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Chapter 475

Yu Muwan’s eyes were clear, staring at everything in front of him, breathing was a little difficult.

She had never seen such crazy crowds and reporters, had never faced such overwhelming questions, she had even forgotten to hide, and could only let Luo Fanyu tightly protect her from being caught by those evil flashing lights, but those who broke through The sound of the eardrum and the problem were still heard loudly and quickly.

“Miss Yu, is your name Yu Muwan? Take a good look at these photos. Are these photos taken with you and Young Master Nangong, the heir of the Nangong family. What is the specific relationship between you?”

“It is said that Ms. Yu had already had an affair with Young Master Nangong’s mistress five years ago. Haven’t the two of them severed their relationship for so many years?”

“Miss Yu, do you know about the brutal rape of the daughter of the Luo family? Do you think Young Master Nangong would perfidiously abandon his fiancée and accept a mistress who was pregnant with an illegitimate child!”

“Ms. Yu, can you answer a question? Ms. Yu speak!”

The cold microphone went too far over Luo Fanyu’s body and swarmed towards Yu Muwan. Luo Fanyu frowned tightly, turned around and blocked her in his arms with the front, waved away those cold microphones and protected with his arms. Staying at her, cursing under her breath, fetching her phone to call, suppressing her anger and screaming in the noisy atmosphere, letting people come in and help.

He hung up the phone, took Yu Muwan and squeezed out, put his arm around her, fending off the reporters for her.

“These people are crazy!” Luo Fanyu saw that the photos of Yu Muwan and Nangong Che were magnified, and the whole exhibition hall was held up. He couldn’t help cursing in shock and shouted in Yu Muwan’s ear. ,”Hurry up and don’t lose it!”

Yu Muwan reacted and clung to Luo Fanyu’s arms tightly, enduring the shock and humiliation in his heart, and squeezed out with him.

“Can Miss Yu come back to the question? Do you want to take advantage of the emptiness and marry into Nangong’s house as a mistress?”

“Miss Yu, Miss Yu look here!”

“Ms. Yu is not ashamed of destroying other people’s feelings like this!”

Yu Muwan clutched Luo Fanyu’s arm tightly. He didn’t know how many people tripped under his feet, or how many heavy microphones and cameras hit his head. He staggered all the way, and finally rushed into the room of Luo Fanyu’s people. There was a chance to escape at the moment of dispersing the reporter, and Luo Fanyu rushed out of the entire exhibition building.

Panting, Luo Fanyu walked quickly, dragging Yu Muwan into his palm, leaning over and opening the car parked nearby.

“Go up first, hurry up!” he frowned.

Yu Muwan had just been smashed by the camera, and his head buzzed, clutching the painful wound to ease, biting his lip, opening the car door and sitting in, with the “bang!” The car door closed, and the whole world returned to silence.

Luo Fanyu also sat in, said nothing, just cursed “Shit!”, swiftly started the car and drove away.

As if racing along the way, Luo Fanyu was distraught, ignoring Yu Muwan who was next to him, making crazy calls.

“…What’s the matter?” Luo Fanyu said in a dull voice, and Junyi’s eyebrows were filled with anger, “You better tell me how things about Mu Wan and Che were exposed!”

“Stop the damn bullshit! Of course I saw your entertainment company coming over, so I quickly investigate it clearly, and I will hear the answer within half a minute!” Luo Fanyu roared ill-tempered, his handsome face sullen and concentrated. Waiting for the answer from the other side, after a while the anger between the eyebrows subsided slightly, replaced by deep confusion and solemnity, and said dumbly, “I see, you show me the news in your hand. You want this one. Don’t blame me if you dare to take the lead in reporting!”

Somewhat resentfully hung up the phone, Luo Fanyu put his hand to his lips and leaned on the driver’s seat with a frown, thinking for a long time.

“I just inquired about those reporters who received the news this morning. Someone deliberately revealed to them your relationship with Che, and even those photos were deliberately exiled, so they just swarmed after you today. …Damn, I have to find out who that person is. If this news goes out, the matter between you and Xiaoying will be fully exposed, and this is no longer a problem between you and the Nangong family!” Luo Fanyu punched hard. Hit the steering wheel.

He was confused and anxious, but he knew roughly how to solve it. It was just that–Mu Wan’s matter would not be written by those bastard reporters, and that group of people could draw out any disgusting words.

There was no sound in the back seat for a long time, and Luo Fanyu became worried.

His eyes looked into the rearview mirror, only to see Yu Muwan sitting quietly in the back seat, her slender body sinking into the wide seat, a little fragile, her hand covering her forehead, without saying a word.

“Squeak–!” Luo Fanyu hurriedly stepped on the brakes and whispered with some worry, “Mu Wan!”

He looked at her situation, and regardless of whether he was on the highway or not, he parked the car on the side of the road and got off, opened the back seat to see her, “Mu Wan, what’s wrong with your… Take your hand and let me see! “

Yu Muwan was still quiet, his beautiful little face was a little lost, the hand on his forehead was removed, and a bruise on it was clearly exposed in Luo Fanyu’s eyes.

“Damn… Why don’t you tell me if you are injured?” Luo Fanyu frowned, “I’ll take you to the hospital, right now!”

Yu Muwan shook his head and said softly: “The hospital is also a public place, so don’t go.”

Her white little face has clear eyes, calm and desolate, a little helpless. She has experienced these things five years ago. She doesn’t know who stabbed her and Xiaoying to the reporter this time, but she can It doesn’t matter to be called the third party of the mistress, it doesn’t matter even the more ugly, she can’t bear it, and even death can’t bear Xiaoying being called an illegitimate child.

That’s too cruel, she doesn’t allow anyone to treat her child like this!

With her small face pale, Yu Muwan raised her eyes to look at Luo Fanyu: “Will you take me home first? I’m afraid I can’t go anywhere now.”

Luo Fanyu shook his head and frowned: “There must be someone in your house guarding there too, you can’t hide.”

Yu Muwan’s long eyelashes drooped, and she leaned weakly on the seat. The phone next to her vibrated. She was in a daze before picking it up, and said dumbly: “Hello?”

“Where are you?” Nangong Che’s deep and warm voice was a little tight, and asked in a dumb voice.

Yu Muwan’s nose sore when he heard his voice, he looked around, looking at Luo Fanyu with help.

Luo Fanyu took the phone and said the specific location. Nangong Che on the phone calmly said: “You take her there and wait for me for a while, I’ll be there soon!”

Chapter 476

Fifteen minutes later, a dark blue luxury car appeared in front of them.

Nangong Che got off the bus with a pale face, and when he walked over to see the wound on Yu Muwan’s forehead, his slightly frowned eyebrows became even more tight. He took off his jacket and wrapped her in it, leaned over and carried her into his arms, and raised his eyes to Luo Fanyu and said: “Thank you for helping me protect her. I will take her away now. I have heard about the news. I have asked people to tighten control, but it should have little effect.”

A cold smile bloomed at the corner of her mouth, and Nangong Che said coldly: “She is really getting bolder and stronger, do you think she will not leave any traces after doing these hands and feet? She really hopes that she can die a little bit worse!”

Luo Fanyu was slightly surprised and asked: “You already know who did it?”

“I can guess who it is, and this matter is not difficult to find out,” Nangong Che said coldly, “I will make her pay the price.”

Looking down, he saw the little woman in his arms who didn’t say a word, and his heart was hurting fiercely, his palm touched her face, and he bowed his head and pressed a k*ss on her lips: “No matter what you just heard Forget it, it’s okay, nothing happened when I was by my side, did you hear it?”

Yu Muwan shook his head, feeling very sad, clutching his clothes and burying himself tightly in his neck.

Nangong Che hugged her tightly and gently k*ssed her hair with great pain.

“You two, do you have to be so disgusting in front of me?” Luo Fanyu couldn’t help but chuckled, “Why do I look like a pair of fateful mandarin ducks!”

“Shut up your mouth.” Nangong Che said to his friend disgustingly, this guy couldn’t say anything good!

“Well, what do you want to do next?” Luo Fanyu said sternly.

“I’ll take her to Biyun Villa first. You don’t care about the rest. If the Luo family returns to City Z, please let me know.” Nangong Che said calmly. He thought very clearly. When the report goes out, the old man will definitely be furious. After the Luo family came back, they saw that their daughter had encountered something like that. The scandals of Nangong Che’s mistress and the bastard were all over the sky. They can’t help but make trouble.

Luo Fanyu nodded: “Okay.”

On the highway, he watched the two people leave, but still did not let go of his worries. He took out his mobile phone to arrange all aspects of the matter, and then he got in his car and quickly returned to the Luo’s club.


In Biyun Villa, Yu Muwan was silent all the way.

Gently put her on the sofa, Nangong Che stroked her head, and said softly, “I’ll go to the medicine cabinet to help you dress up the wound, and wait for me.”

Yu Muwan hugged her shoulders, her face pale and weak, and the bruise on her forehead looked shocking.

When Nangong Che came back, she was still in this posture, her slender fingers lifted her face gently, and there was a gloom in his deep eyes, which instantly turned into distress, and said in a low voice: “Does it hurt?”

Yu Muwan stiffened, shook his head, and said in a trembling voice, “Where do you think Xiaoying will be now?”

Nangong Che’s hand froze slightly.

There were tears in her clear eyes, and she raised her eyes gently and said, “Is it a mistake that I chose to give birth to him? I was very young at the time, so I insisted on not letting my child be harmed inexplicably. After giving birth to him, I have never given him a complete family, complete love, and even now his whereabouts are unknown. People outside are still desperately clamoring that he is the illegitimate child of a rich family-he is still young, but what is he I understand, I’m the f*cking mother, why should my child bear all this because of my own mistakes?”

Such a look made Nangong Che’s heart hurt fiercely.

A smile appeared at the corner of Junyi’s mouth, arrogant and desolate, and he whispered in a low voice: “Mu Wan, if you say that, I am the one who really apologizes to you. If you didn’t think about being responsible to you, you shouldn’t Let you get pregnant, if you are pregnant, you shouldn’t let you abort the child, and even now, you should not be so wronged by deciding to recognize you-you really should blame me, I am too useless. “

Yu Muwan bit her lip lightly, her expression a little helpless, as if she was thinking of something, and lightly touched his face a little lostly: “When I disappeared, did your father force you? … You promised to get married later. It’s also because I’m afraid that something will happen, are you worried about it?”

Thinking of the pain and suffering during the few days of her disappearance, Nangong Che’s deep eyes had a trace of pain and despair. He smiled lightly, didn’t tell her, and leaned forward and k*ssed her lips gently.

“Take care of the wound and leave the rest to me.” Nangong Che said in a low voice, touching her cheek with a warm palm, and there was a faint light in her deep eyes. Yu Muwan only glanced. Did not understand the taste in his eyes.

The phone in his pocket was shaking, and Nangong Che noticed it.

It’s just that he ignored it and concentrated on treating the wound on her head. The warm lips gently covered her lips, k*ssing her gently and lingeringly, and stopped when her stiff and tense body was slightly relaxed. Nangong Che bowed his head and stared at the person in his arms, his eyes blurred and tired, he hugged her in his waist and walked towards the room inside.

This room is familiar to Yu Muwan. She was forced to be his lover for a month. It was in this room, the only time they shared the bed for a while, although they were sharply opposed to each other, more intense than their enemies. .

Deeply sinking into the soft bed, she was in a daze, and subconsciously reached out and grabbed his shirt.

Nangong Che laughed lowly, “Why, reluctant to let me go?”

Yu Muwan bit her lip lightly, her white little face suddenly clear, with a serious expression: “I don’t want to be here. Nangong Che, I don’t want to be your lover for life, and I don’t want to have my own home and cannot go back or follow You were exposed to the eyes of outsiders together… My parents were no longer there when I was so early, and I didn’t want to hold on to everything by myself. I was really tired…”

Her eye sockets were slightly moist and glittering.

“Don’t you love me… I don’t want to face all this by myself…” Her voice was already choked.

She is strong enough, but the pressure from the outside is overwhelming, and when the outside sounds and ugly insults are about to drive her crazy, she really can’t hold her alone.

Nangong Che’s deep eyes were full of distress, and he pressed his lips without saying a word, but instead held her catkins, leaned over and hugged her into his arms.

“Don’t worry… What are you worried about? I will never treat you like I did five years ago. If you are not sure, I will say it again. I want to be with you, and the person I want to marry is you…” Wen Re Holding her small face in the palm of her hand, watching her tears fall, Nangong Che k*ssed her hard, lingeringly, “What do you want me to do to believe that I love you, eh?”

Yu Muwan was in a daze, biting her lip, not knowing what she wanted him to do.

Nangong Che stared at her face with some fiery eyes, rubbed his palms on her waist gently, and his breathing became slightly heavy.

Yu Muwan noticed something wrong with him, his face suddenly blushed, and he pushed his little hand on his chest: “You…you wait…”

The man with heavy breathing stiffened slightly, his fiery eyes looked down at her again, and when he saw her somewhat tense and shy eyes, he smiled and said dumbly: “I didn’t think about wanting you now. Don’t be nervous. You can’t go to the apartment you rented with Xiaoying. Stay here for now. I will pack all your things and bring them here. Tomorrow Qianrou will come here first when you come back. Don’t worry about anything, get together first. Once together, you haven’t seen her for a long time, haven’t you?”

Yu Muwan suddenly felt sour and nodded.

“So rest early,” Nangong Che sighed slightly, and k*ssed her on the forehead. “Tomorrow, I will send someone to pick her up. Don’t go there in person, understand?”

Yu Muwan was startled, raised his eyes and said, “No, I want to go by myself!”

There was a calm light in Nangong Che’s deep eyes, softly coaxing her: “I don’t want you to go out to listen to the messy news… Mu Wan, be obedient.”

Thinking of the mess outside, Yu Muwan nodded.

Nangong Che continued to comfort her in a low voice for a long time. He even hugged her in the room and covered her with the same thin quilt. When she fell asleep, he gently got up, wrapped her in the quilt, and gently k*ssed her side. face.

It wasn’t until she was sure that she was really asleep that the tenderness on Nangong Che’s face disappeared and turned into a cold piece. He took out his mobile phone and called back according to the number just now.

“Is there any news?” He opened the balcony door and asked coldly.

“Mr. Nangong, we have found that the photos and videos sent to Kyoto Media are delivered by email, which is the same as hundreds of other media, but these hundreds of emails are transmitted anonymously, using different IDs, all of them are Newly registered, if someone is really willing to spend such a lot of effort, then we will definitely have a lot of effort to find out.”

“Send me the information,” Nangong Che’s slender figure walked back to the room, staring at the laptop beside the bed, and said lightly, “In a minute, right away.”

He hung up the phone, his upper body wearing only a reverse-sleeve shirt looked stubborn and arrogant. He leaned slightly in front of the computer, with his slender fingers operating on the keyboard with one hand. He didn’t need a mouse, and he entered in a few clicks. To the page.

Opening the document that he had just received, the complicated numbers and codes in it dazzled into his deep eyes.

——Different IDs can send hundreds of the same emails at the same time?

Nangong Che’s sharp eyes moved from the sensitive number, his sexy thin lips pressed, and he said nothing, a hazy and nervous atmosphere filled the room.

He was like a leopard ready to go, his gaze shuttled back and forth between those pictures, and finally found a trace, his elegant fingers landed on the keyboard, tapped twice to lock the target.

Picking up the phone on the table, Nangong Che pressed the dial button, and the conversation that had just been paused started to continue in an instant, he said coldly, “Write down this address, and hack it within three minutes.”

In the quiet and spacious room, in front of the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, the curtains are blown by the breeze, which is beautiful.

Nangong Che counted the time, went to Mu Wan’s window to pick up his coat, carefully glanced at her sleepy eyes, his eyes softened for a moment, and then grabbed the key on the table and left.

The moment he got into the car downstairs, Nangong Che made another call.

“…Che?” Luo Qingwan’s voice on the other side was pleasantly surprised and exhausted, and some indescribable panic.

He smiled faintly, with a cool and cold taste, and asked clearly: “Is it fun… Qingwan.”

Chapter 477

Luo Qingwan suddenly became more panicked, her hands and feet hurriedly as if breaking something, her breath was steady, her trembling voice had a pitiful taste: “Che, you…how did you call this time?…what are you talking about? “

“Nothing,” Nangong Che said faintly, his voice was light and breezy, but it smelled of arrogance and yin, his lips pressed against the phone, his voice was low but clear, “I just remembered that we had the same degree in college. , I taught you computer attack and defense skills… Don’t you remember?”

Luo Qingwan’s breathing began to be unstable, and her voice was a little dumb: “I remember… I just don’t know you remember those things back then, I thought you forgot… I’m getting better these two days, and my parents are coming back. Face them with this mental state…”

“Really?” Nangong Che started the car and drove out of the complex gracefully, with a bloodthirsty light flashing in his deep eyes. “Your parents should have come here only after hearing the news, so they won’t be mentally prepared. , It’s you – really can’t even remember who raped you?”

“I…” Luo Qingwan’s voice was a little bit painful, “You don’t want to make me think anymore? I’ve already suffered so much damage, Che, please be kind…”

“Do I need to be kind to you anymore?” Nangong Che’s voice became cold for a few degrees, and he sneered, “Luo Qingwan, I gave you the opportunity to admit to me that you did something that you did not cherish!”

“I do not understand what you’re saying……”

“You better not understand,” he said coldly, “I will make everyone understand, except you.”

“Che… Che! Don’t!” Luo Qingwan’s voice trembled, and he had sensed the threat in his words, and the whole person panicked. He really didn’t expect that he would penetrate her so quickly!

“I didn’t mean it… I just don’t want you to ignore me so much, and don’t want you to ignore what you are doing! I know you want to protect her, even if you were so intimate with her when I was still your fiancee. She is the only one who wants to defend! Why can’t you let the outside world know what you are doing? Why are my grievances only borne by me and my family? Shouldn’t outsiders seek justice for me!” She said in a crying voice.

“Really?” Nangong Che clenched his hands tightly on the steering wheel, his face was pale, and he snorted coldly, “You can expose our affairs by yourself, and you can even open a press conference to reveal that I am How sorry you are! You can do it now! But Luo Qingwan…You are born to like to play yin, right?”

“I didn’t… I was innocent… I was innocent!” Luo Qingwan cried and said.

Nangong Chejun’s face was pale with anger, pressed the gushing anger in his chest, smiled, and said coldly: “Alright, I will let you continue to pretend… I want to see how long you can pretend!”

He hung up his phone and drove quickly towards the hospital.

As expected, the entrance of the hospital was already full of people. The moment Nangong Che got out of the car, he was surrounded by swarms. His natural cold and arrogant aura made people afraid to approach, so he could only stand a few steps away towards him. Asking questions, I only hope that even a word can be spit out from his thin lips.

Nangong Che walked towards the inside with strides and meteors, his sturdy figure was daunting.

“Mr. Nangong! One side is the raped fiancee, and the other side is the beautiful mistress of mother and child. Which one do you choose? Are you really going to ruin your marriage contract with Miss Luo and be a perfidious man!”

Amidst the noise, a sharp voice came from behind, Nangong Che’s indifferent, frosty back stood slowly, turned and stared at the reporter who had just asked the question, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and stood proudly on the steps overlooking her.

“I will indeed reconsider the matter of the marriage contract–” he said lightly with a magnetic voice, watching the strong commotion among the reporters caused by his own words, his sexy thin lips pulled out a smile, his voice was cold and quiet. “I stick to my own decision, but Qingwan is emotionally unstable. She always feels that she is too dirty to fulfill the marriage contract. Presumably all women have difficulty letting go of their hearts when encountering such things, so… “

Nangong Che’s deep eyes stared at the camera, and the dark eyes had a breathtaking taste, “I won’t get married unless the person who raped her is picked out… No matter what, I have to be fair.”

A cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Please wait and see.”

Nangong Che walked upstairs after speaking, leaving an uproar.

In just a short moment, the group of reporters became boiling. This was the first time Nangong Che officially revealed his attitude about the marriage contract to the media, and the people behind him continued to be crazy, asking questions like “You Nangong Che looked indifferent and looked at the reporter behind who asked the question from the reflection of the camera lens, remembering the media card in her hand and deep eyes. There is a trace of devastating light in the eyes!

In the dozen or so floors of the ward, Luo Qingwan had a pale face and opened the curtains to watch the situation outside.

When she saw Nangong Che walking up indifferently and arrogantly, and the reporters were boiling, her slender fingers trembled, and the curtains were covered in a trance. She didn’t know, she couldn’t hear what Nangong Che said to the reporters.

——What did he say?

Luo Qingwan returned to the hospital bed, wearing a blue and white gown, and couldn’t help holding onto the sheets tightly.

She knows… She knows that he hates other people’s threats and framing, which is more dangerous than killing him. His revenge always came after being forced to destroy the world, she was shaking all over, and there was no blood on her lips.

The door of the ward was pushed open.

Luo Qingwan trembled in her heart, raised her eyes and looked over, and saw the figure of Nangong Che, behind which some unsuspecting reporters were taking pictures outside the window. Her eyes flickered, her body stiffened, and suddenly she didn’t know what to do.

“Are you satisfied with my answer?” Nangong Che asked in a cold voice with the corners of his elegant mouth.

Luo Qingwan was startled, and shook her head subconsciously, biting her lip: “I don’t know what you told them…you…what did you say…”

Nangong Che approached her slowly, gracefully and calmly: “Don’t worry, I didn’t let anyone know what you did. I said that we have a good relationship. Even if you are dirty, you are still a chaste woman in spirit…”

His sturdy figure walked over, arms stretched out, leaned over and stared at her pale little face, and said indifferently and quietly: “So you should cooperate a little bit and continue to pretend you are pitiful, if one day I want to tear Opening your mask will definitely let everyone see the ugliest side of you, and now – it is better for you to continue pretending to be pure.”

The flashing light outside the window flickered more violently.

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