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Chapter 340

The dazzling shards of sunlight came in through the brown car windows, and sprinkled on the two people who were embracing each other. Nangong Che’s sturdy shoulders blocked her very tightly, and a trace of distress and longing appeared in the deep eyes on Jun’s face. The light.

This woman actually wanted to leave him so impatiently.

Arms clenched more tightly, Nangong Che gently kssed her, feeling her weak and slightly struggling breath, the emptiness and loss in her heart was hung up, hugged her and kssed deeper, he didn’t want this woman to escape. Before he gets tired, it’s never possible to let her escape!

But, does he have a day to get bored…

The closer you get to her, the more you want her, the more you want her, but you can’t get rid of her…


Luo Fanyu put his hand in his trouser pocket, leaned gracefully on the mahogany lacquered cabinet in the empty room, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is it satisfied here? Two rooms and one living room, what do you want such a small house for?”

Nangong Che’s tall and tall figure walked slowly in such a not spacious but warm and comfortable room, his deep eyes looked majesticly, hearing Luo Fanyu’s words just twitched the corners of his mouth, “It’s your shit!”

Luo Fanyu also laughed, and slowly took a cigarette from his pocket, and said gracefully: “I want to find a better place for Jinwu Cangjiao, don’t you have a newly built first-class residential area? Isn’t it? The conditions there are much better than here. You can get a few sets with a word, so you can find a place from me?”

“She doesn’t like that kind of villa-shaped house,” Nangong Che coldly asserted. He walked to the table and looked at the beige tassel lamp that the woman preferred. He fiddled with his slender fingers and laughed, “Stupid woman!”

“Do you still like stupid? You are still so active in finding a house for others. I rely on you to be really cheap.”

“Did I say I like it?” Nangong Che turned around and glared at him coldly, “It’s just for fun. I didn’t take it seriously. What are you doing so seriously?”

“You…” Luo Fanyu frowned, stared at him for two seconds and nodded helplessly. He really lost to this man, “I make you stern, one day you have to admit that you have feelings for Yu Muwan. ! Otherwise, even Luo Qingwan didn’t make you bother, why should you bother for a mistress, you would be so sick!”

Nangong Che pursed his lips and said nothing, just remembering that the woman Yu Muwan often said he was sick and damn it. Could it be that he really had a mental problem? Where did he care about women so much before?

The icy handsome face was a little impatient when he thought of this, and he pulled the cabinet on the wall and swept the sparse clothes inside and drank: “Are you so poor?! Even the closet is empty, who do you think is coming? live?!”

Luo Fanyu, who said in a word, almost vomited, staring at him with wide eyes, his handsome face blushing and said: “Nangong Che, you can make it clear to me that it is your woman who wants to move over and not mine! You wish I knew you Is the size of the woman?!”

The anger on Nangong Che’s face faded a little now, and he realized that he had said something silly.

With a cold “hum”, Nangong Che closed the door of the cabinet, and decided to buy some other furniture and clothing and daily necessities in his heart. This place is located in the outer ring of the city, the environment is quiet, the air is fresh, and the scenery is fair. Pleasant, the traffic is not as convenient as in the urban area, but there are still many routes passing through here. The garden-style design makes this Biyun community a little warmer. After Nangong Che walked around, he could think of Yu Muwan. I am slightly satisfied with the way I settle down here.

“Okay, right here, you can leave me with the key,” Nangong Che said indifferently.

Luo Fanyu threw up circles under her eyes, and slowly narrowed her eyes: “Do you mean that I asked me to send you? I don’t want to, but if it’s a beauty, I’m still very generous, or you let her come by herself , I personally give it to her, eh?”

Nangong Che sneered: “You think women want to be crazy, don’t you?!”

“I really want to be crazy, but it’s a pity… it’s someone else’s woman!” Luo Fanyu frowned and smiled. Suddenly, his eyes became blurred again, and he asked Nangong Che, “I said, Mu Wan Is it really related to you now? Have you…have done it with her?”

“En.” Nangong Che responded indifferently, without saying a word.

Luo Fanyu was inexplicably upset, remembering that the last time I saw her was at Nangong Enxi’s engagement banquet, she drank too much wine and blushed with a pitiful face. I really couldn’t think of her so stubborn and self-respecting woman. How did the child get along with Nangong Che, how much wrong did she suffer in order to let herself be willingly sent to others?

Jun’s eyebrows became tighter and tighter, Luo Fanyu fled the key in his pocket and threw it on the table to Nangong Che, subconsciously glanced at the house next door through the window sill, he also has the key, but the house type here A lot of sunshine is suitable for women to live in. A touch of sensitive thoughts flashed through my heart, waiting for this woman to move in…

“I’ll bring her over tonight, you can explain the property here.” Nangong Che made up his mind and said lightly.

Luo Fanyu’s entire face was covered in smoke, and he asked inexplicably, “You are so bold in dealing with her? Hmm? I heard that Luo Qingwan has already returned this morning, why would you dare to steal fishy outside? This woman smells like How good is it?”

Nangong Che smiled, fascinated: “The taste is not very good, but it is not greasy to eat. I am still interested in her for the time being, and she can’t escape.”

“What about Qingwan? Do you really think she just opened one eye and closed one eye like this?”

“Not married yet, she don’t care about me!”

“It’s not a question of getting married or not, Nangong Che, it’s not easy for a woman to be in a hurry. You can’t be careful to protect you, a single-minded lover!”

“Single heart eyes?” Nangong Che frowned slowly, “Hmph, that woman Yu Muwan is not that simple!”

“Is it not so simple, is it complicated? A woman who covets your wealth and status can be bullied by you and stay with you, eh? You say!” Luo Fanyu was slightly angry and stared at him.

“I taught my woman that it is not your turn to intervene,” Nangong Che turned a blind eye to his sullenness, and glanced at him with disdain, “When did you have so many things?”

Luo Fanyu was at a loss for words, and he didn’t know what he was worried about or entangled with. The smoke was filled with smoke. He suddenly felt that he might be faint. He didn’t seem to have seen many faces with Yu Muwan, and he didn’t have much contact with him. How could it affect that? Deep.

“I’ll go to your place to sit when I have time. I guess I can meet Qingwan. I haven’t walked around in Uncle Luo for a long time. I should say more or less about his daughter’s return this time.”

“Whatever you want.” Nangong Che said indifferently.

“How long will Eun Hee have to give birth? Two or three months?”

“About three months, I don’t know.”

“You guy, I guess you have been thinking about that little woman recently!”

“It’s up to you!” Nangong Che frowned, thinking that this man really talked so much today!


The cold ice cubes were applied to her face to relieve the swelling and pain. Yu Muwan glanced at the medicine that Nangong Che had brought over on the table, and still stubbornly only took the ice cubes to apply cold, and ignored it.

She has never liked being favored by others, and she is not used to giving someone a slap before giving a date.

Now, the Nangong family is such a disgusting practice.

As soon as the end of get off work, the people on the floor got up and left. Nangong Che’s door finally opened after the high-level emergency meeting. His upright figure came out, and his heart palpitated slightly when he saw Yu Muwan’s delicate body at the desk. After moving, I realized that she likes to wear a light-colored delicate shirt. Her clear face does not wear makeup. Occasionally, she paints a little light makeup to make her shine. The straight back makes people want to hold her in her arms and prevent her. So tired.

“Not finished yet?” Nangong Che walked over and frowned.

“I’m doing it myself, you go first.” Yu Mu said softly without raising his head.

Nangong Che frowned tighter, sneered, took away the pen in her hand and stroked her soft hair: “You stupid woman forget that I belong to the boss? I said you don’t have to do it, you don’t have to do it. , Get up and follow me!”

Yu Muwan slowly widened her eyes, her eyes filled with surprise. “Are you sure you don’t need me to do it?”

This man has always liked to squeeze her labor force, but being so considerate of her at this moment will be a little uncomfortable.

“Or if you like to work overtime here to improve performance, I don’t have any opinion. How long do you do it? I’ll wait for you!” Nangong Che narrowed his eyes, staring at her face, and said slowly in a low voice. I was shocked, feeling that such a gentle and ambiguous tone shouldn’t come out of my mouth, and I was really uncomfortable.

Yu Muwan’s clear eyes opened wider and wider, and his expression was a little embarrassed. He moved his head with difficulty to avoid his touch, and said coldly: “I’ll be fine soon, just wait.”

Nangong Che noticed her dodge, and didn’t force it anymore. He stood up gracefully and waited for her to finish the matter. The serious look on his small face made him feel more excited, and waves of heat surged in his lower abdomen, burning. Throughout her whole body, her white and smooth calves were gathered together and parked under the table, with a fascinating beauty.

When she was done, Nangong Che slowly approached, grabbing her hand and pulling her toward the outside.

Yu Muwan was accustomed to his domineering, and there was no surprise in his clear eyes, but he walked with him with his bag on his back, his slender fingers hanging loosely and not clenched, he was simply and passively closed by him.

As the elevator descended layer by layer, Yu Muwan asked, “Where are you taking me? I don’t want to go to your house, you know.”

Nangong Che glanced at her indifferently, his eyes as deep as a black hole: “I know you don’t want to go, so I take you to other places. You’d better not say anything during this period, just follow me!”

Yu Muwan had nothing to say, but his clear eyes looked at him with some caution.

The car slowly drove towards the outskirts, Nangong Che was rare and patient, and leaned on the position gracefully and said: “You live in Biyun Villa first. You don’t need to go back to your small rental house. There I have helped you withdraw. !”

Yu Muwan’s eyes slowly widened, and she couldn’t believe that Nangong Che had already made this decision for her-is there no place where she lived for a few years? what did he say? Want her to move to Biyun Mountain Villa now, that new high-tech construction area? ?

“Wait, there are so many things in my house, how can you help me withdraw?!” Yu Muwan became anxious, flushing anxiously on her white face, turning his face to stare at him, “Nangong Che Can you not be so overbearing? Even if you do something, you just ask my opinion and it doesn’t take long. How can you do this?!”

Nangong Che also frowned slightly, “You woman, will you die if you don’t bother?! I think you are so pitiful to help you find a house, you love it so I don’t know if it’s good or not! Humph, it’s too late, what else do you lack directly? Tell me, just buy it for you! What run?”

Yu Muwan’s already anxious heart became more and more anxious, enduring the violent beating in his chest, gently inhaling and begging: “Biyun Villa is the same way as my house. Can you stop over there? I beg you, I can’t just move away like this, I really have important things over there, Nangong Che, I beg you!”

In the rearview mirror, fluent water vapor flashed in her clear eyes.

Nangong Che’s eyes swept coldly, and with a low curse he turned the car around and drove towards her original residence.

This woman… is really getting helpless with her!

The cold and simple alley appeared in front of him again, Nangong Che frowned and endured the occlusion here and slowly drove the luxury car in, but Yu Muwan’s gaze became more and more complicated, and there was a strong reluctance in the entanglement.

When she stopped the car, she rushed down to the door anxiously, trying to open the door but found that she no longer had the key, she looked at the house in front of her eagerly, her eyes becoming hopeless.

Nangong Che’s tall and straight figure came from behind, his brows filled with indifference and helplessness, but he bypassed her, opened the door with a key and let her go in and pack her things.

Yu Muwan paused, gave him a grateful look, and walked in.

The slightly narrow cabin, with the light shining in softly, Yu Muwan was so touched that he looked at the untouched layout here, and wished to take everything away. There is no way for her to be familiar with Yu Muwan to the point where she fell down. Taste accompanied her, she didn’t want to leave when she stood inside.

“Hurry up! I only give you ten minutes, pick up the important things and follow me!” Nangong Che set a time for her and said coldly.

Yu Muwan’s eyebrows frowned slightly, which made him panic.

There are so many things she took away. The desk that Qian Rou used to use, the cup she used to drink water, and even the oil painting on the wall that Cheng Yisheng gave her on her twentieth birthday… this Everything in the room is all her sad or happy memories in the past five years!

Nangong Che’s deep eyes pressed like this, Yu Muwan had to endure the slightly rising water mist under his eyes, put aside unrealistic thoughts and began to pack things, took out a big bag, packed with daily necessities and clothes, but listened. Behind him, he let out a cold cry: “Don’t bring those! I will help you prepare!”

Yu Muwan was slightly surprised, blushing slightly as he looked at the sets of underwear in his cabinet.

There is really nothing to take away. All needs and defects can be added again. This domineering man is not allowed to take away a single trace. Her slender figure slowly squatted down and hugged a collection of poems that she often read in the drawer below. In his arms, he picked up the pictures of mom and dad on the table again, got up and said softly: “I’m ready, let’s go.”

Nangong Che narrowed his eyes, looked at the two things in her arms, and then looked at her clear and watery face, the feeling in her heart was extremely complicated.

Such a slender and weak woman stood here alone after all her relatives had left.

Nangong Che couldn’t help but walked over to hug Yu Muwan, holding her slender and boneless body in his arms silently and tenderly, without saying a word, just warming her with the strength of his arms and arms, Yu Muwan was surprised With his movements, his clear face lifted up and stared at him, he couldn’t believe that this was the man who was ruthless and cold-blooded.

“Don’t be so bitter and enmity, I decided to raise you and I won’t treat you badly!” Nangong Che frowned and said to her, but he was still attracted by her innocent and cold eyes and cursed lowly. k*ssed her lips, tossing and turning affectionately. Yu Muwan was still struggling at first, but he restrained her body from moving, taking the intoxicating sweetness in her mouth severely, Yu Muwan gradually gave up the struggle and let him ask for it.

When the two returned to the car, the sky was almost dark, and Yu Muwan’s petite body fell into the passenger seat. Before the car turned, his eyes had been staring at the place where he had lived for a long time, sitting for the last nostalgia farewell. .


The huge room glowed with a soft luster, so big that it made people feel empty. Yu Muwan stood in it and looked at his shadow on the floor-to-ceiling windows. That face was beautiful and fragile. Now he really wants to be locked in helplessly. This place is now.

She was wearing a white long dress, like a girl who knew nothing about the world, carrying a bag in silence.

“If you are tired, go take a shower, and I will take you out to eat later, or you can just call the bento downstairs here, whatever you like.” Nangong Che took off his suit jacket and threw it on the beige sofa, facing the French windows. The former said.

Yu Muwan was shocked, turned to look at him, cold sweat broke out, and said with difficulty: “You…you didn’t leave? You want to live here tonight!”

Nangong Che froze for a moment, his arrogant eyebrows slowly frowned, and he raised his eyes to stare at her: “Do you have an opinion?”

“I…” Yu Muwan sweated her palms, shook her head with a slightly embarrassing thought in her heart, frowned, “Don’t you have your own home? Don’t you go back every day? You… why do you want to Live here!”

Nangong Che sneered, and reached out to turn on the air conditioner and walked towards her slowly: “Because there is my woman here, it’s that simple!”

“I’m not feeling well tonight, you don’t want to find me, I won’t rely on you!” Yu Muwan said anxiously about her concerns.

“Are you sure I want to touch you tonight? Or do you want to be touched by me so much!” Nangong Che grabbed her waist, approached her sweet face amusedly, and happily trapped her in his arms.

Chapter 341

“…” Yu Muwan bit his lip, his face flushed slightly, and hurriedly broke free from his embrace, “I’m going to take a bath!”

She ran away in a hurry. This time she clearly remembered taking a relatively conservative pajamas and all the washing utensils. She would never be eaten and wiped clean by him inexplicably like last time. Her body was sore all day long. It’s really uncomfortable!

Although the bathroom here is not as luxurious as the Nangong home, it is really comfortable and warm. Yu Muwan soaked in it for a long time to relieve the soreness and weakness on his body. He came out of the foamy bathtub and rinsed it before wiping it off. Came out.

Nangong Che is wearing a nightgown, he should have taken a shower in the next room, leaning on the single sofa to deal with work, the fine black hair scattered on his forehead reveals his sexy and handsome, a bit free and easy and serious All condensed between Jun Yi’s eyebrows.

Yu Muwan subconsciously silenced, and walked to the other side to wipe his hair, not to provoke him is the best solution.

This state lasted for dozens of minutes. Yu Muwan curled up in the corner of the sofa and looked at Qianrou’s collection of poems. Knowing that she once liked Pushkin’s poems the most, she looked at them more. For too long, she was busy making money. Busy to get out of poverty, busy with my future and Xiaorou’s studies, there is no energy at all to calm down and read a book, this kind of time is really rare.

When Nangong Che finished his work, Yu Muwan was already asleep leaning on the sofa.

He narrowed his hunting eyes and stared at her.

The beautiful face is like a goose egg, the soft lines run from the forehead to the neck, the collarbone is exposed, and the tender shoulders are looming. She sleeps very heavily, with wet and soft hair scattered on her body, and her slender arms are from her pajamas. A lotus-like section was exposed inside.

Nangong Che didn’t hold it back, walked over and stretched out on both sides of her, and looked at her hair carefully.

This woman became more beautiful as she looked at it, and it was the kind of thrilling beauty. He couldn’t help bending over and hugging her in his arms, bowed his head and k*ssed her on the lips, lightly pecked, and felt that it was not enough, so he explored deeply. The strong palms began to rub and caress her beautiful body, and the hot breath became stronger and stronger.

Yu Muwan slowly woke up, shocked by the raging ambiguity on her lips, her eyes slowly widening from blurred to clear.

“Nangong Che, you…” She sat up in shock, and the collection of poems on her fell down. She was as beautiful as a white fairy, and she was frightened and hid in the corner of the sofa looking at him in shock.

Nangong Che’s eyes were warm, and there was a hunting breath in the deep clear pool. He pulled her over and held her tightly in his arms.

“Why haven’t I found you so beautiful before, huh?” There was a dangerous message in his dull voice, not just a simple desire, he was too curious about this woman, besides wanting to possess, he wanted to know more!

Yu Muwan was so frightened, his heart was pounding, his face was pale, and he slowly shook his head: “I don’t know what you are talking about. You said you were not interested in touching me tonight. Let go!”

Nangong Che laughed, his smile bright and bright: “Have I promised? When?”

“Obviously you said just now! I am not feeling well, really, I beg you to find someone else, I don’t want to come again…” Yu Muwan frowned in agony, afraid and yearning for such an experience, this man It was too cruel when she let go of her hand to toss people, and her body was still young and could not bear his excessive demand.

However, Nangong Che became confused and didn’t rush to ask for her. He just hugged her and whispered, biting her earlobe and muttered, “I want to find someone else… but I can’t go, Yu Muwan, you are so obviously. I hate it, why can’t I give you up!”

A trace of confusion flashed in his clear eyes, touching her little face and said: “One month, I am afraid I can’t let you go.”

Yu Muwan’s eyes slowly widened: “Don’t be kidding, my transaction period with you is only one month, you can’t go back!”

“Heh…” Nangong Che just laughed. Facing her innocence, he was helpless, holding her face lovingly and k*ssing her forehead, whispering, “Yu Muwan, do you hate me so much? I haven’t bullied you, can I get the slightest enthusiasm for you, eh?”

His Nangong Che was not born arrogant. There was always only a woman who was tempted by him to be crazy about him. Suddenly there was a woman who hated him and hated him so much. He couldn’t accept it… What did she think?

Yu Muwan calmed down slowly and said rationally, “No.”

Nangong Che’s sturdy body was slightly stiff, and slowly approached her face, and asked in a low voice, “Why?”

Yu Muwan stared at him, his clear eyes with fragile strength: “Do you need to ask me why? Nangong Che, you don’t like me, why do you care if I am tempted by you? Even if you ask me Mind telling you, I don’t, I won’t be tempted by a man who hates me so much. You haven’t even given me the least respect, so don’t ask me this question!”

Nangong Che frowned deeply. He was very concerned about the phrase “You don’t like me, why do you care if I am tempted by you”. He wanted to say something but was suddenly choked, and his voice was stuck in his throat.

“How can I respect you, you say.” His handsome, clear eyes calmed down, as if indifferently and urgently.

Yu Muwan’s long eyelashes quivered, and said softly, “For example, if you are a man, don’t force me. If I will do it with you voluntarily, but if I don’t want to, you are so domineering, just not respect me!”

She knew she was talking nonsense, but if he could accept this, it would be best.

Sure enough, Nangong Che narrowed his eyes and thought.

Yu Muwan’s heart was beating, and she was suffering in his hot arms, she didn’t even know where to put her hands.

“Do you really want to escape?” Perceiving her intention, Nangong Che grabbed her wrist and prevented her from shrinking backwards. With a long arm, she hugged her in his arms and pressed close to herself.

Yu Muwan bit her lip dejectedly and said nothing.

“I don’t want to trap you like this… but you are not good… I can only be so domineering,” Nangong Che bowed his head, the hot breath on her face. Li, the lower abdomen swelled when she saw her blushing lips The pain and tightness could no longer be restrained, and he k*ssed her with a sullen, gasping and muttering, “I want you…woman, I can’t help it!”

“No…you said you wouldn’t touch me tonight!” Yu Muwan frowned, avoiding his violent k*ss, and shouted impatiently.

“Don’t struggle, be careful that I’m not polite to you!” Nangong Che was in the flames, and roared in a hoarse voice. Regardless of her struggle and resistance, he hugged her in his arms and rubbed her fiercely, making her bright red. The k*ss is so beautiful and lovely.

“Don’t…I don’t want to…can you not…please…” Yu Muwan frowned and groaned, tears gradually bursting into tears, clutching his strong arms and pleading softly.

Chapter 342

“Good…” Nangong Che printed her pampered k*sses on her face, “I won’t bully you again, don’t be afraid, I’ll be gentle…”

He was flustered and wanted to get this woman, but he had no way to make her really surrender willingly. He could only coax her like this and let her be confused with her with blurred passion! Love has no clear judgments, only madness after losing control!

Yu Muwan’s eyes flashed with water-colored eyes, a little bit painful, and a little scared. In an extremely awake state, he was touched inch by inch of skin, exposing her sensitive and fragile feelings to his eyes in broad daylight. In the teasing, she inevitably made a low moan, panting violently, and she was pressed on the wide and soft sofa in a whirlpool.

“Hmm!” Yu Muwan groaned as the hot soreness suddenly pierced into her body, and raised her small face in pain, her body withstands it nervously, causing the man on her to breathe in a cold breath, flushing. The handsome face almost couldn’t help but spray out.

“Don’t worry about it… Damn it, relax…” Nangong Che said in a dumb voice, leaning over and firmly hugging her upper body, softly seducing, coaxing, and moving slowly and rhythmically, “Good… just relax. It’s not that painful…”

Yu Muwan bit her lip tightly, feeling the most primitive aggression and shame of men towards women, and tremblingly said: “No! Nangong Che, you never cared about other people’s feelings, I hate you, I hate you to death!”

She was very uncomfortable, and she was dying of discomfort, and the flames of pain and comfort in her body were intertwined with fluttering back and forth. She couldn’t stand it, she could only try to pull him away from her! She don’t want this!

Such an angry language made Nangong Che, who was intoxicated in her beauty, furious, his handsome face flushed red and said fiercely: “You…” He couldn’t say the second word again! He wanted to pierce this woman fiercely to let her know what pain is and what is violence, but he couldn’t bear to see her frowning eyebrows and shining eyes!

“Yu Muwan, I really want to kill you!” Nangong Che let out a low growl, eyes scarred as blood, and sprinted fiercely while holding her body. In the struggle of entanglement with cherishment and anger, cherishment finally prevailed. , He bowed his head in pain and k*ssed her lips fiercely, biting and growling like a beast, “Tell me why, why resist! Give me a good feel for me, I don’t believe you only hurt!”

After speaking, he suddenly pulled himself out, picked up her lustrous body and turned it over, separated her hands with the palms. The legs suddenly penetrated from behind and penetrated in! Let out a low groan of contentment like a beast!

“Ah!” Yu Muwan did not expect that he would use such a posture to make the hot heat almost pierce her soft interior, and all the feelings became clear and sensitive. She could not bear every strong friction and impact. !

“Don’t… let me go… don’t do this…” Yu Muwan groaned helplessly, tears flickering in her clear eyes, frightened by the intense pleasure.

Nangong Che was already frantic, pressing her waist and thighs and shaking frantically, his handsome face lifted, an intoxicating flush, he inhaled frequently, ignoring his body. The subordinates could not bear the moan, he just wanted Find the most insane joy in her beautiful body!

Yu Muwan’s powerful arms are firmly trapped, half of her face rubbed against the sofa, her hands tightly grasped the sofa cover, tears filled her, she shrank violently at the moment of his sudden impact, and cried out in pain and ambiguously Sound. Nangong Che felt a burst of ecstasy in his heart, and his body was heavily covered and pressed against her, lovingly k*ssed her side face and chin, feeling the comfort she tasted in his possession, and the whole person was inspired by madness!

“Are you comfortable?” Nangong Che gasped and asked her violently, sweating profusely, only caring about her feelings, making waves on her chest with big palms, rubbing her sensitive front end into redness and swelling, she must get her answer!

Yu Muwan was tortured by the violent comfort so that she couldn’t speak. The sweaty hair sticking to her face was uncomfortable. She didn’t want to bear that she had reached the peak, but she trembled and hoarse again under his teasing Said: “Ah! Don’t…”

Nangong Che’s eyes became even scarier, and he grabbed her hair and bowed his head to k*ss her fiercely.

This posture on the back allows him to occupy her in the deepest posture. Nangong Che has never received such intense pleasure. His sturdy body imprisoned the little woman in his arms, and every muscle was trembling violently, extremely excited. The night was very long, he worked hard, vented, poured the crazy fire into her body, completely forgetting that he had erupted several times without any measures…

With the last strong jet, Nangong Che squeezed Yu Muwan’s body tightly with a beastly growl, reaching the extreme.

The phone on the coffee table rang suddenly.

The beautiful chords vibrated in his ears, Nangong Che trembled violently in the death version of the pleasure. It took a long time to stop. He was sweating, staring at the woman under him, and suddenly just wanted to hug her and entangle him until The wasteland is old.

“…” Nangong Che leaned down in accordance with his wishes, and k*ssed the little woman who had been tortured to the point of fainting in her arms, loving her already red and swollen lips, and sighed contentedly.

The phone’s ringtone still rang persistently.

Nangong Che frowned slowly. He didn’t know who would call at this time. He coldly cursed and picked up the phone, and asked in a low voice, “Who?”

The phone end was slightly startled, and said softly: “Che.”

Nangong Che came back to his senses, and heard the woman’s voice, like a basin of cold water poured down in such a crazy and confused night, making him sober.

“Qingwan, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I was a little tired from playing chess with my uncle just now. The driver at home went to rest. I don’t know how to go back. Thinking of you so late before coming back, I called to ask, don’t you work too late, yes Anything can be handled tomorrow.” Luo Qingwan said softly, with a gentle and touching sentence, which made people feel not at all bored.

“Don’t worry about me tonight,” Nangong Che said with a chill, “you can’t go back, are you?”

Luo Qingwan was silent for a while, and then replied: “Well, it seems to be, but fortunately, there are many guest rooms at home. I can make do with it here. My uncle kept it several times, and I don’t know how to refuse.”

Nangong Che frowned slowly.

“Don’t move there, I’ll go back to you.” He hung up the phone, his flushed face eased, and a bit of chill appeared.

“…” Yu Muwan slowly woke up, her small face wet with sweat was pitiful, and her eyelashes could hardly be opened.

Nangong Che leaned down to hug her and k*ssed her lovely lips lovingly.

“Fainted?” He asked in a dumb voice, remembering the crazy joy he had just got in this woman’s body. His eyes became hot, and the familiar scarlet came up again. He wanted to hug her tightly and love her to death.

Yu Muwan heard the call, moved her small face slightly, and said in a hoarse voice: “Aren’t you going back?”

She was too tired to move, and the comforting residual temperature made her pale fingers tremble slightly, unable to bear such violent possession. Nangong Che’s body stiffened slightly, did not speak, and held her warm for a while.

Yu Muwan was so tired that he couldn’t open his eyes, and his wet eyelashes were very cute. Nangong Che had never felt that he had spoiled a woman like this, and he could k*ss her lips softly when she was about to faint. Wake her up and let her go to bed after bathing.

This damn habit! !

“Don’t sleep…Don’t sleep, go take a bath first, huh?” Nangong Che flattened her chin and coaxed softly.

“I’m so uncomfortable…” Yu Muwan bit her lip, feeling the sensation of being wet with sweat. Her skin went on a blind date, and the hot temperature made her want to escape, but she was reluctant to escape.

Two days of ice and fire, every cell in her body only felt uncomfortable.

“Idiot…” Nangong Che frowned and simply picked her up and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

After the tossing, it was midnight. Yu Muwan woke up halfway through the wash. She was ashamed and shocked. She pulled the towel to cover herself and called him out. Nangong Che colded her face and gave her a lesson before she was willing to obey her. He helped to wash.

“You woman! If you die one day, you will be stubborn to death by yourself!” Nangong Che looked at her angrily, pulled her up with a big towel, and hugged her out.

Yu Muwan was so tired and sore, but still clutching his bath towel, staring at him and shouting: “I didn’t say I need you, why are you coming in! I stand firm, don’t hold me!”

“Are you sure?” Nangong Che raised her eyebrows, and simply put her down, watching her standing with frowns, and suddenly fell into his arms with a soft step, Yu Muwan was about to die of embarrassment, and there was a low voice above her head. laugh.

“You really give me a sense of accomplishment, Yu Muwan, next time I don’t behave, I will keep doing it until you can’t stand up!” Nangong Che hugged the little woman in her arms tightly and threatened her ears. .

Yu Muwan frowned slightly, the soreness of her whole body made her give up resistance, and she was obediently held by this man.

A complex meaning flashed in Nangong Che’s eyes, like an invisible love. He simply didn’t know what the inexplicable feelings for this woman were at this moment!

“If you are sleepy, go to bed early, don’t stay up late.” He stared at her face and said inexplicably.

Yu Muwan raised his wet eyelashes to look at him, confused and confused. Has this man really changed sex?

Nangong Che was very uncomfortable when she saw her, and immediately coldened his face and said coldly: “Don’t get me wrong, I just don’t want you to have a reason to skip work tomorrow! Also, if I have something, I will leave soon!”

Yu Muwan’s eyelashes trembled, and a trace of desolation suddenly appeared in her heart when she remembered the call just now.

It was late at night. In the spacious and bright hall, the already-satisfied upright man put on his clothes and fastened the last button of his shirt. He really looked like a wealthy president who came to his mistress for a short stay.

Yu Muwan leaned softly on the sofa, closed his eyes, and the neck that could not be blocked by the bath towel was still full of hickeys.

That was the result of his ravages.

Nangong Che walked over with a complicated expression, picked up the suit jacket on the sofa, rubbed her hair, and said indifferently, “Take a good rest, I’m leaving.”

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