those difficult winters in City Z, the unheated huts are cold everywhere. Her ears and hands are red from freezing. Cheng Yisheng takes her to work every time she goes to work. There is plenty of heating in Pizza Hut. Let her warm up, he was busy without stopping, and finally stopped for a short while and ran to her, k*ssing her hand with guilt and said, Mu Wan, follow me, wronged you.

The sound of the water was still ringing, Yu Muwan wiped his face and raised his hand to turn off the faucet, telling herself that she didn’t want to, she didn’t want to, she didn’t want to, she didn’t want to! It was he who betrayed her because he was afraid of being poor and mad. She would never think about such a man again!

When she walked out of the bathroom, she accidentally bumped into someone, causing the other person to scream.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Yu Muwan subconsciously apologized, her eyes reddish, and her voice low.

“You can’t look at the road!” Nangong Enxi looked up angrily, and was shocked to see that she was also shocked. Then a heavy mockery appeared on her face, “Yu Muwan, it’s you? What are you doing here!”

Yu Muwan only realized that it was her, her face was so hot with alcohol, and she shook her head: “Don’t worry, I don’t want to come, let alone see you.” She didn’t come here willingly.

“You–” Nangong Enxi’s delicate and charming face was a little distorted, gritted her teeth with hate, and shouted, “Yu Muwan, what are you proud of! Get out of here if you don’t want to come! Today is my engagement banquet, for me Keep your dog eyes wide open and see clearly, Cheng Yisheng is my man! You can sneak in to attend my engagement banquet even if you are an old man, it’s shameless!”

Yu Muwan couldn’t help it anymore, thinking of today’s pain and humiliation, water vapor appeared in her cold eyes: “It’s your man who takes care of it himself. Don’t let him come to me and don’t let him pester me. Your own man, blame me for what it is!”

“You…well you, you dare to talk to me like this at my family’s banquet, I won’t let you off today!” Nangong Enxi also burst into tears with anger.

Yu Muwan turned around and left, his slender figure straight.

“You stop! Smelly slut, I won’t let you go! Today I have to tell you to look down!” Nangong Enxi stepped forward angrily, pulling her hair back fiercely.

“Hi…” Yu Muwan turned pale with pain, and quickly grabbed the stairs. She didn’t expect this rich lady to be so pungent. She took a deep breath, staring at her with cold eyes, “Let go.”

Chapter 303

The stubborn domineering under her eyes turned Nangong Enxi into a cold war, but she then remembered her beloved Cheng Yisheng and pulled her harder: “b*tch, you deserve it!”

Yu Muwan endured the severe pain, her pale little face getting colder, looked behind her, and exclaimed, “Yisheng!”

Nangong Enxi shuddered in fright, turned her head in cold sweat, but found that Cheng Yisheng was not behind her at all! Yu Muwan took the opportunity to shake her hand away coldly, and stood in front of her with unbeatable arrogance.

“Yu Muwan, you…” Nangong Enxi shivered with anger, “I want to kill you!”

As she said that, she rushed towards Yu Muwan, but forgot that it was at the top of the stairs, and suddenly stomped off, “Ah!” She stepped on the edge of the stairs and fell down!

The whole banquet was suddenly in an uproar, and looked at the figure who had fallen from the stairs embarrassedly.

Nangong Enxi.

Nangong Enxi is three months pregnant!

Amidst the violent crashes and painful screams, Nangong Che was the first to react. His face paled with cold, “Bang!” He put down his wine glass and shouted “Enxi” and ran over!

Nangong Enxi fell down from the last step, groaning in pain, clutching his stomach, his expression distorted with pain.

“Enxi!!” Nangong Che stepped forward with a violent roar and hugged her body, holding her tightly held belly, “How are you Enxi?!”

The scene was chaotic. Old man Nangong strode over on crutches, with scarlet eyes in his eyes, shouting: “Hurry up and take Enxi back! Call Dr. Martin to come over, come here now!!!”

There was a delicate, soft and bright scene in front of Yu Muwan’s eyes. Her mind was burnt with alcohol, but at this moment she was suddenly stung by the sharp reality! She held on to the stairs and couldn’t remember how it happened just now. How could she fall from above? Did you meet her?

No…no! Does she remember!

The whole banquet turned into a rescue scene. She could vaguely hear Nangong Enxi crying. She waved her arms and patted the ground, watching her stomach cry out loudly: “It was the b*tch Yu Muwan who pushed me down! My child, my child!!!”

Yu Muwan’s heart was shocked, her eyes full of water were facing the harsh and threatening eyes that Shang Nangong Che raised up, she subconsciously took a step back, just because she could read the meaning in his eyes—that man, already Angry!

In an instant, Nangong Enxi was taken away by the stars, and Yu Muwan felt a chill in her heart. She fell down from such a high place and wondered if there was anything wrong with the child, although there was no blood on the ground, but…

“Yu Muwan!” Nangong Che walked up step by step, yelling in a low voice.

The green fingers holding the railing trembled violently. Yu Muwan raised her eyes to face his furious eyes, and suddenly lost the ability to speak. Her heart beat violently, and it took a long time to find her own voice: “I didn’t push her down. …”

“You didn’t…” Nangong Che’s deep sea-like eyes looked down at her, spreading on both sides of her like a jealous lion, and seemed to be able to tear her apart completely in the next instant, “Could it be that she fell by herself ?!!”

The roar shook her ears, and Yu Muwan trembled and wanted to retreat, but behind the railing, she couldn’t retreat!

“I’ve already said that it wasn’t her who I pushed. Believe it or not! I’m drunk, but don’t just throw anything on my head. I don’t have to bear it!” She was stubborn and flashing water. The light eyes stared at her fearlessly

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