The Contract Lover Chapter 334 – 336

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Chapter 334

“Why are you crying? Huh?” Nangong Che said in a low, dull voice, and the small face slowly covering half of her palms gently wiped her tears, “Is there anything to cry? Are you afraid that I will abuse her?”

Yu Muwan didn’t want to say anything to him. He just wanted to look back and take a few more glances at the direction Xiao Rou had left, but Nangong Che frowned and raised his shoulders, and he was not allowed to look anywhere but to face him!

Tears filled his eyes, and the gleaming streamer settled into dots of stars under his eyes, which was extremely beautiful.

“Huh…” Nangong Che sneered, “You woman is really weird. When she was sideways with me, she was like a beast. Now she is just like sending Yu Qianrou away from you! What is your heart doing? Yep?”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened slowly, and she blurted out: “That’s my sister! My sister, the only one! She is only 17 years old, and she cannot see that she has to go to a place so far away from home for treatment. Do you know that she is actually a god? For fear of darkness, no one is by her at night and she can’t sleep at all. How can I not worry?!”

When she thought that she, as an older sister, allowed Xiao Rou to live in the hellish darkness for three full years, Yu Muwan trembled, her nose surged, and the tears in her eyes flickered violently!

Nangong Che looked at her coldly with arrogant eyes, smiled, and took her to her neck with a big palm, and murmured indifferently, “What do you know?! When my father threw me abroad by myself I’m only three years old, and my mother just passed away from an illness because of giving birth to Eun-xi. I didn’t cry like a ghost like you did!—Cowardly woman!”

His low voice was deep and melodious, and his other hand squeezed her chin vigorously, and there was cold contempt in his deep eyes.

“Let’s go!” Nangong Che wrapped her small hand with her big palm and dragged her away from the airport.

Yu Muwan’s eyes were full of surprise behind him-at the age of three, his mother passed away? Was sent abroad? !

This is the first time this man tells his story in front of her. It sounds so indifferent and cold. Why does he speak so easily? ! What kind of world is this man in his heart? Isn’t there a little bit of true love in the ice and snow? !

She couldn’t guess, she just bit her lip tightly, and forcibly endured the heartache of the only relative walking away.

From then on, Yu Muwan was only alone.


All day long, Yu Muwan was busy back and forth, and finally completed the task assigned to her by Nangong Che that day, and sent it to the office. He was in a meeting without raising his head. His arrogant and elegant posture had a terrifying pressure. , Smile occasionally, people in the office are instantly relieved.

“Three cups of coffee.” When Yu Muwan passed by behind him, Nangong Che’s mellow voice said in a low voice.

Yu Muwan was taken aback, looked at the two business leaders next to him, nodded, “Okay, right now.”

Three cups of coffee, white elegant porcelain cups, creamer and sugar are placed next to randomly match, Yu Muwan sent them in, and one cup was delivered. A man in a gray suit picked up the information on Nangong Che’s desk and glanced at it. He laughed: “These cooperation projects are well organized, and even the prospects for the next ten years are predicted. They are really bold! But it is quite interesting. President Nangong is hiding a dragon and a tiger here. Who did this?”

Nangong Che’s eyelids jumped violently, and after a glance at Yu Muwan, his eyes softened.

“What women do, just be more careful! What predictions!” Nangong Che laughed, arrogant and compelling, the humility in her mouth turned into contempt when Yu Muwan heard her, her clear face was slightly pale, and she glared at him.

“Woman?” The man in the gray suit opened his eyes wide and sighed in disbelief. “Is your right-hand man? Such a bold prediction is really rare!”

Nangong Che didn’t want to get entangled in this kind of thing. He pulled the information in the man’s hand and threw it back to his desk, impatient and stingy as if he had been coveted by his beloved thing, and maintained his indifferent politeness: “Continue Talk about the case, don’t interrupt!”

Yu Muwan saw his displeasure and was too lazy to care, got up and retreated.

The arrival of the night made her a little apprehensive, and she was a little bit intolerable in her work. She did not forget that she had promised Nangong Che, her delicate eyebrows were slightly raised, her slender fingers were white, and her palms were sweaty.

What should I do to be his woman?

She didn’t want to think so clearly. She stayed until she got off work. Through the Lily window, she could see that Nangong Che was not in the office, and there was no order to tell her to stay and do what she did. Yu Muwan was so excited that she tidied the desktop. Go to the glass door and swipe your card neatly and get off work on time!

——Is he not interested now? That’s great!

Thinking of this, she felt more and more comfortable in her heart. The resentment and humiliation after being bullied by this man seemed to fade a little, and it would be better to get rid of him completely now. Yu Muwan did not take the bus, but walked slowly along the street. Looking at the busy evening scenery of the city, the sunset glow chased her foot, making her step by step as if she was stepping in the glow.

Has Xiao Rou been abroad now? How is she?

Yu Muwan’s thoughts drifted thousands of miles away, and his clear eyes were blurred and beautiful to the point of fascinating.

This is just like her life, lonely, poor, alone outside the busy crowd, counting her little joys and sorrows, and returning to her own small space after get off work, nothing can support her life. In the future, Cheng Yisheng will not have a sister who is dependent on each other, as if it was only a moment, her whole world of Yu Muwan was only herself.

Walking all the way to the side of the rental house, Yu Muwan first looked around vigilantly, then slowly walked over to open the door.

With the lessons learned last time, she must be careful, in case she encounters a gangster again, she will be over.

A thin hand touched the bag, but there was nothing underneath the wallet and mobile phone. Yu Muwan was shocked. He lowered his head and touched it in disbelief, but was surprised to find that there was nothing at all, and found nothing. Where is her key? !

After searching all over, she was sure that it was not there. She frowned and felt something was wrong. It was clear that there were still in the morning!

A slender and petite figure, standing in front of a building at a loss, lonely and lonely, Yu Muwan tried desperately but couldn’t find a way. He looked at the door of the landlord management office and locked it tightly. , She hoped to go in.

As night fell slowly, Yu Muwan slowly sat down at the door with her shoulders on her shoulders, staring at her surroundings in a daze.

How to do? If the landlord does not come back, sit here all night?

The night was slightly cool, and even a thin mist fell, wet her thin clothes, Yu Muwan hugged herself tighter, and suddenly wanted to know what Nangong Che was doing. He didn’t say let her be her. Woman? She can’t enter the house now and has nowhere to go, he doesn’t care?

The delicate eyebrows frowned slightly, and Yu Muwan didn’t know why she suddenly thought of this level. An excited spirit reacted, surprised and humiliated, and slapped her face with a slap! Use the crisp pain to remind yourself not to be so cheap! Yu Muwan, you will only expect that man’s favor when you really faint! He is an animal, an animal, an animal! Otherwise, how could she be forced to desperate to be his mistress? !

With tears flashing in his eyes, Yu Muwan was holding his face, painful and sorrowful in his heart.

The phone’s ringtone rang softly.

Yu Muwan wiped away her tears, took out her mobile phone and looked at it. He hesitated when she saw the words “Nangong Bastard”. When she wanted to hang up, she remembered Nangong Che’s bloodthirsty and murderous eyes. Shake, still press the answer button.

“Where?” Nangong Che’s voice was lazy.

Yu Muwan just wanted to answer, but her slender eyebrows slowly frowned, and she suddenly asked, “Did you get my key?”

“What?” Nangong Che asked lightly, teasing her.

“My key has always been in the bag!”

Nangong Che’s arrogant eyes were full of confidence and ambiguity, and the car slid through an arc gracefully: “I threw it.”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened: “You…”

“Nangong Che, are you sick?! That’s my key, why are you throwing it away!” She remembered that her cheeks were flushed, thinking that this man was really full and nothing to do!

“You don’t have to go back to the rental room in the future, leave it!” Nangong Che ordered coldly, her sexy thin lips pressed against the streamlined black mobile phone, and a sense of oppression haunted Yu Muwan through the radio waves, “Are you going back again? Damn it? Woman, are you so disobedient?!”

Yu Muwan’s brain was confused, and she blushed and couldn’t help shouting at him: “This is my home! What do you want to do, Nangong Che?!”

“I’ll say to return again!” Nangong Che clung to his words, clearly landing, and commanded indifferently, “My woman, don’t live in that kind of messy place, that kind of leaky house! Stand there and don’t move. I will pick you up, remember not to move, I will be dead if I can’t see you!”

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Yu Muwan listened to the “beep beep” in the phone, worried and at a loss!

She bit her lips tightly, holding her mobile phone and slowly hugging her shoulders, the corners of her long skirt were slowly blown by the wind, and she was blowing her ankles. She didn’t know, but where else could she go? ? This man is too domineering!

Soon, a black luxury car “brushed!” had to stop in front of her.

Yu Muwan’s clear eyes were filled with resentment—this bastard, didn’t he leave the company long ago? Why does it appear again now!

“Reluctant to get up, don’t you?” Nangong Che got off the car gracefully, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and looked at her arrogantly.

“You return the key to me, I’ll live here, I won’t go anywhere else!” Yu Muwan took a breath and said firmly.

Nangong Che sneered, walked over, grabbed her evasive wrist in her vigilant retreating eyes, and pulled her up into her arms, “I still don’t know who you are? Let me tell you! Be my first woman, do whatever I say, so you can stand in front of me if you are naked, do you hear me?!”

Yu Muwan turned her face to avoid the heat he sprayed on her face. When she heard the last sentence, her eyes widened and her lips trembled: “You…you are so shameless!!”

“What shamelessly? Yu Muwan, don’t forget that you agreed to it yourself! I don’t enjoy it with such a person in front of me, do you think I am stupid?!” Nangong Che held her face strongly to prevent her from moving , Said the cold voice.

Yu Muwan’s face was pale, tears flickered, and she stared at him stubbornly.

This man wouldn’t be so perverted, would he like to play with women in various disgusting ways? !

“What are you thinking!” Nangong Che frowned, pinched her tightly, not letting her get distracted.

Yu Muwan was so angry that she looked at him with a bit of lip and hesitated, and begged softly, “I will consider whether to promise you for other requirements, but you have no reason to take my key and force me to leave here. I only rented this. For a house, do you think I have other places to go?! Nangong Che, I have to be forgiving and forgiving. I don’t want to be homeless yet, can you stop making trouble?!”

She frowned and said, her small face had a pitiful smell.

Nangong Che’s heart was touched by the “homelessness”, a flame burned in his deep eyes, he hugged her tightly, and whispered: “This house is not your home either! What are you missing!”

“There are all my things! My parents left me, Xiao Rou used it, the memories of our years in this place, there are everything in it, and I don’t want to leave!” Yu Muwan shouted, hope Can win his sympathy.

“Then move all over!” Nangong Che frowned, “Nangong family is so big that even you can’t afford it. If you can’t bear it, I will let people move all over! What do you still miss, say!”

Yu Muwan slowly widened his eyes as he listened to him, incredible.

“You…you let me live at Nangong’s house?”

Nangong Che sneered, and said in a dark voice: “Yes! You are very honored to Yu Muwan. I have never brought any woman back to Nangong’s villa, let alone let them live there, let alone don’t even think about it. Think! You don’t have to thank me, just be obedient, don’t resist!”

Yu Muwan was furious, thinking about everything he used to be at Nangong’s house, slowly shook his head, becoming more and more resistant, frowning and struggling: “No, I won’t go, I don’t want to go to your house!”

“Your whole family are all demons, I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to see them, I don’t want it!”

Nangong Che’s eyebrows got deeper and deeper. I don’t know why she suddenly resisted, but his decision has never been able to change. He subdued her in a few strokes. Seeing the tears in her eyes felt inexplicable, but he said in a low voice: “Can’t help you!”

Under the night, Yu Muwan still resisted desperately. At first, Nangong Che was still patient and threatened her softly. Later, he became more and more impatient, pinching her wrist and yelling and dragging her into the car, watching her hurt. It hurts to bite her lip, but this woman… why is she so disobedient!

“You will die if you don’t resist?! Damn, Yu Muwan, I really want to choke you to death. Why do you make a tantrum every time you want to be nice to you, and make trouble again!” Nangong Che grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her. Pressing on the position, raging to the sky, “If you make trouble, I will take you to the river and throw you down!”

Chapter 335

Yu Muwan’s chest throbbed violently, his eyes were painful, and he shook his head: “I’m not making trouble, I just don’t want to go to your house, I really don’t want to go!”

Nangong Che’s face was pale, he pulled her seat belt and tied her to the passenger seat, cursed in a low voice and then closed the door with a bang, then went to the other side and got into the car. He said coldly, “You I really don’t deserve to enter the door of my Nangong house! But today I like to take you to my room, you can’t escape!”

Yu Muwan bit her lip, suffering more and more in the car that started suddenly, but the man beside her couldn’t understand it at all!


The blurred night is full of danger.

Yu Muwan didn’t know this was the first time she stepped into the gate of Nangong’s house. Her hand was held tightly by Nangong Che. Looking at the magnificent villa in front of her with clear eyes, a strange feeling rose in her heart: she didn’t like such luxury. , Really really, don’t like it at all.

“Don’t look like that, it will make you hate to see it!” Nangong Che said coldly.

Yu Muwan raised her small face to look at him, her eyes clear as water: “You don’t need to look, I didn’t want to come over, you forced me to come.”

Nangong Che sneered: “You don’t need to remind me of this!”

“No, it’s better to remind you,” Yu Muwan said seriously, his clear face didn’t mean the slightest joking, “Please tell the truth when you go in later, I really don’t want to come, you remember.”

After speaking, she broke away from his hand and walked towards the brightly lit hall.

She has no way to escape the humiliation of this place tonight, only to come back and face it seriously.

The light footsteps, slow and firm, settled in the center of the light.

Nangong Enxi was studying the knowledge about fetuses in the book, her delicate face was very tight, and she didn’t react to the slender and beautiful figure for a while, her eyes widened when she reacted, and she said something for a long time: ” Yu Muwan…How dare you come?!”

The beautiful woman exudes a transcendent indifferent breath, just standing quietly without saying a word.

Nangong Che’s tall figure came slowly from behind, with a cold face, stretched out his hand to hold her catkin, and gave Nangong Enxi a light look: “Look at your book!”

Nangong Enxi was shocked, her mind buzzed, and she clearly remembered the father’s warning that day. Although she now sees her elder brother leading this slut in such a furious way, she still dare not act rashly! Now that Cheng Yisheng and his father are not here, there is no bargaining for them!

“Yu Muwan, wait, why are you coming to our house again?! Brother, what are you doing here for her?!” Nangong Enxi suppressed her anger, waiting to question the charming handsome man in front of her eyes.

“After reading your book, don’t worry about other things,” Nangong Che took Yu Muwan’s hand and still didn’t let go, frowned. “Even if I hate Cheng Yisheng, I don’t have to yell at you every day. You’d better follow him. Divorce, you are the same, just take care of yourself, don’t be so impetuous and affect prenatal education.”

Nangong Enxi was stunned to listen to her brother’s words, her delicate face gradually flushed with rage, her palms were tightly clenched, but her anger did not diminish at all. She couldn’t refute it, because she was shocked by hearing it. What is her relationship with Cheng Yisheng? What is the relationship between your brother and Yu Muwan, a b*tch? ! How can my brother compare them!

She didn’t speak, but she laughed to the extreme, pressing the violent ups and downs of her chest, and provocatively said: “Okay, Yu Muwan, just give me a good stay here! If you have a seed, stay for two more days. If you can’t stay, it will be yourself f*ck off, you have never been welcomed here!”

Yu Muwan clearly remembered the two fierce slaps last time, and his cold eyes looked at her without fear.

“I am disgusting here too, but there is no way I have to come, you have seen it, this is not my intention.” Her eyes flashed lightly, and she spoke softly, but it was full of irony.

These words angered two people at the same time, Nangong Enxi was so angry that she was about to explode, and the big palm that was holding her hand suddenly tightened, about to crush her bones!

“I’ll let you know what it means to be involuntary in a while, Yu Muwan, don’t think I am forcing you for everything! Woman, I will let you see how mad you will be in bed!” Nangong Che He lowered his voice and said with a cold voice in her ear.

Yu Muwan’s face paled for a while, she wanted to hide, but he clenched her hand tightly and pulled her tighter.

Such a night… she didn’t want to! !

Taking advantage of the time when Nangong Che went to take a bath, Yu Muwan politely asked the servant to clean up a guest room and come out for her to live in. She really didn’t want to go back to Nangong Che’s room again. The big bed there was her most humiliating and painful In memory, she didn’t even want to take a look.

Nangong Che came out of the shower, dripping with water on the broken hair on his forehead, extremely sexy.

The steaming male body exudes vigorous power, and the abdominal muscles are shining in a bewildering light under the light.

Yu Muwan spread the sheets in the new guest room and chatted softly with the servant.

“Miss Yu, Master did not ask us to let you sleep in the guest room. Will this make Master unsatisfied?”

Yu Muwan’s face was hot, he became alert, and shook his head: “I have nothing to do with him. Is it too weird to sleep in a room? I just sleep here and there will be no problem.”

The servant opened his mouth, swallowed back what he wanted to say, and said with a smile: “But the young master is really nice to Miss Yu. The young master has never brought a woman to the villa. Miss, you know that the old man was here recently. After a while When you return to China, only the women you care about will be brought home to watch!”

Yu Muwan became more surprised when she heard it, her clear little face experienced blur, clarity, blushing, and even more blur, and she slowly slowed down the movement in her hand, thinking about how to deal with this embarrassing night.

“He treats me badly,” Yu Muwan replied, “You haven’t seen him arrogantly bullying people, how terrible it is! I know too well!”

The servant laughed but said nothing.

“What do you know?” Nangong Che’s chilly voice came slowly, accompanied by the hot heat, he leaned over on the side of the bed, and firmly trapped the little woman below.

“My master is good.” The servant got up in shock and hurriedly said.

Yu Muwan’s heart beat suddenly! She wrinkled the bed sheet with her slender fingers, and glanced at him from behind. She was almost dragged into the hell by the blurred vision burning in his eyes. She hurriedly turned her head and took a light breath and said seriously: “It’s okay, I’m here. It’s already settled here. Thank you for taking in me temporarily. I won’t live here for a long time. I’ll look for a house tomorrow.”

Nangong Che’s sullen anger condensed, he lowered his body and hugged her tightly, bowed his head and k*ssed her earlobe, “Don’t make a decision lightly, woman! Your own body is no longer yours, what else do you want to do, eh? Stupid…”

His hot chest is close to her back, and his honey-colored arms hold her tightly. Regardless of the servant’s presence, his swimming palms knead fiercely. Pinching the plumpness of her chest, it is full The feel of her, squeezed a few times, can’t wait to tear her clothes through and take possession of her fiercely! He endured this idea for too long, there is no need to endure it tonight!

Chapter 336

Yu Muwan was startled, the whole person was restrained by him from behind, her heart was pounding and she seemed to be able to foresee what would happen next, but… here? Nangong home? ! She doesn’t want it!

The little hand hurriedly covered the big palm that was making waves in front of her chest, Yu Muwan’s face was pale, her clear eyes were extremely nervous: “No! Nangong Che, you…you pay attention! Don’t mess with estrus!!!”

With Wenxiang Nephrite in his arms, Nangong Che’s low gasp filled with heat, k*ssed her flushed face, and glanced at the servant lazily and said: “Get out, don’t come in if you have nothing to do. You don’t need to be here on the second floor, do you understand?”

The servant’s face flushed quickly, and he came to his enlightenment and quickly picked up the changed sheets and other utensils: “Understood, I…I’m out of the young master!” After speaking, he turned his face and left, which meant that he had fled.

“Nangong Che, did you bring me back here to do this?!” Yu Muwan was extremely embarrassed, her clear eyes flashed with crystals, trying to avoid his almost burning desire.

“You have a lot of opinions?” Nangong Che squinted her eyes and pulled off her shirt with a big palm, exposing one of her fragrant shoulders. The hot breath sprayed on and lingering intensely. “When I want you, I will naturally take you back to me. Come from a place where you want to be outside, huh?”

“…” Yu Muwan shuddered, not knowing why his lips were branded on the muscles. There was such a strong sensation on her skin. Her brain buzzed, and all the words were forced into her stomach. She couldn’t send it out, her hand gripped the bed sheet and trembling, “Nangong Che, can you slow down? I’m not used to how to be your woman. Would you give me some time? There should be many if you need it. People can satisfy you, I… I can’t do well with your skills, go find someone else!”

She blushed and pleaded with a trace of fear in her eyes. She didn’t forget how painful the two nights occupied by him, tearing through her mind, her limbs and limbs were all crushed in pain, the water was deep and hot. Vividly vivid.

Nangong Che was almost furious when she heard what she said, his handsome face turned red, but he was sneered by her last sentence, turned her over and put her against the bed, with a fiery breath on the tip of her nose: “Ha …Don’t you know that the most obedient action for a woman is to lie down on the bed and spread her legs obediently! You don’t need skills, Yu Muwan, today I want to let you know if you are forced by me to make love every time. Today, I will let you take the initiative, you are waiting to try it!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes were full of deep and shallow horror, but she stared at him bravely, and her clear and beautiful voice was clear and clear: “Don’t think about it! I never volunteered, do you force you to be clear? I don’t need me to remind you. If it weren’t for you forcibly bringing me back from the banquet that day, I wouldn’t have entangled with you at all! Why didn’t you wonder if I was willing?! Is it painful?! You bastard!”

She was excited when she said that, remembering that she was drunk and taken back to Nangong’s house that day. He was madly raging and ravaged. She trembled with fear, flames and resentment in her eyes, glittering tears flickering. severe.

Once again stabbed in the past, Nangong stared at her clearly, Jun’s face flushed red and speechless, and he could only let go of her coldly when he was anxious, and said, “I can’t tell you this stubborn woman! Anyway, get out of here. Go take a shower and clean yourself. I don’t like touching dirty women! Also, don’t forget that you promised me personally this time for Yu Qianrou. Don’t make terms if you can’t sell it! Humph!”

The big palm grabbed her small face, smiled contemptuously and indifferently, and let go again coldly.

“…” Yu Muwan slumped against the bed, her slender hand supported the cabinet next to her to stabilize her body. She bit her lip fiercely, and a strong soreness still rushed up. That’s right, she promised. She is the only capital she can make Xiao Rou go abroad! Yes, you sold Yu Muwan, you sold it a long time ago, what kind of chastity are you still here? !

Like a slap on the cheek, Yu Muwan’s mind buzzed, she wiped a tear and stood up and walked towards the bathroom. This was the path she chose, even if she was kneeling, she would finish it!

The sound of the water is not loud, but it is enough to stir people’s nerves.

Nangong Che leaned on the bedside and looked at the document, but couldn’t read it at all. He threw the folder beside him coldly and twisted the door, only to find that the damn woman was locked from inside!


There was a clear burning in his deep eyes, and the broken hair on his forehead was shining and glowing. He walked away, waiting for her to come out and clean her up!

Yu Muwan found out that she had nothing to wrap around her body except bath towels until she finished washing. She was so sad that she had forgotten to bring her pajamas! And she still showers barefoot until now, with the fragrance of steam and shower gel all over her body. There is no other way but to wrap herself up with a big bath towel.

How to do? Should he bring it in? That bastard seems to have driven out all the servants!

Yu Muwan bit his red lips and cursed, and walked over to gently unscrew the door, tightened the bath towel, and looked at the bed. The tall and strong man said: “I don’t have any clothes. You can let someone pick one or two for me. Any kind of clothes will do!”

Nangong Che’s eyes lifted up, like a pool of black and bright colors, bottomless.

“Cleaned up?” He stood up gracefully, stared at her arrogantly, and walked towards her slowly.

Yu Muwan bit her lip and nodded. She became scared as she watched him getting closer and closer, her little hand gripped the doorknob tightly, and wanted to close the door before he leaned over, but he didn’t expect Nangong Che to move faster, in the doorway. When there was only half a centimeter left, the door was supported with a “bang!”, and the bathroom door was opened with a hard push. The big palm accurately grasped Yu Muwan Yingrun’s beautiful wrist, and pulled her vigorously. Into the embrace.

“Play this set with me, eh?” Nangong Che bowed his head against her forehead, and the fiery breath approached her small face. This woman was so beautiful when she was bare face! He was drunk in the fragrance of her body, and did not hold back, licked her cheek, his eyes looked like a beast about to tear its prey!

Yu Muwan was shocked, she didn’t dare to move, only felt that she was clinging to a leopard-like male body, hot, tight, ready to go, her soft body sunk inside, There is a danger of being sacked!

“You…you slow down…I…” Yu Muwan’s pale face was abnormally pink, and she was too afraid to touch his body. The painful experience of the first two times made her afraid of death. Fear of this man’s thriving and strong power!

Nangong Che made a longing sound in his throat, bowed his head and k*ssed her face and neck, panting wildly and hungerly, and said, “Don’t worry, I will be gentle this time. Don’t be so afraid!”

After speaking, he picked up Yu Muwan’s whole body and pressed it heavily on the bed. The weight of the two people plunged the soft big bed deeply. Nangong Che turned into a beast, and roared and k*ssed her lowly. The rain swept through her mind, from forehead to nose, from side face to chin, he finally straightened her face and sealed her bloody lips.

The entrance is sweet and refreshing, and then you can’t stop taking a bath.

Yu Muwan was still pale with fear, clutching the sheets tightly with her hands and refused to let go, and was trembling all over by his fierce k*ss. He wanted to hide, but his powerful hand pinched her waist and couldn’t escape at all. Drop.

Such a night is destined to be difficult to calm!

“…” Yu Muwan groaned painfully, his small face wrinkled, and he stiffened the moment he entered.

Nangong Che originally thought she was ready and passionate enough, but he didn’t expect that she was still so nervous. She could only endure her whole body’s desire, propped up her body profusely, entered slowly inch by inch, bowed her head and licked her. Earlobe, panting and muttering in a low voice: “Don’t be so tight… Relax… I can’t move at all like you… Good…”

Yu Muwan looked confused and breathtakingly beautiful. She frowned in pain on his shoulders. She was frightened by the desire and pain running around in her body. Her tense nerves were washed away by the swelling warm current. With a cry of pain, he has penetrated completely!

Nangong Che has never tried to suppress his desire like this. His deep eyes are already full of scarlet, but he still moves very slowly, forcefully and gently to please the woman under him, panting and speaking in her ear. With lure and coaxing, until she felt that she also felt, then she lightly gathered her legs to induce her to tighten his waist and explore more deeply!

“Don’t… slow down… slow down…” Yu Muwan choked and supported his arm, pinched his white fingers into his flesh, tears suddenly appeared in his eyes, which made people feel distressed.

Nangong Che couldn’t bear it for a long time, grabbed her little hand and let her hug her tightly. Her unbearable scratch fell on his broad and solid back. Nangong Che felt the pain of her cat’s claw and the pain of scratching blood. Excited by the increasing stimulation, scarlet eyes k*ssed her fiercely, regardless of her pain, struggling to imprint an indelible mark on her body, the lower body sprint became more powerful!

“Can’t slow down… Woman, hold me tight!” Nangong Che gasped and roared, and the hot breath poured into her eardrums!

She began to feel the beauty of Huanai, entangled him tightly, trembled and moaned under him…

Listening to the extremely charming voice, Nangong Che rushed to his back with joy! He took a deep breath and raised his head, Jun’s face flushed, and he penetrated her more fiercely and quickly, and roared in her whimper, “Yu Muwan…You are so…Uh!”

He was almost crazy, and the violent ups and downs caused the people under him to scream and retreat, and he was captured again, pressed in his arms and tortured!

Night became frantic.

Yu Muwan didn’t know how long she had been up and down in the fierce peak, her voice was slightly hoarse, and her weak body was about to be covered with wet sweat, but Nangong Che firmly held the sensitive feeling on her chest at this moment. With a scream and twitching, he greeted the last round of madness of possession. The two people were tightly entangled, and they tremble violently…

The night was too heavy, and Yu Muwan’s sweaty little face became more and more pitiful under the moonlight. Nangong Che got up from her after a short breath, and took her into his arms again with a snorted k*ss, his handsome face Flushing, frowning slightly, not enough taste and not enough love, I never knew that trying to please a woman can get such crazy pleasure, her body is soft and tight, blooming slowly in his arms like a flower, Let him ask for love, the feeling is so beautiful that it drives him crazy…

“Xiao Rou…” Yu Muwan screamed with a trembling, tears came out in his coma, and his exhausted and sour body slowly curled up, snuggling toward the warmth.

Nangong Che’s deep eyes condensed, and seeing her curled up into his arms, her heart was involuntarily shaken, and it hurt!

With a low sigh, she embraced her, Nangong Che’s hot breath spilled on the corners of her sweet lips, and said in a dark voice: “I will take good care of her… Don’t worry, huh? Don’t cry…”

The only relative left in this way. He could understand her feelings. At this moment, she had passed out of a coma and exposed her weakness. This woman was really so stubborn only when she was confronting him!

But why is the pain and pity in his heart so strong?

Nangong Che frowned slowly, and forced himself not to think about it, but still couldn’t help holding her tightly, like a Siamese baby, reluctant to withdraw from her warm body, still occupying it firmly, low. Muffled, k*ssed her lingeringly and tenderly until she stopped shaking and crying, curled up in his arms and fell asleep.

Damn…she’s just a woman to vent her desires, so Nangong Che wouldn’t fall into it!

But there is no way, he can’t help but love her…

One month, Yu Muwan, I must quit you!

Nangong Che cursed in a low voice in his heart, his handsome face gleamed with charm and confusion, and his body was a little tired, embracing her into a deep sleep.


At the airport in the early hours of the morning, a passenger plane slowly landed on the ground, causing a gust of wind.

The bitter air was a bit cold, and a dark green exquisite windbreaker was worn on her. She walked out with her suitcase dragging her suitcase. She looked at the scenery outside with her clear eyes. It was still a familiar place, just a little bit of oncoming strangeness. That’s it.

“Miss Luo, I’ll come.” The bodyguards behind him approached well in training.

Luo Qingwan glanced at him, let out the handle of the suitcase, smiled sweetly: “Thank you.”

“Is the young lady going home first? Both husband and wife didn’t notify me before. Now it’s too early, so I can only call my husband to notify him.” The driver in the front row asked softly.

Luo Qingwan didn’t speak, but looked at the text message on her mobile phone, slightly lost in thought.

Why was she so uncomfortable, she ran back after a moment of excitement?

This is really inconsistent with her Luo Qingwan’s character, she is calm and decisive when things happen, and nothing can shake her original plan.

The text message lying quietly on the phone, signed “Eunxi”, said: “My brother took that woman home today. They did that upstairs. It’s noisy. Sister Qingwan, please chat with me!”

The clear content and purpose are indeed Nangong Enxi’s style.

It was a little cold in the car, Luo Qingwan wrapped her windbreaker tightly, her clear eyes looked out the window, and whispered: “Go to Nangong Mansion. Uncle always gets up very early, so I should practice morning punches in the garden now,” she smiled softly. , “Let’s visit first.”

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