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Chapter 448

“Che… take care first, will you come back?”

Nangong Che’s answer was that he slammed the phone into the passenger seat next to him and hit the car door with a loud noise.

His gloomy eyes were full of murderous intent, and he was dreadful, he slammed the car around a circular curve and stopped with a sharp brake on the side of the road!

The night is deep.

Nangong Che closed his eyes, slowly squeezed his hand bones into a fist and placed it on his forehead, calming himself and making himself sober.

The entire banquet was a conspiracy.

In this conspiracy, he has no time to think about who designed it in advance, Nangong Ao or Luo Qingwan, those are no longer important. The important thing is which link he brought Mu Wan went wrong.

How could he… and how could he… just like this and lost her and baby…

The deep eyes opened, and there was a haze of murderous intent and bloodthirsty hatred inside. Nangong Che’s fingers were tightly clenched into fists against his lips, carefully recalling every detail. All the servants of the Nangong family were present at the banquet. Busy, the only person who can have time to capture Mu Wan at that time should be the bodyguard next to Nangong Ao.

In the eyes that were as deep as the sea, a sharp light as a sword burst out!

Nangong Che slowly moved away from the steering wheel, his mind seemed to have been washed by a big wave, and he was suddenly clear. He quickly started the car, touched the sofa in the passenger seat and called Luo Fanyu.

“The person who borrowed you can use it for me. If you can fight, you can be cruel, and you can send it to me immediately!” Nangong Che’s cold and hoarse voice is like a call to hell, which makes people heard in the dark night. Smelly smell.

Luo Fanyu was taken aback, got out of the gentle township, and smiled in confusion: “What’s wrong? Didn’t I find out what happened last time? Ms. Luo’s family is a woman, you would never hold it. Those bad tricks of the underworld are going to deal with others, right?”

“Shut up!” Nangong Che drank coldly and stopped his long-windedness. The huge power was about to crush the steering wheel, and his eyes were full of murderousness, “I have no time to talk to you, Mu Wan and Xiaoying are gone, I You must find their whereabouts, their exact location, and know where they are now!”

“Gone?” Luo Fanyu frowned deeply, “What does it mean to be missing? Isn’t today your father’s birthday banquet? I can’t go there, so I sent someone to give a gift. How…”

“He’s hiding Mu Wan!” Nangong Che said coldly, his face pale, “Don’t mention this to me, I wish I could kill people now.”

“…Okay, okay,” Luo Fanyu was also frightened by his cold voice, “How many people do you want? I can help you adjust it now.”

“Maybe I need to use not only people, but also your secret channels and contacts. The old man can’t hide Mu Wan in the right way. I know him!”

“Then where do you want to start?”

“People in the villa,” Nangong Che said bluntly, staring at the road ahead with cold eyes, turning the steering wheel fiercely to draw a beautiful bend, and his voice dissipated in the air, “I will let them know what’s hiding from me. End!”

The night sky was silent, and the arc of that car was cold and deadly.


Luo Fanyu rushed back from the field overnight. He was exhausted. When he got out of the car, he only saw the abandoned factory behind the villa standing in front of him. It was raining lightly and it was wet everywhere.

There were vaguely beatings and violent moans.

Luo Fanyu frowned and thought, why did this guy use these insidious tricks? How worried is he? !

As soon as I walked in, I smelled a faint smell of blood. Nangong Che’s tall and straight figure stood in place, and the man guarding him next to him with an iron rod in his hand tapped the ground, but the person who was beaten on the ground didn’t know. Get up from the ground how many times.

“Master, I don’t know…cough… I really don’t know…” A black-clothed bodyguard staggered to his feet, his mouth was bleeding, his body was soaked in mud, as if he was beaten to death.

Nangong Che’s cold eyes swept across his face, and another fierce fist hit his side face.

The burly man fell heavily on the ground, groaning in pain, the voice in his chest dull and horrified.

Luo Fanyu frowned deeper, and stepped forward and grabbed Nangong Che’s arm!

“What are you doing? Nangong Che, you are crazy! You can use this kind of damage!” Luo Fanyu cursed, he can actually understand how anxious Nangong Che is, but how can this be done!

Intimidating and profitable, this guy can think of it.

Nangong Che’s slender fingers pulled the tie, and the scarlet light in his eyes faded.

After playing here for a long time, I fell a single person and dragged it down and made people fix it. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t ask for a clue from these people!

“What do you think I can do? That dead old man won’t tell me where Mu Wan is. He wants me to get married in half a month and I will listen too?!” Nangong Che stared at Luo Fanyu with cold eyes, panting, and killing Ruthless, “But fortunately, there is still half a month, when I find Mu Wan, I will let him know what regret is!”

The people on the ground were dying, and Nangong Che had to continue to do it, Luo Fanyu grabbed him annoyingly!

“Enough of you!” Luo Fanyu calmed down and said, “Think about any other way. If Mu Wan and Xiaoying are taken away by the old man, they should at least be safe. He used things that threatened you. How could it be so easily damaged? He wants to force you to get married, but he doesn’t really want to ruin Yu Muwan!”

Nangong Che calmed down for a moment in Luo Fanyu’s low growl, gnashing his teeth and said: “It will be too late when he wants to ruin Mu Wan, because I won’t marry Luo Qingwan, and I won’t die!”

“You…” Luo Fan was speechless, his eyes were anxious because of Mu Wan’s disappearance, but there was nothing he could do.

“Master, someone over there has already recruited, saying that he knows who took Miss Yu and where she took her.” Someone walked over and said respectfully and fearfully to Nangong Che.

In the deep eyes, there was a light of breaking dawn!

Nangong Che’s heart boiled, breaking free from Luo Fanyu’s restraint, and muttered, “It still has an effect, isn’t it?”

After he finished speaking, he turned around, walking towards the abandoned room with boiling hope in his eyes, leaving Luo Fanyu’s shocked expression behind his head.

Luo Fanyu was shocked, and hurriedly followed in to see.

Across a wall, the people inside have been beaten to the ground and can’t get up. Luo Fanyu only glanced at it and raised his eyes: “You dare to move your father so blatantly, you really don’t want to live. Up!”

Nangong Che knelt down and said coldly: “He dares to move my woman, and he doesn’t want to live anymore!”

A strong hand suddenly caught the man’s neck on the ground, and Nangong Che asked coldly: “Who brought Mu Wan away, did you see it? Where are they taken!”

Chapter 449

“Miss Yu…Miss Yu’s room…Only Miss Luo has been in…” The man who was stuck in the neck said with difficulty. He had been beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face and he couldn’t see what it looked like, but to prevent it from continuing to dim. He was beaten endlessly, and he tremblingly said, “After Miss Luo came out, no one went in again…Miss Yu came out by herself… Going to the back door, she was stunned and took her husband’s car…”

Nangong Che’s face was pale, trying to imagine that scene, why the beautiful slender figure came out of the room and walked through the back door with the baby, and how he was stunned in the car…

A sharp stabbing pain grabbed his heart!

“Nothing? Where did they drive! Say!” Nangong Che shouted violently.

The man on the ground was struggling desperately against the ground, his expression was extremely painful, Luo Fanyu couldn’t help but stepped forward to hold him, “Okay, Che, it’s pretty good if you can ask, give him a breath or he will really die Up!”

Nangong Che held back his anger and anxiety, and let go of his hand.

The man on the ground coughed desperately, his flushed face dripping with blood like a pig’s head.

“Say, where Mu Wan went after being taken into the car, you can’t not know!” Luo Fanyu sensibly stopped Nangong Che and didn’t let him do anything, frowned and asked the bodyguard.

He was also worried about Yu Muwan. No matter what reason she disappeared, he would feel heartbroken when he thought of it!

“I…I really don’t know…”

Nangong Che fiercely grabbed the man’s neckline and pulled him up, angrily said: “Are you relying on this body to eat? Don’t say believe it or not, I will destroy you!”

The man trembled, shuddering at the last few gloomy words of Nangong Che’s teeth.

Luo Fanyu once again stood in front of Nangong Che and warned in a cold voice: “You can hear him clearly. He is not awake now. If you don’t say anything, you may not even be able to save your life. If you want to die, he will fulfill you, and I will not. Collect the corpse for you!”

“…South…” the man said with horror in his eyes, “they went to the south…crossed the sea…to the island outside…”

In Nangong Che’s eyes, there was a fierce glow of electric light and flint!

He left the man fiercely and ran away with the only glimmer of hope.

Luo Fanyu stared at Nangong Che’s out of control back, his heart was slowly tightened, and he stood up indifferently: “I look forward to these people being let them show up again. Uncle Nangong will tell the truth when he asks him. He forced it out anyway.”

After Luo Fanyu finished speaking, he quickly walked outside. Nangong Che cannot investigate this matter alone!


The car was racing wildly on the highway.

Luo Fanyu mobilized no number of cars to stop him, cursing in a low voice and had to drive by himself to stop him.

Fortunately, the people at the wharf have been familiar with him because of the transportation of goods, so Nangong Che stopped him abruptly before he was forced to break through the customs. Luo Fanyu got out of the car and ran into there, panting. Only when I saw Nangong Che’s gloomy figure, sitting on the sofa in the hall, his slender and elegant fingers covered his eyes, a breath of solemnity.

“What are you doing in such a hurry? There are more islands to the south. Can you not search one by one alone!” Luo Fanyu walked in and scolded, his face flushed with anger, and his expression was terrible, “Listen to me. Say, I’m more familiar here, if you want to check it, I’ll help you guard, and ensure that they can come back from the same way if they get out of this sea! You have a bit of brain, don’t want to be so anxious and rational when something happens. They are all lost. If the old man knows that you are beating his people, do you think he will hide Mu Wan and Xiaoying in place?!”

Luo Fanyu stretched his arms, and his scarlet eyes stared at the man on the sofa and said viciously.

As soon as his voice fell, a person ran from a distance, a long figure with a resolute speed, walked to Nangong Che’s side and looked at Luo Fanyu coldly, ignored him, and said indifferently, “It has been arranged. Now, sir.”

Only then did Nangong Che’s hazy eyes slowly lifted up.

“Arrangement?” Luo Fanyu frowned tightly, raising his voice, “What did you arrange?!”

“You must keep an eye on every part of the coast. If something happens, I will ask you! As long as they come back or change their directions, they will inform me at any time.” Nangong Che’s dull voice is like a call to hell, cold as ice, with faint blood. Wei, clenched his hand on the sofa and stood up quickly, the slender figure cast a solemn and indifferent light and shadow, “I really can’t stay here and be turned around by him–“

Nangong Che’s icy eyes swept towards Luo Fanyu, his voice was so cold that there was no hint of temperature: “I have to bear it!”

There was a haze between his handsome eyebrows, which made Luo Fanyu look in a daze. Before he could react, he had already coldly pulled his tie and strode outside.

“Listen, the entire coastal route will be sealed off within three days. Who dares to let a person go and wait to feed the sharks, is that clear?” The man with a long figure coldly glanced at the humane next to him.

Luo Fanyu opened his mouth wide and was so shocked that he could not speak for a long time.

“When did that guy raise your group of capable men, why don’t I know?” He whispered, staring sharply at the group of people who quickly dispersed. Some familiar faces can still tell that it is this jurisdiction. The leader.

The man’s cold eyes swept over and collided with Luo Fanyu’s eyes.

“This is a long story, Mr. Luo, I know your power here, please forgive me if we offend it when we do something.” The man said lightly, with a hint of respect.

“Although you don’t have enough manpower to do it, I can still help.” Luo Fanyu said back from his surprise.

“Can you take the liberty to ask, who is Mr. Nangong looking for?”

“Is he?” Luo Fanyu thought for a while, and Yu Muwan’s weak, slender but stubborn and agile figure appeared in his mind. There was a pain in his heart, and he muttered, “He is looking for his wife and children… so he is very anxious.”

After speaking, Luo Fanyu quickly frowned and stared at the leaving figure of Nangong Che–

What does he want to rush back in such a hurry?


Stepping into the gate of Nangong’s house, walking to the study, the servant saw that Nangong Che’s murderous figure was about to scream in surprise, but he was killed by a cold look in his eyes. His face was pale, and he was so nervous that he didn’t dare to say a word.

In the study, the servant quietly brought in two cups of tea, but when he walked out, the door did not dare to close tightly.

Nangong Che’s gloomy figure faintly appeared by the door.

In the study, Luo Qingwan stood lightly and rubbed the ink, watching Nangong Ao finish the last stroke magnificently, with a little admiration and admiration in her watery eyes, she whispered: “Uncle, thank you for helping me today.”

Chapter 450

Nangong Ao raised her slightly turbid eyes, stared at the words in her pen, and pondered for a moment.

“You kid… it’s not that I want to help you, but that bastard kid is too outrageous!” A deep and thick voice sounded in the study, and Nangong hummed arrogantly, his face full of solemnity and iron.” No matter what kind of woman you want to be with a woman who is unmarried and pregnant! What’s more, I’m already a deceased flower, so what qualifications do I have to marry at my Nangong house!”

Luo Qingwan continued to rub the ink, and a trace of guilt emerged in her clear eyes.

“Maybe I was wrong, uncle, I shouldn’t show you those photos. If Che doesn’t care what she is and does not do it cleanly, your block may still not change his decision.” Her beautiful face There was a trace of grief and pity.

“Is this something he can decide for himself!” Nangong Ao raised his voice, his face terribly pale.

I was so angry that I couldn’t write the calligraphy. Nangong proudly pulled a paper bag next to him and poured out a pile of photos. The photos were photos of a man and a woman who were intimately entangled. The nakedness of the skin looked extremely obscene, and the passion made people blush. .

“Look, look at what good things this woman has done! I thought that Xiaoying could still be a little bit better after following her, but I didn’t expect this woman to have such a low moral bottom line, how could I let this woman be me? Daughter-in-law!” Nangong Ao said coldly, his old face flushed with anger.

Luo Qingwan’s clear eyes scanned the photos.

——That was the photo she showed to Nangongao in the morning.

The above Yu Muwan and Pei Yuzhe were in the hotel, and the two were entangled very fiercely, making people look blushing. At that time, Nangong Ao was furiously angry by Nangong Che. From the window, he watched him at the gate and pulled her into the house with the woman. He was almost looking for someone to blast them out, but he was concerned about whether it would cause riots. And Luo Qingwan just smiled and said desperately at the time: “Uncle, you have always been watching how Che treats me. If he really doesn’t want to set the wedding date, you can’t force him. He wants to dissolve the marriage contract, and neither do I. Way to stop him. I’m sorry I have no fate with you. Maybe I should believe that Mu Wan can take back his heart, stop messing with the men outside, and be your daughter-in-law, don’t smear Nangong’s face. Just fine.”

At that moment, her simple and moving face was filled with the sadness and desolation of “a gentleman has adult beauty”.

That decent and generous smile made Nangong embarrassed ashamed.

“Wan girl, if it weren’t for Brother Luo, I would have fallen and couldn’t get up. Not to mention that we can have such a big achievement today. The marriage of our two families is well established. I can’t just let it go. You suffered such a grievance at my Nangong house, otherwise, what face do I have to see your father in the future?!” Nangong arrogantly said, “I used to be confused by the woman Yu Muwan only when Che was a moment. Photo, how did I know that this woman was born with a natural flirty and played so loyal and vigorous! Che must have been deceived by that woman too! If I didn’t deal with this woman early, he would have to continue to be so confused!”

Luo Qingwan was slightly surprised, a trace of fear flashed in her clear eyes.

“Uncle, what are you going to…what do you plan to do with Mu Wan? She may only be entangled with Che by the aura of power for a while, but at least she has never done anything bad. Uncle, you won’t…”

“Don’t worry about this!” Nangong Ao waved her hand and said indifferently, “I know what punishment this woman should receive. As long as Che’s child is obedient, nothing will happen. If she is willing to give Xiaoying to me There is nothing, otherwise…huh!”

“During this period of time, don’t think about anything. Go back obediently and prepare for the wedding. The news will be released tomorrow morning. Uncle Nangong will definitely make your wedding with Che a beautiful place for you and will not let you suffer. Grievance!” Nangong proudly patted Luo Qingwan’s shoulder, with appreciation and pampering in her muddy eyes.

Luo Qingwan’s beautiful face still had a trace of worry, but she still smiled slightly.

“Uncle, I have another request.” Luo Qingwan said softly.

“You said.”

“I still think, don’t really let Mu Wan be hurt. After all, they are all women. I know that she also wants to survive. In order to let her baby live a better life, she wants to climb Che and the pianist at the same time. , After all, there will be a back road. Uncle, I know your wrist, please don’t…”

“You girl has to be so kind!” Nangong arrogantly swept over her eyes, a little bit of hatred that iron is not made of steel, “You haven’t been killed enough? That kid Che has done so much sorry for you, just so soon. forget?!”

A trace of pain flashed in Luo Qingwan’s clear eyes, biting her lip, and remembering the wounds severely stabbed by his indifference, as well as the waiting and forbearance of those days. Now, can she keep the clouds open and see the moonlight? ?

Under the light at this moment, the soft white and slender woman was fragile with a puncture.

“Girl, there will be uncle guarding you in the future. Don’t be afraid of anything in this family. You are the woman who is most qualified to be my Nangong family’s young grandmother. Uncle will not be wrong!” Nangong proudly said with earnestness.

Outside the door at this moment, Nangong Che’s scarlet eyes had a murderous aura, and his hands against the wall slowly tightened.

Luo Qingwan, is this your method? !


Sure enough, it was disgusting! !

Nangong Che fiercely suppressed the urge to break the door and tear the woman’s face, and a huge wave surged in his deep eyes! He wouldn’t just let her be torn apart so easily, absolutely wouldn’t… If it were his Nangong Che who wanted to destroy a vicious-hearted woman, he would tear her flesh and blood out to make her feel unhappy! Regret it!

In the night, the thick ink was generally heavy, suppressing a bloody storm…

Late at night.

Luo Qingwan finally walked down the stairs slowly. There was a trace of fatigue on her small face in the moonlight. When she walked to the car, she looked up at the starry sky and stopped, feeling the coolness of her body.

Her long eyelashes trembled, looking up at the starry sky, not allowing herself to see the real world.

When she just said that passage in the study, she was really in a daze and felt that she was really bad.

Luo Qingwan, you are really bad!

What is it that drives you to such a point that you can pour the vicious dirty water on others? Her hands were cold, and she suddenly felt that she was covered with sin and could no longer be cleaned. But that’s great.

Yu Muwan finally disappeared.

She finally disappeared! !

Luo Qingwan’s face was pale, but a very strange smile appeared in the car mirror, cold and feminine.

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