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Chapter 280

In a secluded corner, there were two steaming cups of coffee on the table.

There weren’t many people at Starbucks during New Year’s, and they were surprisingly the only customers at the store’s table.

“Why don’t you ask me why I’m here.”

Jasmine Tong’s smile was frank.

“May I ask if this has anything to do with me?”

“Manny, do you hate me so much.”

Ellen Ron was somewhat haggard, with a blackish blue under his eyes, severe dark circles, bloodshot eyes, and even some beard.

He was always clean and sharp, and was rarely this sloppy.

“Hate you I don’t have that kind of emotional word between you and me.”

Jasmine Tong’s tone was colder than her face.

“Little Man, at least we’ve been together for five years, don’t be like this, okay” Ellen Ron’s tone was very low, and there was a hint of huskiness.

He’s been so busy and exhausted these last few days.

“Five years and now you’re telling me about old feelings, how you didn’t remember our five-year relationship when you climbed into my sister’s bed behind my back.”

Only then did Jasmine Tong take a proper look at Ellen Ron, now that she was observing him up close like this, Ellen Ron was indeed somewhat haggard and not quite the same as before.

Ellen Ron sighed silently.

“Mandy, why didn’t you ever tell me before when we were together?”

“Tell you what,”

“The beating thing.”

In fact, Ellen Ron’s poor condition recently also had something to do with the fact that he knew Jasmine Tong was often beaten by Lin Qingfeng.

Jasmine Tong did not expect Ellen Ron to ask this.

She steadied herself.

“It’s all over.”

“Why didn’t you tell me in the first place?”

“Does it make sense for you to pursue this now?”

Ellen Ron’s eyes slowly dimmed, yes, they had broken up, he was already engaged to Rameen Tong, there was no point in asking about the past.

“Mandy, we’ve been together for five years, why why why wouldn’t you want to be with me? What’s the point of you holding on to that last bit of your bottom line.”

Jasmine Tong turned her head to the side.

The five-year relationship, which fell apart in a flash, actually started when Ellen Ron proposed to sleep with Jasmine Tong.

They’ve been together for five years, but when Ellen Ron proposes to take things further with Jasmine Tong, Jasmine Tong refuses.

If Jasmine Tong had agreed to Ellen Ron’s request, how could the two of them break up?

“Mandy, it’s wrong for me to sleep with her, but aren’t you responsible for the fact that you’re the one who pushed me into her bed?”

Ellen Ron had a questioning tone.

He still doesn’t understand why Jasmine Tong just won’t sleep with him.

During that time, Ellen Ron proposed to sleep with Jasmine Tong, Jasmine Tong deadly refused to agree, and the two of them had their first big disagreement.

It wasn’t until one time when Jasmine Tong once again rejected Ellen Ron, who had drunk too much wine, that Rameen Tong had a relationship with her.

“Ellen Ron, holding on to my body is the last dignity I have in your family.”

Yes, ever since she was with Ellen Ron and she entered Ron’s house, Jasmine Tong felt like she, like a dog wagging its tail and begging for mercy.

If, she had slept with Ellen Ron before she was married, then in Lin Qingfeng’s eyes, she really had nothing!

She’s humble enough.

Ellen Ron looked at Jasmine Tong in amazement, unable to speak as if he was speaking from the throat.

“It is what it is, I don’t want to talk about the past anymore, you can live with her, I have my own life too.”

Just at this time Jasmine Tong’s phone rang.

The call was from Albert Ou.

Jasmine Tong didn’t pick up.

“If you’re still thinking about old times, then don’t bother me anymore.”

Jasmine Tong said and picked up the two heavy plastic bags and walked out.

Ellen Ron looked at Jasmine Tong’s departing back and felt very uncomfortable.

There’s only her and Yarwen Tong at home, do you need to buy so many things?

After leaving the supermarket for some time, Jasmine Tong immediately called Albert Ou.

“Hey, I’m out shopping, I didn’t hear you just now, come pick me up okay, I’ll send you the address.”

After a while, Albert Ou drove and picked up Jasmine Tong.

When she got into the car, Jasmine Tong realized that Albert Ou had even run out in his pajamas.

His hair was also a mess and he probably hadn’t washed his face, but that didn’t affect his face at all.

“Why did you come over without washing your face or changing your clothes?”

“I was afraid you’d be anxious. Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“It’s hard to get more sleep, and I couldn’t sleep, so I came out here alone.”

“Next time don’t come out alone and remember to wake me up.”

Jasmine Tong looked at her man with joy.

The man, who had always been high and mighty, ran out of the house with no clothes on to keep himself from waiting a little longer.

On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, Rameen Tong arrived at Ron’s house with bags of gifts, although she and Ellen Ron were not married, they were engaged, so it was only right to pay a visit for the New Year.

But everyone in the upper house looked sad.

Ellen Ron came back instead with a tired face, he hadn’t slept or eaten well for days, his head was full of company matters.

The lunch table also seemed much more deserted, with everyone eating their own food and no one talking.

After lunch, Rameen Tong and Ellen Ron went back to the bedroom.

“Ellen, hasn’t the company’s matter been resolved yet?”

Rameen dreamed that this time it would be so tricky.

Ellen Ron shook his head.

“It’s not good, it has to be done before the Chinese New Year holiday, otherwise when the news spreads, after the New Year, the shares of Eisin International will definitely plummet.”

“It’s surprisingly serious.”

“Yeah, I’m considered to have fallen for someone else’s trap this time, cast into several projects, completely smashed, this money is equivalent to floating, and several projects before, and delayed inaction, money pressed there can not be moved, Yixin now the funding gap is really too big.”

Artisan International is also considered a large company, each project, are hundreds of millions of cast into, more than a few projects, can not be a gap in funding.

The biggest fear of a large company is a lack of liquidity.

“How much is needed now?”

Ellen Ron shook his head and did not speak.

Rameen Tong bit her own lip.

“Ellen, I’ve made some money from that cosmetic, and with the money I’ve earned from the film for endorsements, I have some savings in my hand, I’m asking my dad to take a look at it, he should be wealthy as well.”

Hearing Rameen Tong’s words, Ellen Ron was truly shocked.

To be honest, he knew very well how he had gotten into Rameen Tong’s bed in the first place.

There was a reason why the Ron family was betrothed to the Tong family.

Chapter 281

Regarding the matter of the Ron and Tong families settling down, that went back to Ellen Ron’s grandfather.

Ellen Ron’s grandfather and Jasmine Tong’s grandfather were life-and-death friends, and the two men had served in the army together when they were young.

At that time, Ellen Ron’s grandfather made a big mistake, and it was Jasmine Tong’s grandfather who took the blame for him and was expelled from the army and returned home.

Ellen Ron’s grandfather’s family was very poor, so the family sent him to be a soldier, while Jasmine Tong’s grandfather’s family had very lucrative wineries, and came out to be a soldier solely because they wanted to practice.

Jasmine Tong’s grandfather thought it didn’t matter that he had been dismissed from the army and returned home to his family’s winery with food and drink.

But Ellen Ron’s grandfather was different, if he was expelled, he wouldn’t get his army allowance, nor would he be assigned a job, and he would still be poor when he returned.

So at that time, Jasmine Tong’s grandfather did not hesitate to ask Ellen Ron’s grandfather to take the blame.

Ellen Ron’s grandfather was very grateful to Jasmine Tong’s grandfather, and when Jasmine Tong’s grandfather left the army, the two agreed on a marriage.

Who knew that both families gave birth to sons, so the marriage was passed down to Jasmine Tong and Ellen Ron’s generation.

Because of the long period of time, the two had long since severed ties, until a few years ago, Jasmine Tong’s grandfather was seriously ill, this only remembered the agreement with his brother.

Jasmine Tong’s grandfather is a man who is resigned to his fate, so he is determined to carry out the original agreement.

But the Tong family had two daughters, one of which was Jasmine Tong’s and one of which was Rameen, and which one of them should be allowed to carry out the agreement at that time was something that Jasmine Tong’s grandfather struggled with.

At that time, Simin Du heard that the Ron family was very poor, and it was because the family was too poor that they let the family’s children go into the army, and was strongly opposed to letting Rameen Tong go.

So the burden of the marriage fell on Jasmine Tong.

But who would have thought that decades would have passed, when that poor kid who went into the army because his family was poor, later made a meritorious career in the army, and when he was demobilized, he not only got a super-high demobilization allowance, but also got a very good work unit.

Later he went into the sea to do business, did not expect to completely turned around, to Ron Rui this generation is to see the entertainment and culture of this piece, the hand founded the art of new international, this Ron family leapt into the Slivestopol’s first gentry.

Ellen Ron’s grandfather was also very excited to contact the Tong family after many years, after all, if Jasmine Tong’s grandfather hadn’t taken the blame for him back then, there wouldn’t be a Ron family today.

The marriage was then consummated.

Because there had been no contact for years, the Tong family did not know that the Ron family had soared to great heights.

After Jasmine Tong and Ellen Ron met for the first time, when Dusman saw such a luxurious car in Ron’s house, she was blue in the gut with remorse.

Ellen Ron also fell in love at first sight with Jasmine Tong, who was accustomed to those pretentious girls in the rich and powerful family, when her clear and lucid eyes immediately caught Ellen Ron’s heart.

Simin Du has been remorseful for her error in judgment and delaying her daughter’s future, and throughout Jasmine Tong’s relationship with Ellen Ron, she has always wanted to replace Jasmine Tong with Rameen Tong.

This mother and daughter have been racking their brains trying to ruin Ellen Ron and Rameen Tong’s relationship.

It wasn’t until Jasmine Tong and Ellen Ron’s relationship was in crisis that they finally grabbed their chance.

So from the very beginning, Ellen Ron knew that Rameen Tong was with himself solely for the money, for the sake of the gentry of the Ron family, and to become the young lady of the Ron family.

The reason why Ellen Ron could really separate from Jasmine Tong was solely to hit Jasmine Tong, make her regret it, and then return to his embrace.

But who knows things didn’t go at all according to his plan.

And today, Rameen Tong had even offered to provide him with funds, which was something that Ellen Ron had not expected.


Rameen dreamed that Ellen Ron had been silent, so she had to speak.

“I’ll put together a little bit on my side, I think I can get tens of millions, but if I can’t, I’ll sell my cosmetics brand, which is on fire right now, and I guess the price is good to pay.”

Rameen Tong continued.

“Dreams I really don’t know what to say.”

“Say nothing, the company is short of money right now, it’s better to get through this crisis first.”

“Montmorency, you borrowed this money from me, I’ll pay you back twice as much later.”

Ellen Ron vowed.

He was truly touched by Rameen Tong this time.

“Where are you talking about we’re both engaged to be married, and I’m considered a member of the officer’s family, so of course I’m in charge of what happens at home.”

Rameen Tong had a brilliant smile on her face and spoke with incomparable ease.

“Thanks to my long mind, when I made this cosmetic brand, you didn’t agree, how he is now put to great use it don’t underestimate us women, women are sometimes the strongest backing of your men.”

Rameen Tong dropped her eyebrows, all pride in her eyes.

This time Ellen Ron was really impressed with Rameen Tong.

He actually didn’t expect Rameen Tong’s cosmetics brand to do so well.

At first he thought it was best for a woman to be at home with her husband and children, but he now saw that it was not a bad thing to have a woman who was on par with him.

Ellen Ron cupped Rameen Tong’s face and placed a gentle k!ss on her lips.

“I don’t even know how to thank you.”

“Now is not the time to say thank you, I need to get home and raise the money, this can’t be delayed any longer.In order to avoid a long night’s sleep.”

Ellen Ron nodded his head.

Rainbow City

Ever since she met Ellen Ron, Jasmine Tong has been in a state of discomfort. She doesn’t know why Ellen Ron is in such a mess, could it be because Ou Zeno has suppressed him?

Albert Ou was playing a game in his study, and Jasmine Tong made dessert and brought it over to him.

“Rest for a while, have something to eat, I made you a red bean double cream.”

“There’s one more inning.”

Albert Ou stared unblinkingly at the computer screen until the sound of victory was heard.

“Big baby, are you hiding something from me.”


Albert Ou took a spoonful of the double-skinned milk and put it in his mouth.

“Think about it.”

Albert Ou just remembered to suppress Ellen Ron.

“No really.”

He looked up with a smile that was purely natural and harmless.

“How about this, you tell me and I promise I won’t get mad, and besides, there’s something I’m not telling you, and you’re not allowed to get mad when I tell you.”

Albert Ou turned pale.

“I can’t believe you’re hiding something from me, huh?”

“You’re still hiding something from me just the same, how about we get even, how about a fair deal, child and old man.”

“You first,”

“Why was I the one to say it first?”

“Ladies first.”

Jasmine Tong expressed frustration.

“You’re quite the gentleman at this time of year.”

Chapter 282

“Hey, I’ve always been quite the gentleman, did you just notice today?”

Jasmine Tong is really impressed by this man

Who would have believed, if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, that this man, this role, this wealthy, wealthy man, this alleged genius of the game, would be a

childish person

“Ou three years old, don’t you think you’re being childish, you’re a man, this is the time to let me be, so you go first.”

“All right, Tong two years old, I’ll let you have it once.”

Said Albert Ou pulled Jasmine Tong into his arms and sat her on his lap, and also grabbed her hands.

“Jasmine Tong is really speechless.

“Let’s catch you first, what if you get mad and run away later?”

Albert Ou was smug.

“Jasmine, I told you, you really mustn’t get angry.”


She should be the one worrying about this. If she told anyone about her meeting with Ellen Ron, it would be weird if Albert Ou didn’t jump up and down!

“Last time, I couldn’t swallow the idea of that old woman beating you up, so”

“So you sent someone to secretly suppress Artsin International, didn’t you?”

Jasmine Tong could still more or less guess.

“Can’t just suppress, Ellen Ron that kid is really a villain, he has been following the Star Emperor International behind the investment, want to use me to make money beautiful he I just secretly, let the wind go, say Star Emperor to invest in a few big projects, as a result of his ass to follow the investment, but also he deserves it, wanting to empty gloves white wolf, set himself into it!”


“In addition, the few projects he invested in with the Star Emperor, I have also sent word to put them on hold for the time being.Ellen Ron has been floating for months, and has some money on these projects, and now that he can’t get his cash flow going, he probably won’t be able to get through this year.”

Jasmine Tong finally understood, no wonder Ellen Ron was so decadent.

“I don’t call this suppressing him. He’s not smart enough to take advantage of the situation. He’s stupid enough to be blamed.”

She still understood Ellen Ron’s temperament.

Ellen Ron was a man who was indeed a bit cunning in business.

“Okay, it’s your turn this time, what have you done behind my back.”

When Albert Ou saw that Jasmine Tong didn’t say anything, he immediately changed the subject.

“Uh this and that.”

Jasmine Tong was stuck for a moment, not knowing how to speak.

Albert Ou immediately shrank his pupils and looked at Jasmine Tong examiningly.

“Is it so difficult? How did you know about Ellen Ron’s matter this matter the media doesn’t even know, did you meet with him behind my back”

Jasmine Tong blinked her eyes a few times, this man is really predictable.


“Don’t tell me hey honestly.”

I don’t know who was the first to do it.

How come it’s not her turn?

“It was the last time we went to the supermarket, you forgot, and you went to pick me up later.”

“You can go shopping and meet up with an old flame.”

“You don’t want to make it sound so bad well it was a chance encounter, he was having coffee at the Starbucks there and just happened to see that I had to see him, I wasn’t going to see him and he ended up blocking me at the supermarket exit.”

Jasmine Tong had no choice but to tell Albert Ou what had happened in full.

“Did he k!ss you or hug you or, and, and touch your hand or not?”

Albert Ou glared at Jasmine Tong, looking like he wanted to swallow her.

“No, no, no, none of that, where do you think he’s been? If that had happened, I would have called the police.”

Albert Ou let out a small sigh of relief at that.

“So what have you two been doing sneaking around?”

“It was just a chat and nothing was said, he wasn’t in great shape and I’ve been pretty cold towards him, and then you called me and I left.”

Albert Ou frowned tightly.

“You can’t even look at his face, he’s in bad shape.”

Albert Ou immediately jumped to his feet.

“Come on, we’re talking to each other, face to face, of course, but look at his face, or I’ll look at him where”

“Don’t look anywhere but at me.”

Jasmine Tong reached out her hand and directly cupped Albert Ou’s face.

“Well, well, I see you, I see you, only you.”

Albert Ou’s palm directly pressed the back of Jasmine Tong’s head and pressed her to his lips.

It was followed by a deep k!ss with a punishing edge.

Jasmine Tong’s lips ate the pain and hurriedly pushed Albert Ou away.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s been days since your punishment, why are you telling me now if you still want to meet him a second time, a third time, and a nth time.”

Jasmine Tong opened her mouth and couldn’t say a word.

This man’s imagination is too good for him.

Shouldn’t this be a woman’s thinking?

“I don’t have one. How could I?”

“No, today is the day to punish you, don’t ever hide from me like that, don’t look at another man, don’t talk to another man.”

Albert Ou picked up Jasmine Tong in a smooth manner.

“Geez, you stop it,”

Albert Ou carried Jasmine Tong straight back to the bedroom and pressed her down on the bed.

“In broad daylight,”

“There’s nothing to do anyway.”

“Do you still do it at night or not, if you do it during the day, you’re not allowed to do it again at night.”

Jasmine Tong gave an ultimatum.

You can’t be uncontrolled.

Recently, during the Chinese New Year period, the two of them not only slept and ate, but also ate and slept, and every night the couple’s homework didn’t fall behind.

“Today you’re being punished during the day, and at night you’re fulfilling your conjugal duties, two different things.”


Jasmine Tong was literally about to vomit blood.

That villain.

Jasmine Tong still hasn’t escaped her fate of being put on the spot.

Until she was dripping with sweat, her voice was soft and weak, and she didn’t have any strength in her body, yet she still pushed softly against Albert Ou’s chest.

“No more, no more, I’m so tired.”

“Then I ask you, next time, do you still dare to secretly meet up with your old lover behind my back and do you still dare to not report to me.”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare, I don’t dare anymore.”

Jasmine Tong was busy begging for mercy.

“For the last time, so you remember, completely.”


Before Jasmine Tong could make a sound, her lips were k!ssed by Albert Ou.

Once again, the tide of love came tumbling in.

Luckily this time Albert Ou’s word was really the last one.

Jasmine Tong fell asleep.

The sleep lasted until dark.

If she hadn’t been woken up by her phone ringing, she probably would have slept until the next morning.

Jasmine Tong picked up her phone and found that Yao Xiangyun had sent her a WeChat message.


What was Yao Xiangyun sending her a message for? If she wanted them to go to Mojia, then wouldn’t it be better to contact Albert Ou directly.

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