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Chapter 379

“Please come in,” Yu Muwan put the sorted documents in the cabinet behind him, and said in a soft voice, “Huimeng Center welcomes your consultation. Can I help you?”

She turned around and saw a tall black man.

“You…” Yu Muwan frowned, a little unclear as to why Nangong Che suddenly appeared here, this man…is he still in the shadows? !

“Psychological consultation, can you provide it?” Nangong Che ignored her gaze, walked to the table and pulled a chair to sit down.

Yu Muwan frowned for a few seconds but couldn’t figure it out clearly, but she had the professional qualities of a professional, so she sat at the table to straighten out her thoughts and said: “Yes. What kind of consultation do you need? Is this environment okay? Do you need me to draw the curtains and record? Or do you just want to have psychological counseling?”

Nangong Che stared at her face and said in a low voice, “Close the curtains and turn off the lights.”

Yu Muwan looked at him with clear eyes, not knowing what he wanted to do, but she struggled a bit in her heart with such a perverted request. She still got up, closed the curtains as required, and turned off the lights. There was still a hint of light coming through during the day, so it was not very dark, and Yu Muwan was still acceptable.

“Sir, you can start.” She took a breath and sat down.

“I miss you very much,” Nangong Che said in a low voice, “It’s only been one night, and I think what you want and don’t know what to do.”

Yu Muwan frowned, “Nangong Che, I’m working, can you stop messing around?”

“Do you have a service here? No matter what the patient says, you are not allowed to interrupt. They are just talking and don’t need your advice.” Nangong Che’s deep eyes radiated a ray of light in the darkness.

Yu Muwan frowned tighter, and wanted to stop doing it. Holding the pen in his hand, he finally released it.

“Okay, you say, I will listen.”

Nangong Che was silent for a moment.

“Do you hate me? I know you must hate me. For five years I have been thinking if I can see you again, I can do something to make you hate me so much. I have been thinking about it all the time.” The deep voice is like a curse, hovering low in the room, “But I can’t seem to do anything. You are too repulsive to me. I wish you would never see me again. You wouldn’t even admit my children, let alone. Tell me how much hardship you have suffered…”

“That’s not your child!”

“Don’t interrupt.”

Nangong Che’s handsome, sculpted face had a light but sad emotion, and said to her lowly.

Yu Muwan’s cheeks were flushed with anger. She couldn’t bear the man’s whisper. There was too much soreness and hatred in her heart. Five years ago she had suffered so many pains, she disdains to tell this bastard! Now why is it his turn to run over and tell her the distress in his heart? ! It was not him who was forced to knock out the child five years ago! He is not the one who is forced to kneel down with others!

“Mu Wan, do whatever you want to do to me, don’t leave my world, I can do everything I have to repay you, as long as you want…”

“Enough!” Yu Muwan finally couldn’t stand it, her clear eyes flashed with a stubborn light, she got up and opened the curtains with a splash, the lights turned on, and she sat back on the chair and took a deep breath, “I forgot to remind you. This gentleman, as a consultant, I also have the right to refuse customers. Now please go out and don’t hinder my work! If you feel that I am unqualified, you can complain to me. The complaint phone number is here. If it is not possible, you can go out and find my manager , Go out and turn right to the first room, I have no objection!”

Nangong Che finally fell silent.

“Mu Wan… tell me, what can I do for you?” His handsome face was pale, and he held her hand on the table, tightly holding it.

Yu Muwan tried to struggle, but in vain, staring at him coldly, “If you don’t want to be slapped anymore, just let go!”

“Whatever you want,” Nangong Che’s face became paler, and Junyi’s thin lips showed a bitter smile, “You can hit me a few more times to make me sober, I really don’t know what I’m doing now.”

“You…” Yu Muwan flushed with anger.

The phone on the table rang, and she could only use the other hand to answer it.

“Hello, Huimeng Consulting Center.” Yu Muwan said with a steady breath.

“Yu Muwan, isn’t it?”

A quiet and soft voice sounded inside, and Yu Muwan was startled, feeling a little familiar, but he didn’t know who it was.

“Hello, I am Yu Muwan, who are you?”

“I am Luo Qingwan.”

Yu Muwan was startled when she heard this, her beautiful eyes stared at Nangong Che in front of her, her eyes clear as water.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked bluntly.

“I know that you have returned to City Z, and that you are working in the Huimeng Center, so I came to see you, first because I haven’t seen you in five years and want to see you, and second, I want to talk to you. About Che.” Luo Qingwan briefly explained the origin.

“He’s right here, talk to him yourself.” Yu Muwan handed the phone over.

A sharp light radiated from Nangong Che’s deep eyes, and only then did she slowly release her hand.

Luo Qingwan on the opposite side was slightly surprised, and heard Nangong Che’s voice before he could react.

“What are you looking for her for?” A cold voice sounded.

There was a buzzing in Luo Qingwan’s mind and her face was pale. She knew that the Huimeng Center was actually a newly developed industry by the Nangong family. Only because it was a field that had never been explored before, now let a friend of Nangong proud to visit Take care of it, but Nangong Che absolutely has the right to arrange the transfer of personnel inside, which is easy.

——When did he get in touch with Yu Muwan? How could he arrange for her to work in his own company? !

“I want to talk to her about you and about us.” Luo Qingwan took a light breath and did not shy away from it.

“what’s up?”

“I already have a relationship with you. She has no chance to entangle you anymore.”

“Really?” Nangong Che said coldly, leaning on the back of his chair, “I gave you such a right?”

Luo Qingwan bit her lip, feeling that things are getting worse and worse.

She was silent and whispered: “Che, can you not be so ruthless? I just gave you all of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you find her, I don’t care, but you at least give me an explanation, can’t you?”

“Don’t trouble her anymore,” Nangong Che said in a deep voice, with a calm and indifferent tone with a touch of murderous aura, “otherwise I will let you give me a good explanation.”

Slender fingers hung up the phone and left them on the table.

Chapter 380

Yu Muwan’s half-dangling eyelashes trembled slightly. She did not expect that this man would still be as unfeeling and cold as before, and treat her fiancee so badly, even for herself.

“Do you have anything else to consult? If not, please go out and bring me to the door… No,” Yu Muwan flushed a little with anger, cleared a trace of thought and said, “Please pay first, you can You can choose to pay in cash or open it, and you can transfer after you go back. I can give you my company account here, or you can refuse to pay if you are not satisfied, whatever! Anyway, please go out now!”

Nangong Che stared at her face and asked faintly: “How much do you want?”

“You…” Yu Muwan’s clear face was slightly hanging down looking at the information on the table. Hearing this sentence, blood surged, grabbed the information on the table and threw it at him, standing up with anger. Ups and downs, “I don’t need it anymore, please go out!”

This sentence reminded her of the scene of trampling on her self-esteem and begging for Xiaorou to study abroad!

Snow-white pages were scattered on Nangong Che’s body in a mess. His handsome eyes showed severe heartache, but his pale face was quickly replaced. The transparent window was open and people came and went. Through the Lily window in his office, Director Zhang watched as Yu Muwan threw a pile of documents on Nangong Che. He was so scared that he tightly grasped Lily’s window and his breathing stopped.

Nangong Che finally realized that as long as he stood in front of her, she would always hate him so much.

Leaning over and picking up her scattered materials and putting them back on her desk, Nangong Che said in a low voice, “Give me the last ten minutes. I will leave after I finish speaking. The due expenses will be charged to your company’s account later. “

There was a faint pleading in his dull voice, and Yu Muwan’s anger faded slightly, pulling the chair away and sitting down without saying a word.

“Mu Wan… you have been missing for five years. I have been thinking that if I can find you, I will do my best to compensate you for the things I have done wrong and hurt you,” Nangong Che’s deep eyes have a bleak Desperate, bloodshot, and mute and slow to say, “But now it seems that I am too naive, I can subvert an entire city, but there is no way to make you hate me less…”

A bleak smile appeared on the corners of Junyi’s lips: “I also think it’s a failure…”

Yu Muwan was slightly startled when he heard it, but his tall and straight figure stood up in the next moment. Yu Muwan’s eyelashes trembled. Before he could react, he felt that a huge black shadow enveloped him and pressed it down. Nangong Che’s powerful arms passed through. The desk held her waist forcibly, the big palm gently held her face and forced her to raise her head, and k*ssed her blushing lips gently.

“I don’t want any woman in my life…” Nangong Che said slowly in an angry voice, as if to himself, “I want you…”

Yu Muwan suddenly woke up, a frightening coolness rushed into his back, and he struggled suddenly, only to find that his waist was confined to death. However, the hot breath of this man was so close and so close to him, Yu Muwan’s cheeks were angry. The flush was about to turn his face away from him, but found that the arms were gradually loosening, Nangong Che slowly got up, half-leaning over to stare at her, his eyes complicated.

Yu Muwan suddenly covered her lips with the back of her hand and wiped her anger and glares a few times: “You are always so arrogant and conceited, and you will never take into account the feelings of others! What qualifications do you have to choose which woman you want, you Have you ever respected? Have you protected? Do you know what a woman wants?! You can’t even take your own fiancee seriously, what other women are to you? Like rags, when you want it, you can use it to ruin you. Throw it away when you are! I will not be entangled with a beast that has no humanity at all. A person who can ruthlessly destroy his own child is not worthy of anyone’s love!”

She took out a few tissues and wiped her lips, because of her excitement, the mist in her eyes flickered violently.

Nangong Che was scolded with incomplete body and pale face, but knowing that she felt more uncomfortable, he still stretched out his hand to cover her face, trying to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Yu Muwan tilted her face, her beautiful eyes glared: “Don’t touch me again, or I will be rude to you!”

She was so determined that he was covered with thorns, he had been pierced with blood, but he was still so close.

“Does scolding make you more comfortable? You can continue, I can bear it.” Nangong Che’s dull voice slowly sounded.

“You…” Yu Muwan stared at this man in surprise and shock, unable to accept that he ran to her consultation room to be scolded. She was used to this man’s violent and bloodthirsty character, and he was used to nothing. The ravages of human nature, she prepared everything to fight him desperately, but she didn’t expect him to even fight back!

“You are sick, don’t affect my work if you are okay!” Yu Muwan pulled the chair forward, trying to dispel the tears in his eyes, preparing to concentrate on work.

“Don’t let the grievances you have suffered just turn into grievances. I can make up for it. That is my child. I haven’t fulfilled my father’s responsibilities for five years… Mu Wan, don’t you even give me a chance?” Nangong Che stared. With her fair and clear face, she said dumbly.

Yu Muwan’s pen quivered, and her whole body shuddered slightly. She clasped her arms and was a little helpless. Who can tell her how to get this man out? She has already said the most ruthless words, is he crazy, can’t understand? !

“Don’t tell me, if you do this, I will call you to harass you! Get out!” Yu Muwan raised his head, yelling at him like a sleepy beast.

“I want to pick him up from school…”

“Dare you! Don’t touch him, stay away from him!” Yu Muwan’s eyes widened and her face was pale.

“That’s my child…” Nangong Che’s deep eyes were full of intense heartache. He had never felt that he was so fragile for a moment, his thin lips opened with difficulty, and he said words flowing from his chest and lungs, “Mu Wan , Do you know that there is such a fact that is in my mind day and night! I don’t have to face so many people and things that I hate, I only hope that there is you in my world, our children, and others Damn it, don’t you understand it!!”

He suppressed a low growl, his face was pale, his eyes were scarred by the intense heartache, and the veins of his hands on the table were violent.

Yu Muwan was a little stupid when he was yelled for an instant, and he was so angry that he bit his lips and didn’t know what he could reply.

In the next moment, she was tightly held by Nangong Che, and her body was very painful under pressure across a desk, but his hand was tightly pinched in the palm of his palm, his heart beating like a drum. There was an overwhelming warm and trembling breath.

For a long time, Yu Muwan frowned and struggled subconsciously, but it was only in vain. She looked up at this man like a drowning person. All she saw was the devastation of the past, and she wanted to close it in pain. Eyes, Nangong Che’s kss fell on her eyes, the kss was so heavy that she wanted to swallow her.

“a**hole… let go!” Yu Muwan said tremblingly, unable to break free.

Nangong Che ignored her struggle in the slightest, and she was out of control.

He was disgusted with the scene he saw in the morning, disgusting so strongly! He needs a touch of warmth to tell him that those are all fake! He knows what he wants, and the one he loves is so clear in his arms! She was excited, she had thorns, and her words hurt people to the bottom of the heart. He was like holding a handful of thorns in his arms, stabbed with blood, the pain was thorough, and the love was thorough.


Yu Muwan was confused all day, and sent documents to Director Zhang’s office, but repeatedly sent them wrong.

“Sorry for not this. I’m sorry for my negligence. I’ll go get the correct one in!” Yu Muwan blushed and said hurriedly.

“Muwan, wait a minute,” Director Zhang gently tapped on the table twice to summon her. Looking at her face, he remembered the scene between her and Nangong Che just now. The shock in her heart was beyond imagination. This woman and them What is the relationship with his boss? “How did you think about what I told you this morning?”

Yu Muwan’s mind was not yet clear, and when he thought of it, he felt a mess in his heart.

“I…” Yu Muwan hesitated, unable to make a decision.

“It doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to do this job, you don’t have to force it. I think you are doing well in other jobs,” Director Zhang said further.

Yu Muwan’s thoughts turned quickly, and he took a slight breath and said, “No, I decided to accept it. When it will start, please tell me, Director Zhang, and I will arrange a timetable as soon as possible.”

She thought very clearly. Nangong Che knew her office location without knowing what was going on. She was really afraid that this man would come to harass sooner or later. No matter how sensible and unfeeling, she could not stand his rogue and persistence, so she simply chose this A job that can be absent from the company from time to time at least allows her to avoid people she doesn’t want to see.

Director Zhang’s eyelids twitched, and then he smiled: “Well, I will help you arrange it. It will be as soon as possible.”

When Yu Muwan’s slender and beautiful figure disappeared at the door, Director Zhang picked up the phone and dialed a number, and said softly, “She accepted.”


A familiar beep came from the phone, which was very long and long, and no one answered it after waiting for a long time.

Luo Qingwan hung up the phone, closed her long eyelashes, and shook the rocking chair under her. The huge Nangong Villa stood in place like a palace. She closed her eyes and gently shook the rope of the rocking chair in the sun, her beautiful face casting a faint shadow.

He should be able to hear the call, but he doesn’t want to answer it again, right?

Luo Qingwan, why did you get yourself so embarrassed?

“Sister Qingwan! You are so amazing!” Nangong Enxi flew to her like a bird, smiling very happily.

The rope of the rocking chair was pulled by someone, and Luo Qingwan opened his eyes and saw a brilliant face, and smiled lightly: “You haven’t left yet? When Che comes back, I will be angry with you again. Will Yi Sheng also urge you to go back? ?”

Nangong Enxi pouted: “I’m too lazy to care about him! What’s wrong with my return to my natal family? I don’t have a place to go, I just want to come back and get angry with him! Cheng Yisheng won’t care about me, he is busy with bread outside. Mistress, hum, thought I didn’t know, and when I go back, I will kill him with a carbine and catch him off guard!”

Luo Qingwan’s eyelids twitched, and she was somewhat horrified.

Cheng Yisheng-he also raised a mistress? How did Eun Hee know?

“You don’t want to make this kind of joke of your husband casually, this is for me, don’t let Che and uncle hear it, they can’t tolerate you to be aggrieved!” Luo Qingwan said with a smile.

“They? Are they qualified to take care of me?” Nangong Enxi pulled her arm and leaned comfortably, and sneered, “You never know how romantic my father was when he was young, and marrying my mother still doesn’t like it! And my brother, can you see where he looks a little bit like a fiance? Five years ago, there was a lot of trouble with a mistress. Five years later, he will continue to be obsessed. Don’t go and steal the fish with a good wife, and he is still alive. A woman with such a big child, he has the right to teach me!”

After talking and feeling wrong, Nangong Enxi felt that Luo Qingwan’s face must be unsightly.

“Oh, Sister Qingwan, I didn’t come to you to say this!” Nangong Enxi raised his head, knowing that his eyes were full of cunning, “I admire you so much! Yesterday, I could have my brother surrender under your pomegranate skirt …”

She said that she went to lift Luo Qingwan’s skirt as she was playing. Luo Qingwan was so scared that she smiled and said, “You girl, don’t be so troublesome!”

“Haha, am I wrong? What tricks did you use to confuse my brother to sleep with you yesterday? Really call it! My brother has been abstinent for that b*tch for five years, why did you let him follow you? Say it!”

Luo Qingwan was tickled by her, smiled and dodged to beg for mercy: “Don’t scratch me, stop and I’ll tell you!”

Nangong Enxi finally stopped making trouble, lying on her shoulder obediently listening to her.

“Men always need solace. Just take the initiative.” Luo Qingwan smiled and said simply, but put her hand down the skirt to cover an inconspicuous wound on the inner side of her knee. How despicable was her method last night. It is clear that Nangong Enxi is simple in mind, she will not be stupid enough to tell her this.

“Ha, that’s it?” Nangong Enxi smiled slyly, “Sister Qingwan, don’t lie to me, I can smell the perfume you used last night. I think Cheng Yisheng didn’t pretend to be an uncle in front of me. It’s because that woman Yu Muwan would rather die than surrender, but it’s not that she can’t stand a little bit of teasing, so I just sprayed that little bit to make him submit!”

Luo Qingwan’s eyes widened and looked at her incredible.

“You mean… Yi Sheng and Mu Wan?” She never knew there was such a thing.

“Huh, or why do you think I hate Yu Muwan so much?” Nangong Enxi said with a sneer, “She first seduce Yisheng and then seduce her brother. Does she think she can succeed? Qingwan sister, you are a clever trick! it is good!”

Luo Qingwan fell silent, her beautiful face without the slightest emotion.

If she is really doing well, she doesn’t have to be like this. He would suspect her the day she lost her body, and she hasn’t seen anyone else.

The phone vibrated.

Luo Qingwan looked at the screen subconsciously, and the surprise in her heart shattered instantly. It was not from Nangong Che.

Heh…that’s right, when did he take the initiative to call her?

Standing up lightly, Luo Qingwan avoided Nangong Enxi without a trace, took a breath and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Miss Luo, the DNA test report you want has already come out, do you want me to send it to you?”

Luo Qingwan’s eyelids twitched.

“No need…” She stretched out her hand to cut off a fragile and beautiful peach blossom branch, her eyes were clear, and she said slowly, “Just tell me the result will be fine.”

Chapter 381

“Well, Miss Luo, it is confirmed that the child named Yu Qianying at Youyang Primary School is indeed the child of Master Nangong-if the sample you gave us last night is correct.”

In a word, Luo Qingwan’s hand trembled, and the petals fell to the ground.

“I see, please don’t tell me about this matter. Even if many people will know about it in the future, I don’t want this matter to go out in advance, you know?” Luo Qingwan said softly.

The other party paused, “Miss Luo, we are doing things with money, please trust our professionalism.”

Luo Qingwan shook her head: “It’s not a question of believing it or not. Money should be given, but sometimes money can’t solve any problems.”

After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone and stared at the sky, feeling a sense of crisis hitting herself.


Yu Muwan had the blood of the Nangong family.

“Sister Qingwan, who are you calling!” Nangong Enxi jumped over.

Luo Qingwan dropped her delicate hand from the peach branch, looked at her with clear eyes, and then hesitated to ask: “At first, you really used this method to seduce Yi Sheng, and then you became pregnant with his daughter?”

Nangong Enxi sneered at the incident: “Huh, he thought I liked pregnant with him? I’m still so young. Is it fun to be pregnant? I wouldn’t have a baby so early if it wasn’t for keeping him tight. Let him The girlfriend who betrayed him for so many years! How could it be so easy.”

Luo Qingwan thoughtfully.

“Do men get caught by children?” she whispered to herself.

“Of course it will! What else can you do? You have to make a lot of noise, and everyone in the world should know it! If I hadn’t let my father know about my pregnancy in advance, I guess Cheng Yisheng would have been killed when they found it that night. !” Nangong Enxi said with staring eyes, “That wolf-hearted man, I treated him so badly back then, and now he dares to mess around outside, hum, this lady must give him some color when I go back!”

“But when Yu Muwan was pregnant with Che’s child, wasn’t he still knocked out?” Luo Qingwan tilted her head and said softly.

“That’s because I was in a miscarriage at the time!” Nangong Enxi shouted, “My brother always loved me, and he wasn’t sure if Yu Muwan’s child was his at all. The relationship between him and Yu Muwan was originally. It’s not stable. I blame the two people for not having enough trust. Che, who would have such a deep relationship with a mistress…”

Nangong Enxi was still talking angrily, but Luo Qingwan’s thoughts had drifted far away.

She closed her eyes, wondering if one day she could also be pregnant with his child, would that tall man no longer speak to him in a cold tone, would his eyes be gentler, would he no longer He hesitated to let her wait for five years…she was not young anymore. God knew that she could not wait another five years.

The corners of her eyes were slightly moist, and Luo Qingwan opened her eyes, it was a clear world.

It turned out that it was just a child.


Yu Muwan came out of the company, the sunset was like fire, and the wind messed up her hair.

She raised her hand and looked at her watch. When she had enough time to take a taxi to Youyang Elementary School, she walked to the side of the road and stopped the car. Without warning, she saw the luxury car parked in front of the company. Exclaiming and sighing, I don’t know who the car is waiting for.

Yu Muwan bit his lip, tightened the windbreaker, and wanted to walk for a while to the front intersection before taking a taxi.

The dark blue luxury car moved slowly, following her footsteps.

Yu Muwan was unbearable, knowing that he couldn’t hide no matter how much he could hide, and turned to stare at him, an incredible light of water in his clear eyes.

She had been with Pei Yuzhe for a few years, thinking that her patience and endurance had been honed to the extreme. Nothing could shake her, make her panic and furious, but this man still did it. If he doesn’t say anything, he can make her feel so confused. She wants to escape, but is so entangled that she can’t escape.

Seeing that she could finally calm down, Nangong Che got out of the car and walked slowly towards her.

“You said you won’t hide from me anymore and you want to go to Youyang Primary School?” He stretched out his hand to help her smooth her hair and whispered, “I will send you.”

Yu Muwan stared at him with clear and watery eyes: “You have to pester me like this, right?”

“I was pestering you five years ago,” Nangong Che made no evasive, his low voice filled with magnetism, staring at her deeply, “Or I don’t want to pester, but I can’t…I can’t let go you.”

The light in Yu Muwan’s eyes was still crystal clear and translucent, but she softened a bit, and her tone was helpless: “Can you stop doing this? I’m very tired. I can’t hide from you. Can you let me go?!”

Nangong Che stepped forward and lightly pressed her on his shoulders, bowed his head and whispered: “If you are tired, lean on me and rest for a while.”

Yu Muwan bit his lip and pushed him, but his strong chest did not move.

“I was really tired just after get off work. I have no time to quarrel with you. I’m going to pick up Xiaoying.” She brushed his arms and turned and left.

“Mu Wan…” Nangong Che whispered and took her wrist, frowned and pulled her back to her side, “I will go with you.”

“Why do you want to accompany me? What do you want to do with Nangong Che?” Yu Muwan raised his head, staring at him with water-clear eyes, and opened up their situation for the first time. “You have a fiancée. A fixed family, what are you doing to provoke me? You know that you hurt me and I don’t care! I don’t need you to compensate! I just want to avoid you to live my own life, I have the ability to raise Xiaoying, he Healthy, lively, smart, and loving. What does it matter to you if I can raise him up! What if I forgive you? What do you want to give me? Money or a house? Or do I have to bother me and my son like five years ago Raise a mistress and an illegitimate child? Nangong Che, do you think I want it!”

Some words, like dripping ice water, awakened the stubborn man in front of him.

“Are you sure he is healthy and lively?” Nangong Che sounded in a low voice, forcing her to ask, “He has not had a father since he was born, and he has no father’s love. What kind of protection and life can you give him as a woman?! He is one Child, do you know what he wants?! What’s wrong with his body? Tell me what’s wrong with him!”

“That’s none of your business!” Yu Muwan’s face flushed and he said that he had nowhere to dodge, struggling desperately, “Don’t talk about me so unbearable for your own selfish desires, everyone is qualified to accuse me of not having Take good care of your child, only you can’t! Ask your own conscience, he has no father and no father’s love, his health is not good, he has not gone to school for five years in the United States because some children laugh at him for not having a father. Now you are satisfied! Are you not responsible? Bastard… you let me go!”

Crystal tears were trembling crazily, Yu Muwan just wanted to push him away quickly and let him roll far away!

Nangong Che’s thin lips pressed tightly, and she was embarrassed by what she said. His handsome face was as pale as paper, and he could only hold her tightly. He held her tightly and couldn’t let it go, even if she was scornful in his arms!

“It’s my fault…” Nangong Che’s low-pitched voice sounded in her ears, lingering like a curse, “It’s my fault, Mu Wan…I didn’t fulfill my responsibility as a father, you can scold me, But don’t push me away…”

Yu Muwan was struggling and tired, exhausted, tears fell all over her face, and she was not embarrassed like herself.

“Give me a chance to take care of him… and you…” Nangong Che’s hot lips pressed tightly to her ears, and he muttered in a low voice, “Don’t be so hard by yourself…”

Yu Muwan tilted his head and avoided, with unconcealed hatred in his clear eyes: “Don’t give me this kind of promise, Nangong Che, I said I don’t want it, you can never treat me like raising a blind mistress. Child, you are dreaming!”

Her child needs a father, but what he needs is an upright man, not the fiance of another woman! Not even a bastard who hurt him so deeply!

“I won’t…” Nangong Che said in a dull voice, greeted the hatred in her beautiful eyes, and gently k*ssed her eyebrows, “I know why you hate me, I won’t treat you like that again. ,I promise……”

Yu Muwan’s whole body was weakened, her brows frowned in pain, and her whole consciousness was messed up by this man. She didn’t know what to believe or not, love words were too beautiful, but she was too scared to believe it.

“I’m going to pick up Xiaoying, you let me go…”

“I will go with you.”

“I don’t need it! You bastard… why are you!” Yu Muwan wanted to push him painfully.

“Hurry up, we are too late.”

Yu Muwan was pulled into the car by his wrist, her clear face was full of pain, she was indeed very anxious, it was too late to be entangled by him, but she hated this man, she didn’t want to stay with him Now, even for a second!

“You really should go to hell to taste the sufferings in the world, and taste how painful and hurtful you are, and you will know how much I hate you!” Yu Muwan clenched his fists, her beautiful eyes staring at her with pain and hatred. The man who wears her seat belt.

“I know…” Nangong Che buckled the seat belt firmly and k*ssed her profile lightly, “I would rather go to hell…”

His upright figure exuded the charm that countless women were obsessed with, and he closed the car door for her before walking towards the other side. Yu Muwan leaned weakly on his seat, watching the sunset glow out of the car window, his entanglement became tighter and more painful.


I just didn’t expect to get out of the car to see this scene.

Nangong Che’s deep eyes stared forward–

Pei Yuzhe took the bag from Xiaoying’s body, smiled and stroked his head, and took his little hand and walked towards the other side.

Yu Muwan was also a little flustered. She understood Nangong Che’s character too well, unfastened her seat belt and got out of the car, and shouted in that direction: “Xiaoying!”

“Mommy!” Xiaoying turned her head when she heard the voice, widened her eyes, turned her head and asked Pei Yuzhe, “Uncle, didn’t you say that Mommy was already waiting for us in the restaurant?”

Pei Yuzhe got up slowly, his indifferent gaze gathered, and fell on the luxury car and the man who walked down slowly.

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