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Chapter 355

Yu Muwan took a breath and said, “Also, I will tell him personally.”

After so long, she didn’t know why she and Pei Yuzhe became such a relationship. It was obviously not like this at the beginning.

Her thoughts drifted to five years ago, when she had never expected what would happen in the future, she was forced to make a lot of decisions, just like she suddenly picked up the operation at the moment she was pushed onto the operating table. The forceps were inserted into her arm, and the moment the blood ran across, she almost got a relief.

At that moment, the nurses in the entire operating room screamed, thinking she was looking for death.

The only calm is the old nurse, who looked at her equally surprised, but still calm, knowing that it is almost impossible to take her surgical forceps now, so she forced her to calmly watch her want to do it. what.

At that time, she dropped the surgical forceps, knelt down with her last consciousness, and slammed her knees on the cold ground. She trembled and said, “Please save my child. You can ask me to do anything.”

Aunt Pei said later, girl, I have been practicing medicine for many years, and I have never seen anyone as stubborn and bloody as you.

At that time, two calm women made the shortest deal. Aunt Pei drove all the little nurses out and said that she would perform the surgery herself, and finally choreographed a scene with her.

Yu Muwan passed out after losing too much blood on the operating table, and when he woke up again, he had already arrived at Aunt Pei’s small hospital.

Her condition was not a big deal, it turned out that Yu Muwan was only asked to take care of her son Pei Yuzhe, who had been suffering from depression for two years.

Yu Muwan subconsciously agreed. After all, she was the one who saved her child’s life. She should do everything she could to give her back, but she did not expect that this care would last for five years. Yu Muwan never knew that the so-called depression patient It was so difficult to get along with. In the first period of time, the relationship between her and Pei Yuzhe was a fight between two people.

Pei Yuzhe was originally a well-known piano player in China, but after he became famous, he was entangled by depression. He disappeared for two years. His career was abandoned and his family was broken. His mother took him to live alone. It was at that time that Yu Muwan broke into Pei Yuzhe’s life. In order to prevent the deterioration of his condition and prevent him from committing suicide all the time, Aunt Pei gave him antidepressant drugs, which caused him to be overly excited. Yu Mu She was pregnant late, carefully parrying this man who could explode like a time bomb.

“Why do I still live in this world? No one cares about me, and no one cares about my piano. Why am I not dead? Or I am already dead, I don’t know it myself?” At that time, Pei Yuzhe knew all day long. Tugging her, whispering these questions.

Yu Muwan would be very annoyed to hear too much, frowning and staring at him: “Your life is not your own, what death to die! How many people want to live and can’t live, why do you want to die? Let me, I will revive my mother, better than I am alone here!”

For this kind of patients, pressing too tightly will make them more likely to commit suicide, but if they don’t force them, they will completely give up their lives, or in a world where “they are dead”, they will not eat or drink until Life is exhausted.

For a while, Yu Muwan was about to be tortured and went crazy. He really wanted to leave, but in the end he stayed. He guided him little by little, pinpointed his mental sensitivity and continued to stimulate him. During the second stage, Pei Yuzhe no longer looked like he was dying, but became excited and irritable. He would suddenly be angry and smash things when eating and drinking. Once Yu Muwan fell to the ground and was covered with blood from the broken tiles. Pei Yuzhe slowly leaned over to ask her if it hurts after waking up, but he didn’t expect Yu Muwan to change her past. Good temper, tears in his eyes screamed at him: “Pei Yuzhe, I tell you, it doesn’t matter if you lose your temper, but if you dare to hurt the child in my stomach, show me! I’m fed up with you, if my baby There are three long and two short, I will kill you with a knife first, if you want to die, I will perfect you!!”

The man who had been immersed in the breath of death for so long was a little awake by the hysterical scream.

His condition gradually improved, and he gradually touched the piano again, and gradually he could communicate with outsiders and take care of himself.

On the day of the baby’s birth, Pei Yuzhe stood outside the glass window, watching the bright cry of the pink baby, watching how a life tore through the mother’s protection, burst out, and his heart was deeply shocked.

After five years, the sound of his piano rang all over the country, and finally reached the last stop-China.

Yu Muwan was immersed in the memory, but did not notice that they had arrived. The car slowly stopped in front of a three-story western-style building. The garden and swimming pool inside were faintly visible. The top floor was empty and elegant, covered by parasols. The style that Pei Yuzhe likes, he is ultimately an elegant and noble man, he has a natural talent.

“Miss Yu, I will give you the key here first, and Mr. Pei’s things have already been mailed. You can live in first. If you need anything, you can call me. You can be satisfied with whatever your husband ordered.” Uncle Chen politely Talking, opened the door with a smile and handed the key to her.

Yu Muwan felt a little bored in her heart. She didn’t like to be favored by others, but there was really no one to rely on when she returned home suddenly. Looking at the small shadows around her, she bit her lip and agreed: “Okay, I will find a job as soon as possible. , And move out with Xiaoying.”

“Hehe…” Uncle Chen walked in and directed his servants to move the luggage in, and said intentionally or unconsciously, “None is an outsider, Miss Yu is too polite like this. I will live for now, presumably Mr. Don’t want her to go out again. Looking for a job.”

Xiaoying walked over and looked at the wall-mounted LCD screen and the indicators on it, then turned around and said, “Grandpa Chen, my mommy’s pursuit is not a housewife. She has higher goals, doesn’t mommy?”

Yu Muwan took off her coat, looked at him softly, and smiled: “Yes, Mommy’s goal is to rely on her own strength to let Xiaoying live in such a house and live the best life.”

Xiaoying grinned and said, “That’s over, Mommy’s goal is the same as Xiaoying. Mommy, you can’t catch up with me, I will definitely achieve it sooner than you!”

Everyone in the room laughed, including Uncle Chen looking at the ghost-like little boy.

Yu Muwan walked over and leaned down and scratched his nose lovingly: “At a young age, his tone is not small!”

“Mummy, I’m not kidding, Mommy, you wait!” Xiaoying stopped arguing, and patted the display, quite satisfied with the equipment here.

Yu Muwan smiled and touched his head.

Yu Muwan became a little worried after going upstairs to read the rooms. There was nothing wrong with the same room in the row upstairs, but there was a large master bedroom on the second floor, and her belongings were moved up by accident.

The big bed in the master bedroom can accommodate three people, and there is actually a picture of her with him after the end of the Pei Yuzhe concert. Inside, Pei Yuzhe is gentle and handsome. She smiles like a peach blossom and looks very warm and pleasant.

But what does this mean?

Yu Muwan was wary in her heart, but she didn’t know what was wrong, and there was no one to question and get angry. She could only suppress it, and wait until Pei Yuzhe arrived.


It was drizzling.

Yu Muwan took Xiaoying out, stopped a taxi and drove towards the cemetery.

Unexpectedly, it rained the next day. Xiaoying was wearing a jacket looking at a photo in the car, raising her up and asking, “Mommy, are these pictures of grandpa, grandma, and aunt?”

Yu Muwan looked at it and said with a small smile: “Yes. Is my auntie pretty?”

“Well, it’s pretty,” Xiaoying nodded and said, “Well, it’s pretty,” Xiaoying nodded and said, “But no mommy is pretty!”

“Poor mouth…but I will definitely please girls in the future.” Yu Muwan smiled and cursed, and then said to himself.

“I’m serious, I didn’t tell lies… It would be better if there were photos of Daddy!”

Yu Muwan was startled slightly, his eyes were a little nervous, he looked down at Xiao Ying, he was still playing with the photos, and did not continue the topic just now.

Holding him gently, Yu Muwan whispered: “Xiaoying, you believe in Mommy, Daddy didn’t abandon us, but he failed to come to us because of important things that were not done. He is a very good person, you Believe it, you know?”

She can’t let this child think that his father is a very bad person. He has no father’s affection and is already her mother’s debt to him. She can no longer let the child’s fantasy also be an ugly image.

So even if she felt sore in her heart, Yu Muwan insisted on finishing these words, insisting on drawing the image in the child’s heart to perfection.

Xiaoying raised her eyes to catch a glimpse of the pain in Yu Muwan’s eyes, and promised: “I see, Mommy.”

Yu Muwan hugged him tighter, but did not see a sharp light flashing in Xiao Ying’s eyes.

In the cemetery, a few people were walking with umbrellas.

Yu Muwan originally wanted to hold Xiaoying, but he insisted on going down by himself, so Yu Muwan had to lower the umbrella to prevent him from being exposed to the rain. She walked to that position based on memory and was washed away by the rain. The clean tomb was very clean and there was no debris. Yu Muwan slowly squatted down, put a handful of daisies in Xiaoying’s hands, and gently patted his back: “Xiaoying, go see grandpa and grandma.”

Xiaoying obediently walked over and put the flowers between the two tombstones side by side, and said in a tender but serious voice: “Grandpa and grandma, I am Xiaoying. You haven’t seen me, but it doesn’t matter. I will be with you after you leave. Mommy, I won’t let Mommy be alone.”

Yu Muwan covered his mouth behind him, tears slowly streaming from his fingers.

She had always known that Xiaoying was very sensible, but she didn’t expect that what she said from her child would make a mother feel so distressed.

Chapter 356

“Xiaoying, wait here, Mommy will go to the road to take a taxi, don’t you know if you don’t just walk around?”

“Well, I know Mommy.”

“…You promise not? You ran around last time.” Yu Muwan frowned slowly, a little worried.

“I swear to my aunt, I won’t run around.” Xiaoying raised his fingers three times, swearing.

“Don’t, you swear to the game, so I believe it.” Yu Muwan hurriedly stopped him and said softly.

Xiaoying suddenly became entangled: “Mommy, you are ruthless.”

Yu Muwan patted him on the shoulder and walked to the side road to stop the car.

Nangong Ao sat in the car, with Luo Mincheng sitting next to him. The two seemed to be talking happily, but Luo Mincheng’s face showed some dissatisfaction, and finally couldn’t help sighing after the last topic fell. , Shen said: “Brother Nangong, my Qingwan has been waiting for Che for five years. They have been engaged for a long time, right? Why have they been unable to get married? Men don’t care, but this woman’s years It really took so much time. If Qingwan couldn’t get married so early, she could stay in Paris to develop her career, but she had been back for five years and just waited, it would be hard to explain outside!”

Nangong Ao still smiled, but it was obvious that the hand holding the crutches was slowly clenched.

“My rebellious son, it just made me want to teach him a lesson! I have mentioned this to him no less than ten times, and he was flabbergasted that he couldn’t give a quasi-letter. I know that Qingwan girl. Be considerate of people, this is not the way to drag, and they will definitely get things done within this year.”

“What do you mean by that?” Luo Mincheng asked, raising his eyebrows.

Nangong proudly snorted and said nothing, but it was obvious that under the calm and steady surface, there had been a tough decision.

It was raining, there were few cars, the road ahead was not very clear, and there was no problem when driving slowly. Nangong Ao was sitting and looking ahead, and saw a woman blocking the car in a trance, a slender figure dressed in beige Her windbreaker, elegant and beautiful, behind her was a little boy who also held an umbrella, looking up and counting the falling raindrops.

Nangong Aoben didn’t notice much, but at the moment the car was approaching, a sharp light suddenly appeared in his keen eyes!

-That woman!

Yu Muwan stretched out her hand to stop a car, but she didn’t expect that the car would not stop but rush over faster. She quickly retracted her hand and backed up, but was still swept to the trousers by the rain from the car.

“…” She frowned, looking at the car that was going away, complaints in her beautiful eyes.

And in the car that went away, the horror in Nangong Ao’s heart could not dissipate for a long time. After the car passed by, she couldn’t help but look back. She was finally sure that the woman was the one from five years ago, and the beautiful one beside her To the extreme, the little boy looks exactly the same as when Nangong Che was a child!

The old heart beats vigorously, bursts of rush.

“Brother Nangong, what’s the matter with you?” Luo Mincheng frowned, seeing his slight movement.

It took a long time for Nangong Ao Ping to calm down. He wondered if he had misread it, and smiled slowly: “Heh… old man, my eyes are a little useless, and I can’t see things really.”

But that woman, he really saw clearly.

Five years ago, the two brothers and sisters Enxi and Che had a big quarrel and almost completely turned their faces. They were in a turmoil at home. Enxi’s child was just born, and his body was extremely weak. God knows why Che, who is a big brother, could make such a big deal. Huo, the next day he didn’t return all night, was found on the highway and dragged the car back!

Later, Nangong Ao knew the reason…but it was just for a missing woman!

Chapter 357

Nangong Ao couldn’t sit still anymore.

When Luo Mincheng was sent to Luofu and politely refused his invitation to come in for a cup of tea, Nangong arrogantly let the driver close the door of the back seat with a smile, and the car drove slowly towards the Nangong Villa, Nangong proud face slowly Sink down.

“What has Che been up to lately?” Nangong asked in a solemn voice.

“Mr. Hui, the young master recently acquired several companies to merge. Miss Qingwan said that she would help a top pianist in China to hold a concert. The young master is also assisting her. Recently, the relationship between the young master and Miss Qingwan is pretty good. “The driver said cautiously, because in Nangong Villa, there are only two things that Nangong Ao can worry about-

The first is that Cheng Lan, the little princess of the Nangong family, depends on whether or not she caused trouble within the day;

The second is the marriage contract between Nangong Che and Luo Qingwan.

As long as these two people make a little progress, Nangong Ao will be a little more comfortable, but now he has heard the news, but he doesn’t seem to be any happy, his face is even more ugly, and he rubbed his cane for a long time, and said decisively. : “Drive the car back to the cemetery just now!”

The driver was startled: “The cemetery? Did you mean the contemplation cemetery just now?”

“En! Hurry up!” Nangong poked the crutches heavily with his proud and vigorous hand. There was a violent aura between his eyebrows, and he was obviously uncomfortable. He didn’t know if he was really old, how did he think of that little boy? When the boy raised his head, those bright and dark eyes were so caught in his heart? !

The driver did not dare to neglect, so he stopped and turned around and drove back to the original road.

The car quickly stopped at the entrance of the cemetery.

The misty drizzle was still falling, and sparse people came out from the entrance of the cemetery, wiping tears, showing signs of coldness.

Nangong proudly old but still tall and tall figure came out of the car, eagle-like gaze swept around in a hunting circle, and found that the figure of the woman and child just now disappeared.

It’s just a momentary miss, and there is no way to verify it.

Wherever he looked, there was strangeness and desolation everywhere, but like a ghost, Nangong Ao Tieqing walked towards the cemetery without holding an umbrella.

“Sir, hey, sir!” the driver yelled nervously, but when he saw the picture of Nangong proud without turning his head back, he quickly ran into the car, took an umbrella, and ran towards him.

Nangong Ao ignored the umbrella held up above her head, and just walked past the tombstones in the cemetery.

Finally, I saw a handful of fresh daisies on a certain row of tombstones, and the flowers bloomed more delicately under the rain.

Nangong Aoying’s eyes drenched, and she walked over to look.

The pictures of the two people on the tombstone are unfamiliar, and their names are quite unfamiliar. It’s just that Nangong’s arrogant gaze is focused on the “Yu” of the three characters “Yu Jiahang”, and his heart is stung by a scorpion, panic and irritable.

Is there such a coincidence?

“Go and check with me, where is the woman named Yu Muwan now!” Nangong proudly dropped a sentence, knowing that everything was in vain. This woman has disappeared for five years and can’t find her own son. , How could he find it all at once!

The new-year driver was astonished: “Sir…what’s the night?”

Nangong proudly gave him a stern look.

Standing in the rain for a few seconds, Nangong proudly waved his hand and said with a cold face, “It’s fine.”

This is the first time. If you meet him for the second time, he has to check it out. That year, I heard Eun-xi said that the woman’s child was shed…

His Nangong proudly spent his entire life in the mall. In his later years, he had a disobedient granddaughter and a chaotic family. He hoped that Nangong Che and Luo Qingwan would get married and have children sooner, but now suddenly there are women…

After getting in the car, the fine rain still caught Nangongao’s wrist, his eyes drenched and he made the next decision.


Pei Yuzhe’s plane will arrive soon.

All the way to dust.

Luo Qingwan paced back and forth slowly in front of a white sports car, waiting, the profile figure is still beautiful and moving, the years did not seem to leave any marks on her face, but she appeared to be more charming, mature and feminine.

Wearing a windbreaker, Pei Yuzhe held his luggage and asked the assistant behind him, “Did she live in?”

The assistant nodded and quickly followed his pace: “Miss Yu and Xiaoying have already moved in. Miss Luo from the Roche Group is waiting for you outside the airport.”

Pei Yuzhe didn’t speak, and there was a slight laziness between his handsome eyebrows.

From a distance, I saw a beautiful and slim woman waiting quietly. There was no wave in Pei Yuzhe’s heart, as if he was admiring a beautiful painting. When he approached, Luo Qingwan smiled slightly and stretched out his hand: “Mr. Pei, I have been admiring for a long time, I am Luo Qingwan.”

Pei Yuzhe changed the suitcase from his right hand to his left: “Hello.”

“I have prepared the venue and facilities for the concert. Do you want to go and take a look? You know, it’s the first time I’ve done this kind of thing. I finally took these things out of your agency’s hands. Come here, I don’t dare to neglect it.” Luo Qingwan walked side by side with him, her heart jumped suddenly, she suddenly felt that she was back at the age of seventeen or eighteen when she was still chasing stars. She was as passionate about Parisian fashion.

This man who can’t be called an idol gave her some shock. He is not very old. He looks elegant and quiet at best. He does not seem to have suffered from depression. And the most curious thing about him from the outside world, but he How did he recover from such a serious illness? Where did he go for treatment?

“I am not worried about those who have Miss Luo handling it, as long as my piano is shipped in advance to ensure that it is correct.” Pei Yuzhe said politely, but his mind did not stay here.

Luo Qingwan was startled, and then realized that she had said something silly.

“I’m sorry, I forgot. What I just said is very unprofessional. The concert will ultimately be you and your piano. I always pay attention to those external things, a little neglecting the essence, sorry.” Luo Qingwan quickly apologized, she knows the art. These people are always picky and repellent to people outside the circle.

“It’s okay,” Pei Yuzhe said lightly, glanced at her car and stared into her eyes, “I also thank Miss Luo for coming to pick up the plane, but I have other things now. I will definitely be there before the concert tomorrow. Right now, I’ll go back to my residence and rest, can I?”

The heart that Luo Qingwan had just put down was picked up again.

“Has Mr. Pei arranged a place to live in Z City? Can you tell me where it is if it is convenient? It will be convenient for me to pick you up tomorrow?” Luo Qingwan said softly, her beautiful face having a calming power.

Pei Yuzhe looked at her for two seconds, then smiled lightly.

“Private residence, sorry, no comment,” he nodded slightly, “see you tomorrow.”

After speaking, he still politely stretched out his hand and shook her with her. From beginning to end, he was indifferent, but he never left an impolite impression.

Luo Qingwan took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. The heartbeat in her chest was already steady. Looking at the car that was driving away, she had no nostalgia, and her beautiful eyebrows frowned somewhat resentfully.

“Hey, you said, I have always liked his piano sound. I went to his previous concerts abroad. Why do I get frustrated when I see a real person, eh?” Luo Qingwan asked the secretary next to him with a smile.

The little secretary stopped writing and thought for a while: “You’re fine, I ran to see my idol’s concert, and when I saw him, I screamed like a pig. Who can be as calm as you? .”

“Really?” Luo Qingwan opened her eyes wide and shook her arm. “Are you serious?”

“It’s true!” The little secretary pulled down her hand, “You woman, the best, sometimes you are so smart, sometimes you are stupid and endless, just like your Nangong young master, you can rest assured to let him The wedding has been delayed for five years. If you listened to me, I promised you would have taken the position of young grandmother long ago!”

Luo Qingwan’s smiling face was a little lost, pretending to be calm and said: “What are you saying?”

“Heh, don’t you say you forgot,” the little secretary leaned over to gossip, “how did I tell you? Men are animals that think in the lower body, who is like you, talk to your men about architecture all the time. , What music, what philosophy, there is a fart, you should ask him to go to the bar to drink, give him a love potion, let him go home at night hungry and pounce on it! Tsk tsk, that’s it, you’re done! “

The little secretary poked the notebook a few times with the tip of the pen and raised her proud head.

Luo Qingwan thought for a while, then smiled: “Leave aside!”

The little secretary exclaimed: “What is it? You don’t remember how the woman who called the night robbed you of a man five years ago? Why did he favor a mistress and not favor you, because men are cheap. If you don’t eat it, you like to eat it outside! Then how did the woman stir herself up? She said she was pregnant, but then the news was not confirmed, but disappeared, thinking about it. It is the handwriting of your ancestor Nangong proud, who is like you, so stupid, you don’t need to advise you!”

Recalling something from five years ago, Luo Qingwan’s beautiful eyes flashed with a stream of light, calmly.

“It’s true that she was pregnant,” Luo Qingwan said softly, “It was just that she was forced to kill it later, and Che personally forced her to kill it.”

The little secretary had bitten the pen, choked, almost snapped it off.

“You…you you you you…what did you say?”

Luo Qingwan looked back at her, smiling lightly, noncommittal.

The little secretary’s mind quickly turned, remembering that at that time that the mistress was pregnant, it made the Luo family very shameless. Nangong Che had eaten inside and out, but how did he suddenly force the woman to kill her child?

The little secretary thought for a long time, then suddenly patted the roof of the car.

“I understand!” The little secretary looked at her in surprise and shock, lowered her voice and said slowly, “Qingwan, don’t tell me that you did it. Are you so scary? Let a man kill herself. Child, isn’t that mistress desperate with him?”

“Is it too much?” Luo Qingwan swept away with a cold gaze, her slender body turned to face her, and whispered, “You also know that I am the righteous man. If something happens, I deserve to be angry, and then let my family lift up. Sorry?”

The little secretary was speechless and speechless.

“My man made a child out there, what do I think, who of you thought about it?” Luo Qingwan’s soft voice was like a thunder, and she threw it in the little secretary’s mind.

The little secretary swallowed, and didn’t say the repressed sentence in his heart.

“Then your wedding is still dragging on like this?” The little secretary was silent for a long time, and asked dryly.

Luo Qingwan’s eyes faded and turned into peace. She struggled for a while and said with a sigh of relief: “Maybe not…your method, I might try it.”

The little secretary let out a “huh”, and became excited after reacting, “Ha, look, you haven’t done what I said.”

Luo Qingwan looked at her body, shook her head and blushed and said, “Is my figure okay?”

The little secretary smiled more happily: “Haha, no problem, absolutely OK, you have also been a model for the Paris Fashion Show, plus the breast enhancement in the past two years, absolutely the best, the front is convex and backward, don’t worry! “

“Poor mouth!” Luo Qingwan cursed with a smile, cleaned up and opened the car door, “Okay, let’s go back and check again. Don’t make mistakes in the concert. I reserved a special seat for Che to listen to.”

“Yes, yes, I see, your young master Nangong is the boss.” The little secretary smiled and followed her into the car.


Inside the cozy western-style building, as soon as Pei Yuzhe entered the door, he saw Yu Muwan wiping Xiaoying with a towel.

The heating in the room was on just right, her hair was slightly wet, and she smiled, breathtakingly beautiful.

“Mu Wan.” Pei Yuzhe yelled softly.

“Uncle Pei!” Xiaoying yelled first, looking at Mommy and said, “Mummy and I just came back from the cemetery to see grandpa and grandma!”

“I know,” Pei Yuzhe put his luggage aside, squatted down, smiled lightly and gracefully, “Xiaoying, come over and give uncle a hug.”

Xiaoying ran over obediently and threw herself in Pei Yuzhe’s arms.

“Uncle is so hypocritical. Didn’t he always hold him before, but now he will hold him after one day apart.” Xiao Ying said with a bit of sly in his big black bright eyes.

Pei Yuzhe hugged the child in his arms, feeling a little bit settled, and a low breath came out from his chest: “It’s still different. After all, it’s back to his own land. Does Xiaoying understand?”

“Understood! Mommy said, this is the place where I was born but didn’t raise me. I still love it, don’t worry!” Xiaoying patted him on the shoulder, looking like a small adult.

Pei Yuzhe smiled lightly and put him down: “Go watch TV by yourself.”

Xiaoying fell to the ground with joy and looked at Mommy, and found that there were a few guards in her clear eyes. She had an idea in her heart, and said briskly: “Then I’ll watch the disc here, OK!”

Pei Yuzhe nodded and stroked the top of his head affectionately.

“If you gave birth to him but didn’t raise him, he would still love, isn’t it?” Pei Yuzhe walked to Yu Muwan and asked with a smile.

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