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Chapter 70

Salmon Shen waited for her for three years. Until the family business was in crisis, under grandpa’s kneeling and begging, he had to marry the Liang family to find a big tree for the family. But in the past three years, every day, he missed Noila Mo.

On the hospital list, Salmon Shen saw Noila Mo’s name at a glance. A heart suddenly ecstatic!

He knocked on the door of Noila Mo’s ward with a trembling hand, and Salmon Shen anxiously waited for Noila Mo, who had been away for three years.

Noila Mo thought it was Zhang Ma when she heard the knock on the door. He walked over and opened the door with a cup of hot tea in his hand.

The door opened. What caught the eye was Salmon Shen’s elegant and handsome face with surprise and anxiety in his eyes, smiling at Noila Mo. The cup in his hand dropped to the ground, and the tiles splashed around, making a harsh sound. But Noila Mo and Salmon Shen didn’t seem to hear them at all.

Looking at each other’s faces deeply, eyes facing each other, a thousand words, but I don’t know where to start…

“Noila, how are you?” Salmon Shen asked after a while. The voice trembled slightly, but it was the warmth and magnetism in Noila Mo’s memory.

Tears were amused by this greeting all at once, raising the whimpering tears, Noila Mo looked at Salmon Shen like this, looked so stupidly.

His face is handsome and gentle, and his body has a faint mint fragrance, which is refreshing in the nose, refreshing and clean, and it matches his gentle and clean temperament so much.

She wanted to speak, but her voice was choked up. Can’t say anything at all.

“Noila, Noila…I finally found you…” Salmon Shen’s gentle voice was a little hoarse, whispering, calling her name over and over again. He held her tightly in his arms again.

I was afraid that she would disappear at any time, hugging so tightly that she was so close to his warm chest that she could clearly feel the feverish beating of his heart.

Noila Mo was held by him blankly, her head resting on his chest, her eyes sore that she couldn’t restrain herself.

“Noila, where have you been all these years? I’m looking for you everywhere…” Salmon Shen’s voice was faintly blamed, and more, it was the ecstasy of being lost.

“I… I’m sorry…” Noila Mo’s sour voice couldn’t say a complete sentence.

“Don’t be sorry, never need to say sorry to Senior Shen.” Salmon Shen gently stroked her loose long hair with warm palms, muttering to himself, “Noila, how are you doing?”

are you doing okay?

Noila, how are you doing?

Tears flowed more turbulently. Noila Mo cried silently.

How is she? She was pregnant with a child who didn’t know who her father was. She was reduced to a shameless mistress, imprisoned and kept in captivity. The gold master is in a good mood, so he spoils her a little, but in a bad mood, what awaits her is rage and insult.

How is she?

She had a bad time. very bad.

“Noila, you have my home phone, why don’t you come to me?” Salmon Shen asked eagerly, his voice trembling, and his hands tightly hugged her, wishing to embed her into his body and never separate .

Noila Mo’s slender hand almost wanted to lift up, responding to his hug.

However, after hesitating again and again, she gently retracted her arm.

She is not worthy. Yes, she is not worthy. She is dirty.

Salmon Shen, the second generation of a promising family business, is handsome and elegant, and always personable. And her? But a dirty and shameful mistress, an unmarried mother with unknown origin…

She doesn’t even deserve to be embraced by Salmon Shen…

Tears desperately fell, Noila Mo bit her lip to restrain the sobbing, and then said with difficulty, “I, I’m fine.”

I am fine, I have accepted my destiny calmly. I’m very good. Salmon Shen, you don’t have to worry about me anymore.

Hearing Noila Mo’s words, Salmon Shen’s body shook sharply.

In her voice, there was an unfamiliar alienation.

You are polite, yes, you are polite. The girl who always smiles sweetly at him and calls him “Senior Shen” in a crisp voice has never spoken to him in such a polite and alienated manner.

Yes, after three years…Salmon Shen’s hand slowly loosened her body.

Noila Mo subconsciously wanted to wipe the tears off her face. She didn’t want Salmon Shen to see her crying, it must be ugly.

A touch of distress flashed in his eyes, Salmon Shen carefully held up her face and asked in a low voice: “Noila, why are you crying?”

As if holding the most precious baby, Salmon Shen held her face, wiped her tears little by little, and coaxed her softly: “Don’t cry. I haven’t seen it for so many years. Why do I cry when I see it? I have Is that terrible?”

After listening to him, Noila Mo’s tears that had just stopped broke out again.

Because she thought of him in her heart for three years. Because he has become a thorn in her heart, and it hurts when he touches it.

Noila Mo smiled hard at him and raised his hand to wipe away tears.

Salmon Shen smiled slightly, Noila Mo’s smile made him see the shadow of that girl again. With a warm heart, he stretched out his hand to hold Noila Mo’s hand, and wanted to say something: “Noila…”

Noila Mo lowered his head and just saw the engagement ring on his ring finger.

The simple platinum ring represents vows and love.

Salmon Shen is already engaged to Liang Nuanxin.

Noila Mo violently withdrew her hand. Salmon Shen lowered his head and stared at his hand frozen in the air in amazement.

In only three years, is she unfamiliar to him to this extent?

Will you avoid even holding her hand?

“Sorry, did I offend you?” Salmon Shen stood at the door, apologizing to Noila Mo. A touch of injury passed through the tender eyes.

Noila Mo’s heart suddenly hurt severely.

How could he offend her? He will not offend her in anything.

But what can she say?

Said, Salmon Shen, you are already engaged. And I also became someone else’s mistress? Between us, is it impossible?

No, she couldn’t let Salmon Shen know this fact. She hoped that in his heart, she would always be the clean, sunny and happy Noila Mo back then.


The two looked at each other at the door of the ward, too embarrassed to find the right words to say.

Reluctant to leave him, just want time to stop for a while.

Noila Mo politely made an inviting gesture: “Come in and sit down for a while.”

Salmon Shen nodded gently.

“Noila, are you sick? What is it? Is it serious?” Salmon Shen asked worriedly.

“Oh, nothing, it’s just a cold and fever.” Noila Mo replied somewhat restrained. The door was closed, and she was alone with Salmon Shen in a confined space. She suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“that’s OK.”

After saying their greetings, the two fell silent again, an embarrassing silence.

Salmon Shen looked at Noila Mo tenderly, her long black hair draped softly and a loose white skirt, which made her fresh and natural, like a little fairy in the forest.

His Noila is still so beautiful.

Noila Mo is also looking at Salmon Shen. Three years have passed. His facial features have improved a bit, taking off the youthful greenness, and adding some handsomeness of mature men. The temperament is more gentle and gentle than before, and the familiar mint fragrance on his body Let her indulge…

After a moment of silence, Noila Mo finally plucked up the courage to speak: “Senior Shen, I heard you are getting married?”

Noila Mo originally wanted to find a topic to break the silence. Unexpectedly, he blurted out, but asked this question.

Hearing Noila Mo’s words, the smile on Salmon Shen’s face slowly faded, like a beach after low tide revealing a desolate riverbed.

Staring quietly at Noila Mo’s white face, it was the first time he felt hard to speak.

After a long time, Salmon Shen replied with difficulty: “Yes. I’m already engaged.”

Noila Mo’s heart was in pain, but she still pretended to smile. She exaggerated the appearance that she just remembered, Noila Mo’s false voice made her feel uncomfortable: “Well, I saw it on TV that day. You are engaged to the mayor’s daughter Liang Jinliang. You guys. Very good match, a talented girl, congratulations!”


Is Noila Mo congratulating him?

Why, he did not receive the joy of blessing.

Hearing the blessings, Salmon Shen didn’t have a trace of expression on his face, just stared at her face intently, without saying a word.

Salmon Shen’s silence made Noila Mo even more confused about what to say.

The smile on his face was maintained very hard, and the body was also very stiff.

I imagined the scenes of meeting Salmon Shen countless times in my mind. Every scene was happy and excited, but I didn’t expect it to be so embarrassing.

Randomly looking for the topic: “When are you and her, when are you going to get married?” Noila Mo tried to make herself act as calmly as a friend she hadn’t seen for many years.

“Noila, do you know? I have been looking for you for the past three years.” Salmon Shen looked at her eyes tightly, with a faint stubbornness and persistence in her gentle eyes.

“I asked my former classmates and neighbors near your home. I also posted missing persons notices on the TV station and newspapers in City A.”

He looked for her for three years and waited for her for three years.

Until I felt that there was no hope anymore, until Grandpa knelt in front of him and said to him, Salmon, save the property of the Shen family.

He did not expect to meet Noila Mo a month after being engaged.

Noila Mo’s eyes dodged for a while, and asked pretendingly, “Look for me? I thought you had forgotten me long ago.”

Salmon Shen smiled bitterly, “Noila, how could I forget you? You know, I will never forget you.”

After a pause, he raised his eyes, a little uncertain and a little nervous and asked: “Noila, have you thought of me in the past three years?”

Do you think of me? Noila, do you think of me?

“Yes! Yes! Senior Shen, I miss you so much!” Noila Mo bit her lip tightly, afraid of blurting out these words.

What can she say? What qualifications does she have to say?

“Oh, of course, I sometimes think of you too!” Noila Mo didn’t care about this sentence, and understatement, letting the Buddha go is just a very indifferent thing, not worth her serious answer.

Salmon Shen stared at Noila Mo’s eyes intently, and for a moment, she almost thought he had seen through her disguise.

Chapter 71

Covering his panic, Noila Mo raised his wrist and looked at his watch: “Senior Shen, I am a little tired. I want to rest early.”

Salmon Shen’s eyes passed a deep disappointment. This disappointment was like a sharp spear, which instantly pierced Noila Mo’s disguised strength. Turning her back, she opened her eyes vigorously.

Open your eyes and tears will not flow so easily. With your eyes wide open, you can see the world more clearly, see clearly, it is impossible for a mistress to have such a perfect man as Salmon Shen.

“Noila…” The slender waist was gently hugged again. Salmon Shen hugged Noila Mo from behind. This hug is so light, it is hard to feel it. But the tears that Noila Mo had endured for a long time burst out.

Noila Mo stretched out his trembling hands and broke Salmon Shen’s fingers around her waist, one by one, slowly breaking apart, as if it was not the fingers that broke, but the painful and trembling heart.

Trying to make her voice cold and blunt, Noila Mo said word by word: “Senior Shen, go back soon, Miss Liang must still be waiting for you.”

Must do his best to control the whimper in her throat.

“Noila, I’m sorry, I thought I would never find you again. That’s why I got engaged to her. I’m sorry…” Salmon Shen’s voice was full of guilt. He is not good, he shouldn’t be discouraged so quickly, he shouldn’t compromise with grandpa.

After searching hard for three years, he was unwilling to let go. If he really let go, maybe he would have to wait another three years.

“Senior Shen, don’t be like this…” Noila Mo could no longer control her trembling voice.

Salmon Shen, why don’t you let it go? Don’t hold me anymore. My willpower is not that strong. One more minute, my disguise will collapse.

Noila Mo bit her lip tightly, blood leaking from the corners of her lips. Only this kind of bone pain can make her control her urge to turn around and hug him, and she can control herself not to tell him that she has been thinking of him for the past three years…

Salmon Shen hugged Noila Mo tightly, holding her regardless. Letting go is the only thing in the world that he doesn’t want to let go.

Noila Mo lowered his head to prevent tears from falling on his hands. But the light from the ring on his ring finger dazzled his eyes.

The engagement ring, the engagement ring representing vows and love, pierced Noila Mo’s eyes like a strong light.

She must control herself, even if it hurts, she can’t bear it. She must also control herself.

Salmon Shen is not hers after all.

“Senior Shen…I already have a boyfriend.” Noila Mo’s voice looked indifferent and calm, with only slightly trembling shoulders revealing her secrets.

Salmon Shen’s body shook, and his hands slowly loosened. Standing behind her, Salmon Shen’s voice suddenly became hoarse, and the gentle and beautiful voice suddenly became hoarse and dim, as if the fire of life suddenly went out: “I’m sorry…”

Noila Mo smiled lightly: “It’s okay.”

It really doesn’t matter, Senior Shen, you don’t need to apologize, it’s all over. After three years of blankness, everything has changed.

Noila Mo is no longer the innocent and cute girl who was as white as a piece of paper. There are too many secrets in her body, too many unbearable.

He has not been able to wait for her all the time, and she has not been able to defend herself like a jade in these three years.

They owe no one to anyone. Missed, just missed.

It is better to forget each other than to motivate each other. Forget about the world, that’s good. Salmon Shen, this is great.

Noila Mo tried to squeeze a smile at Salmon Shen. But she still felt so boring and flustered, the kind of pain she had never experienced before. It was as if he was being weighed heavily on his heart by a huge stone, and his eyes were extremely sour.

Noila Mo’s phone was thrown on the sofa, Salmon Shen walked over, picked up the phone, and dialed a number on the phone.

“Noila, this is my most private mobile phone number. There are no more than four people who know this number. You must remember to call me.”

Seeing Salmon Shen pressing down the string of numbers earnestly, Noila Mo’s eyes blurred again. She looked at his figure eagerly, tall, handsome, and elegant. I just want to keep in mind him at this moment, every movement, every subtle expression, she must keep in mind.

This may be the last time they met.

They have their own different paths, he follows his, she follows hers. Since then, we have forgotten each other.

No matter how long the number is, when you finish pressing the 11-digit mobile phone number, no matter how slow you press it, you can only spend two more seconds together. No matter how grand a banquet is, it will end.

At the last second when the door was about to close, Salmon Shen held the door with his hand and asked in a low voice, “How is he to you?”

Biting her lip, Noila Mo found that she could not answer Salmon Shen’s question.

Is Allen Chu good to her?

Are you good to her? He was domineering and arrogant, turning her into a shameless mistress. He is violent and cold, and he often gets scars on her body.

Is it bad for her? She has a fever and he stayed with her all night. She was pregnant with someone else’s child, and he did not force her to remove it.

Allen Chu, are you treating her well?

However, now is not the time to tangle this issue. Now, she must rush Salmon Shen away. He has been here for too long, and if Allen Chu came back to see it, it would be a big trouble again.

She didn’t want Allen Chu to see Salmon Shen, and at the same time, she didn’t want Senior Shen to know that she was just a canary that was kept. Her feathers had fallen out three years ago…

Lifting her white face and revealing a sweet smile, Noila Mo’s voice looked brisk and happy: “He is very good to me!”

A sincere smile appeared on Salmon Shen’s pale face, and he reached out and stroked Noila Mo’s hair, “Noila, it seems that you are very happy. This way Senior Shen can rest assured.”

The little girl three years ago smiled sweetly at him, “Senior Shen, you are so kind to me!”

Now, another person has been changed to treat her well. But this is also good. Noila is happy. Noila’s happiness is his greatest happiness.

Salmon Shen smiled again. It’s time to leave.

Reaching out, holding Noila Mo’s cold little hand, her gentle eyes concealed all the reluctance, Salmon Shen tenderly said goodbye to Noila Mo: “Noila, goodbye.”

Noila Mo stared at Salmon Shen quietly, with a flat tone: “Senior Shen, goodbye.”

The door slowly closed, and when Salmon Shen finally disappeared from her eyes, Noila Mo’s tears burst into her eyes, and she sat down paralyzed along the door, as if all her strength had been exhausted. Too weak to stand firm.

It turned out that it would be so hard to see Senior Shen.

I spent all my energy, desperately holding back tears, holding back the urge to hug him tightly.

Embracing his arms with both hands and burying his face deeply into his arms, Noila Mo cried silently, but was heartbroken.

The phone rang suddenly.

Noila Mo hurriedly wiped away tears and answered the phone.

“Hello! Is it Miss Noilamo?” A nice male voice asked on the other side of the phone.

“Oh, I am, are you?”

“Miss Mo, I’m Allen’s friend Pei Jun. Can you come to the Night Bar? Allen is drunk. If you don’t come again, my bar will be smashed by him.”

“Well, do I have to come over? Shall I ask the driver to come and pick him up?” Noila Mo was very depressed. At this moment, she just wanted to take a hot bath before going to bed and sleep well.

“It’s not for you, he keeps calling your name. I turned his cell phone to find your phone. Miss Mo, please help.”

Pei Jun on the other end of the phone was also full of curiosity about this cold female voice. What kind of girl is it that would make the rebellious President Chu run to his bar to get drunk?

Allen Chu has a good amount of alcohol and has always been modest in drinking. It is the first time Pei Jun has seen him get drunk after having known each other for so many years. This girl seems to have a lot of weight in Allen Chu’s heart.

Pei Jun was full of curiosity about Noila Mo.

Noila Mo washed her face, combed her hair again, looked at her red and swollen eyes in the mirror, and didn’t want to go out.

At this time, she really wasn’t in the mood to clean up the mess for Allen Chu.

Perhaps, there is still a trace of guilty conscience in the bottom of my heart, meeting Salmon Shen seems to have done something sorry for Allen Chu.

When Noila Mo appeared in front of Pei Jun, he finally knew why Allen Chu was still calling Noila Mo when he was drunk.

The girl in front of me is not a superb beauty, she is a little petite, and she can’t see any figure in the big clothes. But on that fair and beautiful face, there are eyes that are unforgettable.

This is a pair of eyes that are so clear that you can see into people’s hearts. These eyes make people think of a young lion. Although innocent and unaware of his own strength, he has the stubbornness to never admit defeat.

Only such a woman can compete with Allen Chu, right? Originally thought that Allen Chu only liked big breasted Bo*ba, now it seems that his taste is not so vulgar. Pei Jun smiled slightly. Opened the box door for Noila Mo.

On the large velvet sofa, Allen Chu’s shirt collar was arbitrarily opened, his thick sword eyebrows were tightly furrowed, his eyes seemed to be open and closed, and he was holding a half empty wine bottle in his hand.

Noila Mo walked over and poked his face with her finger: “Hey, drunkard, go home!” This trick of poking face was learned from Allen Chu, and it finally came in handy today. Noila Mo had a hint of pleasure in her heart.

Tell you to bully me, I have to return it all today!

Allen Chu raised his drunken eyes, and after seeing the figure in front of him clearly, he seemed not to believe it, and then squinted his eyes, trying to see more clearly.

Pei Jun walked over and pulled Allen Chu up, “Here, Noila Mo is here. Go back quickly and don’t mess with me.”

Allen Chu finally saw the shadow in front of him, opened Pei Jun’s arm with his arm, and took Noila Mo into his arms.

Chapter 72

“Hey, what do you do, let go!” Noila Mo’s face flushed red. Really, there is still someone next to him, and he will be in estrus in every way.

Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo’s waist tightly, buried his head on her chest, and said vaguely, “Don’t let it go.” It seemed like a child was cheating.

Pei Jun’s eyes widened with interest, haha, I really didn’t expect that Allen Chu, who has always killed and decided, would even act like a baby! Although the bar was messed up by Allen Chu, it was worth it!

Pei Jun’s face is unconcealed with curiosity, funny, and expectation…

Noila Mo glanced at Pei Jun, who was smiling and watching the excitement next to him, and whispered to Allen Chu in a childlike tone: “Let go! I’ll take you home, OK?”

Allen Chu suddenly raised his head and gave Noila Mo a smirk: “What are you doing home? Making a villain?” A childish naughty flashed in his drunk eyes.

Gosh! If there is a hole in front of him, Noila Mo must get in immediately!

Pei Jun beside him couldn’t help it anymore, and tried his best to suppress the urge to laugh, clenched his fist and coughed twice, pretending to be serious, said to Noila Mo: “Miss Mo, talk slowly. I’ll leave a bit beforehand. Now.” After speaking, he quickly turned and left.

At the moment when the box door closed, Noila Mo heard Pei Jun finally burst into laughter.

Her face flushed with shame for an instant, Noila Mo reached out angrily and twisted Allen Chu’s ears. She felt like a cruel stepmother, bullying a somewhat retarded stepson: “Are you ashamed! Such a cheeky!”

Allen Chu was not ashamed at all, holding Noila Mo’s hand with a face and pulling it into his arms. The drunk man was extremely powerful, and Noila Mo could not stand firmly, being pulled into his arms and hugged tightly.

The masculine breath was mixed with alcohol, and it rushed into Noila Mo’s nose. Noila Mo thought of the light and nice mint fragrance on Senior Shen again, and frowned, trying to push Allen Chu away.

Allen Chu refused to let go. Not only did he hold it tighter, but his lips also came straight to Noila Mo’s.

Noila Mo tilted her head to avoid the kss. The back of her head was firmly supported by a powerful palm. In the next second, her hot lips had already kssed her fiercely.

As the clouds disappeared, Allen Chu turned over and put the sore back of Noila Mo into his arms, closed his eyes, and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

Although very tired, Noila Mo was not sleepy at all. With a pair of misty eyes, staring blankly at the gorgeous patterns on the sofa. What is this? She doesn’t love Allen Chu, but she does things with him that can only be done between lovers.

Does Allen Chu love her? When this question came to mind, Noila Mo smiled silently. It’s so naive to laugh at myself, how could I have such a thought.

Of course Allen Chu doesn’t love her, he doesn’t love any woman. What he loves is just the pleasure of indulgence and venting. How can a person like him understand what love is?

“What are you thinking about?” The man next to her suddenly said, with a big palm with body temperature, gently stroking her smooth back.

“Um…” Noila Mo thought Allen Chu was already asleep. One side saw his gloomy eyes, which were shining strangely under the light. If it were not for Noila Mo’s self-knowledge, he would still think that the light in his eyes was something called love in the legend.

Turning over gently, avoiding Allen Chu’s caress, Noila Mo whispered: “Thinking about my father…” What Noila Mo said was not all lies. She was thinking, when will her father finish the operation and when will she leave Allen Chu.

Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo a little tighter, placed his chin on her head gently, rubbing her long hair: “Next week, I will find a doctor to arrange the operation for your father next week.”

Noila Mo was overjoyed: “Really? Thank you!”

Allen Chu smiled evilly: “How are you going to thank me?” Her eyes moved maliciously.

Noila Mo pulled her clothes tighter and looked at Allen Chu warily.

Allen Chu was amused by her vigilant actions like a hedgehog, and reached out to pat her cheek: “Little fairy, you are thinking of beauty! I don’t have the energy now! Let’s feed you tomorrow!”

Noila Mo flushed with his words. He turned around bitterly and ignored him.

Allen Chu pulled Noila Mo’s face and blew into her ears, her voice was incredibly gentle: “What’s the matter, the little hedgehog is shy? Okay, let’s not tease you. Tell you something serious. You will be dressed beautifully tomorrow. Point, accompany me to the dinner party.”

Noila Mo gave him an angry look: “I’m a pregnant woman, what kind of dinner will I attend! Now the belly is a little bit more visible, and it doesn’t look good in anything!”

Allen Chu stretched out his hand to caress her slightly bulging abdomen, his voice was full of unbelievable arrogance and domineering: “Do you look good or not, I have the final say! You are obedient, I will take you to buy a dress tomorrow morning!”

The next day, when Noila Mo was stuffed into the car by Allen Chu, he still grumbled reluctantly: “I really don’t want to go to a dinner party, can I not go?”

Allen Chu looked at her with a smile but a smile: “Noila Mo, are you inferiority complex? I feel that you can’t bring it out and get on the stage? Are you too timid?” He knows how to stimulate Mo the most. Noila.

Sure enough, Noila Mo curled her lips: “Cut, isn’t it just a dinner party, just go!”

The smile on Allen Chu’s lips was deeper. Noila Mo looked at him warily: “What are you laughing at?”

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows, did not speak, and slapped the steering wheel in a cool manner. The car turned around a quiet street corner and stopped. “Hey, what are you going to do!” Noila Mo was inexplicably uneasy.

Allen Chu put his index finger on Noila Mo’s lips: “Hush!”

Then one leaned over and k*ssed Noila Mo’s lips accurately.

Noila Mo’s eyes widened in surprise. At a very close distance, she saw the golden morning sun shining diagonally on Allen Chu’s face, the three-dimensional profile of the facial features, handsome in the light, as handsome as a prince in a classical sculpture.

“Concentrate!” The big palm steadily held the back of Noila Mo’s head, and Allen Chu k*ssed deeper and more passionately. The flexible tongue with incredible magic power made Noila Mo be bewitched, and she was dizzy in the golden color.

After a long time, Allen Chu raised his head and looked at Noila Mo, which was so fierce that Noila Mo didn’t dare to look at him at all. Had to look on the road.

“Look! There is a car coming from the other side!” Noila Mo pointed to the other side of the road like a savior.

Allen Chu raised his head and looked out. The opposite was empty. There was no ghost shadow. He turned his head, only to find that Noila Mo had opened the door of the car and jumped out of the car while he was distracted!

Allen Chu’s deep black eyes narrowed dangerously: “Noila Mo, get in the car!”

Noila Mo didn’t eat his set. Standing in the sun, with hands on hips, his tone was disdainful: “Allen Chu, do you think I’m so stupid, would you still climb into the car to make you play a hooligan?”

The sun shines on her through the shadow of the tree, her long black hair, her white and clear face, and her stubborn, childish, crystal-clear eyes, against the blue sky and white clouds, are as beautiful as a painting.

Allen Chu suddenly felt his heart skip a beat, and felt a little lack of oxygen.

Looking fixedly at Noila Mo outside the car, all of her thoughts suddenly disappeared. At this moment, she just wanted to love the little woman in front of her. Spoil her, even if she wants the stars in the sky, she is willing to take them off.

Many years later, when Allen Chu remembered this scene again, he knew that this was the feeling of heartbeat.

“Get in the car, I promise not to bully you.” Allen Chu opened the door and looked at Noila Mo outside the car, with smiles and petting eyes in his eyes.

Allen Chu’s eyes surprised Noila Mo. What kind of look is this? Why did Allen Chu look at her as if she was a delicious piece of candy? It seems that she is a very cute pet?

Noila Mo couldn’t figure it out and didn’t bother to think about it. Hooked up the slender white little finger and stretched it out in front of Allen Chu: “Retract!”

Allen Chu smiled slightly, stretched out his slender fingers, and gently hooked Noila Mo’s fingers: “Okay, hook!”

Under Allen Chu’s repeated assurances, Noila Mo returned to the car with a guard.

Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo obliquely, started the car, and said coolly, “Can you take your paws off your chest?”

Noila Mo’s small hands tightly covered her chest clothes.

Noila Mo gave him a white look: “I’m not afraid that someone will suddenly become beastly!”

Allen Chu sneered: “Noila Mo, you figure it out! I don’t know how many women want to climb onto my bed!”

Noila Mo did not show any weakness: “Then you go find them! Why do you have to rely on me?”

Allen Chu smiled evilly: “I bought you for a big price. I won’t let go if I don’t get bored!”

An unintentional joke made Noila Mo fall silent.

Indeed it is. She was nothing more than a slave girl he bought with money. When my father is finished, she can leave, take two shots, not owe each other.

well. She Noila Mo can’t wait to breathe free air!

She will continue to learn painting, she will travel the world, a future without Allen Chu is the most beautiful future!

Noila Mo cheered up for herself, ignoring the sorrow in her heart…

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