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Chapter 406

Looking at Yarwen Tong’s somewhat twisted and painful face, Mo Yi Xin then realized that there was something wrong with his heart.

“I’ll call an ambulance right away.”



Yarwen Tong pointed to his pocket.

Mo Yi Xin immediately went to search Yarwen Tong’s pockets, when she found the pockets to take out a piece of medicine, found that Yarwen Tong has turned blue and closed his eyes.

The ambulance whirred.

“Lei, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.”

Mo Yi Xin followed the stretcher car all the way in the run, to the emergency room, the nurse rushed to stop her.

Yarwen Tong was pushed into the emergency room.

Mo Yi Xin squatted on the ground tears falling down.

She saw Yarwen Tong’s white face and had an ominous feeling.

Is he going to die like this?

Albert Ou rushed over, and when Yarwen Tong was put into the ambulance, Mo Yi Xin called him.

“Xin Xin”

“Little Uncle” Seeing Albert Ou, Mo Yi Xin cried even harder.

Albert Ou looked at Mo Yi Xin and immediately took off his jacket to her and draped it over her body.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”Albert Ou immediately went into the emergency room after patting Mo Yi Xin’s shoulder.

“How’s it going?”

Doctors and nurses were performing resuscitation, and Zhou Licheng was also inside, but he checked Yarwen Tong’s indicators and couldn’t help but sigh.

“I’m afraid not.”

Albert Ou actually realized this problem when he received the call, and now Yarwen Tong was just using the blood Albert Ou had transfused into him to sustain the last bit of life.

“There’s no need for resuscitation, so get out, all of you.”Zhou Li Cheng said towards the doctors.

The doctors and nurses also understood that Yarwen Tong had been resuscitated countless times, and this time, fearing that he would not be resuscitated, as well as the trauma to his body, it would be better to let him leave intact.

The doctors and nurses all walked out.

Albert Ou walked over to the bed and looked at Yarwen Tong who was wearing an oxygen mask.

“Lei, this is my brother-in-law, can you hear me?”

Yarwen Tong slowly opened her eyes, “Sister,”

“She’ll be here in a minute, I’ve already called her, she’s on her way in, you’ll have to wait for her”

Yarwen Tong blinked his eyes, he didn’t even have the strength to speak, he just wanted to reserve the last bit of strength to say something to Jasmine Tong.

“You hang in there until your sister gets here, okay?”

Yarwen Tong closed his eyes once more.

Albert Ou quickly walked up to Zhou Li Cheng.

“Is it too late for a blood transfusion?”

Zhou Liesheng broke off Yarwen Tong’s eyelids and looked at his indicators.

“It’s too late, his pupils are starting to dilate, his blood pressure is dropping, and I’m afraid it’s hard to get any fluid into him now, he’s just hanging on for dear life.”

“How did this happen, I thought it was a month” Albert Ou didn’t expect things to be so sudden.

“A month is just theoretical, if anything happens in the meantime to make him agitated or strenuous exercise” Zhou Lixin did not continue.

“I don’t care what method you use, make him last at least a few hours” Albert Ou gave an ultimatum.

“Okay, I’ll try,”

Albert Ou stood by the window and began to call.

“What I have asked you to prepare, bring it to me now, without a minute’s delay.”

Albert Ou made several calls in a row, hesitating for several seconds as he dialed the last one.

“Hey, I promise you, you’ll be right over.”

An hour later, Jasmine Tong finally made it to the hospital.

Mo Yi Xin rushed into the emergency room with her.

When she saw Yarwen Tong lying on the hospital bed with an oxygen mask on, Jasmine Tong suddenly stopped and tried to take a breath.

Albert Ou came to her side and squeezed her shoulder.

“He’s still waiting for you, don’t cry, Little Lei will be sad to see you.”

Jasmine Tong nodded vigorously, biting her own lip tightly, and walked over to the bed.

“Lei, I’m my sister, I’m here, open your eyes and look at me.”

I promised not to cry, but Yarwen Tong’s voice still choked up when he opened his mouth.

Hearing Jasmine Tong’s voice, Yarwen Tong slowly opened his eyes once again.

Jasmine Tong carefully took off Yarwen Tong’s breathing mask to make it easier for him to speak.

Albert Ou walked up to Mo Yi Xin.

“Xin Xin, I have a task for you.”

“What “Mo Yi Xin lifted her teary eyes to look at Albert Ou.

“Little Lei likes designing clothes the most right he has a lot of designs in the clothing studio, you go get them for him, maybe he’ll be accountable.”

Mo Yi Xin hung her head, she naturally didn’t want to leave at the moment, because she still had a lot to say to Yarwen Tong.

“Xin Xin, be obedient, don’t worry, Xiaolei will be waiting for you to come back, he still needs to see his design with his own eyes.”

“Well, I’m going, then, Uncle, and you tell him to wait for me when I get back.”

“Well, I will, you go ahead.”

Mo Yi Xin hurriedly ran away.

“Sis, I’m sorry, but I’m leaving you.We’ve been together since we were kids, that’s what we do together, so I’m going to go ahead and leave you alone.”

As soon as Yarwen Tong opened his mouth, Jasmine Tong couldn’t contain her tears.

“Sis, it’s okay, we have an uncle now and you have a brother-in-law, they’ll take good care of you, I told Hoshiji, he’ll be your brother in the future, in fact nothing is missing in your life.”

“Yarwen, don’t be like this, no one can replace you, don’t leave Sis alone, okay”

“Sis, don’t cry, don’t cry okay when I was little I always saw you secretly shed tears, don’t let me die on my deathbed or watch you shed tears all the time.”

Jasmine Tong immediately wiped the tears on her face with her hand.

“Good, and no more crying, either.”

“Sis, you look best when you smile, and don’t cry after I leave, okay, or else I’ll be very, very sad.”

Jasmine Tong nodded her head vigorously.

“Well, Sis won’t cry.”

“Actually, the doctor said I’d die at 17, I’ve earned it now that I’ve lived so much longer, do you think that’s why there’s nothing to feel bad about.”

“Well, it’s good that you’re happy.”

“Have a good time with your brother-in-law from now on, make our clothing studio good, don’t get too tired, and as for having children, you and your brother-in-law can make up your own minds, I won’t bother you anymore, I apologize for what I did before.”

“No, there’s nothing to apologize for.”

“Sis, I’m so tired, I want to get some sleep, I don’t have any more worries, I can finally get some sleep.”

Yarwen Tong slowly closed his eyes.

Chapter 407

When Jasmine Tong held Yarwen Tong’s hand, she found that his hand was completely exhausted.

She looked at Yarwen Tong’s face in horror.

“Don’t go to sleep, you don’t want to sleep, get up and talk to your sister, little lei little lei”

Jasmine Tong shouted as she held Yarwen Tong’s hand tightly, Yarwen Tong’s hand had slowly lost its temperature.

“Yarwen, wake up! Wake up!”

Albert Ou slowly walked over and touched Yarwen Tong’s neck, the carotid artery had disappeared.

“Jasmine,” Albert Ou shook his head gently towards Jasmine Tong.

Of course Jasmine Tong understood what this meant.

“No, he won’t die no no no no no little Lei, wake up, wake up, what will you do without your sister don’t leave me alone ok”

“Jasmine, don’t be like this, let him go in peace” Albert Ou hugged Jasmine Tong.

I knew this moment would come, even though Tong had been quietly preparing for this day since Tong was 17 years old.

Although the doctor also told Jasmine Tong more than ten days ago, Yarwen Tong only had a maximum of one month left to live.

But when the moment does come, Jasmine Tong finds that she still isn’t ready for Yarwen Tong’s death.

“Xiaolei, wake up, we’ve lived together for so many years, how can you leave me alone? Wake up!”

Jasmine Tong wailed, shaking Yarwen Tong’s body as she cried.

But Yarwen Tong could no longer give her any response.

“Xiaolei, wake up and say a few more words to Sis, okay these few words, don’t just leave me like this”

“Jasmine, you don’t have to,”

Albert Ou didn’t know how to comfort Jasmine Tong, and what he said himself paled in comparison.

“You save him, save him okay don’t let him die, he can’t die, he can’t leave me alone” Jasmine Tong gripped Albert Ou’s arm tightly.

Looking at Jasmine Tong’s face full of tears, Albert Ou felt so bad in his heart.

“Jasmine, calm down, will you come to your senses? He’s dead and he’s never coming back.”

“No, it’s not like that, it’s not like that” shouted Jasmine Tong, covering her ears.

She jumped on Yarwen Tong’s body once again.

“Little Lei, wake up, wake up, don’t go to sleep, okay, talk to me, I can’t live without you, you know Little Lei”

Seeing that Jasmine Tong had been in a delirious state, Albert Ou slowly raised his hand up and chopped down towards Jasmine Tong’s neck.

Jasmine Tong only felt a pain coming from the back of her neck and fainted as soon as she went black.

Albert Ou hurriedly caught her, “Jasmine, everything will be fine, I really can’t care about you right now, so just get some sleep.”

Said Albert Ou k!ssed Jasmine Tong on the cheek.

A figure raced through the hospital, knocking down two people and not looking back.

“What’s the matter with this kid, no manners at all, no word of apology for knocking someone over.”

Mo Yi Xin paid no attention to these people’s words, all the way into the emergency room where Yarwen Tong had just gone.

She was holding Yarwen Tong’s design book in her arms.

She’s been talking out of her mouth this whole time.

“Wait for me, little Lei, you must wait for me.”

When Mo Yi Xin rushed to the emergency room, he found several nurses packing up the emergency room.

She was completely stunned.

“Where is he? Where’s Lei?”

A nurse turned around and her eyes were red.

“Are you looking for Yarwen Tong? He’s already gone.”

“Gone” Mo Yi Xin certainly understood what the nurse’s mouth meant by “gone”.

At that moment she suddenly lost her center of gravity and collapsed back on her ass.

“Hey, girl, you okay?”

The nurse rushed over and tried to help her up from the floor.

But Mo Yi Xin’s body was so heavy that it couldn’t be lifted up by any means.

The design books fell apart one by one, scattered all over the place.

Mo Yi Xin cried out towards the ceiling and cried out into the darkness

Gone, he just walked away, not even getting to say a word to her.

“Why didn’t you wait for me? Why? Why didn’t you even wait for me?”

surname Tong

Because Tong Kee Liquor is growing very well, the Tong family is now not what it used to be, and after making money, they immediately bought a bigger house.

This just moved a few days ago and the decor is luxurious.

Duthie sat comfortably on the couch with a Persian cat in her arms, which someone had given her the other day.

Marven Tong was sitting on a rattan chair sipping tea, and his appearance was also leisurely and comfortable.

The maid came running in in a hurry.

“Master, Madam, someone has come to report that Yarwen Tong is dead.”

Marven Tong took the cup in his hand and dropped it on the floor with a bang.

“Who did you say died?”

“Yarwen Tong.”

Marven Tong was a little panicked, although he had known that Yarwen Tong would die one day, he was still a little shocked.

Duthie didn’t mind in the slightest.

“That teacup was a gift from Madame Zhou, a thousand of them, and you just dropped it.”

“Did you hear what he said? Little Lei is gone.”

“When it’s gone, it’s gone, and when it’s dead, he’s dead sooner or later.”

Simin Du was finally relieved, this time no need to worry, the company’s shares will still be given to Yarwen Tong.

The servant continued, “The messenger asked where the hearth was located so they could make arrangements.”

Duthie immediately stood up, the cat in her arms running away.

“I’m telling you, we can’t have a funeral hall in our house. We’re a new family. It’s only been a few days since we moved and it’s bad luck to have a funeral.”

Marven Tong touched his head.

“Or do it in the old yard over there.”

“That won’t work either don’t you know that our previous villa has gone up in price now and will sell for a good price in the future, if people knew the family had a funeral, who would buy that villa.”

Duthie forked her back and lived like a fighting cock.

“Then you can’t set the hearth on the street,” Marven Tong was also a little anxious.

“That son of yours one did not marry two no heir, according to our old family’s rules, the ancestral tomb may not even let him into besides, these two years we have no correspondence, let Jasmine Tong find his own way to”

“You” Marven Tong couldn’t say a word as he pointed at Dusyman.

“What’s wrong with me? If it wasn’t for me, you’d probably be out on the streets begging for food, where you’d care about your son.”

Simin Du turned to the maids, “Tell the messenger at the door that you know, and let Jasmine Tong figure it out on her own about the Haven, we don’t care.”

The maid had no choice but to go and answer the question.

Russel Cheng heard this and hurriedly reported to Albert Ou.

“These brutes don’t even have a spirit hall” Albert Ou gritted his teeth.

Chapter 408

“Now what do we do?”

“Set the hearth over to Rainbow City.”

“Ou, this is not in line with the rules ah although it is a family, but after all, Young Master Tong’s surname is Tong, Rainbow City here is your private property, if you have a hearth here, it is not good for you.”

“I’m still afraid of this Albert Ou turned back to transfer the property on this side of Rainbow City to his wife’s name, this house is not surnamed Tong, do as I say, no delay.”


Albert Ou brought Jasmine Tong back to Rainbow City, when she was still unconscious.

Jasmine Tong had been unconscious for four hours before she woke up, and she sat up with a start.

“Little Lei, where’s Little Lei’s?”

The pear stayed by her bedside.

“Ma’am, you should not be too sad and mournful, after all, you can’t come back from the dead.”

Jasmine Tong’s tears flowed down with a brush.

He’s dead, and this time he’s really dead, never to return.

Jasmine Tong suddenly heard the sound of crying, and it wasn’t the cry of one person, it was the cry of many people gathered together.

“Pearblossom, what’s that noise why is there so many people in the house”

“Ma’am, the gentleman has set up the hearth at home, and it’s in the living room.”

“What” Jasmine Tong looked at Pearblossom in shock, of course she knew this was against the rules.

She’s married to Ou Ze Noe, although she has taught Yarwen Tong to treat this place as her home, but this house is still surnamed Ou.

“Young Master Tong is really pitiful, your family said that the house the family just bought can’t have a funeral, it’s too bad luck to have a funeral.”

“What about the old house? The old house is always okay.”

“Said the old house over there wouldn’t sell at a good price if we had a funeral.”

Jasmine Tong pounded the bed board, her own father ah, but so cruel.

“Don’t you worry, ma’am, the gentleman is all ready to transfer this house into your name, and it’s already surnamed Tong.”

Jasmine Tong took a look at the plain clothes that were placed beside the bed, picked them up and prepared to change into them.

“Ma’am, you don’t have to rush down there, Mr. Hawkins and his family are already here, and they’re all guarding the bottom.”

“No, I’m going to take this last ride with him.”

Jasmine Tong descended the stairs in a plain white dress.

The living room has been set up as a chapel, and Yarwen Tong’s picture is placed in the middle of the chapel, showing him smiling freely in the sunshine.

Seeing that photo, Jasmine Tong was in tears again.

He was so youthful, so sunny, so clean, why was God so cruel to him?

People kept coming over to pay their respects in the chapel, and Huo Yulong and Chu Runzhi were in charge of receiving them, most of them Yarwen Tong’s teachers and classmates.

Jasmine Tong hardly cared about anything, just staring at Yarwen Tong’s picture, and from time to time she would burn some paper money.

She was crying her eyes out.

After learning of Yarwen Tong’s death, the family did not set up a memorial hall, Marven Tong is still somewhat missed.

“We don’t have a chapel in our house, so we should always go and pay our respects.”

Duthie looked up at him, knowing that he was already upset at his disapproval of setting up a hearth.

“Go go go go, I know you’re upset, I’ll bring him more paper money, that’s always okay.”

“Call Meng Meng and Qi Qi are back everyone go together this thing must listen to me” Marven Tong finally took out a little bit of the head of the family.

Simin Du had no choice but to give Rameen Tong a call.

“Hey, Mengmeng ah, that Yarwen Tong died, you take the time to come back, let’s go as a family to pay our respects.”Duthie made it sound so easy, as if the death was not of her loved one, but of an unrelated person.

“Mom, who did you say died?”

“Yarwen Tong ah just that brother of yours let’s all bring him some paper money.”

Rameen Tong was silent on the other end of the phone she stared wide-eyed and couldn’t believe what she heard.

I can’t believe he’s really dead.

“Dream on, dream on,”

“Ah, I’m-I’m here.”

“When do you have time?”

“Oh, that, Mom, I’m very busy these days and I really can’t spare the time, so why don’t you buy some more paper money for me and send a wreath and get some more money over there.”

“All right then.”Dushman just hung up without saying anything.

“Look at you look at you look at, or our Meng Meng understands, Meng Meng no time to go over, said let me buy more paper money, and then send a wreath, and also more money over” Simin Du hurriedly began to show off her own that well-behaved daughter.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

She immediately panicked and made a phone call.

“Didn’t I tell you to be more careful? Why are people already dead? You’re the one who got them killed, I’m not responsible.”

“Miss Tong what are you talking about ah we were very careful and only said a few more offensive words and didn’t even do anything.”

“Is that really true?”

“Of course,”

Rameen Tong hung up the phone and put it to her chest.

“It’s none of my business, you’re the one who got sick and died, it has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with me” she mouthed.

mourning hall

Russel Cheng hurriedly walked in and whispered something in Albert Ou’s ear.

Albert Ou was at Jasmine Tong’s side at the time, and Albert Ou squatted down to listen.

“Your dad’s here, let him in?”

When she heard the name “Daddy”, Jasmine Tong was startled.

“Does he deserve to be my father?”

Outside the door, Marven Tong stood outside with Dusmin and Raymond.

Duthie wore a black dress, and although the dress was black, she wore heavy makeup and bright jewelry on her hands and neck and ears.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

“Mom, this Jasmine Tong has had a good life. She even has such a big house.”

“Who says so? All she does is cry poverty every day, who knows which big boss she’s fallen in love with.”

“Will you two shut up,” said Marven Tong, uneasily on one side.

Hearing the noises outside, Huo Yulong looked out the door and immediately recognized Marven Tong from back then.

Although he was a bit perky and older, he remembered the man clearly.

Huo Yulong stepped out of the way and pushed hard on Marven Tong’s shoulder.

“Marven Tong, you beast.”

“Who is this person ah how to open mouth to curse people” Simin Du first rushed to the front.

Marven Tong stumbled and hurriedly stood firm, just wanting to curse back when he saw the person in front of him and immediately swallowed the words in his mouth.

“So it’s you.”

“It’s me, it’s a good thing you remember me, you abducted my sister and left him to die for no reason, and now my nephew is dead too, I’m going to settle the score with you today.”

“Hey, don’t, don’t, your sister was sick and died, it has nothing to do with me, and Little Lei was sick and died too, it has even less to do with me”

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