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Chapter 310

The crowd was a bit more tolerant of the news.

“You ah!This is called the emperor is not eunuch anxious, now the young ah greedy.It’s common to get married late, and besides, you Yun Shu aren’t particularly old, you’re only twenty-seven, so you’ll be fine in a few years.”

Hearing her say that, Mother Ji was not happy.

“Hey, don’t talk to me about that, and don’t try to talk me out of it, I’m telling you, I’m just so hard-headed right now, he has to get me a grandson back, and if he doesn’t get me a grandson back, I’m going to disown him as my son tomorrow.”

Qing Qing saw the situation and shook his head, not good enough to persuade.

At this moment, only footsteps were heard from outside, and then Ji Yunshu was seen walking in.

Seeing the living room full of your wife, he froze for a moment before saying, “Mom, back in town.”

Ji’s mother answered the door and smiled, “Come over here and say hello to your aunts.”

Ji Yunshu managed to smile and could only walk over and greet each and every one of them.

Everyone gave a few polite compliments, and after Ji Yunshu finished chatting with them, he didn’t even sit down and hurriedly tried to go upstairs.

Unexpectedly, before she reached the stairway, she was called by Ji’s mother.

Ji Yunshu had to stop and look back at her, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Ji’s mother coughed a little and asked, “Where did you go last night?”

Ji Yun Shu slightly restrained his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “Didn’t go anywhere, got together with Ah Shen and the others.”

Hearing him say that, JiMu stood up, walked over, take a closer look, really saw some women’s scratches deep in his neck tight, not a bright eye, reached out and pulled his clothes neighbor down.

Ji Yunshu was shocked, not knowing what she was doing, and subconsciously slapped her hand away.

Frowning unhappily, “Mom!What are you doing in public?”

Ji’s mother also ignored his displeasure, although just a glance, but already very sure to see those marks left on his body from last night, can’t help but cover her lips, hee hee laugh.

Ji Yunshu was laughing at her smile like that and suddenly thought of something, staring at her incredulously.

Following that, he got a little angry and gritted his teeth, “Did you do that last night?”

Being fiercely attacked by him like this, Ji Mum was also a bit righteous, but thinking of his intentions, she snorted justifiably.

“So what if it’s me?Who told you not to bring me back a woman all these years?Look at how old you are, twenty-seven years old, what man is like you, twenty-seven and still an old virgin!

I’m doing this for the sake of our old seasonal family’s face, do you know how it’s rumored outside that it’s all about my son not being able to do it, our seasonal family is going extinct, and if I don’t do anything more, I’ll be stabbed in the back by others.”

Listening to his mother’s words, Ji Yunshu was simply furious.

“Mom, aren’t you just being ridiculous?”

Mrs. Ji didn’t care, “Why am I messing around?Is it wrong for me to want to hold my grandchildren?”

After a pause, he glared at him again, “And I’m telling you ah, now that this has happened, you must bring my daughter-in-law back to me within three days, and if you can’t bring her back, don’t go home again.”

Afterwards, he exhaled, turned around and stomped off.

Ji Yunshu stood there, watching his mother’s back as she left in a rage, not dumbfounded, momentarily angry and amused.

The thought of last night, when the girl was panicking and crying and begging for mercy, made my heartstrings tingle slightly.

That drug last night, it was so strong, he was really out of control, and he didn’t want to hurt her, but he couldn’t help himself.


Thinking of this, Ji Yun Shu rubbed his eyebrows in distress, and eventually didn’t say anything else, turning around and going upstairs.

When he got back to his room, he hesitated, but in the end, he called his assistant to take a picture of the bracelet and ask him to help him find out who the girl was last night.

Once you’ve given your account, you just lie down and rest.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the assistant got back to him.

People have been found, but the other side is a bit special.

It’s actually Kwan Yue Wan!

Ji Yunshu shook hard!

It’s her?

He suddenly thought of the fact that Guan Yue Wan had also taken the past two days off, could it be….


At this point, he couldn’t help but be annoyed that he should have noticed, no wonder he said the smell of the other man that night was vaguely familiar.

Ji Yunshu pondered for half a second, but eventually, he changed his clothes and took the car keys out the door.

Driving, it was twelve o’clock noon when we arrived at the Guan house.

He sat in the car for a long time, looking across the street at the gate of the shuttered house, not even gathering the courage to get out of the car, full of the girl’s desperate tears from the night before.

Come to think of it, he still felt like an asshole.

She must have hated herself for destroying such a good girl in his hands in such a muddled manner!

Alas!Ji Yunshu, Ji Yunshu, you’ve been smart all your life, but you’ve been confused for a while, so why did you capsize in the gutter?

This is good, you are in a dilemma, not to say, but also harm the other person, even if you want to be responsible, but she is so beautiful like a yellow flower girl, will you be willing to be responsible?

He had always been a non-smoker, but right now, for the first time in his life, he really wanted to have a cigarette to calm his nerves.

So instead of going to Kwan’s first, he got out of the car and went to the convenience shop across the street to buy a pack of cigarettes first.

I just finished buying cigarettes and came out of the convenience shop and ran into someone cold.

He was so shocked that he subconsciously reached out to help her while saying, “Sorry.”

Yet just hold the opposite side of the room.

Seeing Guan Yue Wan standing there, he also stared at him with wide eyes, unable to believe it.

Ji Yunshu reacted and opened his mouth.Wanting to say something, yet before the words were even out, Guan Yue Wan had already pushed him away like a frightened rabbit and ran outside, quickly disappearing.

Ji Yunshu stood there, momentarily dumbfounded.

His fingertips still had the soft warmth of the girl, yet the person was gone.

He was startled for half a second before he reacted, his eyes darkening.

She looks like she’s really freaked out by this!

Damn it, why didn’t he just hold her back?It was better, and it must have made a worse impression on him in her eyes.

I looked at the cigarette in my hand, a little bored, and threw it into the trash.

Then a glance in the direction where the girl had disappeared, only to find that the tiger was riding a tiger.

It would have been too late for him to back out if they hadn’t met before, but this time they had both met, and he couldn’t say anything if he didn’t go.

With a helpless sigh, I had to go back to the car, bring down the things I had prepared, and head to Kwan’s house.

Guan Yue Wan went home and kept running into her bedroom before stopping.

She leaned against the doorway and covered her heart, feeling her heart pounding wildly.

Chapter 311

Remembering the startled look on Ji Yunshu’s face when he just met her in front of the convenience shop, he only felt his heart in turmoil.

What’s he doing here?How did you end up in this place?Who did he come to see?Are you here for her?

Guan Yue Wan swallowed her saliva, and only after a half-moon did she summon the courage to climb over to the window sill and look down.

The whole thing is not a stare-down at this look.

I saw Ji Yunshu getting out of the car with a big bag of stuff and was heading to the front door of his house.

God!What if he’s really coming for himself?

Guan Yue Wan was at a loss for words, and turned around in the room left and right, not knowing where to put her hands and feet.

It wasn’t long before she heard the doorbell ring outside.

Horace was cooking in the kitchen at this time, and when he heard the noise, he naturally went to open the door.

She didn’t know Ji Yunshu, but was surprised to see a handsome young man standing in the doorway, and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Ji Yunshu smiled at her politely, “Hello, you must be Aunt Guan, I’m a colleague of Guan Yuewan, I’m here to see her.”

Horace was so stunned that it took half a second for her to come back to her senses and nod in a daze, “Oh, you’re looking for her, she’s upstairs.”

I said, and shouted back up the stairs, “Wanwan, someone is looking for you.”

Only after shouting did he smile again and stagger off, saying, “Go inside first.”

Ji Yunshu nodded and smiled politely at her before carrying her things into the house and placing them on the table.

After waiting for about five minutes, I saw Guan Yue Wan walking slowly down from upstairs.

She had changed into a white dress, her long, soft hair falling over her shoulders, covering the stars on her neck, and looked up at him, but then lowered her head quickly, her gaze timid and with a complex of emotions.

I don’t know why, but when he saw this little girl before, Ji Yunshu didn’t have any strange feelings.

After the night before, however, and seeing her again, especially with those timid eyes like those of a frightened deer, he couldn’t help but feel a tightness in his throat and a heat in his body.

Ji Yunshu spat at herself in her heart and cursed, “No good!Beast!”

But his face was still clouded, he stood up and smiled at her, “Yue Wan.”

Helan Xin steeped tea from the kitchen and brought it out, she still didn’t know about what happened between Guan Yuewan and Ji Yunshu, and when she saw that she looked different, she asked, “What’s wrong with you?Is it somewhere uncomfortable?”

He said that he was about to reach out to touch her forehead, yet Guan Yue Wan was quick-eyed and took a step back, dodging it, like he was afraid of her touching her.

Helene’s hand froze in mid-air and her eyes flashed with hurt, but she didn’t say anything after all and only said in a low voice, “You guys talk, I’ll go cook.”

After saying that, he turned and hurried away.

Ji Yunshu was puzzled by such a scene, and he didn’t know if it was his illusion or not, but he felt that the atmosphere between the Guan family’s mother and daughter seemed a bit abnormal.

But he was an outsider now, after all, so he didn’t ask much.

The two men stood in the living room, a little embarrassed, not knowing how to speak.

Ji Yunshu also encountered this kind of thing for the first time in his life, and even more so, he didn’t know what to say.

It was only after a long time that Guan Yue Wan whispered, “Why don’t we go to my room and talk!”

After saying that, he turned and headed upstairs.

Ji Yunshu watched her leave.

The back of the head, thought about it, but also felt that standing here to talk, in case her mother was overheard here is also not good, so also followed.

When he entered Guan Yue Wan’s room, he saw that it was all in pink and white shades, a style of a daughter’s house that he was completely unfamiliar with.

The room is small, with lots of doll hand-me-downs and photos on the bed and cabinets, and the colour palette is warm, clean and comfortable.

Ji Yun Shu nodded his head, feeling very satisfied.

Until his eyes landed on something on the window sill, but he faltered and blushed instantly.

Guan Yue Wan also saw that thing and screamed in alarm, only wishing to find a hole in the ground to drill into.

She rushed over on her hands and knees to remove the panties from the shelf and shoved them into a locker with her, fidgeting, “I…”

Ji Yunshu looked a bit uncomfortable, coughed and said, “It’s okay, I came too abruptly and took the liberty.”

Guan Yue Wan shook her head, how could she dislike him for coming too abruptly?

After that night, she stayed home, wondering if he would come.How would he explain what happened the other night?

In her heart she expected him to come and dreaded him, she didn’t know what kind of answer he would give her or if he would like her.

If he didn’t like her, what was she supposed to do?

Guan Yuewan’s heart was in turmoil, yet on the other side, what was in Ji Yunshu’s heart?

He looked at her and saw her standing there with her head down, wrapping her fingers around her fingertips in a tense circle.

He couldn’t stop thinking about how cute and innocent she was.

Such a simple and cute girl must have been very angry with herself for this to have happened to her somehow.

Even if he was responsible for her, I don’t think she would want to, would she hate him so much?Do you hate him enough to kill him?

If that was the case, he wouldn’t force her even if he was reluctant to do so in his heart.

He’d been so sorry for her last night.Even if her heart is sad and reluctant later on, she must not suffer any further grievances.

Both men, each with their own things on their minds, surprisingly stood there for a long time without speaking.

Until the back, Ji Yunshu couldn’t stand it any longer, so he had to cough lightly and was the first to break the silence.

“That…the night before last.”

Before the words were finished, however, there was a sudden knock on the door outside.

Helan Xin’s voice came in through the door panel, “Wan Wan, what are you guys doing in there with the door closed?Come on out and eat.”

Guan Yue Wan paused and looked up at him with flying eyes.

There was also some embarrassment in Ji Yunshu’s eyes.

Guan Yuewan looked at him in such an awkward and tangled state, but the anxiety and sadness in his heart eased a lot, pursing his lips and smiling, “Why don’t you eat first, and we’ll talk after dinner if there’s anything.”

Ji Yunshu saw the situation, so it was hard to say more, so he nodded his head.

Only then did Guan Yuewan walk over and open the door, and when He Lanxin saw the two of them come out from inside, she gave them a suspicious glance, feeling vaguely odd.

But mindful of her daughter’s attitude over the past two days, she didn’t say much.

The three of them went to the restaurant to have lunch together, Guan’s father had a social engagement outside, so he wasn’t home for lunch, so it was just the three of them at the table.

The atmosphere was somewhat silent at one point, and He Lanxin saw the situation and greeted, “Wanwan, isn’t this your friend?Why don’t you introduce me to Mom?”

Chapter 312

Guan Yuewan looked up at Ji Yunshu with flying eyes and saw that there was no other meaning on his face before introducing him, “This is Ji Yunshu, he is the director of our research institute and my senior brother.”

Horace nodded in a daze, “Oh, Dean, I can’t see that you’re so accomplished at such a young age, so is it okay if I call you Ji.”


Guan Yuewan turned pale and was about to open his mouth, but Ji Yunshu was already smiling and nodding his head.”It can be done, Auntie.”

When Guan Yue Wan saw this, it was hard to say anything else, holding the bowl, she whispered, “I’ll go serve you guys rice.”

I said and buried my head and hurried away.

Horace’s eyes swiveled around the two men with ambiguous gazes, and he probably knew something about them.

She smiled politely and said, “Our Wan Wan child ah, everywhere is good, but now grown up, right, there are many matters of the heart also do not give us as parents to say, that little season, how old are you this year ah?”

Ji Yunshu smiled politely and said, “Just turned twenty-seven.”

“Twenty-seven ah!”

He Lanxin took a deep breath, lining her heart, twenty-seven to become a dean, I’m afraid that the family background is not too simple.

She looked at Ji Yunshu again and saw that he was well-dressed, handsome, and smelled like an elitist at first glance, the type that was instantly appealing to people.

Helan Xin’s heart couldn’t help but create a few leaps and bounds and smiled, “Your research institute is very hard, isn’t it?All day studying this disease and that disease.”

Ji Yunshu replied honestly, “It’s fine, it’s a lot easier for us than clinical, and researching medicine is also to be able to better benefit mankind, so it’s not considered hard work.”

Hearing him answer like that, the smile on Horatio’s face deepened.

“Just be young and productive anyway.”

Ji Yunshu was embarrassed, “Auntie is overpraised.”

It wasn’t long before Guan Yuewan served rice over, she took one look at her mother and said unhappily, “Mom!Why do you ask so many questions?”

Horace stalled and glared at her, “What’s wrong with Season coming to our house, I’m just asking?”

After saying that, he looked at Ji Yunshu again, “Right!”

Ji Yunshu naturally still smiled politely and nodded, “Yes, it’s okay, auntie, whatever you want to know, just ask.”

His words caused Guan Yuewan’s hand holding the chopsticks to tighten slightly, only to feel as if his heartbeat had missed a beat and he was panicking.

He Lanxin was happy to hear his words, though, and smiled at him again, “I’m a bit long-winded in my old age, don’t mind.”

Ji Yunshu smiled politely and replied, “I won’t mind, auntie is like this, quite like the elders in our family, very kind, I like it very much.”

Horace’s heart was almost laughing at his words, even more so.

Looking at her mother’s happy appearance, Guan Yue Wan’s eyelids jumped and her heart became even more panicked.

She blushed a little, but actually felt somehow, how this scene, the more it looked like a couple meeting their parents?

However, at the thought of Ji Yunshu’s attitude and identity, and at the thought of himself, this thought was like being splashed with cold water and instantly cooled down.

Helan Xin didn’t know what was in her heart, but she was very satisfied with Ji Yunshu’s appearance of answering all questions, smiling, “You’re a good boy when I look at you, unlike those slick little boys out there, you haven’t got a family yet, right?”

Ji Yunshu answered honestly again, “Not yet.”

The smile on Horace’s face became even happier, nodding his head repeatedly, “Just no, no

It’s good to have.”

Guan Yuewan couldn’t bear to watch anymore and glared at her, shouting, “Mom, dinner’s ready.”

Horace paused, touched her slightly indignant look, and was somewhat accosted, not saying anything.

Smiled apologetically at Ji Yunshu, “Little Ji, come on, eat, try Auntie’s cooking, it’s to your liking.”

Ji Yunshu nodded his head, and only then did he pick up his chopsticks and start eating.

The meal was very silent and awkward, during which no one spoke, except for Hellsing who occasionally asked a few questions, and Ji Yunshu who answered them all.

Ji Yunshu quickly finished eating and afterwards, he said to them very politely, “I’m full, you guys eat slowly.”

Horace was slightly stunned and said, “Why are you eating just this much?Did you think Auntie’s cooking wasn’t good?”

Ji Yunshu shook her head in a row, “No, Auntie’s cooking is quite good, but because I came out late and ate a bit in the morning, I’m not very hungry right now.”

The way he explained it seriously made it seem sincere and not at all slick.

It dawned on Horace, and he nodded, “Oh, so, that’s okay, just eat your fill.”

After a pause, he looked at the absent-minded Guan Yue Wan across the room again and smiled, “Well then, since you’re full, you and Wan Wan can go chat for a while, so you don’t have to worry about it here.”

Naturally, Ji Yunshu was very supportive of her proposal and looked at Guan Yuewan who was sitting opposite.

Guan Yue Wan, however, pouted in dissatisfaction, “Mom, I haven’t had enough!”

Horace snapped at her with a double stare, “What didn’t you eat?Look at you, you’ve gained weight, just eat less as a diet!You don’t look like you have much of an appetite anyway, so don’t force yourself, go ahead and have a chat with Kiki, I’ll clean up here.”

When she finished, she was driven from the table.

Guan Yue Wan: “……..”

She was almost certain now that she was definitely not biological.

Ji Yun Shu couldn’t help but smile at the situation and said, “It’s okay, let Wan Wan continue to eat, she’s not fat, she’s quite good, I can wait until she finishes eating before we talk.”

A certain person is very good at taking good advice, a wan wan, called Guan Yue Wan’s heart and liver trembled, heart like a deer banging around.

She buried her head even lower, not needing to look up to feel a searing gaze on her.

Naturally, the meal was unbearable, so I took a deep breath, “Never mind, I’m not eating.”

Then he got up and ran upstairs.

Ji Yunshu was startled, not sure what was wrong with her.

Horace smiled apologetically, “Sorry, she’s not in a good mood these days, don’t mind.”

Not in a good mood?Ji Yunshu looked startled and his face changed a little.

He couldn’t help but think of the night before last, was she in a bad mood because of that night?

So, she’s really angry!

He couldn’t help but smile again at the thought, and figured that it was only right that she should be angry as well, and the whole thing would have been his own fault.

Thinking so, he managed to smile at Horace and said, “It’s okay, Auntie, I’ll go check on her then.”

Horace nodded and waved his hand, “Go on then.”

Only then did Ji Yunshu get up and chase after him upstairs.

When he got upstairs, he pushed on the door, which wasn’t unlocked and had obviously been left on purpose by the other man.

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