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Chapter 376

“Pei Yuzhe!” Yu Muwan screamed in a low voice, not daring to yell out loud. The next moment he k*ssed her Mingan’s snowy neck, and put his hand in from the hem of her thin sweater, rubbing the delicate waist of her. Smooth muscles and skin, go upstream.

“Don’t… don’t do this! You let me go! Hmm!” Being k*ssed again and again, Yu Muwan’s body fell into the sofa and surrounded by his body, struggling violently and couldn’t break free.

Pei Yuzhe k*ssed her emotionally, her whole consciousness was filled with her beauty. Her skin was so smooth and her belly was flat, unlike a woman who had given birth to a child. He used to exert slight force on the fingers that gracefully jumped on the piano. Rubbing her beautiful carcass, she could hardly control the flame in her body.

But suddenly, he felt a salty cold on his lips, like tears.

Pei Yuzhe was sober in an instant, opened his eyes and looked at the scene in front of him. The woman under her body had messy hair, her clear and stubborn eyes burst out with a light of wariness and resentment, and the crystal tears fell down, pitiful.

“Have you made enough trouble? Just let me go!” Yu Muwan gritted her teeth.

Pei Yuzhe’s deep eyes regained her clarity, and she suddenly realized what she had done. She pushed him abruptly, supported herself in embarrassment, and pushed his hand away and walked off the sofa.

He actually… didn’t control it for a while.

“Mu Wan…” Pei Yuzhe’s face was gloomy, and the pillow supporting the sofa stood up and looked at the figure with a slight worry, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

He knew that she had learned taekwondo in the United States. If she had to struggle hard just now, it would be impossible for him to succeed so quickly, but she obviously still regarded him as a friend, but he disappointed her too much by doing such a thing!

Yu Muwan smoothed her messy hair twice, and poured a glass of water for herself to drink by the table. His hands were trembling, and tears fell when the cup was lifted.

“I assume you didn’t mean it, please go out now, don’t let me drive you!” Yu Muwan said with a trembling back to him.

Pei Yuzhe stood up, walked to her back and hugged her tightly.

“Pei Yuzhe, touch me again, I’m not polite to you, let go!” Yu Muwan put the cup on the table with a “bang” and said in a cold voice with tears.

“Sorry,” Pei Yuzhe still hugged her tightly, his warm lips pressed against her hair, and said dumbly, “I have endured it for so long and still haven’t held it back, Mu Wan, forgive me for losing control today, but I love You, this sentence is not wrong.”

“Don’t tell me anymore, I can be sure now, I don’t love you, I don’t love you at all, can you go now?!” Yu Muwan looked back at him, his eyes cold and resentful, and a tear fell on his face.

Pei Yuzhe stretched out his hand to wipe away the tear, and said in a low voice: “Don’t be angry when you are excited, I won’t take it seriously.”

“If you allow you to lose control, don’t you allow me to lose control?! I am a woman, yes, but not a woman who can be bullied by you at will! If you do this, I will hide away and make sure that you will not find me, you You can try!” Yu Muwan turned around and said bitterly to him.

Pei Yuzhe paused, slowly approached her, and pressed her forehead.

“Okay, I admit that this sentence frightened me, I will never do this to you again in the future, even if I can’t help it, I won’t be rough to you, I promise, is it all right?” He said in a low voice.

Yu Muwan ignored her, her face pale with anger, her eyes still red.

Pei Yuzhe bowed his head and k*ssed her forehead, pushed away by her, glaring at him.

“I still have the strength to push me to prove that you are okay. I’ll come to see you another day.” Pei Yuzhe gave a faint smile and stroked her hair. “Taking care of Xiaoying is very hard. Remember to call me if it works for me. I will come to see you often.”

“I am leaving.”

Pei Yuzhe walked out of the room as he said, put on his shoes at the door, and walked out of the room with a smile at her.

The night turned into silence, Yu Muwan hugged herself and squatted down, feeling aggrieved and sad.


A slender and beautiful figure walked past the Huimeng Hall in the morning.

Yu Muwan sat down for fifteen minutes, arranged his desktop, made a cup of coffee, and began to read the information at hand.

At the beginning of work, she didn’t want to be distracted by anything. Whether it was a certain beast or a certain man who was excited from time to time, she didn’t want to care. Now she just wants to work well and be worthy of her salary, and be able to raise Xiaoying independently and give him a good life.

“Miss Yu.” A young man knocked on her desktop.

“Director Zhang.” Yu Muwan put down the phone and raised his eyes, politely stood up and shouted.

“It’s okay you don’t need to be nervous, sit down,” Director Zhang smiled, “I have a case here I am afraid I need to deal with it for you. Many people have not been able to take over this case. You are a newcomer with a bit of courage. I want you to try. test.”

“Really?” Yu Muwan was slightly puzzled, thinking about the case.

“This matter is a bit complicated, because the other party’s identity is special, and I don’t want anyone to know his true identity, appearance, or even experience, but I hope you can cure his heart disease. So in this case, I have no information. Here you are, you need to understand it yourself.” Director Zhang briefly explained the situation.

“What?” Yu Muwan frowned, feeling incredible.

Not providing the true identity, this is indeed the concern of many psychological counseling patrons. There is no problem. They have professional qualities and cannot inquire and disclose to the outside world.

But it looks like.

This person doesn’t want others to know what he looks like. Is his face a business card or a star? politician? Or is it a suspect? ?

Yu Muwan felt a slight headache, especially the last one. He couldn’t even know the other party’s experience. How could he open the knot of the other party? I’m afraid I don’t even know what the other party is up to, right? Does she have to guess a little bit? !

“Miss Yu, do you have any questions?” Director Zhang asked.

Yu Muwan took a breath and honestly replied, “I don’t know who this customer is, but I think there is a reason why other people don’t pick up. This is simply an impossible task!”

Director Zhang smiled: “Well, I don’t think it can be done either!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened and almost blurted out. Is that a trick to her?

“Let me be more clear. In this case, some people are autistic and rarely speak. All autisms actually have different knots, but their symptoms and the way the knots are untied are similar. Ms. Yu has relevant experience in her resume. If I say this, does Ms. Yu understand?”

Yu Muwan nodded slightly. If this were the case, it would be much easier. Just like when she met Pei Yuzhe back then, God knows how this man was depressed, she was not a little bit rid of it. of.

“There’s still compensation,” Director Zhang said softly, “The other party asked for a price of 200,000 yuan, and the time was three months. The payment was made on schedule. Does Miss Yu think there is a problem?”

Yu Muwan’s hand trembled slightly, hearing the number, a strange light flashed in his clear eyes, staring at the person in front of him, trying to detect something wrong.

Chapter 377

“Why me?” Yu Muwan asked softly, with undispelled doubts in his clear eyes.

Among the few people they joined together, it should be said that she was the only one who was shaped by the day after tomorrow, and the others had been educated in professional psychological counseling, and she was a blank piece of paper, with no experience but no dogma. paper.

Director Zhang smiled: “This…I’m also very strange.”

Yu Muwan frowned slightly with a sharp spirit.

“In short, you can put away all the tasks at hand. This case is very large. If you can accept it, then you have completed the final assessment of the internship period and you are well paid. Miss Yu really needs to think about it. It is.”

Yu Muwan listened quietly, feeling a trace of coolness in the air.

She slowly hugged her shoulders with both hands, letting her thoughts entangled in her mind, bit her lip and whispered, “I think about it for a day, can you answer tomorrow?”

Director Zhang showed an expression of “ofcourse”, said “You are busy now” and then turned and left her small office.

A bunch of cases and materials on the desktop are waiting for her to read, but Yu Muwan’s heart can no longer calm down. She just forgot to ask a question. If this case is not successful, what should be done?

Psychotherapy should be said to have not fully recovered, but what if she does a bad job?

Yu Muwan’s delicate eyebrows frowned slightly, and she had no confidence in herself.

Forget it, let’s talk about it, she really doesn’t know what kind of way it should be if she communicates with someone and can’t know his identity and experience, and what kind of perverted request this client can have? However, it cannot be denied that the rewards are very attractive. She is used to sending her to others, and she is also afraid of being poor. She can’t wait to really strengthen herself so that she doesn’t have to rely on others.


The night is blurred.

The bodyguard stepped forward to open the car door, Luo Qingwan walked out of the car in a light gray dress, her shawl slipped slightly, revealing her snow-white crystal shoulders, she brushed her hands, her slightly curly hair scattered with misty brilliance.

Clenching the bag in her hand, she steadily walked up the steps.

“Sister Qingwan, you are here!” Nangong Enxi cried out crying.

“En, what’s the matter with you?” Luo Qingwan took off the shawl and handed it to the servant next to her, looking at her face with some confusion.

“Look at Sister Qingwan! It was the woman who beat me, she’s back! She actually dared to beat me!!” Nangong Enxi leaned forward, half of her sweet face puffed up and the red was very scary. Luo Qingwan only touched it with her hands. Frowning started at once.

The fight was really heavy.

“Who did you say was the attack?” Luo Qingwan was startled, and did not hear what she had just said.

“Yu Muwan!” Nangong Enxi cried even harder. When she shouted the name, she couldn’t wait to cut her off. “Her son bullied my daughter, and she was a shameless btch bullying me. She actually dared to beat her. Me! Sister Qingwan, look! My brother and the bastard Cheng Yisheng are protecting her, I can’t get past that btch is back!”

Yu Muwan.

Luo Qingwan’s slender arms froze in midair, and her slender eyelashes trembled.

Nangong Che walked in with Cheng Lanyi from the outside. Cheng Lanyi was leaning against her uncle’s trousers, but the moment she saw his mommy, he jumped up: “Mommy, Yiyi is back!”

Nangong Enxi also stomped her feet when she saw her daughter: “You little devil is finally back!”

Luo Qingwan quickly eased her emotions, turned around and stared at Nangong Che, smiling faintly: “Are you back?”

Under the shattered crystal chandelier in the living room, this woman was so beautiful that it palpitated.

Nangong Che’s face was slightly green, and his mood sank to the bottom. At this moment, Luo Qingwan was not very relieved to see Luo Qingwan. He just glanced at the other people in the living room coldly, and said in a deep voice: “If you stay here enough, go back, don’t let me Catch you guys.”

Nangong Enxi glared, furious.

“Brother, you are too much, you are too much! What I say is your sister, your biological sister, you can actually watch Yu Muwan hit me without teaching her today! Look, you look at me. It hurts so much that you didn’t help me, Sister Qingwan, look!” Nangong Enxi cried as he said, and pulled his sleeves and shook him severely, shouting heartbreakingly.

It’s nothing else that makes her collapse and mad the most, but that she doesn’t even help her with her own brother and husband, so what is she still alive? She has no face to live anymore!

“Nangong Enxi, try to sprinkle me again!” Nangong Che suddenly angered and let out a low growl.

Nangong Enxi was so frightened that tears fell on her face, her face was so pale that she looked at her.

“How many times have you hurt her before can not be solved with a slap! Nangong family used to you does not mean that I should be used to you, next time you dare to speak rudely, don’t even think about entering the door of Nangong family again! !” Nangong Che’s decisive voice, with a biting chill, approached Nangong Enxi’s face.

“You…Brother, you are actually facing outsiders!” Nangong Enxi let go of him in fright, scolded him, dragged Luo Qingwan and began to cry, “Sister Qingwan, I am not alive, I don’t want to live! I’m going Find dad, why didn’t dad see me? Everyone bullied me, I want to die for you to see!”

“Mummy…” Cheng Lan stepped down with a small face, and was about to cry.

Luo Qingwan patted Nangong Enxi on the back lightly, did not speak, but looked at Nangong Che with a soft gaze, and said lightly: “Enxi’s temperament is a bit more arrogant, but please don’t spoil the atmosphere at home for outsiders. It’s too big to lose your uncle’s face, and you don’t want to be like that, do you?”

Nangong Che Junyi’s face was as cold as usual, frowning as she listened to her saying “atmosphere at home.” This woman was indeed a bit terrifying. Although she had not married her for five years, the Nangong family had completely regarded her as her. The young lady is just a young lady who does not live in the villa. Her prestige and virtuousness have spread like a virus.

“Yiyi, take Mommy to the room for a break, and call Daddy to pick you up tomorrow. It’s too late now so don’t go back.” Luo Qingwan said softly to Cheng Lanyi.

“Brother Smelly, Brother Smelly! That woman is cheap, she has a son that big like me, a natural b*tch! Next time I see her, I will still scold her, and she will never show up in front of me again. Also roll far away from our Nangong house!” Nangong Enxi roared a few times with a dumb voice, relying on Luo Qingwan to support herself, glaring at Nangong Che, and before she touched the thunder again, she hugged her daughter and moved towards Go to the room.

Sure enough, Nangong Che’s face was extremely blue, and he was so angry that he had to teach this ignorant sister a lesson! Luo Qingwan was so frightened that she hurriedly stopped in front of her and pushed his chest.

“Che!” Luo Qingwan whispered, looking at him with clear eyes, supporting his chest with both arms and softly persuading, “Don’t take it seriously, Enxi often talks angry, don’t care about her! Don’t even fight with your sister for irrelevant people. Wasn’t it enough for you five years ago?!”

The woman in front of her had her eyes gleaming, so bright that she couldn’t look away.

“I haven’t touched you or married you for five years, so you plan to keep going like this, right?” Nangong Che did calm down his anger, but the deep eyes were still full of cold light, and he said this coldly.

Luo Qingwan’s body froze for a while, recalling his words, and trying to keep up with his jumping thinking.

“How do I get down?” She asked back, taking a breath.

She is now in her current state-firmly locked in the Nangong family by the eyes of the outside world and the belongings of her heart. Every time she comes back to the Luo family’s residence, she will always be chanted to get married and have children. The pressure of parents and the outside world has not been destroyed. She, she still plays the role of the bride-to-be next to him, unmoving, doing it for five years.

The emotions in Nangong Che’s deep eyes were complicated, and he said nothing.

“You don’t have to wrong yourself so much. If you feel that I am not appropriate, you can change at any time.” Nangong Che said in a deep voice.

Luo Qingwan’s gaze stayed for a while, smiling slightly, slightly sad.

“The whole city of Z knows that I, Luo Qingwan, are your woman. We have a marriage contract and we should have a future. How do you tell me to change? Che, the way you solve the problem is very strange. Since you know that I am wronged, why not do something? What makes me less wronged, but let me let go and protect myself?”

“I am yours, can you protect me and feel bad for me?” Her voice was soft, but she was strong for too long, tired, really tired.

Nangong Che’s eyes finally softened slightly, yes, this woman always had a way to calm his anger to the extreme, so she could no longer be angry.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” he touched her small face with a big palm, and he thought of Yu Muwan, his handsome eyebrows frowned, unconcealed, “I’m sorry for many people, she is more wronged than you.”

Luo Qingwan’s eyes trembled, of course she knew who he was talking about.

Yu Muwan.

When did this woman in his heart become comparable to her Luo Qingwan?

“Do you want to marry a wife on this?” Luo Qingwan turned her face slightly to enjoy the temperature in his palm, her eyes were clear, and she whispered, “Poor people must be hateful. Her temper makes Enxi hate so she is What’s wrong with me when I was hurt, disliked and scolded? You just tell me, what’s wrong with me, I deserve to be left unattended by you for five years, but now you remind me to let me give up on you, wait After five years of marriage, I haven’t waited, but it’s time to change. Is that right?”

There were bursts of misty scent from her body, and she couldn’t tell what it was, but she just got close and smelled it, making people’s heartstrings tremble. Nangong Che finally awoke from the smell, and looked at her with deep eyes.

“On innocence, I am also innocent,” Luo Qingwan stretched out her slender arm around his waist, sighed and raised her head, “I’m shaking in front of your eyes every day, why can’t you see me?”

The soft body was close to his chest, Nangong Che frowned slightly, and wanted to push away uncomfortably, but he suddenly lost strength when his hands were placed on her shoulders. The fragrance of this woman was not strong, but he was damned attractive. He not only did not push. When she opened her, he held her a little tighter.

Damn, what does this smell like? !

Nangong Che felt that his consciousness was gradually blurred, and he stroked Luo Qingwan’s bare shoulders with his big palms, pressed her into his arms, and bowed his head to sniff the smell of her body.

It’s like poison, and you will be addicted to smell it. Luo Qingwan’s slender eyelashes tremble gently, lying on the man’s chest, feeling the sturdiness and tightness of his body, it feels so good to be embraced by the beloved man, no matter what Was he awake? In short, she looked forward to this feeling for five years, and she didn’t want to leave after hugging him.

“What perfume did you spray?” Nangong Che opened his deep eyes, trying to make himself clearer, and asked in a dumb voice.

“The new god of love seems to have some poppies in it, but it’s just a good smell, but it’s not addictive,” Luo Qingwan replied softly, “Of course, there is another function, which can expose people with wrong intentions. “

Her last words were playful, her eyes gleaming.

“Is there a hallucinogen?” Nangong Che’s eyes grew colder, making people afraid to look directly.

Luo Qingwan gently held his face: “I said that this will only expose people who are wrong in their minds. People who are truly wantless and wantless will not be affected by this taste. Unless you have love in your heart and desire in your heart, you Is there? I mean, do you feel about me?”

Nangong Che wanted to shake off the woman’s hand on his face, but he couldn’t.

No desire, no desire, no love in the heart.

how is this possible!

“Luo Qingwan, I didn’t expect you to come to this one too.” Nangong Che was so confused that he was about to be controlled by the lock of desire in his body, and suddenly pinched her waist and said coldly.

Luo Qingwan wrapped her arms around his neck and said softly: “I don’t want to play this set, but I am not afraid to give you all of myself, how about you? Do you dare to ask me?”

Nangong Che couldn’t control herself at all, before madly k*ssing her red lips, he husky and shouted, “What I want is not you!”, the next moment, the lips and tongues of the two were tightly entangled together. .

Luo Qingwan had never felt such a strong and domineering kss. For five years, even if he kssed her, he would be just as if he didn’t touch her lips at all. But now, his palms control her face powerfully, and his powerful tongue is on her. Churning in her mouth, attacking the city, Luo Qingwan was softly unable to stand up, but he was holding her waist and continued to plunder deeply.

“…” She flushed, and was frightened by such a strong pleasure.

“Don’t be here, this is the living room… Let’s go up…” Luo Qingwan said tremblingly, and her feet started to weaken.

Nangong Che’s mind is full of Yu Muwan’s figure, and occasionally wakes up for a while, opened her eyes and saw that Yu Muwan’s face appeared in her arms, her face was red, her eyes blurred, and her soft plea made her He is crazy!

“Mu Wan…” Nangong Che yelled, feeling her body tremble.

He hugged her tightly and whispered against her red lips: “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you… Don’t be afraid…”

Chapter 378

Luo Qingwan was trembling in his arms, and a sharp pain flashed clearly in her clear eyes.

Can she not hurt?

But she is a normal woman, how can she bear the name of another woman when her beloved man hugs her?

The burning desire in Nangong Che’s body became more and more intense. His deep eyes exuded a beast-like light, but he suppressed the woman who did not dare to scare the woman in his arms. He just snorted and k*ssed her, holding her up. Walk upstairs.

The spacious room, the soft white bed, their holy place.

Luo Qingwan felt that she was being put down, among the pile of soft pillows, the man’s body was pressed down heavily but tried not to touch her, just let her lie in it more comfortably, and bow her head to k*ss the corner of her mouth.

“Can you stop lying to me?” Nangong Che’s dull voice trembled, her thick eyelashes closed, and she held her face like a treasure and k*ssed deeply. The depressed pain in her whole heart was released at this moment. Jianshuo’s body shuddered slightly, “Is that my child? Xiaoying is my child… How did you give birth to him, Mu Wan… Is it painful…”

His fiery breath tremblingly spread on her face and k*ssed her with intense heartache. Little by little, he spoke with a breath of anger, and the corners of Jun Yi’s eyes even burst into tears.

Luo Qingwan’s clear eyes kept looking at him, feeling that he was hugging herself tightly, and her generous palms pierced into her lower abdomen and tremblingly touched, she felt as if she had suffered a huge amount of guilt and heartache. The woman was broken and dared not touch her, but her heart trembled with distress.

child? Yu Muwan’s child.

Luo Qingwan’s eyes were clear and not warm. She remembered watching the little boy who was sitting in the car with Pei Yuzhe after the announcement was over. The child, if she remembered correctly, was called Yu Qianying.

After five years, the man in front of him said that it was his child.

Five years ago, didn’t the child in Yu Muwan’s stomach be beaten by him himself? !

Luo Qingwan’s face was pale, bearing a k*ss that shouldn’t belong to her, and suddenly tilted her head to avoid, staring carefully at this man who seemed to have turned in an instant——

How proud of his Nangong Che, he would actually put down his body to spoil this woman like Yu Muwan!

She must admit that the perfume she sprays definitely contains strong love potions, but this man is clearly on the line, but he abruptly endures it! Her pale face gradually turned red, hot red, bone-thirsty sadness flashed in her crystal clear eyes, tenderness lingered around her, but it could not bear the heavy stone that overwhelmed her heart.

“Will you marry me?” Luo Qingwan asked in a clear voice, taking advantage of his unconsciousness, she wanted to really ask, “Since the child is yours and I am your woman, will you marry me?”

Nangong Che’s entire body froze, and his consciousness slowly returned to his head, his handsome face turned pale because of her problem.

“Do you want me to marry you?” his dark voice said uncertainly.

Luo Qingwan took a breath and looked straight at him: “What do you think? Otherwise, what do you want to recognize the child for? Or do you just want to confirm that this is your child, let him be an illegitimate child, and let me be a forever? An untitled woman? Does your fiancee know? Do you agree?”

Her words were sharp, she believed very much, and Yu Muwan would definitely want to ask him in person.

Nangong Che’s deep eyes were full of wind and clouds, with bone-thirsty tenderness, suppressing the tremor of his body, and asked in a dark voice: “Will you marry me?”

Luo Qingwan felt a severe pain in her heart, and the pain made her bit her lip, but it was still painful.

“Yes, what if I want?” Her clear eyes stared at him desolately.

The shaking of Nangong Che’s body became more and more severe, and sadness and excitement swept over him. He held the face of the woman in his arms and k*ssed it heavily.

Luo Qingwan tried to struggle, and tears flowed down during the struggle. She clearly knew that this kind of kss was not for her, nor was his so excited love for her! But she was just immersed in the kss here, which was something that Yu Muwan could get casually, and she couldn’t ask for it for five years!

With slender fingers gripping the bed sheet tightly, Luo Qingwan burst into tears, gnashing his teeth with hatred, and bitter hatred!

“Don’t cry…” Nangong Che hugged her tightly, k*ssed her deeply, and said dumbly, “Don’t cry Muwan…”

His generous palm wiped away the tears from her face, and against the tip of her crying red nose, a deep voice came from her chest: “Do you know how pleasantly surprised I am… I remember you hate me, you must hate me? Got to kill me… why do you suddenly want to marry me…”

Luo Qingwan was shocked and realized that she had ignored this point. Her performance must be too different from that of Yu Muwan.

Frightened and frightened, Nangong Che’s deep voice rang in his ears again.

“…But it doesn’t matter… Mu Wan, you can do whatever you want, that’s what I owe you…” He gently k*ssed her lips and gave her the hottest promise in the dark night full of stars,” As long as you are willing to ask, I can afford everything…”

A drop of tears fell heavily, and Luo Qingwan could not tell whether it was his own or his.

The night was dim, and she treated herself like this, it was more painful than Ling Chi.

Luo Qingwan tightly covered her ears and didn’t want to listen anymore, she didn’t want to listen anymore no matter how the man held herself to speak! That’s not for her, it’s not! !

A series of tears fell, Luo Qingwan burst into tears for the first time in such a warm night.

The heavy night passed like this.


“Boom, boom, boom!”

The door of the study was knocked very early in the morning.

Nangong Ao, who had just practiced Chenquan and returned to the study to write calligraphy, raised his eyes coldly. I really don’t know who is so courageous to come over and make a noise so early!

“Dad, open the door, I’m Enxi! I’m not here to mess around, dad, I’m in a hurry!” Nangong Enxi knocked heavily on the door with his little daughter, pushing Cheng Lanyi, “Hurry up and tell Grandpa to open the door.”

“Grandpa open the door…” Cheng Lan called out in a tender voice, Shui Lingling’s eyes looked at Mommy.

Nangong frowned proudly, walked over, and opened the door of the study.

“What’s the noise?” Eagle eyes swept over his unconvincing daughter. The strong and domineering Nangong Ao’s whole body made Nangong Enxi tremble with fright, and he swallowed back when he was about to say something.

“Dad! Sister Qingwan spent the night at our house last night, in her brother’s room!” Nangong Enxi said anxiously regardless of her daughter’s presence, her eyes glowing with excitement.

Nangong proud eyelids jumped heavily!

The eagle’s eyes swept towards Nangong Enxi, and the deep and thick voice sounded: “No big or small!”

Nangong Enxi was shaken for a while, not knowing what she had done wrong, looked at her stern father eagerly, and hurriedly fell silent, but the servants outside the door were also full of noise, whispering, Nangong Eun Xi raised her head, feeling that she was still exasperated, huh, what would happen to the woman Yu Muwan when she came back? Sister Qingwan obviously had facts with her brother!

Nangong Ao was not so optimistic at the moment, frowned, and thought for a while: “Don’t tell me about this beforehand! What did your mouth shout so early in the morning! What do you run back every day when you get married!”

Nangong Enxi was completely aggrieved in shock, and her father’s low voice made her feel as if she had done a big mistake.

But what did she do wrong, she has been an unmarried couple for five years! What happened to the facts!

Nangong Ao walked up to Cheng Lanyi even more bored, looking at the child’s delicate face, a face that was exactly the same as Nangong Che when he was a child flashed in his mind, his heart moved slightly, his hand clenched the cane and walked out.

In the room on the second floor at this moment, Nangong Che, who was suffering from a splitting headache, just woke up.

He must admit that it was shocking and surprised at this moment-inside the thin quilt, Luo Qingwan’s white and shiny body nestled on him like a goddess, falling asleep, because his movements slowly woke up.

A moment of ruddy appeared on her face, Luo Qingwan pulled the quilt and sat up, smoothed her hair: “Are you awake?”

The shock in Nangong Che’s heart exceeded his own imagination.

Lifting the quilt, not greedy for the slightest tenderness in it, simply surrounded the lower body with a bath towel, and the clear eyes were full of coldness, trying to make himself sober.

last night.

Thinking of last night, his head was so painful that Nangong Che walked into the bathroom and rinsed vigorously.

In a daze, he only remembered Luo Qingwan’s body close to him, and the sentence, “The new Eros has some poppies in it, but it just smells good, don’t worry about being addicted.”

It really is a poppy.

Nangong Che raised his head, supported the sink with his arms and looked at himself in the mirror. His deep eyes were chilly, and the broken hair on his forehead was dripping with drops of water, which was full of charm.

Luo Qingwan was still lying quietly outside, slightly nervous, and suddenly heard a loud noise in the bathroom! She turned pale with fright, sat up straight and did not know what was going on inside.

In a moment, Nangong Che walked out.

His handsome facial features are covered with frost, and his refreshing and handsome appearance after bathing makes people look heartbeat. He is attracted by the dazzling eyes and powerful domineering, and Luo Qingwan’s heart beats wildly. Seeing him walking towards him, there was blood dripping on his elegant fingers. It was obvious that he had just smashed the bathroom glass.

“What happened to us last night?” Nangong Che asked in a cold voice with his arms on her side.

Luo Qingwan tried her best to calm herself down, staring at her with clear eyes, and whispered, “As you see.”

“I only saw you appear next to me naked, what can you say?”

Luo Qingwan was shocked.

“What can you explain? You should be able to understand that you haven’t had a woman before, I thought you should understand.” Her voice trembled slightly, as if she couldn’t bear the insult.

“When I have a woman, I can at least clearly know that I am in her body. I once occupied her,” Nangong Che clasped her chin and said coldly, “What about you? Luo Qingwan, is medication fun? I was satisfied last night. you have not?”

“Che, don’t talk so hurtful! I am the daughter of the Luo family. I don’t have any unclear history. You know it for yourself. I was the first time last night!” Luo Qingwan said with tears in her eyes, staring at him.

Nangong Che pursed his lips, his face pale and terrifying.

He clearly remembered that Yu Muwan had said the same thing to him at that time. She did give him the most primitive impulse like a beast. He remembered her first time, so clearly.

But last night—who the hell came to tell him what happened? !

“Really? The first time?” Nangong Che grabbed the quilt with his big hands and opened it fiercely!

Luo Qingwan tilted her face, did not scream or shy, but quietly exposed her snow-white carcass in front of him, and in the center of the bed sheet, a small drip of blood bloomed like petals.

Nangong Che’s face was even more iron.

He just glanced at it, and suddenly put the quilt back on!

“Luo Qingwan, I will remember your first time. The medicinal properties are so good that I don’t even have an impression!” Nangong Che left a cold sentence and got up and walked out of the room.

Luo Qingwan curled up on the bed alone, her hand supporting her forehead, in pain.

Did she make a mistake in this step? Their relationship was not so rigid before, but now she messed up the relationship? My goodness…that is what she fears most.


Nangong Che opened the car door and sat in, his face terribly cold.

“Brother, come back for dinner at noon! Sister Qingwan is waiting for you!” Nangong Enxi shouted to the luxury car outside, all the servants around tacitly knew.

The luxury car crossed an elegant but cold arc, and quickly flashed past the gate.

The wind blew through the car window, making his already disordered thoughts even more messy. Nangong Che put his arm on the car window and pressed his lips coldly, and his slender fingers slashed across the steering wheel. The speed of the car was already so fast. Extreme.

He had a relationship with Luo Qingwan?

He didn’t believe it!

It’s just that he really didn’t know what happened last night. He tried to think about it, but he could only think of Yu Muwan’s shadow. Her frowns and smiles were burning in his mind. He must see her. ,immediately!

The windy luxury car stopped at the door of Huimeng Center.

Nangong Che, dressed in a straight ink suit, exuding the awe-inspiring breath of a king, walked in indifferently. Director Zhang in the office at the door was answering the phone. He turned pale when he saw Nangong Che’s figure, hung up the phone and ran out.

“Master Nangong!” Director Zhang shouted.

“Shut up!” Nangong Che stopped him coldly.

Director Zhang was choked and gasped, and then he calmed down for a while and said, “This gentleman, do you need any service or consultation? Huimeng Center welcomes you.”

Nangong Che’s cold eyes swept over him, only to be slightly satisfied.

“Where is her office?” he asked coldly.

“Enter the door and turn left into the third room, the one with the transparent French window.”

Nangong Che walked straight in without looking back. He walked to the door and prepared to push the door. After thinking about it, he held it back and knocked on the door.

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