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Chapter 424

It’s already midnight when Jasmine Tong arrives home after the New Somerset Cup is completely over.

Albert Ou was waiting for her.

She’d been so busy filming that she’d still taken time off for the New Somerset Cup and the crew, or she wouldn’t have had time to come back.

Pushing open the bedroom door Albert Ou was sitting on the bed looking refreshed.

Jasmine Tong immediately ran to the edge of the bed and jumped into Albert Ou’s arms.


“Did I tell you a long time ago that I never accept a verbal thank you.”

Jasmine Tong lifted her head and k!ssed Albert Ou hard on the lips.

“Is that okay?”

“I went to all that trouble and you just k!ssed me and that’s it” Albert Ou was a hundred percent unconvinced.

“So what do you want?”

“Tonight hey hey” Albert Ou rubbed his hands like he was going to do something big.

Jasmine Tong knew what he wanted without having to ask, and he’d been like that since the first day she’d known him.

“I’ll take a shower first then.”

“No need to wash it, do it and then wash it” Albert Ou took Jasmine Tong into his arms and turned her over in a smooth motion.

Jasmine Tong slowly ruffled Albert Ou’s hair.

“I should really thank you today, I wouldn’t have known how to deal with that Weyland Lin without those notarizations you did early on, he’s far more established in the circle than I thought.”

Jasmine Tong was thankful to Albert Ou with all her heart that he had secretly done so much without her knowing.

“Seriously, how did you come up with the idea to do justice?”

“If you’ve been in this place called the mall long enough, some things come naturally to you, so stop talking nonsense and get a grip.”

Albert Ou didn’t want to take credit with Jasmine Tong but k!ssed her directly on the lips.

Jasmine Tong was also very cooperative with Albert Ou.

Unfortunately, the sweetness only lasted one night, and the next day they both went their separate ways, one to the office and the other to a movie.

Compared to the sweet night that Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou spent, Rameen did not have a good night.

She immediately summoned all of LOVE’s top executives and told them about today’s events, asking them to help figure out what to do.

“Miss Tong, since there has been such a serious case of plagiarism, but now there is only one way out, remove all products from the shelves and a public apology”

The manager of the LOVE brand is still a decent guy and he’s still around in the business.

“Removing all the products from the shelves, how is this possible? I had thought that Mr. Lin got, the first prize of the New Shang Cup, we can also sell a big sale for a while, there is a backlog of so many new products, the inventory is also full, you let off the shelves at this time.”

The first thing you need to do is to get your own copy of the book, and then you’ll be able to get your own copy of the book.

This time she is determined to win the New Somerset Cup, and has already started to prepare in advance, the inventory is all piled up, just in case the sale of one less dress.

It’s all in your hands now.

“Miss Tong, if you still want the brand, this is the only way we can do it, we’ll have to fire Willie Lam and hire another designer to get the brand going again, otherwise”

The manager didn’t go on with the following words, and I’m sure everyone in the room understood.

If only one or two styles were copied, that would be fine, but now it’s love almost all of the styles are copied.

“In addition Miss Tong, I hope you will be prepared for a lawsuit Lin Wieland has copied so much, the other side is unlikely to let up.There’s plenty of evidence on the other side, and we’re even more at a disadvantage in a lawsuit.”

Rameen Tong with her hands on her head had completely disregarded her image.

Is she going to ruin the love brand she built?

The point is that she’s still a star, and the impact of this incident on her is not trivial, she had a hard time salvaging her image

The next day, Jasmine Tong looked up this morning’s freshly baked news as she sat in her car on the way to Yancheng.

The fashion news and entertainment news sections all documented last night’s New Somerset Cup, and the headline was undoubtedly the plagiarism incident by Willard Lim.

Lin Weilang slumped on the stage as well as Rameen Tong’s collapsed face were all captured on film.

There is also some very eye-catching news about the quality of LOVE as well as the service issues.

LOVE has been exposed for its crude clothing, using inferior materials that break down after a few days of wear, and for the poor attitude of LOVE’s sales staff.

“Many deeds lead to death.”Jasmine Tong closed the news.

Someone from stone clothing studio called Jasmine Tong.

“Sister Manny, our clothing is on fire all of a sudden today there are several people who have come to talk about cooperation, our store, now full of all the customers, it’s crazy.”

These Jasmine Tong had expected, but just didn’t think it would be so hot.

“You must keep a close eye on the quality, we don’t have that much inventory right now, and the manufacturer’s side is asking them to speed up the process, but the quality must never fall short, and we’d rather sell one less garment than one inferior product.”

“Yes I understand.”

“And tell our designers to take a break from rushing out new models.”


The phone hung up Jasmine Tong’s face finally showed a satisfied smile.

“Xiaolei, if you know that your clothes are now on sale, you should be happy too” she seemed to see Yarwen Tong’s clean, unblemished smile.

Entering Yancheng, Jasmine Tong began shooting again in earnest.

Rameen’s side promptly posted the tweet.

“I’m sorry everyone, I’m very sorry, I also really didn’t expect that Lin Weilang was such a person, when I first met him, I thought that he was a master in China, so there shouldn’t be any problem, who knew that he would copy his own student’s work.”

Rameen released a lengthy tweet, blaming all the blame on Willie Lam and announcing that all of LOVE’s clothing on sale was off the shelves.

At the end of the tweet she also told everyone that she would try to pick herself up and start a new life.

As the saying goes, there’s nothing wrong with knowing your mistakes, not to mention the fact that the plagiarist is Lin Weilang, Rameen is just the boss, so this matter does not have a great impact on her.

The only impact is money.

There are media for liquidation, love this time the losses will reach several hundred million, some agents, and even in pursuit of fleeing Rameen Tong, after all, they are also signed a contract in the, do not know how much compensation to count these.

So this time Rameen Tong really lost a lot.

Jasmine Tong has ignored the question, because the thing that makes her happy has finally arrived, the Golden Wolf Awards ceremony is about to begin.

Chapter 425

Tong stood in front of the mirror to officially wear her dress for the Golden Wolf Awards ceremony.

It is a dark red dress, short in front and long in back, which will bring out Jasmine Tong’s two straight and slender legs, elegant and lively at the same time.

Every time Jasmine Tong attends an event, her dress is always fresh and elegant, and this is the first time she has chosen a red dress, this dress is also designed by Yarwen Tong.

One of the many gown designs in Tong’s thick design book that were designed specifically for Tong, this is one of them.

Albert Ou gently wrapped his arms around Jasmine Tong’s waist from behind.

“Why is my woman so good-looking?”

Albert Ou k!ssed lightly on Jasmine Tong’s naked back, and Jasmine Tong only felt a tickle.

“Don’t you dare, it’s a dress for the awards ceremony tomorrow, don’t ruin it for me.”

“Why is it as if I’m a saboteur in your eyes” Albert Ou felt oddly aggrieved.

Jasmine Tong glared at Albert Ou: “Isn’t it true that my pajamas, underwear, and all kinds of clothes, you have given me to tear how many pieces of ah you count yourself.”

What he wasn’t a spoiler from the moment we met seemed to have a penchant for ripping her clothes off, never having the patience to help her take them off

“I’ve been tearing up less lately, is that making you unhappy.”

Jasmine Tong hurriedly left Albert Ou and took off the dress she was wearing and put on a nightgown.

I don’t want this dress to fall into Albert Ou’s hands again.

Albert Ou once again embraced Jasmine Tong in his arms, Jasmine Tong’s lips gently rising up.

“Do I look good in this dress?”

“It’s not pretty.”Albert Ou answered without hesitation.

“Where not to look at it” Jasmine Tong felt like she was suddenly splashed with a pot of cold water, from the head to the feet, just not also praised her good-looking it so a while to change her face.

“You look best when you’re not wearing anything,” Albert Ou slowly fought in Jasmine Tong’s ear.

“Drive when you don’t agree, old driver.”

Jasmine Tong’s heart was still beautiful and grabbed Albert Ou’s hand, “Do you remember what I once said”

“You’ve said so much, how can I remember that clearly.”

“Geez, didn’t I say we’d have a wedding if I achieved the grand slam of showbiz?”


Albert Ou paused significantly before answering.

“Tomorrow is the last trophy, and I don’t know if we’ll get it, but if we do, let’s get married.”

Albert Ou buried his head in Jasmine Tong’s neck, “Yes, all at your service.”

“Do you know I found a particularly beautiful wedding dress in Xiaolei’s design book, a big red one I asked Lin Zhihang about it and he said that if it was going to be made, he would have to hire a particularly good embroiderer to make it.”

“Well, I’ll help you find an embroiderer then.”


Albert Ou said picking Jasmine Tong up, “What’s the point of talking about these useless things, we’ll talk about it then, do something useful now.”

“Hey hey, wait a minute, I’ll warn you, don’t plant strawberries for me if your dress is more revealing tomorrow”

“As ordered.”

“Ah just said what ah that you can’t k!ss, not here either, ah hate”

The Golden Wolf Awards finally kicked off.

Naturally, Tong was in the spotlight because, as we all know, she was one last trophy away from a Grand Slam.

And it just so happens that she’s also nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Wolf Awards this time, so she’s still a very strong contender.

Wherever Jasmine Tong goes, reporters follow her, and other actresses pale in comparison.

Some of the organizers of the red carpet walk also put Jasmine Tong in last place.

As usual the red carpet part was the most noticeable.

Surprisingly, there was a figure of Rameen Tong on the red carpet, this time she also came with Ellen Ron.

Rameen Tong in a white dress fairy floating, as usual and Ellen Ron is still gracious debut.

I don’t know if it’s because there are so many occasions for two people to show their affection that everyone loses interest.

“I didn’t hear that Rameen Tong has been shortlisted for an award this time, so why is she here?”

“Such an important award ceremony, even if you don’t have a work, you have to come over ah, rubbing it in, it’s not pulling my husband again.”

“That’s right, a few days ago the LOVE thing was making a lot of noise, Rameen Tong really met a bad girl, thanks to the fact that I like this brand so much, and I bought several pieces.”

Because Rameen Tong had been busy with her business, she didn’t have a work shortlisted this time.

The organisers arranged for her to be the last one to walk the red carpet, as we all know that she is the one getting the most attention.

If she gets the Golden Wolf trophy this time, she’ll be the second actor after Murray to win a grand slam.

And it’s really promising.

Immediately after Jasmine Tong’s red carpet walk, a large crowd of reporters gathered around to conduct an interview.

“Mandy, did you deliberately choose a red dress today, are you celebrating early?”

“Of course not, it’s just to try a different style.”Jasmine Tong’s smile was dimpled, unaffected in the least by the big game she had played some time ago.

“If you got the award today and became a second Grand Slam actor, what would you do to celebrate?”

“If you do get it, it should be celebrated in a very special way, and I’m not sure we’ll know until then.”Jasmine Tong shyly covered her mouth and smiled.

In fact, we all know that Jasmine Tong is also very eager to this trophy after the film.

“Will you get married? I announced last time that I have a boyfriend. When will you get married?”

“We’ll all know that then.”

Xu Xingru hastily stopped the interview, “Thank you all for your concern, we still have things to do, the interview will wait until after the award ceremony, thank you”

After saying that, he escorted Jasmine Tong away.

“Mandy, it’s better to keep the talk about dating to a minimum from now on.”Xu Xingru was still very wary.

“Starru-san, if I get the trophy this time, I might just announce the wedding news.”

Xu Xingru was also shocked, “Developing so fast?”

“That’s what we agreed to, but if we don’t get it we’ll talk about it later.”

“That’s good, Manny, then I wish you well.”

Jasmine Tong narrowed her eyes and nodded her head with all the joy between her eyebrows.

“Your hopes of winning this award are very high, and your main competition is only Qin Liyuan, and none of the works shortlisted this year are particularly good.”

Xu Xingru patted Jasmine Tong’s shoulder, and although she felt that it was a bit early for her to get married, she still wished her well.

Qin Liyuan in the corner is not as popular as the other finalist.

Chapter 426

The newest member of the family, Qin Yanyan, is a black-and-white dress with a deepening, queenly look, but still can’t resist the change in style of Jasmine Tong.

Originally she was the senior in this circle, but now she was reduced to a foil.

“Hmph, so high-profile turn back can’t win the award can be a loss of adults” Qin Tianlian’s new assistant Guan Xiaoxiao is very disdainful of Jasmine Tong.

Qin turned around and ignored it and went straight to the lounge to get ready to fix her makeup.

“unexpectedly sister, I don’t understand, Jasmine Tong is which onion that gang of reporters eyes are blind? you are the strong contender for this best actress? “Guan Xiaoxiao people are relatively young, not the previous Xia Lian steady, always say what is there.

Qin suddenly sat on a chair as she patched up her makeup and replied, “She has won a total of two heavyweight queen trophies, and has been out for just one year, if she gets a trophy this time she wins a grand slam, the youngest grand slam, or the first person to achieve a grand slam in the shortest amount of time, who do you think she is?”

A few words choked Kwan at once.

“Then there’s sudden turn of events, how can you disappoint yourself?”

Kwan felt oddly unconvinced, “But I feel like suddenly she’s a few blocks behind her in acting”

Then Qin turned around and smiled shallowly and closed his mirror, “Did you see that logo when you walked in the door?”

Guan Xiaoxiao blinked twice with her big eyes towards Qin Qin Yanyan and accosted her with a smile, “I didn’t pay attention, I only looked at the skirt of Miss Yanyan, afraid that you might fall, so”

“That logo is from the Dark Empire, and I don’t blame you for not seeing it, it’s made a little small.”

“What does the Dark Empire have to do with Jasmine Tong?”

But then Qin turned around and stopped talking, “Nothing.”

She herself is actually not much of a bottom, she and Jasmine Tong are the two women in this movie on the other side of the big mountain, the two of them are soaring in the movie, but to be honest, Qin Liyuan doesn’t have the confidence to finish Jasmine Tong.

When she was making the movie, she was eager to prove that she was not a loser as a senior, but she had already worked hard, and although she had also received the director’s approval, she still felt that Jasmine Tong’s play was equally good.

Add to that the fact that the sponsor of this award ceremony was the Dark Empire, and Qin turned out to be even more demoralized.

After finishing the red carpet portion and taking a short break, the actual awards ceremony began.

It’s no surprise that the organizers have arranged Jasmine Tong and Qin Liyuan in all of this, but generally speaking, unless the two stars have deep roots, getting the same nomination is just going to be arranged together or in close proximity to each other.

The strong contenders for the Queen of Shadows are Jasmine Tong and Qin Jianliang, and if nothing else, the Queen of Shadows is between them.

They are naturally located next to each other.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, suddenly, sister.”They hadn’t seen each other for a long time indeed.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time, how have you been?”

“Pretty good.”

“It’s nice to see you’re springing into action too.”Qin Yan’s words were unavoidably sour.

In front of the media, Qin Liyuan naturally didn’t dare to say such words, and now that there was no media around, he naturally wouldn’t care about anything.

The two men exchanged pleasantries and then had nothing more to say.

The biggest prizes are on the back and the front ones are small awards.

This time Rameen Tong came over to present the award, and when he saw Rameen Tong on the stage, Qin turned his head to take a glance at Jasmine Tong.

“I heard you took a pot of love from Rameen Tong.”

“As much as I do, I am merely stating the truth.”Jasmine Tong shallowly smiled.

“I still remember the first time I met you, you were smeared by Rameen Tong for stealing the necklace, how humble you were at that time, in just a year’s time, you’re not the same person you used to be, or, I was wrong about the old you.”

Jasmine Tong took a glance at Qin Yanyan, not quite understanding what Qin Yanyan wanted to say so she didn’t reply.

“For you to lay such a heavy hand on your own sisters, it shows you’re not as kind as you appear, but it’s a shame some people don’t know who you really are.”

Naturally, Qin turned out to be talking about Albert Ou.

“The word kindness is a relative term, and I’m not the Virgin Mary.”Jasmine Tong didn’t want to explain more.

“Do you know why Rameen can be the guest of honor this time because her COLOUR is one of the sponsors, I guess you’re targeting the COLOUR next.”

Jasmine Tong ignored Qin Yanyan’s words, because Qin Yanyan was right, she had already taken away the card Rameen Tong LOVE, the next card to be taken away was COLOUR.

She knew that Qin Liyuan had been hostile to her because of Albert Ou’s affair, so there was nothing to argue about.

Qin Jianlian can think whatever he likes.

“Jasmine Tong, I don’t want to pay attention to your feud with Rameen, I’ll give you time to deal with it, and when you’ve settled your matter with Rameen, I’ll officially declare war on you.”

“Declaring war” Jasmine Tong was a bit confused.

There was no intention of explaining, but she had already made up her mind anyway.

As the two men argued, it had reached the most crucial moment, the Best Actress award

“Our Best Actress nominees for this year’s Best Actress award are on the big screen.”

This year’s finalists are shown on the big screen.

The mountain side of Jasmine Tong.

The big mountain side of Chin turned suddenly.

Doesn’t matter about the side buds.

Day Day Lu Junyi.

I am eighteen years old in the spring.

The camera had been given to Qin Yianran and Jasmine Tong’s side, both with generous and decent smiles on their faces.

“Our attentive viewers may have noticed ah, the two leading ladies on the other side of the mountain have been shortlisted and their two good sisters are now sitting together”

A presenter who specializes in interacting in the actor’s area also came to Jasmine Tong and Qin Jianlian.

“Mandy, I’m going to interview you first, if you get this trophy, you’ve achieved the actor’s grand slam and you’ve done it in the shortest amount of time, you must be very excited right now, right?”

With a shy smile on her face, Jasmine Tong “is excited to attend every award ceremony.”

“And how sure do you think you are of that?”

“Fifty percent of it.”

That’s the equivalent of not saying it.

“Then you evaluate your competition.”

“Then suddenly she is my senior and I like and respect her very much, and we both played opposite each other in this movie and learned a lot from her, so I will be very happy today no matter who wins the award.”

The presenter handed the microphone to Chin suddenly, “Then suddenly, say something to us too.”

The same finalists, one question after another for Jasmine Tong, and two sentences for Qin Jianliang.

Many people were embarrassed for Qin Liyuan.

“Manny and I both worked very hard, Manny is right, whoever wins the award, the other will be very happy, Manny’s acting is very good and I like it very much.”

“Okay, we’ll stop selling out and present the awards right away.”

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