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Chapter 346

Jenny’s words caused Master Guan to smile pleasantly.

“It’s still Lu’s daughter-in-law who knows how to talk, but you don’t know your Uncle Guan Er too well, if you did, you’d know he’s a conservative master and can’t count on anything else.”

The old man’s words, obviously humble elements, can not be taken seriously, a group of people also followed to match the laugh.

“Old Master is joking, if even the Second Lord of Guan is a Lord who can only keep Seng, then wouldn’t we even be able to talk about being a Lord of the Keepers?”

“That’s right, we’ve seen Guan’s achievements over the years, and with the second master here, the old man can rest assured.”

The group of people were being polite to each other, and although Guan Ji Ming was not here, in the eyes of these people, he was already just like the master of the Guan family.

At this time, Guan Jili, who was standing behind Master Guan, became even more ugly.

It’s not that no one noticed his reaction, it’s just that in this community, the weak are always the strongest.

Over the years, it was clear to everyone which of the two brothers Guan preferred.

And since Guan Ji Ming took over the company, not only will have been loss-making Guan’s turnaround, and annual profits have been increasing rapidly up state.

This is an extremely competitive thing for the Kwan family who wants to focus on business in the future.

On the other hand, because of his youth, Guan JiLi was a soldier, then retired from the army after being injured, and now he has been working in the political department as well.

The connections are there, but the Guan family is well aware of the dangers of politics, and Guan Jili doesn’t have that ability to take the family to the next level again, so going into business is the best option, but apparently Guan Jili, who has been in politics for a long time, isn’t interested in the shopping mall.

As a result, in person, it appears to be a whole lot less than his brother, Kuan Ji Ming.

Everyone was discerning, knowing that the two brothers didn’t get along and that the old man’s health, which was deteriorating day by day, would be scattered.

At this time, of course, it’s time to hold Guan Ji Ming first.

Of course, there is another reason that we all share a common heart and don’t say.

That is, the granddaughter that was extremely valued by the old man this time, the granddaughter that was retrieved from outside, was retrieved by Guan Ji Ming.

It seems that whether this granddaughter is real or not, she is real in the old man’s mind anyway.

Since it was Guan Ji Ming who retrieved it, then she would most likely be on Guan Ji Ming’s side, and by then if the old man really unfortunately passed away, it would be impossible for the property left behind not to have a share of her.

At that time, if she joined forces with Guan Ji Ming, isolated and helpless, it was likely that she would be no match for them.

We’ve seen a lot of things among the rich and powerful that they’ve fallen over each other for power and profit, and we all know in our hearts what the future will be like, and what the consequences will be for the one who loses.

Therefore, no one will really sympathize with the underdog, unless the other person is someone closely related to him, and anyone, then, will be on the winning side.

The lounge fell into a brief moment of hospitality.

It wasn’t long before the door was knocked on from the outside, followed by Clara walking in.

“Grandpa, you asked for me.”

She approached with a smile on her face and Guan immediately waved at her.

“Yes, come, come and meet some of your grandparents and uncles.”

Clara then respectfully stepped forward and greeted each of them.

Gu Changhai looked at her with satisfaction and smiled, “Clara’s body is a big

The style of a family lady is not at all inferior to those famous daughters in Kyoto, well, there really are some things that are just natural.”

This succeeded in pleasing Master Guan, and the old man laughed out loud.

At this moment, Jenny suddenly felt someone tugging at her skirt beside her.

When she tilted her head slightly, she saw Ann looking at her with an oddly intense look on her face.

Jenny Jing’s heart tightened, and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ann shook her head.

She looked at Clara, her eyes widening even more.

But in the end, I didn’t say anything, just whispered, “Mommy, I want to go to the bathroom.”

Jenny Jing was stunned, knitting his brows slightly.

Lowering his head, he whispered, “You were just there, weren’t you?Are you sick somewhere?Does it hurt your belly?”

Ann shook her head.

Jenny saw that she thought perhaps she had eaten something cold at night and had a bad stomach.

So they greeted Biden Lu and took Ann out with them.

The washroom is not far from the lounge, in the front hallway and the back garden aisle.

Jenny Jing took Anh to the bathroom, asking her to go in with her after she didn’t need to accompany her before letting her in, and then he waited outside to guard her until she came out.

The garden at the back of the Kwan’s old house has a fancy fountain as well as a larger swimming pool.

One end of the pool is just connected to the back door of the restroom, usually to make it easier for people to change, or rinse off.

At this time of year, there are also many guests near the pool.

Just because it was spring and the weather was still cool, no one swam.

Just get together in groups and talk and drink.

Jenny waited for a while, didn’t wait for An’an to come out, was wondering, suddenly heard someone screaming over the pool.

“Yikes!Who’s kid fell in the water?”

Jenny was stunned and reacted with a sudden change in colour.

Pulling up and running towards the pool.

By this time, a number of people had gathered by the pool, but everyone was just watching anxiously, and no one was in the water to retrieve anyone.

In the pool, a girl in a little pink dress, pounding as hard as she could, shouting out a few vague words off and on as she did so.


Jenny rushed to the side of the pool, and with just one glance, recognized the child struggling desperately in the water as Ann.

She went pale, and without thinking about it, she poofed off.

The pool wasn’t too big, and because it was located relatively close, Jenny quickly rescued Anh.

But forgive me, Ann still choked on a lot of water, the body was not good, this time Xu is choked on water and shock, save the time, the little person has been unconscious.

Jenny looked at the child’s pale face, her eyes fetid red, and her heart clenched as if there was a giant hand clutching her heart so hard that she couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t care less, so she got on her knees and started giving the baby CPR.

As I did, I shouted, “Ann, be strong, wake up, open your eyes and see Mommy.”

Yet Ann’s face was still pale, her eyes closed, her little mouth blue, and there was no sign that she was going to wake up at all.

Chapter 347

Jenny only felt that his own heartbeat seemed to stagnate right along with the child’s heartbeat.

She looked up at the surprised or curious faces around her and burst into tears.

“What are you guys waiting for?Can’t you see anyone in the water?Call a doctor!Think of it as me begging you to help call a doctor!”

That’s when someone reacted, even pulled out their phone and started calling the doctor over.

Jenny, on the other hand, continued to help Ann with her first aid measures, tears rolling uncontrollably down her cheeks as she did so.

“I’m sorry, it’s all Mommy’s fault, Mommy shouldn’t have let you go to the bathroom by yourself, I should have stayed with you, Ann.”

At this time, Jenny incomparably blamed herself, never in her life had she regretted as much as she did at this moment, why did she let her in alone, why did she feel comfortable letting such a small child stay alone in such a strange place.

She didn’t know why Ann had fallen into the water and why she had run in the opposite direction from her.

But whatever the reason, it couldn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t looking out for Ann.

Fortunately, the family had a family doctor on hand all year round because of Master Kwan’s illness.

Already when Jenny had just rescued Ann, someone had actually gone to notify the doctor.

This time, just in time.

Along with the doctor, a group of people, including Master Guan and Master Lu, also arrived.

Biden Lu was naturally no exception.

When he saw the child lying there, and the woman in a mess, the man’s breathing tightened and his entire pair of eyes sank cold.

Old Mrs. Cen and Master Lu were also terrified and came forward.

But because of the doctor’s presence, they were afraid to lean too far forward so as not to interfere with the doctor’s ability to help.

“What’s, what’s going on here?How did Ann fall into the water?She doesn’t know how to swim, so why would she come over to this side of the pool?”

On the way here, the old lady and the others had heard what had happened, and at this time were frightened white and in a somewhat disoriented condition.

Jenny had been helped up, and her face was just as pale, as she was in such a hurry to get into the water to save the others that she couldn’t even change her clothes in time.

The evening gown, which had been a delicate one, had become wrinkled and stuck to her body along with her hair, looking particularly wretched.

She shook her head, her body shivering with cold from being in the water.

“I don’t know, Ann was already in the water by the time I got there.It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have let her go in there alone…I thought…I thought it was okay for her to go into the bathroom on her own…it’s my fault.”

The tears slid down uncontrollably again, the hot temperature sliding across her cold, wet face, causing her whole body to shiver even more.

Biden Lu saw the situation and sank, taking off his jacket and draping it over her shoulders, wrapping it around her body.

“Don’t be afraid, the doctor has arrived and Ann will be fine.”

He reassured with a warm voice, taking Jenny into his arms.

The cold body suddenly felt warm, as if a taut string had been instantly loosened, Jenny’s originally stiff body slackened and his entire body went limp in his arms.

Only then did Old Mrs. Cen notice that something was wrong with her and said with concern, “Jenny, are you okay?”

Jenny shook his head.

It’s about really cold to the touch, up or just a moment too quick to get angry.

At this time, I only felt dizzy and dizzy, as if all my strength had been drained away, if it wasn’t for Biden Lu holding me up, I could hardly stand up!


That’s when the doctor spoke up.

“The baby has coughed up the water, her vitals are back, it’s too cold outside, will move her to her room.”

So, everyone started moving the baby in seven hands and seven feet.

Biden Lu had been hugging Jenny Jing, and he could feel that An An’s accident this time had really scared Jenny Jing.

The little woman’s entire body was shaking, and her hands were even colder, as if she had just pulled them out of the ice.

He was not worried, “How’s it going?Are you holding up?”

Jenny swallowed his saliva and nodded, “I’m fine, hurry up and help me in to see how Ani is doing.”

Biden Lu knew that she wouldn’t be at ease if she wasn’t sure of An’s safety.

Therefore, they also helped her to walk inside with them.

Ann woke up quickly.

It wasn’t a big deal, but the child was scared and choking on water, and had just spit it out outside, and the reason he didn’t wake up right away was because he was scared and passed out.

The doctor was now able to wake the child up with just a little bit of skill.

As soon as she woke up, she cried out and reached around for her mommy.

Seeing this, Jenny broke away from Biden Lu and ran over, sitting down on the edge of the bed and cradling An An in her arms.

“Don’t be afraid Ann, Mommy’s here.”

“Oooooh…Mommy, Ann was so scared, Ann thought she’d never see you again.”

Hearing the child’s cries, Jenny was saddened and resisted the urge to shed tears, reassuringly saying, “Don’t be afraid of An An, Mommy is here, An An will be fine.”

After a long time under Jenny’s reassurance, An’s emotions were finally calmed down.

The doctor checked her again to make sure there was no major problem, and just in case, after having some ginger soup made to ward off the cold, this left.

When the doctor left, a crowd gathered around.

“Ani, what the hell just happened?How did you fall into the pool in the good old days?”

Ann grabbed the sleeve of Jenny’s blazer, looked around blankly at the adults who looked concerned, and then turned back to Jenny.

“Mommy, I’m sorry, I’ll never chase butterflies to play again.”

Jenny was stunned.

She still had a bowl in her hand and was feeding Ann ginger soup one bite at a time, but when she heard that she wasn’t feeding either, she put the spoon down and said curiously, “What little butterfly?”

“Just a very pretty little butterfly, I came out of the bathroom and I saw it flying there, I was curious, so I ran over to catch it, but it flew farther and farther over to the back door.

I wasn’t convinced, and I thought to myself that I had to catch such a beautiful little butterfly and give it back to Mommy, so I chased after it, but when I ran outside, the butterfly was gone, and the next thing I knew, I was pushed into the pool with a strong force.”

Jenny Jing’s face changed.

The faces of the others around him also sank suddenly.

“What did you say?Did someone push you off?”

The person who spoke was Mrs. Sham.

Perhaps because of the shock and anger, the old lady’s voice rarely lost its usual gentleness and appeared a bit harsh.

Ann was startled, and her little body trembled a little, looking uneasily at the old lady.

“Grandma, what’s wrong with you?Are you angry?”

Chapter 348

The old woman realized that she had reacted too much and scared the child.

She even restrained her anger and said softly, “No, Grandma is not angry, Grandma is just distressed for you, our little An’an is so good and lovely, but there are still those evil-hearted people who want to harm you, don’t worry, Grandma will help you uncover the murderer, and will never let her go easily.”

Ann sounded like she understood, but about as well as she could tell that the old lady wasn’t mad at her, which put her mind at ease.

Jenny frowned tightly.

“Ani, are you sure someone just pushed you off?”

Ann opened her eyes blankly and looked at her, then at Biden Lu who was standing beside her, also with a light frown.

Finally, a shake of the head.

“I’m not sure.”

She was still young, but she knew that you can’t just accuse people of wrongdoing.

So, she just said truthfully, “I just didn’t feel steady on my feet, and I forget if I slipped or if there was a force behind me that pushed me down, but I just accidentally fell in anyway.”

The old lady saw the situation and said with a sullen face, “It’s okay, you don’t remember, we can check the surveillance.”

Saying that, he turned to look at Master Guan, who was sitting in a wheelchair behind him, and said in a cold voice, “Old Guan, there should be no problem with that, right?”

After what had happened to An An in the Guan family, Master Guan was also very righteous, and certainly wouldn’t refuse at this time.

“No problem, it’s the right thing to do, I’ll send someone to retrieve it right away.”

Only then did the old lady nod her head in satisfaction, looking back at Jenny’s body was still wet, busy saying: “It will take a while to adjust the monitor, you are wet like this is not the way to do it, be careful that the child is fine, fell cold yourself, let someone take you to change clothes.”

Xu Hui who had been standing next to no words at this time even came out and laughed, “Exactly, although it is now spring, but the weather is still cold, just as I also have no new clothes there, I’ll take you to change one, stay down later just to watch the monitor.”

Jenny Jing didn’t have a problem with it, but it was Master Guan, who stopped Xu Hui and said to Guan Xuefei, who was standing not far away, “Xuefei, you take Lu’s daughter-in-law with you, you’re similar in age, your clothes suit her better.”

Xu Hui’s face flashed with embarrassment at the sight of this.

But it wouldn’t whisk the old man away in front of all these people.

Even with a smooth smile, “That’s fine, just a few days ago, I bought a few sets when I was shopping with Xue Fei, Xue Fei, you remember to take them all out and let Jenny pick them out herself.”

Guan Xue Fei quirked an eyebrow, a hint of impatience flashing in the depths of her eyes.

But she didn’t refuse, just said in a quiet voice, “You come with me.”

Then, they took Jenny out.

Biden Lu was a little uneasy about her and originally wanted to accompany her, but was stopped by a look system from Jenny Jing.

After all, Ann was still here, though with the old lady and others, she was still a little uneasy.

Biden Lu was there, she could at least feel more at ease.

And although Guan Xue Fei had been at odds with her, as far as she was concerned, it was Guan Xue Fei who was the least threatening to her than the rest of the Guan family instead.

Jenny followed her into the room she was staying in, Guan Xuefei’s room was decorated in a very elegant and minimalist style, the whole thing was in a post-modern minimalist style, it didn’t look like a girl’s room, but more like a boy’s preferred tough style.

As soon as she entered the house, Guan Xue Fei took out all the several sets of clothes and threw them on the bed, casually saying, “Choose for yourself!Change and call me.”

When you’re done, you’re ready to go out.

Jenny took one look at those clothes and suddenly called her to a halt.

“Miss Kwan, there’s a question I’d like to ask you.”

Michelle Kwan froze in her tracks, stopping to look back at her with a bit of an eye roll.

“What do you want to ask?”

Jenny smiled slightly.

“Where were you when Ann was in trouble earlier?”

Guan Xuefei’s face changed.

“What do you mean?Doubt me?”

Jenny didn’t say anything.

Guan Xuefei snickered.

“Jenny, I admit, I hate you to death, and if you could die in front of me right now, I’d clap my hands, because not only did you take away Brother Shen, but you also knew the secret I’ve been trying to hide!

But you have to understand, it’s you who has a grudge against me, not Ann, don’t look at the fact that she recognizes you as her mommy now, before she met you, she and I weren’t that far apart!

So, don’t use your villainy to measure people’s gentlemanly behavior, not everyone is full of schemes like you, and look at everyone around you like bad guys!”

Guan Xuefei was clearly pissed off, and her chest was still heaving together from the anger as she finished her sentence.

Jenny was secretly relieved.

She smiled, “I’m sorry, I’m just in case, but I don’t think you’ll be the one to push Ann.”

Guan Xuefei quirked an eyebrow.

“And you’re asking me?”

Jenny raised an eyebrow.

“I told you, just in case, but your eyes tell me you won’t.”

Guan Xuefei was simply confused by the woman in front of her.

Jenny Jing, however, wasn’t going to pay any more attention to her, picking through the sets of clothes on the bed, grabbing a lavender cashmere jumper and a pair of jeans, and not shying away from her, changing right in front of her.

Guan Xue Fei was furious when she saw her like this, not treating herself as an outsider.

I was about to fling the door out, but I was suddenly startled.

Only Jenny had just taken off his wet clothes, and on his perfectly defined spine, there was a winged butterfly presenting itself.

She was not shaken hard!

It’s a red birthmark that, because it grows next to the butterfly bone, will appear to flutter with every movement of a person’s arm.

That’s not….

Her face turned suddenly pale.

Jenny didn’t notice her look, after putting on the jumper, because there was a strap that needed to be tied behind her back.

Her arm just to save Ann, a moment too eager careless muscle strain, just now did not pay attention, this time to change clothes only feel, backhand tying the belt inevitably a bit.

So then he asked, “Miss Kwan, would you mind tying it for me?”

Guan Xuefei reacted, and before answering, the man had already stepped forward subconsciously.

Sensing that she had picked up the tape, Jenny Jing curved the corners of her lips and said, “Actually, if you didn’t like Biden Lu, I would think that you’re not a bad person, and not as bad as you think.”

Guan Xuefei’s heart was shocked at this point, where there was no mood to fight with her and listen to what she was saying.

It was only a vague response, but in my mind, it was all about that birthmark.

Jenny Jing smiled: “Anyway, that He Chengjun is actually quite nice, although his background is not so good, and his career was thwarted in the end, but his heart is not bad.

Most of those scandals that came out before were also about other female artists trying to use him for speculation, not him intentionally trying to get close, so if you guys do have a child, you could really consider developing it and give it a try.”

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