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Chapter 454

He has no fever.

He fell in love with her, so deeply, so deeply.

“Mu Wan…” Nangong Che muttered these words in a low voice, his sexy thin lips were very pale.

He thought of her beautiful and agile appearance in the hospital, her arms wrapped around his neck, and her voice was soft and crisp: “You decide you want to be with me, don’t look at other women, don’t betray me, don’t despise me, Don’t abandon me, don’t allow me to rely on me and walk away, don’t promise that I can’t do what I have done, let alone lose your temper at me and regret your decision today!”

“Nangong Che, are you scared?”

The soft light was on silently, and her words echoed in Nangong Che’s mind, so clear, as if they were in her ears.

——Don’t let me rely on and leave.

——Don’t promise that I can’t do things!

Nangong Che, are you scared?

The deep eyes opened at this moment, and the thick ink pupils were like a pool of water. Glazed streamers flashed in his eyes, as if an electric current was transmitted to his limbs, Nangong Che suddenly sat up from the bed.

The arc of his determination is cold, and his silent face has an indescribable smell.

The mobile phone at hand rang at this moment.

“Che, what’s the matter?! We originally had a good eye on an oil tanker, but we only saw it wandering in the nearby waters. Just before we started to realize that they had changed course further and further, I didn’t dare to start rashly. , What do you think is going on?” Luo Fanyu sat in the monitoring room full of anxiety, his fists clenched.

Nangong Che was completely awake, his pale handsome face smelled a bit of murder, as if clutching a life-saving straw tightly, suppressing the tremors in his chest, and the cold voice commanded: “Catch up with that tanker, show me It’s tight!”

Luo Fanyu’s eyebrows twitched: “What’s wrong? You have Mu Wan’s whereabouts? Are you sure she will be there?”

“The old man gave her a cruel hand, I don’t know how she is now…” Nangong Che’s face became paler, suppressing the severe pain in his chest and said mutely, “Stop those people for me, who has touched her A hair, I want them to die without a burial place.”

Luo Fanyu couldn’t understand what happened to Yu Muwan, but it must be a very bad thing. He was so angry that he hit the keyboard with a violent sound: “f*ck bastard!”

“What about you now? You…” Luo Fanyu suddenly remembered and asked, if the old man used Mu Wan’s life to persecute him, this guy would go crazy!

“I promised the marriage.”

“You…” Luo Fanyu was shocked beyond imagination, an ugly smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and his face became sullen, “Are you crazy? You actually agreed to marry Luo Qingwan!”

“I can’t help it,” Nangong Che said in a cold voice, enduring the tearing pain in his chest and the repetitive smelly sweetness in his throat, “I can’t just spend it like this, waiting for her to be crippled. …It’s better to kill me with a knife instead…”

Luo Fanyu’s eyes widened, his handsome face flushed quickly, his palms tightened on the phone, and his whole body was about to explode.

Fooling around?

Is that how the old man came to force his own son to submit? !

After forcing it for a while, he didn’t smash the surveillance screens together, Luo Fanyu said with a cold face and said dumbly: “I will stare at the ship, and I will chase it myself… I want them to die without bones! …How about you? Are you so relieved to prepare for your wedding?!”

“I will have my way.” Nangong Che said coldly and hung up the phone.

Luo Fanyu wanted to ask anything more, but only heard a beeping hung-up sound. He remembered that beautiful and moving woman. She was deeply moved by her unwillingness to admit defeat five years ago. How could she have an accident? How could she be treated so cruelly? !

Grabbing the clothes next to him, he muttered: “Find some people to join me on the tanker. I must catch up with the ship ahead within a day.”

“And then?” the man behind him asked in astonishment.

Luo Fanyu put the clothes on his body fiercely, and left a few words coldly: “Let them destroy the ship!”


It was early morning when he returned to Luo’s house.

Luo Qingwan was very tired, dropped her bag and fell asleep directly in the living room, with beautiful hair scattered on her shoulders.

“Miss Luo.” The servant walked over cautiously and covered her with the clothes.

Luo Qingwan was awakened in this way. Under her long eyelashes were a pair of red eyes that seemed to cry. She was very charming. Her voice was a bit hoarse. She asked softly, “Where are my parents? Are they not there?”

“My husband had an accident in a mine in the north. It is said to be very serious. My husband rushed over late at night, and my wife went out to run the relationship, suppressing the impact of this incident.” The servant said anxiously.

Luo Qingwan’s heart trembled, her green fingers twitched.

“Accident…” Luo Qingwan murmured these two words softly, a trace of fear flashed in her clear eyes, remembering that at that time someone had given her father a report saying that this aspect of the matter, but his father had never paid attention to it. This kind of accident came so quickly and caught off guard, no wonder even my mother had to help to calm down.

“Why didn’t you tell me about such a big thing? I was at Nangong’s house just now, and many of them can be suppressed by a word from my uncle. Why didn’t you notify me?” Luo Qingwan asked with a slight frown.

“But miss…you forget the properties in the north. Mr. Nangong has already transferred it to his son-in-law. He is no longer in charge, and the power can’t extend that far.” The servant said embarrassedly.


Luo Qingwan was silent. To the north, that is Cheng Yisheng’s sphere of influence.

She leaned gently on the sofa, her Linglong body sank into the soft sofa, and suddenly thought that Nangong Che might have some relationship there, but…

She bit her red lips lightly, knowing that it was impossible to beg him at this time.

“Well, you can help me find Cheng Yisheng’s contact information, remember not to pass Enxi, I don’t want her to know about this, it is best not to get involved with her.” Luo Qingwan calmly analyzed and made a decision. .

Given her friendship with Enxi and the relationship with the Nangong family, Cheng Yisheng shouldn’t embarrass them Luo family.

Yes… it should be.

At the moment, in the icy room of Liyuan Building, a huge projector transmits live images to the wall. The strong colors and clarity bring shocking visual effects. Nangong Che has been staring at the screen for several hours, all night. His staying up late made his deep eyes scarlet, hung up the last phone in his hand, and cut off their last escape.

“President, it was found that Luo Mincheng contacted your father’s forces, but there is no improvement for the time being. The old man doesn’t trust the young master Cheng very much, so he didn’t plan to leave many things to him.” He said in his ear.

“The old man won’t use Cheng Yisheng. He has no good feelings for this person,” Nangong Che said lightly, his hoarse voice revealed his physical overdraft and exhaustion, and there was no problem in his indifferent eyes, “but there are always people who don’t know how he is. , Someone should take risks.”

The assistant frowned: “President, you mean…”

Chapter 455

“Don’t worry about her, open all the passages for her, let her directly confront Cheng Yisheng,” Nangong Che stared at the terrible pictures on the screen, his eyes were cold, “I want her to be punished by herself.”

The assistant heard the faint words that were indeed dull, and only felt a chill on his back.

He hardly dared to look at Nangong Che again, bowed his head and went out.

Extreme exhaustion swept up, and Nangong Che’s eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fist against his lips, letting the cold blood and busyness make himself forget Mu Wan and the child’s situation for a while, but it was just in vain.

He was thinking about them.

Thinking about every moment.

The phone vibrated suddenly, and Nangong Che stared at the number, suddenly holding his breath, and quickly picked it up.

“Che!” Luo Fanyu’s voice on the opposite side was mixed with the strong sea breeze, and he shouted, “No one is there…we are a step late, there is no one f*cking here!”

With a loud noise, Luo Fanyu gasped violently and kicked over the iron barrel on the deck with monstrous hatred!

Nangong Che grabbed the key and stood up and said coldly: “It can’t be so fast. Find me clean! It happened just a few hours ago. I don’t believe they will go so fast without any support!”

Like a black hurricane, the tall and straight figure quickly passed through the luxurious cold hall, opened the door and walked out like the wind.

“Okay, I have blocked everything here, I will search now…” Luo Fanyu suppressed the pain caused by the rapid breathing in his chest, shouting dumb and still shouting orders, “Go and see in every room. Don’t let it go anywhere!”

“Even if you find a little clue, you will bring it back to me. I will wait for you at the hall. If there is no news, you won’t have to come back!” Nangong Che pushed open the company’s heavy glass door and said in a dumb voice.

Luo Fanyu could hear the coercion and determination in his words, knowing that this man had been forced to the extreme, there were a few scarlet in his eyes, and he grinned roughly, his tone was full of brutality and desolation: “I know …If I can’t find them, I will never see you myself!”

After hanging up the phone, Luo Fanyu walked into the tanker against the dark night stars that were about to break through the strong salty sea breeze on the deck.

Nangong Che walked to his car. The assistant rushed over from behind and said hurriedly: “Cheng Yisheng is now on a business trip. Miss Luo has contacted him and booked a ticket for this morning to rush over. President, our local people will follow it up. Do you go there by yourself?”

“Let people keep an eye on them, waiting for me to be kicked out forever without turning over if one detail is missing, and—” Nangong Che looked at him with a pale but cold face like a devil, and a vicious and murderous aura emerged spontaneously. , “I have no time to fix them myself, I have more important things to do, what the hell are you blocking here?”

A trace of worry flashed in the assistant’s eyes, his hand was on the door, and he looked at him hesitantly but said clearly: “President, you have not rested all night and your health is very poor. Would you like to go to the hospital?”

Nangong Che’s cold deep eyes had scarlet blood streaks that made people fearful. His arms stretched over and slammed the assistant away, opened the door of the car, and said in a dumb voice, “Get away.”

The moment he leaned down, he felt a sharp pain in his chest like being hit by a heavy object. Nangong Che’s hand stubbornly grabbed the door of the car to resist coughing. It was just a dizzy black face in front of his eyes, and his face was pale. , Paused for a moment, the sight was clear again.

“Contact me at any time if you have news.” Nangong Che swallowed the trace of fishy sweetness, finished the silent command, and quickly started the car.


The sound of ocean waves is in my ears.

There was a gleam of light floating in front of her eyes, the white curtain was raised repeatedly, and the sun shone dazzlingly on her face.

No longer knowing which morning, Yu Muwan woke up alone, slowly, the clear eyes under his long eyelashes went from confusion to clarity, then to deep fatigue and pain, a few seconds passed like this .

She was wearing a thin long skirt and the white sheets were messy.

There was some iron blue on his white arms, and some dust rubbing on the ground, as did his lustrous and snowy face.

Yu Muwan raised her eyes and looked outside. The light was slightly dazzling. Her thin face was very pale, her arms trembled and she wanted to go down, but there was a tearing pain in her lower limbs, and she moaned to death. Biting his lips, raising his head, shuddering to press down the sharp pain, thin sweat oozes from his forehead because of tolerance.

She got out of bed, unable to move her legs, so she had to lie on the bed and rolled down.

There was a muffled noise on the floor, and Yu Muwan finally fell under the bed. She grabbed the bedside table and stood up on one leg. The other leg was hidden by the thin long skirt, but her knees were bent and her white feet were afraid to land.

After completing this series of actions, her forehead was already full of sweat.

The door was pushed open at this moment.

A man wearing sunglasses appeared at the door holding a tray.

“Miss Yu, you are awake.” The man whispered, and walked over to put the tray on the table and reminded him kindly, “Don’t move your legs. The sawdust from your knees has just been pulled out. It should be very painful. Miss Yu shouldn’t Asking for trouble.”

Yu Muwan’s eyes flickered, a dim crystal clear, and she asked in a dumb voice, “Where is my baby?”

The man stood up and replied indifferently: “In order to prevent your impulse from causing the young master to be injured along with him, my husband told me to take care of the young master alone. If Miss Yu wants to escape again, the consequences will not be so simple.”

Yu Muwan slowly opened his eyes, and his face became paler.

“How can you do this…” She muttered, and the crystal in her eyes trembled more violently, “How can you treat me like this? Why do you let Xiaoying separate from me?!”

The man shrugged, “Miss Yu, I don’t need to talk about this, you ran away first.”

“Why didn’t I run?!” Yu Muwan’s voice was weak but stubborn, and tremblingly asked, “What right do you have to deprive others of their personal freedom? I want to go back…you let me go back!”

“This matter has not been discussed, Miss Yu, your husband has told you clearly enough that you can go back after the young master’s marriage. There are only a few days left. Don’t worry,” the man glanced at her leg, his eyes A little soft, “Be careful next time, I know the young master is very smart, so even the guards are cheated by him to have a chance to escape, but here is at sea, how can you escape? Our people have to do it. I’m sorry for hurting you.”

Yu Muwan looked at the empty white room, tears of forbearance fell, and choked up and said, “I won’t run away, can I not run away? You give me Xiaoying, I don’t want to separate from the baby!”

Chapter 456

The man simply kept silent, pointing to the tray and saying: “Lunch and breakfast, Miss Yu, please take it slowly.”

“Wait!!” Yu Muwan called him, eagerly trying to move forward, but one could not stand firmly and fell to the ground.

“Ah…” her knee fell to the ground, she cried out in pain, her weak and slender body curled up on the ground into a violent tremor, and a puddle of bright red snow seeped from the bandaged knee…

“…!” The man was suddenly surprised and hurried over.

“Miss Yu, I said I told you to stay still!” He said anxiously, and quickly took out the phone and said, “She is injured, come here!”

Yu Muwan bit her lip in pain, her thin red lips turned white after her bite, and her slender wrist fell weakly on the floor.

The pain in her leg was about to break. I remembered that when someone took the sawdust from her knee that night, the pain made her almost faint, because there was no anesthetic at sea, and if it continued to be kept, the whole leg might have to be Scrapped.

It hurts…really hurts…

Yu Muwan didn’t know who was being carried to the bed. Only in the dimness, she saw that the door of the room was opened, and there was a deep corridor outside. She probably knew that she was on the deck, closed her eyes and remembered that she was separated from Xiaoying last night. At that time he yelled loudly, biting his bodyguard to clamp his wrist, crying to call her mommy…

Her baby seldom cries, she actually made him cry.

“…” Yu Muwan suddenly shuddered in pain, clutching the sheet tightly.

“If you move in the future, no one will help you if you suffer from pain!” A cold voice came, “You woman, with a little bit of beauty, she thought about entering Nangong’s house like this, but she didn’t expect that she would only need children. Don’t you? Tell you, Master Nangong will get married at the end of the month. You will die sooner!”

“Huh, it is said that the old man gave you a lot of money at that time, there are… tens of millions? Ha, I heard that you didn’t want it at the time! Now you know it is wrong, the child is still someone else’s, you, even if you throw it into the sea now No one cares about feeding sharks inside! You think so!”

“This woman… brain kicked by a donkey, haha…”

Around her bed, several men, including the doctor who bandaged her, laughed coldly, with contempt and disdain in the rough sound, and some even touched her calf irregularly and exclaimed warmly: Don’t? Don’t sit in the dream of a rich man. It’s not like someone has a real wife. What are you messing about? Just like my brother, I can eat spicy food. Our brothers have already been with you on the sea. Enough, you can’t return if you have a nest, you think about it, eh?”

The dirty hand held her ankle and stroked her smooth skin.

“Let go of me…Don’t touch me!” Yu Muwan turned over and shrank back with the pain of his knees. She shrank on the pillow and stared at the men, “Take your hands away!”

She was flickering with tears, and her mind was full of the phrase “They will be married at the end of the month” just now, and she was buzzing thinking that the man’s hand touched her skin like a poisonous snake crawling, she was so disgusted that she wanted to kick it away!

“Hey, it’s really spicy, you can’t touch it, you have to let the brothers wait on you every day, where is there such a good thing?” A man smiled with a crooked mouth, did not take off his sunglasses, and reached out to her Touched his chin, “I really think I’m a chaste woman? How come I have heard that you are not clean and have played with anyone?”

“If you touch me again, I’ll show it to you, try it!!” Yu Muwan shouted with scarlet eyes, leaning on the pillow tightly, and said with a trembling, “I really don’t have much weight…I know Nangong Ao looks down on me, but don’t forget that my baby is his grandson. Will he not hold me accountable if I die here?!”

“Don’t force me… if you force me again, I will bite my tongue and kill myself!” She tears down, weak and strong, with a hopeless look in her eyes.

The man’s face changed slightly, and he swore over her shoulders with a low curse and tried to make a rough move to her. The man next to him pressed his shoulders and shouted, “Okay! You’re the f*cking bad guy, aren’t you? There are so many women, you want to cause such a trouble, you don’t want to live, I want to live!”

The man thought about it and suppressed his arrogance, and said in a low voice: “Damn, I will let you go first! Stinky woman!”

After speaking, the man got up, cursed and walked outside. When he saw the tray placed on the table, his eyes became cold and he swept the food from the plate to the ground. The plate broke and the fruit fell on the ground, steaming hot. The dishes also stain the white ground.

Yu Muwan gasped low, tears flickering in her eyes, and she breathed a sigh of relief until all the men walked out of her room.

The room was empty, the door was locked, and she couldn’t get out.

Gently raised his head and stared at the ceiling, it was still white. Yu Muwan’s eyes slowly burst into tears, his hands passed his hair behind his ears, gently gathered his knees, and he wrapped the unwrapped bandage, fingers Blood was also stained on it.

“…” Yu Muwan slowly hugged herself tightly, feeling cold, so cold.

…Are they getting married?

At the end of this month, Nangong Che and Luo Qingwan, are they going to get married?

The man who has been pestering her and talking about loving her in her ear, after so many days of missing her, finally gave up fighting and compromised with his marriage?

What is the so-called happiness? Is it a bubble? She broke before she touched it.

The room was very quiet, and Yu Muwan’s tears were very sticky, dripping on the back of his hands and calves, and there were moist patches everywhere. Her beautiful little face was full of fragility, but she still supported herself not to fall, but when she closed her eyes, Nangong Che’s k*sses and hugs were overwhelming. For the first time, he pressed her forehead and said dumbly, “Mu Wan, I’m in love with you”, he was so excited that he picked her up and circled in the ward, sealed her lips in dizziness, and said that he would give her a home and the love of her life…

Those will not be fake.

——Nangong Che, come and explain to me, okay?

——I believe, I listen, as long as you come to me… Explain to me… I believe…

The sound of the waves surging farther and farther, she was almost unable to hear, and she didn’t know where she was taken.


It finally dawned.

Luo Fanyu was all decadent, full of the smell of sea water, tired of sleepless night, but his eyes were piercing.

Pushing the door open, he stared at the man who had also been stiff in his seat for several hours like a sculpture, walked over and stretched his arms in front of him, muttering: “I found it, it’s in the private room next door. Originally planned to drive back in the lifeboat-are you going to take a break or go to the trial now?”

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