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Chapter 67

Noila Mo has been in the hospital for almost five days. Although she lived alone in a very comfortable ward and Zhang’s mother took care of her very well, Noila Mo still felt bored.

Wearing a thin woolen shawl, Noila Mo walked aimlessly in the garden in a fat gown.

The autumn sunshine was shining but not blazing, softly shining on her body, making Noila Mo’s gloomy mood for a long time warm.

Walking slowly along the path on the lawn, Noila Mo squinted his eyes to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Suddenly, something hit her leg, and Noila Mo let out an exclamation. Taking a closer look, it turned out to be a cute little pug. He was covered in snow and white, and there was a very delicate pink collar hanging around his neck.

The puppy wasn’t scared when he hit someone. He raised his head and looked at Noila Mo curiously, looking naughty and airy.

Noila Mo remembered that when she was in high school, she wanted to raise a pug like this. Unfortunately, before her wish was fulfilled, her father’s company went bankrupt. Since then, keeping a dog has become an unfulfilled luxury…

Noila Mo was attracted by this cute puppy and knelt down and stroked the puppy’s round head: “Baby, what is your name? Why didn’t you see your master? Are you lost?”

As if the puppy understood her words, he barked twice, and his tail shook happily.

Seeing the cute look of the puppy, Noila Mo became very playful, picked up a few pine cones from the grass, and played a game of throwing a ball with the puppy.

“Snowball, Snowball…” An anxious female voice went from far to near. Noila Mo raised his head and saw a slender figure coming from a distance.

Gently patted Snowball on the head, Noila Mo said softly: “Snowball, your master is here! Go find her!”

But Snowball turned a deaf ear to the mistress’s call, playing with the pine cones on the ground wholeheartedly.

Noila Mo had no choice but to pick up the snowball and greet the woman.

Seeing the puppy in Noila Mo’s arms, the woman ran over too. The two are getting closer. When she saw the woman’s face clearly, Noila Mo’s heart trembled, so unexpected! It turned out to be her!

Noila Mo only saw photos taken by the paparazzi in the gossip newspaper. In the photos, she held Salmon Shen’s arm tightly, and the smile on her face melted the hard ice.

Liang Nuanxin. Mayor Liang’s daughter. Salmon Shen’s fiancee.

Noila Mo’s face suddenly turned pale, before she could put down the snowball and turned to leave, Liang Nuanxin ran up to her panting.

“Ah, this lady, thank you! I thought the snowball could not be found! It is my boyfriend’s darling, if it is lost, he will definitely be angry! Thank you so much!” Liang Nuanxin Thanks to Noila Mo, took the snowball from her arms and hugged it tightly, and k*ssed her life on its head.

“Snowball, you little villain, run around while Mommy is not paying attention! See how I go home and teach you!” Liang Nuanxin squeezed Snowball’s little nose with his fingers.

Noila Mo looked at Liang Nuanxin. This is undoubtedly a very beautiful girl with fair skin, exquisite features, and noble temperament. At first glance, she is a lady born with a golden spoon.

Very good match, she and Senior Shen are really good match. Noila Mo’s eyes were wet.

Such a girl who doesn’t know the sufferings in the world, only flowers, applause and praise in life can be worthy of Senior Shen. Compared with Liang Nuanxin, she Noila Mo is nothing but a humble dust.

“Snowball, Daddy is still alone in the ward, shall we go back and take care of him?” Liang Nuanxin’s voice softly sounded behind him.

But Noila Mo, who had turned and left, suddenly stiffened her back.

Daddy-is it Salmon Shen? Salmon Shen, is he here too? Is he sick? is it serious?

A strong thought came to Noila Mo’s mind: go see him! Go see Senior Shen!


Some truthful words:

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This article, I really spent a lot of thought. In the design of the story and the description of the characters, I have tried my best. I like the heroine’s stubborn and intelligent, and I also like the male hero’s strong dominance and infatuation. Although he had many women, the only thing he loved was Noila Mo.

I think many girls are fantasizing about this kind of love. They fantasize about someone destined to meet in their lives, that person, who understands every word of their own, and can see the beauty of themselves that others cannot see.

In Painted Skin 2, Zhou Xun said to Zhao Wei, “I envy you so much. There is a man who loves you so much and is willing to die for you.”

And Noila Mo needn’t envy Zhao Wei, because Allen Chu would also be willing to die for her.

Allen Chu’s love is deep and warm. He may not understand sweet words or oaths, but his love for Noila Mo is so persistent and strong.

Noila Mo was still too young. She always thought that she loved Salmon Shen. It was not until after the vicissitudes of life that she realized that it was Allen Chu that she really loved.

Did the babies of Noila and Allen be born smoothly? How did Allen Chu and Noila Mo know the truth? Allen Chu’s life experience slowly surfaced. In the face of this shocking secret, what should Noila Mo and Allen Chu do?

Please continue to follow the article, I assure you, this is definitely a good story worth watching!

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Chapter 68

For the first time in her life, Noila Mo secretly trailed behind others like a dishonest thief.

Liang Nuanxin hugged Bobby and walked in front, Noila Mo pretended to stroll around casually, and followed her about thirty meters behind her, wanting to see which ward Liang Nuanxin entered.

She didn’t mean anything, she just wanted to take a look at Salmon Shen, one glance is enough.

She wants to know if he is good and whether he is seriously ill. She doesn’t want to disturb his life, so just take a sneak peek.

When Liang Nuanxin walked to the creamy yellow building with the most elegant environment, Noila Mo realized that Senior Shen actually lived in the same ward building with her. Close at hand, but let the Buddha far away.

“You live at the head of the Yangtze River, and I live at the end of the Yangtze River. I think about you every day but you don’t see you. I drink a river together.” Noila Mo suddenly remembered the folk dance she skipped during the school’s art performance, which was accompanied by this song.

At that time, she was a 16-year-old young girl waiting to be released, and Salmon Shen was an 18-year-old handsome boy. She was dancing lightly on the stage, and he looked at her from under the crowded stage, his eyes looked straight into her heart through the voices and music.

Under the heavy stage makeup, her face burned into a blush, and the foundation couldn’t cover it.

The 18-year-old Fengshen handsome boy, with amazement and praise in his eyes, turned that grand gala into a gift she presented to him alone. Secret gifts are extremely happy because they are secret.

Liang Nuanxin walked into the ward at the end of the corridor. That ward had the same layout as the ward where Noila Mo lived. There was a large terrace next to it, with huge potted plants on it.

Noila Mo walked to the terrace, let the vibrant green plants cover her body, and looked into the ward.

Salmon Shen looked pale. The face that was originally white is now a little transparent. Sitting at the table, he seemed to be looking at some information on his laptop. Liang Nuanxin hugged his waist from behind, rubbing affectionately on his face.

My heart hurt suddenly. Although I had known that Senior Shen had been engaged, and even though I had known that there was no possibility of him and other girls, Noila Mo still couldn’t bear it when he saw him and other girls with his own eyes.

It seems that he is fine, and his illness should not be serious. As long as he is good.

Leave quickly, this is not your place to stay. leave here! go away! Noila Mo convinced herself to move her legs and leave here.

But the legs seem to have their own will. They still stood in place, and did not move a bit.

With tears in his eyes, Liang Nuan saw his greasy heart enter Salmon Shen’s arms, with his arms around his neck, he said something softly and sweetly. Seeing Salmon Shen smile gently, he reached out and patted Liang Nuanxin on the back.

The heart seemed to be cut by a sharp blade, and it hurt so much that she wanted to sew it.

Tears finally fell uncontrollably from the sockets, and flowed over the pale cheeks. A drop fell on the tightly held hands. The nails are deeply embedded in the palms, but the tingling sensation is not comparable to the pain of the heart.

Noila Mo tried to wipe off the tears, but found that it was useless. The tears kept sliding down like broken beads, and the white and tender skin was soaked in tears to make a bit sting.

Trying to hold back the whimper in his throat, Noila Mo turned around and slowly left the terrace. For an instant, she seemed to be ten years old, and her movements became slow and cumbersome.

Noila Mo, why are you crying? You clearly don’t even have the qualifications for heartache!

A nurse walked over to the ward with a tray full of medicines and gave Noila Mo a strange look. Is this young lady here to visit President Shen? Why did she get to the terrace?

After all, Noila Mo was worried, and pointed to Salmon Shen’s ward, and asked the nurse: “The patient named Salmon Shen in 201, what kind of disease is it?”

The nurse was a little confused, but she answered truthfully: “Oh, he has stomach bleeding. He has been in the hospital for a while. He will be discharged tomorrow.” After the nurse walked to the ward, she sighed as she walked: “These bosses, I don’t care about my body too much. Drinking is inevitable for socializing, but don’t overdo it!…”

Noila Mo suddenly felt distressed. She thought it was a common cold or fever, but she didn’t expect it to be a stomach bleeding. No wonder his face was so pale.

Noila Mo was still in a daze when the mobile phone in his pocket rang suddenly. It is Allen Chu.

“Where!” Allen Chu’s voice was as domineering as ever.

Today, I deliberately drove to a well-known chicken soup shop to buy a can of chicken soup for her. After being stuck on the road for more than 40 minutes, he finally hurried back, fearing that the chicken soup was cold, he kept holding it in his arms and got all the clothes off. Greasy. I came back but no trace of the little woman! Zhang Ma said she had been out for a long time! Where did you fool around? Have you forgotten that you are a pregnant woman?

“…” Noila Mo frowned and made a call. Is it necessary to have such a fierce tone?

“Speak!” Allen Chu’s voice became colder. He hates that Noila Mo ignores him most.

“What are you talking about! I’m not a three-year-old kid, do I have to report to you wherever I go!” Noila Mo was also angry.

“You!” Allen Chu was so angry that she couldn’t speak, and threw the phone away. Mother Zhang shivered with fright.

Noila Mo slowly got on the elevator and walked to her ward. For stomach problems, it is best to eat something soft, such as gruel. Seeing Liang Nuanxin’s appearance as an eldest lady, she certainly can’t cook. Noila Mo decided to secretly cook some red bean porridge and find someone to send it to Salmon Shen.

When Noila Mo returned to the ward, Allen Chu was sitting on the sofa with a cold face, and Zhang Ma stood beside him tremblingly. Seeing Noila Mo coming back, he was relieved immediately. We greeted him quickly.

“Miss Mo, where have you been? Master has been waiting for you for a long time.” Mom Zhang looked at Allen Chu, and hurriedly carried the chicken soup over like a favor, “Look, Master also bought you chicken soup. This is Tianyin Tower. Chicken soup, stewed with an ancestral secret recipe, is very nourishing. Let me serve you a bowl!”

“I don’t have any appetite. You let him drink it himself.” Noila Mo was thinking about cooking red bean porridge, but didn’t even bother to drink chicken soup. Besides, it might be the cause of pregnancy. She felt a little sick when she smelled the chicken soup.

Just as Zhang Ma had a bowl of chicken soup in her hand, she looked at Allen Chu embarrassedly after hearing what Noila Mo said.

Allen Chu’s face was gloomy, and his dark eyes stared at Noila Mo, “Drink!”

I heard that it is better for pregnant women to drink chicken soup. Noila Mo is too skinny and should be supplemented.

Noila Mo’s delicate brows wrinkled tightly. Is there such a way to force others? The smell of chicken soup made her sick, so why did she have to force her to drink it?

“If you want to drink, drink it yourself! I won’t drink it!”

Seeing that the atmosphere in the room was not right, Zhang Ma hurriedly stuffed the bowl into Noila Mo’s hand: “Miss Mo, you can drink it! Master bought it for you!” After finishing speaking, oiled the soles of her feet and went away.

She was not so stupid. Seeing that she was about to quarrel, the young master had a bad temper. If she didn’t hurry up, she might have to follow Noila Mo to suffer. This Noila Mo really doesn’t know what’s good or what’s wrong. The young master was brought up by her. For so many decades, who has he cared so much for? I bought chicken soup all the way back, and the back of my hands was hot red by the spilled chicken soup. This girl didn’t appreciate it, and said she didn’t drink it without drinking it!

The one in the stomach, I don’t know whose kind it is! Zhang Ma secretly pouted her lips, not worth it for her young master.

The emotions of pregnant women are easy to fluctuate. Just now I saw Salmon Shen and Liang Nuanxin Qingqing, but now Allen Chu is so troubled, Noila Mo’s stubborn temper has also come up.

Putting the bowl heavily on the table, ignoring Allen Chu, turned around and went to the small kitchen to find red beans to cook porridge.

Allen Chu sat on the sofa, his face gloomy enough to wring out water.

Standing up from the sofa, with a long leg, Noila Mo’s path was blocked. Slender and strong fingers clasped her jaw tightly: “Drink the soup!”

Noila Mo struggled, trying to get rid of his restraint: “Let go! You violent mad!”

Her bright eyes were cold, but her little white face flushed with anger. Allen Chu stared at the stubborn little woman like a hedgehog. Although his heart was full of anger, the strength in his hands was subconsciously weaker.

Noila Mo wanted to say something more. Before she could speak, Allen Chu had already raised her chin and k*ssed her lips directly.

“You…” Noila Mo’s eyes widened in shock, and just about to open her mouth to speak, Allen Chu’s tongue got in. The hot temperature quickly swept away the sweetness in her mouth.

“Let go!” Noila Mo’s small mouth was tightly blocked by Allen Chu’s lips, and he wanted to scold him loudly, but only made a whimper.

This cat moan* made Allen Chu suddenly excited. Oh my God, how long has he not touched a woman? Noila Mo, you asked for this!

The force on Allen Chu’s mouth did not relax at all, Noila Mo struggled desperately and twisted and inadvertently rubbed his sensitive areas, Allen Chu took a breath, and the softness of her palms suddenly covered her lips and tongue. Rao attacked the city in her mouth.

The close k*ss continued from her lips to her white neck, and the big hands wandered all over, kneading lightly.

Noila Mo tried hard to push his body away, but his body was soft without any strength.

“Please, don’t be like this…I’m a pregnant woman!” Noila Mo begged for mercy in a low voice. Allen Chu had pulled her across and sat on him. She felt the heat between his legs through the thin clothing. Already gaining momentum.

This induction made Noila Mo flushed and extremely scared. No, she doesn’t want to have any physical contact with Allen Chu anymore!

“It doesn’t matter, it is safe to have sex in the second trimester of pregnancy. As long as you obey, I will be more careful.” Allen Chu said dumbly. The voice is full of suppressed desire.

Allen Chu frantically raged on her lips and tongue, slowly slid his big hands along the curve of her body, and put his slender fingers into her skirt and rubbed her thighs.

Noila Mo concentrated all his energy, raised his right hand, and slapped Allen Chu’s face fiercely!

Chapter 69

“Pop!” The crisp applause stunned both of them.

Noila Mo did not expect her strength to be so great. Somewhat bewildered, he looked at his red palms.

Allen Chu stared at her incredulously, with anger and injury in his eyes. The bloodthirsty eyes turned scarlet in an instant.

With a frenzied smile, Allen Chu squeezed Noila Mo’s slender neck, his voice furiously like a devil from hell: “Noila Mo, who gave you the courage? How dare you treat your golden master like this?”

Noila Mo’s neck was pinched by him almost out of breath. The legs kicked to Allen Chu instinctively.

The bloodthirsty eyes were darker, and with a fierce palm, Noila Mo was slapped on the sofa by Allen Chu, and her left face suddenly swelled up, making her aching pain. But Noila Mo didn’t say a word, didn’t beg for mercy, and didn’t resist anymore. She fell on the sofa like a wooden figure or a rag doll, her white face was indifferent.

Seeing Noila Mo’s stubborn look, Allen Chu felt even more angry. He stepped forward, pulled Noila Mo’s hair, stared into her eyes, and said coldly, “Noila Mo, you figure out your identity! Pregnant woman? As long as I say a word, the baby in your belly will immediately become a pool of blood!”

Noila Mo lowered her head and laughed at herself. Yes, a mistress who dares to beat her own gold master, Noila Mo, are you impatient?

Allen Chu walked out of the ward door angrily. “Boom!” He slammed the door with a loud bang. This sound, together with Allen Chu’s words just now, was like a sharp knife, and it plunged Noila Mo’s heart into a huge hole.

Noila Mo still maintained the posture of being slapped onto the sofa by Allen Chu. The corner of his lips was a bleak smile. Yes, who does she think she is! Just a mistress, with a wild species in her belly, a child who doesn’t even know who the father is. What qualifications does she have to lose her temper with Allen Chu and make her temper?

She should obediently drink the bowl of chicken soup that made her nauseous, and should take off her clothes obediently, let Allen Chu vent to his heart’s content. Isn’t it? This is what a mistress should do.

And she, Noila Mo, was really dereliction of duty.

Shit…The red adzuki beans placed on the kitchen counter, because the plastic bag mouth was not fastened, it was dumped out under pressure, and the round dark red adzuki beans rolled all over the floor…

Noila Mo slowly squatted down and picked up the beans that rolled to her feet, one by one, three by four… She picked up the beans mechanically. The heartache was so painful that it was the kind of tearing pain that she had never seen when she saw Salmon Shen and Liang Nuanxin k*ssing each other.

It’s just that Noila Mo didn’t realize it herself.

Red beans… By the way, she wants to cook porridge for Senior Shen. Why did she forget it? Noila Mo wiped the tears with the back of his hand, picked up the beans and washed them, and put a small handful of glutinous rice and a small handful of japonica rice into the pressure cooker.

Noila Mo did these silently, trying to focus on the beans and rice.

“I’m not sad, I’m calm… I’m not sad, I’m calm…” Noila Mo repeated these two sentences in her heart, as if it were a magical spell, and the feeling of heartache was indeed not so strong.

Noila Mo touched her slightly raised abdomen, and said to the baby in her stomach: “Baby, when grandpa has completed the operation and recovered physically, will my mother take you out of here? Let’s leave here and go to other places. City, happy life. Okay?”

In only half an hour, a pot of soft and waxy red bean porridge was cooked. I have to say that Zhang’s mother is indeed a careful person. Although the kitchen is not big, it is very complete, and there is a thermos barrel in the closet. Noila Mo put the porridge into the thermos and tightened the lid.

Everything is ready. Noila Mo started to worry. Who are you looking for to deliver the porridge? She didn’t want to send it by herself, Senior Shen already had a fiancee, and she didn’t want to disturb his happiness. She cooked this pot of porridge, just hoping that his body would get better soon, and she had no other meaning.

She knew that she and Senior Shen could not go back.

Senior Shen already has Liang Nuanxin. And she was also imprisoned by Allen Chu and became a shameless mistress. She has no qualifications and no right to ask for anything.

Noila Mo thought for a while, and decided to go to the nurse to help her deliver the porridge.

Holding the thermos barrel in the corridor outside Salmon Shen’s ward, Noila Mo was up and down. The corridor was quiet, and there were no nurses passing by. . This is the case in the VIP ward. Unless the patient rings the bell, the entire inpatient area is quiet. It seems that such a silly wait is not enough.

Noila Mo crossed his mind, returned to her ward, and pressed the call bell. This is really a bad idea. She is worried that the nurse will tell Salmon Shen that the porridge is her. She didn’t want Salmon Shen to know that she lived in the same ward.

The nurse hurried over. “Miss Mo, how do you feel? Do you need anything?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Can you help me send this insulator to Ward 201? A gentleman who lives there is a friend of mine.”

“Okay.” The nurse took the insulator and walked out the door. Noila Mo warned uneasy: “If he asks, don’t say it was sent by me.”

The nurse turned her head in astonishment: “That’s it. If he asks, how should I answer?”

“Just say, it’s an old person. She left after delivering the thermos.” Noila Mo’s mouth showed a trance smile.

An old friend interviewed him last time on TV and asked him why he donated money to the museum. Didn’t he say that?

Old man, Noila Mo likes this word. Because it contains deep nostalgia and reminiscences of the past.

The nurse nodded clearly. Briskly walked to ward 201.

In Ward 201, Liang Nuanxin was cutting fruit for Salmon Shen to eat. The hospital set meal was delicious, but Salmon was always greasy.

Liang Nuanxin shook her head helplessly. Considering that she was also a golden lady at home, but when she met Salmon Shen, everything turned into her to accommodate him.

Liang Nuanxin cut the apple, cut it into small pieces with a knife, forked a piece with a small silver fork, and fed it to Salmon Shen’s mouth.

Salmon Shen raised his eyes from the book in his hand and smiled gently at Liang Nuanxin. Although Jun Yi’s face was pale, he was still amazingly handsome.

Liang Nuanxin suddenly felt that everything was worth it. Such a handsome, refined and promising young man, why would she give him a little more?

The door was knocked, Liang Nuanxin put down the plate and fork in his hand to open the door. The nurse handed the vacuum flask to Liang Nuanxin: “This is a lady who asked me to send it to Mr. Shen.”

Liang Nuan opened the thermos curiously and took a look, her beautiful eyes widened suddenly: “It’s red bean porridge, it looks delicious. Nurse, what’s the lady’s name?”

The nurse smiled and shook her head: “She only said that she was an old friend of Mr. Shen. She left after sending the incubator.” After the nurse said, he politely smiled at Liang Nuanxin and turned away.

Salmon Shen, who was sitting at the table, shook his whole body when he heard the nurse’s words.

He suddenly had a strong hunch, this hunch made his entire hand tremble when he took the porridge bowl in Liang Nuanxin’s hand.

It’s red bean porridge. He and Noila Mo are both from City A. In their hometown, people believe that red bean porridge is nourishing to the stomach. People with stomach problems only need a bowl of red bean porridge to recover.

The fragrant and soft red bean porridge was served in a white porcelain bowl by Liang Nuanxin, making it more delicious. Salmon Shen’s eyes suddenly became a little wet.

The trembling hand picked up the spoon and took a bite slowly. Yes, it was the taste of hometown. In my hometown, people are used to putting some glutinous rice and then japonica rice when cooking porridge.

Noila, this must be the porridge Noila cooked for him! Noila, she must be nearby!

Salmon Shen fiercely put down the porridge bowl in his hand and chased it out. He didn’t care to explain to Liang Nuanxin, he ran to the corridor frantically, “Miss Nurse! Miss Nurse!” He shouted, Noila must have not gone far. , Maybe the nurse knows where she lives.

Liang Nuan was shocked for two seconds and then reacted, “Salmon, where are you going?”

Seeing Salmon Shen in despair in the empty corridor, Liang Nuanxin had a bad premonition: “Salmon, who delivered the porridge? Who is that old friend?” The female instinct told her that this lady and Salmon Shen The relationship must be unusual.

Salmon Shen couldn’t hear what Liang Nuanxin was asking, his thoughts were completely occupied by Noila Mo. Noila Mo, he waited for three years and looked for a girl for three years. Today, he suddenly appeared at an unexpected moment!

Three years ago, when he returned from a foreign trip, he happily brought a gift to find Noila Mo, only to find that her house was empty. There was a resale sign on the door, and the neighbor only said that her father was bankrupt and the family moved out. Can’t find out her whereabouts at all.

Salmon Shen searched all corners of City A, but Noila Mo never appeared again. She disappeared into the vast sea like a drop of water without a trace.

Liang Nuanxin walked up to Salmon Shen and pursed her ruddy little mouth in dissatisfaction: “Salmon, what’s wrong with you, people will ignore you when they speak!”

Salmon Shen couldn’t take care of answering Liang Nuanxin’s words. Salmon Shen’s mind was messed up, surprises and questions were intertwined. How is she doing now? How did she know that she was hospitalized with stomach problems? Why did you cook the porridge and bring it here but refused to meet him?

There is only one thought in the messy mind: Noila Mo must be found!

She is in C city, digging three feet, and he wants to find her!

“Warm heart, wait for me for a while. I have very important things!”

Throwing a word, Salmon Shen ran to the dean’s office.

This hospital is the top private hospital in City C. Patients who come to visit must be registered. If Noila Mo is not a patient, she will appear in the registry. If Noila Mo is a patient, she will appear on the hospital list.

Noila, you can’t escape this time!

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