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Chapter 97

On the luxuriously decorated ceremony stage, the pastor was reading the wedding vows:

Now let us make a marriage vow before God. I want to ask two people the same question separately. This is a very long question. Please answer it after listening:

“Salmon Shen, are you willing to marry Liang Nuanxin as your wife, live with him in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, become one with her before God, love her, comfort her, respect her, and protect him, just like you love yourself. Is she sick or healthy, rich or poor, loyal to her until she leaves the world?”

The audience was silent, and the guests attending the wedding all smiled with blessings, waiting for Salmon Shen’s answer.

One second…Two seconds…Three seconds…Salmon Shen did not answer yet. The atmosphere is stagnant. The audience sitting in the front row began to whisper.

Liang Nuanxin still had a smile on her face, like a happy bride, her palms were slightly sweaty.

Salmon Shen’s eyes seemed to be looking at her, but his eyes had no focus at all. He was standing in front of her, but there was no such person in his eyes. His eyes looked at a place far away, a place that Liang Nuanxin could not reach for a lifetime.

Salmon Shen, never loved her. What he loved was Noila Mo from beginning to end.

Liang Nuanxin has never realized this so deeply.

Just when the atmosphere was so dignified that it was almost suffocating, Salmon Shen said, “I am willing.” The voice was faint. At first glance, there was not much emotion, but if you listen carefully, you can tell that the voice is hidden. With a strong bitterness.

Liang Nuanxin clenched his teeth secretly. The beautiful jaw becomes hard and ugly.

The wedding is the most glorious and happiest moment for every woman, but she was humiliated by her husband at the wedding. His hesitation is the greatest humiliation. Deep in his heart, it is not her who wants to marry.

A woman named Noila Mo is the source of her humiliation.

Noila Mo. Liang Nuanxin called out the name coldly from the bottom of her heart, but the smile on her face was still well maintained. The right hand was clenched into a fist, and the nail was pinched deeply into the flesh.

“Liang Nuanxin, are you willing to marry Salmon Shen as your wife, live with him according to the teachings of the Bible, become one with him before God, love him, comfort him, respect him, and protect him as you love yourself. Is he sick or healthy, rich or poor, always loyal to him until he leaves the world?”

“I am willing.” Liang Nuanxin answered without hesitation. Even if Salmon Shen doesn’t love her, as long as there is no Noila Mo, she can make him fall in love with herself.

The guests at the ceremony began to applaud, wishing the two newcomers a good relationship for a hundred years.

Allen Chu and Pei Jun sat in the VIP area in the center. This is the closest place to the ceremony table and is the best place to watch the ceremony. Everyone on the stage could see clearly.

Salmon Shen didn’t love Liang Nuanxin, Allen Chu could see clearly. Suddenly a question came up in his heart: Is it that Salmon Shen loves Noila Mo? Reminiscent of the dress shop Salmon Shen buying dresses for Noila Mo, and reminiscent of Noila Mo being kidnapped by the kidnappers, Salmon Shen happened to rescue her, and the two stayed alone outside for the night…

Allen Chu’s heart was full of anger! The gloomy eyes became crazy and bloodthirsty! I was actually deceived by Noila Mo! What a pure neighbor relationship, he always regarded her as his sister! It’s just nonsense! How many words of this liar woman are true?

She and Salmon Shen may not be as clean as she herself said! She came back that day and found no evidence such as hickey marks on her body, but this does not mean that she is clean!

Allen Chu suddenly felt that he had trusted Noila Mo too much before!

But what did his trust get? Only in exchange for her betrayal and escape!

The gloomy black eyes slowly turned into yin, anger surged, and red blood appeared like bloodthirsty. Noila Mo, you better not let me catch you! Otherwise you will die miserably! Allen Chu swears to heaven.

On the ceremony stage, the pastor was talking.

“Now I want to exchange rings as a token of marriage.” The priest looked at the couple with satisfaction. The handsome man and the beauty of the woman, what a pleasing pair.

Salmon Shen took out a black velvet box and opened it gently. The sun shone on the gemstone, flashing a brilliant light, which made Allen Chu’s eyes narrowed.

Liang Nuanxin stretched out a slender jade hand with lace gloves, and Salmon Shen gently put the ring on her finger…

Allen Chu in the VIP table suddenly shot sharp light from his eyes!

“Wait!” The deep magnetic voice broke the harmony of the whole wedding. Allen Chu’s burly body stood up from the chair, pushed a few steps away from the crowd and walked to the ceremony stage!

All the guests were stunned by the sudden situation!

Liang Nuanxin and Salmon Shen stayed there too, completely unable to react.

The gossip paparazzi with cameras and cameras around the wedding are all excited! This is to grab a marriage baa? Could it be that the president of the Chu Group has an affair with Mayor Liang’s daughter?

Could it be that Allen Chu and Liang Nuanxin are true love?

There was even more paparazzi: “I bet a hundred dollars, Allen Chu and Liang Nuan have an adultery!”

Another paparazzi’s tone was more affirmative: “I bet two hundred yuan, Allen Chu and Salmon Shen are a couple! They are in love with each other, and they are more in love than Jin Jian, but they dare not be together publicly due to the pressure of public opinion. Now Xiao Gong sees Xiao Su was forced to marry, and finally couldn’t help it!”

Allen Chu grabbed Liang Nuanxin’s hand, and violently tore the ring from her slender fingers! Liang Nuanxin’s finger was folded, and she let out an exclamation!

Allen Chu put the ring in front of his eyes and looked carefully. The bushy eyebrows wrinkled and tightened, and his face became more and more gloomy. The wedding scene was quiet, so quiet that you could hear a needle falling on the ground.

Everyone is waiting to see what Allen Chu will do next. The blood of gossip has boiled on them.

After only one glance, Allen Chu recognized that this ring was the heart of the ocean he gave to Noila Mo! Didn’t Noila Mo take it away when she ran away? Why is Liang Nuanxin here?

“This ring, where did you come from!” Allen Chu’s voice was furious and reproachful, and Liang Nuan stayed in place. Allen Chu was very scary when he lost his temper, and most people couldn’t hold his sharp and bloodthirsty eyes.

“Speak politely to my wife!” Salmon Shen put Liang Nuanxin behind him, and said lightly to Allen Chu. Salmon Shen didn’t have a good impression of Allen Chu.

Had it not been for him to be frantic and put Noila Mo in the dungeon, Noila would never run away!

“Get away!” Allen Chu pushed Salmon Shen away. Salmon Shen was unprepared and he staggered.

Mayor Liang finally reacted and shouted at the nearby security guard: “Security! President Chu is drinking too much! Help him down!”

The security guard jogged and pretended to trot. It took a few minutes for a short 200-meter road to arrive. The security guards want to see a good show too! Mayor Liang’s daughter-in-law was married, and the president of Chu’s family actually asked where the wedding ring came from! There are so many hidden secrets, so many dreams!

Such a good show has not seen the ending yet, and Mayor Liang will force the ending. The security guards were very reluctant!

Seeing Mayor Liang command the security to come on stage, Pei Jun was afraid that Allen Chu would suffer, and ran to the stage, pretending to persuade Allen Chu, but actually blocking the security for Allen Chu: “Allen, today is the wedding of President Shen and Ms. Liang. Day, you don’t have to come to the stage if you want to say some blessings! Go, let’s get down and sit down!”

Allen Chu ignored Pei Jun’s concealment for him, and stared at Salmon Shen with sharp eagle eyes: “I gave this ring to my girlfriend. How could it be with you?!”

After hearing what Allen Chu said, Salmon Shen was also taken aback. Allen Chu’s girlfriend, is he talking about Noila Mo? This ring belongs to Noila Mo?

Salmon Shen didn’t care about being angry that Allen Chu disturbed his wedding, and hurriedly asked, “Is your girlfriend Noila Mo?”

Allen Chu nodded, his tone still bloodthirsty and cold: “Why is this ring in your hands? Where did you hide Noila Mo? What did you do to her?”

Allen Chu suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. It is impossible for Noila Mo’s ring to be given to Salmon Shen as a wedding gift. Then, did something happen to Noila Mo?

Suddenly my heart twisted tightly! Allen Chu unscrewed Salmon Shen’s collar, his bloodthirsty eyes and Salmon Shen’s surprised eyes biting together.

The security guard standing next to him was drunk, what a bloody drama! There was such a spectacular scene at the wedding scene! Today is a real profit on duty!

Mayor Liang coughed heavily to make the security guards wake up from watching the excitement, and rushed to hug Allen Chu, trying to separate him from Salmon Shen.

Allen Chu fell over his shoulder beautifully and knocked down two security guards at once.

Mayor Liang was furious, and Allen Chu dared to disrupt his daughter’s wedding. He wanted to make Chu’s enterprise not so much better! Standing up from the chair, Mayor Liang pointed at Allen Chu’s nose and cursed: “Chu, don’t mess around because you have money! This is my daughter’s wedding. I get out!”

Seeing that Mayor Liang was really angry, Pei Jun quickly walked over to help Allen Chu clean up the mess: “Mayor Liang, don’t worry, there must be some misunderstanding in the middle. Just wait for everyone to talk about it.”

Liang Nuanxin trembled with anger when she saw the wedding mess up! Noila Mo! Noila Mo! It’s Noila Mo again! How is this woman everywhere!

Even the wedding ring she had chosen so far was said to have been worn by Noila Mo! Liang Nuanxin’s hatred for Noila Mo reached its culmination, and Noila Mo would not be able to dispel her hatred!

“Allen Chu! Don’t deceive people too much! I bought this ring from a woman for 60 million! That woman is definitely not Noila Mo!”

Chapter 98

Allen Chu’s sharp eyes glowed with bloodthirsty rays, and looked at Liang Nuanxin fiercely: “You dare to buy this ring if you don’t know the origin of it? Should I despise your mental retardation, or should I force you to tell the truth?”

Liang Nuanxin’s face has a hideous look: “The truth? Then I will tell you the truth, Noila Mo kind of slut, I feel annoying when I look at it! If you know this ring is hers, I threw it into the trash. Go in the pile!”

Allen Chu took a step towards Liang Nuanxin, his cold face almost touching her face: “Miss Liang, you better tell me where Noila Mo is now! Otherwise, you will be at your own risk!”

After Allen Chu said that, Salmon Shen was a little bit dubious. Does Nuan Xin really know the whereabouts of Noila? Nuan Xin has always been hostile to Noila. When a woman becomes jealous, it is possible to do anything!

Salmon Shen also looked at Liang Nuanxin pleadingly: “Nuanxin, if you know where Noila is, please tell me as soon as possible…”

Liang Nuan trembled all over, looked at Salmon Shen with unbelievable eyes, he would doubt himself because of Noila Mo!

Pointing at Salmon Shen with his finger, Liang Nuan was speechless. I just felt a cramp in my lower abdomen, and a stream of heat flowed down my thigh…

Liang Nuan looked down in a panic, and the long white skirt had already dazzled bright red!

I miscarried myself! She and Salmon Shen’s children are gone! A broken scream tore people’s eardrums, Liang Nuan’s face was full of grief and anger, and trembling fingers pointed at Allen Chu: “Allen Chu, you must not die! Both you and Noila Mo will be retributed!”

“Warm your heart!” Salmon Shen and Mayor Liang simultaneously supported Liang Nuan’s heart, who was slumped. Mayor Liang looked at Allen Chu’s eyes with resentment.

Allen Chu didn’t even notice the look in Mayor Liang’s eyes. He held the ring tightly, just like a person falling into the water holding the last straw. This is Noila’s ring, follow this ring to check, maybe you can find Noila’s whereabouts…

With the arrival of the ambulance, the wedding scene is even more chaotic. Paparazzi and various media are busy taking pictures and interviews.

The wedding of the mayor’s daughter is full of attention, and the unprecedented grand wedding will end in this way. The headlines tomorrow will be unexpected!

Allen Chu, the culprit, did not seem to feel the chaos at all. His thick eyebrows were still frowning. At this moment, he was full of manpower to search for Noila Mo. Shoot him hard!

“Allen, hurry up!” Seeing that reporters had already rushed here, Pei Jun pulled Allen Chu away.

Finally escaped the chase of the reporters and got into the car. Pei Jun’s always light and windy face also has a trace of blame: “Allen, what happened to you today? Even if you suspect that the ring is Noila Mo’s, you should not tear it through on the spot. Liang Nuanxin, after all, is Mayor Liang Salmon Shen’s daughter, Salmon Shen is also backed by Shen’s enterprise. You offended two powers at once.

Allen Chu’s body was stretched tight. This ring had completely attracted all his attention. Was it the ring sold by Noila Mo? What life does she live? So down to the point that you need to sell rings? Or did something happen to her and the ring fell into someone else’s hand?

Seeing Allen Chu’s deaf ears, Pei Jun secretly sighed.

Outside the senior ward of the hospital, Salmon Shen and Mayor Liang are waiting anxiously. As soon as the doctor walked out of the ward, two people gathered around: “Doctor, how is the heart warming?”

The doctor shook his head: “The fetus cannot be saved. Please comfort her!”

Salmon Shen and Mayor Liang glanced at each other and walked into the ward with a heavy heart.

Liang Nuanxin was lying on the bed in a daze when she saw Salmon Shen and Mayor Liang coming. As soon as her nose was sour, tears flowed down her white face.

“Salmon, I’m sorry… it’s because I’m not good, I couldn’t hold the baby…” Liang Nuan cried extremely sadly. This baby is the only bond between her and Salmon. Salmon Shen is willing to marry her because she has the baby in her belly. Now that the baby is gone, will Salmon Shen abandon her?

“Heart-warming, I should be the one who said I’m sorry…I didn’t protect you and didn’t stop Allen Chu.” Salmon Shen’s heart was also sour, Liang Nuan’s heart, after all, is his own flesh and blood. It’s just a small germ, but it’s also a small life!

The hatred towards Allen Chu in my heart has slowly spread, like a poisonous tree, taking root in my heart…

“Allen! You, will you leave me?” Liang Nuanxin finally asked her what worries her.

“Silly Nuanxin, why would I leave you? Don’t say silly things…” Salmon Shen gently stroked Liang Nuanxin’s hair, comforting her softly.

“Then you promise me that you will never leave me!” Salmon Shen’s answer made Liang Nuan feel more at ease and began to act like a baby.

Looking at Liang Nuan’s weak and pale face, Salmon Shen couldn’t say anything to refuse. It was all my own fault that made Nuan Xin lose her child. Only Salmon Shen knew how Liang Nuanxin was looking forward to the birth of her child.

The sets of small clothes have been bought long ago. There are cradles and toys. All are the best. Liang Nuanxin is full of expectations for her and her baby. But now…

“I promise you.” Salmon Shen said softly.

Liang Nuanxin’s worries suddenly disappeared! Salmon Shen is a gentleman, and he will do what he promises. Now that he promised that he would never leave, he would definitely do it.

Liang Nuanxin even began to rejoice that she had a miscarriage. If she didn’t have a miscarriage, Salmon Shen would not be so guilty and would not agree to never leave her. Just the poor little baby in the stomach…

Liang Nuanxin’s eye circles are red! Allen Chu, I will never let you go!

Looking at Mayor Liang standing nearby, Liang Nuanxin whispered: “Dad…”

“Heart-warming, Dad is here. How are you feeling?” Mayor Liang’s face was also very ugly. On the one hand, he was worried about his daughter’s body, and on the other hand, he was angry. Allen Chu was really not sure what was good or bad. He even dared to disrupt the situation of his daughter’s wedding! This shows that he doesn’t pay attention to himself at all! Although the Chu family was wealthy, some of the companies were still in City C. He dared to shame himself on his own territory, which is really hateful!

“Dad, you must help me out!” Liang Nuanxin’s pale complexion looked very pitiful, “That Allen Chu is too damn! You don’t look at the monk’s face but the Buddha’s face! He is so angry that I have a miscarriage. Now, Dad, you must avenge me!”

“Good girl, Dad knows how to do it. Take care of yourself.” Mayor Liang said with a tight eyebrow. I had an idea secretly in my heart.

Chu Group Building. In Allen Chu’s office.

“President, this is the report for this month.” The director of the finance department brought the monthly performance summary.

Seeing the numbers on the form, Allen Chu’s eyebrows frowned slightly: “Director Wang, the report figures for this month are ugly…”

“President, we have worked hard, but the tax inspection is too tight. It was never so strict before. I suspect that someone is secretly making trouble.”

Allen Chu raised his eyes, and Director Wang shuddered with his sharp gaze.

“Put it here, and call the director of the project department to come in.” Seeing Director Wang’s appearance of a mouse seeing a cat, Allen Chu felt disgusted and shook his hand to let him out.

The director of the project department walked in tremblingly with the data report.

Pass the data sheet to Allen Chu, and look at Allen Chu’s face secretly from the corner of his eye.

Sure enough, Allen Chu’s eyebrows wrinkled closer and closer, and his face became more and more gloomy!

“Pop!” The report was thrown on the table! “Explain to me why the performance this month is so bad!” Allen Chu’s voice was full of majesty.

“President, I, I… I have tried my best! But the few plots of land sold this month have all been unsold! I heard from those officials that it was Mayor Liang’s order to completely block Chu companies in all industries. !”

“Mayor Liang?” Allen Chu’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Yes, that’s Mayor Liang. I heard that Mayor Liang hates you because you disturbed Mayor Liang’s daughter’s wedding!” The project director looked at Allen Chu’s face and said cautiously.

“Haha…” Allen Chu suddenly raised his hair and let out a burst of arrogant laughter, “Just rely on him? A mayor? Want to block the Chu family?” Allen Chu’s eagle eyes flashed mockingly.

“My President, you have an internal phone.” The secretary’s gentle voice came from the loudspeaker on the table.

Allen Chu waved his hand to let the project director go out first. Pressed the answer button on the desk.

On the phone was the majestic voice of an elderly man: “Allen, you have the ability, for a woman, you don’t even want to do business?!”

Allen Chu frowned, and there was a touch of helplessness in his eyes: “Grandpa, what rumors have you heard again?”

“The rumors? The news has come to the United States! If you hadn’t heard your Uncle Zhang say, I don’t know you are so promising now, for a woman, dare to offend the mayor of C!”

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows indifferently: “It’s just a mayor! Isn’t it a joke to block the Chu family?”

“It’s just a mayor? Do you know who is behind him? It’s XXX! I got three points when I saw it. You dare to disturb other people’s weddings for a woman!” The old voice became more and more angry. More and more rude.

Allen Chu was also slightly surprised when he heard XXX’s name. He never expected that Mayor Liang had such a background. XXX, the one in the South sea, below one person, above ten thousand people. No matter how powerful the Chu family is, they can’t compete with the state apparatus!

“Allen, come to the U.S. immediately. You will take care of the company in Chicago. Don’t interfere with the business in City C. I will ask your uncle to come back to deal with it.” The Chu family’s old man said very firmly.

Allen Chu was silent. It is indeed unwise for him to stay in City C now, but if he leaves here for Chicago, the hope of finding Noila is even slimmer…”

“Allen! I’ve booked a plane ticket for you, and I will go to Chicago tomorrow morning. You can figure it out!” Mr. Chu dropped a word and hung up the phone.

Chapter 99

In the dimly lit casino, Lin Yuyan was fighting hard at the gaming table.

“I bet big!” The exhilarating voice has lost his reason. I was lucky at the beginning tonight and won a few hundred dollars, but then my luck got worse and worse, with fewer and fewer chips in my hand, and losing more and more. many.

“Yu Yan, don’t bet anymore, let’s go back.” Yu Feng took Lin Yuyan’s hand and wanted to take her out of here.

Lin Yuyan has already lost his eyes, and if she is not taken away, their money will be lost! Noila is about to produce and needs a lot of money. Lin Yuyan lives in a luxurious life. It costs a lot to maintain three people. The money for selling the ring is almost spent.

“Don’t worry about it!” Lin Yuyan slammed Yu Feng’s hand away, staring at the card table with bloodshot eyes…

Noila Mo was alone in the apartment packing the things he needed for labor, brushing the cute little clothes and hat with his hand, and his heart was full of tenderness…

Baby, you are coming to the world soon, mom is looking forward to you. I hope you are a healthy and beautiful baby.

Although you don’t have a father, your mother will take good care of you and give you all your love… Noila Mo gently caressed her belly, her face filled with maternal love.

Suddenly, there was a dull pain in the lower abdomen. Noila Mo was a little nervous, is it about to give birth?

Thinking of what the doctor said, when the due date was approaching, there would often be false contractions, Noila Mo’s nervous mood relaxed a bit.

According to the doctor, lying flat on the bed, Noila Mo began to count the number of contractions, from one pain every half an hour to a regular pain once every ten minutes, which was very consistent with the doctor’s symptoms of labor!

But now she is the only one in the family! Noila Mo became a little nervous, grabbed the phone and called Lin Yuyan.

“Beep…beep…” The monotonous voice echoed in her ear, and no one answered the call.

Noila Mo hit Yu Feng again, but no one picked it up.

The ear-splitting music in the casino completely concealed the phone’s ringtone, Lin Yuyan was betting excitedly, and Yu Feng looked helplessly by her side. No one noticed that the phone in the bag was ringing faintly.

The interval of pain had become shorter and shorter, and Noila Mo knew that he was about to give birth. Enduring a burst of increasing pain, Noila Mo got out of bed and packed up the baby bag, small clothes, milk bottle, and maternity supplies, all neatly placed in the big bag prepared in advance.

The pain had become unbearable, and the fine beads of sweat on Noila Mo’s forehead slowly turned into large and large drops, dripping down her pale cheeks.

Sister, where are you? Noila Mo called Lin Yuyan again, but still couldn’t get through.

It was too late, stretched out a trembling hand, Noila Mo dialed the hospital’s emergency number with the last bit of strength…

When Lin Yuyan and Yu Feng arrived at the hospital, Noila Mo had already entered the operating room.

“Doctor, how is my sister?” Lin Yuyan asked a little irritably. Seeing that one is about to win. Yu Feng made a fuss and left the casino, saying that Noila Mo had sent a text message saying that he had gone to the hospital. It’s about to give birth.

What a disappointment! She is not her biological sister, so Baba came to take care of her! The money for selling the ring has almost lost today. I don’t know if there is anything else valuable in Noila Mo… I have to find a way to get more money, Lin Yuyan thought.

Hearing from the doctor that Noila Mo would not be able to give birth for a while, Lin Yuyan and Allen Chu were watching TV in the lobby of the hospital.

This is a hospital exclusively for Chinese women. The doctors and nurses are all Chinese. Even TV programs focus on Chinatown news.

“According to rumors, the heir of the Chu family has returned to Chicago from C City and is ready to take over the Chu consortium in an all-round way. This heir of the Chu family, who had been managing business for the Chu family in City C before, was recalled to Chicago by Mr. Chu. Another purpose is to choose a wife for the heir of the Chu family. President Chu is 27 years old this year, he is not yet married, has wealth and looks, and is the real diamond king of five!”

Gossip news was being broadcast on the TV, and several relatives who were waiting for the patient began to discuss in a low voice: “The heir of the Chu family chooses a wife. In fact, the old man of Chu wants to find a small heir for the Chu family earlier. Allen Chu has been reluctant. Getting married, Mr. Chu wants to hug his grandson and wants to be crazy!”

“Allen Chu?” Lin Yuyan’s ears were straight up!

Quickly walked to the front, sat right in front of the TV, and watched the news seriously.

It seems that Mr. Chu really wants to hug his grandson and is crazy! The most important thing in choosing a wife is to be able to give birth to a small heir for the Chu family.

Lin Yuyan’s eyes lit up! A strategy came to mind! “Haha…” Lin Yuyan couldn’t help laughing proudly! God is so kind to her! What do you think?

Little heir? There will be a real little heir in the ward right away!

“Yu Yan, why are you so happy?” Yu Feng was a little puzzled, and just lost a lot of money in gambling at night, how come Yu Yan laughed!

“Yu Feng, listen to me…” Lin Yuyan whispered her plan to Yu Feng.

After Yu Feng listened, his eyes widened: “Yu Yan, are you crazy? If Noila knows, he will hate you to death!”

Lin Yuyan sneered and said, “If we don’t do this, how can we survive in Chicago? We ran out of money and can only wait to be driven away by the landlord!”

Yu Feng shook his head and wanted to say something more. Lin Yuyan had already plunged into his arms coquettishly: “Afeng, don’t you love me the most? Don’t you want me to have a good life?”

Yu Feng looked at Lin Yuyan’s enchanting face, and was rubbed against Lin Yuyan’s big breasts, only to feel a fever in her lower abdomen… The little sympathy for Noila Mo disappeared immediately.

Lin Yuyan took off all the jewels on her body, took a thick dish of banknotes from the cash machine, put it in an envelope, and walked into the doctor’s office.

In the delivery room, Noila Mo had already used the strength to feed her milk. She felt that her consciousness was gradually disappearing, and the pain was overwhelming. Her lips had been bitten by herself, and her slender fingers were tight. Grab the iron railings on the production stage, exhaust the last bit of strength, and let out a hoarse mother animal roar!

A stream of heat rushed out, and there was a burst of lightness and joy in the birth canal… Noila Mo knew that the child was born!

She was so tired that she fell asleep faintly before even opening her eyes to look at the child.

In the office, the doctor sneakily handed Yu Feng a baby carrier. Yu Feng didn’t say a word, and walked out carrying the basket.

After waking up after a long sleep, Noila Mo finally regained some strength. Opening her eyes, Lin Yuyan was sleeping on the escort bed next to her.

“Sister!” Noila Mo said weakly, looking around in the ward.

Why are only her and sister in the ward? Where’s the baby? Why is the baby not by her side?

Lin Yuyan was awakened by Noila Mo’s call, a trace of panic flashed in her eyes, and she soon calmed down.

Rubbing her eyes fiercely with her hand, Lin Yuyan tried her best to squeeze out a few tears, her voice was extremely tragic: “Noila…”

Seeing Lin Yuyan’s expression, Noila Mo suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart: “Sister, what’s the matter? Baby?”

Hearing Noila Mo’s words, Lin Yuyan began to cry loudly: “Noila! My hard-working sister! Baby, baby she…” Lin Yuyan covered her face with her hand and rubbed her eyes desperately, hoping to get her eyes closed. Rub the red, squeeze a few more tears,

“Sister, what’s wrong with the baby? Where did the baby go? Is there a physical problem? She was in the intensive care unit?” Noila Mo burst into tears instantly and she cast a face.

Baby, why is her baby so pitiful, he just came out of the womb and got sick!

Lin Yuyan cried loudly: “Noila… baby, baby is gone!”

Noila Mo’s eyes turned black and her head buzzed with pain, as if she was hit by a big stick. Struggling to get up from the bed: “Sister! What did you say! You said the baby is gone? Where did the baby go?!” The more she talked, the more frightened, she really didn’t want to hear any bad news!

“Baby, she was born with a physical disability and died after she was born!” Lin Yuyan cried out this sentence.

Noila Mo’s eyes went dark and she passed out.

In the luxurious and amazing castle-style building of the Chu family, the servant is respectfully reporting to Mr. Chu: “Master, there is a woman outside. She said she is the young master’s girlfriend. She has just given birth to a son.”

Mr. Chu was originally drowsy playing chess with the servant, when he heard these words, his eyes flashed like a 500-watt light bulb!

“Woman? Born a son to the young master?!” The voice was surprised and happy!

Now my son doesn’t care about the family business at all, just traveling around. Allen, the only grandson, is very capable and can take over Chu’s business in the future, but he is already 27 and he doesn’t even have a stable girlfriend! It seems almost impossible to expect him to get married. He was crazy when he wanted to hug his great-grandson, but he didn’t expect that a great-grandson would actually be brought here today!

“Quick! Let her come in!” The old man Chu was going crazy! Whether it’s true or not, it’s okay to have a gossip news for fun, Allen Chu, this kid, just like his father, has a cold face. This family has no popularity at all!

Hearing that Mr. Chu had requested, Lin Yuyan showed an unexpected smile on her face.

Wrap the baby in her arms tightly, Lin Yuyan followed the old housekeeper into the ancient castle of Chu family.

This is a real old castle, the high roof is painted with magnificent color paintings, black and gold furniture and huge crystal chandeliers, expensive antiques and blooming flowers everywhere, make this ancient Fort has an oppressive wealth and aura.

In the middle of the hall, in front of the fireplace sat an old man with white beard and hair. Lin Yuyan hugged the baby in her arms and slowly walked towards him.

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