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Chapter 85

Noila Mo stopped at the door, the atmosphere was too heavy and terrifying, she wanted to turn around and escape.

But as if there was a telepathy, Allen Chu raised his head fiercely and looked towards the door. When he spotted Noila Mo standing at the door, the bloodshot eyes of the eagle were cold and full of hostility.

That look was sharp as a knife. Has a strong murderous aura.

Noila Mo had a guilty conscience, but Allen Chu took a step back in shock when he saw it like this.

Allen Chu didn’t stand up, and just sat coldly on the sofa, with a pair of eagle eyes locked on Noila Mo, looking from head to toe, Noila Mo was frightened by his eyes, and instinctively hugged tightly. Snowball in the arms.

The snowball was suffocated. Barking yelled.

“Where did you go?” Allen Chu’s tone was plain, but Noila Mo could hear the viciousness and violence hidden under the plain. Biting her lip, Noila Mo lost the courage to lie.

This man’s aura is too strong and terrible. If he finds out a lie, he will only die even worse!

“Noila Mo, speak!” Allen Chu said word by word. A black murderous aura was enveloped all over.

It seems that it is impossible not to reply, Allen Chu is already on the verge of breaking out.

Noila Mo took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and boldly walked to him. Just about to say that she sneaked back while the kidnappers did not pay attention, but suddenly saw a pile of photos scattered on the coffee table in front of Allen Chu!

The biggest and most conspicuous one is the photo of her and Salmon Shen walking side by side on the beach. I don’t know who took the photo. The angle is very difficult. The worried Noila Mo was taken beautifully, with a slight smile on his face…

Noila Mo’s heart sank suddenly. Since Allen Chu can even get pictures of them walking on the private beach, there must be pictures of her saying goodbye to Salmon Shen in the city.

Now to say that he sneaked back from the kidnappers, it seemed too ridiculous, it was an insult to Allen Chu’s IQ.

How to do? How to answer! Noila Mo’s brain was in a mess, and she didn’t know what excuse she would use to make Allen Chu believe in herself.

“Noila Mo, I asked you for the last time, where have you been?” Allen Chu raised his head and stared at her coldly, his gloomy face almost dripping with water. His eyes were blood red.

do my best! The big deal is death! Noila Mo took a deep breath, and replied neatly: “I was kidnapped by the kidnappers and rescued by Salmon Shen. Because I was frightened and not feeling well, Salmon Shen kept me at his house for the night.”

Noila Mo’s voice sounded very stable and calm, but in fact she was so nervous as to be struck by hundreds of fawns desperately.

“What then?” Allen Chu reached out and picked up the photo on the coffee table, and looked at it coldly.

“Then I felt more comfortable with my body, so he sent me back.” Noila Mo said, almost believing what she said.

“Noila Mo! Do you think I’m a fool?! Why did this man sign a check for you to buy a wedding dress last time? Why did you happen to save you this time? You stayed alone in the villa with him all night?!” Allen stood up abruptly, staring at her fiercely with blood-red eyes, and slammed the photo in his hand on her head!

“Ah…” Noila Mo was unprepared and was smashed. The sharp pain spread all over the body suddenly.

“Noila Mo! You are getting bolder!” Allen Chu lifted his foot and kicked on the coffee table in front of him! The coffee table made an amazing popping sound. The police and bodyguards next to you look at me and I look at you. No one dared to speak.

Noila Mo’s face was no more bloody, and her big black eyes looked at Allen Chu in terror. The man became angry, and she really felt very scared.

“Noila Mo! Why don’t you explain! Aren’t you eloquent! Why don’t you talk anymore!” Allen Chu roared sharply, walking to Noila Mo’s side, his hard palms didn’t pamper her, and he pinched her hard Noila Mo screamed in her jaw, it hurts too much! She felt that her jaw was about to be crushed!

“I…he…he is my former neighbor…things are not what you think…” Noila Mo explained incoherently, and she shrank back in fear.

“Neighbor? Then why can’t your phone get through? What did you do with him last night!” Allen Chu’s face was only a few centimeters away from Noila Mo’s, and the tip of his nose almost touched her nose.

In his blood-red pupils, Noila Mo saw her face that was so pale with no blood. Before she could speak, “pop!” A loud slap had already slapped her face!

Noila Mo was beaten and fell on the sofa. Her ears buzzed, her nose was itchy, and something came out. She stretched out her hand and it was hot and sticky, blood!

But Allen Chu was not satisfied yet. He lifted Noila Mo from the sofa, squeezed her chin with one hand, and grabbed her long hair with the other, forcing her to look up at him.

“Noila Mo, you are looking for death!” Allen Chu gritted his teeth. The scarlet eyes were murderous.

He used all the networks, the police station, the underworld, and everything that he could use. In the end, he found only one hairpin that she had left behind and the blood stains on the ground that had penetrated into the mud.

Thinking that she had been killed, he didn’t close his eyes all night, and personally took the people to look for her everywhere. As a result, she came back casually.

When he was so anxious that there were many bubbles in his mouth, and he was so anxious that he couldn’t sleep or eat, she walked leisurely on the beach with other men!

Even if the phone is out of power, is it difficult to borrow a phone to call him? What does she think of him? In her heart, he, Allen Chu, was nothing, and she didn’t take him seriously at all!

Did she and Salmon Shen really do nothing? Allen Chu’s blood-red eyes suddenly narrowed.

“Get out!” He waved to a bunch of bodyguards and policemen in the living room.

These people secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and before Allen Chu’s anger had burnt to themselves, they ran away with oil on the soles of their feet. I’m afraid that I will suffer after a step.

When the people in the living room were scattered, Allen Chu approached Noila Mo and suddenly tore her clothes!

“Ah! What are you doing!” Noila Mo was taken aback! What the hell does this crazy, devil want to do? Isn’t she going to rape her in the living room?

Allen Chu ignored her rebellion. With a big palm, Noila Mo’s clothes were torn to pieces without mercy! Noila Mo flushed with shame, and desperately covered herself with both hands.

Allen Chu took her hand impatiently, and slammed behind her, another severe pain struck, Noila Mo’s tears flowed out all of a sudden.

Allen Chu’s cold eyes looked at her body mercilessly, and she was just an object, just a piece of goods, not a living, emotional, and warm person. Noila Mo bit her lip and closed her eyes in shame.

See! Enjoy watching! She was just a humble mistress anyway! Jin mainly accepts the goods, and she can only obey. She could not resist, let alone any dissatisfaction.

After reading it carefully, Allen Chu’s frowning brows relaxed a little. He said coldly, “Fortunately, I didn’t find anything that I shouldn’t have discovered, otherwise, Noila Mo, you will die very ugly!”

Noila Mo suddenly woke up. It turned out that Allen Chu wanted to find hickey marks on her. He suspected that she had a relationship with Senior Shen, so he wanted to check if there were any traces on her!

With a sad smile, Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu coldly, and said contemptuously: “Allen Chu, you are indecent, and you think others are as indecent as you!”

Hearing Noila Mo’s words, Allen Chu pulled her hair to make her face close to her, hot breath sprayed on her face, dark, bloodthirsty eyes looking at her with nice eyes.

Allen Chu also felt strange in his heart. If it were other women, he would have been dragged out and beaten up long ago, but facing Noila Mo, he couldn’t be cruel!

There are no signs of abnormality on her body. She and the man may be really innocent… Allen Chu kept convincing himself in his heart.

Noila Mo had already closed her eyes tightly, ready to slap again. Fight, kill me! I’ve lived enough anyway!

Unexpectedly, after waiting for a while, he didn’t slap in the face. Noila Mo opened her eyes in surprise.

Chapter 86

Allen Chu’s bloodthirsty eyes tightened suddenly. Sneered and walked to Noila Mo’s side.

Noila Mo was frightened by his ghostly eyes, desperately trying to pull his hand away: “What are you doing!”

Allen Chu smiled coldly: “Do what should be done between men and women!” The low voice is like a devil from hell: “Noila Mo, don’t you say I am indecent? Today, I will let you know what is truly indecent. !”

“Don’t touch me! You devil!” Noila Mo reacted, Allen Chu’s bloodthirsty eyes made her tremble, knowing that she was already a lamb to be slaughtered!

In front of Allen Chu, Noila Mo’s strength was not worth mentioning.

Realizing this, Noila Mo gave up resisting, did not speak, resist, or look at him, coldly like a block of ice, Allen Chu still hugged herself and walked upstairs. There was no expression of despair on the pale face. There is only a dead blank!

Seeing her stubborn and cold look, Allen Chu felt even more angry.

Walking to the bedroom upstairs in two or three steps, Allen Chu threw Noila Mo on the bed. Although the soft Simmons bed was flexible, Noila Mo instinctively covered her belly.

She suddenly realized with horror that there was a child in her belly. Realize that the baby cannot bear any punishment from Allen Chu!

No way! She can’t fight against Allen Chu. If she fights, it will only affect the innocent baby in her stomach.

Opening his eyes hesitantly, Noila Mo tried to squeeze a smile, with a hint of pleading and begging for mercy: “Allen, I really didn’t do anything I’m sorry for you. Can you not?

Want to be so fierce? “

Allen Chu sneered and lied to Noila Mo, facing her face, and said condescendingly: “Noila Mo, aren’t you very hard-hearted? Don’t you like to pretend to be corpses?

Why is it soft? “

“I… I was wrong, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t stay outside, I should be the first to contact you after I was kidnapped…”

It’s okay if you don’t say this. Once you say this, Allen Chu’s gloomy face is even harder to look. Sharp eyes stared at her closely.

damn it! She was kidnapped, but she didn’t ask him for help in the first place! It was not the first time to contact me!

Allen Chu gritted his teeth and roared: “You woman is simply heartless! Don’t pretend to please me! If you hadn’t had a kid in your stomach, you would have cursed my ancestors long ago.

Eighteenth generation! “

Regardless of Noila Mo’s resistance, Allen Chu cut Noila Mo’s hands behind his back with one hand, and gently stroked Noila Mo’s slightly raised belly with the other hand.

Allen Chu’s movements were very light, and there was even a slight smile on his face, but Noila Mo felt terrified!

What is this man going to do?

Noila Mo widened his eyes and looked at Allen Chu in horror: “Allen Chu, what are you going to do!”

Allen Chu curled his fingers, squeezed into a fist, and placed it on Noila Mo’s belly. With a cruel smile on his face, he said softly to Noila Mo, “Noila Mo, if my fist goes down, guess what will happen to the wild species in your stomach?

Noila Mo was so scared that tears came out.

He curled up desperately, trying to avoid Allen Chu, crying and begging: “No! Don’t touch my baby! If you want to get angry, send it to me! Don’t hurt my baby! Please!”

A drop of tears fell down the corner of his eyes, and his white body was like a fresh magnolia.

Allen Chu pulled off his neck, which had been loosened a long time ago, and the sloppy tie tied Noila Mo’s arms tightly. He took out the other two ties from the closet, and tied Noila Mo’s feet to the end of the bed.

Allen Chu looked at Noila Mo’s horrified eyes with satisfaction, and his shadow was clearly reflected in Noila Mo’s eyes. Noila Mo had him in his eyes, which was great.

Noila Mo can’t remember exactly how Allen Chu tossed her, and finally she was half asleep.

In the dimness, Allen Chu seemed to hug her to take a bath, acting gentle and caring. As if she was a fragile porcelain doll.

But Noila Mo felt that it must be her own fantasy. Half-asleep and half-awake fantasy. Allen Chu wanted to kill her, how could he treat her so tenderly?

The morning sun shines through the curtains on the big bed. When Noila Mo opened his eyes, he found Allen Chu was looking at her.

Noila Mo hurriedly wrapped herself tighter with the quilt, and moved her body secretly under the quilt to the bed, not wanting to touch Allen Chu’s body.

Allen Chu’s thighs were tightly wrapped around her thighs, and he noticed Noila Mo’s movement, his long arms tightened, and he took Noila Mo into his arms. Tightly restrained.

Noila Mo had to accompany her smiling face and said cautiously: “Um, I want to go to the bathroom.”

“Don’t go. Stay with me.” Allen Chu’s eyes were closed, and there was no expression on his face.

Really, where is such a domineering person! No people are allowed to go to the toilet! It’s unreasonable! Prisoners in prison will not even have the freedom to go to the toilet, right!

Noila Mo muttered in her heart, but did not dare to make any resistance.

Well, she is not in a hurry anyway, just spend with him in bed! If you can’t hold back for a while, just pee on the bed. He’s sick! It’s better to be so disgusting that he won’t touch himself in the future.

Noila Mo made a wishful calculation with a faint smile on her face.

This smile made Allen Chu misunderstood. I thought Noila Mo was very happy that he kept her with him. On the handsome and cold face, the lines became a bit softer.

The two just lay down quietly. Listen to the early bird twittering in the garden outside the window. Noila Mo suddenly had an illusion, as if she had returned to her childhood.

At that time, she was lying on the bed quietly. Wait for my mother to wake myself up. She likes the feeling of her mother reaching into the quilt and pulling herself up. I like the anger and spoiled expression on my mother’s face. At that time, she was still a little princess held in her hand…

The quiet time was fleeting, and Allen Chu’s voice broke the silence.

“Noila Mo, ask you a question.” Allen Chu’s voice was faint. Noila Mo didn’t hear any tension behind the voice.

“Huh?” Noila Mo responded lazily.

“Noila Mo, do you love me?” Allen Chu closed his eyes and asked.

He can only ask this sentence if he closes his eyes. If he heard this kind of problem a few months ago, he would feel nauseous and unbearable. A few months ago, he would never have thought that one day he would even ask a woman like this!

Women, in his eyes, always wear clothes that are thrown away when they are tired, and they are not even pets. To be sad for a woman, in his opinion, is simply an act of a low-level talent!

But today, he asked Noila Mo this sentence.

Chapter 87

Noila Mo was taken aback by Allen Chu’s words.

How could he ask such a thing? He actually said love to her?

Is the brain flooded? Doesn’t President Chu only want a woman’s body? When did he even want a woman’s heart? Allen Chu, you are too greedy!

I, Noila Mo, is nothing more than your mistress, just a commodity for equivalent exchange. After Dad’s operation is finished, we will pay for the money and we will not owe each other. Talk to me about love? Sorry, you do not have that qualification, my heart is not for sale.

Noila Mo shook his head and said firmly: “No. I don’t love. I don’t love you.”

Allen Chu’s hand clenched into a fist under the quilt. He suddenly turned over and sat up, looking down at her face from above Noila Mo, with a faint anger in her voice: “What did you just say? Say it again!”

Noila Mo’s moist eyes stared at him coldly: “Say my answer a hundred times and it won’t change. Allen Chu, I don’t love you!”

Allen Chu’s eagle eyes were full of anger, his thin lips pursed in a cruel arc, and Noila Mo’s chin was supported by his big iron palm: “Woman, do you know the consequences of your words?”

Noila Mo looked at him bravely: “I’m just your mistress. I have never heard of it. The gold master even has the heart of the mistress. Wouldn’t it be too greedy?

Allen Chu was going crazy. As soon as Noila Mo finished speaking, she slapped her in the face! The intensity of this slap was so great that Noila Mo was slapped directly from one side of the bed to the other!

Venus stared in front of him, his ears buzzed, and there was a smell of fishy sweetness in his mouth. Noila Mo touched her face with her hand, but she didn’t even feel anything! Too much strength, I was numb by the beat!

His face was instantly swollen and tall, coupled with yesterday’s bruise, the whole face was terrible!

“Mistress? I let you know what a real mistress is!” Allen Chu said coldly. Press the bell next to the bed.

“Master, what’s your order?” Yu Feng’s voice came from the loudspeaker.

“Yu Feng, bring the handcuffs and fetters!” Allen Chu’s voice was cold and cold-blooded. Noila Mo was stunned, handcuffs and fetters, what are they? What does Allen Chu want to do?

Yu Feng took the handcuffs and fetters and sent them to Allen Chu respectfully. She gave Noila Mo a sympathetic look. This little girl was really too, she had to anger the young master, and according to him, the young master treated her well enough. Such an expensive heart of the sea is willing to give it to her. She was missing, and the young master did not eat or drink all day and night. What are you doing now? Why does it seem that the young master is going to lock her up?

“Get out!” Allen Chu gave Yu Feng a cold stare. Yu Feng was so scared that he quickly slid out.

“Allen Chu, what are you doing! Noila Mo was so scared that she hugged her body tightly, and desperately shrank to the corner!

Allen Chu said coldly: “Cuff you up. If you save it, you will run around. Since you are a mistress, you must abide by the duty of a good mistress and don’t forget that you have sold it to me!”

“You are abnormal! You are crazy!” Noila Mo struggled desperately, but couldn’t even struggle with Allen Chu. He was really too strong. His white wrists were handcuffed, and his slender ankles were fettered!

“Allen Chu, you lunatic! I am your mistress! But doesn’t the mistress even have any freedom!” Noila Mo shouted angrily.

“Freedom?” Allen Chu took possession of her and stared at her fiercely, “Noila Mo, don’t want any freedom for this quilt!”

Allen Chu’s words completely put out the last glimmer of fantasy in Noila Mo’s heart.

“Mother Zhang!” Allen Chu called Zhang Ma in for Noila Mo to freshen up. Go downstairs by yourself.

Noila Mo waited fiercely for Allen Chu’s back, his eyes were about to burst into flames.

Mom Zhang saw Noila Mo look like this and sighed: “Miss Mo, you have to be considerate of the young master. He is afraid that you are missing again. You were kidnapped last time. The young master is so anxious.”

Noila Mo sneered, “What’s the anxiousness? He’s anxious that his dog got lost! He’s anxious? He’s just an inhuman beast!”

“Miss Mo, don’t say that. The young master is just a little bad-tempered. In fact, the young master cares about you very much. Otherwise, he will use black and white people to find you all over the world.” Zhang Ma defended Allen Chu.

“Do you care about me? Do you care if I beat me like this?” Noila Mo raised her face, with the bruise she had been beaten yesterday.

Madam Zhang sighed heavily, “That’s why the young master is getting angry. That’s why you put such a heavy hand. As long as you are a little bit obedient, after two days the young master will get rid of your handcuffs.”

“Be more obedient? If I am obedient or not, the ending is the same. Anyway, I am a pet he keeps. I am in a good mood and amuse me twice.

pet? She is not even as good as a pet. Which owner would be willing to label a pet like this? Also put on handcuffs and fetters? Noila Mo smiled bitterly.

The nose suddenly became sore. Noila Mo sat by the window and slowly bent her legs, hugging her knees tightly with both hands, forming a curled up self-protection posture.

The time spent with Salmon Shen yesterday became her only comfort. That period, although short, was beautiful and warm enough. Like a ray of sunlight, shining into her dark and painful life.

Looking at the handcuffs shining with cold metal luster on his arms and the fetters on his ankles, Noila Mo bit her lip desperately, raised her head, and blinked her eyes hard to keep tears from flowing.

She would never shed another tear for a scum like Allen Chu! He is not worthy!

His face was still hot and painful, and there were large bruises on his back. Yesterday Allen Chu’s strength was too terrifying. This was the worst time he beat her. With the slap from yesterday and the one just now, her face was almost disfigured. My eyes are so swollen that I can hardly open them!

Zhang Ma sighed. The young master is a bit too much this time, Miss Mo still has his child in her belly, how can she put such a heavy hand!

Wringing an ice towel, Zhang Ma walked to Noila Mo: “Miss Mo, let me put on your face. Eliminate the swelling.”

Noila Mo remained motionless, like a sluggish wooden figure, still Zhang Ma gently applied the ice towel to her face. The towel was filled with ice cubes, it was cool, and it was very comfortable to put on the face, making the unbearable sting a lot lighter.

“Bang!” There was a loud noise.

The door was suddenly kicked open from outside! Allen Chu stood at the door with a gloomy expression, staring at Mom Zhang with cold eyes: “Get out!”

“Yes, young master.” Madam Zhang respectfully agreed, giving Noila Mo a sympathetic look, and walked out from Allen Chu with a towel.

When she reached the door of the room, Zhang Ma turned around and looked at Noila Mo worriedly.

“Bang!” Allen Chu kicked the door. The loud sound shook Noila Mo’s ears.

He lowered his head, eyes drooping, looking at his cuffed hands. Noila Mo didn’t look at Allen Chu at all.

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