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Chapter 337

The mist in the early morning slowly dissipated, and the beautiful and dazzling light shined through the fairyland-like garden of the Nangong family.

The old man Nangong in a white suit slowly punched his punches, soft with firmness, palm wind and strength were well mastered, majesty between his vigorous eyebrows, in such an early morning, he could clearly hear the slight movement of the door. But still turning a blind eye to everything, calm and deterred.

Luo Qingwan got out of the car, glanced at the familiar window, and stood still for a few seconds.

The sea-blue curtains were blown up and down by the cool breeze. He didn’t know to close the window to prevent catching a cold. Luo Qingwan’s clear eyes looked vaguely for a while, retracted his gaze, and also retracted the heart and footsteps that had been worried about for two years. Walking slowly and gracefully in the direction of the garden, a servant saw her and was so surprised that she couldn’t speak. Luo Qingwan smiled and waved to the servant to signal her not to say anything.

The old man Nangong kept punching until his body was sweating slightly, and his spirits rose.

Nowadays, only this kind of exercise can relax his body and mind. The huge family business is in his old but strong hand, turning his hands to cover the sky and rain, and the trivial matters of his children are also worrying everywhere. What else Time to calm down? ?

Taking the towel in the servant’s hand to wipe the sweat, the old man Nangong frowned and asked, “Where is Che?”

“Mr. Hui, Master hasn’t gotten up yet.” The servant said softly.

“Huh!” The old man Nangong snorted, his eyes full of hostility, the kid is getting bolder and bolder, he just goes to the house without telling people, and he plays so crazy, if the girl Qingwan knows…

The old man Nangong turned around and saw the beautiful smiling figure behind him in a daze. He thought he was dazzled and stepped back like an enlightenment. Then he laughed: “Qingwan! When did you come back? How did you stand so far! Ah?”

Luo Qingwan stepped forward: “I’ve been here for a while. After seeing your punches, she is still as handsome as before.”

“Hahahaha…” The old man Nangong laughed, “You are really abrupt here, and the praise is also abrupt. I thought I had misunderstood the person. I didn’t expect it to be you. Walk around and sit in the living room. You just arrived. Your plane?”

Luo Qingwan smiled and nodded: “I came here first when the airport is closer to this side. Besides, you get up early, so I am not worried that no one will entertain me.”

“You girl!” The old man Nangong was in a good mood and walked into the living room with his hands behind his back.

“The long-distance flight is also uncomfortable. Are you tired? Do you want to take a break first, or have breakfast with me?” Father Nangong asked.

“Tired is not tired. When I was in Paris, I had to stay up all night. It was quite comfortable to be able to sleep on the plane for a while. Let’s have breakfast. Are you ready? I learned Western style breakfast outside. , Uncle, if you are tired of eating here, I will dare to cook!” Luo Qingwan took off the green coat and handed it to the servant, and said with a chuckle.

“Miss Luo, it’s done, go to the restaurant!” said the servant.

“Hahaha, there will be opportunities in the future, walk around, go together!” The old man Nangong admired this delicate and beautiful young woman, patted her on the shoulder, and his smile dissipated a bit of terrifying majesty.

The hall in the early morning seemed to be a little lively. After watching her enter, the old man Nangong’s face slowly cooled down, and he said a few words to the servant. The old complexion precipitated a few minutes of condensedness, and it was threatening and powerful. Walked in.

The servant looked nervous, and hurried upstairs when he went out.

In the quiet room, the big white bed is full of folds, messy and charming, and the honey-skinned healthy man closed his eyes and hugged the little woman in his arms domineeringly and affectionately. When she moved a little, his handsome eyebrows were slightly f*cked up, her arms tightened, and she stuck her in front of him without any separation.

The air was slightly cold, and Yu Muwan was slightly awakened by the freezing, and subconsciously leaned towards the source of warmth.

Nangong Che enjoyed the feeling of throwing her arms and hugs very much. His eyes were not open yet, he just hugged her and kssed her forehead. He couldn’t help it for a long while, turning over to cover her, breathing slowly, and bowing his head to kss her lingeringly. With his delicate lips, his thick eyelashes opened, and when he saw her lustrous and moisturized body, his eyes became hot and he bit her sweet lower lip.

No matter how tired and tired Yu Muwan was, he was awakened by his endless demand, and his clear eyes slowly opened.

“Nangong Che…” she yelled in a dumb voice, and a trace of fear flashed in her eyes. She was trembling with his tense male body in the morning. Why… how could he be excited early in the morning? !

“…” Nangong Che sighed contentedly while k*ssing her sweet and soft mouth, feeling more and more not enough. He reached out and lifted the thin sheet that was blocking the two of them. The hot body pressed her against her, together with the scary heat. Together, the swelling invaded her sensitive feelings.

Yu Muwan was frightened in a cold sweat, her beautiful water eyes slowly widening.

“Nangong Che…no, I’m so tired!” She stretched out her hand to resist him. She had never tried to do such a thing with him in such a sober state. At this moment, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to die, just wanting to escape from his bed and escape. Far away!

“I’ll be tired later!” Nangong Che yelled at her coarsely, his sturdy arms gripped her fiercely, because it was daytime, and the beautiful scenery of her whole body could be seen more clearly, and she was so beautiful that he was completely crazy. , Squeezed her hand and held it with a big palm on the top of her head, holding her erect. The force of the hair advanced fiercely towards her wettest place!

“…” Yu Muwan was too late to prepare, groaning in pain, slender, white neck raised up, and tremblingly shouted, “Nangong Che, are you a beast?! I feel so painful… so sour, really. You do not want……”

There were faint tears on her little face, but it was a pity that he could hear it but couldn’t see it. The sound could only stimulate him to be even more crazy. Just when Nangong Che’s scarlet eyes wanted to penetrate in, the knock on the door sounded .

“Uh!” Nangong Chejun flushed, and he was terribly interrupted, and he let out a low growl, “Who!”

“Master, have you gotten up? The master asked you to get up.” The servant said anxiously.

Nangong Che’s deep eyes slowly narrowed, ignoring the servant’s words, and continued to bow his head and k*ss Yu Muwan’s lips. She dodged, and he grabbed her small face to prevent her from moving for a long time, fascinatingly tasting her The taste of red lips seems to be different from time to time. Her tongue has a teasing toughness. He likes to block her out of breath, sucking hard and loving!

“Master, master, did you hear…” The servant persevered.

“Damn it!” Nangong Che was extremely irritated by the noisy sound. He resisted the look of wanting to vent, turned over from Yu Muwan, pulled up with her waist, and placed it in front of him.

“Knock me again and I will break your leg, and roll me down, right away!” Nangong Che roared coldly, the scarlet in his eyes with a hint of killing intent.

Yu Muwan was forced to hold him in her arms like a small animal soaked in heavy rain. Her face was flushed, she pushed him away when she reacted, pulled the sheets to cover the beautiful spring light on her chest, she didn’t want to follow her at all. He is naked!

“Aren’t you hurrying down? You’re done, what else do you want to do?!” Yu Muwan became flustered inexplicably, staring at him with a flushed face, holding the bed sheet and shaking with nervous hands.

Nangong Che’s scarlet eyes glanced at her tightly clenched hand, and sneered: “That’s true, I’ve done it all, what are you shy about, will it be too late for you to have fun at this time!”

Yu Muwan picked up the pillow behind him and smashed him, and choked with tears: “I’m not a real prostitute, and it doesn’t feel like I would sell myself! I don’t want to fight with you. If you have enough, can I go now? !”

All night, he should have vented enough, they can always write off, right? !

Nangong Che turned away from the pillow, with a sarcasm and sexy smile on his red Jun’s face, he said arrogantly: “Heh… only once, do you think I’m so easy to be fed? Get out of here! Don’t want to rest on me. On the bed!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened, but he didn’t expect him to be so cold-blooded.

She knows that they are only trading, but they don’t really use women as a tool to vent their desires. When they are used up, they will be pulled off like rags and thrown away as garbage! She thought she would be a little bit different, but Nangong Che’s words slapped her face like a slap in the face! The pain made her sober!

Bite your lip and let the chilly air remind yourself, Yu Muwan, you have devoted enough, you can roll!

“You don’t need to rush me, I didn’t want to rely on it.” Yu Muwan raised his misty eyes, wrapped the sheets tightly around him, got out of bed, stood aside, enduring the pain of his body, his stubborn expression remained the same.

Nangong Che then remembered the fact that she was homeless, narrowed his eyes, and felt that it was really impossible for him to take her in as a pet and treat her cruelly. He stood up coldly, came naked and hugged her in his arms.

“What is your face so stinky early in the morning! Hmm?” Nangong Che hugged her against her forehead, her clear pool-like eyes exuded with obsidian-like glitter, and a low magnetic voice, “I didn’t take care of it last night. Are you? Are you uncomfortable? How come the uncomfortable entanglement is so tight that it makes people feel uncomfortable…Where did I make you uncomfortable?!”

Yu Muwan’s face flushed, and she was so embarrassed that she wanted to suffocate to death now! Slowly shook his head, struggling violently: “It’s not me…that’s not me, you talk nonsense! I don’t have any!”

Nangong Che laughed out loud as she watched her outburst of anger. He suddenly felt better. He obeyed the thoughts in his heart and hugged her tighter in his arms, and whispered against the tip of her cool nose: “Tell you. Just for fun, woman! In the future, if you don’t behave with me, I will be more gentle with you, and you can feel it, right? What are you fighting against with me? Do you have any resistance at Nangong’s house!”

Yu Muwan couldn’t struggle, and repeated repetitions were in vain. She ignored him, bit her lip severely and turned her head to the side, not to conform to him, and used silence to represent her backbone!

Living under the eaves, she couldn’t resist. If she hadn’t been forced to desperate, how could she make herself so embarrassed? !

“Master Nangong, your husband is in a hurry, telling you to hurry down!” The servant’s voice tremblingly sounded from the door.

Nangong Che messed up Yu Muwan’s hair, raised his handsome eyebrows, and squeezed her smooth little hand with her big palm.

“Go down for breakfast, don’t I need to tell you the place?”

“I will not go, I will go directly to the company.”

“Heh… this time you don’t even think about walking over by yourself, obediently come down to breakfast with me!”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You have to eat with me if you are not hungry!”

Nangong Che said in a cold voice, with a hint of joy in his arrogant expression, and suddenly pulled the woman who was rebelling with her staring eyes on her mouth into her arms, half dragging and half dragging away.


Downstairs, Nangong Enxi screamed and pounced on the beautiful woman next to the dining table in surprise.

“Sister Qingwan! Sister Qingwan, you really came back! I’m so happy, how did you move so fast? I had insomnia for a long time last night and thought you really ignored me! Sister Qingwan, you came back! It’s great, I miss you so much…” Nangong Enxi burst into tears as he spoke, holding her, his eyes shining.

Luo Qingwan smiled slightly: “You guys, you just talk, why you cry, who is bullying you?”

With that said, Luo Qingwan glanced at Cheng Yisheng behind Nangong Enxi, who seemed to be a gentle and kind man, Luo Qingwan noticed a trace of wild eyes in her eyes.

The clever and compelling woman, guessing what it was, gently patted Enxi’s quilt, letting her go crazy with joy.

“What’s going on in the early morning? Sit down and eat!” Old man Nangong said solemnly.

Nangong Enxi got up with aggrieved expression and ran to her place to eat, pouting, and couldn’t help but said: “Sister Qingwan, you are here really at the right time. When there is a good show, you must cooperate with me and fix it. That b*tch!”

Luo Qingwan gently visited the chopsticks and tableware, her eyelids twitched, and the arc of her smile remained unchanged.

Cheng Yisheng also sat down next to him and said softly to Enxi: “Don’t be so angry in the morning. It’s not worth it. Come and drink the milk.”

“You just want to protect that btch Yu Muwan, Cheng Yisheng, don’t think I don’t know. If you are in a hurry, I will tell everything, and see if anyone is in charge of me! You can protect that btch again. I’ll die for you to see!” Nangong Enxi didn’t know why she was suddenly excited, tears flickering, and a vicious, bloodthirsty light.

Cheng Yisheng looked embarrassed and froze in place with the spoon.

“Enxi!” The old man Nangong patted the table again, and looked at his emotional little daughter during pregnancy with majesty.

In this chaotic gap, two people walked downstairs.

Yu Muwan didn’t want to be dragged away by Nangong Che, and tried to break free of his big palm several times. His clear eyes were full of stubbornness. He wanted to break it, but he even grabbed his other hand and held it in his arms. Go downstairs.

Entangling, stumbled, Nangong Che was cold and arrogant and comfortable, and controlled her in front of her chest and threatened in a low voice: “Be honest! Otherwise I don’t mind tearing off your clothes and let everyone see how I hurt last night. ‘your!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened, so scared, he quickly grabbed the silk scarf around his neck and was anxious to protect it.

God knows her neck down, her snow-colored chest, and her tender white back are all clear and ambiguous hickeys left behind because of his tyranny. With bit of horror, she bit her lip, and was dragged to the restaurant by him, half pulled and half hugged.

Chapter 338

As soon as he saw the person at the dinner table, Nangong Che’s entire upright body froze, his handsome face slowly climbed up with a hint of incredible warmth, and a hint of softness flashed in his arrogant and indifferent eyes.

Luo Qingwan.

When did she come back?

“Brother! You are stupid! Sister Qingwan is back, why don’t you say a word? Also, whose hand are you holding, I look so stunned, who is this woman, pay it early in the morning? Why don’t you lie shamelessly at our house?!” Nangong Enxi drank the porridge, frowned coldly at Yu Muwan, and said proudly.

In the suffocating atmosphere, Yu Muwan’s cold gaze passed over the crowd and fell on Luo Qingwan’s body.

In the entire restaurant, her courtesy and attitude are the most decent, and her every move is the demeanor of everyone. She put down her spoon and looked over here, and her clear eyes flicked over Yu Muwan, staring at Nangong Che for a long time, suddenly smiling After a moment, he whispered softly: “The button is not fastened, count the third from the top–” Luo Qingwan raised her beautiful and generous face, smiling very comfortably, “What’s wrong with you, this little thing can’t be done well.”

Nangong Che’s sexy thin lips were pressed tightly, and the big palm still held Yu Muwan’s hand. The indifference in his eyes gradually faded. The slender fingers were lifted up and landed accurately on the third button of the shirt, and they were elegantly fastened. .

“When did you come back?” Nangong Che’s elegant cultivation prevented him from showing any excessive emotions. He asked lightly, pulling away the chair in front of him, and dragging Yu Muwan’s little hand to place her inside, “Why didn’t he notice Me?”

“I don’t know, I also feel that it was a little bit sudden. Last night, Enxi texted me and said you…” Luo Qing paused, smiled and shook her head, as if laughing at herself, “I came back when I was excited. Do you mind? It would be no good if I trouble you.”

Nangong Che frowned and stared at the little woman in his arms. He couldn’t understand that she just sat like this and didn’t even move the chopsticks. He pulled the plate over and placed it in front of her and forced her to pick up the knife and fork. This eased her emotions. He opened a chair and sat beside her.

“I don’t mind anything. You can sit here more when you just come back. Dad is a little lonely at home, and Enxi also has to raise a baby and can’t go out too much. You can just accompany them.”

Luo Qingwan nodded, looked over Nangong Che and fell on Yu Muwan’s body, and whispered softly: “Hello, this is Luo Qingwan, I have heard your name, is Yu Muwan?”

Those three words overflowed from the mouth of the graceful fairy-like woman, Yu Muwan raised her clear and water-like eyes, her small face was slightly pale, and she pressed the embarrassed figure in front of her, and said, “Yes, hello,” Miss Luo.”

“Huh!” It was Nangong Enxi who said, with resentment and viciousness in his beautiful big eyes, “b*tch!”

This unscrupulous words made several people on the table frown at the same time.

Cheng Yisheng circled her shoulders lightly, his face calm as usual, but once again passed the milk to Nangong Enxi, as if he didn’t want her to say more.

“I don’t like to drink milk, don’t keep telling me to drink!” Nangong Enxi suddenly got a bad temper, overturned the cup and stared at Cheng Yisheng and said with a sneer, “What are you doing, I won’t just scold someone, you are early in the morning. I’m excited with me several times, I just want to say she is cheap, what happened to her? Is she our family? What is her surname, which slum came from! Live in my house and sleep with us The bed at home, I scolded her and said she still dared to be reasonable, right?”

With scarlet eyes staring at the gentle man, Nangong Enxi shouted out of control.

Cheng Yisheng’s face was slightly green, but his temper was still very good. He picked up the cup she knocked over, told the servant to clean up the cup, and said softly, “If you don’t want to drink, don’t drink. I will take you out to relax with something else. Are you suffocated at home?”

“I don’t like to relax!” Nangong Enxi still has a bad temper, her arrogant face turned to Yu Muwan and raised her voice, “Yu, you tell me whether I’m right! I’m surprised, you What does it have to do with our family? I can live here? My brother is romantic and there are many women, but he never brings messy and dirty women home. You are good at it. You don’t have to enter our door and you still go to our house. At the dining table, don’t you recognize Sister Qingwan? I’m here to introduce you! This is my brother and my fiancée, they have a marriage contract! You stay away from my brother, don’t be too cheap to see the master’s still so arrogant, you It’s not shameless, you have no face at all!”

Some words destroyed the atmosphere of the entire breakfast.

Luo Qingwan’s face sank, and her hand quietly left the table, with a bad premonition.

Sure enough, Nangong Che’s arrogant and indifferent expression finally changed. His slender fingers slowly clenched and turned white. He looked at his own sister in annoyance and said coldly: “Nangong Enxi, keep your mouth clean. I usually do. Did you teach you to speak?!”

He spoke sonorously and forcefully, pushing her vicious arrogance!

Nangong Enxi’s eyes widened in an instant, unbelievable, trembling all over, and finally couldn’t help but shoot the case, and her voice became sharp: “Brother, you are too much!! Can’t you see Sister Qingwan sitting here? Yu Muwan is just a slut who casually finds a man to sell her body, she doesn’t deserve to be here at all! She doesn’t seduce you, but also seduce my husband, seduce the father of my child! btch…you btch go Die!!”

A distance of one meter away, Nangong Enxi couldn’t help but grabbed a large spoon on the table, scooped up the hot soup and poured it towards Yu Muwan. The force was too strong and the coverage was too wide, even Luo Qingwan sitting next to him. It may be spilled!

Luo Qingwan’s face suddenly became pale, but it was too late to hide, so she yelled shortly! In the next instant, Nangong Che’s expression suddenly changed. He didn’t even want to get up and drag the delicate and dust-free Luo Qingwan to the side. She whispered and was only splashed on the corner of her clothes, and the hot soup that had just boiled. , Completely splashed on Yu Muwan’s face! !

“Ah!” With a rather miserable cry, Yu Muwan was too late to dodge, and the moment he turned her face was splashed over half of her face. The hot steam came out of her skin and hair, causing her to tremble with pain. Pushing the table aside, the whole thin shoulders fell down, shuddering violently.

In the chaos, Luo Qingwan’s face became paler and worried: “Are you okay!”

Nangong Che was shocked for a second. He cursed “Damn” and quickly walked to Yu Muwan’s side, pulled her arm and picked her up, put her in his arms and looked at her injuries. The original white face was burnt. She was flushed, and the steaming soup slid down her neck, soaking half of her body.

“Don’t you know how to hide?! Stupid woman!” Nangong Che roared at her with fire in his deep eyes.

“…” Yu Muwan raised his twinkling eyes, gave him a weak and resentful look, full of despair.

“Hurry up and take a look. The soup was just served and it’s still boiling. It’s okay elsewhere. It’s a big deal if your face is scalded!” Luo Qingwan frowned, opened the chair and ordered the servant, “Hurry up and get the towel and Come over with ice water, hurry up!”

The servants were also very frightened and hurriedly responded and went down to prepare.

“No need,” Yu Muwan said suddenly, her red face made her look pitiful, and water drops falling down her chin, “I didn’t intend to eat this meal. , Let me go, don’t let me listen to your chirps here, it’s really annoying.”

She was in pain, but still smiled, with a desperate sadness in the cold.

Luo Qingwan’s face was embarrassed, her nervousness eased a little, she didn’t speak, but just looked at her.

But Nangong Che’s eyebrows were slowly frowned. Originally, her big palm touched her burned face and felt distressed. Now she heard her say that it was another irritation, and she whispered her teeth: “Yu Muwan, you damn woman What are you talking about! Qingwan is worried about you, you just have a temper with me, what are you doing with her! I let you have a meal here and I am wronged you?!”

Yu Muwan trembled violently in her heart, raised her face to look at him, and said with a trembling, “Don’t be wronged, you really lifted me up, Master Nangong, I don’t want to eat this meal now, so what if I just look down on Nangong’s family! Can you strangle me?!”

The violent soreness boiled in her heart, and Yu Muwan was so angry that tears burst out of her eyes.

“You…” Nangong Che was furious. In front of her family and Luo Qingwan, it was not easy to be violent to her. He could only pull her wrists to force her onto a chair, and said angrily, “Stay for me. Here until the end of the meal! Yu Muwan, I really respect you and you don’t know how to cherish it! You deserve to be treated like this!”

Yu Muwan was dragged to the table again, watching the table full of sumptuous breakfasts, the perfect combination of Chinese and Western styles, tears that had been forbidden for too long “pop” dropped a drop, she didn’t want to say anything, only her pale face showed it. Her pain and despair at the moment.

The entire dining table calmed down. The servants came up with ice water and towels, but Nangong Che had a cold face, and shouted back at them: “Bring it down for me! No need!”

The servants were so frightened that they didn’t know whether to enter or retreat. Luo Qingwan stared at Nangongche’s face, sighed in her heart, and gave the servants a look, indicating that they should not annoy him at the moment, and it would be better to carry it down.

The beautiful and dignified woman has an elegant posture and courtesy, gently frowning at Nangong Enxi, and slowly said: “What are you doing so impulsively? This is the territory of the Nangong family, who are you afraid of bullying you?” He picked up the chopsticks and handed it to her again, “Uncle is here, don’t let her see your jokes, hurry up, go to rest after breakfast, Che should be late too.”

Nangong Enxi stared at Yu Muwan bitterly, and the pleasure in her heart lasted for a long time. She sneered and sat down contentedly after taking Luo Qingwan’s chopsticks. No, that’s not right, this woman is only so neat. She hasn’t released her hate yet. ! No matter how this woman dares to stay at their home, she promises that Nangong Enxi will do it until she wants to die!

In a farce, the old man Nangong ate dishes and drank porridge without saying a word, letting his children make mischief.

The majesty and deterrence between the eyebrows allowed Nangong Ao to calm the situation with one word, but he just didn’t say a word.

So after the meal, Yu Muwan didn’t make a single move while staying in the seat, and no one cared about her. Only the cold-faced man next to her starved with her. The expressions of the two people were furious and hopeless.

Finally ended this torture, Nangong Enxi got up from his seat and raised his eyebrows and said: “You eat slowly, I’ll go to the room to clean up, Qingwan sister, I will take you out for shopping later!”

Luo Qingwan smiled reluctantly: “Go! You girl can do everything when she is in a good mood!”

Nangong Enxi went back with a smile, and Cheng Yisheng followed her to accompany her, but she gave her a stern look. ——Women in pregnancy always fluctuate greatly. Cheng Yisheng’s gentle face has no expression at all, and his soft eyes suppressed all the turbulence.

“I’ll go to the company.” Nangong Che left a cold sentence, grabbed Yu Muwan’s hand, got up and walked out.

“You have paid too much attention to Liyuan recently, and the performance is booming. Whenever you have time, you can help me take care of that batch of Italian industries. It is estimated that you can do a good job!” Old man Nangong said in a deep and deep voice. Said meaningfully.

“Let’s talk about it!” Nangong Che was still indifferent as usual, without any mood to reason, pulling the woman behind him away from such an embarrassing and deserted atmosphere, the little hand in his palm was cold and cold, and his distress had long since been overwhelmed with anger. !

When everyone was gone, only Nangongao and Luo Qingwan were left on the table.

The soup was not cold yet, Luo Qingwan took a sip and said with a small smile: “The chef at my uncle’s house is really getting better and better.”

The old man Nangong also smiled, and looked at Luo Qingwan with a deep and sophisticated gaze: “Girl Wan, your ability to observe words and colors is getting better and better. I used to underestimate you.”

Luo Qingwan’s eyelids twitched, her lips pursed and smiled: “What is uncle talking about? Qingwan can’t understand a bit.”

The old man Nangong stared at her for a while, his smile remained the same, but the majesty accounted for the majority, “You girl, you are really amazing!”

At this moment, Luo Qingwan was silent. When meeting smart people, there is no need to conceal or pretend. Everyone can see each other through, so talking will be easy.

“Then I won’t dare to play these tricks in front of my uncle in the future. If I don’t say it, if I don’t play well, I may be laughed at by you again!” Luo Qingwan turned her head and smiled sweetly.

Nangong was arrogant but silent. From the very beginning, this young but intelligent woman knew each of them’s temper, what they liked and what they didn’t like, and what emotions could be touched and exploited. She knew everything well. She is Che’s fiancée, as long as she sits there still can arouse Enxi’s resentment, and the reason why Yu Muwan and Che are entangled is simply that they are too stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat. The conflict can only intensify their relationship. That’s it.

This woman is simply born with an exquisite heart!

“Go back and greet Lao Luo for me, and ask him to sit out if you have time!” Nangong Ao finished his meal, stood up boldly, and said with a smile.

“Okay, I must tell my father.” Luo Qingwan got up and smiled generously.

Chapter 339

Under the blue sky, a black luxury car crossed the highway and entered the city.

Half of her face was a fiery pain, and the corner of her mouth hurt as soon as she moved her. Yu Muwan turned her face and leaned on the passenger seat without saying a word. Her long eyelashes were like butterfly wings and lightly covering her pupils. She looked at the scenery. , Slowly close your eyes.

Nangong Che was also silent, hit the steering wheel, and suddenly stepped on the brake to stop.

Yu Muwan felt that the seat next to him was empty for a while, and then someone came up again, missing something in the seat, and shut the door with a “bang!”

She wanted to continue to take a nap, but her waist was wrapped by a solid arm. Her heart trembled and her eyes opened, and she was instantly embraced in a warm and solid embrace. When she opened her eyes, she saw Nangong Che’s slightly worried and distressed eyes.

“You woman, you can’t change this temper by nature, right?” Nangong Che’s mouth sprayed the heat on her face, frowning and said slowly, “You know what Enxi’s temper is arrogant, what do you provoke her for? You deserve to suffer!”

Yu Muwan’s Qingliang eyes looked straight at him, after hearing his words, he was slightly startled, and then began to struggle in his arms.

She has already seen the heart of this man, there is no right or wrong, no true feelings or falsehood, his innate cold blood, he will not care about the feelings of others! Yes, she is just a body for trading. How does she need to feel? !

“Yu Muwan, move again!” Nangong Che was annoyed, pressing her big palm on her shoulder and pressing her on the seat, frowning and drinking coldly.

Staring at the woman’s scalded face, remembering the lesson she had burned on her shoulder last time, Nangong Che took a deep breath, hugged her, and whispered: “Stop making trouble, your face is very Does it hurt? Be careful not to move, I will help you with medicine.”

After speaking, he took out some medicines for scalds he bought in the drugstore, and wiped her face with a cotton swab soaked in a transparent liquid. Yu Muwan’s face was cold, and he wanted to avoid him indifferently, but his slender fingers Hold it, take the medicine obediently.

The cold potion was applied to the face, it was very comfortable, and it didn’t hurt so much.

Nangong Che helped her apply it, blew it gently, hugged her in her arms carefully, and k*ssed her lips: “Be careful not to rub it. It is said that it will not hurt again after a while, and it will be better soon. “

The surprise in Yu Muwan’s heart slowly spread. She didn’t know that this man could also be so gentle and considerate. She felt in a daze for a moment. She didn’t know what medicine he took the wrong day.

No, he didn’t take the wrong medicine, he must feel something is wrong too, right? Obviously, Yu Muwan didn’t say a word. She was so humiliated by his sister at the dinner table. She was hurt to the bone. In the end, it was him who got angry. She was so wronged that she was so humiliated. .

Sure enough, even the dignity of a person without money is worthless.

She sneered, which affected the wound on her face. The pain made her bite her lip and could not laugh again.

“Can we terminate this relationship?” Yu Muwan ignored his warm embrace and said softly with a blank face.

Nangong Che frowned slowly, not knowing what she was talking about.

Yu Muwan took a deep breath and asked him, “Isn’t your fiancée already back? You still want to swagger with me in your house. Are you afraid that she or her house will talk to you? Nangong Che, you’ve touched my body anyway. It’s nothing unusual. I have other women as well. You have to look for me whenever you have to. Besides, your fiancee is more beautiful. Why don’t you look for her? “

Nangong Che finally understood what she meant and sneered and pinched her chin: “Do you want to get rid of me soon?”

Yu Muwan didn’t speak, but his cold eyes clearly revealed this.

“You are really bold, you dare to guess about me!” Nangong Che frowned and said, “If I care about my fiancée, I won’t even touch you! It’s the same whether she is there or not. Yes, she won’t care about me until she is married, and she has no rights after marriage, okay?”

Yu Muwan slowly widened his eyes, surprised.

“You find a woman casually, or even take a woman home, she won’t care?!” She asked incredulously.

Nangong Che gazed at the emotional changes on her little face with appreciation, and said in a deep voice, “This is a game of a wealthy family! Woman, you don’t understand! Be obediently by my side, I will always tell you the day I’m tired, now you Just don’t think there is such a day!”

The shock in Yu Muwan’s heart could not be dissipated for a long time. Looking at him, he became more and more convinced that all the giants kept were a group of beasts. They had no feelings, no temperature, and even no moral bottom line. Doing whatever they wanted has become theirs. Logo!

Her long eyelashes drooped wearily, frowned, and said inexplicably, “She is so pathetic.”

Nangong Che held up her uninjured half of her face, bowed her head and k*ssed her sweet cherry lips, and muttered, “What’s the pity? A woman is just a sacrificed item in the marriage. If Enxi had not eloped with Cheng Yisheng, she would face That’s the same fate! Woman, do you really think she has the same choice as you?!”

Yu Muwan sneered: “You made a mistake, and I have no right to choose either.”

“…” Nangong Che frowned, but didn’t want to pay attention to what she said. He bowed his head and k*ssed deeper, touching her closed teeth with the tip of his tongue, rubbing freely, and said vaguely: “Open your mouth, be good…”

Yu Muwan didn’t follow his death, but stared at him to see what he could do with himself.

“Don’t let me k*ss you? Okay…” His obsidian eyes were shining, and his big hands began to behave irregularly. He picked up the hem of her skirt corners and leaned in. The silky skin made him lose control and explored her thighs. Inside.

Yu Muwan got up anxiously, held his hand to prevent him from moving, and tremblingly said: “No, Nangong Che is in the car, please be careful not to mess around!”

Big palms rubbed her tender meat fiercely, Nangong Che rushed into her sweet little mouth at the moment she was talking, and ignoring her desperate struggle, pinched the back of her neck and fiercely predators her sweetness, until she k*ssed her Panting without the strength to resist, his big hands can swim in her most private place completely irregularly, touching her sensitive feeling back and forth, Yu Muwan trembled so much, and his movements became more and more lingering. More and more profound.

“I won’t mess around, I just taste a bit of sweetness!” Nangong Che said dumbly, “You will never want to run away from me within a month. I have a chance to want you, what do you think?!”

Yu Muwan trembled with fright, and said: “I don’t! I don’t want to live in Nangong’s house anymore, don’t force me!”

Nangong Che’s emotions were complicated. Knowing the grievance she had suffered today, he nodded and agreed: “Okay. Don’t stay there…”

Yu Muwan was relieved slowly, his eyelashes drooping tiredly.

“I beg you, can you lose interest quickly? I can’t stand it anymore, I want to leave you… leave you as soon as possible…”

Nangong Che listened to her whisper, with blue veins on his forehead, and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, it will never be possible!”

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