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Chapter 268

Jenny was stunned, but she had never thought about it so much, she just subconsciously felt that it was always good since she had the chance to return to her true family.

Now that I’ve heard Biden Lu say this, I feel that the Guan family is a dragon pond and lion’s den that cannot be easily broken into.

And if that kid comes back, it may not be a good thing anymore.

She suddenly thought of Guan Xuefei again.

It is said that it was because that child was lost that year, and it was only because of that that Xuefei Guan was adopted back by Mrs. Guan as a compensation.

The Guan family has treated her as if she had been born and nurtured her with care over the years, and it’s safe to say that if it weren’t for the old man’s illness this time, we wouldn’t have remembered to keep looking for that child.

If that child does go back, where does that leave Michelle Kwan?

And based on Guan Xuefei’s nature, I’m sure she couldn’t care less.

When he thought of this, Jenny sighed.

Biden Lu watched her sit there, stunned and sighing.

He couldn’t help but smile and touched her head, softly saying, “Don’t be overly concerned, I’ll definitely tell them if there’s a clue, just remind you not to be too optimistic about this.

After all, that child had been missing for more than 20 years, and the Guan family hadn’t made much noise in the past decade or so, except for the first year or two when they had searched with all their might.

It wasn’t until after the old man’s ill health over the past few years that he started looking again, and I don’t have to tell you the twists and turns of that, I’m sure you understand.

It’s hard to say whether that child will be a blessing or a curse for her after she returns to the Guan family.”

Jenny nodded.

Of course she understood that back then the family must have gotten tired and given up after searching without much success.

Now that the old man is terminally ill, looking back, he always feels indebted to the boy.

People didn’t want the old man to go away with regrets, which is why they went all out to find the boy.

To be frank, this child is just a tool for them to please the old man.

After all, the old man passed away, of which there is no telling how many disputes about the interests involved in the estate.

When the old man passes away, there will be no telling what they will do with this tool when it loses its usefulness.

The thought of it made her body feel sad.

Biden Lu saw that she was not in a good mood and felt that this topic was not good, so he stopped and changed the subject.

They chatted as they drove home.

When Aunt Liu learned they were back, she had already prepared a sumptuous table for lunch.

After dinner, in the afternoon, Biden Lu did not go to the office, but stayed at home with Jenny Jing.

Ann’s body has been checked and is fine, and is doing much better than before.

Overall, everything is looking up.

Jenny Jing was relieved after hearing the party.

Later in the evening the news came back from the police that the matter had been investigated five years ago.

Although Kelly Wang has not yet confessed to the crime, Yu Xulian has already confessed to her original actions under severe duress.

The photos of those brake pads that Jenny had originally submitted, as well as the confession of that employee at the garage back then, also played a big role.

The truth of the matter is more or less the same as Jenny Jing’s suspicions, when Mo Caiwei accidentally crashed Kevin Jing and Yu Xiulian’s female dry affair, and accidentally learned that they have an eighteen-year-old daughter.

In anger, he wants to get his shares of Mo’s back, and files for divorce from King Tsung Tak.


Coming from the countryside, the family relied solely on the Mo family to get where they are today, how could Kevin Jing and the others agree?

That day, with his gentle words of persuasion, the mother temporarily pressed her anger, and King promised to give her a satisfactory solution, but unexpectedly, turned around and sent someone to tamper with her car.

In order to secure Mrs. Jing’s seat, Yu Xiulian drives her car and crashes into Mo Caiwei’s car on the bridge in the middle of the night.

Mo Caiwei knocked her car over the railing and into the water, destroying the car.

Jenny listened quietly to the police lecture over the phone, expecting to be angry, but was surprisingly calm.

After all, it’s been six years since the incident.

She had known the truth long before that, too, but had been bitterly without proof.

It is only now that you realize that even the most grievous and painful things can calm you down with time, leaving you with nothing but an endless weight and sorrow.

Jenny gave no advice on what to do with the Jing family, all letting them deal with the law.

Biden Lu didn’t say anything even when he saw the situation.

The handling of this matter was quickly communicated.

The death sentence for murder was handed down by Kevin Jing, as was Yu Xiu-lian, Kelly Wang Nian, who did not act, but plotted behind the scenes.

Once reported, Clara’s future was also ruined.

Although she was relatively young at first, she was not involved in this matter, at most, it was an informed, so she was not imprisoned.

But public opinion is powerful, and she has a murderous father and mother, and a grandmother that vicious.

That, coupled with what she had done to Jenny before, was enough for public opinion to destroy her!

Moreover, she also needed to cooperate with the investigation regarding the previous kidnapping of Jenny.

During the investigation, however, King continued to verbally claim that he had also been kidnapped.

After investigation, it was found that she was indeed telling the truth.

Actually, Jenny Jing also knew that Clara had indeed been robbed in those days, but it was unknown who the other party was.

The police didn’t find any clues in this matter at the moment, and in the end it naturally became an unsolved case.

But the good news is that no one was harmed in any of them, so the outcome was pretty positive.

After Kelly Wang and Kevin Jing’s as well as Yu’s imprisonment, the board of directors gave a unanimous decision on the succession of the Jing Group.

Both recommended Jenny to be this heir.

For one thing, Jing’s predecessor was Mo, and Mo Caiwei was Jenny’s biological mother, so by all rights, of course, she should inherit it.

And now that something like this had happened to Clara, she had naturally lost her eligibility to compete to inherit the company, and the only reasonable heir left was Jenny Jing.

But Jenny was not very interested in the matter, although Jing’s predecessor was Mohs, who had had no interest in the company during his mother’s lifetime, and therefore had never taken care of it.

And after so many years of Kevin Jing’s subterfuge, today’s Jing was long gone from the original Mo.

Even if she took over, she’d just be adding to her own problems.

And after all these storms, King’s stock has plummeted, and now it’s the equivalent of a mess and a headache for whoever picks it up.

But the good news is that Mu had invested a lot in Jing in the beginning, and now that Patrick Hong intends to buy Jing over, Jenny Jing didn’t stop him.

After some deliberation, they signed the contract at a suitable price, even if it was to bring the matter officially to a close.

Chapter 269

Time passes.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

The response to the airing of Cannonball Raiders has been particularly good, and even though it’s just a drama, it’s creating a huge wave of discussion on it, and it’s even trending out of the loop already.

Jenny and Hsu Ka Mu, who are the lead actors, have been so busy running promotions and events that they can literally have their feet on the ground.

Seeing that she was so busy, Biden Lu was afraid that she would get tired, so he temporarily handed over the PR affairs of Serenity International to another assistant manager under her to take care of.

Jenny was fine with it, she wasn’t superhuman, she only had one brain and one pair of hands, she couldn’t possibly be busy with so many things at once.

Also, she didn’t used to like acting or working in front of the stage and just felt particularly uncomfortable being stared at by people who looked like rare animals.

But now after a period of time to get used to it, it actually slowly got used to it, and not only that, but sometimes even enjoyed it a bit.

Not only the tranquil international, but even the work of Starlite, she had left almost all of it to Xiao He to take care of.

Biden Lu saw that she looked like she was going to attack the entertainment industry with all her might, but she didn’t stop her.

It was just that sometimes late at night, when she was in bed, she would press her sour orders.

No k*ssing scenes, no bed scenes, no making out scenes, not even love scenes with male actors!

Jenny was so disturbed by his actions that he couldn’t stop laughing and crying.

Offhand, she couldn’t talk to him, and if she dared to tell him about dedication, he could dedicate the night to showing her.

Then an unwritten rule gradually emerged in the circle.

The husband of a certain rookie flower has made it a rule that the other party will not do relationship scenes, no k*ssing scenes, no making out scenes, and if they do, the entire show will be banned.

Naturally, everyone knew who this person was talking about, but long ago, Biden Lu had announced his relationship with Jenny Jing.

So people didn’t take it seriously except to ridicule a few things.

Jenny had a headache about the man’s strong possessiveness, but it wasn’t like she had to have them in the drama, anyway, depending on the plot, it was fine to have them when she should, not when she shouldn’t or when she didn’t have to.

And now, in response to the country’s net action, even romance dramas are filmed more innocently, with the exception of certain literary films, where the usual k*ssing scenes are usually achieved through borrowed bits.

The days passed in such a calm and full rhythm.

In the middle of the year, Biden Lu took Jenny Jing back to Kyoto, and was able to formally introduce her to everyone.

Serenity International was headquartered in Kyoto, and Starflight, as a feeder company, later moved over after some discussion.

Jenny didn’t have much attachment to Visterdem and could live well in any city.

Besides, the president of the Lu Clan was also in Kyoto, and Biden Lu was the head of the Lu Clan no matter what, so it was more convenient to work here, so Jenny Jing stayed with him in Kyoto.

This decision, naturally, pleased Ann the most.

Biden Lu has a house in Kyoto, called Villa Maple Bridge, which was re-bought specifically for Jenny Jing.

Every day, An’an argued to move over from the land residence, but was stopped by Biden Lu every time.

Ann didn’t understand and was sad every time she was sent back by the driver.

Until one time, Biden Lu gave her a direct quote.

“Want a brother?If you want it, be good and go back, and after a while, Mommy and Daddy will send you a brother to play with.”

Ann was so happy to hear that.

“Really?Do I really have a penis to play with?”

“Well, really.”

And so, for a whole week after that, Ann never bothered them again.

Lu Boss, who has finally managed to live in a world of two, is very satisfied with this situation.

Next, just take care of the wife and mention this baby-making plan.

Unfortunately, Jenny was simply too busy right now.

An An doesn’t come over anymore, but Jenny Jing is also too busy to stay at home and stays on the set every day.

Lu Boss was very angry, but looking at Jenny’s face, which looked like she was working hard for her dream, she couldn’t get angry again all of a sudden.

That afternoon, Jenny received an invitation to attend an event in the evening at the largest sports square in downtown Kyoto.

This is a celebrity charity night, do charity donations is true, and the eye and flow is also true, not to mention the harvest of praise, so the night of the star-studded, the biggest coffee naturally belongs to the film star Xie Chengfei.

Xie Chengfei is 30 years old and has been in the industry for ten years. He has acted in countless movies and is a handsome and good actor.

He was also a flowster in his early years, and then was depressed for a while because he was involved in a car accident midway through his career, which left his face a little slightly disfigured.

Only later, through surgery, not only did he regain his looks, but his acting skills were also greatly improved, and his whole person has a mature and stable charm.

A year ago, he just won the Golden Horse Best Actor for a film called “The Secret History of Heavenly Drive” and has countless fans and fans, making him the hottest film and TV star of the moment.

Jenny also admired him, having seen him star in a movie in his previous life, and his acting was simply explosive.

So there was a little anticipation knowing that I would see him this evening.

The place was star-studded, and there were many fans around outside, every star’s, but most of them were Xie Chengfei’s fans.

Jenny arrived on the scene, originally intending to walk the red carpet in silence, and it would have been nice to have a chance to get up close and personal with his idol and ask for an autograph or something.

But I didn’t expect to hear a few screams just outside.

She looked around and saw her light sign, held in her hands and shaken desperately by a group of fans, happy even though it was only a small cluster in a sea of fans drowning like a crowd.

Waving at them, the little girls got even more excited.

Ah!What a sweet little angel, I never thought she’d be the only one to have this day.

Little did she know that in just a few months since Cannonball Raiders aired, it had already swept the major video stations.

Now on the network, on the ruff, qqq space, friends, all are her videos.

Over 100 million retweets!

Jenny rarely goes on, so he doesn’t know that his play has reached this level of fire, but he just feels warm in his heart when he sees that there are many people supporting him.

After the red carpet, it’s the cocktail hour.

There were actually not only celebrities on the scene, but also many socialites, and Jenny had little interest in this kind of cocktail party, so he nestled in a corner and ate dessert.

Just then, a familiar voice sounded from above.


Jenny Jing looked back and saw that it was Evelin.

“You’re here too?”She was busy standing up.

The dress she was wearing was a little messy from sitting, so she smiled apologetically and patted it down, saying, “A little hungry, I’m making you laugh.”

Evelin smiled slightly, “You didn’t eat dinner?”

“Well…” don’t tell me, it came in a hurry and I didn’t eat it!

Chapter 270

Evelin laughed, “This kind of activity can easily last for several hours, so it’s better to remember to eat before you come back later, or else you might turn into a black spot again if the paparazzi sneak a peek.”

I said, pointing to a few reporters with cameras not far away.

Jenny said, “Oh,” but his heart was a little unconcerned.

Stars are people too, and they get tired and hungry, so what’s wrong with having something to eat?

In the past, when she was in PR, she was most annoyed with these paparazzi who used chicken feathers as arrows, and could give you a hype about anything as if it was a big deal.

It is true that there are some artists who need hype to increase the heat, but if it’s black material, I’m sure most artists don’t want it.

But she didn’t matter.

Anyway, acting is now just her hobby, she likes now, not necessarily later still like, and go and see, she did not set herself much of a goal, for these naturally not too care.

Seeing her unconcerned look, Evelin smiled, and probably understood what she meant, so she said, “I’ll go over first then!Oh, by the way, Shade is over there, do you want to go say hello?”

Thank you, Shing Fei?

Jenny’s eyes lit up.

Following the direction of Evelin’s finger, she shook her head incessantly as she saw Xie Chengfei surrounded by a large group of people.

“Forget it, I’m not going, you’re on your own!”

“Okay, I’ll go then.”

Evelin left, and Jenny continued to nestle in his chair and eat.

Although she still quite wanted to see what Xie Chengfei looked like in person, but so many people, let’s forget it!

I don’t know what to say when I see you, so I might as well not see you, lest I break the good image in her mind.

After a while, she finally had enough.

My stomach was a little upset and I wanted to go to the bathroom.

So he went to the bathroom alone.

Lu Yanzhi was here tonight as well, originally coming along, but Jenny was just too tired lately and didn’t want to socialize anymore, so he was the one to go out.

Unexpectedly, after socializing for a large circle outside, I came back and didn’t see her shadow, only a few empty plates where she originally stayed, and shook my head without laughing.

Relationships matter in the world of entertainment, and tonight looks like a charity night on the surface, but there’s no telling how many deals are happening in the dark!

Jenny’s character that doesn’t care about anything doesn’t understand how she got to this point.

But then she thought of the person behind her, and Lu Yanzhi couldn’t help but feel relieved.

So what if you don’t like socializing?With that guy backing her up, what kind of good resources can’t she get?

When Lu Yanzhi thought of it this way, she was relieved to let her go.

And inside the bathroom.

Jenny finished going to the bathroom and came out to hear a few girls talking about Xie Chengfei in the corner.

Those were a few fans who had been forced in by family connections, all coming to see Xie Chengfei.

Since you can’t get in the cocktail lobby, you squat in the bathroom.

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh.

In her mind, however, she thought that these people attention to be disappointed, because she had just overheard that Xie Chengfei was flying to another place at night, so she was just coming here to show her face and would soon leave.

But she didn’t have much to do to remind her, and after using the bathroom, she hurried out.

After staying for a while and feeling bored, I decided to leave first after texting with Lu Yanzhi.

The driver was waiting for her outside.

Jenny was walking outside when he suddenly heard an excited scream.

“Xie Chengfei is out!”

“Xie Chengfei!I love you!”

“Ah-!Really right and wrong!”


Countless screams.

Making Jenny pause in his tracks, he saw the starry-eyed man emerge from the doorway, escorted by a group of bodyguards.

He smiled and waved to the screaming fans, which prompted another scream!

Fans seemed to flow towards him like a stream of water, and despite being stopped by the security mission, they pushed hard towards Xie Chengfei’s side of the car.

When Xie Chengfei walked to the car, he didn’t rush to get into the car, but turned his head and ordered the security guards, “You guys go and watch out, don’t have any accidents, let everyone go home and pay attention to safety.”

The security guard nodded and turned to answer to everyone.

Everyone burst into another cheer.

The idol is caring about them hey, so jelly!!!!

Jenny hurriedly took out his phone and took pictures.

Her car wasn’t far from Xie Chengfei’s car, about five or six meters away, so it was a very clear shot.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and even though you can’t talk to your idol face-to-face, it’s always okay to take an up-close HD photo!

Go home just in time to replace that photo on your computer screen.

At that moment, a ghostly voice came from behind him.

“Can I have a copy of the photo, young lady?”

Jenny was stunned, and when he turned around, he saw a grandmother with white hair standing there.

The old man must have looked to be in his sixties, dressed in a dark red tang suit, wearing one of those vintage gold-rimmed glasses and smiling kindly.

Jenny said evenly, “No problem.”

I’m sighing, still starstruck at this age!What a 6666!

When Xie Chengfei left, Jenny turned around and said, “You scan my WeChat, I’ll send you the photo.”

The old man smiled and said, “Good.”

She took out her phone and swiped her WeChat, they added friends, and Jenny sent her the two photos she had just taken.

When I saw her WeChat name was “Little Fifi’s Big Baby”, the corner of my mouth twitched.

Now that’s a lot of fun for an old man!

The old man got the photo and was so happy as a three-year-old.

“Thank you, little girl.”

Jenny even waved his hand, “You’re welcome, it’s a small matter.”

“Little girl, you’re a star too, aren’t you!”

“Uh…yes.”She smiled a little embarrassed.

“You’re so pretty, it would be great if my granddaughter-in-law looked as pretty as you do!”

Jenny Jing thought this old man was really funny and smiled, “Your granddaughter-in-law must be prettier than me.”

“That’s not necessarily true.”The old man shook his head and suddenly his eyes lit up, “What’s your name, little girl?What’s it for?Acting?Or singing?I’ll pay attention to your ruff.”

Jenny: “……..”

Old man, it’s so easy to enter the pit!

But she was too embarrassed to refuse, told her her name, and then asked her to pay attention to the ruff.

Only then did the old man smiled contentedly and said, “Little girl, you’re so nice, you’re going to be a big hit.”

Jenny lost his smile, “Presenting your auspicious words.”

The old man paced away at a slow pace.

Jenny didn’t stop any longer and got into the car, which drove away.

At the same time, a middle-aged man with a group of bodyguards looked anxious as he emerged from the arena, his eyes sharp as he searched the crowd.

When finally seeing the old man who was slowly coming this way, he showed surprise and ran towards her.

“Mom!Where have you been?You know you’re driving us crazy!”

“Why did you run off by yourself, old lady?We were so scared when we turned around and didn’t see you just now!”

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