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Chapter 430

“Um…” Yu Muwan’s shoulders shrunk like snow, his face flushed and he murmured, pushing his firm chest with both hands, resisting the feeling of being rubbed, ravaged and ravaged on his chest, pointing The tips are trembling.

Nangong Che’s breathing became heavier and heavier, and her movements became more and more savage. He pressed her tender body into his arms and rubbed her hands, leaving bright red finger marks on the skin, and Yu Muwan was forced to be in his arms. He raised his head, and groaned shyly and indignantly. A moan came from her mouth, and Nangong Che’s k*ss had completely drowned her.

“…” Nangong Che clasped the back of Yu Muwan’s head tightly, opened eyes that were as bright as stars, and said in a hoarse and rough voice, “Open your eyes, open your eyes and look at me, Muwan…”

Yu Muwan was tightly attached to his fiery body. Hearing this sound, he could only pant and lift his eyes. The clear and clear eyes were misty, and he couldn’t see anything clearly, but his face suddenly enlarged, so clearly. Appear in front of her!

“Nangong Che…”

She screamed, clearly feeling his fiery arms confining her.

He did not know when the messy shirt buttons were unbuttoned, and the two of them were already mostly naked to each other.

“Can you feel it?” Nangong Che buried his head against her forehead, his eyes were already scarlet with a starting point, with obvious desire, his palm touched her snow-colored spine, inch by inch, making that feeling Penetrating into each of her nerve endings, “Do you feel that I am hurting you? It’s been a long time since I hugged you, Mu Wan…Do you want me? Do you want to!”

Her big palms clasped her straight buttocks and pressed forwards tightly!

“Ah!” Yu Muwan bit her lip and groaned, the hard object stimulated her softness, forcing a strong pleasure, and instantly spreading electricity to her limbs!

She wanted to escape, but it was hot everywhere. She felt that the pants were quickly untied and slowly fell down. She suddenly opened her big eyes and whispered “No”. In the next instant, the hot fingers were gone. Touched the muscles and skin in her, and explored down wantonly.

“Nangong Che…” Yu Muwan’s fingertips plunged into the muscles on his back, hair scattered on his shoulders, and his head buried in his chest.

Nangong Che gasped coarsely, k*ssed her hair, lifted her waist, and entered even more presumptuously.

“No more… I don’t want any more… Let me go…” Yu Muwan begged for mercy in a dumb voice, feeling that bright fireworks exploded in front of her eyes, and her whole nerves were softened by waves of intense pleasure. She couldn’t bear it. Live, can only beg for mercy.

Nangong Che smiled lowly, bowed his head and licked the corner of her mouth.

Yu Muwan was electrocuted and tilted his head, Nangong Che chased after her k*ss, bit her lower lip, and once again firmly occupied her small mouth amidst the sound of resistance, while the fingers were dripping wet. In, accurately penetrated into her shy firmness…

“…!” Yu Muwan shuddered, and she was so soft that she was about to fall down.

The back of Nangong Che’s entire vigorous back trembled violently, and was deeply stimulated by the wet spring tide. He grumbled and bit her delicate lower lip, clasping her whole body and stumbled towards the bed in the bedroom.

Yu Muwan only felt that the world was spinning, she raised her head and fell into a weightless world, and her back was soft.

Nangong Che pressed up, let out a rough low growl in her voice, and withdrew her trousers three times and twice, exposing her shy underwear to the air, his big palm covered it, not shed her last cover , But squeezed it fiercely, frightening her with force like a bamboo.

“Ah…” Yu Muwan felt a slight pain, raised his head and groaned, panting violently.

Nangong Che lifted her waist, buckled her back and lifted up, and then suddenly bowed her head, Yu Muwan made a more unbearable sound in the next instant, soft and drunk, and was stimulated to the point where tears slowly ooze out…

“Nangong Che… don’t… let go…”

Her white, soft snow is full of someone’s fingerprints, and the blood-red front end is now in someone’s mouth. She is repeatedly stimulated with the hot tongue, heavy, fierce, and let that A little blush is harder and brighter.

Nangong Che’s breathing became heavier and heavier, tearing the soft cloth in his palm in the last patience.

The pubic bone was held down, and Yingrun’s knees were still closed together, and a large wheat-colored palm came over, holding one of the Yingrun, breaking it aside, and the other boldly and presumptuously up.

“Is it possible to tell me to let go now…” Nangong Che raised his wet eyes, blurry and twinkling like dazzling stars, panting and letting go of her blush, the whole tall and sturdy figure covered and pressed her firmly. Stuck.

Yu Muwan looked at the handsome face close at hand, her eyes blurred and fragile.

Nangong Che whispered: “Mu Wan…Mu Wan…” He started kssing from her forehead, followed by the tip of his nose, cheeks, corners of the mouth, soft lips, and white earlobes, like snake holes. The auricles are as small as the ears, and there are palpitation white muscles from behind the ears to the neck. Yu Muwan was immersed in such an overwhelming kss, unable to return to his senses. He didn’t feel how big and hard his wettest place was. The blood vessels there were still throbbing, showing the huge tension like a broken bamboo. She only felt a tearing pain, and the whole person was brutally penetrated from the most vulnerable place!

“Ah…!” Yu Muwan raised his head and groaned, his entire small face was full of forbearance, arousing pity.

Nangong Che’s entire back tightened, and he took a breath and felt the softness, softness and moistness that he had missed and longed for for five years. The ecstasy in his heart surpassed his imagination, and his whole mind had fallen off like a wild horse. Looking up, feeling the intense extinction sensation under him, staring at the woman who is turning pink under him, the whole person burst out instantly.

All night, Yu Muwan only felt that he was trapped in the fiery tight arms, unable to survive or die.

The tearing pain was still there, she only felt that she was about to pass out in the violent impact, but her back was picked up, and a rough voice was speaking in her ear, forcing her to wake up. . Yu Muwan opened her eyes and saw only a magnified handsome face with terrible longing in her eyes. She was immersed in that look, but the next moment she screamed again, her body was stout and swollen instantly. Big, pierced her deepest point frantically!


Hot pain…

During the violent and rapid friction, she only heard heavy gasps that did not belong to her. The waist that she wanted to escape was tightly clasped, her lips were red and swollen from the k*ss, and she raised her head and shouted that her voice was hoarse, that was penetrated. Only then did the place slowly adapt to the hot pain, and slowly began to have a different, strange feeling, which touched a nerve, and then drowned her whole person.

Chapter 431

“Uh!” Nangong Che’s head was dripping with sweat, his handsome face flushed, and he raised his head and snorted, feeling her tight ecstasy, assaulting more violently, until he felt that the people under him were hiding badly. He leaned over to check her condition.

“Does it hurt?” Nangong Che gasped heavily. He wanted to stop but couldn’t stop, so he could only shock quickly, bow his head and k*ss the tip of her nose, and asked in a dumb voice.

Yu Muwan nodded, tears falling, holding the sheet next to him tightly, choked out: “It hurts…slow down…I can’t stand it…”

She was afraid of the feeling of tearing her apart every time she penetrated. The strength of this man was too terrible. She tried again after five years. She avoided it terribly, including the tingling comfort after the pain, she longed, But at the same time he was afraid.

Nangong Che resisted his urge to hit hard, and slowly slowed down.

Jun’s face was full of sweat because of depression, his entire back was taut, and Nangong Che k*ssed Yu Muwan’s small face with his head bowed, and his small mouth muttered in a low voice: “I can’t control it, I I want to eat you, eat it hard… It hurts, isn’t it? I’m sorry… I’m sorry Mu Wan… I’ll be gentle…”

Yu Muwan couldn’t bear such a blatant love story. She wanted to get rid of his voice with tears in her tears, but his delicate chin was clamped by a few fingers, and the k*ss was deeper. Her soft, soft and moist tongue was on him. I was deeply pampered in my mouth, and bursts of soreness went straight to the base of my tongue, and the reaction below slowly concealed the pain, and it began to become a warm current that was slowly released, with unconcealable pleasure and comfort, and rushed to the limbs. skeleton.

“…” Yu Muwan trembled, tears flowing more violently.

Nangong Che groaned and buried her in her hair, and continued to say in a dumb voice: “Do you know how much I miss you? I haven’t touched you for a long time. How many times have I touched you like this in my dreams? You…you are so soft…mu Wan…I just want to die in you…”

“Hmm!” Yu Muwan suddenly frowned and endured his heavy blow, biting his lip, and his whole consciousness had collapsed.

“Don’t say… Don’t…” She began to shrink her body and struggle upwards, trying to escape from such a hot world that people want to escape, a pair of big palms clasped her waist again, and then struggling to penetrate again. ! Yu Muwan arched her back and screamed. She was frightened by the horrified comfort, and her whole body was trembling.

Nangong Che raised his scarlet eyes, and no matter whether she could stand it or not, he sprinted fiercely towards this sensitive point: “Don’t tell me to stop… I can’t stop, Mu Wan…”

Quiet night, soft lighting, the big bed in the bedroom. There are overlapping figures on the top of the bedroom, and the violent sprint let the people underneath his body screaming that they can’t help themselves in the joy of bliss. Nangong Che was sweating profusely. , Like a wild beast, undulating madly, sometimes holding up the face of the person under her body and k*ssing her deeply to suffocation, eating all her unbearable moaning and groans into her mouth, and then bursting under her body again With a violent impact, he slammed into it fiercely, and the whole root was lost.

Yu Muwan finally couldn’t bear it, her whole body squeezed, Xue Bai’s toes were tightly clasped, convulsed and forced into the crazy world, Nangong Che held her face and k*ssed deeply, releasing her All the beauty is stored, and she will reach the most beautiful heaven under his embrace. She is so beautiful when she trembles, and even her uvula is flustered and helpless. He comforts her, rubbing and rubbing with his rough palm. Her back and body pressed tightly against her deepest point, prolonging her comfort.

A love, sweat dripping, he has not yet enjoyed himself.

Yu Muwan’s waist was sore and soft, and the most fragile and sensitive areas had been tortured to redness and swelling. The whole person was turned over, and he was attacked more violently in the time before he could catch his breath.

Nangong Che k*ssed her delicate butterfly bone, bit her shoulder, and shrugged violently.

Yu Muwan clutched the white sheet tightly, whimpered and groaned under the heavy cover, biting his lip to endure.

“No more…I’m so sour…” Yu Muwan shook her head and begged, with a cry in her voice. She no longer knew how many times she had been released under him, but he hadn’t been satisfied yet. She was soft and fair. Only by tightening his back can he resist his unsound offensive.

Nangong Chejun’s face flushed, and his entire eyes were slightly scarlet. He bowed down to k*ss her eyes with distress.

“I’ll soon…” he said in a rough voice, leaning his palms into his body, rubbing the Min in front of her where she was covered by the sheets, and where she could not be seen. Feelings, she really heard her beauty again. There was a low groan that was intoxicating.

“You are so beautiful… Mu Wan… I want you…” Nangong Che said coarsely, and the buzzing voice echoed in her ears. Yu Muwan’s whole body became tighter, feeling that his waist was buckled. However, he was lifted up a bit, and he suddenly tried his best to put it on, with a fierce force, reaching the deepest part of her.

After screaming, the fiery atmosphere in the room reached its tightest point.

When Nangong Che finally broke out, he had already sprinted. I don’t know how many times. He only knew that the person in his arms had collapsed to the point of fainting. His tight back ran across with death-like speed. Comfort, bowed his head and k*ssed her tightly. Lips. petals.

Tight strength, soft arc, this is the perfect posture for them to embrace.

Falling heavily on her, Nangong Che’s bones covered her tightly, and the dripping sweat merged with her thin sweat. After the heavy gasp, he hugged her tightly with both arms and hugged her in front of him, like the most precious treasure.

The morning light fell through the curtains on his eyelashes.

Nangong Che frowned, and Junyi’s eyes opened somewhat struggling after a while.

There was a dumbfounded white light in front of him. He was stunned for only a second. The next moment, his arm suddenly tightened and caught the person in his arms, tightly, and then bowed his head down to check, she was still in his arms.

“…” The tight heart finally let out a sigh of relief. Nangong Che relaxed the strength of his arms, feeling the delicate and smooth skin of the person under him, a trace of scorching heat rose in his eyes, and turned slightly to cover her. Under her body, staring at her face.

They last night…

Yu Muwan fell asleep deeply, with hair dampened with sweat on her white little face. Nangong Che’s slender fingers lifted the hair away, gently clasped her face, and printed a print on her face. k*ss.

The body is soft, he always dominates her firmly, even if it is over, he will not let go.

It was only early in the morning that his body began to feel wrong again, just because he lifted the sheet slightly and looked down her exquisite curve, the burning in his eyes became more obvious.

Nangong Che tried to move, and the intimate feeling of touching skin spread all over his body immediately.

Chapter 432

“Uh…” He snorted, frowned and endured, but still gasped slightly, staring at her red, swollen, wet lips, very distressed, but he k*ssed it, very gentle at first, to the back He pried open her teeth unceremoniously, and chased her shy tongue all night.

Warmth, belonging, embraced her forever.

Nangong Che’s eyes were moist, and I don’t know why, but just like this gently hugging her and stroking her hair, and k*ssing her while she was half-dreaming and half-awake, there was such satisfaction and comfort.

“I finally own you again…” A low-pitched voice sounded, and Nangong Che’s k*ss drifted down her profile, as if he had deliberately told her in a dream. “From your heart to your body… Mu Wan… I love you…”

The phone’s ringtone rang at this moment, which is very unpleasant.

Nangong Che hugged the little woman in his arms, frowned suddenly and looked under the bed.

Clothes were lost all over the floor.

He wrapped her tightly with a thin quilt, and then got out of bed naked to answer the phone, pressed the answer button, and walked out of the room.

“what’s up?”

“Master Nangong, you made the phone we monitored move. At six o’clock in the morning, Miss Luo should appear at Jinwan Garden.”

Nangong Che frowned and looked at the phone. There was more than half an hour left.

damn it.

“I see. Send someone over to watch and don’t make a surprise, take a picture and wait for me to pass.”

After hanging up the phone, Nangong Che felt a slight coolness in the room. After checking it, he found that Yu Muwan and the others hadn’t installed any heating measures at all. He thought in a daze that she was like this when she lived with her five years ago. She never likes any heating measures when she is cold, she likes the natural warmth in the quilt.

Thinking of these, his heart began to soften. Nangong Che walked back, looked at the clothes all over the floor and didn’t intend to wear it. Instead, he walked over to pull off the quilt and hugged her again.

Yu Muwan turned over slightly, feeling a fiery chest approaching, and slowly frowned.

Nangong Che was slightly startled, but the next moment a ray of light surged in his eyes, he pulled her over and clasped her tightly in front of her chest, and said dumbly, “Good deed…I hope you can rely on me so much when you are sober… …Relying on me forever…”

My body reacted every time I hugged her, and now I don’t wear any clothes, let alone.

Nangong Che’s hand went down evilly and stayed evilly where he shouldn’t stay, gently touched, soothed, and watched her in her sleep frowning deeper, and humming closer to his neck.

The inner sides of the shiny legs are very smooth and nostalgic.

Nangong Che did not open her legs to do it again. Although he really couldn’t help it, he could only take a deep breath and retreat the whole body’s desire. But without the slightest effect, he decisively took a cold shower.

There is still water dripping on the hair, to see if time is running out.

Nangong Che walked back to the room to put on his clothes, only then slowly walked to the bed to see her.

He wanted to stay warm for a while, even for a while, watching her wake up in his arms, but it didn’t work.

“Little Fairy…” Nangong Che said in a dumb voice, covering her lips again, gently tossing around, “I really want you…if you want to beg for mercy…but I have to go…”

Looking at her sleeping face with clear eyes, Nangong Che smiled suddenly, pinched her minibus and said in a low voice: “Will you wake up and misunderstand me and run away after eating? That would be troublesome. “

Think about it, closing her smile again, and leaving a k*ss on her eyelashes: “Whatever… It’s better if you misunderstood, come to me to settle the account, anyway, I plan to entangle you in this life…”

He got up after speaking, covered her cup, made a call to Huimeng Center to ask for leave for her, and then walked out of the room slowly.


Golden Bay Garden.

Nangong Che sat in the back seat, looking out the window.

The garden here is attached to a residential area, which is also open to the outside. The early morning runners are already exercising, and there are students in twos and threes coming out from the inside and walking together.

The man wearing sunglasses in front opened the recording and showed it to Nangong Che.

The voice inside came slowly, a young boy, a gentle female voice he was familiar with.

“I said you have something to contact my assistant, don’t come to me, have you forgotten it?” The female voice said with a trace of sleepy haziness, her voice soft but indifferent, “and it’s still so early.”

“Miss Luo, I really can’t drag it anymore. I am going to Hong Kong with my mother in the car this afternoon. Can you tell me where she is? I have to go with her.”

“I am not very clear, it was not arranged by me.”

“Miss Luo…”

“What’s your name? I don’t remember it very much. I said that as long as you go first, your mother and I will help you send it there. I am not used to threatening people or harming people. As long as others don’t hurt me, I will definitely Will not go back, do you understand this?”

“Miss Luo, I understand, but…”

“You can talk to my assistant. I don’t like to handle this kind of thing by myself. You can’t believe me. Why did you agree to help me so impulsively?”

“I was… really short of money…”

“Is that not enough money?”

“No, no…Miss Luo, I can have no money or go to Hong Kong now, but I want to be with my mother…” The young voice was a little scared, unable to bear the consequences, just thinking about preserving the original state .

The other side was silent for a while.

“You will wait for me at Jinwan Garden at six o’clock. I’ll talk to you.” Luo Qingwan’s voice paused, with a soft affinity, and said lightly, “Come and see with your own eyes whether I look like a wicked person, and I will cross the river and break the bridge. The kind, okay?”


“Well, you wait for me.”

The recording ended here, and Nangong Che stared coldly at the black recording pen, his slender fingers slowly clenched.

The morning sun shines through and shines on a young boy in Jinwan Garden.

The boy is handsome when he wears the waiter’s clothes, and he still has the unique youthful breath when he is dressed in casual clothes.

Facing the morning sun, a figure walked slowly along the boulevard.

The young boy widened his eyes and saw that there was no one else around, before he said to the beautiful woman, “You… are you Miss Luo?”

Luo Qingwan wears a plain long skirt and a small black suit on her body, with slightly curly hair falling down, looking at him softly, “Isn’t it?”

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