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Chapter 364

“Hi…” The bodyguard endured the pain and hugged him inside, but the whole living room was still shocked.

“What’s wrong…” Mother Wu was so scared that she left everything and ran out quickly.

Nangong Ao also walked out of the study with a sullen expression. Before he could take off his glasses, a bodyguard rushing over quickly hung up the phone and unplugged the phone line.

Xiaoying’s face was flushed, and all her strength was consumed in the struggle. In the gesture of Nangongao’s eyes, the bodyguard put him down, Xiaoying looked at Nangongao with a guarded face.

“You kid, it’s really interesting!” Nangong smiled proudly, but that smile was also clearly ugly and sullen, “It’s only a moment of relaxation, you can seize the opportunity, huh?”

Xiaoying didn’t speak, and didn’t want to say a word. He had done everything he could do. He had never expected to encounter these things before coming to China. As a child, he could only do so much self-protection and first aid!

There was a sudden movement upstairs.

Nangong Che was quarreled by the crisp “Uncle Police, Help Me” downstairs. He frowned and didn’t know what was going on. He went downstairs in elegant and charming casual clothes to take a look. He didn’t expect to see this picture. Scenes.

In the huge living room, a few bodyguards of the Nangong family gathered around in a solemn manner, Wu Ma clenched the corners of her clothes helplessly, and in the middle of their surroundings, an old and a small flame arrogantly confronted each other.

Nangong Che only glanced at it, and his whole body froze, unable to move.

The child in the living room has a sharp eyebrow, and his clear eyes are stubborn and unquenchable.


It was already dark when Yu Muwan and Pei Yuzhe arrived at Youyang Primary School together.

The entire school was closed, and even the old man in the communication room had left. Yu Muwan called Xiaoying’s head teacher. The teacher on the other end was surprised and quickly got up and searched with them.

“Mu Wan, don’t worry, think carefully about who did it? Xiaoying just came here without any familiar people, let alone any enemies, you think about it if you know someone before!” Pei Yuzhe Holding Yu Muwan’s arm, he half-supported her body and said, with pity and anxiety between the handsome eyebrows.

There were tears on Yu Muwan’s face, and the sudden pain of losing her child made her feel completely deprived. Now she was a little more sober after being scolded by Pei Yuzhe in the cold wind. She covered her mouth and held back the tears, thinking desperately. Looking at what dangers Xiaoying might present.

She has only been in Z City for a few days, and there are not many people who have seen her. Xiaoying has always been smart. It is impossible for an ordinary abductor to abduct him. If someone can abduct Xiaoying, it must be done by a strong method!

Only that time…

Yu Muwan raised her wet eyelashes and suddenly remembered that day, she had seen Nangong Che in a taxi!

That day, they were three people together. Since he can see her, he can definitely see Xiaoying, right? !

Yu Muwan was sober and completely awake.

Nangong Che.

The night was slowly pressed down, the stars lit up slightly in the night, everything five years ago swept like a cold wind, she did not want to remember, but she still remembered it in her mind, waiting until a certain point was touched, those The hatred that had been suppressed for too long also poured out resentment, and came!

“I know where he is…” Yu Muwan said softly, her clear eyes getting clearer and clearer.

“…” There was a glimmer of hope in Pei Yuzhe’s heart, and at the same time she was a little worried about her, because seeing a hint of icy stubbornness floated on her face, watching her dry the tears with the back of her hand, dry it hard, and then ran to the road. Stopping the car, my heart tingled.

“Mu Wan, I have asked someone to drive over, you don’t need to take a taxi…”

“I can’t wait!” Yu Muwan said decisively in a clear voice, still holding the taxi on the roadside with her hand. She couldn’t imagine Xiaoying staying in front of Nangong Che for even a second, she couldn’t bear it!

The car on the road crashed, Pei Yuzhe looked at her weak figure with distress, stepped forward to embrace her with a big palm, domineering and strong, reached out and stopped a car for her, opened the door to let her sit in, and then went in later. .

Yu Muwan was startled. She was not used to relying on others before, but now that someone can accompany her when she is so anxious, she is a little uncomfortable and a little bit touched.

“Isn’t it anxious to say where I am going? Hurry up.” Pei Yuzhe said in a deep voice, holding her hand.

Yu Muwan woke up and hurriedly said, “Jingshan villa area, in the suburbs. Master, please hurry up, the sooner the better!”

Don’t be afraid, Xiaoying, Mommy will be here soon!

Pei Yuzhe’s eyelids suddenly jumped when she said the address. He had never been to City Z and did not understand the situation here, but he had heard Luo Qingwan’s words in Jingshan Villa District. Several famous families in City Z gathered there. Ordinary people can’t get in at all, it’s a luxurious and unattainable place.

The car was driving fast, Yu Muwan’s heart was twisted all the way, Pei Yuzhe gently comforted her, hugged her weak body in his arms, and sprinkled the warm breath on her side.

When she got out of the car, she stared at the carved iron door that was closed not far ahead, and ran over without fear.

And at the moment, in the hall of Nangong Villa, there was a murderous atmosphere.

“Let go of the child.” Nangong Che said coldly with a blank face.

“But, Master…” The bodyguard holding Xiaoying’s arm frowned, looking embarrassed.

“I tell you to let go!” Nangong Che’s low voice was murderous, and his cold eyes swept past like a sharp sword.

The bodyguard shook his whole body and quickly let go of him. Xiaoying raised his face and looked at the man slowly walking down the stairs. Seeing his appearance overlap with the memory in his mind, he was surprised and puzzled: “Uncle!”

He looked at Nangong Ao with a puzzled face, and then at Nangong Che. He suddenly discovered some similarities in the outlines of the two men. He suddenly realized that this uncle was the son of this bad grandfather!

Xiaoying’s palm was drenched with sweat, her face paled in fright, but her eyes were still stubborn and cold.

Nangong Che walked slowly in front of him and squatted down slowly.

“Who told you to bring him here like this? Did you agree with Mu Wan?” Nangong Che said in a cold voice.

Nangong Ao’s face suddenly became gloomy, and he shook his cane and shouted in a low voice: “What did you say? How did you talk to me! You found out about this kid too, don’t hurry up and investigate clearly, waiting for you Laozi to investigate for you? !”

Nangong Che’s voice became colder and colder: “Since it’s related to me, I didn’t ask you to bother, what are you doing with him!”

“You…” Nangong Ao was half to death by his own son.

Xiaoying didn’t know what the two men were fighting over, but he himself was very stiff, his nerves were highly tense, and his clear eyes contained wisdom and stubbornness that a child shouldn’t have, and he stayed firm and never fell.

Nangong Che stared at his face, observing the traces of her between his eyebrows. The softest part of his heart was severely stabbed. He didn’t know what Nangong Ao did to the child that made him so nervous.

The big palm slowly held Xiaoying’s clenched fist, warming his hand and relaxing him.

Xiao Ying stared in a daze, looking at the man slowly approaching.

“Are you scared?” Nangong Che said slowly in a dull voice, pulling the child closer, and his heart was full of distress.

Xiaoying was shocked, and the fragile place in his heart was crushed. No matter how smart and powerful he was, he was still just a child. He had never seen such a scene. It was a miracle that he could survive until now without crying.

“Don’t be afraid.” Nangong Che pulled him over to cover his broad shoulders and patted him on the head. “Uncle will take you home.”

This is her child. Yu Muwan’s child.

Xiaoying was hit by the warm current in her heart, bit her mouth, enduring the hot things that suddenly popped out of her eyes.

After speaking, he hugged Xiaoying, his tall and straight body exuding chills, and everyone in the entire living room was too scared to move. Only Nangong’s proud face was blue, and he looked at his face like iron and iron.

The silence in the living room was quickly broken by a movement.

The butler ran in from the door, a little panicked, and respectfully said to Nangongao: “Sir! There is a man and a woman outside the door who want to see the young master. I can’t stop them. They called the police if they knew about the child. no way……”

The lights in the living room were brightly lit and dazzled in her eyes like every night five years ago. Yu Muwan crushed the last fragility in her heart, the crystal in her eyes burst with fine light, and she ran up the steps, anxious: “Xiaoying!”

She panted, her white face condensed with distress and anxiety, and she was shocked when she saw the child, and greeted her: “Xiaoying!”

The small shadow in Nangong Che’s arms also saw the oncoming Yu Muwan, and struggling from Nangong Che several times and ran over: “Mummy!”

“Xiaoying!” Yu Muwan yelled in tears, opened her arms to greet him, feeling the real feeling of the child leaping in her arms, and hugged him tightly, “Xiaoying, you made Mommy anxious to death!”

Xiaoying also hugged Yu Muwan tightly, her heart thumping and frantic heartbeat finally calmed down, a child’s nature made him hold Yu Muwan’s neck tightly and refused to loosen it, and softly comforted: “Mommy, I’m fine. I am fine now!”

Pei Yuzhe greeted them from behind, and a fiercely tugging heart fell suddenly, squatting down and hugging them tightly.

And a few steps away from them, Nangong Che’s tall and straight figure has an unforgettable loneliness, his deep eyes are surging, entangled, and his face is pale. He is so close to him with gauze on his right arm. Woman near.

For five years, he thought about how to meet her again 11 million times.

But I never thought it would be like this.

She was so close to him, in another man’s arms, holding her child in tears.

Nangong Che clenched his fists fiercely and his eyes were scarlet, only then did he forcibly resist the urge to pull her over.

Chapter 365

Outside the door, the alarm sounded at the same time.

It’s a mess.

When the police walked in with serious steps, they saw that they were all standing in the living room, and even the large living room seemed a bit crowded.

“What’s the matter? Who called the police? What about the kid? Hmm?” The police searched the surroundings with a solemn expression.

“Uncle is the police I called!” Xiaoying raised her head and said.

Yu Muwan took Xiaoying’s hand, calmed down for a moment, and could roughly imagine that Xiaoying had called the police here, and her long eyelashes quivered, she stood up and said that the child was pulled into her arms, then turned her head and said, “Mr. Policeman. Thank you for being able to arrive. Even if my child doesn’t report to the police, I will report to the police. Please investigate. If I am right, this should be a kidnapping.”

The beautiful and moving woman in front of her has clear logic and cold eyes.

“Kidnapping?” The policeman stroked Xiaoying’s head and frowned, “Who kidnapped?”

“They!” Xiaoying’s hand relentlessly pointed to Nangong Ao, and a group of bodyguards beside him, “They used narcotics to deal with me, it is him!”

Nangongao’s face became ugly.

The police frowned and glanced, knowing that they could not afford the prestige of the Nangong family, but they still had to act according to the law.

“Mr. Nangong can explain what’s going on? If it’s okay here, we’ll just say it here. If it doesn’t work, we can only take notes in the subordinates. What does Mr. Nangong think?” The police maintained their politeness and watch The child was quite clever when he looked up, and the child’s mother arrived in time. Nothing major happened and he handled it well.

And Yu Muwan trembled when he heard the words narcotics, and Leng Ruolijian’s eyes swept towards Nangongao.

Nangong proudly looked stern, and said solemnly: “A misunderstanding! If I intend to kidnap a child, I can really make you come to my Nangong house in a group noisy! A joke!”

The police thought about it carefully, it was indeed the case, and they still don’t know the purpose of Nangong Ao’s kidnapping the child.

Yu Muwan trembled with anger, raised her pale and clear face, and said in a clear voice, “Mr. Nangong, it has been a long time since I have seen you. How did Xiaoying offend you? Do you have humanity when you use narcotic drugs to deal with a child?”

The bodyguard on the side could not help but explain in a soft voice: “Miss, this is a bit extreme, but the husband told us that we must ensure that the anesthetic only has a coma effect, and there are no side effects or any harm. He also protects the child…”

“Please don’t use these words to prevaricate a mother. If there is anything, I can’t directly ask me what I need my child to answer you! Is there any law that tells you that anesthetics can be used casually if it is harmless to people?!” Yu Muwan finished speaking harshly, her clear eyes gleaming, and she knelt down and hugged Xiao Ying, wanting to check if he was injured in other places.

The bodyguard was so hot on her face that she didn’t dare to reply again.

“It seems that it’s really just a misunderstanding, this lady, can you make a transcript with us? We warn you once in this case. If it is a violation of the criminal law next time, does Mr. Nangong know?” Said the voice.

The hostility in Nangong Ao’s eyes receded, looking at Xiao Ying, the emotions in her eyes began to become complicated.

“This kid is very clever,” Nangong walked over with a cane proudly, and there was a trace of muddy vicissitudes in the deep and vigorous eyes. He stroked Xiao Ying’s head and stared at Yu Muwan, “You are also well educated, but I just want to know , Who is the father of this child?”

Yu Muwan trembled, the water in his eyes had not faded, his eyes were fixed on the tall and tall figure standing cold in the living room, the coldness in his heart came up, and his beautiful face was holding back sourness and hatred.

“Xiao Ying is the child of Mu Wan and I,” Pei Yuzhe walked up slowly, protecting them with gentle eyes, putting his hand on Yu Muwan’s shoulder, raising his eyes and asking, “Mr. Nangong have any questions?”

Nangong Ao seemed to have become a lot of vicissitudes of life all of a sudden, but the clear and handsome outline of Xiao Ying could not be recognized, suddenly she hoped to fail like an old teenager, and said in a dumb voice: “Back then, you also had Che Child…”

The small sound, like a heavy bomb, buzzed the entire living room.

The light in Yu Muwan’s eyes trembled violently, and she squeezed Xiao Ying, not wanting her children to hear her embarrassed and miserable past, she took a breath and said, “The children of that year were drained, you can ask. Your own son, he knows better what’s going on. Now, I have nothing to do with everything here, please don’t disturb our lives, thank you.”

Nangong Ao’s face sank and his eyes became more complicated.

Xiaoying had a great horror in her heart, but she was so sensible that she didn’t say a word, hugged Mommy tightly to give her strength.

“It seems that you can negotiate very well by yourself, so the problem here is solved?” The police looked around and confirmed, then slowly squatted down and stroked Xiaoying’s head, “You are really smart, kid.” , Remember to call the police next time you encounter danger, the uncles will come to rescue you soon.”

Xiaoying nodded, looking strangely at Nangong Che in the depths of the living room.

“I’m sorry, it’s too late, we should go back.” Pei Yuzhe said lightly, took Yu Muwan from the place, and pulled Xiaoying to go home.

All the farce is going to end.

“Wait.” A mellow and dull voice broke through the silence, making the whole living room startled.

Nangong Che’s deep eyes were like a calm ocean, only the bloodshot eyes and pale face revealed his emotions. He moved his feet and the tall and straight figure walked towards Yu Muwan.

Haughty, jealous, handsome man.

Yu Muwan could almost smell the strong scent from him, domineering, just like before.

With tearing pain in Nangong Che’s deep eyes, he stared at Yu Muwan’s face without anyone else. In the eyes of everyone’s surprise, he suddenly pulled Yu Muwan’s arm and pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. live!

“…” Yu Muwan staggered, feeling a tight embrace that suffocated her, and the arm on her waist hurt her bones.

Nangong Che bowed his head to her ears, pressed against her to feel her warm temperature and real existence, a faint mist of water appeared in the deep eyes, and said in a dumb voice: “It’s been five years. Where is it?”

All the soreness and pain came out, and he trembled uncontrollably.

There was pain and guilt on the pale Jun’s face that had been suppressed for too long. He finally hugged the woman again and smelled her sweet breath. The knuckles of his fingers were whitened hard, wishing to rub her against him. Go inside the body.

Yu Muwan, how long have I been looking for you, do you know?

But what greeted him in the next instant was a violent struggle and a slap in the face!

Yu Muwan broke free from his arms, the water in her clear eyes trembled violently, and the slap hit her entire palm with fiery pain.

Nangong Che tilted his face, five clear fingerprints on a handsome face.

“Don’t touch me…” Yu Muwan said with a trembling, her clear eyes were fragile and bloody as if she had been drenched in heavy rain, “I have a habit of cleanliness and don’t like disgusting things to touch me.”

Her thorns, her sharpness, she can hurt people’s stubbornness and determination, just as they did in the past.

Pei Yuzhe didn’t know what was going on, he was slightly surprised, but he stretched out his hand and took her into his arms with pity, because it was obvious that her whole body was shaking, shaking so hard.

“Mu Wan…” He frowned and called out worriedly.

Yu Muwan turned her face to her side, her pale complexion eased a little, her right hand was still aching, but she didn’t care anymore, bent over to tidy up Xiao Ying’s clothes, took his little hand, and walked out of Nangong without looking back. villa.

The night is silent, cold, and desolate.

Nangong Che slowly turned his head and stared at her walking away, his heart was so painful that he couldn’t feel it.


A landscape flashed through the window of the car, and Yu Muwan looked at the blurred night without saying a word.

Xiaoying sat beside her obediently and was silent, thinking carefully about the matter just now, only then did he know that Mommy and the uncle knew each other, but…

Mommy is terrible, she should hate that uncle especially, otherwise, Mommy has never beaten people so hard.

Pei Yuzhe didn’t speak, but when he got out of the car, he helped them open the back door and hugged Xiao Ying.

Yu Muwan also settled in Xiaoying after arriving home, and then went to the bathroom to wash his face a little tiredly. He didn’t have time to take off his coat, and he held his wet hands on the washing table in a daze.

Pei Yuzhe walked in, looked at her for a few seconds, then pulled her over and hugged her in his arms.

Yu Muwan rarely resisted, and despite the man’s temperature surrounding herself, her wet eyelashes hung down and she took a short nap.

“You don’t need to move from here for the time being, can you?” Pei Yuzhe said softly, “I just said that Xiaoying is my child without your consent, but I think you want me to say that too, right? wrong?”

Yu Muwan opened his eyes, completely blank.

She bit her lip, and after thinking for a moment, she still feels that life is everywhere giving people hope, but everywhere is forcing people to go back.

“No, I just want them to believe that Xiaoying is your child. If I have the ability, I will still move out.” Yu Muwan said clearly, with a little firm light shining in his clear eyes——to make a false impression with a man Living together day and night under the same roof, seemingly helpless but actually dependent, this is not the style of Yu Muwan.

Pei Yuzhe stroked her hair and said in a low voice: “Mu Wan, you are still so stubborn.”

She didn’t speak, Pei Yuzhe then asked, “Is that man Xiaoying’s daddy just now? He seems…loves you very much.”

Chapter 366

He remembered the look in Nangong Che’s eyes just now. There was a man’s domineering possession of a woman, but it was more of a kind of unforgettable love, which he should not be mistaken.

“People without humanity don’t understand love at all!” Yu Muwan said with a trembling voice, there was a hint of panic in her clear eyes that she wanted to escape, bit her lip, washed her hands again and wiped her hands clean, “I’m fed up with this man. , I don’t want to have anything to do with him!”

“You won’t be anymore,” Pei Yuzhe stared at her for a long time and said, “You are Mrs. Pei in their eyes now.”

Yu Muwan blushed, shocked by the title.

“I…I’m not, that’s just to lie to them!” In the small washing space, Yu Muwan bit his lip and said with a feeling of being burned by Pei Yuzhe’s eyes.

Pei Yuzhe’s upright figure stepped forward, put her hands on her shoulders and took off her windbreaker, and said in a low voice in her ear: “Don’t be nervous, Mu Wan… There may be many people in this world who have forced you, yes. You have done a lot of things that hurt you, but I won’t… believe this, you know?”

Her shoulders were embraced, and Pei Yuzhe’s warm breath spilled on her lustrous and white ears.

Yu Muwan looked in the mirror, and suddenly felt that it was like a husband and wife returning together at night, loving each other, hugging each other and whispering. She also asked herself in her heart, Muwan, what is wrong with such a life?

Choose another man, rely on another, believe that there is still love in this world once, what’s wrong?

“What’s the matter? I think I’m too handsome. Is it a pity to refuse me like this?” Pei Yuzhe also looked at her in the mirror with gentle eyes, and smiled, “Mu Wan, you regret it now and it is too late. I will wait for you to accept it at any time. .”

There was an excitement in her heart. Yu Muwan blushed and shook her head and said, “I was looking for a job very smoothly. If there is no problem, I can move out within this week, a little closer to Youyang Primary School and where I work. “

Pei Yuzhe suppressed the shock in his heart, still smiling: “En.”

Yu Muwan dried his hands and walked out, looking at him with clear eyes: “I’m going to find Xiaoying, he is terrified tonight.”


In the quiet room, Xiaoying was working on a precision-made circuit board, with a clear light on her small face, very serious.

Yu Muwan opened the door and came in, slightly surprised: “Xiaoying, what are you doing?”

Xiaoying saw that it was Mommy who had come in and didn’t intend to cover it up, her little body let out a little bit and said clearly: “The emergency alarm system and the positioning function. I’m doing it, Mommy, come in.”

Yu Muwan was even more surprised. His clear eyes were filled with incredibleness. He closed the door and carefully observed the cold dark green circuit board in front of her. She couldn’t understand the densely packed components on it, but there was a soldering iron preheated by high temperature!

“Xiaoying, you… be careful, this kind of thing will get hot!” Yu Muwan stepped forward to hug him in fright.

“Mummy, people who haven’t fallen can’t learn to run, mommy don’t worry.” Xiaoying stroked Yu Muwan’s face, her big eyes full of confidence, “I’m almost done making two things. Yes, Mommy will be one for me. Mommy won’t have to worry about not being able to find me anymore. If there is a bad person, I will let him know how good I am!”

In the heart of the little boy, there is a sense of pride!

Yu Muwan looked at his serious appearance and stopped interrupting. She just squatted down and watched him busy with a soft gaze. She protected him from time to time and helped him with things, although she was also confused and didn’t know when Xiao Ying was at all. The kind of knowledge she has learned is just that she subconsciously believes in her baby, he is sensible, he is smart, and he tells his mom what he wants, so she doesn’t have to worry about what he will do wrong.

“Baby…” Yu Muwan gently pulled Xiao Ying, put his chin on his small shoulder and whispered, “Don’t you ask Mommy what happened tonight? Regarding your daddy, you think do not wanna know?”

Things are almost done. Xiaoying didn’t panic, her face crooked, and she said loudly, “Mummy is talking about the uncle who injured his arm today? Hmm… very handsome! But Mommy doesn’t seem to like him, Xiaoying also dislike!”

Very handsome… Yu Muwan was sweating on his forehead, and was shocked by his son’s initial impression.

With a sigh of relief, Yu Muwan turned his body over and asked him softly, “How are you sure that it is your daddy?”

Xiaoying was startled, her big eyes filled with doubts: “Isn’t it? I can be sure that Uncle Pei is definitely not my daddy. That old grandfather must have kidnapped me because he thinks I am his grandson. Isn’t that uncle? Is my daddy? And Mommy, you hate that uncle so much, that’s right!”

This is his logic as a child, it can only be so.

It’s just that the cute little mouth stopped halfway through, and didn’t dare to tell Mommy what it was like when a child who hadn’t had a daddy for five years suddenly determined that the tall man was his daddy.

Yu Muwan’s face was slightly pale, and she didn’t know what to say.

Do you want to say, baby, he is not a good person, of course he is forcing Mommy to kill you, he doesn’t even want his own children! Why should he run over now to confirm if this is his child? How can he recognize it!

“Back then, Mommy and Daddy had some misunderstandings. The relationship between us was not very good. You can also understand that Mommy has a bad relationship with your grandfather, so you can only take you to live abroad alone,” Yu Muwan He said in a clear voice, with repressed stubbornness in his clear eyes, his arms embraced his child, “I’m sorry, Xiaoying, it’s because Mommy is too young to think about too few things, so that his child will never have a daddy since he was a child. It’s Mommy’s fault, it’s Mommy who is sorry for you.”

Yu Muwan’s eyes showed a few sparkles, hugging Xiaoying and said.

The discomfort in Xiaoying’s heart was dispelled by mommy’s last choking, and she raised her little hand to wipe her tears.

“Mommy is okay, if Daddy is not good to Xiaoying, then don’t worry! Xiaoying is a man, even if there is no protection from daddy, Mommy can be happy in the future. Don’t cry, I still like to see Mommy scolding. , So handsome!” Xiaoying said without shy.

Yu Muwan was made fun of by the child’s description, her beautiful face gleaming with moving light.

“Xiaoying rests early, are you good at school today?”

“Hey, if the teacher praises me for not screaming, it will be a blockbuster!”

“…Why does the teacher boast so much?”

“Who told her to take the nine-nine multiplication table to test me?” Xiaoying thought for a while, and said seriously, holding Yu Muwan’s face, “Mummy, if you ask me to stay in the first grade, I will go crazy!”

Yu Muwan pulled down his little hand: “You only stayed for one day.”

“Mommy, it is said that there is a Chinese saying that one day is like every three autumns, I will learn to accompany Mommy at home…”

“Then wait for a hundred autumns, Mommy will help you change classes and see your performance!” Yu Muwan k*ssed his little cheek.

Xiaoying has the final say.

Okay, that’s one month, Mommy, I will bear it!


Early the next morning.

A luxurious car was parked under the shade of a hidden tree, and soot and cigarette butts scattered outside the window.

The door of the western-style building opened, and a man walked out with a little boy.

“Mummy is too early, so diligent! Uncle Pei, I can take the bus to school by myself, uncle doesn’t need to send me off!” Xiaoying said to Pei Yuzhe while pressing her cap.

“No, so your mommy will kill me.” Pei Yuzhe smiled and pulled him to his car.

“Then Uncle Pei will use a bicycle to deliver it next time. This kind of car is too windy at the gate of Youyang. What if someone thinks I am a rich second generation?” Xiaoying played with her mind, her big eyes filled with clear light.

“How long have you been in China, and learned all the words!” Pei Yuzhe scratched his nose and closed the car door.

“Uncle must also keep pace with the times!” Xiaoying said, shaking her legs.

A long distance away, there was a slight movement in the window of the car under the shade of the tree.

Nangong Che was leaning on the driver’s seat, his straight figure revealing the charm of a mature man. He stayed up all night, and his handsome eyebrows were full of fatigue, only his deep eyes were clear and bloodshot.

He tightened his lips and slowly lowered the car window, listening to their conversation without missing a word.

With his arm on the car window and his hand against his lips, Nangong Che tried his best to control the shock and frenzy in his heart, only then did he resist the urge to rush out and ask the matter clearly.


He called Pei Yuzhe Uncle.

At Nangong’s house last night, this man who swept the world by the piano said softly, Xiaoying is the child of Mu Wan and me. Is there a problem?

Nangong Che’s hand against his lips slowly clenched, clenching into a fist.

That is not the child of another man.

That is my child!

Yu Muwan, come and tell me in person if it’s right, don’t think about lying to me!

There was a sudden knock on the door of the car window, and the early morning cleaner asked politely: “Sir, there is usually no parking here. Can you drive away and clean the floor for me?”

The bloodshot eyes in Nangong Che’s eyes were heavier, with a touch of murderous and solemn heartache. He silently put the car window on, started the car, and drove slowly outside.

Dial a number with the mobile phone, and Nangong Che’s low voice sounded in the car: “Where did she go?”

“Back to Master, Nanfeng Enterprise is the property of the second youngest of the Tang family. Ms. Yu performed very well and is already in the retest.”

“People who contact the Tang family are not allowed to keep her.”

“Yes, master, I’ll do it right away.”

Nangong Che hung up the phone and threw it aside, in a daze, he didn’t know what he was doing. He wanted to get close to her, thinking crazy. He knew that this woman hated nothing more than his unscrupulous means, but apart from such unscrupulous means , What else can he do?

He couldn’t alleviate such a deep hatred.

The fierce slap still remained on his face, painful to involve every nerve, but he was happy.


At the end of the retest time, Yu Muwan’s group discussion statement also finished the last word.

The interviewer listened attentively, but received a call halfway through and wanted to hang up. He glanced at the name but hurriedly picked it up.

When the interviewer came back, watching Yu Muwan’s gaze began to become worried.

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