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Chapter 310

Nangong Che was shocked and strode over to pull up her thin body. Only then did she see the almost ulcerated wound on her shoulder, which was terrible, leaving a deep and shallow blush on the white bed sheet, plus her beginning. The blood shed at night, the whole bed is as shocking as a battlefield.

“You…” Nangong Che hugged her, frowned and stared at her face, cursing, “I really owed you in my previous life!”

Trying to hold her without touching her wound, he picked up the phone on the bedside and said coldly: “Let Dr. Martin come up!”

He must know how her wound was made!


The last layer of white gauze was wrapped, and Dr. Martin’s frowning eyebrows never loosened.

“This kind of wound looks like a burn, and it was broken afterwards. The powder applied should have been wiped off. Anyway…” Dr. Martin frowned and shrugged. “The wound can heal, but the scar is already impossible. left behind.”

Nangong Che was leaning on the sofa, his deep eyes were filled with guilt that could not be concealed. He wanted to ask something more, but when he saw that Yu Muwan was awake, he must have heard Dr. Martin’s words, that pale little On his face, the big eyes are still as clear as water, but the expression is faintly indifferent.

“How did you do it?” Nangong Che took a deep breath and walked over, slowly spreading to her sides, “Where did you get such a serious injury?”

Yu Muwan glanced at him with clear eyes, as if he didn’t know him, and looked away coldly.

It’s just that there is unconcealed grudge and disgust in those eyes.

Nangong Che was very annoyed, just remembering that she had tossed her all night last night. She didn’t know how much she had suffered during the tugging. The sullenness was suppressed, and he talked with Dr. Martin about the precautions, frowning and thinking, is it really There is no way to leave scars?

Slender fingers rubbed his eyebrows and sent Dr. Martin out. Nangong Che stood tall and tall on the second floor, his eyes swept downstairs, and he saw Nangong Enxi and Cheng Yisheng who were getting along sweetly in the living room——

“Yisheng, what are you thinking about? You shouldn’t make a lot of calls when I tell you!” Nangong Enxi got under his arms and complained softly.

Cheng Yisheng’s green expression eased a bit, suppressing the stormy waves that had been going on all night. He knew exactly what was happening in Nangong Che’s room, but he could not save her. That kind of suffering lasted all night and his eyes were bloodshot. Full of.

“Nothing, where do you want to go today, I’ll accompany you.” Cheng Yisheng smiled and rubbed her hair.

“Hmph, I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to wait for that b*tch Yu Muwan to clean her up after coming down! Shameless woman, she has offended me too many times!” Nangong Enxi complained viciously. “Why didn’t you burn her to death last time and made her jump alive, and now she can still climb onto my brother’s bed! What a shame!”

Cheng Yisheng’s hands stiffened and his face became cold. He asked, “Last time? What happened last time?”

“Last time I didn’t dare to go home, I went to Liyuan to find my brother,” Nangong Enxi hugged him, pouting, “Who knew I would meet Yu Muwan, hum, I taught her a good lesson! She deserves to be scalded!”

Cheng Yisheng became nervous, hugged her tightly, frowned and said, “Enxi, what have you done?”

Nangong Enxi started to feel uncomfortable, and said dissatisfied: “Why are you so nervous? Do you still like her?”

Chapter 311

“Eunxi…I’m not nervous about her. I’m worried about you. After all, Mu Wan is the person next to your brother. You shouldn’t provoke her so recklessly. I have nothing to do with her. Don’t do anything to annoy me anymore. Che is not good, you know?”

“Huh! Am I afraid of her? Is it possible that my brother would turn his face on me for her?” Nangong Enxi said, “Besides having my father, he believes that the b*tch Yu Muwan pushed me down last night. Wouldn’t Dad protect me but an outsider?!”

“What are you talking about?!” A cold and angry voice came from behind.

Nangong Enxi shuddered, looked back, and shouted timidly: “Brother…”

Nangong Che’s tall and tall figure walked downstairs, angrily, holding the handle of the sofa in his hand, pinching out the marks vigorously, and then roaring and asking: “Nangong Enxi, am I too used to you! Even to me? You dare to lie!”

Nangong Enxi retreats in fright, but her arrogant temper is still confident: “I…I lied to you, but I taught her what happened! It’s just a small employee. Being able to work in Liyuan is the blessing of her eight lifetimes. If it makes me unhappy, I will let my father fire her directly!”

“You!” Nangong Che was half to death with anger, and there was a monstrous flame in his sullen eyes, “Nangong Enxi, you are really getting worse and worse! I just indulge you too much! Tell you that you are not allowed to go to drain again in the future. Far away, don’t care about her! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“You–” Nangong Enxi was dumbfounded, aggrieved, and angry, “I just want to trouble her! I just hate her because she is not pleasing to the eyes. You scold me like this for a b*tch, you are too much I’m going to find Dad!”

“You dare to go and try it once!” Nangong Che said cruelly, “doing such a bad thing over and over again, let me see who can protect you!”

“I have a child in my stomach! Who can do anything to me!” Nangong Enxi almost jumped up and shouted, beautiful eyes with arrogant anger.

“Then let your child’s father take you where to go, don’t stay here to shame the Nangong family!”

In a word, Nangong Enxi flushed, clutching the seat cover with anger, and could only look at him with hatred. Nangong Che walked upstairs with an unresolved anger, and dropped a sentence: “Cheng Yisheng shows me your wife, and you, be careful!”

Waiting for him to go up, Nangong Enxi said angrily: “It’s too much, I’m going to find my father! I said he was fooling around with a shameless b*tch, and she can’t get along with her if her father is disordered!”

“Enxi…” Cheng Yisheng hugged her with a complicated expression, “Don’t make a fuss, be careful to get angry, the child is important.”

Nangong Enxi was still puffed up, muttering his hatred for a long time.


Nangong Che pushed the door in, only to find that the bed was empty.

His eagle-like pupils suddenly tightened, frowned and rolled over the sheets, there was nothing but a drop of blood…Where did the damn woman go? !

“Bang!” With a bang, Nangong Che’s fist hit the bed, sulking and worrying at the same time torment him!

He got up and went to the whole floor to search, while questioning the servant with a cold voice, the servant shrank, pointed his finger downstairs, and said that he had just seen Miss Yu go downstairs.

Nangong Che drove down and saw two entangled figures at the entrance of the empty corridor, his cold eyes slowly narrowed

Chapter 312

Cheng Yisheng’s face was green, and he pulled Yu Muwan’s wrist and roared: “Muwan, tell me, did you really sleep in that man’s bed? Say it!”

Yu Muwan looked at him with a pale face, eyes full of incredible.

Cheng Yisheng was going crazy thinking about the possible scenes last night, and his eyes were scarlet and growled again: “Say!”

Yu Muwan stared at him, smiled sadly, and struggling to go out.

“Mu Wan!” Cheng Yisheng uncontrollably pulled her into his arms, anger and resentment surged up together, “Have you forgotten that you promised that you will never give your body to any man except me?! You are so real. I dare to let Nangong Che touch you!”

The violent roar shook her ears and thought, Yu Muwan’s repressed pain and monstrous hatred burst out, pushed him away, pointed at him with trembling fingers, and screamed with tears in her eyes: “Cheng Yisheng, how far can you get me away!!”

“Mu Wan…”

“Did you not hear me telling you to go away! I begged you, Cheng Yisheng, I begged you to help me last night! What have you done!! What qualifications do you have here to accuse me of not being chaste! Why are you! !”

The tearing pain and hatred spread in her heart. She cursed a thousand times is not enough, and she cursed ten thousand times is not enough!

Cheng Yishengjun flushed, and said forcibly, “Mu Wan, you shouldn’t be entangled with someone like Nangong! You know what kind of person he is, I can’t stop him, you should stay away from this kind of person! “

“f*ck…” Yu Muwan glared at him desperately, “Don’t let me see you again!”

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and opened the side door of the villa to go out. Cheng Yisheng came up to stop her and said anxiously: “Mu Wan! Believe me, I love you, and only you I love! Don’t follow I made trouble, okay?”

A sneer came into the ear with a coldness.

Nangong Che’s tall figure walked down the winding white stairs, his black eyes filled with a hunting breath, horrifying in darkness.

Cheng Yisheng let go of Yu Muwan like an electric shock, his face turned pale, and his voice was steady and said, “Che, why are you here?”

“This is Nangong’s house, why can’t I be here?” The melodious voice revealed a noble sense of oppression, Nangong Che exuded a cold breath, walked to Yu Muwan and reached out and closed the door, Yu Muwan turned coldly. He wanted to open the door again, “Bang!” He held her tightly and held her in his arms, “By the way, come and see where my woman is going, I just haven’t been with her for a while , Can’t stand it?”

Cheng Yisheng clenched his fists, looked indifferent, and nodded: “Mu Wan doesn’t seem to be very comfortable. I’m just going out to send her off. Since it’s okay, I will go back first.”

“Stop!” Nangong Che stopped his figure with a drink, his sullen eyes filled with violent killing intent, and said coldly, “I warn you, this is the last time, if Enxi sees you being entangled, You are all going to die!”

Cheng Yisheng had a cold face and left with gritted teeth.

The person in her arms was still trembling, Nangong Che noticed that she was wearing a large white shirt that lined her skin with Xuexue, the little red hickeys still on her neck, and the wound on her shoulder…

Nangong Che wanted to comfort her distressedly, but just saw her entangled with Cheng Yisheng and couldn’t help but become annoyed. He turned her over and hugged her in his arms and approached her face, and drew coldly, “You are still so dishonest, I Just leave for a while, and you will hook up with a bastard like Cheng Yisheng again! Yu Muwan, you can’t live without a man, can you?!”

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