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Chapter 457

Nangong Che’s gaze moved from the surveillance screen, and the bloodshot eyes in his eyes became more scarlet.

“Go now.” He muttered, turning off the monitor.

Luo Fanyu looked at his state and frowned slightly, and he reached out and held his shoulders: “Are you sure to go? If it doesn’t work, wait a few more hours, anyway, people can’t run next door–do you know you? How terrible is it now?”

Nangong’s clear and cold eyes swept at him, her expression deep and complicated.

“I don’t have time to spend here. I wait for a second to make her a little more dangerous. Now no one in this world cares about her except me. Do you understand that trying to protect a person is to master Can’t help her feeling?” Nangong Che whispered, his piercing eyes gleaming like obsidian, “I feel this way now.”

Luo Fanyu pursed his lips and did not speak. He could only retract his hand and watch him walk toward another room violently. He wanted to turn around but suddenly saw the two people on his surveillance screen——

In the huge conference hall, a beautiful slender figure took off his cloak and waited for something a little anxiously. The exquisite makeup could not cover up the dark circles that appeared because of her anxiety and staying up late, and the man who walked in from the other end of the corridor Wearing a white suit, his deep eyes are blurred and playful, and the corners of his mouth are faintly smiling.

These two people? !

Luo Fanyu frowned tightly, isn’t this Luo Qingwan and Cheng Yisheng? !

“Hey…” Luo Fanyu wanted to ask something, Nangong Che’s figure had disappeared at the door.

He hurriedly followed with a low curse.

The door of the other room was pushed open, and the light was dim. Several men’s noses and faces were swollen on the ground, clinging to the cold marble. Seeing the man who walked in, there was a light of panic and fear in their eyes.

Nangong Che walked in with a tall and straight figure, walked straight to the few people, and asked coldly, “Do you recognize me?”

“Nan… Master Nangong…” The muffled voice sounded in the dark room.

Nangong Che nodded, leaned over and squatted down slowly, her whole body was full of leopard-like tension, her eyes were shining in the dim light, and she slowly and forcefully grabbed a person’s collar and asked: “That You should know what I want to ask you. Don’t let me waste my tongue. Tell me where Mu Wan and the child are. You have changed boats in the middle. Where is that boat now…speak.”

The wide-open eyes of the man who was grabbed by the collar were full of horror, and he trembled: “We don’t know… Mr. Nangong never tells us where the end point is, we are all in stages. After the order is completed, it will be handed over to the next group. We don’t even know it!”

“Who is handing over with you?”

“Yes… they are some people trained by the master in Taipei. They are very good at giving their lives. We are not familiar with them so we planned to withdraw after handing over with them. We didn’t expect to be intercepted by Master Luo halfway…”

A ray of light burst into Nangong Che’s eyes.

“Then you tell me one more thing—” he asked in a low voice, “How is Mu Wan she?”

The intense heartache was tearing, spreading, and the pain was uncontrollable. The bloodshot eyes in Nangong Che’s eyes were very scary, and the hoarse sound circling in his ears whispered: “What did you do to her before early morning…Tell me I!”

“…” The man’s face turned purple, and with the effect of a blue nose and a swollen face, his entire head became terrible. He reached out and scratched the wall, the feeling of suffocation getting heavier.

Luo Fanyu rushed over and held Nangong Che’s shoulders tightly, frowning: “You’re a little bit harder! Do you really want to choke someone to death?!”

The scarlet in Nangong Che’s eyes slowly faded, and he roared in a low voice, “Speak to me! What have you guys done to her!”

“Cough cough…” The man coughed violently, as if he was about to cough up his heart and liver, his eyes became more horrified, and his strong desire to win made him cover his neck in horror and retreat, muttered, “I don’t know! I really do I don’t know!…Miss Yu was fine when we handed over, she was really fine…”

A fierce light flashed in Nangong Che’s eyes, trembling, holding back, trying to tear the person in front of him to pieces.

Reaching out his hand and threw the man in front of him on the cold floor, Nangong Che got up, a little bit depressed, but his deep eyes were as cold as ice, and he said in a soft but cruel voice: “Give you ten minutes to consider, who If you can get in touch with the people in Taipei, go out alive…The rest, the arm or the thigh will be removed. Choose by yourself…”

His upright figure is backed by light, and his low voice is like a call to hell.

She suffered… he wanted these people to pay back with blood…

After Nangong Che finished speaking, he walked out of the room indifferently, and there was a heart-piercing hiss behind him, his voice was stern, terrified…

Luo Fanyu’s eyes widened and his face was pale. He looked around at the men in the black suits around him. He forcibly resisted and said nothing, but quickly walked out the door. Seeing the tall and sturdy figure in front of him, he frowned. Erupted, and shouted in a low voice: “Che, stop!”

He walked forward quickly, and suddenly pulled Nangong Che’s arm and asked with murderous aura in his eyes: “Are you kidding? Maybe the group of people have never touched Mu Wan before, or maybe the old man’s thoughtful mind won’t Let those people know where Mu Wan was sent! I don’t object to you teaching these people, but you really plan to kill them!”

Nangong Che’s head hung down, his face so gloomy that he couldn’t see clearly.

Luo Fanyu was so anxious that he roared: “You speak to me!!”

“What if she is really maimed?” Nangong Che’s low hoarse voice sounded, and the broken hair on his forehead slowly lifted up. What was hidden was a pair of stars bright and bloodthirsty and heartache in the depths. His eyes, his tone was low and feminine, he grabbed Luo Fanyu’s collar and pulled it in front of him, and slowly said, “You tell me, when I find her, how should I face her who is disabled because of me? Is this fair to her?…I know I am not awake, I want to kill now, don’t talk to me.”

After speaking, he loosened Luo Fanyu’s collar fiercely, and the tall and tall figure shook a little, but still walked towards the outside hall indifferently, and in the closed room behind him, there was already a terrifying horror. , Screaming screams.

The sound made people’s hair stand upright, as if the pain was extreme, cramping and breaking bones.

Luo Fanyu’s face was pale, his fists clenched tightly.

It’s not that he hasn’t dealt with such bloody scenes, nor has he never done such things. It’s just that Nangong Che has never touched these before. He can kill people without seeing blood in the market, but he is forced to this point. Can use this most cruel and bloody method in exchange for a trace of calmness and comfort in my heart.

But no amount of blood can be exchanged for the woman he loves!

Chapter 458

Luo Fanyu had no choice but to wait during the ten minutes of suffering. The neurites in his temples jumped suddenly. He irritably opened a bottle of wine, poured down his throat, and his mind was burning. Feeling that can temporarily numb nerves.

And Nangong Che sat quietly on the chair, his expression gloomy, his thin lips pale, and the broken hair on his forehead concealed his bloodshot eyes, and his slender fingers curled up slightly against the eyebrows, looking so hard and distressed.

Inside the monitor, the picture becomes wonderful.

You can vaguely see Luo Qingwan and Cheng Yisheng sitting across from each other. What they are talking about, the scene becomes a bit stiff. Cheng Yisheng’s body crosses the glass coffee table between them, and his hands gently follow the hair in Luo Qingwan’s ears. Luo Qingwan hides guardedly, delicately. His eyebrows frowned slightly, and his eyes were cold and resisting.

None of this subtle change attracted Nangong Che’s attention, only the red light on the monitoring screen was still flashing slowly, and all these pictures and sounds were recorded.

Suddenly, the door of the room was opened.

A bloody breath rushed towards his face, and the man in black suit and sunglasses walked out and walked to Nangong Che’s table respectfully: “Someone has already confessed. He can contact the Taipei people and make sure that Miss Yu is about to arrive at the Vietnamese border. , It should be ashore soon.”

Nangong Che finally raised his eyes slowly, a trace of blood revealing in his eyes.

Luo Fanyu frowned and raised his hand to look at the time: “I will contact the people there right now, as long as they get ashore, they can be within our control, but we have to rush over to deal with it right away. The father must also arrange for someone to be there. Over there!”

Nangong Che stood up suddenly, grabbing his coat and going out.

Mu Wan…

His thoughts have become frantic, and Luo Fanyu behind him yells: “Wait! You can’t get out of here. If the old man finds out that you are still continuing this kind of action, it will be even more dangerous!”

Nangong Che was caught by Luo Fanyu just as he walked to the door!

“Calm down!” Luo Fanyu said with his arm tightly blocking him, frowning, “You stay here to stabilize the situation. I’ll be there. I promise to bring you back intact, okay?”

The old man had already spoken out, and Yu Muwan would be let go when they were married, but if Nangong Che resisted his forces so presumptuously, it would be troublesome to disturb the other side.

Nangong Che stubbornly held the wall with his hands, Jun’s face flushed, resisting the desire to rush across the border to find her.

In a moment, his hand finally slowly lowered.

With a deep gaze towards the trembling and groaning people in the room, Nangong Che said in a low voice: “Let these people contact the old man to stabilize him, don’t let him notice any movement – I’ll go back to the villa.”

Luo Fanyu breathed a sigh of relief and said seriously: “Then I will save people in the past.”

“No,” Nangong Che said indifferently, his deep eyes swept over him, and a dull but clear voice came from his chest, “I will find her by myself. I will find her by myself.”

After speaking, his upright figure disappeared at the door of the room.


The fog of dawn has not cleared yet.

Nangong Aochen came back from training and saw the dark blue luxury car driving into the yard.

With a thin mist, Nangong Che walked out of the car and collided with Nangong’s proud eyes in the mist. A pair of father and son actually smelled like a sword in the early morning.

“Early in the morning, you haven’t returned all night, where did you go crazy?” Nangong Ao frowned.

“I don’t need to report to you where I go,” Nangong Che said coldly, “Just listen to your words and marry Luo Qingwan. Isn’t that what you care about?” He smiled faintly, “My life and death, whatever you do thing.”

Nangongao’s face became ugly.

“I shouldn’t ask you too much! You deliberately came to piss me off!” He was wearing a white morning exercise suit, his hand trembling slightly, pointing to Nangong Che.

“I’m just mad at you, my dear father…” Nangong Che, who was walking up the steps, turned around, with a faint scarlet in his deep eyes, and said with a smile, “You have already punished me, I remember it firmly. I remember everything you did to Mu Wan.”

His light and dusty tone made Nangong’s proud and indifferent look even more iron, and finally the mood that calmed down one morning was disturbed again. Nangong proudly said with a sigh of relief: “It’s fine if you come back. I have time to see your Uncle Luo’s side today. Can you help me? The impact of this incident must be suppressed before the wedding. Just pay compensation, don’t let those family members make trouble.”

Regarding the Luo family, the old man knew very well that he needed Nangong Che’s help.

Nangong Che stood quietly, his tall and slender figure stood in a cold and secluded appearance in the morning mist, which made people feel a little scared. He sneered and said dumbly: “I promised you to get married, but I I never said to help the Luo family-don’t think too much of me, I can’t fight you, how can I help you?”

After he finished speaking, his eyes were cold and cold, and he turned upstairs.

“You…” Nangong was very arrogant, but he couldn’t say anything. He obviously knew that he was too much. He had just pushed his own son to this point, and asked him to help with things in a blink of an eye. He was naturally unwilling.

It’s just the ridicule and sullenness in that tone that made Nangongao feel heartbroken, and his chest was stuffy.

Why did the so-called family affection become so unbearable when he got here… His old heart was very cold and cold.

“I’ll pack my things and live in the company. You don’t need to see me these days.” Nangong Che said coldly.

Nangong watched his son walk away indifferently, his hands behind his back, his face gloomy.

“Lao Fang, do you think I did this wrong?” He looked a little dazed, and asked the housekeeper next to him.

The butler bent slightly, his eyes calm as water, and whispered: “Mr. has his own way of thinking. It is normal for the young master to not understand it now, and the young master will understand one day.”

Nangong Ao returned to the study and stood there for a long time. Until he heard the sound of the car, his vigorous eyes looked out of the window. The son who had just returned all night for less than twenty minutes, then left the dust unrelentingly and indifferently. .


Finally able to set foot on a piece of land.

Yu Muwan was leaning on a cane under his right arm, and the white veil was disturbed by the sea breeze as soon as he stepped on the deck.

She looked around with a clear gaze, and tremblingly asked the person next to her: “Where is my child? Why can’t I see my child? Didn’t he come with me?”

I haven’t seen Xiaoying for several hours, and her heart is tightly gripped.

Chapter 459

“Just take care of yourself! The child won’t be yours soon. What are you worried about? Does old Mr. Nangong still have trouble with his grandson?” The man behind him stared at her white and shiny calf and the gauze-wrapped Knee, said tauntingly.

Yu Muwan felt a pain in her heart, and water mist appeared in her large clear eyes. She trembled and dropped her eyelashes, biting her lip without saying a word.

Yes. No matter how bad Nangong Ao is to her, it won’t hurt Xiaoying. This is the only thing she is fortunate now.

It’s just that he can’t be considerate of the feeling that a mother can’t find a child?

A drop of tears fell on the deck, and Yu Muwan shook his head, combing his hair against the sea breeze, his eyes full of strength and determination. She has to live, live well, and when she can be alive, she will be able to find her child.

But now, looking up, it is a completely unfamiliar environment.

A sturdy man in a black suit was guarding her slender figure, standing on a strange land, watching people come and go and say things she didn’t understand, a trace of fear and helplessness flashed in her clear eyes.

“Let’s go, get in the car!” The man tugged her arm, “Sit in by yourself before the person to respond.”

Yu Muwan staggered and supported the roof of the car.

The messy hair was flying in front of her white face. She saw a storefront in front, which seemed to be selling snacks such as Taiwanese oyster fried. She clamped the crutches under her arm and said in a clear and soft voice: “I’m sorry. Can I go to the bathroom? I am inconvenient to move, can you help me find it?”

A tinge of red appeared on her white face, and she begged softly.

Men didn’t have such great patience, but when she saw her beautiful and beautiful face, she felt a little heartbeat. Men have an excess of compassion and a strong sense of protection for beautiful women. Thinking about her already having such a serious leg injury, even if she is asked to run now, she can’t get anywhere, so he thought about it and said, “You wait. Wait, I’ll help you ask!”

Yu Muwan looked at him and nodded: “Thank you.”

Seeing the man step forward to ask, he could vaguely hear the conversation in bad Vietnamese mixed with English. Yu Muwan’s eyes quickly looked around. This place is far less prosperous than a city, it looks like a small town. , There are a lot of shops and lofts, a lot of people do seafood, and the layout is very complicated.

“Let’s go, just over there!” The man took her arm and pointed to the shop in front of him, “When you are done, come out quickly. Don’t play tricks to hear you?”

Yu Muwan walked slowly step by step, her delicate eyebrows frowned slightly, and she looked a little painful.

The man suddenly laughed at himself. What on earth was he on guard? The woman couldn’t run even if she let go.

“Okay, go in. I smoke a cigarette at the door. If I can’t get out, I’ll go in and catch someone by myself. Can you hear me?” The man squinted, lit the cigarette and touched her chin.

Yu Muwan was agitated, a strong disgust rose in his clear eyes, bit his lip, and took a step back.

“I see.” She endured, and followed a girl who came out of the store and walked in.

The store was very dark, and the girl next to her was supporting her and talking in her ears something she didn’t understand, but it sounded very kind. Despite her rich expression, Yu Muwan still didn’t know what she was talking about.

Only when the bathroom door opened, Yu Muwan grabbed her hand, his clear eyes radiating a cry for help.

“Help me, please help me, I was kidnapped, can you help me out?!” Even though he knew that the other party did not understand Chinese, Yu Muwan said anxiously, tears trembling in his eyes.

The girl was taken aback and backed away, almost breaking away from her hand and ran out.

“Don’t go! I beg you don’t go!” A tear fell, Yu Muwan grabbed her, calmed down and talked to her in English. She knew that she only had a cigarette time, and she didn’t have the time to waste like this!

The panic in the girl’s eyes gradually dissipated, but her English level was also very low. It took a long time to understand what she meant. She grabbed her arm and screamed, and her eyes suddenly became more frightened.

The girl was talking, gesturing, and pointing to her leg.

Yu Muwan shook her head, and said with a trembling: “It’s okay, I can run, my legs are fine!” She threw away the crutches, gritted her teeth and endured the severe pain and let her other foot fall on the ground, her long skirt wrapped the gauze. The knee was blocked, and she even walked quickly on the spot to show her.

The girl frowned for a while, her eyes lit up suddenly, and she said a few words that she didn’t understand, and grabbed her and walked towards a small door.

Yu Muwan’s knee hurts terribly, but she gritted her teeth to endure, and walked with her pale face. When she saw the door, she was slightly puzzled. The girl pulled her over and opened the door. It is the kind that only children can enter. On the moving partition, the girl gestured, as if she could pass a long distance, let her run away quickly.

Yu Muwan hesitated slightly, her eyes full of worry: “What about the outside? The people outside are still watching!”

The girl desperately shook her head and waved her hand, opened the door and pushed her in. After blushing, she squeezed out an innocent Chinese: “Run…”

Yu Muwan bent over and squeezed into the narrow space, looking at the girl with tears in her eyes.

The girl was very nervous, her fingers trembling, but she still smiled when she looked over, bowed her head and k*ssed her face, said a few words to her hastily before anyone came, and hurriedly closed the small door. Outside is the sound of chains locked.

Yu Muwan couldn’t return to God, and was already in it alone.

She stared at the door deeply, said “thank you” in a crying voice, turned around and lifted the skirt and squatted quickly towards the invisible passage, surrounded by smoke and oil stains. She reached out and touched it, it was very dirty, she endured it. It’s just that the weight of the whole body is pressing on the knee, and the pain is about to break. Yu Muwan’s small face is oozing sweat, as if stepping on the tip of a knife every step, the flesh and blood are torn, the bones are crushed, but the faster she gets Come faster, faster and faster!

She wants to escape quickly! !

Outside the door, the slightly black-skinned girl ran out and was caught by the man.

The smoke was half burned, and he frowned and asked, “Where are the people? What about the people I brought in for you?”

The girl’s eyes were full of panic and trembling with fright. She stretched out her fingers and gestured. She said Vietnamese in her mouth. She drew a square, then pointed her finger under her, covering her lower abdomen in pain, her black face flushed. Hope he can understand.

The man can finally understand this.

It was about that the woman came on her period, and there was no preparation here. The girl was holding money and was going to buy it.

“Shit!!” The man let go of the girl, looked at the time, glaring at him, “Hurry up, hurry up!”

The girl, wide-eyed, nodded, and ran away.

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